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Passions Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on PS
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Hank shows up at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Pilar is in the kitchen baking. She asks Hank where he had been. He tells her that he had been away trying to make some money because it took money to travel to Paris and court Sheridan. Pilar tells him that Luis is in Paris because a wire came about the murder of Jean-Luc. Hank realized that the name sounded familiar, and realizes that Luis went to Paris as a cop. He goes to make a call to Sam to make sure that they haven't given away his room. Sam tells him about Sheridan having Luis arrested for kidnapping her. He tells Pilar and she can't understand why Luis didn't call her. Hank decides to go to Boston.

Sheridan is having second thoughts about pressing charges against Luis because she realizes that it may ruin his career. She tells Tina about all that she and Luis went through. Tina tells her that it seems as if Luis were her protector. Sheridan said that Luis did a lot for her ,but then he acted like a chauvinist pig. Tina tells her that she thinks that Sheridan is upset that Luis hasn't taken her to bed, yet. Of course, Sheridan denies this. Tina tells Sheridan that if she had been in Luis's shoes , she would have done the same thing. Tina gives her a romance novel and tells her that it reminded her of Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan begins having fantasies about Luis. Tina asks Sheridan why she was still in Boston if she had no feelings for Luis. Sheridan said that she was just waiting on a car. Luis is in his cell dreaming about different scenarios of Sheridan getting killed. Meanwhile, upstairs Hank has arrived at the station and is talking to Tina. She comments on how crazy Sheridan and Luis are about each other. Hank said that he had never realized that because he was the one who was crazy about Sheridan. Luis is calling out for Sheridan in his sleep, when she arrives. He grabs her through the bars and kisses her, as Hank walks in.

Miguel and Charity are discussing the prom. He is sure that they will be named King and Queen. Charity is still worried about the premonitions, but Miguel tells her that he loves her and could never love another woman. They even decide to join the prom committee. Meanwhile Kay and Simone are discussing Charity and Miguel. Kay is trying to think of ways to ruin the prom for Charity. Simone tells her that she is not sure that there is anything that Kay can do to keep them apart. Kay still agrees to help Simone to land Chad.

Tabitha tells Timmy that she has to find a way to help Kay break up Charity and Miguel for good. Tabitha is going to be a chaperone, and Timmy asks if he can tag along? She tells him that he is welcome to attend. Timmy has a daydream about dancing with Charity. He pretends that he is Tony from Saturday Night Fever and he and Charity dance. Tabitha regrets ever letting Timmy watch the movie. Timmy tells her that he loves movies because he gets all sorts of ideas when he watches them. Tabitha gets an idea of how she can ruin the prom for Charity. She gets the movie "Carrie" from the case and tries to think of a way to deliver the movie to Kay.

Kay is upstairs searching for some way to break up Charity and Miguel when she comes across the movie, which Timmy planted there. Kay realizes that this is a sign. She said that Carrie was the biggest prom movie and she was going to follow the movie to destroy Charity. Simone wonders how the movie got there and starts searching, while Timmy hides under the bed.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2000

