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Passions Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on PS
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Chris surprises Sheridan by planning an evening out. When Paloma and her boyfriend, Roberto, show up to babysit, Sheridan feels guilty about leaving James.

Ivy is ecstatic after accepting Sam's marriage proposal.

In the fairy tale cartoon, Prince Fox rushes to rescue his lady love from the evil Dragon Ivy.

Theresa is horrified when Gwen says that she will execute Ethan's living will if he cannot live without assistance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

At the Bed and Breakfast Paloma and Roberto dithered about the man who called their cell phone about the drugs they smuggled. A beautifully dressed and coiffed Sheridan and Chris dithered about leaving James and going out on their own. Paloma kept worrying about the guy who was so careless to call Roberto on his cell phone. He calmed her down, then turned down the lights and moved in on her. She told him she wasn't that kind of girl. He needed to wine and dine and entertain her first, so he pulled out a bowl of popcorn, some sodas and her favorite horror movie. She reminded him that whenever she watched it, she ended up in his lap. As they watched the movie, the phone rang. Paloma told Roberto to answer it and she went to check on James. The caller wanted to speak to Sheridan and when he told her that Sheridan was out, she left a messageóBETH CALLED. He wrote it on the pad, not knowing the impact this will have on Sheridan.

At Esme's hotel room, Fancy daydreamed about kissing Noah to Esme's dismay and astonishment. Esme brought Fancy out of her haze and they left for the Seascape. When they got there, Fancy asked Esme why they had taken Noah since she likes having all the men hit on her. Esme swore she liked it even better when she had someone to dance. Chris and Sheridan came in and sat with Fancy at the bar. Sheridan asked if she was there with Noah and Fancy angrily told her about Esme hiring him to be their escort. Sheridan asked if Esme was the one who had done all kinds of outrageous exploits and wondered what she was up to in Harmony. She couldn't understand why he'd turn down the job she got him working with Alistair, but then be a gigolo for the money. Sheridan totally understood why he wouldn't sell his soul to Alistair. Sheridan reminded her that Alistair fired Sam and they are just barely getting by; Noah is just a limo driver and dancing with a girl. Fancy pouted, "The wrong girl." Sheridan encouraged her to search her soul to see if she still cared for Noah. While Esme danced with Noah she tried to figure why Fancy was in such a grumpy mood and Noah tried to get info on Fancy's past boyfriends. It seems she mostly went for tall, dark, and handsome like him. Esme purred as she talked about how enamored she was with his assets. Sheridan joined Chris. Sheridan told him that Fancy was having love troubles and he told her that love can be a complicated thing. Sheridan decided to clear her mind and have fun instead of worrying about doom and gloom and waiting for the other shoe to drop. He told her that he didn't think about the mob and James is his son and he's not worried about him, then pulled her onto the dance floor. She said she was feeling better, but the look on her face said otherwise.

At the Crane mansion Gwen and Theresa discussed Ethan's living will. Theresa begged her to get rid of the will so he wouldn't be taken off life support. Gwen struggled with doing Ethan's last wish versus keeping him on life support until a cure can be found. Gwen insisted finally that she had to carry out Ethan's wishes. Theresa couldn't see how Gwen could kill him and Gwen accused her of only thinking of herself. She screamed at Theresa that it was why Ethan didn't choose her; Theresa was a selfish, hurtful tramp. Theresa disagreed and Gwen cried that she'd have to spend the rest of her life knowing that she had to carry out Ethan's wishes. Then she pushed Theresa and told her to get out. She whined that all of this was Theresa's fault. If it weren't for her she wouldn't have to kill her husband.

