All My Children Recaps: The week of November 28, 2005 on AMC

Greenlee revealed Kendall's secret. Erica confronted Greg. Greenlee left Pine Valley. Kendall refused to trust Zach. JR and Babe confronted Amanda. Kendall was attacked.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 28, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, November 28, 2005

Greenlee dropped a bombshell at the Thanksgiving dinner. She announced to all that the egg that had been fertilized with Ryan's sample was Kendall's egg, not Greenlee's. Therefore, the child that Kendall was carrying was her own child. Ryan was shocked at the realization that Kendall was carrying their child not his and Greenlee's. Kendall was momentarily stunned into silence, giving Greenlee and David the opportunity to lay out all of the evidence that they had recently gathered supporting their claims.

When Greenlee accused Kendall of stealing her baby, Kendall finally found her voice and tried to explain why she'd done what she had. She insisted that she had not stolen Greenlee's child, and the night she'd been implanted with the fertilized egg, she had acted on instinct and fear that, without having Ryan's child to live for, Greenlee would not be able to deal with her grief over losing Ryan. Kendall went on to explain that the night after the power outage, she had gone to the clinic out of concern and discovered that the worst had happened. Greenlee's embryos had no longer been viable, and Ryan's samples had been slowly deteriorating. It had never been a conscious decision but rather one motivated by love for a friend that had prompted Kendall to insist that Dr. Madden help Kendall give Ryan's child to Greenlee by using Kendall's eggs.

Feeling betrayed, Greenlee was too angry to believe that Kendall had been motivated by anything other than revenge. Greenlee accused Kendall of wanting to hurt Greenlee because Ryan had chosen her over Kendall. Greenlee was convinced that Kendall had intentionally used her eggs so that she, not Greenlee, could be the biological mother of Ryan's child. Kendall denied the accusations, but her words fell on deaf ears. Disgusted with Kendall, Greenlee said that she would never forgive Kendall for what she had done then she rushed out of the room.

Ryan followed his wife while Jackson turned his wrath on Kendall. He berated her for what she'd done to Greenlee. David picked up where Jackson had left off until Erica intervened on her daughter's behalf. Turning to Kendall, Erica tried to comfort Kendall, but Kendall was too distraught to be comforted. She quickly made her excuses and fled the room with Zach closely following her. As Dr. Madden began to leave, Erica stopped him and demanded answers.

Ryan followed Greenlee home, and she immediately began to pack her belongings. When Ryan asked her how long she intended to stay away, Greenlee made it clear that she had no plans to ever return to Pine Valley.

Lily left the family gathering when the hostility began to make her uncomfortable. She ended up in the woods by her tree but was not alone. Jonathan, too, had found his way to the tree in an effort to seek some solitude. Leery of Jonathan, Lily asked him why he was at her tree. He explained that he was hiding from all of the people who were trying to shoot him.

Lily admitted that she was hiding herself and told him about what had happened at the dinner. They ended up talking about how to deal with difficult situations. Encouraged by Lily's understanding, Jonathan asked her if she would be willing to help him with reading people. Lily became uncomfortable by the suggestion and ran away.

After leaving the Thanksgiving gathering at the Valley Inn, Josh was driving down the road when he spotted someone stumbling along the roadside. It was Amanda. Josh pulled over and got out of the car. Amanda appeared disoriented and confused. She accused Josh of trying to run her over. Josh tried help Amanda, but when he mentioned the Chandlers, she began to rant and pushed him away, accusing him of being Babe's ally.

Not in the mood to deal with Amanda's drama, Josh began to leave, but Amanda stopped him. She confessed that she had no idea how she'd ended up walking on the side of the road and admitted that she was afraid there was something seriously wrong with her. Josh offered to take her to the hospital, but Amanda wanted none of it. When Josh told her to stop with the theatrics and accept the help she'd asked for, Amanda silently walked to the passenger side of his car and got in.

Janet was upset that Amanda wasn't spending Thanksgiving with her and Trevor. Later, she broke a wishbone and was excited that the break of the bone indicated that her wish would come true.

In a nearby restroom, Kendall splashed her face with some cold water. When she was handed a towel, she looked up and found Zach holding it out to her.

Someone slipped something into the soup while Winifred was out of the kitchen.

