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Passions Recaps: The week of November 21, 2005 on PS
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Out on the pier, the woman with red nails hopes Kay heeds her advice to keep fighting for her love with Fox. She looks at her destroyed picture of Alistair and says she has learned what it takes to teach Alistair a lesson, and she will teach him a lesson-starting tonight.

Alistair refuses to help Theresa keep Ethan alive. He says it would be wise to let him sneak Theresa into Ethan's room instead, so she can bid him "hasta la vista." She thinks he must already have the test results and knows that Ethan's situation is hopeless. While they argue, the mysterious lady with red nails lurks outside the window. Alistair asks whether she wants to see Ethan now, or wait until he's "sporting a toe tag," and Theresa agrees to see him. Alistair has one of his men take her to the hospital. When she is gone, he goes to pour himself a drink. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a knife, brandished by the woman outside the window. Alistair panics and calls security, and after checking it out, the security officer tells him there's no one outside. Alistair orders him to check the grounds. While he's gone, Alistair appears to almost break down. He pulls himself together when the guard comes back and says there were no signs of an intruder before returning to his post. Alistair sits down at his desk and we see the woman, still outside the window.

Julian leaves the hospital to go talk to Liz. He asks her what happened in Boston, and if it fueled her hatred for Eve. Liz says that Julian took her somewhere promising to let her see Eve, but Eve wasn't there and Julian didn't let her leave. Instead he forced himself on her. Because of Julian and her father's abuse, the idea of sex became revolting to her. Julian is horrified when he finally remembers that night. He says it is no wonder she hates him so much. Liz says she saw doctors, psychiatrists, hypnotists-nothing worked. Julian is at a loss. He wants to help her, and he says whatever she wants, he'll make sure she gets. Liz whispers that she wants HIM, and kisses him.

Fancy and Noah relax together in the tub. Noah says there is something they need to get clear on. She asks what it is, and he tells her she needs to understand there is no way he could work for Alistair. Fancy says she understands and she respects him for it. She says that she has learned two things from him: money isn't everything, and she needs to treat people like she wants to be treated, regardless of their social status. Noah and Fancy end up in bed while Esme's call to England goes awry. Lord Sarni's mother answers the phone, very much alive and angry that Esme would be calling. Esme realizes that Fancy tricked her and rushes back to Harmony.

Sheridan and Chris come home to find Roberto, Paloma and James. Sheridan is pleased to see that James is fine, and Roberto confesses that it was his fault Beth called Sheridan at the Seascape. Sheridan says it's okay, and she and Chris go to put James to bed. Paloma wants to talk to Sheridan before she goes with Roberto to the drug drop-off. She tells Sheridan that Luis told Paloma that if anything were to happen to him, he wanted Sheridan to move on with her life and find a new love. Sheridan says she will try to do this. Roberto and Paloma leave and go to meet Roberto's connection. However, it looks as though there will soon be a slight glitch in their plans to deliver the drugs: two policemen are organizing a raid at the club where they are meeting the connection. Back at the B&B, Chris tells Sheridan that he will let her care for James for the rest of her life as long as she allows Chris to care for her. Sheridan agrees, and they hug.

Gwen talks to Ethan and says wearily that she would do anything to spare him this. Suddenly she looks at the monitors and she says she really doesn't think she can do this, she can't handle being responsible for ending his life. Eve comes in, and though she doesn't have the test results, she wants Gwen to go spend a few minutes away from Ethan. Gwen leaves reluctantly. While they are gone, Theresa is escorted by one of Alistair's lackeys into Ethan's room so she can say goodbye. She cries that she is so, so sorry. She kisses him as Gwen talks with Eve outside. Gwen walks into Ethan's room and sees Theresa hovering over Ethan. Gwen is livid and swears to kill Theresa for this. Outside in the hall, Eve receives Ethan's test results. Judging by her reaction, it is not good news.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In Esme's hotel room Fancy and Noah enjoyed champagne, wondering what Esme would do when she found out Fancy tricked her. They kissed passionately and flopped into bed. (Esme jumped into a cab at the airport and stormed about how embarrassed she'd been to call Lord Sarni's home and speak to his mother whom she thought was dead. She called Deepak Chopra to get her to a peaceful, relaxed place and then she got back in touch with her anger. Fancy and Noah finished making love just as Esme started beating on the door. Fancy opened the door to an irritated Esme. Fancy tried to pass it all off as a joke and Esme said she was furious because she had been embarrassed. Esme locked her in a closet and went to have her way with Noah. Fancy kept beating on the closet door and screaming while Esme joined a sleeping Noah in bed.

