One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on OLTL

Rex and Michael were both locked up after being questioned in the Spencer Truman murder. Cristian broke up with Evangeline; he refused to listen to her explanation of her kiss with Todd. Antonio was gravely injured while saving Jessica and Nash from a fire. Both Jessica and Nash were consumed with guilt.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, February 26, 2007

A betrayed Dorian gets back at her friend, Lindsay, by revealing to Paige that Lindsay has been secretly trying to win Bo back behind her back. Paige is confused when Lindsay tries denying Dorian's accusations, but Dorian stands behind her statements. Lindsay then tries to cover by telling Paige that she believes that Paige and Bo deserve to be together. She also begs Paige not to tell Bo as it would destroy their friendship since Bo would believe that Lindsay is up to her old tricks again. Bo walks in just as Paige is still trying to sort out the lies and makes Lindsay sweat when she tells Bo that she has something important to discuss with him.

While watching Tommy, Starr and Cole get a little too close for comfort causing Starr to back away. Cole tells her that he would never force her to do anything that she didn't want to do. He asks her to believe that he is not the same person who frightened her the night of the frat party. Starr confides in Cole that although she has had boyfriends, she has never had sex with anyone. Cole confides in Starr that after what his mom told him about sex, he never felt that it was the right time with his previous girlfriends. They both decide that they are not ready to have sex. Cole stays a little while longer but leaves right before Marcie and Michael come home from their night at Capricorn.

Antonio tries to reason with Cris regarding his relationship with Evangeline. He tries to get Cris to understand that Evangeline loves him and that sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. Cris wonders how Antonio would feel in that situation which Antonio reminds him that he was in that situation with Tess and Nash. Antonio tells Cris that he should have no doubts about Evangeline's love for him since she told him right away about kissing Todd. Antonio feels that Cris would have more to worry about if Evangeline had kept the truth from him. Cris thinks about his conversation with Jessica and how she begged him not to tell Antonio what he knows for fear that it would break up her family.

Jessica confesses to Nash that even though she is married to Antonio, she thinks about Nash all the time. Nash begs her to listen to her heart and run away with him but Jessica refuses to hurt Antonio. Nash agrees that Antonio is a good man and that he has been a good friend to him but he can't help the way he feels about Jessica. Nash believes that he and Jessica are soul mates. Jessica tries to leave but discovers that she and Nash are locked in the storage room. Nash tries to make a phone call but can't get a signal on his cell phone. Jessica touches the door knob again and realizes that it's hot. She begins to panic when she notices that there is smoke coming from underneath the door and through an air vent. Nash tries to calm her down by telling her that they are not going to die and he will not leave her because he loves her. Jessica tells Nash that she loves him too and they begin to make love while a fire rages on the other side of the door.

Evangeline and Todd discuss their kiss and her breakup with Cris. Evangeline believes that she and Cris can still work things out while Todd tells her not to try to hard since she deserves better than Cris. As Todd is about to leave, Evangeline tries to locate a scarf for him to wear out into the cold night but is unable to locate any of Cris' things. As Evangeline playfully tries to bundle Todd up, Cris uses his key and walks in on the two friends. An enraged Cris calls himself a fool for coming over to work things out with Evangeline and declares that they are truly over as he throws the bouquet of flowers on the floor.

John confides in Bo his fear that the person who killed Truman is someone who is very close to John. Bo reminds John that he should use the same protocols with this person as he would to someone who he wasn't close to. Bo tells John that if he betrays the badge then things will never be the same. John struggles with his decision to bring in his suspect for questioning especially since the suspect is his brother. Ultimately he makes the decision to bring Michael in and shows up at his brother's door as he and Marcie are getting Tommy ready for bed. John tells a stunned

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

With the fire blazing outside the storage room, Jessica and Nash were deep in a shirtless make-out session. It wasn't until they heard Antonio's shouting that they stopped and put their clothes back on. Talia went outside to call the police and was knocked out by an unidentified assailant.

Vincent found Natalie on the rooftop the same rooftop where they kissed and immediately told her she looked beautiful. "I look like hell," responded Nat. "Not to me," he said, and tried to explain that she has the wrong idea about him, that he's "just a regular guy." Nat admitted that she told John what she'd been keeping from him and that it could cost her John and her job; Vincent said he wouldn't lose any sleep if she and John called it quits. Tiring of his smooth talking, she tried to walk away, but he grabbed her arm and asked what it would take to prove that he genuinely cares about her well-being.

