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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, November 14, 2005

At the Fashion Awards gala, Dusty introduces Meg as his girlfriend. The two are surprised when both Paul and Jennifer arrive, but Jennifer assures Meg that she is glad that Dusty has moved on. However, when Dusty gets on the elevator to get Meg her wrap, he finds himself stuck between floors with Jen.

Henry comes to in the wine cellar to find himself guarded by Olga, a beautiful blonde martial arts expert. Maddie and Casey come looking for Henry, but kiss to throw B.J. off when he walks up. B.J. tells Maddie and Casey that he has sent Henry on a business trip to Palo Alto, but Maddie finds Henry's cell phone under a table. When Henry and Maddie leave and go back to Java, B.J. forces Henry to call Maddie, pretending to be on the fake business trip. Henry manages to drop the words "whine" and "cellar" to give clues to Maddie. Casey refuses to believe that Henry is in danger and goes to the mall, leaving Maddie alone. B.J. catches on to the clues and warns Henry, "One more stunt like that, and you will wish you were dead!"

In the hospital chapel, Keith reminds Lily of her promise to marry him if he would get a kidney for Luke. Kevin makes a veiled threat, telling Lily that she might be wondering if something might happen to Luke if she doesn't keep her word. He leaves her the engagement ring, and asks her to think about it. Lily realizes that everyone has been right about Keith all along - he really is a bad guy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jack suggests to Carly that they invite Gwen, Will and the baby to lunch. Gwen ultimately accepts when Carly convinces her she needs to be with family. After, Will realizes his credit card is missing, unaware that it was Iris and Stan who stole it. When he runs back to Iris's house, he walks in just as Iris and Stan's Methanol delivery arrives. Will almost ruins their plan, but ends up signing for the delivery. Will leaves, and Iris tells Stan she's going to use the poison, the same one Will used on Rose, to get Will out of Gwen's life once and for all. Katie returns from her business trip but her reunion with Mike is interrupted by Maddie, who wants their help in finding Henry, whom she believes is in some danger from BJ. Mike blows her off but Katie is instantly worried. They call Jack, who reveals that BJ is being investigated by the feds. He says they need someone on the inside to get information and when Katie volunteers, Mike forbids it. Meanwhile, a mysterious man hangs back in the shadows, bearing a gun and looking for Mike. BJ taunts Henry in the wine cellar. When BJ lets slip that he's going to "take Mike out of the equation," Henry makes him promise he won't hurt Mike. BJ promises, aware that his henchman will take care of it. Meg tells Paul that she is sick of his manipulative ways when he tries to convince her to get Dusty out of the Lakeview and away from Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Dusty get stuck in the elevator together and the moment is filled with sexual tension. They embrace and share a kiss, just as the doors open and everyone, including Paul and Meg, see them together. Later, Paul pulls Meg aside and warns that Jennifer is still head-over-heels for Dusty, and if Meg wants to hold onto him, she'll get Dusty out of the Lakeview.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When Meg admits that she and Dusty are going to live together, Lucinda offers her the guest house at her estate rent free in thanks for all she did for her before her cancer surgery. Meanwhile, Emma worries to Dusty about his relationship with "her Meg," guessing that she is there to ease his pain. Denying it, Dusty promises he won't hurt Meg again. Emily's disappointed when Paul shows little emotion as she announces that she was at court to file her divorce papers. Tom reports to Emily that he's concerned about Daniel's reaction to her decision to end things with Hal. He mentions some fighting at school and chastises her for not responding to calls from his school. Hearing about her troubles, Paul offers to marry her if it will help Daniel deal with their relationship. After seeking legal advice, Will lets Gwen know that Iris will have no legal claim on the trust fund money once she and the baby move out. Claiming Will is spending too much time with Gwen, Iris finds an ally in Barbara and leaks that they are planning to move in together. Egged on by Iris, Gwen and Barbara witness Will loudly threatening to keep Iris permanently out of his life. Later, Iris spikes her own juice with the poison and drinks it. Finding Lily outside Luke's hospital room, Keith again presses Lily to put on his ring and set a wedding date. She tries to put him off but he won't let up. Lucinda worries when she finds the two together and calls Holden to warn him. Holden orders Keith to get out but Lily announces that they are back together.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nervous Carly gets ready for lunch with Gwen and Will, while Jack tries to calm her. He realizes that it's important to her to have Gwen as a sister. Meanwhile, Gwen and Will have a run-in with Iris, and Gwen makes it clear that she wants Iris to lay off Will. After they go and having already drunk the poison, Iris takes a glass that Will was holding and pours her poisoned papaya juice into it, wanting to make sure both their fingerprints are clear on the glass in order to implicate him. Stan comes over and urges her to put one more dose in so she'll get sicker. Later, when Gwen and Will come home from Carly 's, Will tells Gwen he wants to move in with her as Iris walks in and collapses at their feet. Lily insists to Holden and Lucinda that she is serious, and that she and Keith are together. Keith reveals that they are going to be married. Lily is forced to convince Holden that she's doing this because she wants to, although she never comes out and says she loves Keith and not Holden. A stricken Holden leaves and tells Lucinda that he's certain something fishy is going on and he's going to find out what it is. Emily shockingly turns down Paul's offer of marriage. She doesn't want a marriage of convenience and won't marry him unless he really wants her. Paul admits that he loves her, but can't give her the level of commitment she's looking for. He thinks what he's offering should be enough but Emily isn't sure and goes. She comes into Java to find Hal and Susan and thinks they're conspiring against her. After getting into an argument with her mother, she returns to Paul, determined to accept his proposal after all. Instead, she finds Paul ruminating over Rosanna memorabilia and accuses him of still being in love with Rosanna after all Emily has done for him.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Emily and Paul discussed their relationship, with Paul trying to convince Emily that he was trying to close the "Rosanna" chapter of his life. Emily told Paul she didn't want to come second to everyone else in his life, and just then, Barbara pounded on the door, yelling that she had to talk to Paul urgently about Will. Paul was torn, but he let Barbara in, and she told Paul she was worried about Will's threats against Iris. She told him that Will was planning to live with Gwen in an apartment in Oakdale, and Paul told Barbara he thought that was great, that he thought Gwen was good for Will, and that he had promised Will he'd never again question his stability. Paul told Barbara that he, Jennifer, and Will were tired of Barbara trying to decide what was best for them and control their lives. Barbara left, upset that Paul wasn't as concerned about Will as she was. Afterward, Paul told Emily again how much she meant to him, saying she had been his first love and that he hoped she would give him another chance now. He asked her again to marry him, and this time, she said "yes."