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Tabitha talked about how sad Sam and Ivy were about Ethan. After he read to the girls, Fox went downstairs and joined in the discussion and then asked if they could have Thanksgiving dinner at Tabitha's house for everybody since Sam and Ivy were preoccupied with Ethan. Kay and Tabitha yelled "No!" in unison as they remembered the turkey fiasco Endora brought on last year. Fox hadn't been there so he didn't know about all the turkeys and family strife and couldn't understand their vehement refusal to consider hosting the holiday. He said he'd take care of the whole thing and Kay tried to squirm out of it without explaining the magical parts. Kay suggested doing it at her dad's house and Tabitha shook her head forcefully – no. Fox tried to convince them it would be a good thing and Tabitha pulled Kay out of the room to explain that they couldn't do it. Fox was persistent and explained that since he'd been at boarding school he'd never had family holiday traditions and Kay relented. Tabitha came back in to find Fox and Kay drawing up the menu and plans. Tabitha was furious and they worried about what Endora would do, but Kay said she couldn't turn down Fox when he wanted it so much.

At the club, Roberto and Paloma sat at the bar waiting for their contact while the police prepared to raid it looking for any drugs since they'd had a tip that a deal was going down. They decided that their contact wasn't coming and got ready to leave when the police burst in. They locked the place down. Roberto decided to ditch the drugs in the trash and then just sit around looking innocent. The cops saw them though and arrested them.

At the hospital, Gwen found Theresa in Ethan's room and proceeded to throw her to the floor and attack her. Dr. Eve sat at the nurse's station looking at Ethan's test results wondering how she'd break the news to Gwen when Whitney walked by. She and the other nuns were presenting a class on HIV/AIDS awareness. Whitney and Eve arrived to break up the fight. Gwen called for security to throw Theresa out and Theresa cried to Whitney that she had to get rid of the test results because Gwen would use them to kill Ethan. Dr. Eve explained the test results to Gwen and Theresa tried to hear. Whitney tried to get her to think about those in the world beyond Theresa's small experience. She educated her about Africa's poverty and health needs. Theresa told her that she'd use her Crane money to help later, but now she had to save Ethan. Whitney asked her what she meant and Theresa explained the living will. Whitney tried to explain that since Ethan had a living will, Theresa couldn't do anything. Gwen told Eve that the test results made things worse. Theresa burst in wanting to know and Eve told her she couldn't say, but Gwen told her that since it was Theresa's fault, to go ahead and tell her what she'd done. She told her that Ethan was in an irreversible coma. Theresa was relieved because that meant he wasn't brain damaged and the living will couldn't be enforced. Dr. Eve told her that it was Gwen's decision. Gwen said she knew what she had to do and Theresa yelled that she wouldn't let her kill him.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Pilar got everything ready to have everybody at her house for Thanksgiving. She told him how she'd always dreamed about having Martin and Paloma home for holidays and now that they're home, everybody else is MIA. He told her that they did still have things to be grateful for. He said he wants to rebuild their life, but Pilar remembered all the times he wouldn't renounce Katherine. Pilar said she wanted him to tell the truth because she'd rather lose him now than having to lose him later. They decided to plan a great Thanksgiving for Paloma. As they washed their wedding china in preparation, they decided to start making new happy memories only to get a call from Paloma at the police station where she'd been arrested. The policeman told her she'd need more than her parents; she'd need a good lawyer. Martin and Pilar hurried in to bail out Paloma only to be told that she'd confessed that the drugs were hers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tabitha doesn't think that Kay's idea to have a Thanksgiving dinner with Fox and their friends and family is wise, considering the fiasco that occurred when they hosted dinner last year. Fox comes in and Tabitha tells him not to tell Endora about Thanksgiving, giving him some flimsy reasons why he shouldn't. Fox is a little taken aback when Kay vehemently agrees. They say that there is no way they can even mention Thanksgiving in front of the children. He agrees and brings the girls downstairs. The doorbell rings, two children collecting money for the homeless for Thanksgiving, and she makes them disappear so Maria and Endora don't hear them saying "Thanksgiving." Back inside the house, Fox says the caterer won't be able to deliver a few essential parts of the Thanksgiving meal, so they will have to make the turkey themselves. Tabitha forbids this, and Fox says that's okay. Kay and Fox work on the seating chart and bake pies. Tabitha goes upstairs, leaving the girls alone, and Endora conjures up a TV. They see a commercial for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Endora wonders what would be fun to do this year.

