All My Children Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on AMC

Jonathan swore that he had not started the fire. Janet visited Babe. Greenlee began to soften toward Ryan. Jamie told JR what Amanda was up to. Greg had good news for Greenlee and Kendall.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Derek becomes suspicious of JR when he is reluctant to have Babe to down to the police station for questioning. Derek feels that JR's behavior is almost an admission of guilt. He's certain, JR is afraid that Babe will tell Derek that JR was driving drunk when Amanda was run down. JR denies the accusation and reminds Derek that he has no legal right to compel Babe to go to the station with Derek or to discuss the accident. Derek makes another attempt to convince Babe to cooperate with him but Babe refuses to change her story. After Derek leaves, Babe asks the parents to leave the room so that she may speak privately with JR. When they are alone, JR offers Babe a drink. She slaps it out of JR's hand and tells him in no uncertain terms that she expects to him to stop drinking himself into an early liver transplant. JR thinks Babe's concern is an act and that what she really is after is a big pay off. He asks Babe how much money it will take to make her happy. Babe refuses the offer. She explains that she has no interest in his money. What she wants is for JR to stop threatening to leave the country with little Adam, to stop drinking and to promise that he will stay in Pine Valley. JR is curious as to why Babe would make such demands of him. Babe admits that she cares about him.

Upstairs, Krystal does her best to get through to Adam that JR is in a crisis. Realizing that Krystal has a valid point, Adam asks her how he can help. He is truly at a loss on where to begin helping his son. Krystal puts her arms around Adam and speaks from the heart as she feels Adam should. Adam is moved by Krystal's advice and holds her for a moment longer than necessary.

Kendall is worried about Greenlee uncovering the truth about what really happened the night her baby was created. Dr. Madden assures Kendall that Greenlee will not learn the truth.

On the pretense of bringing the ladies a bouquet of flowers, Josh enters Greenlee's hospital room. He doesn't waste time steering the conversation to Kendall's pregnancy and the surrogacy. Innocently, Josh suggests that Greenlee's story is just the kind of story that would fit into the whole spirit of what New Beginnings is all about. Unfortunately, claims Josh, Erica would not readily entertain the idea of doing a story on Greenlee and more importantly Kendall. In the course of discussing the fascinating details surrounding the surrogacy, Josh lets it slip that all of the samples at the clinic the night of the power outage were destroyed. Greenlee is surprised by the news. Josh seems about to say more when suddenly Kendall is wheeled back into the room by Josh's father. After Josh leaves, Greenlee asks Dr. Madden if the fact that she and Ryan are RH positive would pose a problem to the baby. Dr. Madden assures her that it doesn't and then follows Josh out of the room. Greg reminds him of the difficulty's Josh's mother faced when trying to conceive a baby including a bout of depression that led to a failed attempt at suicide. It was a miracle baby that ultimately saved her life. Greg begs Josh to give Greenlee same kind of miracle by keeping what he found in Kendall's file a secret. Josh assures his father that he cares about Kendall and Greenlee both and wouldn't want to see them hurt.

Kendall hands Greenlee a copy of the ultrasound and gives Greenlee the news that she is pregnant with only one baby. Greenlee's joy is overshadowed by the realization that Kendall kept a secret. Greenlee confronts Kendall with the news that she knows that Ryan's donations had been destroyed that night of the power outage. She is hurt that Kendall didn't tell her. Greenlee feels that she had a right to know that there was only one chance to conceive Ryan's baby since there wouldn't be any more opportunities to inseminate Kendall with fertilized eggs. Kendall admits that she kept it a secret but insists that she had the best of intentions. Greenlee had been going through too much at that time that Kendall was concerned that the additional worry of wondering if Kendall was pregnant had been too much for Greenlee to handle. Greenlee concedes that Kendall was right in what she did but asks her to promise her to always be honest and up front about things even if Greenlee might be hurt by the truth. Kendall avoids answering her directly.