At Iris's house, Iris stumbled in complaining of bad stomach pains. Will and Gwen called an ambulance, and Iris was taken to the hospital, where she had her stomach pumped. Bob Hughes told Gwen and Will that they were running toxicology tests to find out what had happened but that he thought Iris would be fine. When they went in to see her, though, Iris began saying she thought she might be dying. Cass Winthrop came in, and Iris said she'd called him to ask him to help her make her will; she told Cass she wanted Gwen to get everything she had, even though it wasn't much. Iris then asked Will to go to her house to get her insurance paperwork; as Will was leaving, he warned Gwen to be careful, because he thought a lot of what Iris was doing now was for show. Gwen was a bit upset by that accusation, saying she thought they needed to give her mom the benefit of the doubt right now. Bob asked Gwen to go to Java with him to grab a quick bite to eat. While at Java, Bob told Gwen the preliminary tests indicated that Iris might have been poisoned intentionally. Barbara, who had just walked into Java, overheard this statement and looked alarmed.

At Iris's house again, Will ran into her friend Stan and told him that Iris was in the hospital.

At the hospital, Cass asked Iris if she was worried that she was in some kind of danger, and she told him that she was; just as Will returned with Iris's paperwork, Iris told Cass that she was afraid someone might be trying to hurt her.

Henry yelled and broke wine bottles in the wine cellar at Fairwinds, frustrated that he couldn't get out. BJ came and teased Henry about Mike being " a dead issue" but warned Henry that he ought to be worried about Maddie instead, because she'd been snooping around too much. Henry got angry with BJ and told him he'd better leave Maddie alone, and BJ told Henry that he was going to try one more thing to make Maddie stop being suspicious about where Henry was, but that if it didn't work, he might have to get rid of Henry and Maddie both, for good. BJ left.

Maddie made phone calls to Palo Alto to try to find Henry but couldn't locate him. Casey brought her a package that was postmarked from Palo Alto and told her it was from Henry, but Maddie was pretty sure it wasn't, because the gift (an I-Pod type of thing) Henry had sent was in a color he knew she hated and had a smiley face on it, which he knew she didn't like. But when BJ walked up and asked if she'd heard from Henry, Maddie told him that she'd just gotten a neat gift from him and realized he really must be in Palo Alto after all. BJ left, and Casey told Maddie that he thought things were indeed a little strange and that he would help her investigate Henry's whereabouts some more if she wanted him to; they decided to go over what little information they had, and Maddie began by recollecting the phone call from Henry in which he'd told her not to "whine, whine, whine." Suddenly, she said, "That's it!"

BJ's guard, Olga, came down into the wine cellar when Henry started breaking bottles again. Henry tried to talk Olga into helping him get out or warning Maddie that she might be in danger, but BJ returned just as Henry was making progress with Olga. BJ dismissed Olga from the room after telling her to remember who signed her paychecks, and then he told Henry that Maddie was satisfied for now that Henry was okay.



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