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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, May 17, 2010

At the hospital, Jake called Amanda for the fourth time, but the call went to voicemail. At home, Amanda was concerned because Trevor had a high fever. Krystal insisted that they take the baby to the hospital. Krystal and Amanda arrived at the hospital with Trevor a short time later. Amanda was distraught as she explained to Jake and Dr. Hogart that Trevor had spiked a fever.

Dr. Hogart and Jake took Trevor to an examination bay while Krystal stayed with Amanda. Krystal revealed that Dr. Hogart was Jenny's pediatrician, so she assured Amanda that Trevor was in good hands. Amanda was certain that she was to blame for Trevor's illness. Jake and Dr. Hogart returned to let Amanda know that Trevor had a double ear infection. Dr. Hogart assured Amanda that it wasn't her fault. After Krystal and Dr. Hogart left, Jake reiterated that Amanda wasn't responsible for Trevor's infection, but she didn't appear to believe him.

Amanda hesitated when Jake suggested that they check on Trevor. She fished a stuffed animal out of her bag and then handed it to Jake with a request that he tuck the toy in with Trevor. Jake realized that he hadn't eased Amanda's fears. He tried to persuade her to go with him to see Trevor, but Amanda claimed that she wanted to check on Janet. She promised that she would catch up with Jake and Trevor afterwards.

Amanda entered her mother's hospital room a short time later. Janet remained in a coma while Amanda told her mother about Trevor's illness. Amanda worried that she would follow in her mother's footsteps and be unable to properly take care of Trevor. She spoke about her fears until Jake entered the room. Jake had been concerned because Amanda had been gone for a long time. Jake quickly realized that Amanda was upset about turning out like her mother.

Amanda didn't deny it; she explained that she had frozen when she had realized that Trevor was sick. Jake suspected that Janet had planted the fear in Amanda's mind. He demanded to know what Janet had said. Amanda reluctantly revealed that Janet had claimed that Amanda was just like her. Jake insisted that it wasn't true, but Amanda didn't believe him. She begged Jake to promise to protect Trevor from her if she ever started behaving like her mother.

Jake tried to comfort his wife, but Amanda remained troubled. Jake insisted that Janet had been desperate when she had said those things to Amanda. He wondered why Amanda hadn't mentioned anything sooner. Amanda explained that she had been in denial, but Jake argued that Amanda had clearly taken Janet's words to heart. He believed that Amanda had allowed an irrational fear to take root based on the ramblings of a very ill woman.

Jake admitted that he knew someone who could help Amanda. Amanda wasn't interested in seeing a therapist. He grabbed her hand and then led away as he assured her that he hadn't been thinking along those lines. Jake and Amanda arrived at Trevor's hospital room a few minutes later. Jake picked up their son and then offered Trevor to Amanda. Amanda was reluctant to take Trevor from Jake, but Jake refused to give up until Amanda relented. Amanda held Trevor in her arms and then kissed the top of her son's head while she told him how much she loved him.

A very drunk Marissa ranted about JR's infidelity as she stumbled around BJ's. JR eventually managed to get Marissa to leave with him. They arrived at the mansion a short time later, where JR offered to take care of Marissa. Marissa laughed; she didn't think that JR had any idea how to take care of anyone. She reminded JR of everything that she had done for him. JR realized that he would never be able to make things right, but he intended to try.

JR led Marissa to the bedroom, so that she could get some rest. Marissa didn't want to sleep in the bed because she feared that JR might have entertained Annie in it. JR gave his word that he hadn't slept with Annie in the bed, but Marissa didn't trust him. JR assured Marissa that his only intention was to make Marissa feel better, so he wanted her to get some rest. Marissa warned JR that karma would ensure that all of his bad deeds returned to him in spades.

JR didn't disagree; he fully expected Dr. Jones to call him with bad news. Marissa clarified that she hadn't meant it like that. She wanted JR to suffer from "wicked heartache" for years, but she didn't want him to die. JR confessed that he wished he could get back the life that he had shared with her. He didn't want her staying with him out of pity, but he was desperate to have a chance to make their marriage work. He wondered if Marissa would be willing to try. Marissa was unable to answer him because she had fallen asleep.

JR gently covered Marissa with a blanket and then quietly left the room. After JR entered the parlor, Krystal arrived at the mansion looking for Marissa. The bartender from BJ's had told Krystal about Marissa's attempt to save JR from consuming a drink. JR assured Krystal that Marissa was resting comfortably; he promised to take care of his wife. Krystal questioned if his temptation to drink had been an elaborate ploy to play the hero, in order to suck Marissa back in.

JR assured Krystal that he loved Marissa and that he would spend the rest of his life proving it, if Marissa gave him the opportunity. After Krystal left, AJ raced into the parlor. AJ was excited because he had seen "Mommy Marissa" asleep in the bedroom. AJ was hopeful that it meant that Marissa had moved back. JR explained that Marissa needed someone to take care of her, but her stay would only be temporary.

JR returned to the bedroom to check on Marissa, who continued to sleep. The phone rang moments later. It was Dr. Jones with the test results. JR was relieved to hear that everything had checked out fine and that the cancer had not returned. After JR ended the call, he turned off the light and then left the room. Marissa slowly opened her eyes as a tear slid down her cheek.

At Wildwind, David cringed when he realized that Greenlee had overheard his argument with Ryan. Greenlee asked to speak to David privately, so Ryan and Madison left. As Ryan passed Greenlee, she let Ryan know that the pregnancy test had been negative. "Thank God," Ryan responded. Once Greenlee and David were alone, Greenlee demanded to know why David had tried to get Madison to seduce Ryan. David admitted that he had hoped to get Ryan out of Greenlee's life once and for all.

Greenlee insisted that there wasn't anything going on between her and Ryan. David argued that Greenlee had just flown to Rio with Ryan and that she had confided to Ryan that she might be pregnant. Greenlee clarified that she had invited David to join her on the trip and that she had only told Ryan because he happened to be there when she had realized that she might be pregnant. She promised that she had not sought out Ryan.

