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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, November 7, 2005

Carly tells Gwen that she saw Iris tell Will that Gwen never wanted to see him again. Gwen and Carly shout at each other, and Gwen is torn between Carly's sincere concern and her desire to trust her mother. Finally Gwen explodes, "Both of you - shut up, now!" and leaves the room. After Carly leaves, Iris cries and tells Gwen that she made a mistake in going to Will, out of her desire to protect Gwen. However, she follows her apology by describing Will as a loser and telling Gwen, "You can do better than that." Carly immediately calls Will and urges him to go back to Gwen.

Earlier, at BRO headquarters, Paul finds Will and apologizes to him.

Meg and Dusty are about to make love when she stops him, asking him where she stands with him. Dusty tells Meg that his feelings for her have deepened since she risked everything for him. They tenderly make love.

Kevin offers to get a kidney for Luke if Lily will marry him. Lily angrily refuses, but receives a call from Holden and races to the hospital. The doctor tells Lily and Holden that Luke is in a uremic coma and has only a few hours to live. Lily rushes out of the room, finds Keith, and accepts his offer.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

In the face of Holden's doubts that they'll ever find a match for Luke, Lily is hopeful. Later, when Susan arrives with news a kidney match has been found, Lily is relieved to realize Keith did in fact come through. However, her happiness comes at a price, as she is forced to keep the details of her secret arrangement with Keith from Holden. Gwen is still furious at her mother for going to Will and lying to him about how Gwen really feels. But, when Will shows up on her doorstep, Gwen sees she's been given a second chance and is not about to blow it. It doesn't take long before the two get past the trouble Iris caused and find their way back together, much to Iris's chagrin. Later, Iris warns Will that she got rid of Gwen's dad and can do the same to him if he or Carly try to turn her daughter against her. While Henry tries and fails to make amends with Mike for locking him in the wine cellar, BJ's getting nowhere trying to find out where Katie went on her press tour. When Maddie enters, she is startled by BJ's vehemence over being kept in the dark. But, Casey rides to Maddie's rescue before BJ can corner her, leaving BJ to deal with Kim, who has come to offer her friend Jack Snyder as a potential security advisor for BJ. But, any hopes Jack had of securing work with BJ are eliminated when he finds out Jack's a cop. BJ's questionable move immediately sends Jack to his FBI operative with news that BJ Greene definitely has a thing against cops. Jack asks that he be given another chance and later, while Mike's warning BJ against getting anywhere near Katie again, Jack sees his way in with BJ lies with Henry.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Jack tries to use Henry as a way to get inside information on BJ but Henry turns him down. Meanwhile, at WOAK, Maddie tries to talk to Mike about BJ's real motives, but hears BJ approaching and ducks out of sight. Later, Henry reconsiders Jack's offer and begins going through BJ's things. When he hears BJ approaching, he hides and is horrified when he overhears BJ meet with a creepy guy about disposing of someone. Meanwhile, Maddie runs into Casey and Margo and tells them she may not be moving in with Henry as planned. After Margo goes, Casey demands to know what's going on. Barbara is not pleased to learn that Will and Gwen back together. Meanwhile, Gwen goes to Milltown to thank Carly for helping to set things straight with Will but warns Carly not to expect her to change her mind about testifying. However, when the conversation turns to Gwen's paternity test, Carly swears up and down she had no part in switching the results as Gwen originally thought, prompting Gwen to wonder how the results could have possibly indicated that Casey wasn't the father. Carly tries to broach the subject of the paternity test with Margo, who can't believe Gwen has gotten to Carly. But later, a hurt Gwen realizes Carly doesn't believe her. Iris is thrilled to hear of the new rift between Gwen and Carly. She tries to work it to her advantage but is thwarted once again when Will arrives and makes a pact with Gwen to always be honest with each other. Meg is thrilled when Dusty suggests that Meg bring a toothbrush and a couple of changes of clothes back with her. Later, Dusty and Jennifer run into each other and both continue to deny their true feelings for each other. After, Jennifer runs into Meg and thanks her again for putting her job on the line to do the blood test. Later, realizing that Meg is moving in with Dusty, Jennifer breaks down in her mother's arms as Meg and Dusty hit the sheets again.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lily and Holden are told that they have reason to be optimistic about Luke's kidney transplant. Holden thinks they are on the road to being a family again, but Lily is uncomfortable, knowing she has promised Keith she will marry him. Meanwhile, Lucinda runs into Keith and blames him for Luke's condition. Later, Keith and Lily come face-to-face and Keith is genuinely relieved about Luke's improving condition. But, Keith is concerned about Holden and Lily's relationship and takes her hands in his just as Holden arrives. Holden threatens Keith and Keith demands that Lily tell him the truth. BJ discovers Henry eavesdropping on his conversation with the creepy guy. At first, Henry tries to wiggle out of it but then rises to the occasion and blasts BJ for what he did to Katie and for whatever he's planning to do now. Henry threatens to go to the cops and BJ privately freaks. He tries to play Henry and offers him a martini. After much hesitation, Henry drinks it down and, to BJ's satisfaction, collapses in a heap on the floor. Emily and Paul are closer than ever which Hal observes. Emily asks Hal to sign the divorce papers. He refuses and he presses Emily's buttons about Paul's commitment to her. But, when Susan arrives with Daniel, Hal is affected by Daniel and Paul's comfortable relationship. Hal later reveals to Susan how worried he is for Emily but Susan urges Hal to come to grips with the fact that his marriage is over. He arrives back with the signed divorce papers but promises Emily that he will bring Paul down, even if Emily goes down with him. Casey asks Maddie why she suddenly wants to stay at his house. She hesitates and embarrassed, flees to a movie theater where she has a lurid fantasy about BJ and Henry. Casey finds her, apologizes and they make amends.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Gwen and Will talked about their plans for the apartment Will found for Gwen after the 90 days with Iris are up. They then received an unexpected visit from Ms. George from the Department of Child and Family Services, checking to see how Gwen and the baby were doing. Iris arrived while Ms. George was checking the baby's room, and Will went outside to stall her, telling her the strange car in the driveway belonged to a guidance counselor from Gwen's school. Will gave Iris some cash and told her it was from the baby's trust fund and that she should use it to go shopping, then he went back inside. After talking with Gwen and checking out the baby's room, Ms. George told Gwen she thought her chances of getting full custody were very good. As she was leaving, Iris came in and found out who she really was. She tried to make it look as though Gwen was still struggling to care for the baby properly, but Will pulled a flask of whiskey out of Iris's purse and asked her if this was her "proof." Iris tried to say that Will must have planted it, but Gwen asked if he could have planted the smell of whiskey on her breath, too. The case worker left, saying she had seen enough.

