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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Colby went to see Sean before school started. Colby was annoyed at Sean because she was working hard to cover for him at school, while he ditched and played video games. Sean told Colby to stop covering for him and to leave him alone. Then, Barbara came in and introduced herself to Colby. Barbara then offered to make Sean a lunch for school. However, Sean pretended there was no school because of teacher conferences. So, Barbara asked if Sean and Colby wanted to see a movie. Sean turned down the offer and Barbara left. Colby wondered why Sean never mentioned his mother was in town. Then, Colby realized that Barbara was the reason Sean was acting "so messed up".

Annie, Julia, and Di were hanging out at Wildwind, while Emma, Cathy, and Spike had a tea party. Di announced that there was still no information on Kendall. Di further explained that Aidan probably would not volunteer any new information anyway because he kept everything close to his vest. Julia believed Di shared this quality and wondered when Di would admit to Aidan that she loved him. Di felt love would complicate things, so Annie and Julia called Di a wimp. Then, Di asked when Julia and Jamie would get married. Julia did not think they would marry, even though they professed their love for each other. So, Annie and Di called Julia a wimp. Then, Annie admitted she was the biggest wimp of all because she would not date Ryan. Di and Julia could not understand why Annie would not date such a great guy. Annie explained that she did not want to hurt Emma if things did not work out for them romantically. Regardless, Julia and Di thought Annie should go for Ryan. So, Annie informed them that Ryan still had an emotional attachment to another woman.

Adam found Krystal passed out with Josh by her side. Adam accused Josh of hurting her, but Josh asserted she fainted on her own. Then, Krystal woke up and said, "Babe's live!" Adam looked confused and Josh looked horrified. So, Josh asked Adam to get all of Krystal's medications to make sure she was not having a reaction to any of them. Then, Adam left and Josh explained that no one could know about Babe, except for Krystal. So, when Adam returned, Krystal claimed she was going to the cemetery with Josh. Adam was hesitant to let Krystal go, but Krystal insisted that this trip would help her and Josh get over the death of Babe. So, they left and Adam sat alone in Babe's bedroom. Then, Stuart came in. Adam stated that Krystal lost the light in her eyes after Babe died. Adam wished he could help Krystal, but said he could do nothing because he did not know of a way to help. Stuart was happy about Adam's inactivity, because when Adam tried to help, he usually made things worse. Stuart also informed Adam that all Krystal might need is Adam's presence. Adam was in tears.

Babe woke up and saw Erica with a bouquet of flowers. Erica claimed she bought the flowers from the hospital gift shop, so Babe explained that she knew the truth. Erica then asked if Josh heard anything new about Kendall. Babe said she did not know. Erica then asked how long Babe would pretend to be dead. Babe said the only things she could think about were Krystal and Little Adam. Erica then asked if Babe and Josh had a future together. So, Babe explained again that Krystal and Little Adam were her only priorities. Then, Krystal entered, while Erica and Josh went outside to talk. Erica asked about Kendall, but Josh had no news. Then, Erica admitted that although it was very, very difficult, she was trying to tolerate Babe for Josh's sake. Erica explained that she did not want to lose her son because of her dislike of Babe. Erica then asked how long Josh was going to keep Babe hidden. Josh was not sure, but told Erica to trust him. Josh further stated that the situation would have to be handled sensitively because of the Chandlers. Then, Josh walked out. Meanwhile, Krystal and Babe had a tearful reunion. After they embraced, Krystal stated that she had no hard feelings about being kept in the dark. Krystal understood that the fake death was the only way to keep Babe safe. Krystal also told Babe that JR was going to tell Little Adam about Babe's death soon. Nevertheless, Krystal promised to stop JR from telling, yet still keep Babe's secret. Then, Krystal explained that JR swore not to tell Adam about Tad's baby. Krystal also explained how sad and broken JR was over Babe's death. Still, Babe did not want to reconcile with JR. Babe knew JR loved her, but she also knew he could never trust her. Babe did not want to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. Babe also worried that JR would still tell Adam about Tad's baby. Meanwhile, Josh had just reached the door as Babe spoke of Krystal's secret. Josh looked shocked to learn about the baby's paternity! Meanwhile, Erica went to the Chandler Mansion to see Adam.

