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Shots were fired at Ryan, Erin, and Jonathan. Greenlee was suspicious when she learned the baby's blood type. Greenlee broke into Greg's office. The Pine Valley residents celebrated Thanksgiving.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 21, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Someone fires shots at Jonathan, Ryan and Erin as they emerge from the back of the courthouse. Jonathan tries to stand up and take the punishment he feels he deserves for the bad things he did, but Ryan struggles to keep his brother out of harm's way. Jonathan wants to keep his siblings safe and thinks that if he is dead, they'll be free. They insist that they won't let him make a sacrifice like that. Then, Derek and two deputies burst out of the back door, weapons aimed to the sky in an attempt to ward off the shooter. In a small frenzy, the Laverys rush back to the building for cover. Jonathan swears he doesn't want anyone else hurt, and Derek tells him that if he is telling the truth, they should be smart and leave Pine Valley. Erin is enraged that Derek would intimate that they are on their own if they choose to stay.

Back inside, one by one, the people who most want Jonathan dead (Julia, Sam, Jack, Aidan and Zach) file back into the courtroom after hearing the gunshots. The Laverys soon follow, tailed by the officers. Ryan feels that one of the people in the room is responsible for the attempt on Jonathan's life, and Derek thinks that Ryan sounds as though he intends to do Derek's job. The "lineup" takes turns giving alibis for where they were at the time of the shooting: Zach was at the candy machine, and Aidan was trying to help him decide. They ran toward the back of the building when the shots were fired because they are excitement junkies. Julia was headed to the restroom, and Sam was waiting in the hall for her. As for Jack, he firmly believes that if he wanted to shoot the man that terrorized his family, he would make sure that his face was seen. However, he says that he wasn't the shooter - he was in the upper level of the courthouse looking for a particular judge. They start arguing over who is right - should Jonathan die to pay for his crimes, or are Ryan and Erin right to protect their sick but recovering brother? Jonathan sneaks away in all of the uproar and bangs the gavel up on the judge's bench in order to get everyone's attention. Ryan tries to get him down, but Jonathan says that he needs to hear what everyone has to say. He notes that even though the judge made his ruling, no one is happy with it, and someone wants him dead. He feels like his struggle will never be over, and Jack confirms as much. Sadly, Jonathan goes on to note that he still isn't sure what he can do to make everyone happy. He steps down, and as his siblings guard him to take him home, Erin tells all present that if Jonathan is ever hurt, she will know where to look. As a family, they take their leave. Jack asks if they have any reason to stay, now that they have all provided alibis. Derek reminds him that someone almost died - and that was reason enough. Derek details why each of the people present would be fully capable of being the shooter. He then reminds them that the court ruled - Jonathan is innocent by reason of mental defect...meaning that he is the same as anyone in the room. He tells the group that Jonathan will not be killed on his watch, and that all of them are to keep their distance. With that, he walks out, effectively dismissing the group. All but Julia and Zach leave, and Julia addresses her suspicions: she thinks Zach was the shooter. She didn't expect him to confirm it, and Zach pretends not to know what she is talking about. They go back and forth for a few minutes, discussing how each could be the guilty party and how each may be trying to hide it. Zach sums up by saying that if he wants to shoot someone - he doesn't miss. He offers some advice: take up target practice. Julia smirks at that and takes her leave.

