One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on OLTL

Nash was disappointed after Jessica chose Antonio. Starr and Cole planned a secret rendezvous. Cristian insisted that he and Evangeline were over. Llanview residents were caught in a blizzard on Llantano Mountain. Blair and Cristian made love. Britney planned her revenge on Starr and Cole.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Dorian pleaded with David not to go through with taking the blame for Spencer's murder. He said he could stab his brother in the back, but not literally. At the gym, Layla helped Cristian get over Evangeline with some weight-lifting therapy. Todd marveled at how good his birthday gift of a diamond necklace looked on Evangeline. Meanwhile, Nash advised Jessica to choose between him and Antonio. "I already did," she claimed to a bemused Nash.

David posed a "riddle" to Dorian, asking what would make it worth his while to kill Spencer. Dorian said she'd understand if David had killed Spencer, but he continued to deny it. He asked where the devious mind he had grown to love was as he stroked Dorian's face. Suddenly, it hit her: someone was paying him to confess. He explained that Asa had offered the bribe, so he had left town and let "the old coot" think that he had done the deed. Dorian offered her help, reminding David that she loved him and would do anything for her ex.

Over dinner at the Palace, Evangeline thanked Todd for the necklace and insisted that he'd done enough for her, especially saving her eyesight. When he revealed the one million dollar price tag, she freaked out and demanded he remove it from her neck. She declared that she just wanted friendship for her birthday. He lied that he was cool with whatever.

Meanwhile, Layla told Cristian that Evangeline planned to stay home on her birthday and watch television. Evangeline suggested Todd feed the homeless in Philadelphia with the necklace, just as Layla and Cristian walked in. Todd managed to clear the vicinity by gloating to Cristian that he had paid a fortune for the necklace.

Bo continued to question Rex about who he was protecting. Rex explained that it was not a simple situation, and he couldn't tell Bo what it was that he was hiding. He then gave Bo tickets for the Phillies season opener to cheer up Matthew. Meanwhile, Tate and Adriana discussed his future after baseball.

Adriana said she had an idea for Tate, but it would only work if he took his pants off. It involved being the Marky Mark of Exposed and modeling underwear. He agreed, but only if Adriana handled all the fittings personally, saying he trusted her to make him look "hunky, ripped, and straight." Rex then walked in on them shaking hands on the deal, although it looked a bit more like holding hands. Adriana gave Rex the "good news," which seemed to make Rex a bit nervous.

Meanwhile, Michael and John patched things up, and John asked Michael not to tell Mom about locking his little brother up. John said he knew Michael wasn't guilty of murder but that he was guilty of something else. Michael refused to tell him but said if it got out, Spencer Truman would get the last laugh.

John went to see Bo, who asked why he hadn't been made aware of the fact that Natalie had tampered with the evidence in Spencer's murder and why he shouldn't hire a new chief of detectives. John explained his attempt to solve Spencer's murder his own way and said he could prove to Bo that he could be trusted if he just reopened the case. John questioned how the fibers from his scarf had gotten on Spencer, claiming it was a definite possibility that David was not the murderer even though there was evidence against him.

Jessica lamented to Nash how she hated the way she felt and the way she was making Antonio feel. Nash offered to talk to Antonio for her. There was nothing to tell him, she insisted, because her life was with Antonio. Nash challenged her to convince him that she belonged with Antonio. He accused her of taking her "misguided" decision to marry him lightly.

Jessica screamed, a little too loudly for the hospital, that she loved Antonio and she loved Nash, too, but that she had a history with Antonio. She kissed Nash anyway, proving his point, but bid adieu to any possibility of a life with him. If Antonio was her choice, then he was going to have to keep himself out of her life, Nash threatened, and just have Viki or Clint drop off Bree for visits. Before he left, Nash stated that they were not an accident, and he had no regrets. Jess burst into tears in the hospital lounge, clutching the piece of paper on which she had written who she should be with.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vincent and Shaun ran into Nash at his favorite place, the steam room. A less teary-eyed Jessica met Antonio in the hospital lounge to give him a card from Jamie. He asked if Nash had told her that he had stopped by, and she asked why he thought she'd be talking to Nash. Antonio confessed that he and Nash had discussed what was really going on with Jessica.

