One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on OLTL

Markko broke up with Langston and moved out. Matthew declared his love for Danielle but was disappointed with her reaction. Cristian and Jessica were elected prom king and queen. Cristian proposed to Layla. Ford took advantage of Jessica. Natalie waited for John, and when he didn't show up, ended up in bed with Brody. Jessica's memory returned.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, May 17, 2010

At the prom, everyone was very excited to be there that they sang "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. During the song, Cristian told Layla how beautiful she looked, but she didn't look very thrilled. Cristian wondered why, and Layla said that she saw Jessica "staring daggers" at her. Cristian told Layla not to let Jessica get to her. A few feet away, Brody told Jessica how beautiful she looked. Wanting to be nice, Jessica told Brody that he cleaned up well.

Markko wanted to dance, but Langston said they could dance in a little bit. Starr noticed that Langston didn't seem very thrilled about prom. Langston covered by saying that she felt bad for Starr, but Starr told Langston not to worry and pushed her onto the dance floor.

Darren announced that it was time to start voting for Prom King and Queen. He told Destiny that she was his queen, to Destiny's disgust. Matthew and Dani each revealed that they voted for the other. When Matthew got up to put their votes in the box, Nate sat and told Dani that he voted for her as well. He also confessed that he had been very close to asking Dani to the prom, but Matthew had beaten him to it.

As Marty read John's letter from Natalie, John walked into his office. She quickly hid the letter and asked about Cole, and wondered if she could see him. John said that Marty could see her son, as soon as she revealed what was on her mind. Just then, Dorian entered John's office and told the couple that they were going to bust Cole out of jail. When John refused, Dorian reminded the cop that he technically worked for her since she was the mayor. She reasoned that Cole would be back by morning, but he had to go to the prom to be with Starr. They were meant to be.

In his jail cell, Cole was listening to his iPod when John asked if there was anything he could get for Cole. Cole only said that he wished he could do something about the fact that he was supposed to be at the prom with Starr. However, Starr probably didn't want to see him, anyway, and he wasn't sure that he wanted to see her either. He explained to John how Starr had accused Hannah of pushing Marty down the stairs. He thought it was crazy, but John looked skeptical of Cole's opinion.

Across the hall, Todd was being put back into his cell. John asked Cole if he would be all right, and Cole said that thoughts of Starr kept Cole far away. "The Starr that knows I'm innocent and you're guilty?" Todd asked. Ignoring Todd, Cole said that no matter what happened, he and Starr would still love each other. John said he would be back later and left. Todd taunted Cole by saying that Starr would always choose him over Cole and that she had probably already found a replacement date for the prom. According to Todd, Starr would never forgive Cole for what he did to Todd and would forget all about him.

Natalie entered Foxy Roxy's with a suitcase because she believed John wouldn't show up at Rodi's. Roxy asked what John said after he read the letter, but Natalie admitted to running away before she could see him read it. Roxy assured Natalie that John was crazy about her and that he would definitely show up. Natalie thought it was wrong to send him the letter, but Roxy countered that it was only honest. Roxy said that Natalie was the only woman who ever had a strong hold on John, so Natalie should go to Rodi's after a makeover.

In his apartment, Ford texted Langston, "Can't you slip away?" Langston called Ford and told him that she couldn't see him because she was with Markko, and she couldn't hurt him. "But it's okay to hurt me?" he asked. He told Langston that he missed her and hung up. A few minutes later, Karen showed up at Ford's door with a pizza.

Talking to Matthew, Starr hoped that Dani was having fun. Looking glum, Matthew said he wished he had a time machine to change Langston's mind about writing the musical about Starr and Cole. That way, Dani would never have met Nate. Starr sympathized with him, and wished she could go back in time too.

Jessica approached Cristian and Layla at their table, and explained that "our song" was going to play. Cristian reiterated that he was with Layla and she was the only woman he wanted to dance with. As the couple got up to dance, Jessica began to sing "If I Could Turn Back Time," as she though about Cristian. Brody joined in, having flashbacks of the good times he had with Jessica. Layla thought about how happy she was with Cristian as Langston was conflicted between Markko and Ford. Starr thought about Cole in his jail cell.

In John's office, he explained that, if they got Cole out of prison, even for a night, Todd's lawyers would have a field day. Dorian said that they would just have to be creative. Todd was taken to John's office, where John offered to have Todd file a complaint to Internal Affairs about bad treatment. Todd jumped on the chance, even though he wondered why he couldn't just fill the paper out in his cell. John explained that it was supposed to be done in private and he was doing things by the book.

As Todd was occupied with the papers, Dorian and Marty told Cole that he was going to the prom. Cole wondered why since Starr wasn't even there. Dorian explained that everything was arranged and that he was going to surprise his girlfriend. Cole protested, alleging that things between the two weren't good. Dorian said that was because of other people, but that Starr and Cole were meant to be.

At the prom, Markko explained that he had wanted it to be a surprise, but that he was taking Langston to the same room at the Palace they had the year before. Langston objected, saying that they didn't need a hotel room when they had their own apartment. Claiming she had to splash water on her face, Langston ran out of the room.

Darren asked Destiny to dance. She initially refused, but changed her mind when she noticed Matthew and Dani dancing. As Brody and Jessica danced a few feet away, Jessica suddenly had an image of herself and Brody dancing in Rodi's the night before Natalie and Jared's wedding. Panic-stricken, Jessica walked away from Brody. He followed her and knew that she had remembered something about him. Adamantly denying the claim, she walked away from him.

Nate got Starr some punch and she thanked him. He asked her if she believed that two people could be meant to be. They both admitted to believing it. After Nate got up, Starr said that she believed, even though Cole didn't anymore. Sadly watching all of the happy couples dancing, Starr sang "I Can't Live If I Don't."