Kendall emphatically assures both Greenlee and David that there is nothing wrong with the baby. She expresses her need to get out of the hospital and away from the doctors when Greenlee presents her with a copy of the test results. Wary, Kendall looks at them, and after noting that things might not be 100%, she wonders why her best friend is so worried. Greenlee wants the answer to that question to come from Kendall. Kendall takes another look but swears that she can't decipher doctor speak and that she is unsure of what Greenlee wants to hear. David asks Greenlee what she sees in the paperwork that they didn't. After eyeing Kendall carefully for any flinching, Greenlee fabricates a story, attributing her behavior to sympathy hormones. Kendall blows it off just as easily, understanding first hand what hormones out of control can do. Before they can drag the subject out further, Erica makes a grand entrance, saying that although she has backed off and is letting them make their own decisions - she now knows exactly what they need. She opens the door to the hall and calls in an assistant carrying garment bags. Erica insists that neither Kendall nor Greenlee can leave the hospital wearing the standard issues smocks they were given. After they have had a chance to change, Erica tells Greenlee that if she needs anything, all she has to do is call. She then quickly grabs Kendall's bag, insisting that she will take her daughter home. Kendall tries to protest, stating that she is not an invalid, but Erica will hear none of it, and ushers her out of the room. Alone again, Greenlee stares morosely at the test results once more. David, having escaped when Erica showed up, returns to see how his sister-in-law is doing. He offers to help her out with more of the results if he can, so she asks him this: what kind of baby will be produced if both parents are Rh negative? David tells her that the child will always be Rh negative as well, even if they were in a different universe. He tells her that if both parents were positive, or one positive and one negative, the child could be either. The only absolute is when both contributing partners are Rh negative. Greenlee thinks that perhaps things are different in OB/GYN cases but David tells her that the facts he presented are basic pre-med. She then tells him there has to be another explanation, but she won't tell David what she is talking about, or why. She then asks if the guy in the lab is known for mistakes, but after finding out who performed the tests, David confirms that there would be no errors coming from that technician. Frantically, Greenlee searches her mind for an answer - landing on the possibility that maybe Dr. Madden messed up. David tells her that Greg has a reputation for excellence. Not hearing what she wants from him, Greenlee insists that David leave. He refuses, knowing that she still needs him, but she informs him that he can't answer the questions that she has. Just then, Dr. Madden walks in the room. He announces that he came to check on Kendall, but since she is gone - he is available to answer any questions Greenlee may have. Without hesitation, Greenlee blurts out her question: is Kendall carrying her and Ryan's baby, or is she in love with someone else's child? Greg assures her that nothing went wrong in his lab, and that DNA tests will prove that Ryan is the biological father of the baby that Kendall is carrying. He promises her that the blackout in no way affected the procedure that Kendall had at his clinic. He then asks Greenlee who had filled her head with such awful thoughts, and Greenlee blows it off, saying that she had a dream where everything went wrong and it worried her. Greg then asks if his answers calmed her fears. Greenlee tells him that knowing that the baby is Ryan's is all she needed to hear. Greg then says that he will see her at Kendall's next appointment and exits the room. David asks if Greenlee really believed the samples got switched. Greenlee asks him to leave, saying that she needs some time alone. He tells her to call if she needs him, and follows Dr. Madden's path. Alone, Greenlee looks at the paperwork again, and starts to work things out in her head. When she arrives at a logical conclusion, she is stunned by it.

Kendall and Erica arrive at her condo and Kendall tries to get her mother to leave instead of flitting around and taking care of her. Erica is slightly upset that Kendall hasn't heard what she has been trying to tell her. To prove that she had indeed been listening, Kendall regurgitates the fact that while Erica supports her daughter's choice to be a surrogate, she feels that Kendall doesn't fully realize the toll it will take on the family. Kendall tells her mother that for however upset Jack is about the situation, the fact is that it's not about him. She says that if either Erica or Jack really looked at Greenlee and Ryan since his return, they would know that the baby is just the icing on the cake. In an effort to make her mother feel better, Kendall tells Erica about the divorce from Zach, noting that Erica will probably want to dance and celebrate. Quite the opposite, Erica disagrees with the decision. She tries to extract the reasons why from her daughter, and soon realizes the truth - Kendall wants a divorce because the business arrangement is no longer working and she has fallen in love with Zach. Kendall wonders aloud if this is how her mother intends to take care of her - by accusing her of falling for the man she married. Erica apologizes - but only because it actually happened. Realizing that her mother has figured her out, Kendall caves and she asks why she always falls in love with the wrong guy. Erica can't offer a reason why, but does know that she wants to help her daughter heal in time for the arrival of the baby. She believes it will take a lot for Kendall to let go. Irate that they are back on the subject of the baby again, Kendall tries to veer away from it. Erica tells her that the point is that she would hate to see Kendall lose a piece of herself to Greenlee or Zach. Newly resolved, Kendall notes that if she can cheer for Ryan and Greenlee to get back together, she certainly can get over Zach. Knowing better, Erica chooses to say nothing, and just embraces her daughter.

JR emerges from the elevator at the hospital, searching for Babe. A bonus for him is running into Amanda, and he takes full use of the opportunity to berate her. He then asks if she'd spotted Babe recently, and after a snide remark questioning the true nature of their relationship, Amanda denies having seen her. With that, JR heads off to continue the search. In the meantime, Babe lies at the bottom of the stairwell, bleeding and unconscious. JR comes back through the main area and asks Anita if she had seen his ex. Anita destroys Amanda's story by saying that she last saw Babe visiting Amanda, and then leaving. When Amanda comes back through on her return trip, JR confronts her with her lie. Amanda snidely reminds him that she is there because she was mowed over by his car - and that she must be blanking on small details. Writing her off as a useless case, JR waits at the elevator so that he can leave. It takes too long, so JR unknowingly takes the same path Babe did - the stairs. He sees her lying at the bottom and rushes down to find out if she is okay.

