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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tom delivered coffee to his mother at Fashions, but he noticed that Lisa didn't seem herself. She said she was feeling a little "down" and needed some "spice" in her life. Tom offered to take her out to dinner, so Lisa checked her date book and realized that the very next day marked the 50th anniversary of her arrival in Oakdale. She reminisced how she was a young college student who had promptly fallen in love with a fellow student, Bob Hughes. Lisa seemed quite melancholy, but Tom teased her that she had already lived the lives of nine women in that time. His mother declared that she was fine, and she urged Tom to go about his business and to let her get back to hers.

Kim and Bob were enjoying lunch in the Lakeview, and he presented her with an envelope that contained a blueprint of a house in a new retirement community in Arizona. Bob was ready to write a check to the developer if Kim would say the word. He said he was not about to retire instantly, but it was not too soon to start making plans. They moved to the couches in the lounge for their coffee, and Kim talked about decorating a new place. She and Bob kissed as Tom walked by and quipped, "Get a room!"

Tom joined them and said he thought it would be fitting to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his mother's arrival in Oakdale, especially since Lisa seemed to lack her usual joie de vivre. He suggested a little party at his and Margo's house with family and a few friends. Kim was afraid that the men were planning burgers from Al's and a keg of beer, so she offered that was not at all what Lisa would want. She suggested they hold a tea party at the Lakeview, since it was Lisa's hotel and would accommodate more people. None of the Hughes family was aware that Lisa was standing right around the corner listening to their every word.

Finally Lisa walked around and said, "How dare you!" She scolded them for burying her before she was dead, and she was no more pleased at the thought of an "afternoon tea for doddering old ladies," than she was by the keg party on a patio. Lisa immediately fired them all from "party planning," and declared she would do it herself and do it right. She sat with them and said what she really wanted was to put on a musical about her life and broadcast it over WOAK for the community. Kim listened and then turned to Bob and said, "I think we've created a monster."

Carly was concerned to find that Jack had picked up Parker from baseball practice. She also learned that her son had told his father about the fight with Gabriel at Monte Carlo, and she was quick to assert that Parker had done nothing wrong. Jack was sure that Carly had known about it all along, and he asked how long she had been planning to lie to him. Parker swore that he had absolutely nothing to do with the fire and that everything had happened exactly as he had said. Parker said he had been furious with Gabriel, but he certainly hadn't wanted the boy to die. Then Carly admitted that she had been the one who had urged Parker to remain quiet.

Jack was stunned, and he declared that those circumstances changed everything. Carly asked Parker to go upstairs, but he refused. Jack asked how Parker knew that Gabriel was all right when he left Monte Carlo, and Parker said the boy had been breathing. Jack reminded him that Gabriel had hit his head on something, so there was no way Parker could know if Gabriel was bleeding in his head. Carly took all the blame and asked Jack to take a walk with her. Jack reluctantly agreed, and he told Parker to "stay put" and not to talk to anyone.

Carly and Jack walked by the lake where their romantic boathouse had once stood, and Carly reminded him that they needed to stop arguing in front of Parker. She admitted that she had screwed up, but Jack was angry that Carly had made things "a thousand times worse" for their son. He recalled that they had promised to keep no more secrets from one another, but Carly dismissed that by saying that at least it wasn't as if she were drinking again. Jack looked at Carly and said, "No, you were a liar long before you were an alcoholic." Carly was shocked, but Jack couldn't believe that they were going down the same old path again.

Carly accused Jack of always judging her before he tried to understand her, and they shouted at each other about trust issues. The conversation went off on a tangent because of Jack's involvement with Janet and the baby, and Carly claimed that Jack had not been around when she was making tough decisions with Parker. She asked Jack to just let it go, as he realized that Parker's actions were why Carly had asked him to move out. Carly said she wanted Craig to take the fall for the attempted murder of Gabriel.

Carly was fearful that Parker's arrest would destroy their family, but she also let it slip that Craig had figured out that it was Parker who had knocked out Gabriel. Jack said that what Carly was asking of him was impossible, but Carly begged for her son. Jack walked off without Carly and returned to the station.

Margo was stunned when Lily told her in the Lakeview lobby that Craig was Gabriel Caras's father. Craig was angry that Lily had revealed the secret to his sister, but he admitted that the boy's mother was Lydia, a maid in his and Sierra's home in Montega. He said he had cheated on Sierra, but he had no idea that Lydia had gotten pregnant. Craig went on to say that Lucinda Walsh and her two charming daughters had kept the boy away from him. Margo looked at Craig and reminded him that he had almost killed his own son. Lily said she felt very guilty about keeping the secret from Craig, but she also wanted to be loyal to her family.