JR, Jamie, and Aidan discovered a house with the same layout as Kendall and Zach's. The location of the home was in Red Rock National Conservancy. Meanwhile, Tad and Ryan also discovered the Red Rock location. So, Tad called Aidan and they all planned to meet at the home in Red Rock.

Zach and Alexander wrestled on the ground for control of the button. Kendall was frightened, especially after Alexander pulled out a gun. Then, the two men broke free of each other. Zach had the button and Alexander had the gun. So, Alexander shot Zach to try to release his grip on the button. Zach fell in pain, but would not let go of the button that held Kendall's life in his hands. Then, Zach pleaded with his father. Zach stated that all of the murders were his fault because he disobeyed his father. Zach also begged his father to kill him instead of Kendall. Alexander said he might have spared Kendall's life if Zach did not attack him. Zach then stated that Alexander would have nothing left after he killed Zach and Kendall because there would be no more vengeance to hand out. So, Alexander stated that he would steal Spike from Ryan and raise the baby as his own son. Kendall screamed and warned that Ryan would kill Alexander if he touched Spike. However, Alexander was not worried because he stated that Ryan had no power. Then, Alexander told Zach to get on his knees and Zach did. Then, as Alexander pointed the gun at Kendall, he announced that Zach would have to watch her die. But, Zach had a knife hidden under his pants. So, Zach pulled out the knife and threw it at his father's hand. The knife knocked the gun out of Alexander's hand and Zach punched him. Zach then took the dart off of Kendall's neck. As Zach did this, Alexander went for the gun, but Zach stopped him. Zach proceeded to beat his father. Zach asserted that he had the power and that he would kill Alexander, just like Alexander killed innocent women. Then, Tad and Ryan came in. Tad grabbed Zach and tried to calm him down. Tad explained that killing Alexander would be the biggest mistake of Zach's life. Tad said he knew from experience that Zach would never be rid of Alexander if he killed him. Tad also urged Zach to focus on Kendall and Spike, instead of his rage. Meanwhile, Kendall told Ryan about Alexander's plan for Spike. So, Ryan warned Alexander never to speak of Spike and then punched the old man. Then, JR, Jamie, and Aidan arrived. JR said Alexander would pay for the murder of Dixie and Babe. Then, as Tad took Alexander away, Zach called out to his father. Zach declared that the only lesson he learned was that he and Kendall would be happy together for the rest of their lives. Then, Zach and Kendall embraced as Ryan watched them from afar.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Kendall called Erica and told her the good news that she was fine and that Zach was fine. She told Zach she couldn't wait to get home and to have everything be normal again. She apologized to Ryan for giving him such a hard time and said that he could be with Spike anytime he wanted. She told Zach that she couldn't live in the clone house in Pine Valley and he said he would find a perfect house for the three of them.

Cambias Sr. was taken in to the Las Vegas police and was as smug as ever. He told the PV Posse that they had made him immortal, a living legend. J.R. tried to go after Sr. yelling and crying that he killed his mother and his wife. Tad called him a lunatic but Derek said he was not crazy enough to escape prison. Tad explained to J.R. that Sr. was nothing and worthless and was wanted by no one, not even his remaining son. J.R., Jamie and Tad reminisced about Dixie and times past and an emotional J.R. continued to weep.

It appeared that Erica was about the spill the Babe beans to Adam, but she backed off before the truth came out. Erica asked about the relationship between J.R. and Babe before Babe's death. She told Adam that a dead slut can cause just as much trouble as a live one. Adam asked what the point was for all this and Erica told Adam to keep his son away from hers.