David resented that Ryan seemed to be a constant presence in Greenlee's life. He pointed out that Ryan hadn't even dated anyone since Greenlee had returned to Pine Valley. "He's a freak," David insisted. David didn't want to lose Greenlee, but she suggested that he might have already lost her. Greenlee refused to stay with someone who didn't trust her.

David clarified that he didn't trust Ryan. Greenlee reminded David that Ryan had made it clear that it was over between them. She conceded that she had a powerful bond with Ryan, but she insisted that it was often painful and exhausting for her. Greenlee didn't want that anymore. She was eager to find contentment and peace with someone who trusted her completely.

Greenlee believed that kind of love lasted and that David wanted the same thing. He smiled in response. Greenlee made it clear that David was not to pull another stunt like the one with Madison. She didn't want David to resort to drugging, lying, or kidnapping, as he had done in the past in the name of love. She expected David to trust and respect her as well as be honest with her. She refused to accept any paranoid excuses from him. Greenlee vowed to leave him if he broke his word to her.

David didn't know how she could trust him. Greenlee understood that David was afraid of losing her. She assured him that it wouldn't happen as long as he kept his promise. David gave his solemn vow not to hurt her ever again. David smiled as Greenlee hugged him.

Outside of Wildwind, Madison assured Ryan that David wouldn't hurt Greenlee. She was certain that Greenlee wouldn't put up with it. Ryan hoped that Madison was right. Madison confessed that she hadn't realized how much Ryan had cared about Greenlee until she had seen the look of relief on Ryan's face when Greenlee had told him that she wasn't pregnant. Ryan explained that he didn't want to see Greenlee suffer another miscarriage.

Madison thanked Ryan for defending her to David, even if she hadn't deserved it. Ryan didn't understand why Madison felt unworthy. Madison reminded Ryan that she had killed Henry. Ryan argued that it was possible for a person to turn their life around; he was proof of that.

At the casino, Ryan reported a conman who had swindled some female guests. Ryan promised to supply Jesse with surveillance footage to back up the claim. Ryan then switched gears to let Jesse know that David had been causing trouble for Madison. Jesse tried to gauge what Ryan knew about Madison's past, but Ryan was careful not to betray Madison's confidence. However, Ryan reminded Jesse that David loved to hold things over people's heads.

Jesse went to Fusion to talk to Madison, but Randi informed him that Madison hadn't arrived for work. Jesse warned Randi that David might know about the circumstances of Henry's death. Jesse realized that Randi wasn't surprised by the news. He demanded to know what Randi was hiding. Randi confessed that it was her fault that David had been able to blackmail Madison because he had overheard Randi and Madison arguing.

Randi assured Jesse that Madison had promised that she wouldn't take the Hubbards down with her. Jesse pointed out that Madison had killed Henry, so he didn't think that a pinky swear was high on Madison's priority list. Jesse wondered what David knew, but Randi was unsure how much of the conversation David had overheard. She had been reluctant to tell the family because she didn't want them to know that she had messed up. Jesse had put his career and marriage on the line, so he had to find out what David had uncovered.

Jesse went to Wildwind to talk to David. Jesse entered David's home uninvited, which prompted David to demand to know if Jesse had a search warrant. Jesse informed David that he had heard that David had pressured Madison to seduce Ryan. Jesse tried to fish for information about what David had been blackmailing Madison with, but David was onto him. David suggested that Jesse relax because David had stopped digging for information before he had found the connection between Randi and Madison's past.

David claimed that he had been too busy dealing with the problems at the hospital, which he tried to blame on Angie. David advised Jesse that the next time Jesse barged into Wildwind, he should consider that Angie's future was in David's hands. "We'll see about that," Jesse responded as he walked out.

After Jesse left, David looked at a picture of Greenlee. He imagined her walking up and then hugging him. In his fantasy, Greenlee thanked David for being her husband. He had proven to her, beyond a doubt, that he loved her.

When Madison arrived at Fusion, she let Randi know that David was no longer a threat to the Hubbards. Randi apologized for always throwing Henry's death in Madison's face. Randi realized that David wouldn't have been able to blackmail Madison if it hadn't been for Randi. Madison didn't want Randi to worry about it because none of it mattered anymore. Greenlee entered the office moments later.

After Randi excused herself, Greenlee took the opportunity to let Madison know that she was sorry for what David had done. Greenlee promised that David would no longer be a problem. However, Greenlee was curious what David had used as leverage to get Madison to agree to seduce Ryan. Madison claimed that David had taken credit for paying some of her debt, which had made Madison feel beholden to David. Madison then revealed that her dire financial straits had led her to lie to Greenlee about quitting the job at Ryan's casino.

Greenlee surprised Madison by agreeing to work out a schedule with Ryan, so that Madison would be able to keep both jobs. Madison expressed her gratitude by hugging Greenlee. Later, Madison went to the casino to let Ryan know that she had told Greenlee the truth about her job at the casino. Madison also wanted to thank Ryan again for standing up for her. She admitted that it was nice to know that someone cared.

Greenlee entered the casino in time to see Madison hug Ryan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At the Martin house, Damon was touched when he saw that Tad, Colby, and the Martins were setting up a welcome back party for Stuart. Tad gave Damon a video camera and a tiny Phillies shirt for Stuart. Damon went to call Bailey, but when he returned, he worried because Bailey hadn't answered her phone. Tad tried to get Damon to relax, but then Liza arrived to break the bad news that Bailey wasn't on her way to Pine Valley. At the last minute, Bailey had decided to call off her trip to Europe, because she just couldn't bear to part with her son.

Damon stormed out of the house, and Colby accused Liza of scaring Bailey. Liza said that she was just the messenger, but ignoring Liza, Colby strode out, too. Liza told Tad that she was innocent, and he said that he believed her. They discussed Liza's fear that Damon would hurt Colby as Tad had hurt Liza, and Tad said that he couldn't blame Liza for feeling that way.