Then Lily lied to Margo and said that Craig knew that Gabriel was his son before the fire started, and when Margo asked him to verify that, Craig said, "Why would Lily lie on my behalf?" Margo excused herself to make a phone call, and Craig reminded Lily that he had asked her to give him an alibi for the day of the fire, not tell the whole town that Gabriel was his son. Margo returned and said that the D.A.'s office was lifting the restraining order against Craig, so they were going to the hospital to see her nephew.

Margo and Craig arrived at Memorial, and she comforted him that he wasn't alone because they were a family. They walked into Gabriel's room, and Craig turned to Margo and said that the boy had arrived in Oakdale for one reason: revenge. Craig was sure Gabriel was there to punish him for abandoning him and his mother. He got emotional, but Margo could not comfort him. After the visit, Margo said that Craig had to be honest with her, and she would do whatever she could about dropping the murder charges

Craig left, and Margo took a call in the hospital corridor. While she was talking, Parker arrived and asked a nurse about Gabriel's condition. The nurse said there had been no change, but Margo walked up and asked to speak to Parker. She said that Parker had every right to be angry because he was also a victim of both Craig and Gabriel, but Parker did not take the bait. He said he had to go pick up his sister, and he walked out quickly, leaving Margo with suspicions.

Craig drove to Lily's and thanked her for lying to Margo. He swore he had not tried to kill Gabriel, and Lily believed him. Lily said Craig needed to be a father to the boy when he awoke, and Craig promised that.

Parker returned home and told Carly about practically running out on Margo in the hospital. Carly was angry that that her son had left when he had been instructed to stay home and not talk to anyone. Then she said that she didn't blame him for any of her marital problems with Jack. Jack called and told Carly that even though Margo had started asking questions, he had not said anything to her about Parker.

Tom went to the police station to tell Margo about Lisa's musical extravaganza, and he was shocked when she told him that Gabriel was Craig's son.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It was time for Lisa's show at Metro commemorating her 50 years in Oakdale. Kim and her crew from WOAK were there and broadcasting live to their viewers. Lisa appeared with her arm in a cast and explained that she had injured it jet skiing on Lake Michigan, but no one believed her. The real story was that she had fallen in the kitchen and broken her arm, but she was not about to cancel the show. Bob Hughes offered to fill in as the Master of Ceremonies when the gentleman from WOAK could not do it.

Back at the station, Katie was coordinating the live segments with taped ones, and she was overwhelmed. Chris showed up and offered to help, but Katie was very short with him, and she urged him to go sit with his family in Metro and let her do her job. She was particularly upset with the final segment, and she ordered the onsite director to flush it, but he hung up on her.

Henry sat in Java, and Vienna walked up to the counter to order. Alison entered and asked Vienna if she and Henry were "back together," but Vienna got frosty and declared that she had always been with Henry. Alison reminded her that she had seen Vienna with Casey recently, but when Henry joined them, Vienna quickly changed the subject and asked if Alison was going to Metro to see Lisa's show live. Alison explained that she had to work, but she said the director was sending her a tape of it. Vienna wanted to know why, but Alison said it was a secret.

Henry left to call Katie about the show, and Vienna thanked Alison for not mentioning Casey in front of him. Alison scolded Vienna for "using" Casey and then just dumping him, but Vienna fired back that it was exactly what Alison had done at the altar. Henry went outside and actually called Barbara to tell her that he remembered that it was the day she was getting the results back from her cancer scans. Barbara was at Metro, and she said Lisa was about to start the show, so she signed off. Henry looked worried, but Vienna joined him, and the two of them took off for Metro.

Barbara took a seat at the bar just as the lights dimmed. Bob Hughes walked into the spotlight and welcomed everyone. He referred to himself as "Number One," because he had the distinction of being Lisa Miller's first husband. He introduced her as a "pistol and a whirlwind," and presented to the crowd Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi Chedwyn. Lisa entered and told Bob to skip the last one because he was so awful that she had the marriage annulled.

Lisa said that in 1960, she was a young college coed from Rockford, Illinois, who had the goal of going to a fabulous university so that she could meet the man of her dreams. She said she met medical student Bob Hughes, and she wanted very badly to be a doctor's wife, and Bob wanted..."you know." She went on to say that she would like her friends to see what life was like in Oakdale circa 1960.