Krystal told Babe that she would sacrifice her marriage so that Babe could keep Little Adam. Josh, ever lurking, overheard that Tad was the father of Charlotte. He said he would do everything possible to handle J.R. Babe asked about Little Adam and Krystal told her he was just fine. Babe said she wanted to see him and Krystal said that she would sneak him into the casino to see her. Krystal again told Babe she would do anything for her and she thanked Josh for keeping her baby doll alive. Erica came in and told Babe and Josh that the Satin Slayer had been caught, that Kendall was fine and all was well. She then threw back the blankets and told Babe to get dressed, she would take her home. Josh said that Babe was in no condition to go home so Erica suggested that they bring the Chandlers to Babe at the casino. Babe told Erica that Krystal knew she was alive but Erica wouldn't let it go. Josh ushered her out of the room and told her not to say a word to anyone. Erica told Josh that if Babe wanted to be with him she would be even if she left the casino. Josh told Erica that if she said anything their relationship was over. Josh went back into Babe's room and told her to let him do the worrying. When Babe awoke, Josh told her he had a plan -- that she remain dead.

Krystal arrived home and Adam said she seemed transformed. She said she felt better and that it was a better day. He asked Krystal where she had gone with Josh and wanted to know what he didn't know. She told Adam that Josh loved Babe and she wished that J.R. had loved her that way too. Adam defended J.R. and told her that he didn't want to argue. She told him she was going to take a nap and then she was going to take Little Adam to a flower show. Krystal got Little A ready to go see Babe and she told him he was going to see his momma. J.R. was at the door of the nursery.

At Wildwind, Annie answered the door and Ryan asked her to marry him.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Annie was shocked to hear Ryan's proposal, so she asked what happened in Las Vegas. Ryan said he realized that he wanted a future with Annie and Emma. Then, Jonathan came outside and invited them to come inside. However, Ryan picked Annie up in his arms and drove her away in his car. Then, they parked and Ryan asked for an answer to his proposal. Annie was still in shock and asked if this had anything to do with Kendall. Ryan said Kendall did influence him. Ryan thought Kendall was lucky to have a second chance at life. So, Ryan did not want to waste anymore time with his own life. Annie believed Ryan wanted to marry her because of Emma, but Ryan denied this. Ryan asserted that the proposal was strictly about them as a couple. Annie admitted that Ryan was the only person she would consider being with romantically. Then, they kissed.

Kendall and Zach arrived in their condo to find Erica, Bianca, and Spike waiting. The Kane women hugged and fawned all over Spike as Zach watched. Then, when Kendall turned to speak with Zach, he was gone. Erica was annoyed that Zach left and claimed Ryan would never leave Kendall. However, Kendall defended Zach and said he needed to get the blood off of his hands. Kendall reminded Erica about how hard she fought to forget about what her evil father did. Kendall said she stopped blaming herself because of Erica's love. Kendall believed Zach also deserved this love as he dealt with his father's sins. Kendall also stated that Zach saved her life and that she loved him very much. So, Erica stopped arguing about Zach and gave a champagne toast to celebrate Kendall's safe return.

Zoe was sitting next to Babe and Dixie's grave when Zach arrived. Zach saw Zoe and apologized for treating her so badly. Zoe also apologized for taking credit for the killings just to hide her personal drama. Then, Zoe looked at Zach and stated that Zach hated himself. Zoe said she could empathize with Zach. Zach wished he was not his father's son. Zoe said you cannot not change who you truly are. Zoe also stated that Alexander's sins were not Zach's fault. Zach said he was branded by his father. Zach also wished he could change his DNA with a medical procedure, like Zoe could change her gender with one. Zoe said Zach needed to find his own path. Then, Zach looked at Dixie's grave and apologized to her. Zoe hugged Zach to console him.