Jack doesn't buy Jonathan's innocence. He refuses to believe that Jonathan won't remain a danger to the general public. Ryan tries to impress upon Jack that Jonathan's actions were a result of a tumor not some defect in his personality but his words fall on deaf ears. Erica walks in just in time to hear Jack warn Ryan that he will never be allowed near the baby once it's born. Erica is outraged. She tells Jack that he has no right to make such a claim to Ryan and that like it or not, Ryan is the baby's father and therefore has certain rights. Erica then surprises Jack with the news that Ryan also saved Greenlee and Kendall's lives earlier that evening. Jack is relieved to learn that everyone is doing well but then becomes outraged after he talks to a fire investigator and learns that the fire was a result of an electric heater being tipped over. Jack confronts Ryan. He tells him that the fire at the bar started the same exact way the fire that killed Edmund did. The fire that Jonathan started. Ryan realizes immediately what Jack is implying and starts defending Jonathan.

Erin tries to explain things to a confused Jonathan who is behind bars. Livia soon joins them and is accompanied by the DA. Livia quickly outlines Jonathan's illness and offers him full access to all the documentation that verifies that he had a brain tumor and it affected his personality. After Livia presents her side, she turns the attention to Jonathan and asks him to tell the DA his side of things. Jonathan tells the DA about his relationship with Braden and then later about how he began hearing Braden talking to him in his head when Jonathan started college. The DA listens as Jonathan tells him about going to visit a doctor and being given medication that he was told would help him and then how things became worse and worse for him. Jonathan admits that he did terrible things but knows that it wasn't Braden who was in his head, but a tumor. Later, Livia and DA Summerhill join Jack, Erica and Ryan where he announces that he's made a decision regarding Jonathan.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jack was angered when the D.A. said that he didn't have a strong enough case to prosecute Jonathan. Livia admitted that they were on rocky territory, but Jonathan was under a diagnosed medical condition when he committed murder and arson and kidnapping. Ryan told Jack that the Jonathan he shot to protect Greenlee was gone. Livia said that Jonathan is now repentant and contrite. Jack ran down Jonathan's past sins and insinuated that he was responsible for the fire at the Roadside Bar. He then asked the D.A. to hold Jonathan for 24 more hours, so that the arson investigators had a chance to finish their investigation.

Aidan and Erin had an altercation concerning Jonathan. Erin said she was sorry and that he had every right to hate her brother. She also told him that her whole life from the beginning to now has been about protecting Jonathan. She told him about Jonathan's childhood and said that he was free to judge Jonathan and her. Erin told Aidan about how Jonathan was misdiagnosed and given the wrong medications and that is why he did all the things he did. She then offered to buy him lunch but he said that he had an appointment with the D.A and left.

In his cell, Jonathan was visited by Lily. He assured Lily that he wouldn't scare her again. Lily suggested that he tunnel his way out with a spoon like in the movies. Jonathan told her that he did a lot of bad things, but they cut the scary out of him. Lily said that her life skills coach told her that she needed to face her fears. The guard delivered lunch to Jonathan and he pulled a ketchup packet out of the bag and asked Lily how to open it. Lily pulled her sunglasses from her purse to protect her eyes from the red and she opened the packet for him. Jonathan said that he didn't want anymore mean, angry hurt. Lily told Jonathan that she came to the jail to see for herself if she didn't have to be afraid of him anymore. Ryan went to visit Jonathan and he asked him if he set fire to the Roadside Bar.

Derek stopped by to ask Amanda questions about the accident. Amanda flashed back to the scene, but said she didn't know who was driving the car. Derek asked about the fight she had with Babe earlier that day. Amanda told Derek that Babe threatened her with a hammer. He asked if she did anything to set Babe off and she said that she only went to see her to tell her that she missed her and wanted to be friends again. Jamie told Derek that Amanda was feeding him a line of bull. Derek told Amanda that Babe had confessed to hitting her. Amanda then went into her award winning actress mode and pretended to relive the accident seeing Babe behind the wheel. Jamie again told Amanda to stop faking and tell the truth. Jamie said that if she didn't tell the truth, he would tell Derek that Babe found out about Amanda and the drugs she was going to use on him. Jamie then asked Amanda what she was doing crossing the highway that night. Was she going to the bar that caught on fire or running away from the fire. Jamie asked Amanda questions about what she did that night before the accident and if she tried to kill Babe by setting the fire. Jamie left and a knock on the door brought in Amanda's mom, Janet.