The first clip featured Alison as Lisa and Casey as Dr. Bob. The couple entered Lisa's parents' empty home, and Bob carried her over the threshold. They talked about their secret wedding and how their lives would change after Bob became a doctor. They headed for Lisa's bedroom, but then Lisa asked when Bob would tell his parents that they were married. Bob said his folks would not approve because Bob was still in medical school, and he wanted to keep the marriage a secret. Lisa was hurt, but the newlyweds vanished into the bedroom.

Lisa continued her saga by telling her audience that they had conceived "little Tommy" that very night, and even though time marched on, she and Bob did not. Lisa left, tempted by shoe tycoon Bruce Elliott, and Bob met his beautiful wife, Kim. Lisa sang a song called "As the World Turns," while in the studio, Katie was frantic with all the live shots and clips to manage. Henry and Vienna arrived, but Katie announced that she needed to go to Metro herself. Henry watched the show on the big screen at WOAK, and he spotted a very edgy Barbara in the audience.

Lisa continued after a break by saying that when she learned she was pregnant, she decided to go see Bob's mother, Nancy, to tell her the truth. The next clip featured Alison again as Lisa and Margo as Nancy Hughes. Nancy said that she had no objection to Lisa and Bob's "interest" in each other, but she stressed how important it was that Bob finish medical school and stay focused. Unfortunately, Nancy felt that Lisa was a major distraction, and she asked the girl to "slow things down." Lisa said she couldn't because she and Bob were already married, and there was a baby on the way. Nancy said, "What's done is done," and she welcomed Lisa into the family with open arms. Tom, playing his grandfather, Chris, walked in, and Nancy told him how handsome he was.

The real Lisa told her audience how grateful she was for the way Nancy treated her, and she told Tom that he had many of his father's wonderful traits. Then she spoke about how dear Margo was to her, as well.

At WOAK, Vienna took a call from Casey, who asked if she had something to tell him. Vienna was startled, but then she realized that Casey was fishing for compliments for playing his grandfather in the scene on Lisa's show. Vienna said she thought he was wonderful, but when Casey asked what she was doing after the show, Vienna said coldly that she had plans.

Henry was in another room in the studio and was surprised by a visit from Barbara. She said she was getting panicky about her cancer scans, but Henry tried to calm her. Barbara wanted more time, especially with Henry, so he asked her to dance with him. They continued to dance closely until Barbara's phone rang with the news from her doctor. He told her that she was cancer free, and Barbara thanked him and then embraced Henry. They kissed with passion, unaware that Vienna was watching them through a window in the room.

Henry said the world was a much better place with Barbara in it, and he apologized that he had to go back into the studio to find Vienna. Vienna, however, hid beside a cabinet, and Henry walked right past her. Barbara spotted her, and exclaimed, "You saw us!" Vienna admitted that she had witnessed the kiss, and she accused Barbara of throwing herself at Vienna's fiancÚ. Barbara apologized as Henry returned to defuse the situation. Vienna said Barbara's kisses didn't matter at all because she and Henry were pregnant.

Lisa resumed her story and said that love always seemed to find her, and she always went for it. The screen then flashed to a wedding picture of Lisa and Grant Colman. Katie arrived then and asked Lisa to cut the last segment, but Lisa called it her "pivotal point" and refused. Chris walked in behind Katie, but she looked uneasy. Kim counted down the seconds until they went live again.

Lisa said she married some diverse men, such as Earl Mitchell, who was with Interpol; Whit McColl, a publisher; John Eldridge; Michael Shea; Grant Colman; and her "darling Eduardo." She listed some of her lovers, whom she did not marry, such as Bruce Elliott, "Johhny Boy" Dixon, and Bob's brother, Don Hughes.

The last clip featured Katie as Lisa and Chris Hughes as brother Don. Lisa was fuming that her former husband, Dr. Bob, was interested in Jennifer Sullivan, but Don reminded her that she had broken Bob's heart. Lisa cried crocodile tears, but Don told her not to waste them on him. They called one another nasty names, until Don grabbed Lisa and kissed her. Katie had an especially hard time watching Chris kiss her on screen, but he was grinning the whole time. When the segment ended, an embarrassed Katie walked away from Chris.

Kim welcomed Margo and a woman whom she had picked up at the airport as a favor to Lisa. She hustled the woman away as a "surprise," and Margo said to Tom that her life lesson from Lisa was to focus on what's good and lasts, like the two of them.