J.R. played the video of Di pole dancing in a strip club while everyone gathered at the Chandler mansion watched with varying degrees of shock -- all except Di, who seemed resigned to the latest revelation of her past. Adam and Palmer took delight in ridiculing Di until Krystal and Tad forced them to relent. J.R., meanwhile, informed Di that he had hired a private investigator to dig up more dirt on her. Di quietly told JR that he was wasting his money because she would be more than happy to tell him anything he would like to know.

Di invited everyone to take a seat while she told them how she'd innocently stumbled onto a career in pole dancing. Initially, she'd thought she'd been answering an ad for a model, but it had turned out it had been for a dancer. The money had been good, so she'd decided to give it a try and discovered she'd been quite good at it. However, after a couple of years of dancing, she'd quit and ended up with Kevin. The rest was history.

Krystal admitted to making some questionable career choices herself in an effort to downplay Di's job as a stripper. Di appreciated the effort. Tad, Krystal, and Babe each expressed disapproval over J.R.'s little stunt and quickly left the room along with the rest of the guests, including Di.

Babe returned a short while later and found J.R. in a pensive mood, standing on the veranda. She invited him inside, hoping to tempt him by telling him that the food had been superb, including the soup, which she'd had two helpings of. J.R. declined the offer. Babe kept him company then, later, took him a piece of pie to eat. As she tried to hand him the food, she began to behave oddly. When J.R. asked what was wrong with her, Babe told him that she was having difficulty breathing.

Inside, Adam stood nearby and listened as Krystal tried to talk to Palmer about an upcoming board meeting. Adam warned Krystal that inviting Palmer to help her was rather like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Suddenly, Adam began to act peculiarly. Krystal realized almost immediately that something was seriously wrong with Adam and joined him on the sofa to examine him. Adam complained of difficulty breathing and an inability to move his limbs.

Tad followed Di. When he caught up with her, Di told him that she felt that she deserved what J.R. had done to her. She admitted that it had been difficult for her but that she had learned something about herself over the past few weeks. She couldn't be broken.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Erica demanded to know why Greg had targeted her and her family. He told her that although she would never believe it, certain pockets of the universe did not revolve around her. She again asked what she could have possibly done to him, and he told her that he was not petty like that. She told him that she knew he was hiding something and that she would find out what it was.

David told Jack that he should be happy that no Lavery would be born into his family. Jack went on about how hurt and vulnerable Greenlee was, and if she was with Ryan, he was probably brainwashing her. David told Jack to trust Greenlee; she could handle herself. Jack told Dr. Madden that he had mangled Greenlee's life, but Dr. Madden said that he and Kendall had no reason to apologize.

As Greenlee continued packing, Ryan tried to convince her not to leave Pine Valley. Greenlee told him that her husband had stabbed her in the heart, her best friend had stabbed her in the heart, and her heart was out of business. Ryan told her that she didn't need to run, but Greenlee told him that from the time that she'd thought he'd been dead, she had changed. Holding her arm, Ryan begged Greenlee to let him help her. He asked her not to make the same mistakes he had. He said he knew that they could make it and that he was strong enough for both of them. He professed his love and told her to believe in their love.

With tears in his eyes, on his knees, Ryan begged Greenlee again to give him another chance. He said he would do anything, and she told him to bring back her babies. He told her that he couldn't do that, but he would have his vasectomy reversed, and they could get a surrogate to carry the baby. He said he wasn't asking for instant promises and that he couldn't change the pain he'd caused, but he would go with her wherever she went. She told Ryan that she didn't think it was a good idea, but Ryan continued to tell her that would do whatever it took to make everything right. Just then, Kendall arrived at the door.

Josh took Amanda to the hospital and told Anita that he'd found her wandering around, disoriented. Anita insisted Amanda stay and go through some tests. Meanwhile, back at Chandler Mansion, Palmer made jokes about Adam's attack. Babe told J.R. that she couldn't breathe, but he told her that her tricks weren't going to work. Krystal called J.R. into the house to see what was wrong with Adam, and he told them to call 9-1-1. Krystal started feeling the effects of the poison when J.R. went back for Babe.

At the hospital, Joe asked J.R. and Krystal questions and told them they would run tests. Joe took Krystal by the hand and said she needed to have tests run, also. She said she would as soon as she learned of Adam and Babe's condition. Amanda walked around the corner, and J.R. immediately accused her of poisoning his family. Amanda denied the charges, and Josh told him to back off. J.R. asked Amanda if Josh was her latest sucker and told Josh she was expensive and "so not worth it."