In the Fox and Kay fairy tale Dragon Ivy cheerfully dropped Princess Kay into the Valley of Hellfire. Prince Fox went to the edge of the cliff and then declared his mother killed his love. He asked why she dropped Kay and the dragon said she did it to protect him. As Kay hit the valley, she popped back into Tabitha's living room with a flower wreath on her head. Tabitha popped back in next and then Fox holding Endora and the fairy tale book. He worriedly asked her if she was okay and they talked him into thinking that he fell asleep while reading the story and then he noticed the flowers. Tabitha lied that Kay and Endora were playing dress-up while he was asleep. Ivy called with some "wonderful" news that she wanted them to go hear. Fox left and Kay stayed back to look in on Maria. She and Tabitha discussed the meaning of the "dream." Tabs pointed out that Fox hadn't been able to kill his mother even when he saw her for a dragon. After Fox and Kay left, Tabitha watched from the window and her bowl of water. Tabby wondered if Kay finally has found her true love, then sighed and said, "Oh cue the organ music and tune in tomorrow." She ominously added that Kay had another twist in the road ahead.

At the Bennett house Ivy had to pinch herself in order to believe Sam had actually proposed to her. Ivy despaired that Ethan wouldn't know his parents were getting married. Sam told her that they just had to believe he'd pull out of his coma and they'd be there for him. Ivy agreed saying, "of course, we're his parents." Sam hoped that everybody would just agree to call a truce and get along. She called Fox and asked him to come over to hear some wonderful news and as an afterthought, told him to bring Kay. Fox burst in excitedly and Ivy excitedly told him about her engagement. She asked him to be happy for her and he obliged and hugged her. Kay arrived and wasn't nearly as happy. When Fox and Sam went to get champagne to celebrate, Kay reminded Ivy that her mom and dad were still married. She reminded her that she could tell her dad the truth about David Hastings. Ivy told her that Sam would know that she knew about David all along. Kay accused her of not wanting her to be with Fox and Ivy squirmed but said that she'd support her with Fox if she'd go along with a truce so that she and Sam could be happy. Kay agreed and the men walked in as they embraced. Ivy took Fox aside and told him that not only did she think that Kay didn't infect the computer accidentally, she didn't think she'd done it at all. Fox took Kay aside and told her it looked like they were getting along. They went outside swinging arms and making eyes at each other. Sam and Ivy sat at the kitchen table and she cooed about how beautiful her ring was. Sam told her he couldn't believe it having seen her jewelry. Suddenly Theresa burst in and told them they had to go to the hospital with her quickly because Gwen was going to kill Ethan.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Desperate to stop Gwen from carrying out the directives of the living will, Theresa hurries to the Bennett house to warn Ivy and Sam that their son is in danger of having his life support removed. In the ICU, Eve admits to Julian how grim Ethan's prognosis has become. At the Blue Note, T.C. coldly rebuffs Liz's efforts to woo him back into her life and her bed. Esme wonders why Fancy seems to have taken such an interest in Noah. Roberto takes a phone message after a vengeful Beth calls the bed and breakfast. Across town at the Seascape, Sheridan suddenly has a strong intuition that something has gone amiss with little James. An embittered Liz renews her vow to destroy her sister once and for all. Sam, Theresa and Ivy arrive at the hospital to find Gwen sitting beside her comatose husband's bed. Beth phones the restaurant to speak directly with a rattled Sheridan. Liz blames a confused Julian for her inability to bear a child. Paloma and Roberto discuss their dreams for the future and realize they're envisioning very different paths. Gwen explains to Ethan's parents why she feels honor bound to carry out his wishes for a dignified end. As Chris begins tracing the call, Sheridan begs Beth to bring Marty home.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sheridan ran onto the foggy beach in her fancy dress crying that Beth told her the truth about Luis's death; how Sheridan had sent him away to his death. Then she had a vision of him walking out of the fog to her. She swore he couldn't be there and he told her not to beat herself up for the things she'd said to him. Sheridan cried about the things Beth had said to her and apologized for sending him away and told him how much she loved him. He embraced her and told her he knew she loved him. She asked him if he was real and he told her he had one request for her-she had to stop blaming herself and let go and move on. He told her that they'd be together in another lifetime and she said she needed him here and now. She cried and begged him not to leave her in this life and he told her he'd never leave her. He told her to listen to the ocean waves and that whenever she heard them, to think of him. He told her to be open to loving again. He told her that he wished her dreams would be filled with light and then walked off into the fog. Sheridan sat there crying, asking why everybody left her. She felt a hand on her shoulder, stood up and hugged a tall, dark haired man saying, "You've come back to me."

