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Tad and Ryan rescued Dixie from Braden, who assaulted Ryan before taking off. Jack resigned from his position as the district attorney. Tim left for France. Erica broke all of the mirrors in her home. Mateo offered to give up custody of Max. Raquel agreed to grant Mateo a divorce.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on AMC
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Monday April 5, 1999

After finishing up at the boat house, Tad returned home and immediately sought out Dixie. When a knock sounded on the front door, Tad assumed that Dixie had forgotten her house key. Instead of finding his fiancée on the other side of the door, Tad got a bit of a surprise. Ryan dropped by hoping that Tad had seen Braden. Since Braden and Dixie were friends, Ryan hoped that he might have turned to Dixie for support and help. Tad shook his head and muttered that he hopes Braden never gets within ten miles of Dixie. Ryan understood why Tad felt the way he did. Tad invited Ryan into the house so that he could wait for Dixie, who he expected to return home any moment. While the men waited, Tad apologized to Ryan for having gone to Iowa to learn more about his past. "I couldn't let you go down," Tad said. Ryan assured Tad that he was not angry. In fact, Ryan felt that he owed Tad an apology for the way he'd spoken to him during his jailhouse visit. Tad knew that Ryan had only said the things he'd said because he was trying to protect Braden. Tad admired Ryan's loyalty and chuckled when Ryan commented that he had a very complicated family. As time continued to slip away, Tad decided to call Chandler Mansion and check on Dixie. When there was no answer, the two men sensed that something wasn't quite right.

Outside their new condo, Mateo and Hayley argued over who should be the first to open the door to their new home. In the end, they both won---Hayley opened the door and Mateo hoisted Hayley into the air and carried her over the threshold. Hayley giggled giddily and asked Mateo if he wasn't a little premature with the gesture. After all, they were still not legally married. Mateo smiled broadly and told Hayley that in his mind, they've been married for well over a year. In a short time, he promised that they would also be married in the eyes of the law. The condo was not yet furnished, but that didn't mean that there were no comforts of home. A white faux fur rug laid on the hardwood floor, with several vases of roses around its perimeter. But something else drew Hayley's attention: A lava lamp that she's spotted at a local thrift shop. As Shirley, the name Hayley had given the lamp, lit up the room, Hayley and Mateo fell into each other's arms and made love.

Miserable from his bitter loss in court, Jack returned to his office determined to find a precedent that would allow him to send Braden to jail. He let his briefcase fall to his desk with an audible thud. Next, he took off his jacket and threw it into a nearby chair. Several volumes of law-related books were pulled from the bookcase and Jack sat down at his desk to toil over the task he'd given himself. Derek entered the office and was asked to close the door behind him. Derek told Jack that he hated not being able to arrest Braden for what he'd done to Kit. The sentiment was appreciated, but it did little to assuage Jack's guilty conscience. Jack asked Derek to put a tail on Braden to make sure that he doesn't rape anyone else. Derek agreed to have some track Braden for a little while, but he noted that it would have to be an unofficial job since no charges were pending against Braden. If Jack was to stick it to Braden, Derek noted that Jack would have to play things by the book. "Like I did with Ryan?" Jack snapped. As the attorney lectured Derek, Trevor appeared in the doorway and asked Jack to back off. Derek headed out of the office as Trevor flashed a stack of papers at Jack. The papers needed to be signed by the District Attorney's office in order to verify that the charges against Ryan had been dropped. Jack snatched the papers and scribbled his signature on the documents. While this may have been the main reason for his visit, Trevor had other things on his mind. Trevor advised Jack against pursuing Braden. Jack, he said, could waste the next year years of his life trying to find a legal precedent. Jack became angry when he assumed that Trevor was going to act as Braden's defense attorney. Trevor shook his head and replied that Braden doesn't need an attorney because Jack "blew it." Jack reiterated his desire to get justice for his sister. Trevor couldn't fault Jack for wanting to see the man who'd hurt his sister behind bars... but it was too late. While Braden was responsible for what had happened to Kit in the parking lot, Jack had to face that he'd caused damage of his own; Everything that had happened to Gillian, Ryan, and countless others was all Jack's fault. Trevor insisted that he was not trying to add to Jack's woes. "I'm saying this because I love you," Trevor said softly. "And I want my friend back."
Later, Jack walked slowly around his office. He stopped and stared at the numerous degrees hanging on his office wall. A knock sounded on his door and Jack promptly told the visitor to leave. "Dak?" called a familiar voice from the hallway. Jack turned, his face lighting up with emotion. The siblings raced towards each other and shared a long embrace. Jack was relieved to see that his sister was okay, but perplexed when Edmund entered the room and stated that Tad was responsible for tracking Kit down. Kit still blamed herself for fingering the wrong man as her attacker, but she was glad that the ordeal was finally behind her. She thanked the two men for having stood by her. Kit and Edmund invited Jack to join them for a bite to eat unless, of course, he had work. "No, I'm all through," Jack mumbled. He told the pair to meet him in the parking lot. After the left, Jack again strolled slowly around his office. He placed Kit's picture in his briefcase and walked towards the door. He stopped momentarily and looked back at his desk. He reached in his pocket and removed his District Attorney badge. He placed the badge on his desk and angrily turned over the nameplate on his desk. The meaning of "all through" suddenly became clear.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Dixie snapped. She told Braden that she would not tolerate Jamie or Junior destroying a lamp, so she certainly wouldn't accept the behavior from a grown man. By his side, Braden's hand clenched into a fist. The man took a deep breath and apologized for the damage he'd caused. He offered to pay for the broken lamp, but Dixie said that payment wasn't necessary. If he wanted to make up for his tirade, Dixie suggested that he get a broom and clean up the shards of glass. Braden gushed about Dixie's kindness and generosity. Dixie became uneasy by the flattery. She bent over the mess and started to clean up. She nearly jumped out of her skin when Braden grabbed her by the arm and ordered her to stop what she was doing. Braden wasn't angry, however. He told Dixie that there was no need for her to undo the damage that he'd done. When the phone rang, Braden ordered Dixie to stay put and let the phone ring. Dixie explained that she'd turned the answering machine off earlier in the day and needed to answer the phone in case Junior was calling. Braden gritted his teeth and told Dixie that he would let her answer the phone if it rang again. Braden accused Dixie of being afraid of him and he refused to believe Dixie when she denied his claim. "Damn you!" Braden hollered. "You've turned on me too." Dixie assured Braden that she was still his friend and pleaded with him to seek out professional help. Braden's blood pressure was already sky high and the implication that there was something wrong with him only enraged him all the more. Reminding Dixie that he'd kept her illness a secret for months, Braden did his best to make Dixie feel guilty about that way she was feeling. Braden slowly walked towards Dixie. With each step he took, Dixie took a step backwards. Unfortunately, she ran out of room. With her back pinned against the wall, Braden loomed over Dixie with a look of rage flashing in his eyes. "I am not a rapist!" he shouted---and he claimed to have proof. Braden said that he's had romantic interest in Dixie for months, but stated that he contained these urges because he knew that Dixie loved Tad. Ryan and Tad burst through the front door. Tad raced across the room and pulled Braden off of Dixie. He then wrapped his arms around Dixie and hustled her out of the mansion. Meanwhile, Ryan and Braden appeared ready for battle. Braden was incensed that his brother believed that he was going to rape Dixie. All the signs pointed to it---the broken glass, the unanswered phone, and the fact that Dixie was pinned in a corner. Like Dixie, Ryan pleaded with Braden to talk to a counselor. Braden suddenly grabbed the back of Ryan's neck with one hand. With the other, Braden formed a fist and readied to punch Ryan. Ryan didn't try to wriggle out of the hold nor did he show any sign of fear. "Take it back!" Braden ordered. Ryan said nothing. Braden unhanded his brother for the moment, but made good on his promise to pummel his brother when Ryan referred to him as a rapist. Braden unleashed two or three good shots. Again, Ryan made no effort to fend off the attack or even to mount a counteroffensive. "Why won't you fight back?" Braden roared.