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Eve is in her bed dreaming, inside her dream she dreams that she wakes up and Julian is in her bed on top of her. She tries telling him to get out and that TC is right there, but he says he wont. He says he wants to re-live what they used to do. Eve then says that she wishes that she never would have gotten into bed with Julian that night. She dreams of that night, with a twist now they are at the Jazz Club. Eve is singing for a while. When she is done she walks by Julian, and he says he wants to make love to her. She says no. He says that she can't say no because he is Julian Crane, and that he gets what he wants. Julian says that he will make her a proposal. She asks if he is proposing to her to get married? He says no! He says that he wants her to be his mistress. She says she won't have that, she wants to get married and be in love, and have children, and have a lot of friends who respect her. She says that one day there could be pictures of them, and his wife could blackmail them. Suddenly, Ivy shows up at the club and tells Eve nice try, but she can't rewrite history. Eve asks them both to go away and leave her alone, but Ivy says that won't do any good, she already has the photos of them in bed. Ivy pulls out a huge photo of them in bed together. Suddenly, TC, Sam, and Grace show up. A bed then appears out've nowhere so Julian pulls Eve on the bed to make love to her. Grace then tells Sam that TC isn't going like this one bit. TC notices the photos in Ivy's hands and looks at the pictures. Eve explains that Ivy is blackmailing her, and that she is making her choose between showing the pictures to TC or getting Sam into bed with Ivy. Grace is outraged, and Eve begs for her forgiveness. Ivy tells Eve that it is far too late for apologies. Then everyone starts to show up first Tabby pups up and says that everyone makes mistakes. Then TC says that he can't believe what his wife has done! Charity shows and says no wonder why she didn't want her to say anything about her visions of her and Julian in bed. Simone shows up with Kay, and Kay says that she can't believe what her mother has done. And Simone says that she can't believe her mother, and that she is gonna grow up to become a tramp just like her! Eve then wakes up from her nightmare, screaming! TC asks he what she was dreaming about she says she can't tell him. He says he knows what it is, he was dreaming about Blackmail and Ivy.

Kay is upstairs at the Bennetts with Simone. Simone is asking Kay how the movie got there. Kay says that it was a sign from God. They keep talking. Timmy eventually jumps out of the window and into Tabby's arms. Timmy tells Tabitha "Mission Accomplished"

Charity and Miguel are talking on the phone about the prom, when all of a sudden Charity gets up and says oh no...and walks out of the room. Miguel is calling for her, but she can't hear him she is in a trance. She goes downstairs. Miguel ends up saying that something is wrong and he is going to go find her.

The Bennett House:
Kay and Simone are watching Carrie downstairs. Tabitha and Timmy are spying on them through the window. Timmy asks to watch but Tabitha says no, then she finally gives in and lets him take a peek. Timmy looks and can't watch. Charity them comes downstairs still in her trance. While Kay is rambling on about the movie. Simone tells her to look. Charity then walks over to the VCR and pulls the tape out. She then slams it on the ground yelling "EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!" she gets something from the fire place and starts whacking it. Then Sam and Grace come down and ask what's wrong. They see Charity on the floor and Grace rushes over to her, and cuddles her. Timmy says he feels bad for Charity Kay goes over and replaces it with Sound of Music. Miguel shows up and tells Sam what happened while they were on the phone. Simone warns Kay that she better be careful, Charity does have those visions. Kay asks when Charity's visions have ever had anything to do with real life? Charity snaps out of her trance and remembers nothing that happened. Grace says that Charity must have just been sleepwalking. Charity says she feels fine now. Later, Kay tells Simone that if she thought Carrie's prom was bad, wait till she gets a load of Charity's. Back upstairs, Charity has nightmares about the prom.