J.R. told Adam and Joe that Amanda had poisoned them, and he wanted her arrested. Joe told him that they had no proof. David busted into Babe's room and wanted to know what had happened. Babe told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. David told her he was not going. Babe told him she was tired of his daddy love; she was a grown woman and didn't want him messing up her life.

David told Babe that she was right; she was not a child, and he should have respected that. Krystal walked in, and Babe told her she didn't need to call security. David said that he would prove that he would be the father she wanted him to be. He said he would offer nothing but unconditional love with no micromanaging, no guerrilla warfare, and no preemptive strikes.

Kendall asked Zach why he was being so nice about the baby plot. Kendall told Zach to give her his best shot. Erica walked in and told Zach to leave. He said that it was up to his wife if he stayed or left. Kendall told him that if she didn't talk to Erica, Erica would just hound her until she did. Zach left and waited in the bar. Erica told Kendall that she loved her unconditionally. Kendall began crying and said that she really had done it for Greenlee.

Erica asked if somewhere in her heart, Kendall had needed to keep a spark of Ryan in the world. Kendall told Erica that she'd had no plans to keep the baby as her own. Again, she told Erica that the baby had been for Greenlee. Kendall left and ran right into Jack. Kendall said she had to get out of there and ran out. Erica told Jack that Kendall was devastated, and the last thing she needed was to be attacked.

Zach was in the bar with Myrtle. He told her that he was nobody's hero, but Myrtle told him that he was somebody's husband. She told Zach that if he didn't tell Kendall how he felt, he was a fool. With his chin on the bar, Zach mulled over what Myrtle had told him.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jogging in the evening, Erin ended up in the park alone and was alarmed when she sensed she was not alone. She began to run away but tripped and stumbled. Erin turned and discovered Aidan approaching her. Still a bit startled, Erin lashed out at him and warned him to stay away from her and her family. Aidan was more than happy to leave her alone and told her as much. Realizing that she might have overreacted, Erin apologized for her outburst. Aidan assured her that he was trying to keep an open mind about Jonathan but was having some difficulty understanding why she was so protective of Jonathan.

Erin explained that she was compelled to dedicate so much of herself to Jonathan because she cared for her brother deeply. As they prepared to go their separate ways, Aidan advised Erin to start jogging during the day instead of at night. Erin told him that she actually ran three times a day because it helped her unwind and relax. They began to brag about their running ability, which led Aidan to challenge Erin to a run. Erin accepted the challenge and took off with Aidan close on her heels.

Erica enlisted Tad's professional help. She wanted Tad to dig into Greg Madden's past and find out what his connection to Erica was and, more importantly, why he seemed to have a grudge against her. Tad was initially reluctant, having already investigated Dr. Madden without uncovering anything even remotely questionable about him as a professional or on a personal level. Erica managed to convince Tad that there was something that Dr. Madden was hiding. Tad promised Erica that if there was a secret to be uncovered in Greg's past, he would expose it.

Greg confronted his son with the obvious truth that he had helped Greenlee gain access to Kendall's medical records. When Greg began preaching to him, Josh stopped him with the reminder that Greg was equally deceptive and had no room to judge Josh's actions. Greg defended his decision to help Kendall by reminding Josh of what the goal had been. Both he and Kendall had wanted to give Greenlee the baby she desperately wanted. Josh wasn't impressed. He pointed out that a child deserved to know who its parents were, regardless of the circumstances.

Greg vehemently disagreed. He felt that nurture, not biology, was what made someone a parent. Fed up with what he saw as a god complex, Josh told Greg to stop meddling in people's lives. Josh didn't see Greg's motivation in helping couples have children as altruistic but as selfish because he was only trying to recapture the empowering feeling he'd had when he'd helped to save his own wife's life by giving her a miracle baby. Before leaving, Josh warned his father that Josh knew he was still keeping a secret that concerned Erica, and he was determined to discover what it was. Tad was sitting nearby and appeared to have overheard the exchange.

Jack and Zach discussed Kendall. Zach tried to defend her to Jack, but Jack was too angry to listen. He was convinced that Kendall had intentionally tried to have Ryan's baby because she was still obsessed with her ex-lover. Zach couldn't believe Jack's narrow view, especially when Jack asked him why he was defending Kendall instead of doing so earlier when Greenlee had confronted her. Zach explained that Kendall hadn't wanted his help earlier because it had been painfully obvious that she had been waiting for someone in her family to defend her. Equally obvious was the reluctance by everyone to do so. Zach asked Jack what he would do after the baby was born. He asked if Jack would reject it because Ryan was the child's father.

