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Janet and Amanda bid farewell to Pine Valley. Esther and Stuart left town to get married. Skye returned to town for Stuart's memorial service. After Liza told Adam that she loved him, he gave her signed divorce papers. Dimitri pretended to be in a catatonic state. Guy plotted to kill Alex.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Leo caught up to Greenlee and hoisted her in the air. Kicking and screaming the whole way, Greenlee was forcibly taken back to the studio. She threatened to inflict harm upon Leo, but Leo was more amused than frightened. He chuckled as he warned Greenlee of the dangers of threatening a murder suspect. Greenlee tearfully spoke of the pain she felt when Ryan ditched her for Gillian. Between sniffles, she admitted that she'd heard "wedding bells" in her head and that she'd hoped Ryan would have swept her off of her feet. "I know what it's like to reach out [to someone] and come up empty," Leo replied. Greenlee rolled her eyes and stated that Leo seemed like the kind of guy who didn't need anyone. That, Leo confessed, was just a facade. Leo took Greenlee in his arms and told her of a particularly horrifying moment he'd experienced as a child. Leo had awoken from a nightmare one night and called out to his mother; she didn't come running. When Leo headed off to find his mother in the dark of night, she was nowhere to be found. All Leo had heard was the sound of himself breathing. Now, though, Leo said that he could hear Greenlee's breathing and heartbeat in addition to his own breathing. They looked longingly at each other. Then, then moved closer and shared a tender kiss. They parted lips before leaning back over and sharing a much more passionate kiss. They gave into their temptation and had sex. Afterwards, Leo and Greenlee laid on their backs looking up at the ceiling. Neither one had expected or even envisioned that they'd be having sex with one another. Leo asked Greenlee, "Where do we go from here?" Greenlee stated that she was still interested in Ryan, and Leo quickly followed it up by saying that he still planned to pursue Becca. "Maybe in some other life," Greenlee smiled as she thought of a potential relationship with Leo.

Liza recognized Esther and tried her best to make the woman feel at ease. As Esther was mentioning how she'd heard that Stuart was "gone," Scott and Becca arrived at the chapel. Adam told Scott that he was glad to see him, but Scott didn't appear to share the same sentiment. Esther asked the family if there was anything that she could do for them. Adam angrily replied, "You want to do something? Bring Stuart back!" Esther's face fell. Nervously, she asked Adam if he really believed that she could bring Stuart back to life. Adam shook his head and ridiculed Esther's "stupid" remarks. Liza tried to explain to Esther that Adam was lashing out because he was mourning his brother's death. Scott walked over to Esther, who'd retreated to the far side of the chapel, and apologized to her for having bothered her at her trailer during their search for Stuart. Scott said that he should have known all along that Stuart was hiding at the cabin... and that he should have waited there for him to return. Becca sensed that Scott was about to blame himself for Stuart's death and assured him that he'd done nothing wrong. Across the church, Adam took Liza up on her suggestion to use their time to pray. "You took Stuart to punish me," Adam prayed aloud. "Bravo! You hit the mark. I can live in a world without God. I can't live without my brother." Liza embraced her husband as Esther looked on in horror. Finally, it became too much for her to bear. "Oh, God! I'm so sorry," she exclaimed. All eyes fell upon her just as she admitted that Stuart wasn't dead. Adam called her outburst a "raving" and asked Esther why she'd bothered to return to Pine Valley. Esther smiled meekly and said that she'd returned because her sister had gotten better. Adam nodded his head and said that the sister's recovery was due to the fact that he'd stopped paying her off. "Your sister is trailer trash," Adam sneered. "It must run in the family." Suddenly, it became clear that Esther's sister hadn't been sick with a "mysterious debilitation fatigue." Adam had paid her to fake the illness so that Esther would leave town. Stunned and hurt by the realization, Esther burst out of the chapel. Liza followed after her. Adam grumbled about the minister's failure to show up. Scott had heard enough of his uncle's complaining and ordered him to keep quiet. Adam told Scott that he felt horribly about his loss and offered to be there for him. Scott lashed out at Adam, saying that his father wasn't even buried yet and Adam already wanted to take his place. Adam denied that that was true, but Scott continued verbally assaulting him. "He burned in your hell," Scott said, placing the blame on Stuart's death squarely upon Adam. Adam said nothing, but rather turned and walked away. Later, Scott met with the minister and said that he wanted an open memorial service where anyone could stand up and talk about their special memories of Stuart.