J.R. and Babe continued their dialogue about how he owes her for not telling the cops he was the one who hit Amanda. She told him she didn't want to lose him and J.R. took the statement and ran. Babe said she would not be backed into a corner and made to tell J.R. that she loved him. Pushing her even further, Babe told J.R. that she was falling in love with him again. She tearfully asked how she could ever love him again. J.R. said he knew what she was doing and to stop before she embarrassed herself any further. He told her to never game a gamer. Babe said she wasn't mad at him, he was just being him. J.R. grabbed Babe and kissed her.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Amanda is surprised when Janet sneaks into her hospital room wearing a nurse's uniform. Janet explains that she's incognito because of her past history with Pine Valley Hospital. She then tells Amanda that Tim, who is somewhere in Alaska, and Trevor send their love. Amanda isn't very happy to see her mother and tries to find out how she managed to get away without Trevor. Janet explains that her husband is in Ireland on business and that when she received the call about Amanda she was too worried to stay home. They are interrupted when Jamie enters the room. Janet is thrilled to see him and immediately starts talking about their wedding. Jamie becomes a bit uncomfortable with Janet's hyper behavior and her refusal to accept that Amanda and Jamie are not a couple. After failing to convince Janet that there is no hope of him reconciling with Amanda, Jamie leaves. Janet remains convinced that, with some couple counseling, Amanda and Jamie could work things out. When Amanda mentions Babe and her role in Jamie and Amanda's breakup, Janet becomes upset and more determined see Amanda reunited with Jamie. Frustrated with her mother's insistence to remain in town and interference in her life, Amanda makes the mistake of mentioning the well. Janet becomes quite stern, reminding Amanda "We don't joke about what I did to your Aunt Nattie." Duly chastised, Amanda apologizes and then once again makes an attempt to convince Janet of returning home but Janet refuses to consider it. She insists on staying in Pine Valley and helping Amanda. When Janet suggests confronting Babe, Amanda almost panics and rushes to assure her mother that there is no need. She will get over Jamie and in hindsight what Babe did to her wasn't as horrible as it sounded. As they talk, Janet gives some insight into how she's been feeling since Amanda left home. She tells her daughter that every night she sets an extra table setting and makes extra food in case her dreams come true and Amanda returns home. She also tells her that at night, she would go to Amanda's room and when things become especially difficult, she listens to the tapes of their conversations just to hear Amanda's voice. Amanda is a bit disturbed to learn that Trevor helped Janet to record their conversations but focuses her efforts on trying to get her mother to understand that what is best is for both of them would be for Janet to go home and allow Amanda to live her life on her own terms. Janet finally relents and agrees to leave Pine Valley. After a tearful goodbye, Janet leaves Amanda's hospital room.

Babe pulls away from JR's kiss. JR immediately goes on the offensive and accuses Babe of trying to manipulate him by pretending to have feelings. JR seems shaken by the encounter and tries to focus on his anger by reminding Babe of how betrayed he had felt when Babe slept with his brother. When JR reaches for a drink, Babe tries to stop him from taking a drink by reminding him of the negative way it will impact their son, little Adam. JR reluctantly puts down his drink and then walks out after Babe thanks him for making the right decision. Krystal walks in as JR storms out of the house. Babe smiles victoriously as she informs her mother that everything is working out just as she had planned, JR is starting to have feelings for Babe. As Babe is talking, Krystal realizes that Babe is starting to fall for JR. Babe doesn't deny it and assures her mother that she has the situation well under control. Babe prepares to leave and as she opens the door, she finds Janet standing on the other side. Janet recognizes Babe from her description.

JR, meanwhile, headed to Pine Valley Hospital where he confronted Jamie about the way Babe has been asking. He asked pointedly if Babe was up to more of her tricks or being honest about her feelings.