Tad apologized for hurting Liza in the past. Liza smiled and said that they'd had fun. They recalled the good times in their relationship, and Liza admitted that she missed him. He said that he missed her, too. Tad stated that he'd always care for her; however, his life was too crazy to take on anything else. Liza asked what the problem really was.

Just then, Krystal strode in, but quickly made herself scarce. Liza guessed that she had her answer. Though Tad tried to stop her, Liza left the house. Outside, she wiped away tears.

Colby took Damon to the mansion, where he wondered why everyone always ditched him. Colby reasoned that the problem was Bailey and Bailey's parents, because Colby and Tad were always there for Damon. Damon didn't want to be Colby's obligation, but she said that he was a dear friend, who understood how crazy her family was. They both felt that they could breathe only when they were together.

Damon grabbed a stuffed bear, and Colby explained that her mother had bought it for her. Once, Colby and Liza had passed a store that had "Safe Haven" written on it, and Liza had told Colby to go there if she ever got lost. Colby decided that Damon had become her safe haven. Damon kissed her, and she asked him to make love to her.

In the mansion parlor, Annie pranced in, wearing an apron over her negligee. She told Scott that since he'd taken care of her needs, she'd take care of his. Annie carried a tray of food in from the terrace and then showed him a box of old things that she'd found in the pantry. Scott looked in the box and grinned. "The secret weapon," he said.

Scott pulled a black hat out of the box. Inside its lining was printed, "One of the Good Guys." He explained that before his mother had died, she'd told him to be a good boy for Stuart. Scott had felt tremendous pressure to be perfect, so that he wouldn't disappoint his mother. Stuart had explained to Scott that Scott's mother had never wanted him to be perfect, just good. Stuart had given Scott the hat to wear whenever Scott felt that he'd been less than Scott's idea of perfect. Annie prodded Scott to wear it, but he said it no longer fit him.

As Scott ate, he and Annie discussed how wonderful Stuart had been. "Just like you," she stated. Scott asserted that he was nothing like his father, and Scott didn't consider himself a good guy, either. Annie said that Stuart would be proud of how Scott had stepped up for the company and the family. Scott felt that he hadn't helped the train wreck of a family, and he experienced enormous pressure at work, where his choices could cost him the company, or his soul.

Scott decided that Annie shouldn't listen to him, because he was exhausted from pulling an all-nighter. He thanked her for the breakfast and for listening, and she kissed his cheek. His brows perked, but she said that it was just a friendly kiss. Advising him to get some rest, she threw on her robe and slipped out through the terrace.

Later, Scott called a lawyer named George to thank him for the documents. "However, I just have one question," Scott said, glancing at a folder with Palmer's name on it.

Upstairs, JR handed Marissa a glass of hangover cure juice. Marissa refused "that sludge," and she grew upset with herself for being anywhere near JR after what he'd done with Annie. JR and Marissa discussed the good news that he'd gotten from the doctor, and he hoped that he could have a second chance with Marissa. AJ scampered in, hopped onto the bed, and told Marissa not to ever leave them again.

The three went downstairs, and AJ and JR strode off to the kitchen. Marissa answered the door to find Krystal there. Marissa and Krystal discussed how Marissa had wound up spending the night at the mansion, and Marissa said that she'd taken the shot to dull her painful emotions. It hadn't worked, because she just couldn't stop loving JR. Krystal said that Marissa had to figure out if she loved him enough to forgive him. Krystal had a feeling that Marissa might be willing to give JR another chance.

JR entered the foyer, and Krystal left. Marissa timidly said that she wanted to try to forgive JR. Though she couldn't make any guarantees, she agreed to move back into the mansion for AJ's sake. She requested a separate bedroom, and she asserted that JR had serious work ahead of him, if he intended to prove that he and the marriage were worth it.

JR swore to do whatever it took, and AJ arrived with a flower and cookie for Marissa. "Now will you stay?" AJ asked. She said that she would, but not because of the gifts. She'd do it because she loved AJ. She and the boy hugged.

Marissa decided to take a Chandler car to the Martin house to pick up her things. She opened the front door to find Annie on the threshold. They each were shocked to see that the other had returned to the mansion. JR appeared and ordered Annie out before he called the police. Scott opened the parlor doors and saw everyone standing together. With a sly grin, Annie announced that they were all still one big, happy family.

At Wildwind, David startled Greenlee, who'd fallen asleep amid a mountain of paperwork. Greenlee got back to work and vowed that Erica wouldn't show her face in public once Greenlee had finished with her. David wanted to help take Erica down, and Greenlee revealed that she'd stolen the accounting books for the Miranda line. Greenlee intended to make it look as if Erica had been skimming from the nonprofit line, but she didn't know how to manipulate the numbers. With one look at the books, David said it was a slam-dunk.

David made the books look as if Erica had funneled Miranda line money into Fusion Glamour. Greenlee called him a genius. David wondered why he could scheme against Erica, even after Greenlee had warned him not to pull any more stunts. Greenlee said that it was different because they were working together. David concluded that it was okay to be devious as long as they were doing it as a team. She sat on his lap, and they got back to work.

Greenlee dreamed of the day that she'd crush Erica. Greenlee said that she'd have everything that she'd ever wanted: Fusion and David. The couple kissed. After working a while, David announced that Erica's books and her goose were cooked. He decided that they just needed an outside party to discover Erica's "improprieties." Greenlee said that she owed David everything, but he told her that he was her partner for life; she'd never owe him a thing.

In New York, Erica opened her hotel room door to find Jackson on the threshold. He didn't wish to fight with Erica or Greenlee. He wanted to focus on each woman, one at a time. Erica apologized for stealing Greenlee's envelope. He didn't want to discuss Fusion anymore, and he invited Erica on a carriage ride. Erica agreed to go-once he helped her with her clothes.

Erica modeled several dresses for the gala ball, and Jackson said that he'd find her stunning in a potato sack. They decided on a white strapless dress, and she left the room. Jackson received a phone call from Greenlee, who thanked him for getting Erica out of town. Jackson said that he hadn't been the reason that Erica had left town, and he wouldn't partake in any plan that Greenlee had concocted.