Later, Starr danced with Matthew and thanked him for keeping her mind off of Cole. As Markko filmed the fun of the prom, Langston realized that she had to tell Markko about Ford. On her way to find Markko, Langston overheard Cristian and Layla talking about how Ford was probably in the apartment with Karen. They didn't understand why Ford didn't just call Karen over to have sex instead of ordering food every time. Not believing them, Langston called Ford, who didn't answer his phone. She left, leaving Starr and Markko looking for her.

Starr told Markko about when she went to the jail and Hannah was there with Cole. She didn't think that she and Cole were meant to be anymore. In order to cheer her up, Markko sang "We Fall" to Starr. As the song went on, Matthew was jealous as he watched Dani and Nate dance. Jessica was writing a note to Cristian as Brody looked for her. Cole was getting ready for the prom. Roxy was giving Natalie a makeover. Todd filled out the papers for his complaint as John helped Cole make a clean getaway. When the song was over, Starr hugged Markko.

As Todd was being escorted back to his jail cell, John asked Marty if Cole was happy. When she softly said yes, John realized that she wasn't happy. Handing Natalie's letter to John, she said that she had something that belonged to him.

Whitney asked Markko if he was going to be filming the coronation. Markko said he was running low on memory, but he was sure that he could find something to tape over.

In the gym, Cristian wanted to talk to Layla about something. Assuming he wanted to talk about Jessica, Layla shushed him until he stopped trying to talk. "Just hold me," she said, and they danced.

As Starr remembered happier times at past proms with Cole, she sang "I'm the One." During the song, Langston went to Ford's apartment. Seeing the pizza box outside the door, she walked in and saw Karen and Ford getting hot and heavy. Markko, looking for something to tape over, saw the footage of Destiny and Matthew talking about Markko's cheating girlfriend. Jessica left her note at Cristian's table. Matthew pulled Dani close and kissed her as Nate sadly watched from across the room. Todd, back in his cell, looked across at Cole's cell. There were pillows stuffed under the blanket on the bed in the cell to make it look like Cole was there. Natalie, in front of Rodi's, took a deep breath and walked in to find the place empty. John read Natalie's letter while Marty painfully watched. At the end of the song, a police car pulled up in front of the school and confused Starr. Corsage in hand, Cole stepped out of the car.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starr was amazed when Cole emerged from a police car in front of the high school. "It's the prom. I'm here for you," he said to her. He asked her to be his date. She couldn't understand how he was even there and not in jail, and he told her he had a fairy godmother. Starr wanted to be sure to thank Dorian and John.

Inside the school, Markko looked at the old video that showed Destiny telling Matthew that Langston was cheating on Markko. The disbelief spread across Markko's face. Dani agreed to dance with Matthew but Nate was left alone as Whitney attended to her official prom duties. Darren wanted to dance with Destiny, but she brushed him off. She was saved when Whitney pulled Darren aside so they could count the ballots for the Prom King and Queen.

Layla admitted to Cristian that chaperoning wasn't so bad as long as Jessica kept her distance. Brody jokingly accused Jessica of voting for herself for Prom Queen and teased that he was willing to wear a crown for her in the event that she won the contest. Jessica gravely told him he wasn't a student and therefore wouldn't be entitled to wear a crown. Brody grabbed Whitney and Darren and asked them about it, loudly. They told him that a student or the date of a student was entitled to wear the crown. Brody laughed that his vote wasn't in vain.

Langston walked into Ford's apartment and stared in amazement. Ford and Karen were unclothed and about to have sex. Langston shouted, "What is this?" Karen jumped up and began to replace her clothing as Ford stuttered, "It's not what it looks like."

Langston and Ford began to sing "A Lot to Say," while at school Markko threw his camera to the ground and sang and danced in anguish.

Cole was afraid Todd would cause a commotion when he discovered that Cole was gone from his cell, but Cole hoped that Starr had saved a dance. He knew that things weren't right between them, but they needed to remember how things were before. Cole and Starr each stated how much they had missed the other. Cole told Starr how he had wanted to crawl inside of the drawing that Hope had made for him, just so the three of them could be in their private world. Tears rolled down his face as he declared how determined he was to make that happen. Starr couldn't resist adding that it would happen even if they had to go after Hannah for lying. Cole wanted Starr to drop her charge against Hannah, but he knew she wouldn't.

Brody accused Jessica of remembering something from the past. "The door opened" and she couldn't run away, Brody continued. Jessica denied that she had a recollection of a past occurrence. Brody thought that Jessica had returned to high school to feel safe but he didn't want her to be afraid. He wouldn't let anything happen to her.

After viewing the old video, Markko headed straight for Matthew and asked where he could find Destiny. Darren continued to pursue Destiny, who did her best to avoid Darren's clutches.

Doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation, Darren played a student to Destiny's role of teacher as the students broke out into song. "The Way You Make Me Feel," originally sung by Jackson, changed Destiny's perception of Darren and she fell under his spell. Markko located Destiny and demanded she tell him "everything you know about Langston and Ford." He hurled questions at her as Destiny murmured that maybe she had the wrong idea and perhaps Langston had gone to Ford for help with the play. Matthew urged Destiny to tell the truth, and Destiny proclaimed that she had seen Langston and Ford kissing.

Cristian promised Layla that the evening would only get better. Whitney and Darren announced the winners of the contest. Jessica had been elected as the Prom Queen and Mr. Vega was the Prom King. Jessica was elated, but Cristian was not amused. Layla was angry and thought that the entire thing was crazy. She suggested that Jessica had stuffed the ballot box. Layla lost her temper and advised Cristian to live out his fantasy with his former flame as she stomped out of the gym.