Ryan asks Jonathan if he set the fire. Nearby, Zach listens. Jonathan becomes upset at the idea that he might have set the fire and that the surgery might not have fixed what it was supposed to have. Ryan continues to push Jonathan for answers but Jonathan refuses to tell him where he went after he left the motel that night. Zach, mistaking it as a sign of guilt, manages to get Jonathan into a headlock when Jonathan steps away from Ryan and backs up against the jail bars. Ryan, with the help of a guard, manages to free Jonathan from Zach's grasp. While Zach is ushered out of the area, Jonathan insists to Ryan that he did not set the fire. Later Ryan joins Zach in one of the interrogation rooms. Ryan warns Zach to stay away from Jonathan but Zach isn't the least intimidated. Angry because of the danger that Kendall was in during the fire, Zach suggests that Ryan take his brother and sister and leave town. Ryan reminds Zach that Kendall is pregnant with his child and that she filed for divorce from Zach. If anyone should leave town, according to Ryan, it should be Zach. They continue to trade words, each feeling that Kendall would be better off without the other man in her life.

Greenlee stares at the ultrasound picture and talks about her baby. Kendall, resting in her own bed, is very quiet and seems pensive. Greenlee walks over to see what is on Kendall's mind. Kendall confesses that she lied to Greenlee. She explains that she didn't tell the truth when she claimed that she wasn't in love with Zach. Greenlee listens as Kendall realizes that she was foolish to think they had a chance when it's apparent that Zach didn't even care enough about Kendall to check on her during her stay in the hospital. Greenlee keeps silent about seeing Zach leave Kendall's room and instead tells Kendall that she is better off without Zach in her life. Kendall sadly agrees until Anita walks in. Noticing Kendall's depressed state, Anita cheerily suggests that maybe Zach will cheer her up when he comes back to visit. Greenlee panics and immediately doubles over claiming to be in severe pain. Kendall sees right through Greenlee's attempt to keep Anita from talking and ignores Greenlee completely. She demands an explanation from Anita. After Anita tells Kendall that she and Greenlee had seen Zach leaving her room, Kendall dismisses Anita and confronts Greenlee with her obvious lie. Greenlee defends herself, claiming that she loves Kendall and wants only what is best for her. Kendall suddenly grows still as she realizes that Zach's visit could also mean that her dream had been real after all. Greenlee insists otherwise. Accusing Greenlee of acting out of jealousy, Kendall decides to find out if she had dreamed Zach's declaration of love or not.

Out in the hallway, Greenlee doubles over from real pain. When a hand reaches out to help her, Greenlee accepts and looks up to find Ryan standing before her.

Zach enters Kendall's room and asks, "You wanted me?" Kendall sits up in her bed and smiles at Zach as she slowly tells him, "Yes. I want you."

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Even though Greenlee insists that she is fine, Ryan knows better. However, after Anita finds them in the hall and insists that Greenlee needs to be in her room, Ryan whisks her away for some fresh air under the night stars. They end up at the boathouse, and Greenlee confesses that she hasn't opened her heart or really felt anything intensely since he left, for fear of her heart being shattered because she couldn't share that moment with him. Ryan tells her that he wants to give her 10 years of happiness for every second of sadness he caused her. He goes on to say that he doesn't know if the math adds up, or if she would even give him a chance - but he wants to try. Greenlee is hesitant, saying that he smashed her heart once but he wants another chance to try to not do it again. Ryan proceeds to make a series of corny jokes, and while she tries to be angry with for making light of what happened, she can't help but laugh. After a few moments, Greenlee asks how Jonathan is doing. Ryan tells her that his brother is afraid and confused, but that if everything goes as planned, he will be released. Greenlee notes that if she took Ryan back, they wouldn't have the white picket fence. They would be in a constant battle defending Jonathan against, nay from, her father. Ryan says that he would be happy just to be a family again, but Greenlee isn't sure she is ready for another round. Ryan promises that things would be different this time, and that she and the baby would come first. Greenlee reminds him that she heard that from him before - before he left their home to take care of Jonathan pre-surgery. She can't help but question how long it would take before he forgot his promise because Jonathan or Erin needed him. Ryan tells her that he won't fight her - that all he wants is her back in his life, and moments like the one they are currently sharing. Greenlee isn't impressed, and posits a scenario: if she took him back, only to make him feel bad every day about what he did to her, would he still be so eager to sign up? Although he doesn't believe that Greenlee has it in her to be that hateful, he tells her that he would be with her regardless. He tells her he would wait out her venom, but she notes that she can hold a grudge for a very long time. She asks him what he would do if he couldn't wait that long. He tells her that he would know then that he failed - at making her feel safe and loved. Greenlee isn't sure she can ever feel that way again. Ryan then tells her that whether she takes him back or not, he just wants her to be at peace and happy. She replies that she wanted those same things for him, but that he didn't trust her. He admits that doing so was his biggest mistake. He then tells her that he found a therapist - because regardless of her decision, he wants to fix what's wrong with him so he never becomes the man he was when he "died" again. He tells her that he is doing it for himself - because down the road, their child may want to know him, and he wants to be a man worth knowing.