Lisa did her final segment and introduced her friend April, who sang the song "For Good" from the show, "Wicked." Meanwhile, Chris talked to Katie about the fact that their onscreen kiss was just part of their skit. They went to enjoy the music, and Alison arrived and sat behind Casey and talked with him. After the song, Lisa said Oakdale was a place where love and hope sprang eternal. She thanked her friends and all the people watching for their support over the years, and she said she hoped she had returned half as much pleasure as they had given her. She ended the show with her rendition of "Circle of Friends."

Katie walked out, but Chris followed her. He asked what she was afraid of, but Katie couldn't say. Casey and Alison talked, and they decided that they genuinely liked one another. Alison didn't want anything bad to happen to Casey, so she warned him about Vienna, but that did not go over well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At work, Casey and Alison discussed Vienna, and Alison warned him that Vienna was using him because everyone knew she only ever wanted Henry. Casey argued that maybe Vienna had been jerked around one too many times, and he felt sure she was through with Henry. Alison was certain that Vienna was planning on dumping Casey once she caught Henry's attention again, but Casey got defensive and recalled that Alison was hardly what he would call an "expert" in romantic relationships. Alison asked him to just be careful, and she said she would keep her advice to herself in the future. Casey thanked her for caring, but he told Alison she didn't need to worry about him.

Chris cornered Katie outside Java and asked why she was running away from him. She went inside the coffee shop and denied everything. Katie was worried that all her viewers who saw Lisa's anniversary show would remember her televised wedding to Brad, and they would be upset with her for kissing someone else and not being in mourning. Chris reminded Katie that the two of them had just been acting, but she was sure that her fans were judging her. She asked Chris to leave her alone, so he walked out.

At WOAK, Henry was stunned when Vienna announced her pregnancy, and Barbara appeared catatonic. Vienna was very excited and called the baby "a miracle." Vienna clung to Henry, who wanted to make sure that she was positive about the pregnancy. Vienna said she had taken two home tests, and both were positive. Barbara found her voice and said her goodbyes, throwing in her congratulations, as well. Henry was incredulous that Vienna was really with child, and he was not as "over the moon" as Vienna would have liked. Henry claimed he was just in shock, but Vienna said she was sure that nothing bad would happen this time.

Vienna wanted to return to the hotel to call her family, but Henry thought it was bad luck to announce a pregnancy before the end of the first trimester. Vienna said that was an old wives' tale, and besides, Barbara already knew. Henry begged off going back to the Lakeview, and he pointed out he couldn't talk to her relatives because they only spoke Swedish. He said he had things to do, too, so Vienna left, and Henry sank into a chair to figure out the rest of his life.

Barbara was visibly upset as she walked into Java, and Katie joined her and confessed that she was "freaked out" and blamed Chris for kissing her on the anniversary show. Barbara said it was just part of the sketch, and she commented on how difficult it was to be alone. Katie was unhappy that Barbara and Rex, the nasty anchorman on the date Katie had arranged, had not clicked, and the two women began to argue. Finally Barbara asked Katie to stay out of her life, and she added that Katie's friend, Vienna, had tricked Henry back into her bed, and he was stuck.

Henry soon found Barbara in Java, but she had nothing to say to him and tried to escape. Henry refused to leave or to let her go until he had said his piece. They sat down, and Barbara blasted Henry by saying she was bored with him and done with all the drama. She declared that she was tossing him out like "a half-eaten sandwich," and he could go back to his "Swedish meatball" and tell her that she had won. Henry was speechless, so Barbara continued that "the master con artist" didn't even realize that Vienna was scamming him. She suggested that he take a paternity test, but Henry was shocked. It had never occurred to him that he might not be the father of Vienna's baby, and he was determined to be a good father.

Casey and Alison shared a joke in Memorial, as Vienna approached and asked to speak with Casey in private. She took Casey by the arm and led him away to an empty room. Vienna then apologized for running "hot and cold" on him, but she said she had been going through a "confusing time" with Henry. She said she had enjoyed her time with Casey, but she realized that they really didn't have anything between them. Casey said he had one question: he wanted to know if there was any good reason why they had to stop having great sex.

Vienna said she and Henry were back together, but again Casey asked his question. Vienna explained that she was in love with another man, and although she was flattered by Casey's attentions, she had to say no. Casey understood and gave her a kiss on the cheek as he walked out. Suddenly, however, Vienna grabbed him and planted a big kiss on his lips and took off.

