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Monday, February 5, 2007


At the police station, Doris confronts Alan, telling him that Gillespie has confessed all and that she knows that Alan is behind Tammy's death. Alan denies the allegations. After telling him that with the evidence she has she can put him away for life, she backs off, saying that he can relax. She tells Mallet that she is taking Alan for interrogation elsewhere. Elsewhere turns out to be a room at The Beacon. Dinah sees them as the two enter a suite. Inside the suite, Doris offers Alan opera and wine. Dinah is listening through the door. Alan is perplexed, but soon realizes that what Doris is offering him—freedom if he plays things her way. Dinah crashes the "interrogation," taking photos of the scene. She assures the two of them that she will not let their rendezvous pass unnoticed. After Dinah leaves, Doris tells Alan she'll let him know the specifics of her deal offer to him in "due time." Doris and Alan leave The Beacon and return to the police station. She tells Mallet that there is not enough evidence to hold Alan. She tells Mallet that Gillespie did not implicate Alan in the hit and run. She declares Alan a free man. He is released. Mallet is frustrated.

Remy arrives at the police station where he learns from Mallet that he has been put on suspension for attacking Gillespie. Mel shows up in defense of her brother, both as a sister and a lawyer. Remy doesn't seem to care about anything since Tammy's death. He turns over his gun and his badge. He heads to Outskirts to get drunk.

At Cedars, Harley catches Daisy and Gillespie together. Daisy covers by acting as though she was there to confront the man who killed her friend. Harley buys the act. When Harley and Daisy are outside Gillespie's room, Sydney's birth father's attorney, Donovan, eavesdrops. He is taking notes that he believes will link Daisy to Gillespie. Gillespie has sent word out that he wants to talk with Harley privately. Daisy pretends to faint and refuses having a blood test. Doris, however, has meanwhile slipped into Gillespie's room to have him removed. While there will not be charges against him in Springfield, there are other warrants for him in his hometown. Harley finds an empty room when she goes in to speak with Gillespie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie is lamenting to Roxie about how she has lost both her daughter and her husband. She will not cave, however. She is a Spaulding and a force to be reckoned with. Beth begs her to forsake her Spaulding heritage and leave town with her. She says that all their problems are Alan's fault. While she tries to reason with Lizzie about why they should leave town and start a fresh, new life, Lizzie tells her that she's given up hope of being a good girl. Good girls finish last. Just look at what happened to Tammy. Beth brings up an old story of their time in Arizona when Phillip showed Lizzie how to have faith. Lizzie says it was just dumb luck and refuses to buy into the fairytale. Lizzie declares herself a Spaulding to Beth and that no one will ever walk out on her again. She leaves a distraught Beth behind.

Lizzie goes to Outskirts where she encounters a very drunken Remy. Lizzie tells the bartender that she wants to speak with Billy so that she can buy Outskirts and bulldoze it to the ground. Remy insists on buying her a drink and becomes physical when she won't speak with him. Dinah arrives and makes Remy leave with her. Dinah and Remy go to Dinah's room at The Beacon and she forces him to take a shower to sober him up. Remy pulls Dinah into the shower just as Mallet comes home to the room.

Back at the mansion, Beth is shocked to see that Alan has been released. She's not surprised, however, to learn that Alan's buddy Doris had a hand in it. Beth tells Alan that she is taking Lizzie away from Springfield. Alan tells Beth that she is naïve. He has planned a memorial service for Sarah. Beth says they will attend the memorial service, but will leave Springfield the next day. After Beth leaves the room, Alan receives a call from Doris. Doris informs Alan that Gillespie has been returned to Australia to face charges against him there. After Alan thanks her for the news, Doris tells him that she'll see him very soon.