Jack found Erica at her penthouse, where she was standing by the balcony doors, looking at the nighttime skyline, pensive. When he admitted that he didn't know how to get their family back on track, Erica reminded him that if he needed an outlet for his anger, he should focus it in Greg Madden's direction, not Kendall's.

Kendall begged Greenlee to reconsider leaving town. Too filled with rage over what she saw as a betrayal on Kendall's part, Greenlee refused to consider Kendall's request and took the opportunity to berate Kendall for lying to her about the baby. While Ryan tried to get Kendall to leave, Kendall tearfully made a desperate attempt to get through to Greenlee. She gave Ryan and Greenlee the ultrasound picture of the baby and reminded them that they had a son who needed them. For the baby's sake, Greenlee needed to reconsider leaving town.

Greenlee couldn't get past the lies and betrayals. She explained that she could no longer trust either of them and that she felt absolutely destroyed inside. For her own sanity, she needed to get away from Pine Valley and the two people she could no longer bear to look at, Ryan and Kendall. After Greenlee walked out, Ryan turned to Kendall and lashed out. He told her that her interference had made matters worse, and he asked her why she couldn't just leave them alone. He left without waiting for an answer.

Ryan caught up to Greenlee in the parking garage, and he once again tried to convince Greenlee to reconsider. Greenlee refused. Desperate, Ryan offered to leave town with her, but Greenlee didn't want him to leave with her. She told him that if he followed her, he would just make things worse than they already were. She was determined to end her marriage to him, and nothing Ryan said was able to sway her. Ryan had no choice but to watch Greenlee get into her car and drive away.

Kendall walked out moments later. Hurt and angry, Ryan turned on her and asked her how she could betray Greenlee in such a horrible fashion. Backed into a corner, Kendall reminded Ryan how he had been the catalyst to everything that had happened. If not for Ryan's actions, Greenlee would have never been in the desperate state that she had been in, practically willing herself to die. Kendall told him that she had done whatever she'd needed to keep her best friend from giving up on life, including giving her the baby she so desperately wanted. Before Ryan could respond, Kendall walked away, crying.

Kendall returned to her townhouse and opened the door. Emotionally distraught, she dropped to the ground, sobbing. Zach found her and quietly wrapped her up in his coat and offered her the comfort of his arms.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Amanda sat down in the living room of the boarding house, intent on enjoying some soup. J.R. startled her when he spoke up from his perch on the stairs, warning her against eating things without knowing the contents. She reminded him once again that she'd had nothing to do with what had happened at the Thanksgiving dinner at his house, but oddly enough, he didn't believe her. She asked if he had gone there to finish the job -- of killing her -- that Babe had botched the first time. Babe then revealed herself from the shadows behind Amanda, telling her ex-best friend that she was capable of finishing the job herself.

Babe told Amanda that she had almost fed Little Adam some of the soup, and in her mind, that put Amanda on the top of her hit list. J.R. backed up the threat, also in defense of their son. Amanda continued to deny any wrongdoing, saying that if either of them laid a hand on her, she would scream. J.R. informed her that they had other ways of dealing with her -- none of which required them to touch her. J.R. let Chief Frye in and demanded that Amanda be arrested. Derek told them that he had checked out their allegations. He had interviewed the staff at the house as well as checking with the lab, and there were no grounds for arrest.

Babe and J.R. couldn't believe it, especially since Amanda had been at the house, making threats about payback. Amanda was visibly relieved, and Derek asked if there was anything she needed from him before he left. She didn't need anything, and Derek took his leave. Amanda told the on-again, off-again couple to leave before she called Derek back so that he could arrest them for assault. Unafraid, J.R. warned her that if she attacked Babe or any other member of his family again, he would make her wish that the car had killed her.

Ryan was alone on the beach when he heard a woman screaming in the distance. After hesitating for a moment to take his shoes off, he ran toward the sound, intent on helping. He managed to drag a kicking and screaming Julia back to the beach, but she blasted him for doing so. He told her that he'd thought she'd been in trouble, and what he'd seen had backed up his perception. She told him that the screams he'd heard had been out of frustration -- she had lost her necklace and had been diving to try to find it. She then demanded that he hand over her towel and clothes then turn his back so she could change.

Ryan did as Julia asked then questioned why she would be swimming in the middle of the night in freezing cold water. She informed him that the conditions made it hard to breathe, let alone think -- and that was the point. She finished changing and threw him the towel. As he dried off, she took in his disposition and noted that he seemed to be in trouble, as well. Ryan told her that Greenlee was gone for good, and she expressed her condolences, saying that they should have had time to work things out.