In the hall at school, Starr and Cole whispered about their secret plans for the winter festival and their decision to "go all the way." Britney pretended to be chummy as she listened in, then one of her minions warned her that they'd figure out she was not really their friend. Meanwhile, Blair visited Dorian, who told her that she had hired the best lawyer for David. They agreed that the paper's write-up of David's violent crime didn't sound like him.

Blair complained to Dorian about Evangeline's "honkin'" diamond necklace and how everyone made Evangeline out to be Mother Theresa. Dorian called Blair out for discarding Todd but not wanting anyone else to have him either.

As Miles read about David's confession in the paper at Rodi's, Natalie sneaked up on him and asked if he was happy that Spencer's killer had been caught. Miles failed to see the justice in the situation and said he could never kill his own brother, as horrible as Mitch might have been. Miles theorized that David had gone to town the day of Spencer's murder on purpose and that the murder of the "brilliant and compassionate surgeon" had been premeditated. Natalie argued that Truman was pure evil. They moved on to the topic of Miles's newfound riches, and Natalie claimed to know what it was like to be young and suddenly rich. The big difference between them, however, was that Natalie had always been beautiful, he pointed out.

At the police station, John accused Marty of going soft on criminals, saying Spencer wouldn't have even been a free man or gotten killed if she hadn't testified that he was insane. Marty asked John what he'd do, since his father's killer had been caught. He reminded her that they were in his office, not hers, so they started throwing darts. When Marty mentioned Natalie and how she had gotten in Marty's face at Marty's own office, John reminded her again that it wasn't a therapy session. "Just don't let another killer go free," he instructed. She said she hoped they could put the past behind them. Only if she stopped using the word "snarky," he said, and he agreed to her peace offering of breakfast.

Antonio explained to Jessica that Nash had told him all about how the two really couldn't stand each other. Nash had also said he saw Tess when he looked at Jessica and that it drove him crazy, recalled Antonio. Jessica claimed that she had tried to discourage Antonio from befriending Nash and letting him into their lives, and she apologized for keeping their strong "dislike" of each other a secret from her husband.

Jessica went on to say that the angry part of her, the Tess part, emerged when she was around Nash, and that scared her. She admitted to being confused about her feelings for Nash but insisted that she was not confused about her feelings for her husband and the fact that they belonged together forever. Antonio recalled their wedding day and how he had found her with Nash right before it. She reiterated the same sentiments she had that day and assured him that any lingering Tess traits were just memories and that Antonio was her soul mate.

Vincent and Nash had a heart-to-heart in the steam room about the women they couldn't have. When Shaun tried to give his two cents, Vincent reminded his bodyguard that he was working. Vincent advised Nash that Jessica might be lying about not wanting to be with him. Vincent admitted that there was one woman who couldn't stand the sight of him and another one who was too wrapped up in another man to even think about him. Shaun compared Nash and Vincent to two stubborn mules and told his boss there was no way said woman would ever show interest. Nash lamented not being able to get over a woman he couldn't be with, and Vincent concurred.

Amber tattled to Marcie that she was late to class because she hadn't been able to get to her locker -- Starr and Cole had been standing in front of it. Britney pretended to defend Starr in an effort to win Starr's trust. Langston warned Starr that Britney was up to something, and Marcie had to quiet down the class. "Nobody likes a rat," she told Amber.

After class, Langston told Cole about her plan to allow Cole and Starr to talk to each other without directly looking at each other. Britney pulled Starr aside and asked if there was anything she could do for Starr and Cole. "Just keep your mouth shut," Starr told her. Britney promised that she wasn't out to get them, then privately promised to make sure their trip to the winter festival would be one they'd never forget.