Opal entered the gallery through an unlocked back door and immediately tried to offer Marian support and comfort. After telling Opal that she felt "lost" without Stuart, Marian wished that she could see Stuart just one more time. Outside the gallery, Stuart slowly approached the door. He knocked on the door and made a wish that someone inside could help him figure out who he was. Marian heard the knock on the door and tearfully told Opal that she wasn't able to see any more well wishers. Opal nodded understandingly and said that if they were quiet the person might leave. The knocking on the door continued. Marian shouted through tears and told the person to leave because she didn't want to talk to anyone. Stuart, a bit confused, turned and slowly started walking away. He got no more than four or five paces before turning and walking back towards the gallery. On the other side of the door, Marian sobbed that the only person she wanted to see was Stuart. Liza dropped by the gallery with Esther by her side. She introduced Esther to Marian, who was troubled deeply to see Stuart's wife in such pain. Marian recognized Esther's name and related to the pain she must be feeling over Stuart's death. Esther's face fell and she raced out of the gallery. Outside, the bumped into Stuart and nervously asked him what he was doing there. Stuart explained that he wanted to see if someone at the gallery could help him regain his memory. Esther, however, told him that the gallery was closed and that no one there would be of any help to him. Inside, Marian told everyone to be quiet because she thought she heard Stuart's voice. Liza and Opal exchanged worried glances. Marian was about to open the front door when Adam walked into the room. Marian tearfully looked at Adam and demanded to know what he'd done to Stuart. Adam's brow crinkled up as he asked Marian what she was talking about. Back outside, Esther told Stuart that she had decided that they were going to pack up the trailer, break camp, and leave Pine Valley.