Ryan then said that he'd gone out to the beach, thinking about the night he'd ridden his bike off the cliff and into the ocean and survived. He believed that he'd survived so that he could make right all of the things he'd done wrong. He thought that if he believed in it enough, he could take his life back. Julia told him that she was finding out from experience that what he'd thought was not possible. Ryan told her about the baby and the revelations Greenlee had shared before leaving town. He couldn't quite wrap his mind around the thought that Kendall would really give up the baby without ever telling Greenlee that the baby wasn't genetically hers.

Julia told Ryan that she couldn't begin to understand what had happened but admitted that she was curious as to what he would do next. Ryan told her that he wasn't sure, which prompted her to ask what he thought would happen with the baby. Ryan said that he had a hard enough time picturing being someone's father, looking at someone who depended on him. However, he was starting to change because of Greenlee. He admitted that he loved her enough to never want to deny her the family she craved. Now, with her gone, nothing made sense. He went on to say that he had no idea how to go on the journey without her.

Julia thought Ryan would be okay as a parent, but if he really wanted to be with Greenlee, he should go after her and win her back. Ryan told her of the promise that he'd made to respect whatever choice Greenlee made, and said that he knew they'd said their final goodbyes. Finding her in any amount of time, or in another lifetime, wouldn't change that fact. Julia then told him that she wished the words of comfort people often said -- time heals, this too shall pass -- were true. Because they weren't, Julia admitted to going for quick fixes, like her midnight swim in freezing waters.

Ryan apologized for interrupting, but Julia knew he meant well. She informed him that the necklace she'd lost had been a present from Noah, and it was something that she'd kept with her throughout the program, even though she hadn't been able to wear it. She felt like losing it at that moment was kind of a slap in the face, but she also thought that perhaps it was a sign to move forward instead of hanging onto the past.

Moments later, Ryan and Julia decided to part ways. Before they did, Ryan saw something glinting in the sand. He retrieved it, and Julia gleefully confirmed that it was indeed the necklace she'd thought she'd lost. After he put it on her and she thanked him with a hug, she asked if he needed a ride. He told her that he had his bike and that he wanted to stay on the beach for some additional time to reflect.

Erica and Jack took a moment to reconnect, promising to see each other and their family through any hardships they faced. They were interrupted by a call on Jack's cell phone. He answered and found Greenlee on the other end. She tearfully informed him that she'd left Pine Valley and could never return -- because Kendall had broken her heart. Jack begged her to turn around and return so they could talk about it, but Greenlee refused. She ended the phone call, and when Jack tried to call back, he found that she had turned off her phone.

Jack imparted the latest information to his wife. She tried to assure him that he hadn't lost his daughter, but Jack was not so sure. Erica tried to convince him that the move was classic Greenlee -- running away from her problems -- but Jack thought that Greenlee's reasons for doing so were solid. Erica went on to say that he should be happy because Kendall had granted him his two fondest wishes: that Greenlee would not have to raise any child of Ryan's and that Greenlee would be out of Ryan's life for good. While Jack admitted that those two things were in the plus column for him, he was still worried at the outcome.

Erica suggested that she and Jack not talk about things any further because they had just agreed not to let their children pull them apart. Jack didn't think it was feasible because Greenlee was out in the world, alone and hurting because of Kendall. That raised Erica's ire some, and she noted that they needed to support Kendall through her pregnancy. Jack was concerned that the pregnancy, and the fact that Ryan was the father, wasn't bothering Erica. She told him that those facts weren't what were important; the fact that a new life would be joining the family was.

Tartly, Jack told Erica to save the soothing speech for her talk show because the real problem, as far as he was concerned, was that Erica was taking Ryan's side and not acknowledging the damage that Kendall had caused. Infuriated, Erica demanded that Jack stop his tirade. Nonplussed, Jack questioned whether his wife intended on remaining positive about the pregnancy. Erica said that she refused to spit on Kendall the way he, Greenlee, and Ryan had. Jack thought that a good "talking to" was in order, but Erica told him that he was wrong.

