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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 7, 2005 on GL
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Monday, November 7, 2005

Reva finds Olivia working late in Josh's room and can't resist one-upping her by letting her know that she has reconnected with Josh. She adds, that although she may not want to reconcile with Josh, she'll do anything to keep Olivia from having him. But, Josh walks in as Reva says this and he realizes the real reason she made love to him. Olivia leaves and Josh and Reva are forced to face the inevitable fact that they love each other but the trust between them is gone. They realize it is time to end their marriage. Jonathan has carried Tammy in her wedding dress from the bridal salon to Outskirts to keep her safe until the lights come back on. Things begin to heat up and Tammy can't fight her attraction to him. She pulls him into a desperate kiss until the lights suddenly come back on and she runs out. Michelle has returned from her confrontation with Marina in the elevator to tell Danny that she still wants him. Danny remains torn between the love of his life and the promises he made to Marina. Michelle says it is his choice to make but if he chooses to come home, she and Hope will be waiting for him. Meanwhile, Marina is having her own surprising exchange with the driver who almost ran her down. She makes a point of toying with him until finally revealing she knows him to be Alan-Michael. Far from angry, he's impressed by and attracted to the young woman she's become and gives her a kiss to prove it! Cassie has come to the bridal shop searching for Tammy. There, Edmund corners her and threatens to hurt her family if she doesn't agree to run away with him. Feeling trapped, she agrees but cleverly manages to alert Jeffrey right before she vanishes with Edmund.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Harley and Gus wonder what she was thinking when she hired Dinah. Dinah arrives at Spaulding for her first day of work as a public relations consultant. Harley puts her to work on the calls from the tabloids about Blake's book. Dinah discovers that Harley's assistant, Steven, is leaking information about Harley and Mallet to the tabloids. Dinah threatens and gets him fired. Still on the attack, Dinah warns Mallet not to show his face at Spaulding again.

Harley tells Mallet that Gus saw the tape of them kissing. Mallet teases that the tape shows Harley was doing a lot of heavy kissing. Gus breaks up their friendly moment. Harley tries to make amends and get closer to a hesitant Gus. He wants her to move with him to Madison and start a new life. She says she loves her new job. He believes they can do anything when they work as a team.

Dean, the loan shark, continues to hassle Lizzie about repaying the loan. Lizzie continues to lie to Coop about her new "job." Gus finds Dean outside Company and questions him about who he has business with. When he can't get a straight answer from Dean, Gus suspects his latest victim is Lizzie.

Quinn, an old friend from boarding school, surprises Lizzie and riles Coop. Lizzie confesses to Quinn that her family has cut her off. He offers to pay for her tickets to the dance. She refuses because Coop wants to work to pay for them.

Jeffrey promises Josh that he will do anything to bring Cassie back home. R.J. interrupts. Jeffrey tells him they have to work together to make Cassie happy when she comes home.

Jonathan watches as Sandy and Tammy kiss. Reva warns him to let Tammy be. She says the wedding is the one thing holding the family together. She realizes Jonathan is in love with Tammy. He says he can't forget about Tammy as much as he tries. Jeffrey, Joshua, Reva, Sandy, R.J., Tammy and Jonathan gather at the farmhouse to focus on finding Cassie. Sandy discovers Edmund's laptop. After receiving a tip, Jeffrey, Joshua and Sandy take off to find Cassie.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Marina is busy planning a Cooper Thanksgiving which will include Danny. Michelle appears with plans of her own for a Bauer Thanksgiving that Danny will share. Marina realizes Danny will never be able to give himself completely to her and she both wants and deserves more. She finally summons the courage to end things with Danny. Even though he tries to persuade her otherwise, in his heart he knows she's right. Meanwhile, Buzz convinces Michelle that if she truly loves Danny, maybe she should walk away and give him and Marina a chance.

Jonathan is with Tammy, trying to offer comfort in the wake of Cassie's vanishing. In an effort to keep her mind elsewhere, Tammy and Jonathan go through the keepsake trunk from Cassie's wedding to Richard. Finding a wedding photo, Jonathan is moved in spite of himself by thoughts of the father he never knew. Tammy sees yet another tender side to him but the moment is interrupted when Sandy arrives with the invitations to their own wedding. Jonathan is once again the odd-man out, as Tammy and Sandy focus on the invitations, acknowledging once they are delivered the wedding is for real. Jonathan begins to wonder if he can transform himself into the man Tammy needs him to be.

Edmund has brought Cassie to San Cristobel with the intention of keeping her his prisoner until she decides to be his princess. Cassie tries to reach through Edmund's rage in an effort to get him to release her, but he would rather keep her his prisoner than see her with another man. However, Jeffrey and Josh have other plans. Using Jeffrey's knowledge of the island, a source of puzzlement to Josh, they are able to get to Edmund's dark tower for a final confrontation.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