Langston berated Ford for all she had done and gone through for him while he was busy cheating on her. He wanted her to listen to him but she accused him of "playing her" the whole time. As Karen dressed in the corner of the room, Ford accused the pizza delivery girl of pouncing on him when she had seen how upset he was that Langston wasn't there. Karen stood up for herself and ordered Langston not to believe him. She thought that Langston was crazy for leaving a great guy for "this jerk."

While Langston accused Ford of cheating on her, Ford claimed it was the first time it had happened, but it didn't mean anything. Langston was hurt and told him how much she had cared for him. Ford maintained that his feelings were the same for her, but Langston didn't see how that was possible if he had jumped into bed with someone else. Ford told Langston she mattered, and it was a problem, as he had never felt like that before. He thought that his night with Karen shouldn't have happened, but it was all Langston's fault.

Layla, Starr, and Langston performed a version of Jordin Sparks's "Battlefield." Their outfits included boots, fishnet stockings, and a cropped top for Layla. It was sexy and filled with many male dancers.

Ford blamed Langston for his slip because she was with Markko for the night and allowing him to touch her while they danced. The thought of Langston spending the night with Markko had him crazed, Ford embellished. He had been upset and called Karen, but it was a mistake and he wanted another chance.

Destiny, Markko, and Matthew wondered where Langston could be but then they heard that she had walked out of the school. Markko had an idea of where she was, and he was determined to find her.

An exasperated Layla yelled at Cristian because she knew there had been something going on between him and Jessica. He had almost kissed Jessica and was jealous of another guy getting close to her, Layla shrieked. Cristian wouldn't even swear on his mother's life that he had no feelings for Jessica, she added. She accused him of chaperoning merely so he could keep an eye on Jessica. Cristian followed her and maintained his innocence. He vowed that he was not interested in Jessica, didn't love her and never would. He wanted her out of his life. He hadn't sworn on his mother's life because he would never swear on anyone's life but his own, he asserted. He swore on his life that he loved Layla and only her. As he handed her a small box with a ring, Jessica looked on, unseen and upset.

Cole urged Starr to forget about the rest of the world and their disagreement. He thought they should close their eyes and dance. They walked into the school and found the gym empty. They saw the king and queen crowns and remembered when they wore them at their first prom together. They began to dance in the silence.

Darren and Destiny, Dani and Matthew, and the rest of the students took part in "Together," which was a song from the first prom musical.

Ford and Langston began to kiss, but they were interrupted when Markko walked in.

Natalie waited for John at Rodi's as he read her letter in his office at the police station. The clock struck midnight and Natalie was ready to head to the airport, but Roxy arrived and seized Natalie's airplane ticket from her hand. She told Natalie that she couldn't leave. Adamantly, Natalie stressed that John hadn't shown up and she wanted to go to the airport. John had his chance but he had obviously chosen Marty, she pointed out. She wanted her airplane ticket back, but Roxy wouldn't give it to her. Roxy suggested that there were several reasons why John could be late, including his job or an accident. She wanted Natalie to give John one more night and if he didn't show up, Roxy would purchase Natalie a new first-class airplane ticket.

Natalie noted that a new ticket would be expensive, but Roxy was so certain that John would show that she wasn't worried about the payment. She suggested that Natalie go to John's office, but Natalie swore that she'd had enough rejection. Roxy accused her of having too much pride and wanted Natalie to give John a chance. Natalie snatched her things and stormed out.

At the police station, Marty confessed that she had taken Natalie's letter from John's desktop, and that was why he hadn't seen it earlier. Marty knew the letter was from Natalie, so she read it and saw that Natalie had made another play for John. Marty was certain John would choose Natalie over her. John couldn't believe that Marty had taken the letter. Marty explained that Dorian had unintentionally made her see the light when Dorian talked about Cole and Starr and what they had been through to be together in spite of Todd. Marty didn't want to be like Todd and keep John and Natalie apart.

Marty was annoyed at herself and thought she should have walked the other way instead of lifting the letter, but John thought that Natalie shouldn't have written it in the first place because he and Marty were together. Marty felt they had been living in denial for months, but she was being honest with herself and she was scared. She was ashamed of her behavior, and she couldn't be with someone who created that in her. She wanted to end her relationship with John. She thought he still had feelings for Natalie but put them on hold because of Marty's pregnancy. John insisted that he cared for Marty but, just as vigorously, Marty insisted that he loved Natalie, and she knew that things hadn't been right since she saw John and Natalie kissing.

John thought they had gotten past that, but Marty assured him it was because she had been pregnant. They were happy and fell in love with the idea of the new baby, she enlightened him. Natalie had been correct in her assumption and since there was no baby, there was no use pretending any longer. John contended that he had never pretended, but Marty said it wasn't on purpose. She thought they had tried too hard and it wasn't right. John wanted to fix things, but Marty assured him it was too late. She wanted his entire heart, and she would never have it.

The two stood in silence briefly until Marty stirred from her thoughts. "I should go," she said to John. "I'm sorry," John replied. "So am I. It's time," Marty said, bidding John goodbye. The two embraced and shared a final kiss as Natalie appeared in the doorway and saw them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the empty Llanview High gymnasium, Starr and Cole danced to "Together" and shared a kiss. Cole told Starr how much he'd missed her and how he wasn't able to sleep without her near. Starr said it had been the same for her. She felt encouraged by their unlikely reunion, and told Cole that they needed to focus on the good things in their life: their love, their daughter, their home. Cole suggested they simply focus on "now," and Starr agreed.

Looking around the empty ballroom, Starr reflected on how much they'd shared together in high school. It was where they'd met, it was a part of them; they were saying goodbye to it together, but they would go on. "I never wanna let you go," Cole said. "Then don't," Starr whispered, embracing him.