Luis is in his jail cell still having that nightmare that Sheridan gets shot. He then half wakes up calling for Sheridan, She shows up at the cell and says she's right here. He finally wakes up and runs over to her and kisses her through the bars! Hank then walks in. He is very hurt. They both kiss for quite a while. Then Luis backs away saying that he doesn't know what he was thinking. "I guess I was dreaming" She asks if he was dreaming about her, but he says he doesn't remember. They then start arguing again, as Sheridan tries to apologize. Hank sneaks out. Sheridan tries to apologize to Luis for putting him in jail but he doesn't listen. Luis says he wouldn't be surprised if she filed another complaint on him. She asks what he is talking about, and he says that she will probably file some complaint against him for assault because he kissed her. She says she is trying to be nice. He says if she is trying to be nice. Then don't be! 'She says she is sorry that she ever let him kiss her. Luis says he was probably dreaming of someone else. She asks who and he says someone like Beth. She says that she feels sorry that she would ever get involved with him. He says don't worry. Sheridan is furious as she leaves. Luis is in his cell thinking of why he kissed Sheridan, he says that he shouldn't care what happens to her. And that there is nothing between them. Sheridan goes back in the lobby place, and finds Hank. She asks why he is here. He says that he heard about Luis getting arrested from Sam, and came down to see if he could help. She admits to Hank that Luis saved her life. Hank then asks questions. He asks if he saved her life then why did he have him arrested? Sheridan says she wanted to teach him a lesson. Hank doesn't buy it, he thinks she did it for payback. Sheridan tells him about the kiss. She doesn't think that they will ever clear the air between them. He asks if that bothers her. She says she doesn't know, that she is really confused. She asks if Hank would go and talk to him. Hank looks down then finally says he would do anything for her. He leaves to go visit Luis and Tina comes out. She asks Sheridan how it went, if she told Luis. She said she didn't get to it. She tells Tina that Luis kissed her. She is shocked! But she tells Sheridan that she has to admit that her and Luis are meant for each other. Sheridan says there not. Hank walks up the cell. Luis says he isn't really up for anymore visitors. Hank just comes out and asks why he did it? Is he in love with Sheridan? Luis says he already explained it before, he is not in love with her. Hank says he wants to know because he needs to know if he has to compete with Luis anymore. Luis says go for it. Hank asks if he wants him to pass something on to Sheridan. Luis says yes, to stay the hell away from me! Hank then leaves. Sheridan walks up to him and ask him if he talked to Luis. He says that Luis is still pretty upset. She asks if he told him how sorry she was. He says he couldn't get to it. He then tells her that the other thing he doesn't know if she wants to hear. She says she does. He says that Luis says that he is sorry he ever went to Paris to find her, and that he never wants to see her again! Sheridan says fine! and leaves. Hank smiles as he drinks from his coffee.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2000

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Theresa gets her hopes up when Ethan says he wants to perform one more wedding ritual with her. Theresa is disappointed as he lifts her up and carries her across the threshold. Ethan jokingly tells Pilar he and Theresa were married, leaving Pilar speechless. Pilar dampens Ethan and Theresa's joyful evening when she informs them about Sheridan having Luis arrested.

Whitney insists Theresa and Ethan could never get together since they come from such different worlds. Chad asks her if the same reasoning applies to the two of them. Whitney warms up to Chad and apologizes for insulting him in the past. Chad tests Whitney to see how she feels about him. Whitney turns to leave when Chad suddenly says he needs to tell her something.

Eve awakens in a panic from her nightmare. TC tells her he knows she was dreaming about blackmail and Ivy. TC assumes Ivy is being blackmailed. Eve tries to set TC straight, but he angrily blasts the Cranes and anyone who would help them.

Sam runs into Ivy at their old secret meeting place. Ivy is thrilled, thinking Sam has come to their special place to be with her. Sam reiterates his devotion to Grace as Ivy presses him to revive their past romance.

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Thursday, May 11, 2000

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Hank drives Sheridan back to Harmony. Sheridan feels guilty about having Luis arrested for kidnapping. Hank tells her that it wasn't her fault that she just did what she had to do, but Sheridan still feels guilty. Hank tells her that even though he has good motives, when Luis gets in this 'Tarzan' mood, there's no stopping him. She tells him to stop the car and turn it around. She wants to go back to try to reverse what she has done. Hank tells her that she already tried to no avail, so it makes no sense going back. Sheridan asks Hank if Luis asked about her. If he told Luis that she was sorry, but Hank lies and tells her that he only left the message that he doesn't want her in his life ever again, even though he remembers Luis asking about her. Sheridan makes a firm statement saying that if that's what he wants then she agrees. If she ever sees Luis again, it will be too soon. Hank stops the car and asks her if she is serious about what she just said. She confirms it and then says that she feels so much better. She tells him that she doesn't feel guilty anymore and wants to go out instead of going home. Hank is happy about this and tells her to sit back because this will be a night she will never forget. They go to the Harmony Jazz Club where they sit and have drinks and dance. Hank stares at Sheridan and tells her that he loves it when she laughs. That this is the Sheridan that he remembers. Later that night, Hank drops Sheridan off at the Crane mansion at her little house. She brings up Luis again, then tells Hank that she is sorry when she notices Hank's changed expression. He says that it is okay. Sheridan goes into a daze remembering her first date with Luis and how he kissed her goodnight. When she comes back into reality she just tells Hank that she is jet lagged. She tells him that normally when she's like this she doesn't get any sleep. He then suggests that he stay over and keeps her company. Sheridan politely turns down his offer. She thinks about Luis again and tells Hank that it will just take some time. He then pulls her into a kiss.