At the Crane mansion Alistair played in aphrodisiac food tester with one of the maids. She sat on his lap while he plied her with champagne. He dropped Lydia on the floor when Theresa burst in to ask for help with Ethan. He caught her up in a kiss and told her the snacks were for them to enjoy upstairs. She pulled away and insisted that he help her stop Gwen from killing Ethan. She complained that nobody was listening to her. He countered that since she was the one who sent Ethan to the hospital, he could understand. She explained the living will and dire situation and demanded he make a phone call to stop it. He told her that she was right-he was the only one who could help her. He reminded her that a living will is a serious document and Ethan must have thought about it long and hard. She said he had to stop Gwen and Alistair reminded her that Gwen is his wife and if she chose to execute the terms of the living will it was up to her. Theresa begged again, so he picked up the phone and called the hospital, asking for the ICU. He was connected to the hospital administrator and told them that if Gwen chose to carry out the living will she shouldn't be impeded and he'd send along one of his lawyers to help make sure everything was made smooth. Theresa was livid and swung on him. He laughed at her and she cried about him not helping her. He reminded her that Gwen will turn on her and she'll be charged with murder. He told her that he could keep her out of jail if she stayed his slave. She said she didn't care about prison; she just wanted Ethan to live. Alistair sneered that he hoped the fool died. He told her to stop sniveling because it was unseemly for Mrs. Alistair Crane to weep for another ma. She said she couldn't help it. He harshly asked her how Ethan was going to live now that his brain is mush and told her that she should let him die now that he wasn't of any use to anybody. She spit out that he was a human being and the man she loved. Alistair said love was for fools. She pitied him and said he only said that because he ever fell in love for real. She sneered that he's never loved anyone, that nobody loves him, and that everybody hates him. He countered that he doesn't achieve his goals by being good to people, but by instilling fear. He told her he could destroy her too and she tiredly said she didn't care what he did to her. He threatened her with, "but I'm sure you care what happens to little Ethan." She immediately told him to leave her son out of it and he amended that to "our" son. He taunted her by saying it was too bad big Ethan's IQ was down to zero because now she'd lost her defender and Theresa called him a monster. He laughed at her and told her to expand her vocabulary-he could be a barbarian or...she said no wonder everyone wants you dead. He sighed and said it was a pity there wasn't anyone out there who was strong enough to do the job. (The mysterious woman with red fingernails traced his features in a photo of Alistair that was lying on a book [Portrait (of?) America] then stabbed out his eyes with a sharp butcher knife.)