Krystal told Little Adam he was going to see his mommy. JR overheard this and demanded to know what Krystal was doing. Krystal pretended she was going to the cemetery. Then, Adam entered and Little Adam went into the kitchen with Winifred. JR filled Adam in and Krystal apologized. However, JR said Krystal was right to try to tell Little Adam because he deserved to know. Then, Little Adam came back with two cookies. One cookie was for his mommy. JR tried to tell Little Adam about Babe's death, but began to cry instead. So, Krystal brought Little Adam upstairs to get ready for bed. Then, Adam and JR discussed what it was like to be a father. JR wanted to raise Little Adam in a way that would make Babe proud. Adam promised to help JR and JR was appreciative. JR said that despite some differences, Adam was a good father that always made him feel loved. And, JR always wanted Little Adam to feel loved. Adam said he wanted the same for Charlotte. Then, they both laughed at how the Carey women inspired them to be better men.

Babe could not believe that Josh wanted her to stay dead. Josh felt this was the only way to keep Babe, Little Adam, and Krystal safe from JR. Josh said Krystal would bring Little Adam to Babe and then they would run off to anywhere in the world. Then, Krystal would pretend that Little Adam was kidnapped. Babe said she ran away before and regretted this decision. Babe did not want to take Little Adam away from his family and live on the run again. Josh said that he would make sure Babe had a stable, comfortable life. Josh also stated that he would only be a part of her life if she wanted him to be. Josh did not want to force himself onto Babe, even if she and JR were over. Then, Krystal and Little Adam entered. Babe was very happy to see her son. After Babe spent some time with the boy, Krystal sent him outside with the nurse. Krystal then asked what Babe and Josh were discussing when she arrived. Babe explained Josh's plan for her to runaway. Krystal said she would support Babe no matter what. However, Babe was still undecided. Little Adam then came back in to say goodbye to his mommy. Babe explained that Little Adam could not tell anyone that he saw her. So, Krystal brought Little Adam back to the mansion and put him into bed. Meanwhile, Babe told Josh she needed time alone to make her decision. Josh said he stood by Babe, whatever she decided.

JR went to say goodnight to Little Adam. JR promised his son that he would talk to him about Babe in the morning. Then, Little Adam announced that he saw his mommy that night!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bianca accompanies ZoŽ to her first visit to Dr. Massey, a doctor who specializes in the treatment of people who are transitioning. She acknowledges that the journey will be tough but, as the rock star breaks down, Bianca assures her that she will do whatever she can to help.

Kendall greets her husband after his long night out, fighting his own demons. He tries to avoid any mention of the terror they just went through, but she tells him simply that she has had her own experience with fathers who are monsters, and she knows from experience that there is life beyond them. Comforted, Zach leans in to kiss her, moments before Myrtle shows up in their open doorway with a handful of 'I told you so's. Kendall says her goodbyes and leaves the two friends to visit. Myrtle jokes that she should have bet on their relationship to survive everything, and then notes how hellish it must have been to save Kendall from near death. She then tells him that he is not responsible for the things that his father did, and that no one, not even the women that died, would expect him to pay for his father's sins. She then says that he deserves a wonderful life, and that he can have it if he can just learn to love and forgive himself. He takes it all in, and then simply says that he doesn't deserve her.

Jack wraps up a phone call just as Erica enters the police station and approaches him slowly. He stands and greets her cautiously, and she thanks him for his part in making sure that Kendall came home safely. He dismisses her offer, noting that Kendall is his daughter too, and starts to walk away. Before he can, she asks what his plan is regarding the mess he made with Josh. She admits that she is concerned about her son's future if the charade about Babe's death isn't revealed. Jack listens patiently and then tells her that their meddling has never done any good. She tries to protest but he tells her that their promise to stay out of the lives of their children was the foundation of their marriage. She tries to call his bluff by pointing out that he didn't follow his own rules when it came to Lily. He concedes her point but notes that he knows now that he was wrong and has been trying to make up for his mistakes, and get back to respecting the covenants of their marriage - and then asks if she had been doing the same. She asks him if his refusal to help her with Josh is some sort of payback for her fling with Jeff, but Jack simply responds that he saves his payback for the important things - like putting away psychotic killers. Trying to get the last blow in, Erica notes that his affinity for nutcases has reminded her to have him pass on her regards to Barbara.