Jack hung up the phone on Greenlee, and when Erica returned, he claimed that a business associate had been on the line. Erica could tell that he was lying, and he covered by saying that he'd called the front desk to ensure that they'd have no interruptions. The two fell back on the bed and made love. As Erica slept afterward, Jack stroked her face.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tad pursued Liza to the Yacht Club, where he reiterated that he couldn't do a relationship while getting to know Damon. She quipped that Tad had no problem having a relationship with Krystal. With a chuckle, Tad replied that Krystal had nothing to do with it. He explained that he had to concentrate on Damon, who at the time was brooding about Bailey's decision. Liza replied that Colby blamed Liza for it, and they decided to visit their kids at the mansion.

In Colby's room, Colby and Damon made out on her bed; however, Damon decided that, even though he wanted her, he couldn't use her to drown out his problems. He talked about how he needed to grow up and prove to Bailey that he was responsible enough to have Stuart. Colby offered to help in any way that she could.

Just then, Liza and Tad barreled into the room to see their kids on the bed in disheveled clothing. Tad murmured that it wasn't good. "Like father, like son!" Liza yelled. Tad hauled Damon out, and Liza exploded on Colby. Colby screamed that nothing had happened, even though she'd wanted it to.

Liza claimed that she wanted to protect Colby, and there were plenty good guys out there. "Guys who are not Tad's son-guys who don't have ADHD-guys who don't have a kid!" Colby retorted. Liza readily agreed, but Colby, who'd seen Damon's goodness and his effort, refused to walk away from him.

Downstairs, Tad laughed when Damon said that he'd stopped things from going too far with Colby. Damon stated that he'd realized that he might have been doing it for the wrong reasons. Tad was proud that Damon had done the right thing.

Damon said that Tad was free to go; however, Tad wanted to discuss Damon's rights as Stuart's father. Damon wished that he could be there for Stuart, but he didn't know how to make it happen. Tad offered to get a lawyer to demand visitation, because Stuart deserved his father. Though Tad hadn't been there to raise Damon, Tad vowed to help Damon be there for Stuart.

Liza and Colby arrived in the parlor, and Damon announced that Tad would help him with Stuart's custody. Colby and Damon left for the Martin house, and Liza quipped that the kids would just have sex over there. Tad asked for Liza's legal help about Bailey, and Liza begrudgingly offered five minutes of her time.

Tad called Bailey to ask her to give Damon time with Stuart. At Bailey's request, Tad handed Liza the phone. Looking grim after listening to Bailey, Liza said she'd need proof. After the call, Liza warned that Tad would not like what she'd heard.

Tad and Liza went to Tad's house, where Damon was anxious to know if he could see Stuart. Tad seemed at a loss for words, but finally said, "Bailey claims that you're not Stuart's father." Damon stated that he'd been Bailey's first; Tad replied that he apparently hadn't been.

Tad figured that Bailey had used Stuart to snag Damon, but when it hadn't worked, she'd decided to tell the truth. Damon asserted that she was lying, and Tad offered to schedule a DNA test. Damon huffed that he couldn't do it, and he stormed out.

Colby found Damon outside, and he insisted that Stuart was his child. Colby was sorry, but toughing up, Damon decided that it was his independence day. With no kid or responsibilities, he could have fun again. Colby reminded him about his probation, but he said to "screw it." He prompted her to join him in having some fun.

In the park later, Liza caught up to Tad, who'd slipped out of the house. He considered the possibility that Bailey was lying, and he found it strange to hurt "so much" over something he'd never had to begin with. Hugging him, Liza uttered that he still had her. He asked what she'd said, and Liza just told him that everything would be okay. They hugged again.

In Janet's hospital room, Janet awakened, and Angie explained that Janet had suffered a minor stroke. Janet gasped that she needed Amanda. Frankie and Angie wrestled the phone from Janet, and Janet raged that they and Jake were trying to keep her from her daughter.

After sedating Janet, Angie congratulated Frankie on a successful surgery that he'd done earlier. Frankie couldn't imagine being in Amanda's shoes, because his mother had always been there for him. Angie expressed her pride in her son, and they hugged.

At home, Jake assured Amanda that he hadn't taken off work because he didn't trust her with Trevor. Jake answered the phone and heard Janet demanding to speak to Amanda. Jake ordered Janet not to call again, and when he hung up on her, he pretended that it had been a telemarketer. Another call rang in, and Jake refused to let Amanda answer it.

The phone rang yet again, and Amanda snatched it up to hear Janet begging to see her. Amanda said she'd be right there, and once off the phone, she berated Jake for hanging up the phone on her previously comatose mother. He claimed that he'd been trying to protect Amanda; however, she couldn't figure out if he were trying to protect her from her mother, or from becoming her mother. Amanda stormed out of the house to go to see Janet.

At the hospital later, Amanda was relieved when Frankie said that Janet would recover. She sat beside her sedated mother and expressed relief that Janet would be okay. Amanda said that she'd loved Janet even after realizing that other mothers didn't hallucinate or see things in the mirrors. "But when you killed Dad-I don't love you anymore," Amanda stated.

Jake listened outside the door as Amanda said that she had Jake and Trevor, so she didn't need Janet. Amanda recalled that nothing about her and Jake's life-starting with the marriage proposal-had been normal. Jake walked away, but Amanda continued to say that she'd do everything within her power to ensure that their life was at least normal.

Janet awakened, and Amanda said Janet's stroke had been scary. Janet knew that she'd done many things to scare Amanda, but lying unconscious wasn't one of them. Janet insisted that behind Jake's smiles was a liar who wished to keep Janet and Amanda apart. With a deranged and wandering stare, Janet whispered that those who claimed to love Amanda would smile in her face, but help her straight into the "cracker house." Janet urged her daughter to trust no one.

In the waiting area, Jake conveyed to Angie that he'd worsened Janet's state by refusing her phone calls earlier. Though Angie wouldn't let Jake hold himself responsible, he felt that he needed to help Amanda, who'd become fearful and insecure. Amanda rounded the corner and overheard Jake say that he needed Angie's help in doing something drastic.