Left alone at Outskirts, Lizzie finds a shoe baby Sarah was wearing the day she died. She wonders how it is possible that the shoe be in the bar, when she was wearing it when she died.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

After finding the shoe, Lizzie is convinced Sarah is still alive and starts digging for clues. She is stunned when she calls Jonathan's cell phone and learns it had been disconnected, certain it proves he canceled it himself. But, when Lizzie starts to tell Lillian about her suspicions, she realizes that her whole family thinks she's crazy already and wouldn't believe her. So, she seeks out the one person that would, Reva. Meanwhile, it's killing Reva to hold onto her secret that Jonathan and Sarah are really alive. Cassie comes to visit her, offering comfort but all Reva can feel is guilt. Cassie offers to memorialize Jonathan and the baby but Reva has to scramble for a reason not to. When Lizzie comes rushing in with her theory, Cassie's anger towards all things Spaulding erupts and she rails at Lizzie for being insensitive to Reva's feelings. Cassie storms out and though Reva feels compassion towards Lizzie she knows she has a promise to keep to Jonathan. Later, Reva receives a phone call and though no one speaks, she knows who it is and says a final goodbye, knowing they may never speak again. Meanwhile, a distraught Cassie has a vision of Tammy who tells her to let all her anger go. Mallet almost walks in to find Dinah in the seemingly compromising position of helping Remy in the shower. Dinah fears Mallet's jealousy but he surprises her when he tells Dinah she's encouraging Remy down a very dark path. Realizing he is right, Dinah tells Remy revenge is not the answer and he seems on the right track until he learns of Alan's release and his anger is born anew. Marina deals with the difficult task of boxing up Tammy's things. The Cooper men rally around her but Marina has lost a little of her faith.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Inside the Light: Beloved

Alan-Michael narrates the entire hour. Sounding like a private investigator's revealing seedy secrets, his voice settles over the beginning scenes. He sits on a stool at the Outskirts' bar lamenting on the busy day for the Spaulding family—busy usually meaning trouble. He thinks of poor Lizzie as the sight of a woman and baby causes her to break down on a bench on Main Street. Beth prepares for the memorial as Alan-Michael reveals how desperate she is to help Lizzie and get her out of Alan's grip.

At Cedars with Rick, Beth explains her and Lizzie's plans to leave Alan after the memorial service. He wants her to never look back. Beth thinks it'll be hard to be alone on their own at first. Rick tells her that they won't be alone. Beth asks him not to make promises that he can't keep. He tells her that he's not. Beth's eyes fly up in surprise.

As Alan enjoys a cigar on the patio watching, some deliverymen unpack his tall memorial gifts. His son continues to narrate. He explains that Alan grieves hard for little Sarah. Despite the fact that three people are dead, Alan-Michael believes that Alan will come out of this mess without a scratch. Alan always finds away to save his own skin. He must play it carefully now because his freedom means nothing if he winds up alone.

Alan declines a phone call from Doris Wolfe even after Jeremy insists it's the DA. This memorial service is the most important thing to him. As a memorial gifts are uncrated, he frets to the packers that he wants no more accidents. Alan-Michael arrives and helps Alan reposition the two blanketed statues on the back deck. He wants to know if Alan's freedom is only temporary. Alan recants his practical confession to his son the other day. The driver of the car has been extradited to Australia and can no longer spread lies about him. Alan-Michael is suspicious of Alan and Doris Wolfe. Doris realizes that she has no case, Alan says. His son wonders what she expects in return for her realization. Alan feels that Wolfe only expects his gratitude; Alan-Michael scoffs. She lives in a different world than they do. A poor one, Alan-Michael assumes his father means. Alan admits she craves the finer things in life. Like, the opera that she has recently been exposed to curtsey of Alan, his son says.

In his head, Alan-Michael links the pieces together. Alan controls the legal system, but he still hasn't conquered his family. Lillian sorts through a drawer and tosses Roxie a play bone as Alan-Michael thinks of how Lillian stands up to Alan. Beth can learn a thing from her, he decides as Beth enters the room and greets her mother.

Distraught Beth explains to Lillian that the memorial is just what Lizzie needs. Lillian wonders how Beth feels about having to endure it by Alan's side. The day isn't about him, Beth tells her, mindlessly searching her purse. Lillian thinks someone should tell Alan that. Just then he enters the dining room from the terrace and asks his mother-in-law for a word alone with Beth. Lillian takes Roxie to find Lizzie. Alan-Michael narrates that Beth and Alan together still shocks him, but the biggest surprise is that they actually care about each other.