Katie went to the WOAK archives in the basement of the studio. She found the tape of her wedding to Brad because she said aloud that she needed to see his face. A co-worker walked in and reminded Katie to keep the door propped open because if it slammed shut, it would stick. That sent Katie's brain whirling, and she set down the tape and, being careful to keep the door open, she called Chris and apologized for yelling at him earlier. She asked him to meet her at the archives room at the studio where the tapes were stored, and he agreed. Then matchmaker Katie called Alison at the hospital and left a message for her to also meet in the basement of the television studio.

Katie went back into the archives room, but she fumbled her phone and allowed the door to slam shut. She began hollering for help, but no one heard her. Eventually Chris showed up and called to her from the hall. He was able to force the door open by giving it a huge shove, but he walked in and let it slam again. Katie apologized and admitted that she had wanted Chris to get stuck, but it was supposed to be with Alison, not her. Chris told her what a stupid idea that was, and they sat on the floor, and Katie felt miserable. She said Chris should hate her, but he said he just wanted her to abandon the matchmaking.

Chris noticed a vent overhead near the ceiling on the top of the bookcases full of tapes, and he commented that he thought Katie was small enough to fit through it. He gave her a boost up to the top of the cases, but Katie lost her balance, and both of them tumbled to the floor in a heap. They began to laugh, but Katie had also landed on her wedding tape, and that made her melancholy. She broke into tears, so Chris held her. Katie told Chris about Brad's ghost who spent Christmas Eve with her and Jacob, and she related how hard it was to let him go. Suddenly the door flew open, and Alison burst in. Katie took advantage of the open door and took off, leaving Chris to explain about the aborted matchmaking plan.

Luke visited Noah and delivered some food from Al's to him. Noah was frustrated because he hadn't seen much improvement in his vision yet, but he was trying to be patient. Noah mentioned that he had ventured out into the hall the other day and had heard Luke and Dr. Oliver arguing. He asked what they had been fighting about, and Luke flashed back to their argument about the kiss. Luke glossed over the incident and said Dr. Oliver was still sometimes very difficult to get along with. He claimed not to remember why they were arguing. Noah covered Luke's hand with his own and said it was okay if Luke worried about his level of care. The young men said they loved one another, but Noah asked Luke to "steer clear" of Dr. Oliver.

Reid Oliver walked in and saw Luke and Noah holding hands, and he said he had to check on his patient. His exam was very cursory, and he left in a rush. Noah asked Luke to go apologize to the doctor just in case he had ticked him off, and Luke reluctantly agreed. He went to Reid and said, "I can't do this anymore." They went into an empty room, and Luke said how much he hated lying to Luke. He wanted to tell him about the kiss with Reid, but the doctor called that "a really bad idea." Dr. Oliver told Luke to stop thinking about himself and to concentrate on knowing that if he told Noah that the two of them had shared some kisses and almost had sex, he would be guaranteeing that Noah wouldn't see again. Luke called Oliver "a jerk," but Reid warned him not to upset Reid's patient just to satisfy his own guilt. "Lie your butt off," Oliver advised.

Alison visited Noah, and Noah said he wished that his relationship with Luke could go back the way it was before his accident. He took all the blame for pushing Luke away, and Alison sympathized because of her problems with Casey. Luke returned and asked what Noah would like, and Noah suggested they get permission to go outside again. Dr. Oliver was not crazy about the idea, but the boys persuaded him that fresh air was just what Noah needed. They went to the lake, and Noah reveled in seeing all the colors. He also said he wanted a serious talk with Luke.

At Katie's, she prepared to go pick up Jacob from his sitter, and Reid read the paper on the couch. Katie invited him to go with her and "get some air," but the doctor claimed that he wasn't "fond" of air. It was obvious that he preferred to sit on the couch and mope.

Vienna found Henry and Barbara getting on the elevator in the Lakeview. She asked Henry to go to the lounge and celebrate their baby, and Henry could drink both flutes of champagne. Barbara got on the elevator alone, as Henry watched her. She went to her room and began to cry, and then she poured herself a stiff drink of scotch. She drank it, and then she took the dance trophy she and Henry had won and put it into her wastebasket.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carly dropped in the hospital and asked a nurse about Gabriel's condition. The nurse said the boy was still breathing on a ventilator, and there had been no change. Carly asked why she had not received any of Gabriel's medical bills, as Lily walked up and announced that she had been paying the boy's bills. Carly asked why, so Lily explained that it was because of "guilt, responsibility, and making amends." She went on to say that she had kept a horrible secret for too many years and was trying to make up for it. Then she told Carly that Gabriel Caras was Craig's son.