Josh greets Babe warmly as he brings her breakfast in. She admits that she didn't sleep well, and further notes that she can't believe he isn't curious about her decision: should she stay in town and fight JR, or go on the run with him and her son? Josh remains silent and she wonders aloud why he has no input. Only at her prompting do they start to review the possible scenarios, none of which has a good output. Babe balks at the fact that even when she is sure of what she wants, JR still has an effect. Josh tells her that no matter what her choice is, he will stand behind her. Before they can go any further, Kendall appears in her doorway, and the two women warmly embrace. Kendall admits that she was shocked when she didn't hear about Babe's amazing return from the grave when she got back, but Babe and Josh soon explain their hesitation. Kendall warns them that whatever they decide, they need to do it quickly, and promises that she won't rat them out if they decide to leave town. She then tries to get up to leave, but feels woozy and only Josh's quick reflexes breaks her fall. Kendall writes it off as a product of a rough couple of days and the fact that she didn't eat breakfast. Josh leaves the room briefly to get a few things so that he can check her out. Once the women are alone, Kendall notices an impish look on Babe's face and inquires as to its cause. Babe hints that perhaps Kendall's near collapse could be attributed to something else. Kendall counts back and admits that her being pregnant is possible, but then refuses to consider it as reality. Instead, she refocuses on the decision that Babe has to make. She then tells Babe that she would actually miss her if she decided to go. Smiling, Babe echoes the sentiment. A short time later, all checked out by Dr. Josh, Kendall prepares to go. She tells Babe that she hopes to see her again, and Babe notes that as soon as she makes a decision, she will let her know.

Krystal passes by the slightly ajar doors of the Chandler living room and hears JR call out that his son isn't very good at keeping secrets. She feigns innocence, but JR fairly demands that she take him to where they "saw Babe" last night. She hems and haws a bit, but when JR confronts her with the evidence that Winifred saw her putting Little A in the car, she tells him that she just wanted to spend some quality time with her grandson. Not very appeased, JR holds out a set of keys and asks her to take him where she took his son. Instead of walking out the door, she goes into the living room and asks if he really believes that she would take a three year old to a cemetery in the middle of the night, and tell him that his mom is stuck out there forever? JR realizes how his accusations sounded and apologizes. Krystal explains Little A's confessions as nothing more than a toddler's imagination in reaction to all of the emotions flying around the house. JR takes the bait and heads out for a meeting, much to Krystal's relief.

Bianca offers to come back another day with ZoŽ to see the doctor, but ZoŽ tells her that the delay could be indefinite if she doesn't face it head on. Bianca notes that she just wants her to be sure. ZoŽ tells her that she is, and that she has wanted this her whole life, but still finds it frightening. Bianca asks what scares her the most and ZoŽ tells her that the idea that she could complete her transition only to find that she is still lost is the worst thing she could imagine. While Bianca continues to assure her that she will be there every step of the way, JR watches them from nearby, initially unnoticed. They soon see him, and Bianca warns him not to start trouble. JR stops her before she can launch into full-blown defensive mode, and apologizes. ZoŽ seems confused and thinks it is meant for someone else, but JR tells her that just because he doesn't understand her doesn't give him the right to treat her as less than human. Just then, Erica emerges from the elevator and approaches her daughter. The doctor's assistant comes out at the same time and tells ZoŽ that the doctor is ready to see her. ZoŽ offers to go in alone, but Bianca tells her mother than she will catch up with her later, and the two friends retreat into the office.

