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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 28, 2005 on GL
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Monday, November 28, 2005

Everyone in the church held their collective breath as the minister at Tammy and Sandy's wedding asked if anyone knew of a reason why the two should not be joined together. Jonathan ominously shifted in his seat. However, he "forever" held his peace, and Tammy and Sandy were pronounced husband and wife. They turned around and happily marched up the aisle, only to be greeted by an arrest warrant. It accused Sandy of bigamy, since he was still legally married to Ava.

Sandy admitted that he and Ava had once been married and that he had walked out on her. However, he swore that they had signed divorce papers weeks before, and it was all a misunderstanding. Tammy didn't want to hear about it and ran off. She met face to face with Jonathan, who got into the "Just Married" car. She tossed her wedding bouquet out the window, and they tore into the night.

Harley and Gus continued with their plan to convince Beth they were on the outs by cutting short their makeout session to fake a fight. Beth offered Gus a deal: help her get Harley out of Spaulding and save his marriage as a result. Harley ended up at Company, where she found Mallet on top of Dinah. Mallet explained that Dinah, driven to drink by the sight of Tammy's wedding, had broken into Company. He was just subduing the perpetrator.

Trying to defend her own actions, Dinah prompted Mallet to admit he still had feelings for Harley. Harley didn't want to hear about it. She told Mallet to be a man and repress. Mallet told her to do the same. Harley insisted she had no feelings whatsoever for Mallet, but their debate was cut short by Gus's arrival.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tammy and Jonathan's escape from her fiasco of a wedding took them to Towers. Once there, Tammy insisted on still having a reception -- even if it was just for the two of them. They proceeded to eat, drink, and be merry -- and to be honest. They apologized for hurting each other in the past. With the wedding reception completed, the two took off for her honeymoon cabin in the woods. Jonathan carried the bride over the threshold, and their desire for one another heated up.

In the aftermath of the wedding that wasn't, everyone tried to comfort Cassie. Buzz called Olivia on wanting to be there for Cassie -- only to get closer to Josh. Sandy was stuck down at the police station, trying to explain how he'd managed to forget to share the facts of his marriage and presumed divorce. At first, he accused Ava of setting him up, but she denied it. She urged Jeffrey to call their divorce attorney, Vince Russo. Jeffrey did but learned Vince was mysteriously out of town. Jeffrey arranged for Sandy to get out on bail and listened, without comment, as Sandy defended his decision to reinvent himself through lies and deception, even to the woman he loved.

At the same time, Josh, who was giving a heartbroken Cassie a shoulder to cry on, received a file purporting to document Jeffrey's own lies and deceptions. However, he decided not to read it. Olivia, the woman who had arranged for him to receive the incriminating file, was stuck at Company with Buzz, wishing she could be with Josh instead. She passed the time by pumping Reva for what she knew about Tammy's whereabouts. She also blasted Ava for lying about her connection to Sandy. Olivia fired Ava and threw her out of the Beacon. Sandy, feeling sorry for his recently homeless not-quite-ex, invited her to stay at his place.

Wednesday, December 30, 2005

At the honeymoon cabin, Tammy and Jonathan sat in front of a blazing fire, no longer able to deny their attraction. Tammy allowed Jonathan to help remove her wedding gown, and the pair melted into a kiss that just got hotter and hotter...before the ring of a cell phone reminded both of the outside world. Jonathan wanted to keep going, but Tammy insisted that she couldn't just bounce from one man to another. She needed to return to Springfield and settle the past with Sandy before she could move on to a potential future with Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Sandy begged Reva to help him win Tammy back, but Reva refused, revealing that Tammy had feelings for Jonathan. Sandy was horrified and insisted that Jonathan would just hurt her again.

Gus and Harley attempted some real makeup sex post their fake fight, but life continued to get in the way. Gus ended up telling Beth to stop beating around the bush and let him know what she was offering in exchange for his help with getting Harley out of Spaulding, while Harley ended up running when Mallet called for help with Marina. It seemed Harley's niece had earned herself another speeding ticket, and Mallet was afraid her continued misbehavior would get her bounced off the force.

Harley asked Mallet to lay off Marina; she'd had a hard time lately. Mallet pointed out that a broken relationship was hardly an excuse to become a bad cop, which led to Harley and Mallet rehashing their own former relationship. After, Harley called Gus, setting up a rendezvous at the Beacon, where they finally finished what they'd attempted to start that morning.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Harley was mortified after she had a sexy dream about making love to Mallet and woke up in bed with Gus. She couldn't get Mallet out of her head.

Frank grilled Mallet about his interest in Harley. Mallet assured him that he had moved on and, to prove it, put the moves on Dinah. He kissed her and told Frank that they were dating. Dinah balked at first then played along and kissed him back. After Dinah left, Harley arrived, and Mallet asked her what she'd dreamed about. He told her about his recurring dream that he was standing naked in his high-school homeroom. His constant talk of nakedness didn't help Harley control her thoughts about him. Mallet asked if it was true that she and Gus were in separate bedrooms in the Spaulding mansion. Gus suggested that Mallet move back to Florida and leave Harley and their marriage alone.

Harley joined Dinah for breakfast, and Dinah told her that Mallet was still interested in her. Harley said that Dinah and Mallet would be good together. Dinah wondered why both Gus and Harley were pushing Mallet on her. Gus and Mallet overheard when Dinah asked Harley if she would marry Mallet again if Gus weren't in the picture and Harley said yes.