Standing just inches outside of the sanatorium, Alex and Edmund agreed that their work at Bryn Wydd. Guy wheeled the electrical apparatus out of Dr. Griffith's office right past the motionless Dimitri. Dr. Griffith was furious that Dimitri had been left unattended in the waiting area. Alex and Edmund entered the doctor's office through a back door. Alex rummaged through the man's desk, but found nothing. Edmund had similar luck because everything else in the room was locked. Edmund cracked the door and looked into the waiting room. He determined that the coast was clear and he and Alex slipped out of the office. Alex gasped as she looked into the waiting room. She froze in place upon seeing the mechanism that had previously been hidden in the doctor's office. She instantly referred to the device as "an electronic convulsive device," otherwise a device used in shock therapy. Suddenly, Alex turned and held a dagger to Edmund's throat. "Don't move or you're dead," she snarled. Edmund's eyes widened in shock. He calmly talked Alex out of her sudden rage. She dropped the knife and told Edmund that she had no idea what had come over her. Several voices sounded nearby and the pair was forced to go back into hiding. Inside the room, Alex and Edmund came upon another surprise. Stretched on a gurney and partially covered by a blue sheet was the lifeless body of the housekeeper who'd told Alex that Bryn Wydd was not a hospital. Alex ran her hand over the woman's face to close her eyes and sighed that she was responsible for the woman's death. Out in the waiting area, Dr. Griffith told a gathering of men that the woman had died suddenly, presumably of a heart attack. Another man noted that all signs seemed to confirm the doctor's determination. An inspector, who'd been summoned to Bryn Wydd, advised Dr. Griffith that in the future he was not to move the body of the deceased. The men walked towards Alex and Edmund's location and the pair was once again forced to scramble. After the left, Guy met up with Dr. Griffith. The doctor told Guy that "the problem of the housekeeper had been eliminated." Not content with the situation, Guy warned him that it would be only a matter of time before Alex knew the whole truth. Guy decided that he'd tail Alex from that point forward. Dr. Griffith left his office and returned to the waiting area. He arrived just as an orderly was wheeling Dimitri to his office. Dr. Griffith scolded the man for leaving Dimitri unattended. He said that Alex could have stumbled upon him and they all could have been "found out." Dully scolded, Quinn, the orderly, told Dr. Griffith that the latest batch of tests showed that Dimitri is "completely catatonic." Supposedly unable to move and unaware of his surroundings, Dimitri turned his head and gave the two men an unexpected and unnoticed scowl.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Arlene sat alone at a table at BJ's waiting for Billy to make an appearance. When he did, she whispered into her collar that she was ready to move. Arlene called out to Billy like he was an old friend. Billy turned, looked at her, and told her that she must be mistaking him for someone else. Nevertheless, curiosity took Billy over the Arlene's table where she promptly ordered him tequila. As a tool to help the man remember her, Arlene whispered something sexy into his ear. Billy's face lit up and he admitted that his memory hasn't been so good of late. Arlene boosted her claim by apologizing to Billy for being gone for so long. She claimed that she'd been locked up for a few years after being busted for running a prostitution ring. When she mentioned a police officer by the name of Dillon, Billy's face lit up. He chuckled as he stated that Trevor had put him away too. Not to worry, though, Billy boasted that he'd gotten back at the policeman. Arlene smiled and asked him what he'd done. "I framed Trevor Dillon for murder!" he cackled. After some gently prodding, Billy told how he'd seen "a bag lady" attack a woman with blonde hair with a crowbar. The woman he spoke of, of course, was Janet. That aside, Billy said that he'd told the police that Trevor had killed the woman. He continued on, explaining that "blondie" had whacked the bag lady with the crowbar in self-defense. That was all Arlene needed to hear. She whispered into her hidden microphone and within seconds Derek had shown up tableside. Billy was arrested for giving a false statement and Derek congratulated and thanked Arlene.

Across the restaurant, Leo wondered aloud why Derek had arrested "that bum." Greenlee was less than interested. There was awkward silence as neither Greenlee nor Leo knew how to handle their brief fling. Finally, Greenlee tired of the silence and asked Leo why two "worldly" people like themselves would be "weirded out by a little sex." To a casual observer, however, Leo did not seem to share Greenlee's nonchalant attitude about their lovemaking. Out of the corner of her eye, Greenlee saw that Becca had arrived at the restaurant. Greenlee motioned Becca over to the table and offered to buy her a drink. Becca coldly replied that she would not accept a drink from Greenlee if she were "stranded in Death Valley." Leo asked Becca why she was being so nasty to Greenlee. Becca noted that she and Greenlee were not friends. She then turned the Greenlee and blasted her for the bet she'd made with Leo over whether or not he could get her into bed. Greenlee sassily replied that Becca had better lose her sour attitude or risk getting "[expelled]... from Sunnybrook Farm." Becca shook her head and told Leo and Greenlee that they should "jump in the sack" because they deserved each other. Leo tried to talk to Becca, but she brushed him off and left BJ's. Greenlee returned to thoughts of Ryan, ridiculing Leo's disastrous attempts to get closer to Becca.