Jamie reams JR for being so overly concerned about Babe pulling a fast one on him, when really he should be thankful that she is taking the rap for the accident. JR reminds his brother that Babe has conned him before, and that he needs Jamie's keen insight into Babe to find out what's going on. Jamie is set to ignore the plea until JR tells him that Babe admitted she was falling back in love with him. After recovering from the admission, Jamie demands to know why finding out Babe's true feelings is so important. Jamie reminds JR that Babe means about as much to him as something he found on the bottom of his shoe. He suggests that his brother blow Babe off and be done with the drama. JR can't let it go, but Jamie won't give him the answers he wants. He does, however, offer up one bit of truth: he informs JR that he was present when Derek questioned Amanda about the accident. JR asks whether Amanda pointed the finger at him, Jamie tells him that Amanda had an epiphany - she saw Babe behind the wheel, and it was no accident. JR appears slightly angered, knowing that things didn't happen that way. Jamie further notes that the only thing Amanda cares about is making Babe do hard time for something she didn't do.

Myrtle visits Amanda in the hospital and brings some of her belongings from the boarding house. Myrtle tells her that it always helps to have something personal to spruce up a hospital room, and Amanda thanks her for it. Then Myrtle sees the doll on the bed, and seems genuinely surprised that she had a visitor. Amanda tells her that not everyone had written her off as bad news - that her mother still thinks the world of her. Myrtle tells her that she doesn't think that she is a bad person - but she does think she is wasting her life. Myrtle doles out advice as only she can - telling Amanda that while her intelligence and her beauty should have a room full of people visiting her, no one has called. Myrtle believes the reason for that is that Amanda works harder at losing friends than making and keeping them. She suggests that Amanda change her tactics so that she can get on the right path - the one to happiness.

JR shows up at Amanda's room and, with Myrtle gone, Amanda tries to put on a brave face. She demands that JR leave, but before she can push the button that will call a nurse, JR yanks the control away. He threatens to take her out of her comfy, paid for private room and put her in a second rate facility that she would have to pay for with money she doesn't have if she doesn't stop trying to railroad Babe. Amanda claims that she understands what JR is promising, but he's still not done with her. He tells her that he heard about her performance when she was questioned. She tells him that she only told Derek the truth, and that the only time she performed was when she was in bed with him. Slighted, JR comes back quickly and tells her that if she messes with Babe again, it will be the last thing she does. Amanda inquires as to why it is that no matter what Babe does, she is still protected while Amanda is relegated to target status. JR informs her that it's kind of like the food chain: while Babe ranks somewhere around sloth, Amanda doesn't rank at all. He then takes his leave, while Amanda tosses a bottle at the closing door. Alone again, Amanda reviews the threats JR made. Angry, she announces to the empty room that she has a lot more ammunition, and that Babe had better watch her back.

