One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on OLTL

Dorian agreed to team up with Asa to take Spencer down. Cristian was shot during the prison riot; John managed to drag Cristian to safety and stop the bleeding. Natalie learned from Evangeline that the real Cristian was alive. Viki needed Dorian's help. Dorian refused to forgive David for humiliating her. Todd gave Blair the details of his day at the lake with Margaret.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Devastated after being left at the altar, an enraged Dorian begins erasing every trace of David from her home. Though her family members all urge her not to give in to Tess' demands, Viki remains determined to do whatever she must to help Jessica heal. At Statesville, Carlo advises Cristian to sit back and enjoy the chaos which has erupted inside the prison. Meanwhile, Hayes gleefully draws a bead on John after killing the warden. Roxy finds David hiding inside the hotel and informs him she thinks he did the right thing in ducking matrimony. John manages to buy some time by wounding Hayes but the serial killer continues his dogged pursuit. Antonio bristles when Nash announces his intention to stay in Llanview no matter who turns out to be the father of Tess' baby. Reminding a worried Clint and her children that she can control Niki Smith, Viki insists that the decision is hers and hers alone. Spencer triumphantly informs Dorian that he was responsible for David dumping his would-be bride. Secretly taking orders from Carlo, Haskell runs interference on an unwitting Bo when the police commissioner attempts to locate his chief of detectives among the rioting prisoners. Nash and Antonio indulge in another round of fisticuffs. Viki tells Clint why she's sure Niki caused their daughter's mental illness. Kelly hopes to reschedule her surgery with Spencer. Cristian is forced to fend off Hayes, then comes face to face with John.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

At Serenity Springs, Jessica decides the time has come to get to know Nash. Kevin agrees to give them some time alone, but he stays close by to keep an eye on his sister. What Jessica truly wants is information about Tess, and Nash is eager to provide some. He tells her that Tess referred to Jessica as her twin and said that she had died; this revelation shakes Jessica to her core. Nash tries to make her feel better by saying that Tess seemed to appreciate the fact that Jessica took care of her, and he also lets Jessica know how free spirited and full of life her alter is. When Jessica says a word a certain way, Nash suddenly believes that Tess is back, and he reaches out to touch her. Jessica is uncomfortable by the way that Nash is so physical with her, but she also understands how difficult the entire situation is for him. When Antonio gets word from Viki and Clint that Jess went to Serenity Springs, he races back to protect her from Nash. She lets him know that Nash has promised her not to run off with Tess if she comes back out, but Antonio still doesn't trust Brennan. As Nash takes off, he reminds Jessica, Antonio, and Kevin that if the baby is his, he is not going to give it up.

Back at Llanfair, Clint and Viki continue to argue about her decision to bring Niki Smith out to speak to Tess. Viki apologizes to Clint for being so harsh towards him. He says that he realizes they are no longer married and points out that he never tried to control her when they were together. During a moment alone, Viki stares into the mirror and talks to Niki. She tells her that she needs her to come out again, but begs her not to cause her family any more harm.

Natalie shows up at Roxy's hotel looking for John, only to find Evangeline coming downstairs from his room. Natalie rips into Evangeline for spending so much time with John and also declares that she understands why Van doesn't have boyfriend! Evangeline retaliates by saying that she'd rather not be in a relationship than be in one that is one-sided. The ladies' argument is interrupted when a news brief comes over the radio, informing them of the Statesville prison break. Natalie becomes worried when she can't reach John on his cell phone, and Van tells her that the last time she saw John was at Todd's arraignment, when he was talking privately with Bo. Frantic, Natalie decides to take off for Statesville. "Are you coming?" she hollers at Evangeline, and the two of them run out the door together.

Inside the prison, John and Cristian lock themselves inside the Warden's office. Cris demands to know why John is at Statesville, and McBain informs him that he came to get Cristian out. He also reveals his plan for Cris to wear the wire in order to incriminate Hesser. Cristian says that it's too late for that plan to work, but John tells him that he heard Hesser in the corridor earlier in the evening; obviously, Hesser hasn't freed himself yet. Meanwhile, Carlo and a couple of the inmates have taken one of the good guards hostage. Bo and his men try to break into the prison, but they are held off by gun fire from the inmates. Bo manages to get hold of Hesser on the radio, while he and his men are waiting for backup from the Feds. Carlo threatens to kill one hostage every hour until Bo agrees to make a deal with him. Bo refuses, but when Carlo puts one of the guards on the radio, Bo realizes just what a dire situation he is in. He agrees to hear Carlo out, much to Hesser's satisfaction. Meanwhile, Hayes is still on a mission to kill Cristian. Cris wants to leave the safety of the Warden's office, but John throws him up against the wall and tells him that that would be the equivalent of suicide. Cristian pretends to agree with McBain, but then presents him with a quick punch to the face. As John lies stunned on the floor, Cris lets himself out into the empty prison corridor!