Starr and Cole resumed slow dancing, but Officer Greenly interrupted their lovers' embrace and told Cole it was time to head back to the station. Cole asked for another minute with Starr, and the couple got down to discussing their problems. Cole told her their evening together had been great, but it wasn't real, and their rift over Todd and Hannah still hung between them. Starr insisted that Hannah was a liar, but Cole didn't see things her way; he said he'd made it to Prom Night to be reminded of their love, and asked Starr to simply hang onto that. "I will if you will," she agreed, and they kissed before Officer Greenly took Cole away.

In the red carpet area, Jessica watched with horror as Cristian got down on one knee and proposed to Layla. Cristian told Layla that he felt sorry for Jessica, who was ill and lost in the past, but his future was with the woman he was with in 2010. As Jessica fled, Cristian asked Layla for an answer: "You gonna marry me or what?"

Overcome, Layla choked back tears as she told Cris she'd always thought she was the girl who could only attract screwups and losers, never a good guy like him. She told Cristian he was her dream man, and ordered him to get up and put his ring on her finger. Cris happily complied, then took her in his arms and spun her around.

Not far away, Brody searched the school corridors for Jessica, pleaded with her to return, and begged her forgiveness. He caught up with her fleeing the red carpet, and asked her why she was hysterical. "My life is over!" Jessica cried, and spilled the beans about Cristian and Layla's engagement.

Brody was sorry she was hurting, but assured her she'd get over it. Jessica told him he didn't understand the depth of her heartbreak. She lamented that nobody understood the pressure she was under, being lost in the past but urged to remember a future she couldn't comprehend. She didn't know if she'd ever remember her life, but Brody swore to wait for her as long as it took. Jessica wanted to walk home alone, but Brody refused to let her go out alone after midnight, and insisted on driving her. Fed up, Jessica stalked out.

Back in the gym, Starr stood alone, picking up the forgotten prom queen's tiara. Cristian and Layla's arrival interrupted her reverie, and they excitedly shared the news of their engagement. Starr was happy for them, but grew tearful as she realized another couple in love was making a commitment that she and Cole couldn't. As Cristian made a discreet exit to examine the grounds, Layla sat Starr down for some comforting girl talk.

Sitting down on the stage, Starr told Layla about all her and Cole's troubles with Hannah and Todd, and how they were unable to see eye-to-eye on who was responsible for Marty's accident. Layla instantly related to the problem of outside interlopers in a relationship, but said that Jessica's scheme at the ballot box hadn't had any effect on her bond with Cris, and in the end, neither would Hannah's with Starr and Cole, as long as they loved each other. She told Starr to focus on Hope, and the love she and Cole shared; if they had each other, they could survive anything.

After Cristian and Layla left, Starr sat on the stage, and recalled her dance with Cole and their conversation about how to weather the strife in their relationship. Gathering her resolve, she rose and walked out of the gymnasium.

At Ford's apartment, Markko was horrified when he saw Langston and Ford kissing. Furious, he confronted them. Langston rushed to his side, and insisted it wasn't what it looked like, but Markko wasn't buying it; he didn't believe it had been just one kiss, and he knew they'd been together for weeks. He told Langston he'd spotted Destiny and Matthew discussing her affair on his tape, and asked her how long she'd been with Ford.

Langston struggled to find her voice as Markko demanded answers regarding her infidelity. "Who are you?" he cried, disgusted. She wanted them to go somewhere private to talk, but Markko said it was too late for her to scout locations for their breakup; they were having it out then and there. He realized he was just the fool for her and Ford, and was too stupid to see what had been going on between them and stupid enough to trust in her. He demanded to know how far the affair had gone. "We slept together," Ford snapped, exasperated. "Happy now?"

Livid, Markko punched Ford out and lunged at him; Langston broke the tussle up, but the men kept trading insults. Markko was enraged, but Ford shrugged it all off, and said, "Whatever, it's not like I'm in love with her!" Stunned, Langston whirled on him, unable to believe what she was hearing, especially when Ford told her that he'd had enough of the drama and they were over. "I guess I'm not the only fool," Markko hissed in her ear, then walked out.

With Markko gone, Langston turned on Ford, and was unwilling to accept his rejection. Ford told Langston that it'd been fun times and great sex, but it was done; she was just a high school girl, and it was time for both of them to go on with their lives. He explained that their tryst had been fun and risky, but with everyone learning the truth, "I'm over it." "You bastard," Langston said, seething. "I'm gonna kill you for this!" With that, she tore out of the apartment.

Jessica and Brody returned to the Buchanan mansion, with Brody following her into the courtyard over her infuriated objections. As they reached the front doors, Jessica ordered him to leave her alone; she didn't want him, and the only man she loved had broken her heart. Brody insisted that she'd lived through losing Cristian before, and would again, but Jess didn't see it that way; "I've lost everything!" Summoning the last of his patience, Brody reminded her that she still had so much - her family, her daughter, even him. "I don't remember you!" she shrieked.

But Brody disagreed; he told her he knew she'd had a flash of memory at the prom, and that she was beginning to recall traces of her life. Jessica denied it, but slipped as she said she didn't want to remember things. Brody said she had to, and explained that Marty had told him about how Jessica was blocking out the recent trauma she'd suffered. Jessica pleaded with him to stop as he began to retell how Mitch had abducted her, drugged her, and attempted to rape her. He said it couldn't hurt her anymore, as it had already happened. Jessica's face was awash in a sea of broken memories.

Jessica turned cold as she told Brody that his "lies" about her father weren't about helping her; they were all about him and his need to be the hero. She told him to get out and stay gone. Brody apologized for pushing too hard and reached out to embrace her, but Jessica recoiled, and insisted, "Don't ever touch me again!" She told him that she'd call security if he persisted, and warned him not to go near her again, or he'd regret it. She raced into the mansion and slammed the door in Brody's dejected face.

At the police station, Natalie watched, frozen and unnoticed, as John and Marty kissed. Spotting her letter opened on John's desk, she quickly drew her own conclusions and slipped out of his office in silence.