Alone together, Alan compliments Beth on her beauty. He knows she is determined to leave, but he doesn't want that. Beth has made up her mind. After the service, Alan wants to make a fresh start. He doesn't want to lose her. She's already gone, she tells him. Not as long as she is there with that ring on her finger, he replies and Beth snatches her hand away. Beth winds her neck insolently as Alan explains that today is about family unity. The family needs major healing. He wants to show her something. Reluctantly she follows him to the patio.

On the patio, the two covered statues loom like ghosts. He removes the covering of one. It appears to be a bronzed egg on a pedestal. The egg is engraved with Sarah's name. Beth finds it a beautiful gesture. There's more, he tells her, removing the cover from the other. It's another egg on a pedestal—this one named Beloved. Beth chokes up when he says it's for the baby they lost. He says that no matter what happens, he wants her to know that he will never forget and he thinks she won't either. Beth sobs.

Alan-Michael is taken aback when he spies Alan holding Beth on the patio. He's not surprised though. Beth wasn't expecting Alan to use such a loving weapon to reel her back in. Alan and Beth admire the statues. She thinks it's a wonderful way to remember the children. He tells her that he's glad she likes them because they will be there forever. He caresses her cheek, saying that they are part of their family. Beth seems swayed a little, but she sees Alan-Michael at the threshold watching. He comes out and she explains the surprise. Alan-Michael gasps to learn the other statue is for the child Beth and Alan lost. Lillian and Lizzie (carrying yellow roses) come out on the patio.

The statues are a little taller than Lizzie. Painfully she touches Sarah's egg and nods. She likes having them here and not at a cemetery. Now they will be close. Sad, everyone agrees. With everyone there (no James), Alan leads the ceremony. He explains that he knows everyone has their issues, and those issues may run deep, but he admits that he needs them all, more than he's ever needed them. He looks at Beth, hoping they feel the same. She stares down as Lillian comes forward. She doesn't have a reading as Alan requested, but she wants to tell a story.

On a snowy thanksgiving evening, a baby was born to a scared mother. She feared she wasn't enough or ready. Maybe she wasn't, but she loved her baby with all her heart. Lizzie openingly cries as Lillian says that, when the baby was put into her arms, she loved her mother with all her heart. Lizzie sobs and Lillian caresses her shoulder, explaining that nothing will ever take that away. Lizzie lays her roses on the memorial. Tears streaming down her face, she tells the memorial that she'll never stop loving her. She'll never be the same.

Alan reaches for Lizzie, but she pulls back. He says that Lizzie hasn't spoken to him in days. She won't look at him. He knows that she is leaving with her mother today. He apologizes to her for everything that has happened that led up to this day. Lizzie wonders if he really expects her to believe that. He isn't asking for forgiveness. He doesn't deserve it, but he's affected by this new hollowness within her. He wants to fill it again with joy.

Lizzie and Beth ask him to just stop it. Beth tells him he can't bring Sarah back. Everyone's eyes are down as Alan continues. He knows he can't bring her back, but he wants to get the family back together, return to something normal. He can protect her if she allows him to. He knows he's been bad, horrible, but he begs her for one more chance to do something right for her. Lizzie breaks into angry sobs. "It hurts so much! It just hurts so much!" Alan comforts her as she comes into his arms. Beth clutches herself as she watches. Breaking into tears, she puts her arms around Alan and Lizzie. The two cry together in Alan's arms.

Alan-Michael narrates. He has to hand it to Alan. The speech even got to him. Alan can be amazing that way. Once the heartless man allows his vulnerabilities to show, he seems hard to resist.

In the dining room after the service, Beth gets her coat, and Hilda notifies her that the bags are out front. Alan decides to talk to Beth more, but his phone rings. It's Doris Wolfe, demanding he make time to talk to her. He puts Doris on hold and begs Beth to stay and talk more. She agrees to wait on the patio. Back on the phone, he explains it's a bad time because of the memorial service. She insists that they need to talk. He placates Doris with saying he's thought of ways to repay her. He has been deciding how to boost her career. Doris doesn't sound thrilled. He agrees to meet her on Main Street in thirty minutes.