At Rodi's, Miles continued to share depressing stories of growing up in a hospital. He and Natalie discussed all the firsts he still had to experience, and he admitted to getting drunk and kissing Marty. Natalie strongly encouraged him to ask Marty to the winter festival, just as Marty and John walked in. An awkward breakfast ensued. Miles asked John if he could speak with David, and Jessica piped in to remind Miles that he had something to ask Marty.

A call from the D.A.'s office pulled John away, and Natalie followed, leaving Miles to make his proposal. Meanwhile, Blair told Dorian that she was interested in someone new: Miles Laurence. He was direct, he was honest, he was innocent, and he was sweet, she claimed. "Great, you've found yourself the anti-Todd!" exclaimed Dorian, warning her that inviting Miles to the winter festival would be a huge mistake. "If Todd can move on, so can I," her niece declared.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cristian was bussing tables at the diner when Evangeline stopped by wanting to talk to him. She told him that she had been happy to get something in the mail from him, but he didn't understand why that could be when she had gotten a very expensive necklace from Todd. Evangeline told Cristian that she hadn't accepted the necklace, but Cristian didn't want to hear it. Evangeline wondered why Cristian couldn't have given her back her key in person instead of sending it to her in an envelope with no note or anything. Cristian didn't know what more there was to say, and he figured she'd want the key back sooner or later for someone else.

Evangeline understood that he had mailed the key because it hurt him so much to see her, and she told him that it hurt her too. She just wanted to be with him and asked if they could get back to that. Cristian told her that he was giving up on the relationship because he didn't want to compete with Todd, and he didn't think he could compete because Todd had so much money and power. Evangeline was shocked that he thought that was what she wanted. She only loved him.

Cristian wanted Evangeline to prove her love and that he could trust her again by cutting Todd out of her life. Evangeline balked at this idea and tried to convince Cristian that Todd wasn't a threat to him. She wanted to know what more she could say, and he suggested she say goodbye. At that moment, he realized she already had. He gave her back her key, and she reciprocated. After Evangeline left, Cristian looked at the necklace he had bought for her birthday gift and threw it in the garbage.

Rex walked into Tate's underwear fitting at Adriana's apartment. Adriana explained to Rex that getting Tate to model for Exposed was the only way they could book an ad agency. Layla arrived at the apartment with a bunch of supplies for the photo shoot, which they were having at Llantano Mountain. Tate, sensing a little awkwardness in the room, offered to help Layla pack for their trip. Rex showed Adriana the balloon he had taken there for her as an anniversary gift.

Rex said it was not an anniversary gift of when they had first started dating. Rather, he was celebrating the anniversary of the day he had known that he loved her. He had also bought her a necklace. Adriana was touched and convinced Rex to go to Llantano Mountain with her, Layla, and Tate so they could celebrate more after the photo shoot. She went to pack, and Tate walked out of Layla's bedroom.

Rex tried to not so subtly get information about Tate's personal life. Tate saw through Rex's questioning and asked if Rex was worried that Tate was making a play for Adriana. Tate told Rex that he was not the kind of guy that would get in between anyone's relationship. Rex then asked Tate if he'd sign a baseball for Matthew, and Tate went one step further and offered to meet Matthew.

As Tate, Rex, Adriana, and Layla were getting ready to leave, Cristian showed up because Layla had called him to ask him to be a photographer for their photo shoot. She also was doing it to help him get his mind off of Evangeline. He knew about that and didn't think that he'd be able to stop thinking about Evangeline. Layla was very convincing, however, and he took the job with Exposed.

Todd went to Llanfair to ask Viki for something. He told her that Evangeline was going away with him, which shocked her. Todd continued that Evangeline didn't know about it yet. He planned on taking Evangeline to the winter festival so she could go a little crazy. He had already planned out the whole trip. Viki questioned his motives, and he insisted that his feelings for Evangeline were purely platonic, and he wanted to keep his friendship with Evangeline the same as it was at that moment.