When San Cristobel guards arrive at the tower and turn their weapons on Edmund instead of obeying his orders, he realizes he's been tricked by Josh and Jeffrey and desperately calls out to Cassie to save him. To everyone's surprise, she asks to speak to him but rather then help him, she finally says what she has not had the chance to say. She's triumphant as she declares that she's going to survive, in spite of everything he did to her and both she and Hope will be happy. While Cassie and Jeffrey reunite in sweet love scenes, Edmund uses the opportunity to put doubts into Josh's head about Jeffrey. Later, Josh looks at the happy couple and can't help but wonder if Edmund's accusations are true that Jeffrey could have a secret connection to Richard. Marina reels from her break-up from Danny. She stays strong as she reveals the news to her dad, assuring him that she'll be okay. Later, Frank and Buzz rally the Cooper troops to give her support but it's Alan-Michael's carefree philosophy that piques her interests. Later, Harley is thrilled when Alan-Michael pays her a surprise visit. He comes to Spaulding and takes note of the sexual tension between Dinah and Mallet. Later, however, in a surprise twist, Alan-Michael goes to see Alan at the insane asylum.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Alan-Michael arrives at the mental hospital to see Alan. Entering right behind him is Gus. When Alan introduces his sons to one another, Gus gets the notion that Alan-Michael is in town to spring Alan. He's proven wrong when Alan-Michael blasts Alan for killing Phillip and hurting Harley and tells Alan that he's where he deserves to be. Alan tries to convince Alan-Michel that he should stick by his family, especially his father. He goes to on say that he never meant to hurt anybody. None of this has any affect on Alan-Michael, who seems to share Gus's disdain for Alan. Alan's displeased that his son has taken Gus and the Coopers' side against him. Alan-Michael tells Alan that he has one chance to earn back some respect--leave Harley alone and let her do her job. After Alan starts ranting about Alan-Michael's failed marriage to Harley and how she's destroyed all of his sons' lives, Gus and Alan-Michael both leave. Soon after, Beth arrives to visit Alan. She tells him that she knows Alan-Michael has returned to town and she's wondering where she stands. Alan tells her that nothing's changed; besides Alan-Michael is no friend of theirs. Beth assures Alan that she will never abandon him. Later, Beth sees Alan-Michael at Spaulding and tries to get him to see that Alan is concerned about the family, namely what Harley will do to the company. She tries to get him to support the family by making peace with Alan but he refuses,

In her office with Mallet and Dinah, Harley asks to speak with Mallet alone. She then asks him why he's there and then tells him he has to go because she doesn't want to instigate the rumors about them. As they moth talk about how insane the rumors are,, Dinah bursts in and announces that they need to clear the air, since they could cut the sexual tension with a knife. She bluntly asks Mallet if he wants Harley and then she asks if he wants her. A flustered Mallet says no to both, so Dinah tells him that since neither her nor Harley want him, he can move on. Still flustered, Mallet tells them they're both being ridiculous, he only came because he's going to be working with Dinah on her father's campaign. Harley tells Dinah about working with Mallet--he's loyal and dependable. As she's heaping the praise, Alan-Michael and Gus arrive. After some small talk, Alan-Michael goes to leave and Gus follows him out. Outside the door, Gus starts by saying that he knows he and Harley are on good terms, but he doesn't finish the thought. Alan-Michael figures out he's asking about Mallet's feelings toward Harley. Gus states that, no, he knows he's in love with her. Later, Gus tries to persuade Harley that they should go on a double date with Mallet and Dinah, but Harley thinks that's a bad idea. She points out that Dinah hates Mallet. When he persists, she blurts out that she doesn't even want to think about it.

Michelle and Hope arrive at Danny's at his request. Danny tells Michelle that he and Marina are over; she broke it off because she thinks he's still in love with Michelle. When Michelle asks if Marina is right, Danny says no. Danny states that he gave up on them and learned how to live without her. He tells Michelle that he stopped loving her because he had to. He explains that he then fell in love with Marina and his life was simple and easy. An upset Danny laments that Marina didn't deserve to get hurt. Michelle wonders what this means for them, and Danny complains that all they had was the fear that they'd end. He complains that there was so much hurt, but Michelle responds that she wouldn't trade all that hurt for the world. When she goes to leave, Danny suddenly kisses her and tells her that he lied. He tried to move on but couldn't. He admits that he couldn't live without her and can't stop loving her. They kiss again.

Josh is at Company, thinking about Edmund's words about Jeffrey. Reva then enters Company to get an order and thanks him for helping to rescue her sister. Suddenly, Josh asks Reva when was the first time she saw Jeffrey. She states that it was after the dedication to Richard's memorial library Later, at Cassie's impromptu party at the Jessup farm, Josh makes small talk to Jeffrey about their recent rescue mission and asks Jeffrey if his former job (in the FBI) ever took him to San Cristobel. Jeffrey tells him no.

Jonathan's outside Company with Ava, upset because there's been no word about Cassie. Ava thinks he's really upset about Tammy and Sandy. Suddenly Reva arrives and tells Jonathan that Cassie is safe and at home. While Reva goes into Company, Jonathan gets a call from Cassie inviting him to a little party she's having to celebrate her rescue. After he hangs up, Jonathan tells Ava he has no intention of going to the party, but later finds himself standing right there at the farmhouse door. Tammy is shocked to see him and tries to get him to tell her why he's there, but Cassie intervenes and states that she invited him. Jonathan tries to bow out gracefully, but Cassie insists that he stay, stating that he's family and had been hurt because of Edmund himself. A little later, a concerned Reva approaches Jonathan and asks why he keeps doing this to himself and Tammy. Jonathan states that he can't help himself. Later, as Jonathan watches, Reva has a talk with Tammy outside. Reva wants to talk about Jonathan; Tammy's reluctant and Reva thinks it's because Tammy's still afraid of Jonathan. Reva tells Tammy that Jonathan's not like he was in the past--he has feelings for her. Tammy shocks Reva by stating that she knows. Reva tells Tammy not to let Jonathan get to her, to simply focus on her new life with Sandy,. When Reva tells Tammy not to hate Jonathan, Tammy blurts out that she wishes she could; she's in love with him!

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