On the deck, he's glad Beth stayed. It doesn't mean anything, she replies. Leaving is best for Lizzie. Alan appreciates that she stayed long enough for him to apologize to her for all he's done. Beth doesn't think he knows what that word means. Alan wishes he could go back and fix so many things. He admits he took her for granted. When he needed her, he used her; when he didn't, he ignored her. All in the name of family, Beth adds. They almost had a family, Alan states. When they lost their "beloved," they lost themselves. Alan's problem, he feels, is that he couldn't let go of what they almost had. Beth understands that; she understands that ignited his obsession with Sarah. Because he thought she was his last chance, Alan explains. He thought she'd fix everything, but really, what he needed was someone that he already had. Beth sighs. Does he really think they stand a chance after all that has happened, she wonders. He does, but if Beth and Lizzie want to go, he won't stop them. He doesn't want Beth to stay unless she wants to. Beth incredulously asks him if he'll just step aside. He says yes. He loves her too much not to give her what she wants. He asks her if she wants the car brought around. Beth falls into his arms and sobs.

He did it again, Alan-Michael narrates. As Alan strolls down Main Street with a huge smile, Alan-Michael says that he always finds a way to come out on top. He and Beth hugged and kissed on the patio like newly weds. He plans to meet Beth and the family later to celebrate their new beginning. Alan practically skipped his way to Main Street. Now there's just one more thing to take care of, he narrates, as Alan's attention focuses on Doris Wolfe waiting by the tables.

As for Beth, he says, as Beth slowly takes the cordless phone from Jeremy, the Spauldings are all she's ever known. Alan-Michael says that she does have one other option. Beth puts the phone to her ear. Rick is on the other end. Beth tries to explain her choices to Rick, but it doesn't seem to go well, Alan-Michael narrates as Rick looks angrily at his cell phone. Beth closes her eyes, holding her phone to her ear.

Charming Alan takes Doris over to the CO2 bar stools. Doris notes Alan's good mood. He apologizes for being late. Chuckling, he says that his life is pretty good. There must be something about redemption after all. It's a beautiful day, he's a free man, and he just may have saved his marriage. Doris takes except to that, recalling that Beth was supposed to be out the door. She was, Alan agrees, but he gives Doris credit for helping turn that around by giving him future. Doris has come up with the perfect gesture to repay her. Doris asks him to lean over and she whispers into his ear.

The Raines/Spaulding ladies stroll up the left side of Main Street. Beth says that Alan-Michael agreed to meet them by the newsstand. Meanwhile, Alan rears his head back in shock. "Doris, you can't ask me to do that," he says. He pleads for another way to work this out. While there are other ways, this one is her favorite. She says she is ready and advises him to be believable. Alan does not want to do whatever it is that she has asked. Doris expresses her disappointment. With her hand on her cell to call the police, she decides she'll give him one more chance. Just then, Alan-Michael joins the ladies. They spot Alan at the same time he spots them. "Do it now and make it good," Doris orders, holding out her hand.

The Spauldings approach the two as Alan gets down on his knees before Doris. He takes her hands and tells her, "Doris, you are an amazing woman. I haven't met a woman quite as exciting as you are. Will you marry me?" Beth looks on blankly shocked. Lillian looks perplexed, but tickled. Lizzie gasps, and even Alan-Michael's mouth drops. Beth demands to know what the hell is going on here.

Alan smiles, still holding Doris's hand. He greets his family as if this is perfectly normal. Alan-Michael wonders if it's a joke. Alan disagrees. Beth audaciously recounts how he just asked the DA to marry him. Alan says the first step, if he wants to get married, is to ask for her hand. Doris adds that the second step is her answer. She agrees to marry Alan.

Lizzie pronounces the scene insane. Lillian asks if she should call Ravenwood. Beth corrects them the newly engaged couple. The first step, she retorts, is for him to get a divorce from her. In case he's forgotten, she's still his wife. With a cocky smile, Alan holds Doris in his arms, saying that they can take care of that. Beth says it doesn't make any sense. But it's no accident, Alan-Michael is certain.