The Russell House:
Simone and Kay arrive in the kitchen and Kay tries to think of a plan to spoil Prom night for Miguel and Charity. They remember when Charity destroyed the Carrie tape. Kay is still upset saying that she could be studying the tape now. Simone then remembers seeing Whitney dancing with Chad on television and gets upset when she realizes that her sister lied to her again. Kay then says that they should tell her parents about what they saw stating that this would ensure that Whitney and Chad never see each other again. Simone doesn't think it's a good idea because she remembers how close her father came to 'losing it.' Meanwhile, Eve listens to a song over the radio, which causes her to remember her past at the Jazz Club in Boston. She remembers talking to her friend Crystal, telling her that she got pregnant and she has to leave Boston. They talk about how she got herself in the situation, but when Crystal asks about the 'father' she tells her that she can't discuss that. Crystal asks what she is hoping for -- a little girl who can sing like an angel just like her mother? Eve says that she is hoping for a boy.

Just then, T.C. comes down the stairs and brings Eve back into reality saying how music has a way of taking you back in time. He makes a comment about the song, saying that it is sad to lose a child. He tells her that he remembers when they were trying for their third child -- a son and how he knew that no son could ask for a more perfect mother. He then asks her if she wants to try again! She says that the timing is not right for them, but that doesn't mean that they can't still make love. Outside, Whitney tries to convince herself that it is good that Chad is leaving town, he upsets her family too much. She thinks that she can't go against her mother because she is her hero and the best role model in the world. She looks through the window and sees her mother in the sitting room and wonders if she saw her with Chad a few minutes earlier. She decides to go around to the back and enter through the kitchen, where she meets Simone and Kay chatting. They look over at Whitney and smile. Simone asks what Whitney is doing sneaking in the back door. She covers by replying that she saw their mother in the room and did not want to answer a set of questions. Simone then asks her why. Whitney turns to Kay and says that if she thinks everything is cool between the two of them that she is wrong. Kay plays innocent and Whitney reminds her of what she did. Simone comes in and agrees that Kay does tend to shoot off her mouth and that she does ask embarrassing questions, but that she has an uncanny way of finding the truth. Whitney is confused, then Simone clarifies and says that she saw her at the Charity function with Chad. Whitney tries to deny this but when Simone says that she saw her on television, Whitney begins to panic and ask if her parents saw it too. Simone says she doesn't know, but that it may be the reason why they are still awake this late. Again, Whitney panics and begs them not to tell her parents about it. Just then Eve and T.C. walk into the kitchen and ask what is going on. Whitney coves saying that she didn't want them to know that she had an incomplete project. They believe this excuse and after stating that it she shouldn't hide this from them, Kay asks if they watched any television. They said no and leave to go back to bed. Simone again questions her sister about what really happened at the cabin, believing that her sister had been lying to her all this time about how she feels about Chad. Whitney denies that she has any change of heart, then blurts out that Chad will be leaving Harmony and leaves the room. Simone gets upset and begins to cry, asking Kay what they are going to do. Kay says that they will find a way to keep Chad in Harmony, by helping him to find his family. Whitney goes into the sitting room and tries to convince herself again that it is a good thing that Chad is leaving.

The Jazz Club:
Chad listens intently to Crystal and she sings and asks the bartender who the 'friend' is that she dedicated the song to. He says that she always says the same thing every time she sings the song, but she never names the friend. After singing, Crystal goes to the bar to have a drink. Chad approaches her and compliments her singing. She thanks him but as he offers to pay for her drink, she gives him a cold shoulder, thinking that he was just trying to hit on her. Chad makes a comment about a twist that she gave the song while singing. She dismisses it as part of the song, but becomes interested when she realizes that he knows about music. She turns to face him, saying that if he heard her 'friend' sing that song, it would definitely move him. Chad continues to probe Crystal about her friend, asking her questions about her name, if she sings---but Crystal gives only roundabout answers. She says that she hasn't kept in touch with the friend and that even though she keeps her eye out on the music market, she never sees her name. She tells him that her friend really had a great voice, and that she could have made it very big in the music business. Chad then asks what happened. Crystal looks at him and says that her friend got pregnant.