Noah, Fancy, and Esme arrived giggling at Esme's hotel room and when Esme went to check her messages, Noah apologized to Fancy for earning money as an escort, but she blew him off with a hurt look on her face and went to find Esme. Several of Esme's messages was from Lord Sarny from Britain-her former boyfriend with a bad stutter and a dragon of a mother. He wouldn't propose as long as mummy is alive. Noah reminded her that the clock was ticking on double time and Esme ordered champagne and strawberries for Noah to feed her in her bubble bath. Fancy complained to Esme about hiring Noah as a gigolo and Esme whined that it was no big deal, and if it made her feel better, if Noah joined her in the bath then he'd be off the clock. Noah told Esme that the bath was ready and Esme sent Fancy away so that Noah could bring in the room service tray in when it came. Noah massaged Esme's shoulders while she bathed and she tried to convince him to remove some of his clothes. She dithered on about Lord Sarny while Noah counseled her. Her cell phone rang and it was Lord Sarny (nicknamed Binky). Mummy died and he asked her to come home because he wanted to marry her. She told him that she'd hop on the first plane, but she wasn't giving him her answer yet. Fancy snickered as she stuttered about Esme. Esme flew around the room getting what she needed to leave (to the strains of "Gone with the Wind" playing and in a trenchcoat a'la "Casablanca") and then she kissed him and flew out the door. Noah enjoyed the bubbles, counting his money (enough to cover the mortgage) when Fancy walked in. He asked her why she came back since she didn't like gigolos and she replied that she came back for something and then asked what had happened to Esme. Noah told about the phone call and cooed "and left you here all alone? Maybe she didn't like your service." He told her that he couldn't compete with a duke and she stuttered that maybe Esme got the proposal she wanted. He stuttered that she was a little devil and pulled her giggling into the bath with him.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Noah drags Fancy, fully clothed, into the bathtub with him and plants a kiss on her. He says he likes the way today turned out and offers to help her out of her wet things. She indignantly dunks him in the water. Noah makes a stupid remark and Fancy says she's had enough of his over-inflated ego. He offers a truce and asks why she tricked Esme out of her hotel room just to be alone with him. Fancy admits that she likes him, but says he hurt her feelings when she overheard him telling his friend on the phone that all the girls in Harmony are "big fat zeroes." He says he didn't really mean any of that. He says sweetly that he would never hurt her. She's beautiful and intelligent and sweet, he says, and he was just mouthing off because he felt that Fancy rejected him. Fancy apologizes, saying that she thought she was doing a good thing by offering him a job at Crane. He starts in on Alistair, but she stops him, and they kiss.

Chris returns to Sheridan, who at first thinks he is Luis. When she realizes it's Chris, she cries that she can't take the pain of losing Luis anymore. Chris comforts her. He says Beth was probably just bluffing, and tells her not to give up. She says she will never see Marty again and there's nothing anyone can do. She insists that Luis was there and he told her to move on, but she says she can't take it anymore. Chris assures her that even the worst things pass in time. He tells her, "Don't give up before the miracle." Sheridan confides in him that she blames herself for Luis's death, and he tells her his death had nothing to do with her. He says to forget everything Beth said. She thanks him for being there for her, and he says he just wants to make her happy. She says he already has, and they kiss.

Ivy, Sam, Kay and Fox gather around Ethan. Ivy rants to Sam about Theresa. He tells her to concentrate on Ethan. Ivy says it's her own fault for trusting Theresa in the first place. Sam says they should be talking to Ethan in case he is aware of them, so Kay and Fox start talking to their brother. Sam goes to try to track down Eve, leaving Ivy with Kay and Ethan after Fox goes to make a call. Kay tells Ivy she's glad Ivy has accepted Kay as Fox's girlfriend. She thanks Ivy, and then starts talking about the disastrous Singapore project at Crane Industries. She reveals that she knows someone at Crane set her up and admits that at first she thought it was Ivy, but she changed her mind. They discuss it further until Sam returns without finding Eve. Kay and Fox go outside to catch some fresh air, and Kay has an encounter with the mysterious woman with red nails. She is sitting on a bench talking to herself about Theresa and Ethan. The woman overhears and says you always hurt the one you love. The woman reveals that she has not been in Harmony for a while, and mistakes Kay for Jessica but knows that Sam Bennett is her father and apparently knows that he used to be the police chief. Kay tells her how Sam got fired by Alistair, and the woman's hands clench at the mention of the name. Fox comes back with coffee, and the woman says she remembers his family, though he doesn't recognize her. Fox offers his coffee to the woman and then runs off to get more for himself. While he is gone, the woman talks to Kay about her relationship with Fox. Kay tells her that she is in love with Fox, but a lot is going on right now. She tells her that Ethan is in the hospital, and that her relationship with Fox is frowned upon by most people. The woman tells Kay that she shouldn't give up her love. She says she gave up on her true love once, and it almost killed everyone she ever loved. Kay asks who she is.

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