Dorian reluctantly lets David into her house for an opportunity to explain himself. He comes clean to her about the murder he committed when he was young, and Dorian is understandably surprised. David also explains that Spencer kept him out of prison all those years ago, but threatened to turn him in if he went through with the wedding. As stunned as Dorian is about David's confession to murder, she remains far more upset about being left at the alter. Unable to forgive him for the pain he caused her, Dorian screams at David about the humiliation she underwent. She lets him know that not only did he embarrass her in front of all of Llanview high society, but that he humiliated everything she ever loved about him. Tearfully, she screams at him to get out of her house; David sorrowfully walks out of La Boule.

Kevin continues to argue against Kelly undergoing surgery, but she convinces him that a child will allow their love and spirit to live on for years to come. He hesitantly agrees to support her choice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

While having a nice dinner out, Asa and Renee see Spencer sitting at a nearby table. Renee stops her husband from making any moves and instead, David joins his brother. Eagerly announcing that he's told Dorian everything, Spencer immediately contradicts him by remarking that it's NOT everything. The men proceed to have an argument regarding Dorian and whether Spencer is still in control. Spencer advises his brother that his secrets are all about what David IS. Asa finally drops by to make small talk and engages Spencer in having another poker game, this time putting up something valuable. During this time Asa receives a curious phone call from Dorian and he heads over to her place. Spencer thinks David should team up with him.

Blair drops in on her aunt as Dorian tries to convince herself that she did the right thing by letting David go. Dorian advises Blair that she needs to cut Todd next which results in the women having words on whether Todd is innocent and if he's actually any worse than David. When Dorian remarks that Blair and her children are not safe from Todd either, Blair is really provoked. During the arguing, Dorian almost lets slip David's confidence of killing someone. When Blair mentions Spencer as a close friend, it's Dorian's turn to go off, citing his sleaziness and the fact that he was the reason that David jilted her. She calls Blair a "bum magnet" and suggests that Spencer is a user like Todd and is only being nice as he's coming on to her. Blair reminds her aunt of trying to set them up earlier in the year and storms out. When Asa arrives and learns that Dorian has proof that Spencer is planning to destroy the Buchanan family, they decide to combine forces. Though she hates Asa, she hates Spencer more, Dorian admits.

As Todd waits for Evangeline, Viki pays him a visit instead. She's angry over his involvement in Jessica's situation, thinking that he basically played with the truth, divulging only what he wanted, something that he does all of the time. She wonders if he did indeed commit murder which causes Todd to confess since it seems apparent that's what she wants to hear. She thinks that only because during a previous conversation he was obviously upset and hiding something. Angry now, Viki leaves. When Blair arrives and hears Viki's assessment of her husband, she agrees. She does still believe in him.