"You need to rest," Esther told Stuart. Stuart shook his head and said that he felt a need to get inside the art gallery. "There's no one in there that you want to see," she added. On the other side of the wall, Adam poked fun at Marian's belief that she'd heard Stuart. Under his breath he muttered that she was the one who should've been locked up at Oak Haven. Marian, however, was determined to see if Stuart was outside. She burst past her family and raced out of the gallery. There was no one around. Marian raced back and forth outside, but her search efforts came up empty. Liza escorted her mother back inside, where Marian again lashed out at Adam for ridiculing her. Adam had said that Marian's outbursts and misguided beliefs only made it harder to deal with Stuart's death. Marian snapped that it was painful for her to look at Adam's face, "an empty copy" of Stuart. Adam coldly replied that he could not change his face. Her fists drawn, Marian raced across the room towards Adam and announced that she cold very easily change his face. Liza stepped between the two wannabe warriors and asked them to stop bickering. Scott, who'd arrived on the scene, told everyone that he'd finalized arrangements for the funeral. He asked for some suggestions for musical selections, but his innocent question set off Marian and Adam yet again. Marian wanted some of Stuart'' favorite music, jazz and other upbeat tunes, to be played. Adam thought that that was completely out of the question. He sassed that they might as well "hire clowns to throw confetti." Again, Marian and Adam nearly came to blows. Liza angrily asked the two how they thought Stuart would react if he saw them fighting. The quickly realized that they were acting inappropriately and agreed to a cease-fire. Adam told Marian and Scott to pick the music. He, however, had one request: He wanted one of Stuart's favorite hymns on the playlist. Adam wasn't sure the name of the hymn, so Scott offered to help him find it. Adam shook his head and said that he wanted to find it himself. Later, Opal remained behind to help comfort Marian. Opal told Marian not to let Adam or any of the other cynics in the world get her down. She admitted that her daughter, Jenny, was "right next" to her every day. Marian tearfully said that she wants Stuart to be with her "every minute of every single day."

Hayley paced frantically at the Dillon house waiting for word on her mother's sting operation. Brooke and Janet assured Hayley that Arlene would do her best. Hayley shook her head and sighed that she could not believe that they'd pinned their hopes on her mother. Janet thought about how she wanted her life back, reflecting momentarily on some of the time she'd shared with Trevor. In a grumble, Janet told the other two women that Billy was not the only problem she had to clear up. Jack arrived at the house with a bouquet of flowers for Janet. Janet instantly recognized the flowers as those she'd had in her wedding bouquet. Jack nodded his head and flashed her a smile. Jack revealed that he and Trevor had spoken. Ever since he'd left town, Trevor had been communicating with Jack via the classified ads of a Denver newspaper. In the event of an emergency, Jack had been given a secret cell phone number. Jack determined that Arlene's undercover stint constituted an emergency and he contact Trevor. Janet pleaded with the attorney to give her the number. Sadly, Trevor had ditched the phone right after he spoke to Jack for safety reasons. Derek and Arlene arrived at the house with the good news. Arlene chirped merrily about her success as Hayley looked on in amazement. Arlene scurried across the room and wrapped her arms around her daughter. A dazed Hayley didn't quite know how to react. Derek chimed in that he'd spoken to the District Attorney and learned that all charges against Trevor were going to be dropped. "What about me?" Janet asked quietly. Jack walked over to her and told her that Billy's confession meant that she was cleared of any possibly charges that she might face. Amanda tottered down the steps and Hayley broke the good news to her: Her daddy was coming home. Janet motioned her little girl over to her and told her that she had something that she needed to tell her. She smiled and told Amanda that she'd finally gotten what'd she asked for --- her family. "Things will be a little different now," Janet said softly as everyone gathered around her. "We've changed." Janet told her daughter that starting a new in Pine Valley would be extremely difficult. That's why Janet had decided that instead of Trevor coming back to Pine Valley, they would all start anew in a new town. Amanda took the relocation announcement quite well, her only concern was whether or not their new town would have a mall. Hayley sniffed slightly and told Amanda that the new start would also mean that Tim could rejoin them. Janet then told her daughter that their new start would have to be on hold for a little while because she was going to "go away" for a little while. Amanda knew that her mother was going to see some doctors so that she could stop "feeling sad" all the time. After some hugs and kisses, everyone left Janet and Amanda to think about their upcoming changes. Janet and Amanda sat on the porch and watched their friends and loved ones walk down the sidewalk one final time.