Chad asks if she could have picked up the act after she had the baby but Crystal says that things were very confusing for her friend. She tells him that her friend caught a lot of bad breaks. Chad tells her that he can understand that because his life was the same way. He tells her about his life in L.A. and how his producer cheated him out of recognition. He eventually tells her that he will make it in the music business. She then tells him about her life. She asks him his name when he says Harris, she seems shocked, telling him that her last name is also Harris! Chad becomes very excited and tells her that the reason he came to Harmony was to find out about his parents. Crystal becomes a little closed up, then she tells him that she is not from Harmony so she might not be able to help him. When he eventually tells her his first name, she is stunned. Chad picks up on this and asks what is wrong. She tells him that a long time ago, someone asked if they could use her maiden name, and then asked her what her father's name was--- Chad!

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Friday, May 12, 2000

by Soap Central

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan relates to his mother what happened to Sheridan and that she is back in Harmony. Ivy is stunned to know that Sheridan had Luis arrested for kidnapping when he was responsible for saving her life on more than one occasion -- what a mess. She worries about Pilar being upset. Ethan then leaves to see if Sheridan has arrived back at her cottage. Ivy enters Julian's study and finds him listening to a tape of the jazz song that Eve used to sing. He is talking to himself saying 'Sing my love, sing!'. Ivy asks who he is talking to. Being shot into reality, Julian bolts up from his chair and asks Ivy what she is doing there. He suggests that she go read a book and stop bothering him. Ivy then questions him on who is singing the song. He replies that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Then she replies, never mind she knows who it is. This leaves Julian shocked as he wonders to himself if Ivy really knows something. Then Ivy replies that it must be one of his concubines. Julian is relieved, he then asks her what she is doing in his study. She tells him that she wants the Governor's private line phone number and that she knows he keeps it in his desk. He leaves her to find it herself. As Ivy rummages through the desk, she finds the 'Luis mask' still lying in a drawer. She asks him why he still has it lying around. She gets angry at him telling him that he destroyed Sheridan's one chance at True Love with Luis and has no regrets. Julian lashes back that she knows nothing about True love and that Luis could never make Sheridan happy. He says that he did what he had to do to ensure the safety of the Crane family. It was his duty. Ivy then threatens to go and show Sheridan the mask. Julian grabs the mask out of her hand and tells her that he also did it to secure Ethan's future. Ivy settles down and becomes quiet. Julian smiles satisfied. Ivy then takes the phone number and leaves the room. Julian goes back to the tape, but as he presses the play button, the tape stretches. Julian becomes upset and pulls the tape out of the player and says that wherever Ivy is, bad luck follows. He notices the article about Crystal in the paper and decides to go the Jazz club to hear her.

When he arrives, he remembers the place where he first met Eve. He moves over to the bar to have a drink. Meanwhile, Hank continues to kiss Sheridan at the cottage and she begins to get into it as she dreams that she is kissing Luis. She remembers when they kissed on the pier and she wraps her arms around Hank's neck. When they finally break apart, Hank smiles and comments how amazing that was. Sheridan however realizes that she just kissed Hank and not Luis. She closes up and tries to send Hank away, saying that she is tired and jet lagged. Hank is disappointed, saying that he thought she was going to ask him to stay. He then comments that she is still sorry that she had Luis arrested. Just then, Ethan walks in, happy to see his favorite aunt. Hank excuses himself and leaves. Ethan asks if really saw what hat he thought, referring to seeing Hank and Sheridan kissing. Sheridan tells him that it is not what he is thinking. She says that she has no romantic feelings for the Hank. Ethan then says that it is because her heart is still with Luis. Sheridan tries to deny it saying that Luis is just like all the other men that she has been with. He is just out to use her. She remembers the night that she saw and heard 'Luis' talking on the phone on the pier. She comes back into reality and Ethan asks her what she would do if she learned that Luis never said that he was using her. She replies that it would change everything. Ethan tells Sheridan that she should follow her heart when it comes to Luis. Then he tells her to spend the night in the mansion. She agrees and they head off. At the house, they stop in the study for Sheridan to leave a message for Pilar. The mask of Luis is peeking out of the top draw as Sheridan draws closer, wondering what secrets the desk holds.