Inside the office, Marty told John she needed to go; it was time. John asked her if she'd still want to end things between them if not for Natalie's letter, but Marty said the letter hadn't told her anything she didn't already know. "Some things aren't meant to be," she said softly. John wanted them to "stick it out" and rebuild their relationship, but Marty didn't want to be an object of pity or obligation. She told him she'd never forget how he'd saved her from Todd, how he'd made her strong again - strong enough to say goodbye.

John said she'd always been strong and that their relationship hadn't been rescuing her, but rather how he'd felt for her. Marty said it wasn't enough; he had an unbreakable bond with Natalie, and theirs couldn't compare. "Let's be friends," she suggested, holding back tears. John told her he couldn't imagine his life without her, but Marty said their status could wait; picking up Natalie's letter, she reminded him of the rendezvous at Rodi's, and told him that "someone is waiting for you."

"It's past midnight," John said. "She's gone." Marty said that Natalie was persistent enough to write the letter, and she'd wait around at Rodi's for a little bit, but not forever. She told him to go before it was too late; "Natalie's waiting for you, your future's waiting for you."

Before John could leave, however, Cole arrived with his police escort. John and Marty quickly assumed neutral expressions and asked Cole how the prom had gone. John offered to take Cole back to his cell, but Marty told him Officer Greenly could handle it. After a tense moment, John left, and Cole asked Marty what was going on between the adults.

Fighting for composure, Marty rebuffed Cole's questions and instead asked after Starr. Cole said they'd had a wonderful night, but in the end, nothing was solved. All their problems lingered on, and he wasn't sure if they'd be able to get past them.

Brody returned to his room at the Angel Square Hotel, and clutched the latest of several beers. Accidentally breaking his door down, he mumbled to himself about how he'd wrecked everything. He'd pushed too hard, gone too far, and he'd lost Jessica forever.

At Rodi's, Roxy was sipping an apple martini when Natalie rushed in, upset. Ignoring Roxy's frantic questions, she grabbed the "appletini" and finished it off, then moved onto the bottle of whiskey behind the counter. She explained to Roxy that she'd walked in on John and Marty kissing, with her letter opened and sitting on the desk plain as day. "He wants Marty," she concluded, "not me," and broke down in Roxy's arms.

Shifting from sorrow to anger, Natalie blamed Roxy for encouraging her to write the letter and make a fool of herself. Roxy couldn't believe that John had chosen Marty over her, and suspected there had to be another explanation. Still swigging whiskey, Natalie couldn't imagine what it was - "He tripped and she caught him with her mouth?" Roxy wanted to confront John and get answers, and pleaded with Natalie to ask him about the kiss, but Natalie said enough was enough; she'd humiliated herself, and she couldn't stay in Llanview.

Sinking into a chair, Natalie admitted that none of her romantic foibles with John would've happened if Jared hadn't died. Roxy told her that Jared would've wanted her to open her heart again, and reassured her that John had never stopped loving her. But Natalie claimed that her heart had never had a chance to heal from the loss of Jared; she'd gravitated to John, but she was just another of his damsels in distress. Roxy disagreed - she was positive that Natalie and John's love was more than a response to grief, and was worth fighting for.

Rising and heading back for the bar, Natalie told Roxy that it didn't matter; she'd burned her bridges, embarrassed herself, and she was going to London. She promised to call when she arrived. Distraught, Roxy kissed her on the cheek and begged her not to close her heart again. After Roxy left, Natalie began to sob, alone with only her whiskey for comfort.

Several sheets to the wind later, an inebriated Natalie lugged her whiskey bottle over to the pool table for some drunken billiards. She attempted to sink a ball into the corner pocket, but couldn't help but recall John and Marty's kiss, and missed by a mile, then flung the pool cue across the room.

At the Buchanan mansion, Jessica, weeping and muttering to himself, sat on the foyer steps and hoped to convince herself that Brody had been lying. He was a liar, and Cristian had betrayed her with Layla; he didn't care about her feelings, but two could play that game. Leaping to her feet, she raced out of the mansion.

Back at Rodi's, John rushed in to find the bar abandoned. There was no sign of Natalie, save the whiskey bottle on the pool table, and the discarded pool cue.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Brody awoke from a drunken stupor to a knocking at his door. "Jessica?" he called, and rushed to answer it - finding Natalie instead.

Back at Ford's place, Ford nursed the bruise on his face with an ice pack, but groaned when he heard someone at the door. "Langston, you are so predictable," he moaned, and trudged to answer the call. Expecting Langston, he found Jessica. "Hi," he said.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Langston walked into the apartment to find Markko packing. She demanded to know what he was doing. "Leaving you," he informed her. Langston wanted to talk about it and explain her side, which Markko agreed with because he thought that she at least owed him that. He was surprised to learn that she had been sleeping with Ford for a few months. He asked how many times Langston and Ford had slept together. When she confessed that it had happened "a lot of times," Markko threw a chair. A crying Langston apologized and said that she had never meant for it to happen.

Banging on the table, Markko asked if she was in love, or if it was just sex. She didn't know, and revealed that she was confused and scared about spending the rest of her life with Markko and not knowing anything else. Markko reminded Langston about how her cousin Lola threw herself at Markko. He also related that there were plenty of good-looking girls on campus that were probably more experienced than Langston. However, he never acted on his thoughts of these girls because he loved Langston and only wanted her.

Langston hated herself and admitted she'd made a huge mistake. As Markko attempted to figure out where they had slept together, he realized that Hannah was right -- Langston was the girl in Ford's office with him. Markko felt like an idiot for feeling guilty about being jealous. He said that everything Langston wrote in the musical was a lie, but Langston denied it because she remembered every single word. Suddenly, it dawned on Markko that she was the girl in the hotel room with Ford. Markko yelled that he could never hate anyone as much as he hated her.