At the chapel, Adam found the hymn he'd been searching for and began singing. Liza, a concerned look on her face, filed into the chapel and sat on the pew next to her husband. Adam told her that he was going to go home and rest up because he had to appear at an Oak Haven hearing in the morning. Liza told Adam that she was going to go with him and testify that she'd tricked him into getting committed to Oak Haven. "No, I don't need your help," Adam replied icily. Liza explained that she felt that she had to do her part to make things better. "I'm on my own now," Adam said distantly. "[I] better get used to it."

Esther took Stuart back to the trailer and told him that she planned to pack up the trailer so that they could hit the road. Stuart didn't like the idea of traveling at night, but Esther managed to convince him that they were "vagabonds" who traveled across the country at whim. Why else, she asked, would they be living in a trailer? Stuart told her that he wanted to remain in Pine Valley because he thought that his memories were there. Esther caught sight of a road map on the other side of the trailer and told Stuart that Pine Valley wasn't even his home --- he was from Detroit. Stuart didn't know enough to question her, but he still wanted to wait until morning to leave. Esther spoke of how they could start over on the road. Stuart ultimately agreed and walked ahead to get the car ready. Esther remained behind, smiling devilishly to herself. "By this time tomorrow, we'll be six states away," she cackled. "And no one will ever find us."

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Alex and Edmund returned to the hunting lodge after their brief European trek. As Edmund helped her with her jacket, Alex flashed back to one of the romantic encounters the two had shared in her mother's cottage. Gillian had been at the lodge and broke the news of Stuart's death to the pair. Alex knew that Marian would be "utterly devastated" by Stuart's death. Regrettably, she knew all too well the pain of losing a husband. Gillian hadn't known that Alex and Stuart were close; she'd forgotten that Stuart had been on the beach when Maximillian had to be put down. Alex had left the lodge to fetch the sketch Stuart had done of Dimitri from the tack room. As she hung the picture above the fireplace, Alex casually mentioned that Guy must have taken a vacation because there was a new stablehand tending to Scorpio. Edmund picked up the phone and placed a call to the new horsekeeper. He told the man that he could remain on until Guy came back, but said that he wanted to see Guy immediately upon his return. Edmund and Gillian left the lodge, but Edmund would return soon thereafter. He and Alex made love for the first time in the lodge, prompting Alex to re-evaluate some things about her life. She told Edmund that she wanted to start her new life with him in Pine Valley. They were about to have a second round of lovemaking, but a knock on the door interrupted them. Guy had returned to Wildwind and was following up on Edmund's request that he see him. Edmund coldly told Guy that he had not given him permission to take a vacation or to hire anyone new. So, that left Edmund with a very big question: Where had Guy been?