Erica reminded Jack that she had learned a lot from her experience with Bianca and Miranda, and she would not make the same mistake twice. Jack told her that the two situations were completely different, and Erica thanked him for pointing that out. She told him that Ryan was not Michael Cambias, and the baby Kendall was carrying had been created out of love, not violence. Although Jack was inclined to believe Greenlee's versions of events -- that Kendall being linked biologically to Ryan's baby instead of Greenlee was a form of payback -- Erica was unmoved to his side and went on to say that the only thing Kendall had wanted had been for Ryan's child to exist.

After briefly comforting Kendall in the doorway outside of her condo, Zach silently picked up his wife and carried her inside. He closed the door and placed her on the couch. Tears flowing, Kendall watched as he covered her with a blanket, followed by a comforting caress. He prepared some warm milk for her, but Kendall slowly emerged from her stupor, suddenly demanding that he leave. Zach wouldn't have any of it, as he was intent on taking care of her.

Kendall informed Zach that Greenlee had left town, but he wasn't surprised. He told her that her former best friend was ungrateful and selfish. Kendall immediately jumped to Greenlee's defense, noting that Greenlee had felt betrayed. Zach asked how Kendall giving Greenlee everything that she'd wanted could be viewed as betrayal. Kendall mentioned that he didn't like Greenlee or her husband, and that fact got in the way of him seeing the truth of the situation. Zach corrected her, saying that he had no use for either of them, especially since they couldn't see the beauty right in front of them.

Kendall appeared slightly amused by Zach's commentary, as it seemed impossible that the man she had never lived with and was currently divorcing acted as though he knew so much about her. He told her that he understood why she'd done what she had. She wondered if he believed what the rest of the town believed about her -- that she'd wanted to keep a part of Ryan to herself. Zach told her that he didn't care about everyone else's thoughts, only hers. He asked if using her own eggs to create the baby she had growing inside her had been a way to get Ryan back.

Kendall said that her reasons didn't matter because no one believed her. Zach promised that he would, but she thought he was like everyone else, believing only what he wanted. She told him to leave and opened the door to hasten his departure. He closed the door and informed her that he wouldn't go until he said what he needed to say. He started by saying that he'd sat at the Valley Inn and watched as she'd taken hit after hit from all of the people who claimed to love her.

Kendall briefly questioned why Zach hadn't stood up for her, and he told her that it was not what she'd wanted. He'd said that what she'd wanted had been a little support from her family and friends. Kendall declared that she had that, but Zach was hard pressed to believe it. He said that she repeatedly got sucked in by Erica and her biased view of Kendall's life and how she should live it. He also noted that she had been slammed by all of the madness in the Lavery family and all of the anger coming out of Jack because things were beyond his control. Not one of them, Zach went on to say, saw Kendall for the remarkable woman that she was.

Growing teary-eyed again, Kendall asked if he could -- but he interrupted, saying he wasn't done with his confession. Kendall initially didn't want to hear it, but Zach told her that she would hear what he had to say. She feigned disinterest, telling him to hurry so that she could go to bed. Slowly, with an almost palpable and bittersweet angst, he told her that through her actions since they had wed, he'd found himself not being able to take his eyes off of her. He confessed that he had been amazed by how she always gave 100% of herself to whatever she believed in and how he had never met anyone like her before.

Somewhat stunned, Kendall quietly urged Zach on. He finally told her that he loved her -- that he had fallen in love with her. Disbelieving, Kendall asked her husband to repeat himself. He did and then told her that he wanted to keep falling -- without end or fear. In an attempt to grasp the enormity of his revelation, she reviewed what she knew, that she'd married a man who hated her and wanted to stick it to his son, a man who was the last person she ever thought she would get involved with -- and that was the same man who was standing before her, saying he was in love with her.

Zach told Kendall that he might not be what she wanted or needed, especially since he had hurt the people he loved and couldn't change. However, he told her, he loved the way he did, and he needed to come clean with her. He then moved in and planted a kiss on her -- which she returned. They lingered there for a moment then Kendall broke it off.

Kendall slowly dismantled everything Zach had told her, saying that many people had told her that they loved her, but none of it had ended up being true. She reminded him that he had admitted that he hurt people and noted that she would be a fool to open her heart again just so that he could trample all over it. She went on to question how the baby she was carrying -- who had been fathered by a man he hated -- would fit into his picture of happily ever after. She summed up her rage by saying that she thought his admission and his subsequent desire to move forward as a happy couple were nothing more than something to throw into the faces of everyone on his hit list. She refused to let it happen and demanded one final time that he leave.