Back in the main area, Jamie emerges from the elevator and finds Amanda still sitting there. Amanda explains that Babe got what she wanted - again.

JR keeps talking to Babe, assuring her that everything will be okay. He then calls for help, and Jamie is the first one to hear. He goes to the stairwell door and hears his brother say that there is an injury. He relays the message to Anita, and they quickly run down the stairs. She instructs them not to move her, and as she and Jamie attend to Babe, JR looks up and sees Amanda sitting in her wheelchair, viewing the scene smugly. Moments later, Babe starts to come around and Anita does a preliminary check to see if Babe is okay. Babe notes that everything seems to work, but that her head hurts from where she hit it on the ground. JR asks if she remembers what happened - did she slip? Babe tells him firmly that she was pushed, and both Jamie and JR look up at Amanda, suspecting she is to blame. Anita and the orderlies escort Babe to a wheelchair on that floor so they can safely transport her to get checked out. Jamie and JR head back up the stairs to find out if they can get Amanda to confess. She is, as always, defensive, wondering how it is that she got run over by a car and had life-saving surgery, but all she gets is bad attitude - while Babe can fall and get a boo-boo and get fawned over by the two men she loved and then screwed over. They don't get sucked in, instead noting that she hasn't admitted or denied any wrong-doing. Babe then emerges from the elevator, one of the orderlies pushing her. She promises that she will submit to whatever testing Anita needs as long as she can have some water. She comes face to face with her wheelchair-bound arch enemy, who has nothing but caustic commentary for her. Babe is unfazed, simply wanting to get checked out so she can go to somewhere safer than the hospital - like the Pine Cone. JR insists that she will be coming home with him when she gets discharged.

A short time later, Amanda takes Anita aside and asks her about what kinds of effects she might suffer in the aftermath of the accident - specifically, if blackouts might be a problem. Anita tells her that it's a possibility, given her head injury. However, Anita thinks that Amanda is getting better every day and is mostly in the clear. Amanda thanks her and heads off to her room.

Moments later, JR and Babe round the corner. He tells her that he saved her life, so she is therefore bound to do what he says - including his suggestion that she move back into Casa Chandler. She starts to laugh it off, pointing out that he didn't even have to do CPR. He tries to lure her in with the opportunity to take care of Krystal - but that backfires because Babe knows her mother doesn't need help fending Adam off. Finally, he strikes gold by saying that without the protection of the Chandler walls, whoever pushed her has a free shot to do it again. When that happens, JR promises to tell their son that Mommy would rather be an invalid than move back home. Babe expresses mock horror, demanding that JR not use their son to get what he wants. He tells her he won't if she just does as he asks. Finally, she grudgingly agrees. As they get in the elevator to leave, she smiles about her accomplishment, although JR can't see it.

The Laverys return to their room at the Pine Cone, and Ryan demands that Jonathan and Erin pack their things. He thinks that it would be best if they leave town so that he knows they are safe. Jonathan agrees that Erin should go, but notes that he will be staying put. Jonathan tries to reason with his siblings, saying that the surgery has afforded him the opportunity to be a good man - and that he needs to take it. Erin tells him that even though he's good now, that doesn't mean everyone else is. Jonathan then points out that if someone did to him what he did to the people he killed and tortured, both Erin and Ryan would react in the same way as those at the courthouse. If he runs, he destroys the only chance he can of being the man he wants to be. Ryan tells him that by doing so, he may die - and Jonathan tells him that he is willing to take that chance so that he can reach his goal.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Adam crawled into bed and found Babe sleeping in his room. She screamed, he screamed and J.R. and Krystal came to see what the commotion was about. J.R. explained that Amanda had pushed Babe down the stairs at the hospital. Krystal asked how they knew it was Amanda that pushed her, and Babe said that they had no proof. Adam then accused the Kerry's of plotting the fall so that Babe could also live at the mansion. Adam and JR. went downstairs and Adam asked him what the scheme was. He said that there was no way he gave two hoots about Babe falling down the stairs and the fact that he brought her to Chandler mansion was baffling. Babe and Krystal were downstairs and Adam told them that he had arranged for them to board the Chandler jet in the morning and be whisked away to a tropical Thanksgiving vacation. Babe asked how he fixed it so the baby could go too and he told her that little Adam would stay at home with his father and she said then that is where she would be too. Krystal told him that after he tasted her pumpkin soup, he wouldn't sleep in the guest room any longer. He looked toward the heavens and swore never again to touch moonshine. Babe told Adam that she knew he didn't want her there, but she didn't care what he thought. He told her to read his lips and that she and J.R. would never get back together.