Meanwhile, Rex and Adriana filled in Layla on the Nelly Furtado performance when suddenly Marcie barged in to tell them that Michael was at the police station. Rex claimed to know nothing about the investigation; Marcie begged him to call Bo and try to get some information. Rex tried to comfort Marcie and suggested that this whole "in for questioning" thing is just brotherly code. Like code for everybody come to the police station! Marcie, Rex and Adriana decided to take a field trip there. Layla looked on silently, then showed up on the rooftop and interrupted John and Nat's convo to tell them about Michael. After Natalie left, Layla snarked that it was a nice night for stealing another man's girlfriend.

At the station, John demanded to hear the truth about Truman's murder. Michael argued that the situation isn't simple and that it's not just about Truman, it's about protecting his family. John failed to get answers out of his bro and accused him of lying. A fiery Michael pleaded with John to close the case, especially if he cares about his nephew, Tommy. John threatened that Mike's "talking in riddles" is just going to put him behind bars. John wasn't pleased to see Rex, Adriana and Marcie at the police station, but he told Marcie he doesn't want to believe that Michael would kill anyone. John flashed back to previous cryptic conversations with Rex and Michael at the P.D. and decided to put them a room together and watch the sparks fly. Instead, they frustrated him by speaking "pig Latin." Rex accused him of being paranoid and maintained that he doesn't know anything about Spencer's murder.

At the diner, Paige told Bo that she'd been offered a job overseas and was consulting with Dorian and Lindsay on whether she should take it. Bo and Paige took a seat by themselves and Lindsay reamed out Dorian for blabbing to Paige about her scheme to get back Bo. Paige apologized for telling Bo about the job offer in front of Dorian and Lindsay and broke the news that the job is in Pakistan. She said she felt the job might be a way to make amends with her shady drinking-and-doing surgery past. A hopeful Bo said he and Matthew could get along okay without Paige for a few months, but she said she didn't know how long she'd be there for. Dorian joked that she's surprised Lindsay isn't over at Paige's table buying her an airline ticket. Bo asked if Paige was breaking up with him and said it sounded like her mind was already made up about Pakistan; she denied both. After Bo left, she threatened to kill Lindsay if she ever hurt Bo.

Antonio managed to keep his clothes on while rescuing Nash and Jess ... and drape himself in a tablecloth and find a makeshift staff so he could kick the door open Moses-style. Nash told Jessica to go out first, but she refused to leave without him. Talia continued to lie unconscious outside. Antonio went to help Nash, and suddenly a giant, industrial air shaft fell from the ceiling onto both of them.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Antonio's attempt to save Nash ends up with both of them underneath an industrial air shaft. As Jess screams in vain for them to get up, Talia wakes up outside and calls the fire department. She runs in and attempts to get Jess out; Antonio comes to but is in great pain. He manages to rouse Nash and get him up and out from under the equipment. As they make their way, the ceiling caves in even more. Antonio passes out but the firemen arrive and everyone is saved and taken to the hospital. As Antonio lies gravely injured Talia questions Jess on the chain of events. She's confused when she learns that Jess and Nash were in the storage room. Nash gives the nurse a hard time but Jess berates him after Antonio risked his life for him. They wonder what they've done to Antonio, how they can be in love behind Antonio's back.

Nora argues with a creditor on the phone and confesses to Renee that she feels like she's worn out her welcome. She's concerned that all she can do is spend time on the phone with all of the agencies and people revolved around everything she's lost in the fire. Matthew misses his stuff and she should be taking care of him, she laments. Renee can't wait to tell her off, starting with the fact that Matthew is a remarkable young man, thanks in part to Nora, who is mother of the year. She needs to both "suck it up" and stop being a control freak. She has family who is willing to help out and she needs to let them. Later, when Matthew returns, he and Nora talk about how uncomfortable they are in Asa's home, how they can't make a mess or leave things lying around. They decide to order take out food and eat in the bedroom, even if it makes crumbs.