Once inside, Bianca asks for permission to record the consultation, and doctor agrees. She first says that it's her job as an endocrinologist to lay out the complete picture of positives and negatives with hormone therapy. ZoŽ tells her that she is something of an internet MD, having spent many sleepless nights reading everything she could find. With slight coaxing, ZoŽ talked about the things that she had learned, and the doctor fills things in along the way. Bianca asks to review the parts about the dangers, as the mention of them concerns her more than she thought they would. Just then, the assistant comes back in and tells the doctor that the call she had been waiting for was holding. The doctor excuses herself, telling ZoŽ to think of any questions she may have while she is gone. Once alone, Bianca tells ZoŽ that she needn't go through the hormone therapy, since people already know who she is without it. ZoŽ tells her that living life in her body the way it has been for so long has made it clear that a total transition is what she needs to feel comfortable in her own skin. Bianca, seeing her determination, stops protesting just before the doctor returns to the office and apologizes for leaving. She asks if ZoŽ has any questions, and the singer tells her just that she would like to begin hormone treatments right away. The doctor looks at her sadly and says that she can't do that. ZoŽ thinks the doctor doesn't want to treat her, but she is quickly told that there is a protocol to follow before the physical transition can be completed. ZoŽ hesitates, but when Bianca reminds her that she has already waited a long time for this, she agrees to do things the doctor's way. Then, much to ZoŽ's surprise, Dr. Massey tells her that there is a transgender group meeting at the hospital shortly, and encourages her to go. A short time later, Bianca parts ways with ZoŽ at the door to the room where the meeting is being held. Though nervous, ZoŽ takes the plunge, and she sees average every day people inside. She closes the door and hopes for the best.

In the AA meeting, JR stands up and introduces himself while Erica looks on. He tells the group that he just lost his wife and admits how horribly he treated her. He also talks about how badly he has wanted to drink to kill the pain, choosing instead to just be pissed off at everyone. He then notes that he'd been reading their book a lot lately, especially Step 8: writing down the names of everyone who had been hurt. He tells them that he had a lot of names, but the one that hurt the most was his wife's because he has no way to make amends. He notes that he is willing to try to do whatever he can to make things right. They all stand, recite the Serenity Prayer and disband. JR and Erica stay behind, and she asks if what he said was for real. He tells her that he was being truthful, and she asks if his amends extend to Josh. He tells her that he is trying not to blame anyone for what happened. He then exits the scene, aiming to run some errands.

Krystal opens the door and finds Amanda on the Chandler's doorstep, needing to talk to someone who misses Babe. They go into the living room, and Amanda pours out her heart, saying that she misses Babe and is angry that she has to. She talks about all of the things she still expects to do, and how it feels when she realizes that her best friend is gone. Teary eyed, she begs Babe's mother to tell her what to do. They talk some more, and Krystal continues to comfort the young girl. Amanda apologizes for her behavior but Krystal tells her that it's helpful to know that people cared about Babe.

Zach visits the police station and reviews the statement about his father's crime. Derek cautions him to read it carefully and then sign it so they can begin trial proceedings. As he does, he has flashbacks to Las Vegas and the terror his father inflicted. He forces his way through the report, and signs it where indicated. He stands up to leave and comes face to face with his father once again.

Kendall returns home, bag in hand and greets her son happily. Rachael asks to take an hour or so off for errands, and Kendall grants the request effortlessly. Once alone with her son, she takes a pregnancy test out of the bag and rhetorically asks Spike what he thinks of his mama's magic wand. She takes the test, and is shocked a few minutes later at the results.

Having sent Amanda on her way, Krystal takes a drink of water moments before JR returns home and joins her in the living room. She is thrown for a loop when, out of the blue, he asks if he can be her son.

Babe asks whether there is any way to tell what the right decision would be before she does anything. Josh asks if there is anything that he can say to help, but she tells him that she doesn't think so. He then pulls out a magic 8 ball that he found downstairs and tells her that she should try it and see if it helps. She asks a few questions but she gets decidedly lackluster answers. Erica approaches in the hall and listens in on their conversation, wherein her son tells Babe that if she decides to run, he will do a better job of making sure no one would ever find them again.