Carly asked for details, so Lily explained about Craig's liaison with the maid, Lydia. As they talked further, Lily said that Craig had not known until recently that the boy even existed. Liberty walked around the corner and listened in, but then she approached Lily and Carly and asked if what she had heard was true. Lily verified it, and Liberty was stunned because she had been sure that Craig had tried to kill Gabriel because of the blackmail issue.

At the police station, Jack went over Parker's explanation for how Gabriel's accident had happened until Margo interrupted him. She then dropped the news that Gabriel was Craig's natural son, and she added that Lily had said she had informed Craig of that before the fire at Monte Carlo. Margo said she no longer considered her brother a suspect because he would never have attempted to kill his own son. Jack left the station immediately.

Margo went on to the hospital and met Liberty as she exited Gabriel's room. Liberty asked Margo if Craig would have hurt Gabriel if he was angry enough, but Margo denied that. Margo said perhaps Liberty could help figure out who had hurt Gabriel, and she asked her about the pearls she had found Gabriel holding in his hospital bed. Liberty admitted that Parker had actually found them when he'd broken into Gabriel's room. She soft-pedaled Parker's dislike for the boy, as Margo suggested that Liberty was the sore spot between the teens. Liberty admitted that Parker was unreasonably jealous, but she blamed herself for not handling it well.

Craig and Johnny were playing a Wii game, and the boy talked about a friend of his who had a really cool big brother who knew "lots of stuff." Craig thought about that, and then he sat Johnny down and told him that he had a big brother, as well, and it was Gabriel Caras. "He's way cool," was Johnny's response, as Craig went on to explain that the story was a bit complicated, but he would tell Johnny everything later. Someone knocked on the door, and Craig opened it to Jack, who said they needed to talk.

Jack told Craig that he knew about Gabriel, and Craig was quick to point out that it had been Parker who had knocked Gabriel out and left him for dead in the Monte Carlo offices. Jack said he was determined to help Parker out of the mess he was in, and his mission was to make sure that Craig went down for all of it. Then Jack offered Craig another way out; he suggested that Craig throw himself on the mercy of the court and confess to the arson charge only. Jack said Craig had a chance to do what was right or to drag Parker down with him. The men argued loudly, and Craig reminded him that Jack could not live with himself if Jack "bought" Parker's freedom by lying. Jack stomped out.

Craig went to the hospital and saw Liberty leaving Gabriel's room. She asked him if he had meant to hurt his own son, but Craig swore that he had not. Then Craig asked about Gabriel, but Liberty could only say that after his mother died, Gabriel was lonely and had gone looking for Craig. Liberty suggested that he sit with his son a while because Gabriel needed a father badly.

Carly went home and told Parker about Craig and Gabriel. The boy was shocked, but Carly reminded him that he still could not tell anyone about the fight between the two boys. She said Jack was doing everything he could to protect Parker, but her son complained that he felt squeezed by both his parents. The doorbell rang, and Carly saw that Margo was at the door. She warned Parker to hide in the kitchen, and she went to open the door. Margo asked for Parker, but Carly said she had just missed him. Then Margo asked to speak with Carly, so she walked in the house.

Margo asked Carly if she knew who Gabriel really was, and Carly said she had just heard. Margo wanted to know if Carly, as Gabriel's employer, knew anything else about the boy. The question led to how Carly felt about what Craig had done with Parker's trust fund, and then how Parker was dealing with the loss of his money. Carly responded that she didn't think Parker thought much about Gabriel one way or the other. Margo said she had heard that Parker did not like Gabriel because of Liberty, but Carly didn't take the bait. Margo asked Carly to call when Parker returned of to send him to the station for questioning.

After Margo left, Jack dashed into Carly's house, and she told him that Margo had been there asking questions. The two of them argued loudly about Carly's hiding the truth from Jack, but she accused him of being a "self-righteous father who would have turned in his own son." Parker heard his folks screaming, and almost in tears, the boy walked out of the house. Carly and Jack eventually calmed down, and she began to weep. Jack held her and promised that he would not let their boy's future slip away.

On their adventure outside, Luke talked with Noah about how they had first fallen in love, and he admitted that after the accident when Noah pushed him away, Luke had been hurt very much. Luke had delivered his "all in or all out" ultimatum and Noah had chosen "all out." Luke said he had forced himself to let Noah go, but he had still hung on to a thread of hope that they would find their way back to one another. Noah recognized that things were different between them, and Luke was just about to be honest about his relationship with Reid Oliver when Noah experienced excruciating pain in the back of his head. Luke hustled him back to the hospital at once.