John continues to question Michael and Rex and gets nowhere, as Marcie and Adriana wait. Rex asks, hypothetically, what would happen to a person who knew something. That person would want guarantees, he continues. John thinks they're in it together and he and Michael argue; Michael figures that John is just angry that he wasn't the one to kill Spencer. John loses his temper and decides to have Michael locked up. He questions Rex on his willingness to cover for Michael and tells him that all deals are off the table. John definitely knows that something is up and it's only a matter of time before he figures it out, Michael tells Adriana while waiting. He'll figure out that Tommy is really Todd's son. He's concerned about having to lie now everyday for the rest of his life. John's had enough and he decides to lock Rex up as well. They try to tell him that he needs to look the other way on a couple of things but he just wants them to work with him. Michael has nothing to say. John tells Nat that the ball is in their court. Maybe she was right to cover up when she thought that he was the murderer. Marcie gives John a piece of her mind and wonders if he really thinks that Michael committed this act. Spencer took John's father and now he'll take his brother. He will lose his family and he's got to make it right. Nat comforts him. Michael tells Rex that the most important thing is that they need to protect Tommy and that he's safe with Marcie. Maybe they're better off without me, he mutters; if I'm out of the picture. What are you saying? Rex asks. Maybe it's time I confess, Michael says.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Marty shows up at John's office, where Miles is waiting to talk to John regarding Spencer's murder. She tells him that he probably shouldn't be alone in John's office when John gets back. Marty then asks him if he was looking for something. He just says that he was waiting to talk to John about Mike being taken in for questioning and then asks Marty why she's there. She tells him that she's there on police business and to see how John is holding up. She also says that she doesn't think that John likes her very much. Miles is surprised by this and asks her why. Marty explains her involvement in Spencer's trial. Miles remains convinced that Spencer was a good man, but Marty thinks he was sick. Miles tells Marty that he thinks she's beautiful, and then leaves because John isn't showing up.

Todd is having coffee at the diner when Blair enters. He invites her to sit down with him. She congratulates him on moving so quickly to Evangeline. Todd wonders how she found out about that. She tells him that she overheard Cristian tell Antonio about it. He wonders why she seems so ticked off about the kiss, but she denies being upset and says that they're over. Todd tells her that he might not be through with her. Todd then tells Blair that Evangeline was comforting him because he had just found out his son was dead. She's shocked by this news and tells him that she's sorry for his loss. At that moment a waitress comes over to take their order. Todd asks where Carlotta is, and the waitress tells him that Carlotta is taking care of Bree and Jamie because Antonio is in the hospital. The waitress then tells them that there was a fire at Capricorn. Todd asks her about Jessica, and she just assumes that Jessica is fine. Todd rushes off to go see Jessica. Blair offers to go with him, but he tells her not to because they're through, according to her.

Miles then arrives at the diner and asks if he can sit with Blair. He talks to her about Mike being held for questioning. Blair refuses to believe that Michael could be involved in Spencer's murder because there are people more brutal than Mike that wanted Spencer dead. Miles can't understand how he can be involved with the two most hated people in Llanview. Blair is curious who the other person is. He tells her that Mitch Laurence is his brother. Blair tells Miles that both Spencer and Mitch screwed over people they claimed to love. Miles turns that around on her, saying that Blair screwed over Spencer when she told him she loved him. Miles explains that he knows this because he's been keeping up with events in Llanview. Blair tells Miles that Spencer tricked her into loving him, and she did the same back to him when he framed Todd for Margaret's murder to get evidence that Todd was innocent. Blair also says that she thought Spencer was going to kill her the night he died, so she won't be able to repay whoever killed Spencer. Miles still can't believe that they're talking about the same person. He loved Spencer like a brother. Blair tells him that the more he learns about Spencer, the more he'll hate Spencer.

Evangeline shows up at Cris's loft to talk to him about what happened between her and Todd. Cris tells her that he has nothing to say and that their relationship is over. Evangeline doesn't accept this and wants to work it out. She explains that she and Todd share something special because she fought for him and his life for many days when no one else cared. She also says that she was just comforting Todd because he just found out his son had died. She then tells Cris that she still loves him. He responds that he loves her, too, but sometimes love isn't enough. This is one of those times, and he reiterates that it's over between them. He tells her he was a fool to believe that they could have a future together, that he doesn't want to be with her, and that he's wasted enough of his time already. Carlotta calls Cris to tell him about Antonio. Evangeline offers to go with Cris to the hospital. He doesn't want her to go, but she insists because she's Antonio's friend, too.

At the hospital, Antonio wakes up and asks for Jessica, who has fallen asleep in Nash's room. Nash wakes her up and asks her how Antonio is doing. Jessica tells him that Antonio will be fine. Nash then says that they can't tell Antonio about what happened between them in the storage room when the fire broke out. Nash then asks Jess about Bree, and she starts to talk incessantly to avoid talking about what happened at Capricorn. Nash feels guilty about what happened, especially now that he knows Jessica loves him as well. Just then, a nurse enters and tells Jessica that Antonio has been asking for her. She goes to Antonio's room, and he's very happy to see her.