Tina brings Luis something to eat and she tells him that Sheridan left with Hank. He seems disappointed, but when Tina asks him how he can be so calm about her spending time with his best friend, he denies having it bother him. He tells her about his past with Sheridan and how they met. She is shocked and tells him that he should find out why things went bad. She tells him to find out what he did to her for her to slap him. He says that he doesn't care anymore and that Hank could have her. Tina tells him that he should face the fact that there is definitely chemistry between them and that he loves her. Luis denies but then goes silent.

The Jazz Club:
Chad is still talking to Crystal. She is on the verge of telling him what he wants to hear about his real parents, when his cellular phone rings. It is Simone. Chad is in a rush talking to her. She asks him if he is really leaving town, then he replies that he was planning to, but something has come up. He may have a lead on his family. Simone is ecstatic. He then tells her that he is in the middle of something and that he has to do. She, with Kay's probing, asks where he is. He replies hurriedly that he has to go and says good-bye. He turns back to Crystal and apologizes for the interruption, however, soon after the bartender comes up and tells her that it is time for her to go back on stage. Chad begins to panic, but she replies that she will tell him what she knows after she is finished singing. He calms down and tells her that he will wait for her. All that he has right now is time. Crystal goes up on stage and dedicates the next song to new friends. Chad smiles a bit to himself and as he listens to the song, a tear rolls down his face. A little while later, Simone shows up to Chad's surprise. They move to a table where he asks her what on earth she is doing there. He asks why she is dressed like that, but before she could respond, he withdraws the question and says the he is happy that she came. He tells her that Crystal knows about him and can possibly tell him about his parents. When Crystal finally finishes singing, she heads over to the table. Chad asks her to sit and continue telling him what she knows. Crystal hesitates, first asking who the girl is and then saying that it probably wasn't the right place or time to be talking about it. He tells her that Simone is a very good friend and that she has been trying to help him find his family since he got to Harmony, she can be trusted. Crystal relaxes and sits down. Chad asks her again if she really knew who his parents were. She says yes. She thinks she can probably tell him something about both his parents. Just then, Eve enters the Club and searches for Crystal.

The Russells' House:
Back in Simone's room, Kay tells Simone that she has to go to the Jazz Club and be with Chad. Simone is reluctant because she is under aged and that her mother would kill her if she found out that she snuck out of the house to go there. Kay finally convinces her and says that she already has a plan. Kay dresses Simone up in a long black wig and make up. They come downstairs, unaware that Eve is awake in the kitchen reading the newspaper. Kay picks up Eve's makeup bag and applies more blush to Simone's face. Simone still is insecure about doing this. As Kay reaches to put the bag back on the center table, it slips and falls off. Eve hears the noise from the kitchen and calls out who's there. The girls run and hide as Eve comes out into the sitting room. She does not see anyone, but notices the bag on the floor. She is suspicious about what is going on. She picks up the bag and puts it back into her purse and heads back into the kitchen. Simone uses the time to sneak out the door. Back in the kitchen, Eve talks to herself trying to forget about her friend Crystal, thinking that she is nowhere near Harmony. Then, she sees the article announcing the guest singer at the Harmony Jazz Club - it is Crystal. Eve panics, thinking that if Crystal decides to say anything to the wrong person about her past, Eve's life would be destroyed! She heads over to the Club to try to talk Crystal into leaving town before it is too late.

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