Greenlee placed a phone call to Gillian and asked her to meet her at BJ's. Gillian was surprised by the invitation, but she accepted nevertheless. Soon after Greenlee ended the call, Ryan wandered over to her table. Greenlee told Ryan that she thought it might be a good idea for them to have a "roll out party" to promote Incredible Dreams. Ryan liked the idea, but he was troubled by Greenlee's suggestion that they use their first customer in advertisements for the web site. It wasn't that he was opposed to using the girl, but Greenlee made repeated references to the young girl's physical attractiveness, something that turned Ryan's stomach. He would, however, admit later that image means a lot in today's society, but the discussion went no further. Ever the curious woman, Greenlee asked Ryan how things were going between him and Gillian. Ryan cocked his head to the side and asked Greenlee why she cared about his relationship with his former wife. Covering for her idle nosiness. Greenlee said that Ryan might be able to use Gillian to coerce Edmund into writing an article about Incredible Dreams for Tempo. Ryan liked the idea, but he said that he would go to Edmund himself. Ryan's takeout order was ready, so he bid Greenlee farewell. On his way out of the restaurant, Ryan bumped into Gillian. "Damn," Greenlee muttered to herself. Gillian coldly asked Ryan if he was going to walk out on her again. Ryan quickly countered that she had walked out on him at WRCW. Gillian chalked up her actions to Ryan's rudeness, a fact Ryan didn't dispute. They both mentioned that they would be attending Stuart's funeral. Gillian fondly recalled how Stuart had once offered to marry her in Scott's place. That, of course, was back when Gillian needed a green card to stay in the country. She bowed her head and said that Stuart knew that she was not in love with Scott. An awkward silence fell upon the pair and Ryan knew that it was time to go home. Gillian pulled up a chair at Greenlee's table and the two quickly got to talking about a documentary Greenlee wanted to do. The subject of the hush-hush documentary, Greenlee smiled, would be Gillian. Gillian's eyes widened and she hurriedly replied that she was not "fascinating" enough to be the focus of such a project. Greenlee insisted that people would love to hear her story. Gillian reluctantly agreed and started telling Greenlee about her first few months in Pine Valley. Greenlee had a tape recorder handy and immediately hit the record button. Gillian glossed over her days as a "spoiled brat" and how she and Ryan had helped to change one another. Gillian sensed that it was time to go home and the interview ended there. Greenlee laughed devilishly and logged on to Incredible Dreams via her laptop and cellular modem. There, she set up a bogus dream request under the name Cynthia. She said that she was new to this country and needed to find some friends so that she would no longer feel like a! n outsider.

At the Glamorama, Erica headed off to see Sven for a much-needed massage. Vanessa arrived moments later and was irritated when Tiffany asked her how Leo was holding up. Right behind Vanessa, Palmer appeared holding the infamous emerald earrings. He asked that she put them on, but Vanessa said that she didn't want to appear "ostentatious" or as if she was flaunting her wealth. "My wealth," Palmer said correcting her. Opal had overheard the entire discussion and even got a chance to view the emerald earrings first-hand. She knew instantly that Vanessa was the one who's lost the emerald in Paolo's room. Opal raced off to find Erica, but Erica was already under Sven's magic fingers. As soon as she exited the massage room, Opal collared her and told her what she'd learned. She nearly toppled over when Erica nonchalantly told her that she already knew that the emerald belonged to Vanessa. Opal, her mouth agape, listened intently as she told Opal that Vanessa had broken into David's room and stolen the emerald back from them. Opal immediately appeared by Palmer's side and the manicuring station and warned him that he was married to "a murderess." Palmer rolled his eyes and mumbled that Opal must have been talking to Erica. Palmer questioned why Opal was concerned about him. Opal fumbled for a response, ultimately saying that she would naturally be concerned about the father of her child. Opal tried to explain to Palmer that Vanessa had been having an affair with Paolo, but Palmer didn't seem at all concerned. When his former wife ended her sermon, Palmer asked that she "stay out of it and keep [her] mouth shut." Palmer headed on his way. A little while later, Vanessa raced towards the exit of the salon. Erica stepped in front of her and told her that she should not be in such a hurry to leave because she might leave something behind. Vanessa looked at her curiously. Erica told Vanessa that she knew that she'd stolen the emerald from David's room. Vanessa argued that it was merely a coincidence that the emerald had vanished around the same time that she'd been caught exiting David's hotel room. For her part, Erica told Vanessa that she was not let off the list of murder suspects. Vanessa looked at her icily and noted that she, too, was still a suspect.

At the loft shared by Ryan and Scott, Tina and Adrian tended to the operation of Incredible Dreams. Everything was in place for Christian Burn's appearance at Pine Valley Hospital. When asked about her fantasy, Tina said that she had two: one was to find homes for children everywhere and the second was to spend an undetermined amount of time on a deserted island with a "tall, dark, sexy man." Adrian offered Tina a job as a consultant for the web site since it was her handiwork that had landed the teen singer. Tina, however, said that she was content to stay on as a waitress as SOS. Adrian was surprised and mentioned that he didn't think she'd turn down the job offer. Tina became very defensive, blasting Adrian for was she saw as an insinuation that she was not living up to her full potential by remaining a waitress. Adrian tried to explain that he was offering Tina a compliment, but Tina didn't see it that say. She labeled the man a "bonafide snob." By the time Ryan returned home, Tina and Adrian were definitely on the outs. Tina took her food and stormed off to the nightclub. Ryan asked Adrian what he'd done to upset Tina. Adrian shrugged and said that he had no idea. Before they could figure out what had gone wrong, another dream request filtered its way through from the web site. Ryan read the letter, his eyes aglow. He had no way of knowing that Greenlee had written the bogus dream request.