Janet shows up at the Chandler mansion, and confirms that Babe is the person that answered the door. Janet introduces herself and in turn, Krystal says who she is. They invite her in, and Janet tells them that she just came from the hospital, after having a long talk with Amanda. She thinks that she and Babe have a lot to talk about, and Krystal assumes that the subject will be the accident. Babe assures Janet that she never saw Amanda, wasn't speeding and wasn't reckless. Janet is taken aback, as she hadn't previously heard who was behind the wheel. Babe is apologetic, but Krystal continually chimes in, saying that Babe did nothing wrong. Janet takes it all in, and when Babe is done, she simply says that she believed the rift between Amanda and Babe was simply over the man that Amanda loves. Krystal and Babe are floored at the take Janet has on what happened between Amanda and Jamie. Janet tells Babe that she needs to accept that Jamie has moved on, but Babe tells her that she has no say in what Jamie chooses to do. Janet reveals that she knows Babe was there when the breakup happened, and advises her to let Jamie have a life with the woman he chose. Babe insists that she let go of Jamie a long time ago and had very little to do with the reasons Jamie and Amanda didn't get married. Janet goes off on a tangent about understanding the powerful forces of love, and how your actions can get away from you. She notes that strong emotions can make a person do destructive things, and at that point, Krystal interrupts her. She tells Janet that if she is going to continue to make vague threats, she would be more than happy to show her to the door. Janet all but ignores her, instead telling Babe that she needs to look deep within herself and find out whether she has some unresolved feelings. Janet then apologizes for being overbearing, and simply notes that she would do anything to ensure her daughter's happiness. Babe says that the only man that she is obsessed with is her son, and Krystal supports that statement, declaring that he daughter is an amazing mother in her own right. Janet starts to espouse their common bond as mothers when JR shows up, demanding to know why a crazy person like Janet was in his house. Janet tries to suggest that they put the past behind them, but JR won't hear of it. Babe tries to come to her defense, saying that everything had been going smoothly, but Krystal stops her, noting that JR probably knows Janet better. JR starts to decimate Amanda and Janet bit by bit, but Janet attempts to remind him of the good things she did for him when he was younger. JR admits that while all that she says is true, any good will he had toward her went out of the window when she killed his uncle. With that, Janet says that she has a plane to catch, thanks Babe and Krystal for their hospitality and takes her leave. JR calls after her, telling her not to come back. He then turns a wary eye on his ex-wife and stepmother - wondering who they invited to dinner if they were going to let people like Janet in the house. Krystal tells JR that both she and Babe were won over by Janet in the beginning - saying that she pulled off being normal, albeit overly pushy. Babe admits that meeting Janet explains a lot of the stunts that Amanda pulls. JR tells both of them that they are just lucky that Janet is leaving town - because Janet in meltdown mode makes Amanda's stunts look like childhood pranks. The last thing they needed, JR states, is Janet coaching Amanda on how to even the score. With that, Krystal says she's going to go upstairs and say a prayer of thanks before turning in for the evening. Babe asks if he would mind her kissing their son goodnight - but JR asks her to stay behind so they can talk. When Krystal leaves, Babe thinks that he wants to talk about the kiss and what she said. JR tells her that he just wanted to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner. Pleasantly surprised, she tells her ex that the invitation is very sweet, and she kisses him on the cheek in thanks. She accepts, grabs her things and heads out, leaving JR with a slight smile on his face.

After calling him, Zach shows up at Kendall's room. He asks what she needed him for, and after flashing back to the realization that Zach had visited her in the hospital, and might have said he loved her, she tells him that she isn't quite sure - and that she was hoping he could help her figure it out. After some cryptic small talk, Zach tells his wife that if she is testing him, he'd like it if she could tell him what he is being tested for. Kendall continues to be ambiguous, rambling on about how Zach didn't bring her flowers. She then notes that he didn't bring them the last time he visited, and another piece falls into place. Slightly taken aback, he pauses before asking her what specifically she wants from him besides a divorce. Kendall flips out at the reminder and tries to send Zach away. He doesn't take the bait because he is more interested in finding out his wife's motives. Finally, she admits that with the pregnancy, her hormones are all out of whack - but the reality is still the same: she is always about herself. However, currently her family is all wrapped up in what is going on with Jonathan, Bianca is in Paris and Greenlee is in a snit. She tells Zach that she just wants to be the center of someone's universe, and Zach can't believe that he would be considered a candidate. She tells him that she is desperate - and he asks her what she is desperate for. She convinces him to give her another foot rub, and thoroughly enjoys that he is so willing to give. He tells her that when he came to visit her, and he saw her hooked up to the monitors, it hit him that she was strong, courageous and as beautiful as ever. Kendall then asks if he talked to her when he visited before - saying that she thought that she heard him, but could have been dreaming. Without relinquishing the hold on his secret, Zach asks her what she thought she heard. She tells him that she didn't hear specifics...that she just heard the sound of his voice. She thinks that if she hears him say it again, maybe she will recognize it. He tells her that he watched her sleeping, watched her breathe...and thought about what she said about being burned out on love. He admits that he doesn't think it's true because he has seen the stars in her eyes - the spark, the passion. He thinks that one day she will open her eyes and will crave true love again. She asks what he would think if she told him she already craved it - and he told her that he had good news: he wouldn't stand in the way of her happiness. He would give her the divorce she asked for. Stunned at the sudden turn of events, Kendall is at a loss for words for a moment. Regaining momentum, she asks if her pregnancy is the reason why he's giving up. He tells her that her sacrifice just shows him how big her heart is. He tells her that he will keep his promise to see her through the pregnancy, but that he understands her wanting to move on after almost perishing in the fire. He realized that she didn't need a loveless marriage tying her down. Tears lingering behind her eyes, she asks him if that's how he really saw their marriage. He tells her that they made some good money but that she knows he doesn't have real feelings. He kisses her on the forehead and takes his leave. While she stares blankly at the closing door, Zach chokes back his own tears in the hall.