Zach listened to Kendall quietly then said that he'd told her his feelings because he'd thought she should know that there was one person in the world that loved and supported her unconditionally. He then told her that he believed she had feelings for him, too. She confirmed as much -- and then detailed that the feelings were anger, outrage, and disgust. He reflected on her anger for a moment then said that although they hadn't started out intending for it to happen, his love for her was as real as it got. She started to let herself fall in and then pulled abruptly back, saying that she was not his trophy and wanted no part of his twisted version of love. She thanked him for making her horrible day 100 times worse and quietly told him to go. When he did, she succumbed to her tears once again.

Amanda showed up at Jamie's apartment, panicked over her confrontation with Babe and J.R. She told him that she wasn't responsible for the poisoning at the Chandler Thanksgiving dinner, nor was she responsible for Babe's tumble down the stairs. She begged Jamie to believe her, but before he could reveal his allegiance, a mysterious woman appeared in the doorway from the bedroom. As a shocked Amanda took in the scene, the woman asked if Jamie would be returning to bed. Jamie took a moment with his lady friend, Gretchen, to get dressed, and then escorted her out with a promise to make it up to her. She kissed him goodbye as Amanda watched, disgusted, and then took her leave.

When the door closed, Jamie tried to calm Amanda down, saying that being in a manic state was not good for her while she was in recovery. Amanda was stunned that he cared but soon realized that his care was purely medical. Jamie told her that she couldn't go around hurting people and thinking she could get away with it. He went on to say that he would take her back to the hospital because his grandfather could recommend someone that she could talk to. Horrified that he thought she needed a shrink, Amanda wrenched herself from his grip, swearing that she wasn't crazy and didn't need that kind of help. Infuriated, she told him to "go to hell" and stormed out of his apartment.

J.R. and Babe returned to the Chandler mansion, and after checking in on their son, they revisited the events of the night. As they did, Babe started to feel faint and used the wall to hold herself up. J.R. told her that perhaps she should have stayed at the hospital. She shook it off, saying that she had to be by his side that night. She started to crumple again, and at that, J.R. told her that she would be spending the night in the house. She told him that she was too tired to argue, and they stepped into a guest bedroom.

Claiming that her hands weren't working, Babe asked J.R. to unzip her dress so that she could get into bed. As he did, J.R. was taken aback by the feelings of desire sweeping over him at the sight of his stripped-down ex-wife. J.R. managed to rein himself in and tucked Babe underneath the covers. He asked her if she was angry with him for not confessing that he had been behind the wheel of the car. She told him that she wasn't, and he asked if she regretted taking the rap. She simply said that she'd made a decision and planned to stick with it. After a moment of silent gratitude, J.R. placed his hand on hers and said that he'd meant it when he'd declared he wouldn't let anyone hurt her ever again.

Jack suggested that both he and Erica forget all they had talked about for the moment, and just retire for the evening. Erica, unable to get on the same page, sent him home to be with Lily and Reggie. He acquiesced and left her alone in the penthouse. At the same time, on the beach, Julia packed up her things and reluctantly left Ryan alone. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. watched Babe sleep and resisted the urge to brush her hair back from her face. Simultaneously, Zach stood out in the courtyard, gazing at the moon and reviewing the night's events, as Kendall cried on the floor inside.

Friday, December 2, 2005

J.R. greeted Babe by her bedside when she woke up. He brushed a strand of hair back from her face then began to make another move but got scared and rushed off. Babe tried to go back to sleep, but when she stirred, she found Amanda sitting in a chair a few feet away from the bed. Amanda told Babe she'd broken up her and Jamie and lied about the soup and stair incident that had almost killed her. Amanda said that if she couldn't have Jamie, she would make sure that Babe did not get J.R. Babe said she was not playing J.R. and had not screwed up Amanda's life. When Babe told her to see a shrink, Amanda screamed that she was not like her mother -- she was not crazy.

Janet sewed a wedding veil for Amanda while talking to Natalie about how she'd taught Amanda to take care of herself. Janet put on the veil, convinced that Amanda was going to marry Jamie.

J.R. went to Julia's home to speak to Del. He offered Del a lump sum of cash if he had sex with Babe. Del thought J.R. was setting him up, but J.R. wanted to get Babe off his back. J.R. started flipping through wads of money to entice Del, but Di interrupted the deal. Del told his sister that he had just been playing J.R. and had no plans to take the bribe. After Del handed back the money and walked out, Di told J.R. not to get more revenge on Babe.