Viki encouraged Todd not to overwhelm Evangeline and then asked how Blair fit into his scheme. Todd told Viki that Blair had nothing to do with it. Viki was not convinced. She knew that Todd was using Evangeline as a distraction from Blair just like Evangeline was using Todd as a distraction from Cristian. Viki repeated that he was rushing his relationship with Evangeline, and he repeated that they were just friends.

Viki got that Todd was grateful to Evangeline because she had stuck by him during his murder trial. She then asked Todd what would happen to his and Evangeline's relationship if Blair were to walk in wanting Todd back. Todd told Viki that his friendship with Evangeline wouldn't change no matter what Blair might do. He tried to steer the conversation back to his original reason for going to Viki's, which was that he needed to borrow some ski equipment.

Todd had thrown away the gear he'd had when he had caught Spencer and Blair making love in the cabin. The only thing he had left was a glove, which he pulled out of his pocket. The necklace he had given to Evangeline fell out with it. Viki wondered if his feelings for Evangeline would change while they were at Llantano Mountain together. She was worried about Todd getting hurt, because when he got hurt, he hurt other people.

Todd abruptly ended Viki's lecture by asking again for the ski equipment. Before he went to get it, he wanted Viki to assume he was doing something right for a change. When he went to the attic, Viki wondered to herself when Todd was going to learn anything.

At Dorian's house, Blair called Miles to ask him to go to the winter festival with her so she could forget about Todd. He was not in his room, so she went to look for him.

At Rodi's, Miles asked Marty to go out with him on his first date and suggested that they go to the winter festival together. Marty regretfully told him that she couldn't go out with him. Miles thought that Marty wouldn't go with him because he was not all that experienced with the dating scene. Marty explained to him that she had just lost her husband, and she was not really ready to date yet. Plus, Miles was her patient, and it would be unethical for her to have a relationship with someone seeing her for therapy.

Miles wanted Marty to be his friend more than being his therapist, so he fired her. Marty then encouraged Miles to go to the winter festival, and she accepted his offer to go with him, but only as a friend. He was delighted. She left to pack some stuff and agreed to meet him back at Rodi's.

While Marty was at Rodi's, Cole took Starr to his home to get some ski stuff. As they were getting ready, Cole wondered how they were going to get the permission forms signed. Starr planned to forge Marty's signature and impressed Cole with her forging skills. Marty arrived at home. Cole and Starr rushed to hide in the closet. Marty went to the closet and was about to open the door when her phone rang.

After Marty finished the phone call, she called Cole's cell phone. Luckily for him, his phone was on vibrate, so it didn't give away that he was hiding in the closet with Starr. They heard Marty leave her message that she wasn't going to be home until late. Cole and Starr managed to sneak out of the apartment while Marty was grabbing some stuff in her bedroom. When she walked out, Marty noticed that the closet door was open but didn't give it much thought.

Back at Rodi's, Blair arrived and found Miles. She asked him to go to the winter festival with her. He told her that he was already going and was curious as to why she'd want to go with him. She told him that it was because they were both single, she liked him, and she thought he was nice. He then tried to tell Blair that he was going with Marty, but Blair wouldn't let him get a word in.

In a roundabout way, Blair got Miles to agree to go out with her. She told him that she was going to go pack some stuff, and she'd meet him back at Rodi's. He stopped her and told her that they should meet at the festival instead. Miles then went to the bar and vented to the bartender about his woman troubles. The bartender told him that he shouldn't worry about it, and he definitely shouldn't tell them the truth.

Starr was going to Viki's when her cell phone rang. Blair called Starr to say that she wouldn't be home until late and asked Starr what her plans were for the evening. Starr lied and said that she was going to hang out with Langston and do homework all night. After Starr hung up, she and Cole were relieved that both of their parents would be out of the picture for the night.

Hope told Cole to stay outside while she asked Viki about borrowing some ski equipment. Viki was more than willing and went upstairs to get a wrap so she could go with Starr to the attic. While Viki was gone, Starr went back outside to tell Cole that she was getting some gear for him, and they kissed. Starr ran back inside as Viki descended the steps. Viki asked if Starr was feeling all right because she looked a little flushed. Starr replied that she was fine.