Later, Angie tried to coax Amanda into having coffee. Amanda refused, and when Angie persisted, Amanda sharply reiterated that she'd said "no." Amanda stalked off, and when she got home, she told Trevor that some doctors wanted to trick her into doing something that she didn't want to do.

At the casino, Madison insisted that Ryan take a $50 installment on the back rent money that he'd paid for her. He agreed to take it on the condition that she have lunch with him. Later, Randi arrived to buy Madison lunch to thank her for taking care of David. Madison said that Ryan had already offered lunch-but it was just lunch and nothing more.

Randi tried to discuss the Fusion feud, but a distracted Madison stared across the room at Ryan. Randi said that despite the grief that she'd given Madison about the Ryan matter, Ryan and Madison would make a cute couple. Blushing, Madison asked if Randi had any tips on how to get Ryan's attention. Madison admitted that she'd married young and had no dating experience. "My dates paid by the hour," Randi responded.

Randi explained that she and Frankie were together because he'd gotten her out of the prostitution ring and showed her what real love was. Madison didn't think husband killers deserved real love, but Randi recalled that Henry had been abusive. "If I can have a happy ending, so can you," Randi stated. Ryan arrived at the table, and Randi headed back to Fusion.

During lunch, Madison stated that she should be treating Ryan after all the things he'd done for her. Ryan said that shutting David down had been pure pleasure. "The idea of even thinking that I could seduce you..." Madison said. Ryan looked away, and she quickly stated that she'd meant that the whole plan had been horrible. Touching her hand, Ryan told her not to be hard on herself. Madison flinched, and noticing it, Ryan pulled back.

Madison was sure that Ryan thought she was crazy, but he claimed that he didn't. She said that she'd had a bad track record, and she hadn't really been out with someone in a while. Ryan clarified that he was having lunch with her as her boss, and he was taking a break from dating and drama. Madison nervously stated that she didn't want drama, either. Jake strode up and asked to borrow Ryan for a moment. The men left, and Madison looked deflated.

Frankie arrived to find Randi, and Madison babbled about what a fool she'd made of herself with a guy that she liked. Frankie told her that she was a great catch, and she should focus on what she wanted. Madison just wanted someone to talk to, and Frankie said she had that.

Nearby with Ryan, Jake explained that he wanted to throw a "Martin Gala" for Amanda, where he would redo his marriage proposal. Ryan said that he was on board, and Jake stated that he couldn't wait to see Amanda's face when he proposed again.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Erica awakened in Jackson's arms, and the two expressed how glad they were to have traveled to New York. Jackson went to shower, and Erica discovered a text message on his phone from Greenlee. It asked how long he and Erica would be in New York. Later, the hot-tempered Erica blasted Jackson scheming to bed her in New York, while Greenlee mounted a counterattack at home. Jackson denied it, but Erica screamed that they were finished.

Jackson claimed that he hadn't been scheming anything, because he wanted Greenlee to regain Fusion fairly. He implored Erica to give up Fusion, because Greenlee needed it, but Erica didn't. Erica grew even more enraged, and she hoped that everything he'd done to hang onto his little girl was worth what he'd lost.

On the phone at Wildwind, David anonymously leaked Erica's supposed bad deeds at Fusion to the press, and he told Greenlee that the story would break right before the gala. The Haywards cooed that, as Erica sank to the bottom, the Haywards would rise to the top. David told Greenlee to say goodbye to her small-minded friends, because the old Greenlee would be gone.

Greenlee's smiled faded, and she asked what he meant. David replied that she was still herself, but better. She said that she liked her old self, and she wanted to get back to being that person. He felt that at their core, they'd always be themselves, but together, they were a whole new force to be reckoned with. A subdued Greenlee left for Fusion, and David frowned.

At Fusion later, Greenlee smiled, remembering founding the company. Erica entered and announced that Greenlee's schemes wouldn't work. Greenlee said to get a life, but Erica replied that she had a fulfilling life; she wondered what Greenlee had. The women traded insults, and Erica received a phone call from a Doc Waller, regarding Palmer's estate. Doc said that Palmer had wanted the person who'd meant the most to him to pick up some things at Pigeon Hollow.

Erica left, and as Greenlee exited, Jackson arrived. She said she figured he'd show up. They discussed Erica's accusations, and he felt that Erica was just upset that he said that he wanted Greenlee to win. Jackson wanted Greenlee to be happy, and to never settle for less.

Outside BJ's later, Erica called Opal and briefly explained what had happened in New York. Erica then told Opal about Doc, who Opal said had been a buddy of Palmer's. Erica hated that she couldn't go to Pigeon Hollow because of the Fusion feud. Opal couldn't believe that Erica would blow off Palmer's last wishes because of a "lipstick factory" that she didn't even need. Erica remarked that Jackson had said something similar.

Erica called Jackson to meet her at BJ's, because she felt that she'd needed to apologize for accusing him of conspiring with Greenlee. Erica explained that she needed time to think, and so she'd go to Pigeon Hollow to retrieve Palmer's things. She stated that she'd never forget New York, and she'd be back in time for the gala. He said that he'd be waiting for her. "I know," Erica replied and left smiling.

When Greenlee returned home, David said he'd learned that Erica was on her way out of town again. Greenlee stated that Erica needed to stay gone until after the ball, and David revealed that he'd already taken care of it. Greenlee said that they were an unbeatable couple, and those who'd said they wouldn't make it would have to watch them from the sidelines.

At the casino bar with Colby, the thrill-seeking Damon tried to slip in with a fake ID. When Butch, the bouncer, accosted Damon, Damon punched Butch. Jesse broke up the fight and told Damon that the routine was getting old.

In the park, Liza hated how things had ended with Tad, but she understood that Damon was Tad's priority. She just wanted to make sure that Tad also took care of himself. Just then, Tad received a call about Damon, and Tad and Liza rushed to the casino.