Alan says it's simple. He's in love. He and Doris have become very close in the last months. Now he doesn't have to hide his feelings any more. Suddenly, a telling expression comes over Beth. She takes Alan from Doris with her terse, "Excuse us," and drags him from the group. She accuses him of striking a deal with Doris over Tammy's death. Alan calls her idea ridiculous. What's ridiculous, Beth flails her arms, is that he expects her to believe this is real. She believed him today. His talk of a fresh start was from the heart. Doris is blackmailing him. He glances at Doris who gives him a miserable glare. He tells Beth that she has it all wrong. Beth thinks he's lying. They are a team, she reminds him, holding up their wedding rings together. She asks for the truth. He says that he told her all those wonderful things because he knew she was about to leave. He refused to be left in that manner. He says he drew her back in so he could leave her first.

Doris approaches. She knows this is a shock. She'll give them a moment while she makes calls and spreads the good news. Beth incredulously watches her prance off. Alan tells Beth that he has been waiting for this the moment since she humiliated him with Rick. He swore revenge, to make Beth suffer the way he did.

Lizzie berates his meanness; he told Beth that he needed her. Alan retorts that Beth has made his life a living hell. They both have! He wants them both out of his house. Technically, Alan-Michael pipes up, it's his house. No matter, Alan refuses to live under the same roof with these two drama queens! Lizzie gasps as Doris strolls back up with a bottle of champagne. She thinks they should celebrate.

"The hell you will!" Beth wrenches the bottle from her hand. Alan advises Beth to find herself a divorce lawyer. Beth doesn't think so. She advises everyone to listen up. She tells them that the house—which he can't stand to be in with her and Lizzie—that's exactly where they belong. That's exactly where they will be. Alan is dismayed as Beth shakes up the bottle of champagne, vowing that she will not be pushed aside for some social-climbing shark in a cheap suit. Doris plans to be dressing a lot once she's a Spaulding, she says. Beth vigorously shakes the bottle, asking Doris if she gets all her men with blackmail. She releases the bottle yelling, "Enjoy it!"

The champagne sprays all over Doris and Alan. Once it fizzles, she dumps the remains on a devastated Doris's head. The Spaulding ladies leave. Grinning, Alan-Michael remains. In his mind, he says, "I'll bet your weren't listening."

Beth waits for Rick at the hospital. She tries to get his support, but he doesn't want to hear anything about Alan. Beth made her choice. He walks away, leaving her in the hallway. Frustrated, she knocks everything off a nearby table.

Back on Main Street, Doris has changed clothes and now is wrapped in a fur coat and holding onto Alan's arm. He sits with her, unable to comprehend how cruel he just was to his wife. Petting his shoulder, Doris believes she didn't leave him much choice. For what it's worth, she found his reproach of Beth brilliant. Using her affair like that would put most trial lawyers to shame. She loves to watch Alan work. Alan is unhappy about what he's done. Doris believes Beth deserves it. No, he says. He tells Doris he would have given her anything she wanted. Hugging him, she says she's gotten everything she wants. He reeks of power. She wants to be by his side. She kisses passionless Alan.

Back at the bar where Alan-Michael's commentary on the day began, he sits thinking of how Beth was right when she accused Alan of cutting a deal. Angry Beth strides into the bar and removes her coat and gloves. Alan-Michael notices her, thinking how Alan is always going to do what's best for Alan. She tips her poured shot glass to Alan-Michael and he tips his glass, thinking that Beth's got some game of her own. He doesn't expect her to roll over like she usually does. That makes her even sexier. Staring at her scheming face, he decides, "Yeah, this could get interesting..."

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Josh went to the police station – Cassie had been brought in for being parked outside the Spaulding home. Tammy's ghost tells her to stop. Josh sees Cassie smiling at nothing (Tammy) and is concerned. Cassie goes off on Marina – that Tammy is in the ground and Alan is free – and the police aren't doing anything to make Alan pay for his deeds. Josh promises to "get" Alan. Cassie tells Josh she wants Alan dead. Josh takes Cassie to the Beacon – to see a therapist, Felicia. Tammy's ghost appears behind Felicia; Cassie smiles and agrees to stay to talk. Cassie tells the therapist about her dreams and how she's stalking and fantasizing about hurting Alan. Felicia assures Cassie she's not like Alan – that she's a gentle and loving soul, just like Tammy. Cassie confided in Felicia that she sometimes sees Tammy. Cassie is full of guilt – for all the things she feels she didn't do or give Tammy. Felicia tells Cassie Tammy wants her to let her go now. Cassie donates a box of Tammy's things to a clothes drive at the hospital. Josh sees her do that and tells her how brave it was and how proud of her he is – she tells him it was because of Felicia.