Starr and Cole left to go to Dorian's. Blair was there, packing, and went upstairs to look for something. At that moment, Cole and Starr sneaked in to grab Starr's coat and other stuff. They managed to leave before Blair returned downstairs. Blair then looked in the mirror and told herself that she deserved to go out, have fun, and not think about Todd.

Marty returned to Rodi's to meet Miles and told him that she had some of Patrick's old ski gear for him to use. Miles attempted to tell Marty about Blair's plan, but the bartender signaled for him not to do it. Instead of telling Marty about Blair, Miles said that he was really looking forward to the outing. She agreed, and they both headed to the winter festival.

Todd met Evangeline at Rodi's. She told him about what had happened between her and Cristian. He hesitated a little but then asked her if she'd go to the winter festival with him. She refused at first. Todd told her that she didn't have to worry about anything; he had made all the arrangements. She wanted to know what he was planning. Todd insisted that there was no ulterior motive. Evangeline decided to go with Todd so she could try to forget about Cristian.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

As the snow gently fell, everyone began to congregate at the ski lodge on Llantano Mountain for the winter festival. As some of the teens hung out, Cole spotted his mother, and he and Starr made a hasty retreat. Britney gushed how sorry she was that Cole hadn't been able to make it, and Langston, in shock, played along. Britney swore she was not a rat, but Starr was still suspicious of her motives. Cole fell for her trick, though, and she offered to scout the lodge for them when Starr wanted to go inside. Starr learned that her parents were both at the festival as well.

Marty learned that Miles had a room; he knew nothing of locker rooms and had rented it for them so they could change their clothes and stow their stuff. He was nervous and didn't have an agenda he replied in response to her questions. He also explained that he had gotten stuck and had invited someone else along, but it was no one she knew.

Blair was quick to locate the drinks in the lobby, as Adriana and her crew arrived to take pictures. She learned that Cristian and Evangeline had split up but announced that she was taken. Todd and Evangeline ran in after some snowboarding, and one of the first people they saw was Blair. "Are you following me?" she asked Todd. He'd had no idea she was there but learned she was not alone.

Evangeline spotted Layla hanging onto Cristian. She was quickly advised that it was all business, and drama was unwanted. Both Cristian and Evangeline admitted they were there to keep from thinking of each other, but she wanted to leave immediately. Miles located Blair while Marty went off to buy lift tickets, and he admitted he was there with Marty too. He explained his prior commitment to her while Todd listened and found it quite amusing.

Rex was unhappy with Tate being a model and kept close tabs on Adriana. When Blair spotted Langston, who was supposed to be with Starr, studying, she quickly grabbed for her phone. As she called Starr, Marty called Cole. Both kids were reached and told their moms that they were not studying with the other. As they stood outside, shivering, they pacified their moms, while technically not lying. Marty learned that Blair was the other woman on her friend date.

Suddenly, an announcement was made. All roads were closed due to a nor'easter. No one would be able to leave the lodge, and no one else would be able to get up the mountain either. Rex and Cristian were recruited when it was learned that the other models wouldn't be showing up. Evangeline embarrassed Layla when she caught her with Cristian, who was ready for the shoot in the designer's underwear.

Miles offered his room to Marty and Blair, who both declined. He attempted to get another room, but all spare rooms were given over to the kids on the high school trip, separate rooms for girls and boys. Britney snapped a picture of Cole and Starr on the sly. Langston later advised her that she was not falling for Britney's friend act. Rex and Adriana ended up without a room at all but in a public area. Luckily, they were able to close it off somewhat with the doors.

Starr and Cole got to the girls' room before the others and were caught making out when Langston and Britney arrived. Britney thought they should leave again and give the couple some alone time. The rooms were not large enough for everyone to be comfortable as Evangeline, Blair, Marty, and Layla ended up in one room while Todd, Miles, Tate, and Cristian took another. As Marty and Blair argued, Evangeline and Layla glared at one another.