At home, Reid Oliver called himself a "bonehead" as he thought about Luke. He opened his phone and deleted the photo of Luke on the mechanical bull in Dallas. Then he went to the hospital and passed Lily at a nurses' station. She asked how things were going for Noah, but Reid blew her off by pontificating about "doctor/patient confidentiality."

Luke rushed Noah in and explained how the boy had experienced tremendous pain. Noah said he was much better, but Dr. Oliver took him into an exam room, while Luke waited with Lily. He agonized that taking Noah outside might have damaged his eyes in some way.

Dr. Oliver found that Noah's pain was not unexpected at that stage of his recovery, and he encouraged the boy to fight for what he wanted. Noah wasn't sure what Oliver was talking about, but he responded that he still loved Luke as much as he ever had. The doctor went out and explained that Noah had experienced a normal post-operative symptom with no lasting effects. Luke went in to Noah, and they hugged. Then Noah said he had been selfish in the way he had treated Luke since the accident, and he asked Luke to leave since he felt guilty for monopolizing his time.

Noah left the exam room and saw Lily in the hall. He explained that he had sent Luke home because he had been so hard on him. Lily said that Luke loved Noah very much, but she advised Noah not to let Luke "off the hook," because he might not return.

Dr. Oliver was drinking a beer in Yo's when Luke joined him. Reid asked why Luke was there, and before Luke could really answer, the doctor paid for his beer and walked out, saying, "I can't do this."

Parker walked into the police station and told Margo that he wanted to confess that he had punched Gabriel Caras in the face, and the boy had fallen and hit his head. Parker had left the boy there in the Monte Carlo office, unconscious.

Friday, May 21, 2010

At the police station, Parker kept confessing to Margo, even though she warned him not to speak without an attorney. Meanwhile, at home, Jack and Carly worried about Parker's situation until they noticed that Parker had ducked out. As they searched for Parker, Margo called to tell them that Parker had confessed to knocking Gabriel unconscious.

When Carly and Jack arrived at the station, Margo said that Parker had confessed of his own volition. Jack and Carly ordered Parker to be quiet, but Parker said he was doing it his way. Carly dragged Parker into the interrogation room. Parker said that he wanted to get his confession over with, but Carly declared that he'd confess over her dead body.

Carly tried to talk Parker out of making a signed confession, but Parker said that the incident was tearing him and his parents apart. He'd seen them fighting constantly about it, and he refused to be the reason that they broke up. Jack entered, and Carly uttered that Parker had confessed for their sakes.

Jack expressed pride in Parker's gumption to confess. Parker worried that Jack would lose his badge and that Jack and Carly would break up. Jack took Carly's hand and said that from there on out, they would handle things honestly. Carly added that they were a family.

An officer entered and took Parker to booking. Carly fretted, but Jack said that it was just procedure. Carly seethed that it was Jack's fault, and she'd never forgive him for it. Jack shot the blame right back at her for throwing him out and keeping things quiet. He felt that she should have gone to him sooner, and Carly retorted that if she had, then he would have just guilted Parker into confessing sooner. Jack abandoned the argument to go call an attorney.

In the headquarters, Margo was livid at Jack for keeping quiet about Parker's role in Gabriel's incident. Jack claimed that he'd been sorting through the facts, but Margo accused him of throwing it all on Craig to keep Parker out of trouble. Jack raged that Craig had committed arson. Asserting that Jack had sabotaged the case, Margo removed him from it.

Later, the officer led Parker back to the interrogation room. Carly wanted to take him home, but the officer explained that Parker was in custody. Parker said that everyone was treating him well, probably because of Jack. Parker hoped that he hadn't let Carly down, but she said that he was the only person in her life who never let her down. She sobbed that she was lucky to have him, and she pulled him into her arms.

Dusty called Al's diner and ordered a "Janet on whole wheat, hold the mayo." Janet laughed, and he stated that he'd be there shortly to collect on her offer for a date. After Dusty arrived with an armful of roses, he said that they'd look back at that day as the beginning for them. When Janet heard that the day was the 21st, she sadly recalled that it was Rocco's birthday.

Janet had planned a big party for Rocco to make up for the ones that they'd missed, and she expressed her sorrow over mourning a man that she'd been just beginning to know. While she didn't blame Dusty for the heart attack, she hadn't fully accepted how Rocco had died. Dusty figured that it wasn't the best day for a date, but she probably shouldn't be alone.