Will and Gwen left to go see the apartment, and Iris's new friend Stan came in, saying he'd waited until she was alone. Iris told him that he could help her out and make some money if he'd do a little research for her; she wanted him to find out exactly how Will had killed Rose D'Angelo.

In the wine cellar at Fairwinds, Henry realized that BJ must have drugged his martini. BJ arrived, and Henry tried to get him to let him go by telling him that he suddenly had amnesia and couldn't remember anything that had happened that day, or that he and BJ could have a "do over" on the whole day, but BJ was not amused. BJ told Henry he would decide what the payment would be for Henry's earlier threats to go to the police, and he left. Henry began to call for help and was happy when a woman came walking down the stairs into the cellar, but when she kicked him down and stood over him, he realized that he was at her mercy.

Maddie ran into Casey and told him she was worried because Henry was supposed to be meeting her and hadn't shown up. Casey offered to go back to WOAK with Maddie to look for Henry. When they got there, Maddie called Henry's cell phone again, and it rang from inside BJ's office. They went in and found the cell phone under BJ's desk, and they then began looking for "clues" as to where Henry might have gone. Casey looked in a filing cabinet and found one shoe, which Maddie said belonged to Henry. When Maddie realized BJ was coming back into his office, she and Casey began kissing, so that it would look as though he had simply caught them making out in his office.

At the hospital, Lucinda visited Luke and told him that he had given her a reason to fight for her own life, and she wanted him to agree to fight for his life now; he said he would, on the condition that she continue to fight for hers. Keith came to see Lily, and Holden tried to get him to leave. Lily told Keith that she needed to talk to Holden alone. Holden told Lily that he understood that she might still have feelings for Keith but that he thought that he and Lily were now closer than they'd been in a long time, and that he saw Luke's recovery as a second chance to get his family back together. Keith called Lily and asked if she'd told him yet about their marriage plans, but Lily said she couldn't break his heart right now and that Keith needed to give her more time. He said he would, but that he wouldn't let her back out now.

Holden told Lucinda about Keith hanging around the hospital, and Lucinda told Holden that they would just have to fight fire with fire. Lucinda ran into Lily in the hallway and told her she had promised Luke she would fight for her family, and that's what she intended to do. After Lucinda left, Lily went in to visit Luke with Holden, Faith, and Natalie. Lily saw Keith outside Luke's door and went out into the hall; he gave her an engagement ring, and she gave it back to him, telling him, "You have to release me from this promise."



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