As Blair decided to hang a "do not disturb" sign on their door, Todd did the same on his. They were right across from each other and were there at the same time. "I really hate you," Blair said to Todd. "I hate you more," Todd replied.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A nor'easter stranded winter festival revelers on Llantano Mountain. There was no room at the inn, which made for strange bedfellows.

Cristian and Todd, who were forced to bunk together, along with Miles and Tate, got into a scuffle over Evangeline and accidentally knocked down Miles. Across the hall, a boozed-up Blair shot insults at Evangeline, who retorted that maybe she would just go after Todd. While Blair sounded off about the humongous diamond necklace Todd had given to Evangeline, which she had refused to accept, the guys found the necklace, which riled Cristian.

Back in the ladies' room, Layla's implication that maybe Blair would back off if Evangeline didn't spend so much time with Todd elicited a triumphant smirk from Blair but infuriated Evangeline, who fled the room. When Layla went to shower, Blair turned her attention to Marty, and the foes squabbled over Miles and traded barbs over their mutual disdain for each other. After a while, Layla and Marty both escaped, leaving Blair all by herself.

In the lobby, Evangeline turned on the charm to get a lodge employee to reveal Todd's room number. When she knocked on his door, Todd welcomed her in and kicked out Tate, who went down to the lobby, where he joined Cristian for a drink. When Cristian got up to return to the room, Tate stopped him, saying that Cristian didn't want to be up there. Cristian quickly figured out that Evangeline was with Todd.

Rex and Adriana got to spend time alone in their room. She reassured him that Tate was not a threat. After a sufficient amount of her talk about how into himself the hunky athlete/model was, Rex relaxed a bit, and the couple began to make out. Miles, who'd gone to get ice for his sore head, overheard Adriana and Rex in an intimate moment and smiled sweetly.

When Miles ran into Marty, he reported that he'd gotten into his first brawl and had seen his first glimpse of true love. They took a stroll outside. Marty told him that she'd been in love with a wonderful man who had died then they stargazed and did the old "star light star bright first star I see tonight" thing. His wish was to have what Marty had had with her husband. "I hope your wish comes true," she said before going back inside.

Starr and Cole were alone together in a room, and Starr pulled away from Cole's kiss. She paced and fretted about their parents. He tried to get his girlfriend to relax and pulled her into another smooch. One thing led to another, and it looked like there would be more than kissing going on. While Starr was changing in the bathroom, Cole practiced seductive poses on the bed then pulled a condom from his wallet.

When Starr emerged, dressed in Cole's shirt, they hit the sheets, but he could tell Starr was tense and gently let her off the hook, promising that they had their whole future ahead of them. In the meantime, Langston worried about what her friends were doing and wanted to return to their room, but Britney insisted they leave the lovebirds alone and just camp out on chairs in the lobby.

Tate walked in on Adriana and a shirtless Rex, who were getting hot and heavy on the floor. Rex was displeased. The men arm-wrestled while a bored Adriana guzzled champagne and wondered aloud if they'd be "pulling out the ruler next."

In Todd's room, he gave up the bed to Evangeline and prepared to sleep on the couch. Seeing how uncomfortable and cold he was, Evangeline invited Todd to join her in bed. Across the hall, Cristian knocked on the door of the ladies' room, where he informed Blair that their respective exes were having sex. In actuality, Evangeline, wearing a big, fluffy hotel robe over her clothes, and a fully dressed Todd were snuggling for warmth.

After some lingering glances, Todd stroked Evangeline's face, and they engaged in a gentle kiss. Then the kiss got passionate, and it looked like that robe was on its way off. All of a sudden, they pulled back. Todd said that they just needed each other that night. Neither of them could say what would happen next.

Todd remarked that he didn't have many friends then laughingly amended that to "any friends." He said he felt great and wonderful. Still freezing, they spooned and nuzzled. At that very moment, Blair suggested that she and Cristian get even with their exes and pounced on him. Vigorous rolling about on the bed ensued.

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