Coop rehearses his testimony for Harley for Sydney's custody. Ava listens and gives him encouragement. They remember their night together. Meanwhile, Harley and Gus are getting ready for their court appearance. Daisy is caught by Gus ready to pop some pills. She claims they're for a headache. He takes them away from her. Gus assures her she'll be fine without the pills. He lets her know this whole event will be Daisy's way of getting closer to Harley. At the courthouse, Jeffrey prepares them all. Daisy is nervous, but Gus assures her she will do fine and is going to be a fantastic sister. Jeffrey does his job talking positively about Gus and Harley's family. One by one, they all fight for Gus and Harley. Daisy is asked to speak. Harley has to explain why she gave Daisy up for adoption – just like Sydney's parents walked out on her. Buzz jumps to Harley's defense. Daisy defends Harley and lets the judge know Harley loves her and will do the same for Sydney. The lawyer for Sydney's father, Mr. Donovan, asks Daisy if she knows Gillespie. Donovan then produces a picture of Gillespie and Daisy – together. Harley is stunned. Donovan gives the judge sworn statements about Daisy and Gillespie's relationship – her boyfriend.

Alan-Michael is spending time doing damage control due, once again, to Alan's misdeeds. Jeffrey comes in and teases Alan-Michael about Doris being his stepmother. Jeffrey reminds Alan-Michael that Gus is a Spaulding and doesn't need to be associated with the "toxic" Spaulding name. Jeffrey also reminds Alan-Michael he's already violated the terms of Ava's contract. Jeffrey wants Alan-Michael to release Ava from the Spaulding grip. Alan-Michael tells Jeffrey he can't make up for a lifetime by pushing him away from Ava – that he (Jeffrey) is worse for Ava than he (Alan-Michael) is. Alan-Michael asks Ava not to call a press conference. He tells Ava he's not ready – he needs a contingency plan to spin Alan's arrest, marriage. Just as a reporter walks up to Ava and Alan-Michael – Ava tells his she wants to see him twisting in the wind. The reporter wants to know if the $10 million donation to is just his way of distracting people from all the bad press the Spaulding family has been getting. Ava pipes in telling Alan-Michael she knew he wanted to keep it anonymous, but she thought everyone needed to know what Spaulding Enterprises really stands for. Ava does a great job making Alan-Michael and Spaulding look good. Ava places a hardhat on Alan-Michael and the two of them proceed to work on a playground – all on tape for the public to see. Alan-Michael expresses his gratitude to Ava for bailing her out. She tells him that was business – that they have to keep this professional. She tells Alan-Michael she spent the night with Coop – and if they couldn't keep it professional she would have to give up her position.

Josh meets with Billy, but cannot keep his mind on business. He confides in Billy that he's struggling – not sure how to help Cassie – not sure Felecia is enough help. Billy and Josh joke about the Alan-Doris situation. Josh goes back to wondering if he's doing enough to help Cassie. Josh tells Billy Cassie has been stalking Alan.

Friday, February 9, 2007


Daisy is being cross examined by Donavan regarding the photo of her with Gillespie. The lawyer keeps badgering Daisy if she knows Gillespie. Daisy tries to deny it but the lawyer brings up even more witnesses who have seen them together. Daisy asks for a break. The judge refuses to grant it. When Harley gets up and tells Daisy to tell the truth, Daisy shocks her by admitting that she loved him. She then starts defending Gillespie and lets slip that she was in the car the night Tammy died. Donavan then reads a statement from a witness staring that Daisy has taken Ecstasy and asks her whether she was sober that night and was she the one who was driving the car. Daisy denies it but Donovan points out that she lied about knowing Gillespie, maybe she lied about everything else too. Suddenly Gus gets up and states that he has proof that Daisy was not driving the car. He admits that he was the first officer on the scene and he pulled a barley conscious Daisy out of the back seat. Gus confesses that he left Daisy's involvement out of the official record because he was concerned about her and was trying to protect her. The judge grants a recess and Harley tries to rush out to talk to Daisy. Gus tells her to talk to him first; that makes Harley angry since she is not going to go any easier on him. Gus tries to explain that he was just trying to protect her daughter. Harley wonders what kind of stuff Daisy was on. Gus does not know but he doubts it was anything heavy like meth. When court reconvenes, Jeffrey asks that Daisy's entire testimony be stricken from the record since her situation has nothing to do with how Harley and Gus will raise Sydney. The judge disagrees-he is concerned that Daisy's problems stem from Harley's part-time parenting. With that statement, Harley is convinced that they have lost Sydney.