Antonio asks how Jessica is, how Nash is, and how the girls are. Jessica tells him that she and Nash are fine and that Carlotta is taking care of the girls. Antonio is curious how she and Nash got trapped in the storage room. Jessica explains that Nash was getting glasses and he closed the door, not realizing that it would get stuck. Antonio doesn't understand why she was there with him. Jessica says that she needed to get away from the crowd for a while.

In the other room, Nash remembers the times he was with Jessica in the mine, the sauna, and the storage room.

Evangeline and Cristian arrive at the hospital. Evangeline waits outside while Cris goes into Antonio's room and sees that Antonio is okay. Jess says that Antonio saved both of their lives. Antonio expands on that, saying that both Jess and Nash were trapped in the storage room. Todd arrives and asks Evangeline about Jessica. She tells him that Jess is in Antonio's room, but warns him not to go in there. He doesn't heed her advice and goes in anyway. Jessica tells him Antonio can't have that many visitors, to which Todd replies that he only cares about her. Jess tells Todd that she's fine. Cris then asks Jess what she was doing in the storage room with Nash. Antonio stops him from grilling Jessica and says that the only thing that matters now is that everyone is safe and healthy. Cristian is curious how the fire started; Antonio assumes it was arson. Todd jokes that it may have been a customer that was angry about getting overcharged for drinks at Capricorn. Nash then enters and tells everyone that he wants to talk to Jess and Antonio alone. Cristian grabs Todd and throws him out of the room. Nash tells Antonio that he owes Antonio for saving his life. Antonio just says that something like this makes one realize how important friends and family are.

Outside in the corridor, Cristian starts to beat Todd. Todd tells Cris that the kiss meant nothing, that Evangeline love Cris, and that Cris is being thickheaded. Cristian punches Todd in the gut and Evangeline tries to stop him from going any farther. Cris pushes her aside. Just then a nurse comes off the elevator and threatens to call security if neither Todd nor Cris leave. Before Todd leaves, he makes sure Evangeline is alright. Evangeline is fine, and she tells Cris that Todd was right about one thing. He walks away as she yells that he really is thickheaded.

Bo is a little upset when he arrives at the police department because he heard nothing about the fire at Capricorn and that John is holding Rex and Mike for questioning before he came into the office. Bo wants John to come to him before doing anything and he wants some answers. Otherwise John will get reassigned to a different case. John somewhat reluctantly tells Bo about the evidence that points to Mike being the murderer and that Rex may be covering for Mike. John thinks that Mike and Rex are hiding something and is very suspicious, but he has his doubts that Mike could be capable of killing someone. Bo can't figure out why Rex would protect Mike. John speculates that Tommy may be a connection. Bo doesn't want to send Mike to prison if Mike actually killed Spencer. He tells John that they could easily think up a story that Mike was protecting Blair so Nora would give Mike a good plea bargain. John is relieved to hear this, but is still hopeful that he'll be able to find some evidence to clear Mike and Rex. Bo tells John to do what he has to do, but to keep Bo informed on his progress.

After John leaves, Talia brings Bo the arson report. Bo asks if Talia is ok after taking a hit to the head. He then warns her not to make this case personal. She says it's too late for that. This case became personal for her a while ago.

In their cell, Mike tells Rex that John will figure everything out, and that the only way Marcie will be able to keep Tommy is if he confesses. Rex thinks that's a bad idea, and details all the things that could go wrong if Mike does confess. Rex asks a guard if any visitors or lawyers have shown up. The guard tells him that John has authorized no visitors or lawyers. Rex realizes that John is trying to get them to turn on each other, but they have to stick together and tell the same story. Mike agrees to that. He also thinks that John has to have something on them to hold them on suspicion. Rex replies that if John had anything, he would have charged both of them. Mike wonders why John actually locked them up. Rex says that it was because they pretty much asked him to. He explains that because they both told John to back off the case, they made themselves look like suspects. Mike apologizes for getting Rex into this mess, and Rex says that he just wants to take care of Tommy. Rex tells Mike that everything will be fine if they keep their mouths shut. Mike wonders if Rex will be able to live with killing a man. Rex does a spit take at that remark; he can't believe that Mike thinks he killed Truman.