Edna is back! She's at a mental institution for telling the authorities about Tabitha and the strange happenings in Harmony. The doctor there talks to Edna, and Edna tells him he's got the wrong gal-if he wants to lock someone up, it should be the two witches in Harmony who started the earthquake that caused the tsunami, all because Edna got on their nerves. She talks about Tabitha and Endora more, relating the story of being chased by Santa Claus (Norma) last Christmas. The doctors decide to commit her to the institution. She mentions "Bethie," her daughter, who she thinks set this up. The doctor asks where Bethie is, and Edna says she has no idea-after Bethie stole the baby, she "vamoosed." Edna doesn't do anything to improve the doctor's impression of her by mentioning Precious and how Alistair Crane is Beth's father. The doctor tricks Edna into coming with him to her room, telling her they're going down to catch a taxi. Edna is alarmed, to say the least, to see that her new roommate is none other than Norma!

Esme seduces Noah, impersonating Fancy, while Fancy screams at Esme to let her out of the closet Esme has locked her in. Finally a maid lets Fancy out, and Fancy storms into the hotel room, where she finds Noah and Esme in bed together (Noah thought Esme was Fancy). Fancy and Esme argue until Esme convinces Fancy that Fancy was at fault, and Fancy apologizes weakly for what she did. Suddenly Esme pulls out a hunting rifle and shoots near Fancy's head! She fires a few more shots, and Fancy and Noah hide out on the side of the hotel. They shuffle to a pipe they can shimmy down to get to the street. Noah helps Fancy down, and they run down the street, dodging bullets.

Theresa screams that she will not let Gwen take Ethan off of life support. Whitney tries to calm Theresa while Gwen defends her actions, and Eve confirms it when Gwen says that Ethan's coma is irreversible. Gwen says she knows what she has to do. She has to respect Ethan's wishes, and she screams at Theresa to get the hell out of the room. She asks if Theresa thinks this is easy for Gwen. Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan expected his wife to respect his wishes, and she is doing this out of love. Theresa shouts if she were Ethan's wife, she would never give up on him. Eve demands that Theresa leave. Theresa wants to know how Gwen can be so heartless. Gwen says if not for Theresa, she would not be in this situation. She screams, crying, that she wants Ethan to stay alive as well, but she has to obey his wishes. She repeats that it's Theresa's fault they are even in this situation. She tells Ethan she is going to do this for him because this is not about what she wants, it's about what he wanted. Theresa accuses Gwen of using this situation as a twisted way to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Gwen orders Theresa to get out of the room, forbidding her to see Ethan again. Whitney and Eve pull Theresa out of the room. Theresa begs with Eve not to let Gwen "kill" Ethan. Eve says she has to stop using that word. Theresa says she can't accept this, and she stalks off to the chapel with Whitney following her. Gwen tells Eve she's going to leave for a while to go see Jane. She says she doesn't know if she can do this. Eve tells her to take her time; she doesn't have to come to a decision right now. Gwen goes back to the mansion and spends time with Jane, talking to Jane about Ethan. She prays for God to give her the strength to let Ethan go. Back at the hospital, Theresa goes back to Ethan's room. Whitney leaves with the promise that the whole convent will be praying for Ethan, and Theresa goes in to visit with him. She talks to him, promising him that she will not let Gwen take him off life support.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Friday, November 25, 2005

At the Harmony Police Department, Paloma and Roberto are released after being told they will be contacted with their court date. Martin yells at Roberto for getting Paloma into this mess, and Paloma says she is equally responsible. She defends Roberto and says she did this willingly and this is all about money. She wants to take her parents somewhere to make them understand why they smuggled the drugs, and they go along reluctantly. They bring Paloma's parents to a retirement home, where they are greeted by an old woman who hugs them and thanks them profusely, saying they've saved her life. More of the retirement home's residents meet them, and the administrator talks to Paloma's parents. She explains that Paloma and Roberto smuggled prescription drugs across the border that saved lives. She says Paloma is a Godsend.