Tad decided to try to fix things with Butch, but Jesse reasoned that Tad couldn't keep bailing Damon out of trouble. Tad asked Jesse to consider what he'd do if it were a Hubbard, and Jesse agreed to give Damon just one more break.

As Tad convinced Butch not to press charges, Liza and Colby argued at the entrance. Damon and Tad approached the women in time to hear Liza call Damon a loser who hadn't even deserved to be a father. Damon agreed with Liza and told Tad to walk away, because Damon was a waste. Damon took off, and Colby trailed him. Tad ordered Liza to stay away from him and Damon. Tad received a phone call and left, too.

Colby and Damon went to BJ's and encountered Krystal, who said she was sorry about Stuart. Damon figured that he was family-free, but Krystal reminded him that he had the Martins. Damon retorted that they'd soon ditch him, like his parents had. Krystal said that Damon could try to ditch the Martins--because they wouldn't leave him--or he could just concentrate on how lucky he was to be a Martin and to have Tad for a father.

At home, Amanda told Trevor that Janet was right: Jake secretly thought that Amanda was crazy, and he'd soon send in the doctors to take her away. Angie arrived, and when Amanda reluctantly answered the door, she barred Angie from entering. Angie seemed irritated as she asked Amanda to go to the Yacht Club for drinks. An equally irritated Amanda replied that she had no time to shoot the breeze. Angie demanded that Amanda make the time.

Amanda stated that she wouldn't do whatever it was that Angie and Jake had been planning behind her back. Angie claimed that there was no conspiracy; she and Jake just felt that Amanda needed to get out. Amanda claimed that she wasn't crazy, and the only person who needed to get out was Angie. Angie, however, wouldn't go without Amanda.

At the Yacht Club, Jake scrambled to ready his surprise for Amanda. Enlisting Opal to help, Jake explained that he'd to redo his proposal at the party and then throw Amanda a dream wedding. He tore apart a shopping bag to find the engagement ring. He showed it to Opal, and she burst into tears. "What are you saying? What does that mean?" a startled Jake asked. Opal sobbed that it was beautiful.

To Jake's dismay, Tad arrived without a camera, and Jesse said that the balloons had slipped out through his sunroof. Angie and Amanda showed up, and Angie left Amanda in the lobby while Angie checked on Jake. He was behind schedule and asked Angie to stall. Amanda glanced into the restaurant. Assuming that they'd assembled an intervention, she took off.

Later, Angie found Amanda in the park, and Amanda accused Angie and Jake of trying to figure out how to get Amanda psychological help. Angie replied that nothing could be further from the truth, but if she said more, she'd ruin the surprise. Angie stated that Jake had more faith in Amanda than Amanda could ever know. Amanda snapped out of her paranoia and decided that she needed to show Jake how much she appreciated him.

Jake and Tad looked for Amanda at the apartment. Liza arrived to say that she was sorry for her remarks at the casino, but Tad refused to ruin another family event by arguing with her over Damon. Jake got a call from Angie, who said she'd found Amanda, and Jake decided to move the party to the apartment.

To Tad's surprise, Colby and Krystal arrived with Damon. Damon had shown up because the Martins were the only family that he had left. Jake instructed everyone to hide in the back and pop out once he closed the front door. Jake then hopped onto the sofa with a magazine.

Amanda entered, looking sassy in a short trench coat. She sashayed in and said she wanted to celebrate what they had. With her back to Jake, she undid her coat. Jake closed the door, and their loved ones sneaked around the corner. Amanda spun around, swung open her coat, and revealed her nakedness. The crowd yelled, "Surprise!"

Amanda screamed and wrapped the coat around her. Everyone laughed, and Jake quickly got down on bended knee with his ring to ask her to marry him again. Jake said that after all Amanda had been through, he felt that she deserved to know that she'd be loved for the rest of her life. He gave her a heartfelt speech about the kind of future they'd have, and Amanda excitedly agreed to marry him again.

Angie slipped into the party with champagne, and Tad called Krystal amazing for getting Damon there. Liza glared at them as they hugged. Damon told Colby that he couldn't stop thinking about what Krystal had said at BJ's.

In the hallway, Amanda told Jake that she thought he was trying to send her away, but he said that if any people locked her up, they'd have to lock him up, too, because he couldn't live without her. She squealed that they were getting married, and they kissed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

JR assumed that the knock at his bedroom door was Marissa, and called out that she didn't need to knock. He was shocked when he opened his door and saw Annie instead.

Marissa blasted Scott for letting Annie stay in the Chandler house. Scott apologized for any additional stress Annie's presence put on Marissa, but noted that Annie had nowhere else to go. Marissa insisted that Scott wanted Annie for himself. She demanded to know if what Scott felt was lust or love.

Scott knew Marissa was angry, but said that Annie didn't deserve to be homeless. Scott encouraged Marissa to let the divorce play out. He promised that he would keep Annie out of the house. Marissa told Scott not to make promises that he couldn't keep.

Annie said that she wanted to make peace with JR because they were bound to run into each other. JR said that he didn't need to make any extra efforts to make Annie more comfortable. Annie, desperate to hit JR where it hurt, switched tacks. She climbed into JR's bed and commented on how it didn't appear that Marissa had completely returned to her husband. JR demanded that Annie leave, as she'd already caused enough problems. Annie reminded JR that she hadn't acted alone. Just then, the door swung open, and Marissa glared at the scene she'd walked in on.

Annie scrambled off the bed and swore that she just wanted to offer an olive branch. Marissa demanded that Annie leave. Annie affected a sheepish look, and slowly strolled out of the room. Marissa turned sharply, and JR immediately offered that Annie had shown up uninvited. Marissa was undone at the sight of Annie in her husband's bedroom. JR said that it would never happen again, and was intent on making that promise reality.

Downstairs, Scott was upset when he saw Annie descend the stairs. Annie admitted that she'd been with JR. Scott wanted to know what Annie was doing, but JR reached the bottom of the stairs before she could answer. JR was irate that Annie was taking a second shot and destroying JR's marriage. JR told Scott that although a loophole allowed Annie to stay in the gatehouse, he would not tolerate Annie in the main house. JR made it clear he would handle the situation if Scott didn't.