Across the pond at Bryn Wydd, Quinn grumbled about the pains of having to keep Dimitri on as a patient. Dr. Griffith, however, noted that Dimitri was very valuable to them. According to the doctor, Dimitri had begun a search to uncover some of Alex's past. They weren't sure what he'd learned and they needed to keep him alive until they found out. Quinn argued that it was high likely that Dimitri would remain "catatonic" for the rest of his life. Griffith informed the man that Alex's experimental treatment has been working. That, though, was before they'd abducted Dimitri from Seaview Hospital. The doctor was quick to remind Quinn that there was no reason to fear holding on to Dimitri because everyone believed that he was dead. Dr. Griffith placed his hand on Dimitri's shoulder. As he did, Dimitri's hand twitched slightly. Dr. Griffith was on the phone with an accomplice when he received a page. He and Quinn left the office, musing that they could leave Dimitri there because he wasn't going to be going anywhere. Soon after they left, however, Dimitri proved them wrong. He slowly rose from his wheelchair and walked across the room. He took Dr. Griffith's keys and held them in his unsteady hands. "Don't be afraid," Dimitri whispered aloud as though speaking to Alex. "I'm coming." Before Dimitri could do anything, voices sounded outside the doorway. Dimitri raced back to his wheelchair and repositioned himself in nearly the same position he'd been sitting in before. There was once different --- and Quinn picked up on it almost as soon as he re-entered the office. Dimitri's foot had somehow fallen off of the wheelchair's footrest. Dr. Griffith chalked it up to a muscle spasm. Quinn felt it was something else. Perhaps, he offered, Dimitri was no longer in his catatonic state. Dr. Griffith announced that there was one way to put it to the test. He reached for a lighter and set it ablaze. As he moved the flame closer to Dimitri, he said that he would see if Dimitri responded to pain.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Skye Chandler arrived in Pine Valley and blasted Adam for not telling her about Stuart's death. Hayley attempted to apologize for Adam's oversight to an unforgiving Skye. A heartsick Adam rushed off after Tad accidentally broke one of Stuart's sculptures. A heartbroken Liza looked on as Adam grieved for Stuart at the ruins of the cabin. Dr. Griffith performed a grueling test to ensure that Dimitri was still catatonic.

Dimitri begged the nurse for help as she prepared to give him a sedative. Meanwhile, Alex flashed back to Guy calling her "Anna" and realized she already knew him. Guy called Dr. Griffith and relayed that Alex's memory was returning. Dimitri then overheard Dr. Griffith give Guy the go ahead to kill Alex as long as it looked accidental.

Thursday, May 12, 2000

Greenlee and Leo once again gave into their attraction and made love. Greenlee asked Tad to make a case for Leo's innocence on his show. Tad then decided to confront Derek on live television over the evidence he had against Leo. Later, Tad discovered Stuart's coat at the police station and broke down on television over his guilt. Guy sabotaged the fuse box outside the hunting lodge and wanted to make it look like Alex was accidentally electrocuted. Alex told Edmund about her memory of Guy and Edmund went off to confront him. Meanwhile, Dimitri frantically sent a message to warn Edmund, while Alex ventured outside after the lights suddenly flickered at the lodge. Edmund received Dimitri's cryptic message and ran out to save Alex, who was then electrocuted. Liza admitted to Adam that she misjudged him and begged for his forgiveness. Adam told Liza that he could



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