A short time later, Ryan returns Greenlee to the hospital and tucks her into bed. She thanks him, and he returns the sentiment, glad that they watched the moon together. He starts to leave, but she calls to him, saying that she thinks she saw the man in the moon smiling down. He takes in her cherished words, glances over at Kendall's bed, and then leaves. Once he does, Greenlee calls to her best friend, hoping she is still awake. Although she is, Kendall pretends not to be, in an effort to hide her tears.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Amanda calls her mother to make sure that she got home fine. Janet still does not feel comfortable leaving Amanda alone, although she assures that the doctors are taking great care of her. Babe walks in after Amanda hangs up the phone, but Amanda starts screaming for help. Jamie and Anita come to check out what is going on, but Jamie tells Anita they will be fine alone. Once outside, Jamie tells Anita that Babe is no threat, but Anita thinks the stress could affect her condition. In the room, Amanda does not think Babe came over to say she's sorry. Babe gloats about her mother coming over and finding out the real reason she and Jamie broke up. Amanda sits up and moves to grab Babe, but she is too slow. However, she does threaten to kill Babe if she gets to Janet again. Babe wanted to tell Amanda how awful she was, but didn't spill the beans because her mother seemed so nice. Babe says she is not out to hurt her and wants to end their feud. Amanda says no way and seems relieved when Derek comes to visit. The police chief says they have no proof of Babe trying to kill Amanda so she will not get arrested. No drugs, alcohol and Amanda walking along the highway at night in dark clothing does not make a solid case, he says. Plus, JR backs up Babe's story, Derek adds. As soon as Babe walks out the door, after telling Amanda to drop dead, Derek informs her she is not in the clear yet. He still thinks Babe is covering for JR, but also wonders if she has gotten herself into something deeper. Amanda crawls out of bed, gets herself in a wheelchair and makes her way out of the room. She finds Babe waiting by the elevator, but decides to use the stairs instead. Suddenly, she loses her balance and tumbles down the stairs.

Tad comes over to see JR and even suspects his coffee may be mixed with alcohol. Tad makes JR aware that he knows of Amanda's accident as JR swears off drinking. Tad invites JR and Little Adam over for Thanksgiving, but he says he has invited Babe over to their home for the holidays. Tad is beyond surprised at JR's invitation, but JR thinks she is not so bad. After all, she got him to stop drinking and might be on his side, JR adds. Tad thinks Babe took the blame for the car accident and JR's invitation is a way to thank her. JR says he is not sure if Babe is playing him to get closer to their son or if she really cares about him. Tad does not know, but JR thinks if he came to dinner, he could spy on Babe. Tad agrees to help JR figure out Babe and when he leaves, he runs into Di. JR opens the door and invites her inside his home. JR tells Di he invited Tad over for Thanksgiving and now, he wants her to join them. Di is stunned, but accepts his invitation. Tad tells Di not to think too highly of JR's dinner invitation. She realizes JR is setting her up, but maybe he will his anger go.