Di realized J.R. and Babe had gotten close again but was confused why he was pushing her away. It would be better for their son if they got along, Di said. J.R. thought that if he forgave Babe, she would expect him to forgive her. J.R. told Di to go back to pole dancing and left. Di called someone and asked to speak to a woman. When the woman couldn't speak on the phone, she told the person to give the woman her love.

Adam arrived home with Krystal by his side. Adam threatened to fire Lucretia and Winifred, but Krystal insisted he could not do that because the soup was her specialty. Adam thought that Krystal had poisoned the soup to kill him, but she countered that she would never do something that would endanger her own daughter's life. Amanda rushed down the stairs, past Krystal and Adam.

Babe walked down and told them that she and J.R. thought Amanda had spiked the soup. Krystal agreed and offered for Babe to stay with them until she was safe. Babe did not answer but instead questioned if her mother was falling for Adam. Krystal claimed she despised the man, but her caring actions proved otherwise. Babe went to her hotel room to collect some things and ran into Del on her way out the door.

Di applied for a receptionist position at Greg's clinic, but he was too busy to interview her. She filled out some paperwork that Hazel gave her until Tad walked in. Di asked if Tad had followed her, and he said no. She told him she was there to apply for a job. Tad told her that he wanted her to get the job so she could help him with something. Di agreed to help once she landed the gig.

Tad asked Hazel about making a sperm donation, so she agreed to get the proper paperwork. Di handed Hazel her application and tried to market herself, despite her less-than-large work history. Di left, with Tad and her sharing a small bit of respect for each other. Tad went to the Valley Inn and broke into Greg's room. In a drawer, he found a briefcase with some incriminating paperwork.

Ryan returned to the hotel to let Erin know that Greenlee was gone. Jonathan handed Ryan a stuffed animal for the baby that Lily had told him about. Erin tried to explain to Jonathan that Greenlee was the mom, even though Kendall was carrying the baby. Ryan informed then that the baby was biologically Kendall's, and Greenlee had left Pine Valley. Jonathan got upset because he'd wanted everyone to be a big happy family.

Jonathan told Ryan that the situation was Kendall's fault. Ryan said he was not sure what he was going to do about his child, but since Greenlee was gone, they didn't have to stick around Pine Valley. Jonathan did not want to leave because he considered it his home. He asked to go for a walk alone, which Erin and Ryan were hesitant about because of the shooter. After Jonathan promised to be careful, they let him go get some fresh air. Erin told Ryan she was sorry about Greenlee and hugged him.

Kendall went to Fusion and thought about the night before, when Zach had told her he loved her and she had pushed him away. As she stood at the top of the roof to collect her thoughts, Zach confessed to Myrtle that he'd told Kendall the truth about his feelings. Zach added that Kendall did not want to see him again, but Myrtle told him he should fight for her. Kendall removed her wedding ring and told herself that she could get over Zach then tossed the ring off the roof.

Myrtle thought Kendall needed an extra push, but Zach did not want to take that path. He thought it was better for Kendall to protect herself from his love. Myrtle tried to pick up the phone to "put an end to all this nonsense," but Zach took it away and offered to fix things himself. He left her home, giving Myrtle the chance to call in her reinforcement: Bianca.

Zach went to talk to Ryan alone, so Erin went into another room. Zach wanted to talk about Kendall and make sure Ryan did not destroy her life. He told Ryan to leave Pine Valley and even threw in first-class plane tickets for the whole Lavery clan. If that didn't work, Zach said he would get rid of Ryan some other way. Ryan accused Zach of shooting at his family after the trial, but Zach denied it.

Kendall went inside the Fusion office, where dozens of women were hustling and bustling, including Simone and Danielle. Kendall told Simone and Danielle that Greenlee had skipped town, so she was in charge of everything. Simone started hounding Kendall for deceiving Greenlee, but Kendall told Simone to focus on work, not her personal life. Kendall also ordered Simone to get rid of a poster of her and Greenlee. She began complaining about Greenlee's projects and stormed off to fix them but ran into Jonathan.

Jonathan accused Kendall of stealing Greenlee and Ryan's baby. Simone and Greenlee rushed to her aid, and Simone told him to get lost. Jonathan told Kendall she had to make it better. When Simone and Danielle threatened to call the police, he left quietly. When Simone asked if she was okay, Kendall did not think Simone cared. Simone said she did not hate Kendall but wanted to try to understand why she'd done what she had. Kendall told Simone to leave her alone if she wanted to help Kendall. She went to the top of the roof and was knocked out. A rope was thrown over her limp body.



The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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