John tries to prevent Cristian from leaving the warden's office without success and while Cris makes it out, John runs into Hayes the hunter, with gun in hand. The men end up in a tussle for the gun with John winning out. He ties Hayes up and takes off in search of Cris. In the meantime, Evangeline and Natalie show up and learn that John is inside. The guard on Carlo's payroll, Williamson, tries to prevent them from coming close. Nat blames the lawyer for John's predicament due to her defending of John Doe. Natalie wishes for a painful death for the man, though Evangeline is quick to point out that Nat has no idea of who the man is. Nat lets Evangeline have it, citing the fact that the man stole Cris' life and face. She loves John like she loved Cris and she's being forced to go through the same hell again. While that's going on, Cris finds his way to Carlo Hesser who has made the first of his demands to Bo; that Renee, the love of his life, be brought to him. He's in jail for a crime that Asa committed after all so he's entitled. While Carlo makes his threats and Bo responds, Cris manages to turn the tables, attack the armed prisoner with Carlo and get his weapon. Cris now has control and grabs Carlo, forcing him to the front of the prison. John has arrived but is not able to get into a spot to help out. As Bo tries to get the women to leave, they can see the men coming forward, though unable to tell who it is. Cris wants Carlo to make it known to the world what he did to Cris before he'll give up his hold. A noisy commotion ensues with all of the yelling among Williamson, Bo, Cris and Carlo, the women, and others standing around. Williamson wants to shoot as Bo warns him not to. Realizing who it is behind Carlo, Evangeline shrieks Cristian's name. A bewildered Natalie can only look at her, as the lawyer is forced to divulge the truth. Shots ring out, followed by screams.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Todd finally describes for Blair what transpired the night he took Margaret up to the lake. Capricorn's grand re-opening gets off to a sour start for Layla when Nash shows up. Unable to dissuade Viki from undergoing hypnosis to summon forth Niki Smith, Clint tells his ex-wife he intends to stay close by her side during the entire session. As Natalie screams in horror, John drags the wounded Cristian out of the line of fire. Jessica confides to her sympathetic mother how nervous she is about attending the bash at Capricorn for fear of having Tess emerge midway through the party. Natalie demands an explanation from Evangeline and is stunned when the attorney reveals how Cristian hid his true identity in order to spare his wife any further pain. Carlo releases Hayes and orders him not to screw up again in his mission to kill Detective McBain. Todd tells Blair how Margaret jumped from the boat and how he dove in to save her but couldn't find her in the dark. Antonio and Nash promise Jessica they'll remain civil to one another during the AIDS fundraiser at the club. Dr. Jamison puts Viki in a hypnotic trance and encourages her to seek out her alters but she's unable to locate Niki. Bo clashes with Haskell as the FBI arrives to take charge of putting down the Statesville riot. Meanwhile, Evangeline inadvertently lets it slip to a shocked Natalie that John knew the truth about "Prisoner Doe" from the very start.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Finally alone at the police station, Blair pleads with Todd to tell her the whole story about his last moments with Margaret. Todd relives the memories of rocking the boat, and he tells Blair that once Margaret realized he could never love she or the baby, she jumped overboard. Blair asks Todd if he let Margaret drown, and he tells her that he dove in and searched for her, but it was too late. He never saw her body. Blair says that she believes Todd, but she also points out that his story doesn't match anything that the police have said. Todd says that if Blair doesn't believe him, he may as well give up now, because a jury is certainly not going to decide in his favor. Blair says that she believes him, and Todd says that Margaret's body decomposed so much that the police might not really know what happened to her. An officer comes to escort Todd back to his cell, but first he and Blair share a steamy kiss.

At Capricorn, Antonio is hosting a fundraiser for A.I.D.S. He gives an impassioned speach to all of the guests, reminding them that the wait staff and bartenders are donating their tips to the proceeds. Nash watches as Antonio and Jessica share a close dance. Before long, Nash is drunk, and he leaves the club after having words with Antonio. Layla drags Antonio back to the kitchen to deal with a broken water pipe, and Jessica goes out for some air. Nash watches her and calls out Tess's name. Jessica tells Nash that she is not Tess, and he laughingly tells her that Tess is a better dancer. Jessica says that he needs to stop confusing her with her alter, and Nash responds by pulling her into a passionate kiss. Jessica doesn't appear to fight the kiss!

Also at Capricorn, Adriana breaks up with Duke, who receives a comforting hug from Kelly. Kevin walks onto the scene and makes a joke about Duke and Kelly. After Duke leaves the club, Kevin tells Kelly that he needs to talk to her about some surprise plans he has for the two of them. He whispers a hint into her ear, and Kelly is clearly amused.

Viki races over to La Boule to beg for Dorian's assistance. Dorian asks Viki why she should help her after Viki stood her up at her wedding. Viki tells Dorian that she needs her help to save Jessica, and Dorian realizes that Viki would help her if anything were wrong with her own girls. She invites Viki in, and Viki reveals her plan to bring out Niki Smith. She tells Dorian that she is the only one who is tough enough to deal with Niki. Her plan is for Dorian to bring her back to the time of abuse she suffered at the hands of Victor Lord. Dorian warns Viki to think long and hard about this, because once Niki is unleashed, there is no telling what the consequences will be. Viki says that she is ready to proceed and warns Dorian to call Dr. Jamison as soon as Niki comes out into the open.

At Statesville, the prisoners continue to hold control over the prison. Carlo Hesser and Hayes taunt Bo over the radio, with Hesser demanding a helicopter and one million dollars in order to spare John's life. The Feds arrive on the scene, and Bo persuades them to strip Haskell of his authority. The Feds don't want to cave in to Carlo's demands, but Bo believes that Hesser really does have John in captivity. Meanwhile, in the stairwell, John stitches together Cristian's wound and tells him to hang on. Cris says that if he dies, John will have easy access to Natalie. Outside the prison walls, Natalie rips into Evangeline for keeping Cristian's identity a secret. Van tries to defend herself, but Natalie is unstoppable in her anger. She goes so far as to accuse Van of using Cris's identity as a tool to break up she and John. Finally, Evangeline spills the shocking revelation that John has known about Cristian's true identity since the day the verdict was handed down. Will Natalie ever be able to forgive McBain?

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