Beth is standing outside the mansion. Alan tries to persuade her to come inside but she refuses since she is upset. Alan tries to explain that he does still care for her but their marriage is over-that is why she turned to Rick in the first place. Alan states that he hopes their divorce can be as painless as possible. Beth replies that she intends to give him a fight. Beth then confronts Doris and they spar over Alan. Beth warns Doris that she will not go quietly. Doris dares Beth to do something to stop her; she will make sure Beth and Lizzie wind up with nothing. Doris then shows Beth divorce papers she has drawn up. She announces that she wants Beth, Lizzie and Lillian out of the mansion. Beth threatens to draw out the divorce for years and refuses to leave.

Josh sees Cassie outside the theater on Main Street. They are showing a "chick flick" and he offers to be a substitute for Tammy and go with her. Cassie insists that he see Reva instead since Reva needs some support also. When Josh asks her to come, Cassie declines and states that she wants to see a movie alone. Instead, Cassie visits Alan who is outside his mansion. A nervous Alan tells Cassie to leave but she refuses. When asked why she is there, she quietly admits that sometimes she comes and watches him. Again, Alan tells her to leave and she refuses. Alan threatens to call the police if she does not stop stalking him but Cassie shoots back with how Alan thinks he is immune to everything and ignore everything. At this point, Beth and Doris come out. Doris threatens to call the police but Beth defends Cassie and convinces her to leave on her own. Before leaving, Cassie warns Alan that he will be seeing her again, and again, and again.

Alan enters the house to find Ashlee poking around. Ashlee starts talking about how she is going to decorate her new room and mentions that Alan will be the first dad she ever had. (she was the product of a sperm donation) Soon Doris tells Alan they need to go downtown. Downtown, Doris gives a press conference where she announces that Gillespie confessed to running down Tammy when he was stoned on drugs. She also states that Alan has been exonerated of any wrong doing Tammy's death. Alan then announces that he will be setting up a scholarship at the University in Tammy's name. At the same time, Lizzie learns form Beth that Doris is throwing them out. Lizzie offers to use her trust fund money to fight Doris.

Josh visits Reva at Outskirts. Josh asks how she is doing and tries to tell him she is okay. A concerned Josh points out that she does not have to be okay. The pair talk about Tammy and Jonathan. Reva insists that Josh should be with Cassie since Cassie needs him more than she does. Josh is a little confused by that since their situations are identical but Reva merely states that they aren't. Reva then talks about how much she misses Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah and how she wishes she could have stopped it. Later, Reva goes to the courthouse and finds a depressed Daisy. Daisy admits that she messed things up and now Harley probably won't get the baby. When Reva points out that messing up must be a Shayne family trait, Daisy asks her grandmother to help her fix things. Reva assures Daisy that her mother will forgive her.

Josh goes home and Cassie visits him. Josh and Cassie have both heard Doris's press conference but Cassie refuses to talk about it. When he asks about the movie, she states that she did not see it and lies that she ran some errands. Josh takes her coat and when he finds a newspaper clipping in her pocket he asks if she saw Alan. Cassie is forced to admit it. Josh asks why and Cassie states that she needs to see his face; she is concerned that he is not suffering enough. Josh tries to tell Cassie that she needs to let go of her anger toward Alan. Cassie goes out for air and suddenly has a vision of a bruised and bloody Tammy. Tammy urges Cassie to stop Alan from ever hurting anyone else ever again.

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