Joshua debated whether to read the information he'd received about Jeffrey. While he was pondering secrets and the liars who had hurt his family, Sandy arrived and attempted to apologize. Joshua refused to give him another chance. When Jonathan arrived and gloated about his night with Tammy at the cabin, Sandy punched him twice. Jonathan laughed and revealed that he'd known for months that Sandy and Ava were married.

Cassie worried about Tammy's disappearance. Jonathan took Tammy home and was disheartened when she was not ready to go public with their relationship yet. Jeffrey encouraged Tammy to get Sandy's side of the story and give him a chance. Tammy decided to seek out Ava first. Ava said that she didn't know why Sandy had left her. She declared that she wanted him back and would not let him get away from her again. Tammy feared telling Cassie that she was in love with cousin Jonathan.

Jeffrey asked Cassie to move in with him. Joshua interrupted and decided not to tell Cassie about the information he had on Jeffrey.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Alan-Michael saw Marina at CO2 and asked her to fix a speeding ticket from while they'd been out joyriding; he was not concerned about the money -- it was the principle of the thing. Marina refused, stating that if their time had been so enjoyable together, then the ticket was worth it. When Alan-Michael walked off, Coop approached Marina and told her he needed her help. He told her that Buzz was really depressed, and he asked her to cheer him up, since he thought Buzz would open up to her more than to him. Coop then went off and told Buzz the same story about Marina.

Lizzie was nearby, talking to Roxy about a new dress she'd like to have if she had the money. Quinn overheard, and Lizzie was forced to admit that she'd spent the other money that he'd given her. He offered to give her some more, but she stated that she wouldn't use it to buy the dress, anyway -- though she'd like to buy something nice for Coop for Christmas. He told her she could use the money for whatever she wanted, but Lizzie again declined.

Later, Lizzie went to CO2 and was upset to see Coop sharing a lighthearted moment with Ava after he had accidentally doused her with the soda fountain. Lizzie told Ava that her luck had to be bad, what with the wedding and all. Lizzie suggested that Ava should just crawl under a rock. Coop disagreed and told Ava she needed to go out and have some fun. He invited her to the movies with him and Lizzie, but Ava declined. Lizzie wasn't too happy seeing Coop's closeness to Ava but covered when asked if he was upset.

When Coop left to put on some dry clothes, Quinn approached Lizzie and offered her the money again. This time, she took it. All Quinn asked for in return was for her to have dinner with him.

At Company, Buzz and Marina figured out that they'd been set up by Coop, though they both admitted that they were depressed. While Buzz went to take care of some trouble in the kitchen, Alan-Michael walked in and offered to help Marina out of a jam. Alan-Michael told Marina that she needed out of the "sympathy-fest." Marina insisted that she was content where she was.

Suddenly, Alan-Michael's phone rang and Marina playfully took it from him and answered. She was surprised that it was Alan. Alan-Michael then got on the phone and got rid of him. He scribbled a note on a napkin, gave it to Marina, and told her to see him if she changed her mind. Despite her words, Marina seemed intrigued. At that point, Buzz returned, and he and Marina discussed love and the pain it could cause. Buzz told Marina that she needed to pick herself up and dust herself off. He promised her that one day, the pain she was feeling would go away.

Marina suddenly made a decision and went off. She ran into Alan-Michael hanging around outside and confronted him with what was on the napkin -- it was an invitation to Paris. Alan-Michael stated that he was going there for dinner, anyway, and thought she'd like to go. Marina insisted that it was not a date, and Alan-Michael agreed, asking who had said anything about a date.

Olivia was also at Company and was excited to have just missed a call from Bill. Jonathan saw her while she was leaving a message for Bill. Olivia thought Bill was calling her to give her a second chance, but Jonathan warned her against being too optimistic and getting her hopes up.

Olivia wouldn't be deterred and told Jonathan that she was surprised at him. She'd always thought he was the kind who never stopped trying to get what he wanted. Jonathan seemed buoyed and got an idea when she mentioned that if she and Bill got back together, the first thing they'd do would be to leave town. Unfortunately, Olivia later got bad news when she was served with divorce papers. She then called Josh and asked him to meet her on business.

An extremely upset Tammy was at the farm with Cassie, ranting about her aborted wedding. Tammy then took Cassie to the house that Sandy had planned to buy for her. A conflicted Tammy was still angry with Sandy, but she admitted that she didn't hate him and could still imagine a life with him in that house. Cassie suggested that Tammy go with what she felt, but Tammy admitted that she didn't know what the right choice was.

Suddenly, Blake arrived; apparently, she had lost an earring in the house when she had been selling it. When Tammy mentioned someone beating Sandy for the house, Blake mentioned that Jonathan had offered to buy if first. Later, Jonathan went to the farm, looking for Tammy. When she saw him, she kissed him and asked if he had tried to buy the house. He admitted it but stated that he'd changed his mind because it had felt like something Sandy, not he, would do.

Jonathan asked Tammy to go away with him. Tammy tried to tell him she couldn't, but she was obviously intrigued by the idea of running off. Jonathan told her that he was offering her a way out; he knew she wanted to be with him. Tammy said yes and went upstairs to pack. At that point, Cassie walked in the room. Jonathan told her that Tammy wanted to be alone, but Cassie didn't think so and went to find her.

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