Scott said that JR needed to tone down his anger, as JR had about as much control in the house as he did at Chandler Enterprises. JR tried to tear away at Scott's bravado and insinuated that Scott was just Adam's puppet. Scott fired back that JR would never know because Adam never wanted to see or speak to his son again.

JR tried a different approach and said that Scott's inability to deal with Annie showed that he was definitely not prepared to deal with the business world. Annie chimed in that Scott had a heart, which was often all that was needed to find success. Angry that he couldn't get the best of either Scott or Annie, JR stormed out. Scott thanked Annie for defending him to JR.

AJ asked Marissa if she was staying in the house permanently. Marissa told him that she and JR were working hard to make that happen. A short time later, JR returned to his room, where Marissa was waiting. Marissa suggested that they take a trip with AJ instead of trying to run Annie out of the mansion. JR said that he wanted nothing more than time away with his family, but balked at the idea of actually leaving. JR said he needed time to make sure that Scott wasn't doing anything underhanded. Marissa demanded that JR decide what was more important: his family business, or his family.

JR said that Annie might have saved his life, but Marissa and AJ were the people that made him want to live it. Because of that, JR said that he was willing to go anywhere and do anything to be with them. Impulsively, JR kissed his wife. Marissa let it happen for a few moments, and then tore herself away, unsure if they were making the right move. JR said that he would stop if she told him to. He kissed her again, and then buried his face in her neck. Suddenly, his mind was deluged by images of the passion he shared with Annie. Shocked, JR abruptly pushed his wife away.

Downstairs, Annie lamented over the effect all of her bad decisions had on Emma. She insisted that she needed to get her life together for her daughter. Scott admitted that it was refreshing to have Annie around, even when she and JR were at each other's throats. Annie noted that JR would never get rid of Scott. Scott took Annie into his confidence, and showed off his insurance policy. Scott told Annie that the product had the potential to make a lot of money for the company that developed it. Annie asked if Scott had developed the product. Scott confessed that he stole it.

Scott briefly thought that he shouldn't discuss the product with Annie. Annie reminded Scott that she could keep a secret. Scott caved in and told Annie that he'd been meeting with Palmer a lot before Palmer died. In those meetings, Palmer revealed that he wanted to get his business off the ground again. Scott was the only person that Palmer shared plans with. Annie realized that with Palmer gone, there was no way to prove that Scott didn't own the product free and clear.

At the casino, Madison apologized for her severe reaction to Ryan's touch. She said that with her history, she sometimes acted inappropriately. Ryan tried to take the blame. He said that he should have known better than to touch her without warning. Madison blurted out that Ryan could touch her anytime he wanted. Madison continued to stumble over her choice of words until she was completely embarrassed.

Ryan was amused by Madison's attempts to be social. Madison said that after the years of mistreatment from her father and her husband, she had a hard time trusting men. Ryan understood, and said that Madison deserved to be with someone who would treat her well. Madison noted that although Ryan would fit the bill well, she was content with their friendship as it stood.

Madison's phone rang and interrupted their uncomfortable conversation. When Madison saw that it was a call from Fusion, she excused herself. She walked into the hall and thanked Randi for saving her. Randi told Madison that she needed to get over to Fusion because all hell had broken loose.

Greenlee decided to take a break from jogging to catch her breath. When she did, she caught sight of a butterfly. Opal walked up and shook Greenlee from her reverie by asking if Greenlee was okay. Greenlee claimed to be fine, and said that she'd spotted something that reminded her of a former life. When Greenlee looked again, the butterfly was gone.

Opal said that she was glad that she ran into Greenlee. She said that Greenlee's ability to hold her head high after her return to Pine Valley had been admirable. Greenlee pointed out that Erica would disagree with Opal's assertion. Opal said that Erica only butted heads with people who were worth it. Greenlee noted that she couldn't wait to beat Erica at her own game, and then apologized for badmouthing Opal's friend.

David arrived home and called out for his wife. He found a note from Greenlee that indicated she would be back soon. His phone rang, and when David answered it, a man named Tom was on the other end. Tom told David that he'd fixed Erica's plane so that it would be grounded in West Virginia for at least another 24 hours. Pleased to hear the news, David thanked Tom for his work and ended the call.

Opal refused to get in the middle of the battle between Greenlee and Erica. Instead, Opal said that over the years, many of her readings had predicted different things for Greenlee. However, the cards had never indicated that Greenlee should marry David. Opal insisted that Greenlee was always supposed to end up with Ryan. Greenlee said that things changed, just as David walked up behind her.

Opal made a hasty exit, and David took the opportunity to catch up with his wife. Greenlee admitted that she felt overwhelmed. Although she would be getting what she wanted, Greenlee wished that the fight for Fusion had been fair. Greenlee believed that her line would have won by a landslide. David reminded her that Erica had made the first low blow. Greenlee decided to stop whining and focus on getting control of Fusion.

Erica talked to Jack briefly by phone as she ventured out into a wooded area of Pigeon Hollow. When she found the clearing she'd been directed to, she told Jack she would call him later. Soon after the call ended, a gunshot rang out. Erica took cover, all the while yelling out who she was. A man emerged, identified himself as Doc Waller, and apologized for the gunfire.

Doc told Erica that he knew why Palmer had chosen her. Erica was curious to know what she had been chosen for. All Doc would tell her was that she would soon find out. Doc revealed that Palmer hadn't been able to find a friend outside of Pigeon Hollow that he could trust until he met Erica. It was for that reason that Palmer insisted Erica be the only person called upon his passing. Doc offered to get some lemonade, and then said they would get down to business.

Doc returned with the lemonade and a locked box. Doc told Erica that Jack had the combination for the box, and that it shouldn't be opened until the reading of the will. Doc pulled out an envelope and said that Erica could open the letter whenever she wished. Erica tore it open immediately and read it aloud.