Langston explained that she had tried to pull herself away from Ford multiple times, but couldn't. Markko wondered why she didn't just break up with him, but she said she was waiting until after he was done with finals. Markko said that she was his future and that everything he did was for her. He wondered if Ford was the only guy she had cheated on him with. He said he didn't know her anymore and that they were through. Langston asked where he was going to go, but Markko reminded her that he had been homeless before when he had defended Langston against his parents. Leaving the apartment, he said that his parents had warned him that she was nothing but "a cheap slut."

At Rodi's, John reread Natalie's letter. Roxy entered, wondering where Natalie was. John didn't know, but Roxy said it didn't matter because she was right that John would show up. She said that Natalie was there - and very drunk - earlier, but that the kiss she had seen between John and Marty "did a number" on her. Roxy wondered what the kiss was about. John said that they were just saying goodbye. Roxy told him that it was great that he had shown up, but he was too late.

John related that he forgot that Natalie tended to act first then ask questions later. Roxy suggested that they break out some drinks because there was nothing left to do. However, John thought otherwise. He asked Roxy what Natalie's flight number was as he called the airport. Although Roxy didn't know, John learned that some flights had been delayed, and ran out of Rodi's.

Brody opened his door to find Natalie, who hoped that Brody had a better night than she did. She confided that John had read the letter and never showed up at Rodi's, so she was there to say goodbye. She was leaving Llanview for good, but wanted to catch Brody up to speed before she left. She asked for a ride to the airport, but Brody refused, since he had been drinking as well. Looking at Brody's watch, she said she wouldn't make her flight, anyway, since she had waited too long for John at Rodi's.

Drinking some of Brody's liquor, Natalie explained how she let Roxy convince her to go find John, only to find him kissing Marty with the letter sitting open on John's desk. She related that she wasn't sorry for what she did, only embarrassed. Brody explained how Jessica seemed to remember something, but then denied it. He told Natalie about how Jessica rigged the voting so she and Cristian would be Prom King and Queen, but he rejected her in front of everyone. To top it all off, she had seen Cristian propose to Layla, so she had been a wreck. Brody had tried to tell Jessica that she couldn't remember anything because she didn't want to, and that she had almost been raped by her biological father. She didn't want to hear it and hated him for saying anything.

Natalie got on the phone in order to book a seat on the next flight to London. Brody told her that he was going to book the seat right next to hers. She told him to stay because the Llanview Police Department needed him, and she would feel better to know that Brody was looking after John. The pair wished to magically forget their troubles, or to at least have a distraction. After relating their feelings to each other about their lost loves, the two shared a kiss.

Ford was surprised to open his door to Jessica. She wanted to see Cristian, who wasn't there, but Ford invited her in with a smile anyway. He got Jessica a glass of water as she apologized for barging in. He said it was all right because his plans had fallen through, but asked Jessica what happened. She told a cringing Ford about rigging the Prom King and Queen votes and seeing Cristian propose to Layla.

Ford said that Cristian was a fool, and related that Ford had been seeing a girl but she left him to chase after another guy. He asked about Brody, but Jessica, who thought she was wrong about Brody being a decent guy, never wanted to see him again. Ford offered her some wine, because he wasn't going to "treat her like a baby." Jessica shared that Asa always said not to trust men that plied you with liquor, with which Ford agreed.

Jessica believed that Ford probably thought she was stupid, and that it wasn't smart to try to see Cristian. She had just wanted to remind him that this was the night she was supposed to lose her virginity. A confused Ford mentioned that he thought she had a kid. Jessica knew she wasn't really a virgin. She explained how she had dreamt about it all her life and thought that she'd be a virgin forever. "You don't have to be," Ford told her.

Jessica finally convinced herself that Cristian didn't want a high school girl. Ford proposed that they could still make Jessica's night special. "You and me?" she asked. Jessica reasoned that it was time for her to grow up and that she was ready. Ford took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

Téa looked at a picture of her and Dani as Blair sat down with two glasses of wine. Téa said that Blair must have been at an all-time low to be spending time with her instead of with Elijah. Blair mistakenly said that she'd live, but regretted it when Téa said she wouldn't. Téa said that Blair would have a couple more months to kick her around, then she could spend the rest of her life with Elijah. Téa decided to call Dani and check up on her.

At the Buenos Días, Dani, Matthew, Destiny, and Darren discussed how odd it was that Cristian won Prom King. As Dani's phone rang, Nate asked his friends if anyone else wanted more soda and walked away. Matthew asked Destiny if she was having fun. She was, "kind of," but she figured that Markko probably wasn't.

Dani got off the phone to find Nate alone, asking if she was having fun. She was, and wondered if he was. He said that he was having fun when he almost got to dance with Dani.

Across the diner, Matthew glared at Nate talking to Dani while he questioned whether or not Markko would forgive Langston. A surprised Destiny asked him if he would forgive his girl if she had cheated on him. Matthew got up and told Dani that he promised Téa that he would have Dani home on time. They left a sad-looking Nate in the diner.

Darren was showing Destiny pictures that he had taken throughout the night when he heard a horn honking. He looked out the window and saw his parents. He made sure that Destiny didn't want a ride home, kissed her, then left. An initially disgusted Destiny smiled.

Outside the diner, Whitney told Nate that she was glad she went to the prom with Nate instead of her boyfriend because she had lots of fun with him. She leaned in to kiss him, but he pulled back, saying that he just wanted to be friends. Whitney understood that he was holding out for "the real thing."

Back at the hotel, Blair turned the television on, but quickly switched it off when she found that the movie playing was Terms of Endearment. Blair promised that she would be there whenever Téa needed. Téa found it strange that Blair was at her best when the times were worst. Téa recalled that the last time the two were that close, they were about to die in a basement. She told Blair that there was something she needed to say.