The mysterious woman with red nails skulks around the mansion. She picks up a newspaper with Alistair on the cover and says "Happy Thanksgiving." She promises this will be a holiday he will never forget. In the next room, Alistair shows Little Ethan a photo album of his Crane ancestors. Theresa walks in, livid at Alistair for teaching her son about their ancestors. She eventually goes to try to see Ethan, leaving Alistair alone in the room. The mysterious lady is creeping outside the door, clutching a knife, and he asks who's there. He goes to investigate, and someone creeps up on him from behind, another woman. He kisses her and says he has some very big plans for their holiday. He is still unsettled though. When they go into another room, she finds a red nail on the table and shows Alistair. Alistair is deeply affected by this. He says he smells something—a perfume. The woman he's with can't smell anything. He throws her out and closes the door. He starts going crazy and throwing things around the room, yelling that this is impossible!

Edna runs into Norma again, who is crazier than ever. Norma says they have a common enemy, Tabitha Lenox. She cackles and holds up a picture saying "Roast a Witch for Thanksgiving." They chat, and Norma says this year, Tabitha is going to give her a very special present—Tabitha's head. Edna laughs weakly. Norma says if Edna sticks with her, she'll bust her out of this joint soon, and then Tabitha will pay.

Fox, Tabitha, and Kay set the table for Thanksgiving dinner. The doorbell rings and Fox goes to answer it. Ivy and Sam walk in, followed by Katherine, Sheridan, and Chris, carrying James. He forbids them from saying "Happy Thanksgiving" so Endora and Maria don't find out about the holiday. However, the two children already know what day it is. Tabitha greets the guests and collects their coats. Valerie and Chad arrive and Chad puts Miles in Endora's playpen. Whitney shows up next, saying Fox invited her, and Tabitha yanks off her habit before ushering her into the dining room to talk with Fox. It seems the Boys in the Basement know that Whitney the nun is there, though, and they are not happy about it. They shake the house, terrifying its occupants. Tabitha manages to calm the Boys down. Whitney sits and plays with Miles. Chad comes up to talk to her and tries to convince her to leave the convent. She says she doesn't want to talk about this today. Kay talks to Ivy and says she was thinking, one day Ivy will be both her stepmother and mother-in-law. She thanks her for coming and walks away. Everyone sits down for dinner, and Endora decides now would be a good time to conjure up a turkey piñ;ata above the table. Fox asks Whitney to say grace, and the Boys start acting up again as she prays. The phone rings and Tabitha picks it up. It's Norma and Edna. Norma tells her to get ready for company; Tabitha will never see another holiday again. They hang up and Tabitha returns to the table. She tells everyone to eat up. Endora casts a spell that drops a gigantic turkey into Kay's hands, which Sam carves after Tabitha lies that she ordered it from the caterer. Endora suddenly gives Miles powers, which he uses to cast a spell on the turkey piñ;ata, which Endora then turns into a real turkey. Fox's cell phone rings. It's Theresa. She says she's in the backyard with Little Ethan and was wondering if he could ask Whitney to come outside. Fox says Whitney is kind of busy right now, and he goes out to Theresa instead. Kay and Tabitha finally catch sight of the real live turkey above the table, along with everyone else at the table. Endora smiles delightedly as the turkey starts flying around the dining room! Everyone runs out of the dining room.

Fox goes to see Theresa in the backyard. She tells him what Gwen is doing. Fox says Gwen is Ethan's wife and she has the final say in what happens to him. Theresa starts crying and asks what she is supposed to do if Gwen lets Ethan die. He embraces her.

Rebecca and Gwen visit Ethan on Thanksgiving. Gwen says quietly that she can't believe this is the last holiday she will get to spend with Ethan. Outside Ethan's room, Theresa sneaks around in a disguise with Little Ethan. She thinks her disguise will fool Gwen, but no luck. Gwen coldly tells her to leave and calls security. Rebecca leads Little Ethan away so he doesn't see Theresa being led away by the guards. Theresa yells that she will find a way to stop her from "killing" Ethan, and as Gwen returns to Ethan's room, she says Theresa has no idea how much Gwen hopes Theresa finds a way to stop her. The nurse brings by the paperwork authorizing the hospital to carry out the terms of Ethan's living will. Gwen looks at her husband and says when she signs these papers, she is signing his death warrant. She sits down next to him and breaks down, crying that she loves him and doesn't want to do this. She gets up and quickly scrawls her signature on the papers, then rushes out of the room, leaving Ethan staring almost lifelessly into space.

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