Jack returned home from the courthouse and Erica wanted to make sure that he wasn't the one who took a shot at Jonathan. Jack told Erica that Ryan and Jonathan Lavery in Pine Valley was unacceptable. Lily told Jack that if he had seen Jonathan like she did behind bars he would change his mind. She told them about the ketchup packet Jonathan couldn't open and how he told the guard not to touch her because he remembered she doesn't like to be touched. Erica told her how beautiful it was that she could look past all the bad Jonathan did, but Jack said people could lie with their actions as well as their words. Lily told them that she was 35% sure Jonathan was better. Erica told Jack that she still trusted Ryan, and if he said that Jonathan was better, she believed him. Jack told her that he wouldn't let all the turmoil tear them apart and that tomorrow Thanksgiving will take place. Erica said that for one day their entire family could be together with no catastrophe.

Erin told Jonathan they would have Thanksgiving dinner at the motel. Aidan came to the door and Jonathan asked if he was there to shoot him again. Aidan told them he was there to observe Jonathan for himself. Jonathan was happy to prove that he was now good and no longer a threat. Jonathan told Aidan that it was better now that there were no voices in his head and how glad he was that they were gone. J.R. was at the motel exchanging money with a man for a manilla envelope. Jonathan came out of his room and J.R. told him that getting away with murder was a lot to be thankful for. Jonathan tried to explain that he had a brain tumor and that he deserved a second chance. Jonathan kept insisting he wanted to go back inside. J.R called him a freak and said he should be locked in a cage and then told him never to come around his house, because he shoots first and asks questions never. A very upset Jonathan went back to the room and said that he didn't have to take that kind of garbage from anyone.

Ryan knocked on Kendall's door and gave her a gift. He praised her for her sacrifice and she said it was the right thing to do. Ryan and Kendall talked about how much they loved Greenlee and he told her that she saved Greenlee's life after she lost the baby. Ryan said that he would do anything to make Greenlee love him again. Kendall let it slip that the baby was a boy. She told him that her first and only priority was taking care of the baby. Kendall told Ryan that she wanted them together in the worst way. She wanted to believe that love conquered all and if he and Greenlee could beat the odds, maybe she could too. He told her that even if things didn't work out with he and Greenlee, he would always be there for her. Kendall told Ryan that when the baby was born, she would hand over the baby with no regrets.

Greenlee insisted that Josh tell her the secret Kendall and Dr. Madden were keeping from her. Josh told her he didn't know anything but Greenlee told him that he had been dropping hints and she wanted the truth. Josh and Greenlee went to Dr. Madden's office and he reluctantly agreed to help her. Josh hacked into the clinic's computer for Greenlee and found that none of Greenlee's embryos were in the current inventory. He found that the day of the blackout, Greenlee had a dozen embryos and after the blackout she had none. She told him that she wanted see Kendall's medical files and he said that there was no way he could do that, but he said if she wanted to get him a present his birthday was December 18th, while rubbing the keypad to the files. Josh left and Greenlee used the code to open the file cabinet and took out Kendall's file. She called Ryan and asked if he would be he date for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. He said he would love to. Greenlee left Dr. Madden's office with a determined look.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Babe comes down the Chandler mansion stairs and is happy to see JR drinking club soda. He toasts to sobriety for their son's sake before Tad rings the doorbell and comes inside. Palmer is the next guest to arrive, but Adam slams the door in his face. Krystal tells Adam that she invited Palmer and lets him inside. Babe and JR cuddle with their son, as Palmer and Adam start their normal ruckus, agreeing that Di should have suffered for what she did to the family. Di is ousted by Palmer and Adam when she comes to the home, but JR welcomes her. JR says that he has not forgiven Di, but she is family and deserves another chance. Babe thanks JR for letting her spend Thanksgiving with their son and is happy he is giving Di another shot. Krystal tells Palmer that she would like him to help her manage her Chandler shares, which he is welcome to oblige. Tad goes outside to visit Krystal, who does not answer him about Babe's future plans with JR. She tells him that Babe got JR off the drunken driving charge because Babe wants to put her son first. Tad thinks it sounds crazy, not heart felt. After Babe and JR share another tender moment, Amanda crashes the party. Using a walker and wearing a neck brace, she tells JR and Babe that they forgot to invite her to dinner. She tells him she will sue for hospital costs, pain and suffering and get millions. JR threatens to hire someone to blame Amanda for pushing Babe. Amanda reminds JR that she was friends with him, but he says he only used her. She is shocked that JR sides with Babe, who only is jealous of her relationship with Jamie, Amanda says. Amanda gets weak and falls onto the floor, but JR thinks it is an act. After JR taunts Amanda, she attacks JR, but is pulled off by Amanda. She threatens to destroy everyone in the room, showing her true feelings and verifying her injury was not real. Amanda rushes out as Babe spills the beans about her plans to drug Jamie for marriage. Tad follows her to see how she is, but Amanda does not think he cares, then walks off. Before dinner is served, JR wants to show everyone a home video, just like Dixie used to do. The video begins with Little Adam picking up his toys and jumps to a woman at a strip bar. When the woman turns around, they are shocked to see Di.