Téa explained that she was doing everything she could to keep Todd out of prison because she wanted to believe him, and because she was still hoping that he could have a real relationship with Dani. As she was about to reveal something to Blair, Téa's vision grew blurry and she lost her balance. Blair asked where the doctor's number was, but Téa swore that she was all right. Blair ordered Téa to go to bed.

Outside of the hotel room, Matthew and Dani talked about how much fun they had that night, and kissed. Matthew told Dani that he loved her. A flustered Dani called him sweet and bolted into the hotel room.

Blair tucked Téa into bed and told her that she would be there with her. Dani walked in and asked what was wrong. Thinking quickly, Blair lied that Téa had eaten some bad seafood at the restaurant and would be fine. Dani accepted it and left the room to get changed. Blair warned Téa that she would have to tell Dani soon. Because Dani was back, Téa told Blair that she didn't have to stay. Making sure Téa was all right first, Blair said she'd see Téa the next day at the hospital.

Dani returned to Téa's room and made sure that her mother was all right, then got into bed with her. "I really need you," she told her mother. Téa asked if her daughter had fun, which Dani confirmed. Skeptically, Téa asked what happened. Dani replied that the night just went by so fast for all the preparation. "That's why we have to make every minute count," Téa replied.

Matthew returned to the diner, and was happy to see that Destiny was still there. Matthew admitted that he told Dani he loved her. Destiny, who had been there before, told him that it was the stupidest thing he could've done. Matthew sarcastically thanked her for the sympathy. Destiny, already knowing the answer, asked if Dani had said it back. Matthew reasoned that he wasn't just some random guy. "Like Nate?" Destiny replied.

Friday, May 21, 2010

In an Albuquerque jail, as a result of breaking into the jewelry store, Rex demanded to have his one phone call, and the guard informed Rex that he would have to wait until morning. When Gigi overheard the guard talking on the phone to his daughter, she guessed that the guard's daughter was four years old. Gigi claimed, "Every other word is why, every sentence I said for years started with because." Gigi explained that she and Rex had a son, and that, although Rex's parents had abandoned him, he was still a good person. Gigi stressed that Rex deserved to have a break, and that the guard should allow Rex the one phone call. The guard handed Rex the phone.

In the Buenas Dias Café kitchen, Layla and Cristian showed Carlotta the engagement ring. Carlotta expressed her surprise and gave Layla a huge hug. Bo and Nora walked into the café to spy on Matthew and found that Matthew had left. Carlotta, Cristian, and Layla entered the café from the kitchen and greeted Bo and Nora. Cristian and Layla announced their engagement. Carlotta insisted that booking the church was the most important part of the wedding, while Nora recognized that she would not have a clue about that. Nora declared that since she was planning her second wedding within a year, she realized that she should have taken more time before deciding to marry Clint in the prior wedding, which would have saved everyone so much heartache.

Carlotta and Cristian walked back into the kitchen, where Cristian informed his mother that he did not know that he was going to propose to Layla, until he realized that he could have lost Layla because of what had happened with Jessica. When Carlotta asked if Cristian had kept a ring stashed away in his apartment, Cristian revealed that he had gone to Logan's and had purchased a ring in less than an hour. When Cristian insisted that he loved Layla, Carlotta wondered how Jessica was going to take the news of Cristian's engagement.

After placing a phone call at the café, Bo informed Nora that Matthew was home from the prom. Layla insisted that Matthew had a good time and then left to call Adriana about her and Cristian's engagement. Bo received a phone call from Rex and spoke to Rex about a few wedding details. Bo then asked about Rex's progress in Arizona and encouraged Rex to "hang in there," because Bo knew that Rex was a good investigator. Bo reflected, "A few years ago, you would have ended up in hot water without even trying, but now you know better." Rex frowned and did not mention that he and Gigi were in jail. When Bo asked Rex if something was wrong, Rex offered an excuse and insisted that Bo continue with his wedding plans.

Nora conveyed to Bo that they should have plants that, in the place of flowers at their wedding, could be donated afterwards. When she saw that Bo was not listening, she said, "Or we could...uh, chop them down...and cook them...or wear them...or eat them...Bo?" Bo told Nora that he felt that something was not right with Rex and feared that he had said the wrong thing. Nora insisted that Bo was encouraging when talking to Rex, and that Rex would call back if he needed Bo.

Cristian told Carlotta that Jessica had rigged the vote for king and queen at the prom to ensure that Cristian and Jessica were king and queen. Layla revealed that she almost felt sorry for Jessica. Cristian recognized that Jessica was unable to face what her father had done to her.

When Carlotta asked if Layla's family knew of the engagement, Layla indicated that she and Cristian had told Carlotta first. Carlotta exclaimed that Layla needed to call her mother immediately and tell her the news, before somebody else told her. After Carlotta went back into the kitchen, Cristian and Layla decided to travel to Maryland to deliver the happy news to Layla's mother. When Layla told Nora that she and Cristian were flying to Maryland, Nora asked Layla to give Evangeline a kiss for her. Bo and Nora congratulated the newly engaged couple and left the café. Cristian insisted that Layla not worry about Jessica, and Layla replied, "I just hope she gets her memory back. I want her to be as happy with Brody as I am with you."

When Gigi begged the guard to give Rex another call, the guard refused. Rex revealed to Gigi that he did not want to tell Bo that he had messed up again. Rex feared that Bo would believe that "I am back to being the deadbeat that he first met." Gigi insisted that Otto knew more than he was admitting, and Rex declared that maybe he and Gigi were better off not knowing. Rex stressed that he just wanted to return home, so that he could spend time with Shane. Gigi insisted that was her desire also. As Rex and Gigi started to kiss, the guard interrupted them with an announcement that they had a visitor. Rex and Gigi looked outside of the cell and saw Penny.