Dusty and Janet strolled through Old Town. Sitting on a bench, he asked to hear about her father's past birthdays. Janet was reluctant at first, but she lit up as she explained that her father would plant a tree to commemorate the birth of a new Ciccone. He'd photographed each tree on each child's birthday to show how much they'd grown. It was their family orchard.

Crying, Janet said that when she'd gone back home, she'd seen that Rocco had planted a tree for Liberty after he'd met her the previous year. Janet sobbed that Rocco would have planted one for the new baby, but he couldn't. Dusty got an idea and asked her to go with him.

Dusty took Janet to the back of her apartment building to plant a tree in honor of the Ciccone tradition. Janet said she wasn't dressed for planting, and he teased that she liked to sit back and give orders. They playfully bantered as he dug the hole, and Janet sprayed Dusty with the hose. They wrestled for the nozzle, and laughing, they fell onto each other.

They kissed, but Janet pulled away. She thanked Dusty for his effort. Before they could kiss again, Jack approached to announce Parker's confession before Liberty heard it from someone else. Dusty sent Janet with Jack, and Jack welcomed the support.

Outside Gabriel's hospital room with Lucinda, Lily felt guilty about Gabriel's predicament, but Lucinda blamed Craig, who hurt anyone that got close to him. Lily insisted that their secrets were at fault, and Lucinda wondered what more Lily could to do for Gabriel, besides visit him and pay his bills. Lily revealed that she'd vouched for Craig in the police investigation, and Lucinda scoffed, because having Craig in jail would solve 99.9% of their problems.

Craig arrived, saying that he was sure Lucinda would love to see him in jail, and she readily told Lily to call security. Lily, however, saw no reason to. "Believe me, if I wanted your mother dead, she'd be out of your misery already," Craig quipped. He thought it'd be more fitting for Lucinda to die alone of old age, and that wouldn't take too much longer.

Craig and Lucinda bickered about Gabriel, and Lily told her mother to stop adding fuel to the fire. Craig asked the doctor for an update about Gabriel, and Lily consented to let the doctor speak to Craig. The doctor indicated that Gabriel was breathing on his own and his prognosis was good. Craig was relieved that Gabriel would make it.

A perturbed Lucinda looked away when Lily touched Craig's hand. "Don't you need to get back to your cave and hang upside down?" Craig asked Lucinda. She said that she didn't take orders from arsonists and would-be murders. Just then, Margo called Craig with the news about Parker's confession. Before leaving the hospital to meet Margo, Craig instructed Lily not to let Lucinda anywhere near his son.

Lily urged Lucinda to leave with her, but Lucinda said that she had her own car. Lily warned her mother not to get any ideas. Lucinda claimed that she'd have to leave Gabriel to fate. The moment that Lily left, Lucinda sneaked into Gabriel's room.

Lucinda touched Gabriel's face and was startled when he awakened. She advised him to take it easy, and he asked if he knew her. She explained that she was a friend of his mother's, and she stated that Lydia had deserved much better than the likes of Craig Montgomery.

At Java with Margo, Craig expressed his excitement over his son's recovery. Craig assumed that Parker's confession had gotten Craig off the hook; however, Margo reluctantly reminded him about the extortion, arson, insurance fraud, and grand theft indictments. "I welcome these hurdles, Margo," Craig said. Once he jumped them, he intended to undo all the mistakes he'd made, all the way back to Bryant. Craig asked Margo to be happy for him, because he'd prove all of his enemies wrong.

While Margo hoped that Craig had learned from his mistakes and would get the chance to make things up to Gabriel, she reminded her brother that he hadn't made an upstanding first impression on Gabriel. She suggested that Gabriel had committed his misdeeds to imitate his newfound father. She implored Craig to repair the damage, not throw away the second chance that he could have with his son.

Margo and Craig went to the hospital and learned from Lily that Gabriel had awakened. For support, Craig asked his sister to visit Gabriel with him. Lily hung around at the door as Margo gently asked Gabriel if he remembered the incident. With a spiteful look at Craig, Gabriel muttered that he remembered everything.

Lucinda approached the door, and Lily told her mother that Gabriel had awakened. Lily thought that they should be grateful, because it could have ended badly for everyone.

Lucinda and Lily listened as, inside the room, Gabriel explained to Margo that, on the day of the fire, he'd recovered from the scuffle with Parker to find Craig in the room with him. Gabriel claimed that Craig had hit him, and Craig had stated that Gabriel would never get out of the Monte Carlo building alive. Craig was shocked at Gabriel's accusation. Lucinda turned from the door and stifled a grin.



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