John enters his office to find Marty leaving a note for him. She tells him that Miles was there to talk about the Truman murder case. Marty offers to lend an ear to John, even though he doesn't want to talk about it. She tries to needle some information out of him, but he doesn't give her many answers. He tells Marty that he locked up Mike because Mike didn't give good answers to the questions he asked. He assures her that he'll get what he needs, though. She wonders if it will be worth it if he has to arrest the only family he has left. John says that it's his duty to find whoever killed Spencer because no one has the right to play judge and jury. Marty asks John if he's willing to punish his brother for something that he was ready to do himself. Before she leaves, Marty gives John one more piece of advice. She tells him that he should follow his instincts to find out what Mike is hiding. After she leaves, John takes out the crime scene photos to study them some more.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Still stuck on why Nash and Jess were in the storage room, Cristian said he's done protecting Jessica. Evangeline returned home with Todd, who promised to take her mind off Cristian. Dorian ran into Clint at the Palace, where she hoped to woo him with champagne and oysters. A little too early to drink, he said, and explained that he was there to talk to Natalie, who was having lunch with Viki. Natalie admitted to her mother that she's not having the best of days because John accused her of committing murder and threw her brother in jail. Meanwhile, Rex and Michael continued to go at it, each accusing the other of killing Spencer. John pointed out to Donna that there's someone in the hallway in the crime-scene shots and that it looks like he or she is trying to hide.

Once Rex assured Michael that their cell wasn't bugged, Michael and Rex finally got down to some truth telling. Michael reminded Rex that he "confessed" to him by saying he'd already done too much to protect Tommy and Michael after Spencer's murder. Rex explained that he thought he was protecting Michael by wiping the doc's prints off the bloody knife. He said he saw Michael outside Blair's room holding the doorknob, something happened and before he could see Rex, he took off. He had a terrible look on this face, said Rex, like he'd done something awful. Michael admitted that he was prepared to kill Spencer and grabbed a scalpel and went toward the room, but that he felt sick when he got to the door and couldn't do it, so he ran. They then tried to figure out why John became suspicious of Michael in the first place, and realized that what they both said that he shouldn't dig deeper into the case landed them in jail.

Natalie confided her troubles with John to her mother, who suggested that John may not be capable of change. Suddenly, the waiter brought over a white-chocolate cheesecake from Vincent. Natalie asked why Viki assumed Clint sent over the dessert. Meanwhile, Dorian admitted to sabotaging Clint's dinner with Viki last week to spend time alone with Clint. The fact that he and Viki are dating won't deter her, Dorian vowed. She advised him to play the field and he chuckled that the field had been pretty kind to him in the past. She tried to ask him out on a date, but he said he wasn't sure it was the right time. Vincent eventually came over to Natalie's table and finagled an introduction to Viki. They discussed his future business plans and the loss of his friend Ted. After he left, Viki hinted that Vincent may want more than friendship. Once Dorian left their table, Viki allowed herself to get upset with Clint, who had lipstick all over his cheek. Dorian returned and announced that they had reservations at Chuck's for their dinner date.

Nash and Jessica insisted to Cristian that nothing happened between them in the storage room. She told Cristian he'd just have to trust her on this one. Cris returned to see Antonio, who sensed that the three had just had a pretty intense conversation. Cris revealed that they were discussing how much it sucks to be cheated on, and insisted to Antonio that he and Vangie are over.

Evangeline, meanwhile, was dining on expensive duck with Todd at the penthouse. The hell with Cristian, she declared, and Todd sang "Amen!" He managed to make her laugh ... until she remembered why she was so sad. When dessert failed to cheer her up, Todd told her he had one more idea: Take her clothes off. A few minutes later, she was in a robe worrying about all this time away from her job. Speaking of jobs, Todd went off to do work while Evangeline got a massage, but not before peeking at her lying on the massage table. The masseuse instructed Evangeline to think of something wonderful, and of course, she thought about making love to Cristian. Afterward, Evangeline thanked Todd for everything he'd done that day to help her.

Jessica and Nash discussed their feelings in his hospital room, while Cris continued to talk with Antonio. Nash said he'd be miserable without his daughter and couldn't leave her, but that if he stays in Llanview, they will inevitably end up alone together. Antonio said he was happy the fight with Todd didn't get too out of hand, and that if some guy was trying to take his woman, he'd want to kill him, too.

John requested hospital-surveillance tapes so he could see who entered and left the hospital the night of Spencer's murder. In the meantime, he and Donna looked at enlarged prints of the photos and noticed that the person was wearing hospital scrubs. "I have a good idea who it is," John said. Back in his office, John made a call to Agent Bill Roberts and said he needed a favor. Finally, the surveillance tapes came in and John sat down to watch them. Dramatic music conveyed that he saw something. Meanwhile, Rex and Michael wondered if neither of them killed Truman, then who did? John received a call from Bill and wrote down some info. When he hung up, he sighed, "I'm glad it wasn't you Mike," then pointed at the TV screen and said, "I got you."

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