In the letter, Palmer explained that the similarities he shared with Erica made her the perfect person to carry out his last wishes. Tears sprung to Erica's eyes as she read the letter, and thought back on the memories they invoked.

Erica. My dearest Erica. If you're reading this, that means I'm gone. It also means you've made your way to Pigeon Hollow, and for that I'm both glad and grateful. I know what you're thinking -- me, grateful? Well, I'm a lot of things I didn't used to be, but I'm still damn smart. So take a good look at where you are, and I'm not talking about Doc's ratty old house.

I want you to look at all the beauty all around you. This is a place I ran away from when I was just a young man. At the time, I was running from who I was. But we can never really escape who we are, now, can we? You know that as well as I do. As I got older, I found myself spending more time back home, right where you are now, appreciating it for what it was: A place of simplicity, clarity, peace. I know life is anything but simple in your world. But I hope before you go, you'll take a few cleansing breaths of that West Virginia air and give yourself a moment just to savor the beauty, and maybe even try a glass of Doc's lemonade.

You're probably wondering why I've chosen you to be the one to carry out my final wishes. It's quite simple: I've adored you since the day we met. Of all the people I knew and loved in my life, you and I were the most alike. Kindred spirits in many ways: Determined, stubborn, willful, adventurous, and always in a rush to get to the next thing. But I've come to learn that life isn't a race. It's a journey to be savored. So before you push so hard to get where you're going, take some time to appreciate where you are, who you are, and never forget where you came from. Live, my dear Erica. Love, and above all, be happy. Thank you for coming here to be a part of my curtain call. You will always have a special place in my heart. With love and affection, your friend and admirer, Palmer."

Erica thanked Doc profusely for hanging on to the things Palmer left for her. Doc asked if Erica wanted a lift back to her car. Erica said that she planned to heed Palmer's words by walking back and enjoying the moment. Doc agreed that Erica's plan was a good one, and excused himself.

Erica called Opal, said that she was about to head back to Pine Valley, and said she wanted to talk to Opal as soon as she got back. Opal said that although she wanted to hear all about the trip, she thought that Erica would need to go to Fusion first. Opal told Erica that posts on the Internet could better explain what was happening. Erica ended the call, quickly searched the latest news, and was horrified at what she saw.

Phones rang off the hook at Fusion, and the staff scrambled to get a handle on the chaos. When Greenlee and David walked in, Randi and Madison quickly approached her. The duo told Greenlee about the allegations that Erica had siphoned money from the Miranda line to fund her new cosmetic product.

Greenlee said that the first priority was to protect Fusion, which included Erica. Greenlee was about to dictate what would be needed to pull together a press release when her father walked in. Jack looked around and asked what all the commotion was about. Jack grabbed a printout and was shocked at the allegations that were being pinned on Erica. Greenlee swore that she just found out the news, and Jack was certain it wasn't true. Greenlee wasn't so sure. Greenlee noted that Erica wasn't around to defend herself, and asked where Erica had gone.

Greenlee continued to act clueless, but Jack was enraged that Greenlee didn't automatically believe that Erica was innocent. Jack said that Erica had plenty of assets, and the Miranda line would be the last place Erica would take money from. Greenlee said that she looked at the accounting books and the claims against Erica seemed legitimate. Greenlee told Jack where the books were located, and Jack stalked off to look at them.

As soon as he left, Greenlee's cell phone started to ring. Greenlee pulled her phone out of her purse, and braced herself for the onslaught. When she answered the call, Erica immediately tore into Greenlee for the stunt she'd pulled. Greenlee pretended that she couldn't hear Erica's ranting and raving. The call ended and Greenlee instructed the staff to send the office phones to voicemail. Greenlee said that they wouldn't answer calls until they had the answers the press wanted.

David took Greenlee out into the foyer for a pep talk. He reminded her again that Erica threw the first punch, so their actions were warranted. David also said that Fusion belonged to Greenlee, and it was only right that they do whatever necessary to wrench control from Erica. Greenlee said that she hated lying to her father, and was certain that Jack wouldn't understand. David thought that they needed to get away from the office for a while. Greenlee agreed, and grabbed her things.

Erica demanded that the pilot take her back to Pine Valley immediately. The pilot was hesitant because the scheduled maintenance hadn't been completed. The pilot thought that the maintenance would be complete in a few hours. Erica said that she didn't have that long, and threatened to call another pilot. Unwilling to lose his job, the pilot did as Erica asked and said that they would be in the air in short order.

The plane took off, and Erica distracted herself by thinking back on a conversation she shared with Palmer. A sudden jerking of the plane snapped Erica back to the present. She called out to the pilot and asked if there was a problem. The pilot admitted that something was wrong but said that he was trying to fix it. The plane jerked again and Erica started to worry in earnest. The pilot indicated that they needed to make an emergency landing.

Eating ice cream, Ryan and Emma walked through the park. Ryan told his daughter that he'd started making plans for her birthday, but needed some help with the details. Emma was eager to help, and then asked if Greenlee would attend her party. Ryan said that he hadn't asked yet but knew that Greenlee was busy. Emma said that she missed Greenlee, and Ryan thought back briefly on the good times they'd had together.

David and Greenlee returned to the park, and Greenlee asked David to get her an iced coffee. Shortly after David left, Emma found Greenlee. The little girl asked Greenlee to attend her birthday party. Greenlee readily agreed, unable to say no to Emma. Ryan suggested that he and Emma leave, as he had to return to work. Emma asked to make one more flower bracelet, and Ryan could not refuse. The little girl ran off, and Ryan shared a stilted conversation with Greenlee. The discomfort lasted only until David returned, which was Ryan's cue to leave. When David reached Greenlee, he asked for details. Greenlee told him that nothing happened, and they left the park.

Madison returned to the casino and filled Ryan in on what was happening to Erica. At the same time, on the other side of town, David received a call that Erica's plane had taken off. David was alarmed that inspection hadn't uncovered the malfunctioning fuel line before the plane took flight again. On the plane, Erica tried to call Bianca, but failed. She then prayed that she would make it through the emergency landing, and that her children would be taken care of.

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