Greenlee pays Kendall a visit, along with a hug and "Happy Thanksgiving." Kendall is puzzled by Greenlee's odd behavior and says that she does not feel well enough to go to Thanksgiving dinner. Greenlee urges Kendall to come to the dinner because she has a surprise for her. After doing Kendall's make-up, Kendall encourages her to go find Ryan, but Greenlee cuts her off, proclaiming that Ryan will be at the dinner. Kendall tells her that she and Ryan talked about the baby last night and he seems comfortable with the situation. Kendall opens the gift that Ryan bought her and is surprised to see a silver bracelet with three hearts linked together. The hearts represent Kendall, Greenlee and the baby, Kendall says, before trying to put it on Greenlee. Greenlee gets upset and begins to cry, blaming emotions. She admits feeling "left out" and asks Kendall if there is anything she needs to tell her. Kendall does not answer, but instead, lets Greenlee slip the bracelet on her hand. Simone and Ethan walk into Kendall's and also encourage her to go dinner.

Ryan shows up at the Valley Inn, which shocks Jackson. Ryan informs him that he was invited by Greenlee, then goes on to greet Erica. Zach shows up next and says he too was invited by Greenlee, but does not know why. Ryan tells Jackson they should put their feelings aside for Greenlee's sake and he agrees. Josh and Greg show up at dinner next, but Jackson is not so happy to see Greg. The doctor tells him that Greenlee invited him to dinner too. Greg also reminds him that sometimes people, such as Greenlee, need to have children or else they will go into a dark place. After Greenlee miscarried, she was depressed, but with Kendall's help, she has overcome that obstacle, he says. Greenlee's final guest, David, walks in, looking smug. Erica tells Jackson that she is worried about how dinner will turn out as the rest of the crew walks in. Ryan thanks Greenlee for her invitation, Erica tells her she wished she had known earlier about the other guests and Jackson tells her he is behind Greenlee. Greenlee twinges when she sees Kendall and Ryan hug. David leads her outside and Greenlee asks him to stand behind her because she is about to make the hardest decision of her life. Kendall asks Greenlee why she invited Zach, and Greenlee says it will help with the divorce. Kendall rushes off because she does not feel good. Lily asks Zach why he is divorcing Kendall, why she is having Greenlee's child and when they saw Ryan at the casino, did he know he was a ghost. Zach says he lied about Ryan being a ghost to protect other people's feelings, also the same reason he is divorcing Kendall. Ryan promises Greenlee that he will be the best father possible and will not rush her for a second chance.

Greenlee sets up the seating so Ryan and Zach will be squeezed between Kendall. When dinner begins, Greenlee offers a toast to Kendall for being such a trustful friend. Then she announces that Kendall is not carrying her and Ryan's child - the baby is Ryan and Kendall's.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to air on encore edition of a past All My Children episode. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28th with a new episode and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to air on encore edition of a past All My Children episode. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28th with a new episode and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, we'd like to thank you once again for making this site so successful. Without your loyal visits to the site and patronage of our many sponsors, we simply could not have marked our 10th anniversary this past year. All the best to you, your family and your loved ones.

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