Simone comes to visit Kendall and Greenlee, who are bored out of their minds and not talking. When Simone asks what is wrong, Kendall claims that Greenlee is trying to run her love life, although Greenlee claims Zach is no good. Kendall tells Simone she is getting a divorce from Zach, but does not sound thrilled about it. Dr. Madden comes in and updates Kendall and Greenlee on the health of the child. He explains there is no evidence of birth defects and then, to add to the delight, they find out Kendall is carrying a boy. Greenlee asks for a copy of the results, or at least to look at it, but Madden dismisses the idea. He says it is too technical and a copy must be kept with her medical records. Madden informs they are both getting released today before Simone leaves. Greenlee goes into the bathroom and hears Kendall tell Madden she was freaking out. Madden whispers that Greenlee "will never know." When Greenlee comes out, David rushes in after hearing about the fire because he was out of town. They women say they and baby boy are fine. Greenlee asks David to help her walk down the hall and once they are outside, she asks him to find out what Kendall and Dr. Madden's secret is. David thinks Dr. Madden is responsible and is not keeping secrets. Greenlee tells him about the shifty looks, Kendall being impregnated early and never needing to know something. She wants to trust Kendall because she is her best friend, but needs his help. David agrees to help Greenlee get the answers she needs. Greenlee goes back inside and starts packing up with Kendall. Kendall tells her that Greenlee was right and Zach does not care about her. However, Ryan is still the best thing to happen to Greenlee, she says. David comes back and tells Greenlee he could not find any dirt on Madden. He hands Greenlee a sheet of paper, but she thinks something is wrong, just as Kendall walks in.

Trial begins for Jonathan today. Olivia tells Ryan that the district attorney has accepted Jonathan's not guilty pleas, so all they need is the judge's signature. Jack waltzes in and tells Ryan he will not let Jonathan get away with his crimes. Olivia tells Jackson that he has called in as many government officials as he could, but nothing has changed. Erin walks in and tells Aidan that he brother is going home today, despite what he has done to try to change that. Zach follows behind and is told to go home by Jackson. Zach claims he is on the same side as Jackson, but Jackson does not believe it because he let Kendall get pregnant with Ryan's child. Zach has no control over Kendall and thinks she has made a huge sacrifice for Greenlee. Zach tells Ryan he, Jonathan and Erin should get out of Pine Valley, but Ryan disagrees.

Julia pays Jonathan a visit. He remembers her as the woman who stopped Sam from shooting him. She tells him she wanted to find out more about him. Jonathan tells Julia that it is a bad feeling knowing you have killed someone, but she would not know anything about that. Julia tells him that she is finding hard to forgive Jonathan because he killed so many people. Jonathan reminds her that Ryan thinks he is fine now because the tumor has been removed. Julia hopes that Jonathan is right because Ryan may have to swear in court that is true, since Jonathan is such a disappointment to his family. Jonathan says his father used to call him a disappointment and does not understand why Julia is trying to make him sad. Julia asks him if he is just pretending to have changed, but Jonathan tells him he has changed. He no longer wants people to fear him and he does not feel like hurting people anymore. Julia comes into the courtroom and tells Aidan and Jackson that Jonathan may be the real deal.

Jonathan is led out to the courtroom and sits next to Livia. After the judge comes in, the district attorney states he accepts the plea of not guilty by reason of mental defect. Sam comes in and yells that Jonathan killed his father and should not get away with it. The judge tries to understand Sam, but claims this is a legal issue, not moral one. Jackson asks to step forward and speak for his three daughters, Jonathan's other victims. Jackson says yes, the medical evidence is there, but they do not know if he was coached to play the part of a repentant little boy. Jackson asks the court not to take the deal and let a jury decide what Jonathan's fate should be. The judge decides that while he agrees with the district attorney based on the medical evidence. Despite his personal reservations, the court decided to sign off on the deal, the judge adds. Ryan, Erin and Jonathan hug, while the rest of the crowd, Jackson, Aidan, Julia, Zach and Sam, only stare at Jonathan with cold eyes. Julia tells Sam to let it go, but he won't accept that, and rushes off. Aidan tells Erin that Jonathan should run from Pine Valley, but Erin claims they will stay with Ryan. As Erin, Jonathan and Ryan walk outside of the court room, someone fires shots at them.

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