Friday, March 9, 2007

In order for Babe to get her son away from JR, Josh suggests they stage a carjacking so JR thinks random kidnappers took Little Adam as Erica listens outside the door. Babe worries that someone will eventually find out she is alive and Josh's plan would fail. Josh says that is a possibility, but at least they would have a hard start. Josh suggests that Krystal tell Adam the truth about the baby before JR can use it as a weapon against her, but Babe refuses. She tells Josh that he is risking everything for her, but she would feel guilty about keeping Little Adam from Krystal.

Zoe introduces herself to the transgender support group. All of the people introduce themselves and explain how they became a transgender. When it is Zoe's turn, she tells them that she recently came out as a woman who is absolutely scared about making the transition. The other members ask Zoe if she will be a different person as a woman. Zoe says some of it will be her, but she created many of Zarf's rockers aspects to portray a certain image. Zoe tells the group her father's reaction when he saw Zoe dressed in his mother's clothes as a child. The group tells Zoe that what she has been through is not unusual, but she should remember she is worth being loved. After the meeting, Zoe finds Bianca waiting for her in the hospital lobby. Zoe claims she finally realizes she is not alone.

As Kendall stares at the pregnancy test, Bianca comes in. Kendall rushes into her sister's arms and announces she and Zach are going to have a baby. Bianca is as excited, if not more, than Kendall at the news. When Bianca asks Kendall how Zach feels, she tells him he does not know yet, but is confident he will be a great father. Kendall tells Spike how much fun it will be to have a big brother or sister.

At the police station, Alexander tells Zach he will never be free of his true identity as he is led away to a cell. Zach says his father can no longer hurt them and their battle is over. Alexander says it is only a matter of time before Zach fails Kendall, like he has failed all the other people who loved him. Zach tells his father that his guilt tactics will no longer work on him anymore. When Zach says his father can no longer hurt him, Alexander whispers, "We'll see."

JR tells Krystal he will not tell Adam about the baby's paternity, but Krystal does not believe him. She says that life can change and he may not be so quick to keep quiet. JR promises to honor Babe every day the rest of his life by honoring her last wishes of not telling Tad the truth. Krystal says calling him her "son" is a big step that she may not be ready to take, particularly since his moods are known to change the minute things get rough.

Krystal rushes into the hospital room as Josh and Babe are discussing their plans. Krystal tells Babe about Little Adam saying he saw his mommy to JR. She was able to lie her way out of it, but explains she felt guilty because of JR's sincere behavior. Josh suggests leaving Krystal out of the dark when they stage Little Adam's kidnapping because JR will turn to her for comfort. Also, it portrays Krystal as the innocent grandmother who will know nothing, Josh adds. Krystal asks to speak to Babe alone. After Josh leaves, Krystal realizes Babe does not want to go through with Josh's plan. She says she is going to tell Adam the truth so Babe can deal with JR the right way. Babe says she knows the only way to be free of JR is to disappear. With tears streaming down her face, she hugs her mother good-bye. When Josh checks on Babe, she tells him they need to get Little Adam and leave town.

Zach goes home to find Kendall beaming. She quickly hides the pregnancy test and offers Zach a cigar, but he refuses. Zach wants to celebrate his family and freedom, but Kendall thinks he should add growth and expansion onto the list. She tells him they need a bigger house but is interrupted by a mail carrier before she can tell him why. Zach opens the envelope and slams the paper on the floor.

JR and Little Adam go to see Tad, who is busy playing pinball at Aidan's office. Tad gives Little Adam a chance to play and when he wins, they all go to get ice cream. They go back to the Chandler mansion, giving Tad the chance to thank JR for keeping mind off all the negative events that has happened to them. Erica bounds into the room, claiming that Babe is alive.



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