At Brody's apartment, Brody and Natalie fell into each other's arms and kissed. They ravaged each other and stripped off their clothes, as Jessica's framed photo sat on Brody's dresser. After their passionate lovemaking had ended, Brody and Natalie fell back into the pillows and questioned what had just happened. Brody and Natalie acknowledged that their passion had not killed their pain; however, Natalie stated, "On a good note, we didn't cheat on anyone." Brody sadly agreed, "Yeah...nobody's waiting up for us."

Natalie told Brody how she had left the note for John, but that John had never shown up at Rodi's. She observed, "John doesn't want me." As Natalie arose to leave, Brody apologized, but Natalie refused to accept his apology. Natalie declared that they were just two friends comforting each other. Brody asked if Natalie was still moving to London. Brody stated that if Natalie were still going, he should go with Natalie, because Jessica hated him.

Brody regretted that he had told Jessica about Mitch Laurence after the prom, but Natalie reminded Brody that Jessica had not believed what Brody had told her. Natalie assessed, "Look, Brody, Jessica is very lucky to have someone, who loves her as much as you do." Brody picked up his Navy uniform jacket, just as Natalie told Brody that a cab had arrived.

When Natalie and Brody questioned what their futures would be without John and Jessica, Brody put his jacket back down and recognized that he would work, train, and figure his future out. Natalie provided that she had brothers that she could always rely on. As Brody and Natalie said goodbye, Natalie reminded Brody to have faith.

At Ford's apartment, Ford asked Jessica to spend the night. After Jessica agreed, Ford placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign, obviously kept from a hotel room, on the apartment door to stop Cristian from "barging in." Ford promised to make Jessica forget about Cristian, Brody, and all of her other problems. Jessica emphasized that she really did not know Ford, so Ford showed her all of his trophies and bragged about his past accomplishments.

Ford acknowledged that Jessica needed to be adored and loved on her prom night and reminded Jessica that Cristian was an idiot not to see what was right in front of him. Ford claimed, "I can care about you the way Cristian can't, I will never hurt you the way Brody has." Jessica still wanted Cristian. Ford insisted that he and Jessica were meant to be together, and that he could take all of her pain away. Ford and Jessica kissed.

When Jessica shied away, Ford told Jessica to trust him, yet Jessica indicated that Ford felt new and blank. Ford presented that it was good for them to start off on a blank slate, because they could make new memories. Jessica agreed that she wanted to get over Cristian.

As Ford and Jessica kissed again, Ford drew her over to the bed. When Ford kissed and touched her, Jessica recalled Mitch Laurence kissing her face. Jessica leaped out of bed and screamed, "No." Jessica flew to the other side of the room and screamed that he was a pervert, because she was his daughter. A confused Ford kept declaring that it was all right. Jessica ran out of the apartment, plopped down on the floor in front of the apartment door, and admitted that Brody had been right about Mitch.

As Jessica sat outside of Ford's apartment, a flash of memories, when Brody had asked her for a dance flew through her mind. Memories of her past continued to flood Jessica's mind, and then she remembered Bree.

When Brody answered the knock on his door, he found Jessica and asked, "Jessica, are you okay?" Jessica cried, "I remember."

At the Llanview Airport, John asked the clerk about the flight to London, and the clerk told John that the plane had just departed five minutes earlier. Kelly and Shaun, accompanied by Reed Wagner, arrived at the airport and ran into John. Kelly informed John that her Aunt Dorian had provided Shaun for security, because Dorian had thought that whoever had killed Rodney and Melinda would be after Kelly too. Kelly begged John for a break in the case of her mother's murder. As John declared that he had no new information, he shoved a picture in his pocket. Kelly asked John if he was looking for someone else.

John stated that he needed to leave and insisted that the picture had nothing to do with Kelly or her mother's case. Kelly asked Reed to please give John and Kelly a minute alone and told Shaun that nothing would happen to her, since she would be with John McBain. Shaun said to Kelly, "I'm not worried about you," and then asked John, "Are you okay alone with her?" Kelly demanded, "Stop it! Go play with your gift bag."

When Kelly asked John what was wrong, he answered that he did not like airports. Kelly then stripped the picture out of John's shirt pocket and questioned why he would have Natalie's picture. John maintained that everyone was okay, but Kelly still asked, "What happened?" John told Kelly that he was trying to stop Natalie from going to London. John informed Kelly that Marty had just ended John and Marty's relationship, after Marty had found a letter left for John from Natalie. In her letter, Natalie had declared her love for John, and had expressed that she could no longer stay in Llanview, if John were going to be with someone else. Kelly believed that was very romantic, but John reminded her that Natalie had left. In another part of the airport, while Reed was talking on his cell phone, Shaun questioned Reed on the phone call and reminded Reed that it was part of his job to keep an eye on Kelly.

As John started to leave, Kelly stopped him with "No, no. You can't run from how this feels. I've tried. It doesn't work." Kelly exclaimed that John had to be on the next plane to London to get Natalie back. Kelly pondered that the meeting at Rodi's, which had never taken place, had been very recent. Kelly speculated that nothing could have happened in a few hours that could have changed things so drastically, to where Natalie would not want John anymore. Kelly insisted that if John flew to London to retrieve Natalie, it would be "big."

Reed walked up to Kelly and John and asked if there was a reason for him to be jealous. John and Kelly yelled out no. As Kelly, Reed, and Shaun left the airport, Kelly warned, "Go big. Okay, John?"

John walked up to the ticket station and asked the clerk, "Are there any more flights to London tonight?" The clerk replied, "No, but I did check the flight manifests for Natalie Banks." John said, "Yeah." The clerk continued, "She missed the London flight. She never showed." John asked, "You sure? Thank you." As John left the ticket station and walked down the hall, he saw Natalie. Natalie gazed at John with both a question and hope in her eyes.

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