Back home, Dixie broke into tears. Tad wrapped his arms around her and did his best to comfort her. "It's okay," he said soothingly. "I've got you. Dixie didn't want Tad to ever let her go. Without warning, Dixie suddenly collapsed in Tad's arms.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Worried that Dixie's fainting spell could be a sign of a more serious problem, Tad placed a frantic call to the paramedics. Before the ambulance arrived, Dixie slowly came around. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to regain her presence. She sat up carefully and assumed Tad that her chest felt fine. Tad wasn't willing to take any chances and told Dixie that he still wanted her to go to the hospital and get a thorough check-up. "I just got you back," said Tad tenderly, adding that he was not going to play "fast and loose" with Dixie's life.

Across town, Adam pampered Liza with a back massage on a new "pregnancy table," a table that was apparently specifically designed for expecting mothers. Liza again thanked Adam for reaching a cease fire with Jake. Adam touted his reformation and, at one point, stated that he felt "like Scrooge after [a visit from] the third ghost." The pair made love, but the "after glow" was abruptly ended by an urgent business call. Adam took to his cellular phone and blasted his associates for their incompetence. To rectify the botched up business deal, Adam was forced to schedule a meeting in St. Louis. He looked at his pregnant fiancée and wondered if he should cancel the deal. "So much can happen," Adam said of the two-days he planned to be away. Liza pursed her lips together and reminded Adam that her due date was not for another three weeks. Perhaps only half in jest, Liza told Adam that he should try to negotiate an agreement with Colby. Adam promised Colby that he's bring her a souvenir from his trip. He mused that the Gateway Arch would look great in her nursery. Adam pressed his ear to Liza's belly and grumbled that Colby was holding out for a pony before agreeing to let him go away. Liza fell asleep on Adam's lap and when she awoke, she immediately apologized for drifting off. Adam smiled warmly and told Liza that she should go back to sleep because he enjoyed having his "two beautiful ladies" in his arms.

Shortly after the debacle at the library, Erica asked to have David pulled from caring for her. In his place, Joe was set-up at Erica's primary caregiver. Even though he'd been yanked, it was still David's responsibility to determine when Erica should be released from the hospital. Against his better judgment---and Erica's complaints must have spurred him on---David signed Erica's release papers. Joe was surprised when David asked him to sign off on Erica's release. David explained to his boss that there is no physical reason to keep Erica in the hospital.

In her room, Erica continued to pack her bags. Her dress, a sport jacket and black turtleneck, looked more suited for a business meeting rather than a hospital release. Dimitri entered the room and told Erica that he was glad to see her up and about, but Erica continued about her business like she was the only one in the room. From her silence, Dimitri correctly inferred that Erica was angry at him. "You can leave," Erica snapped. "And I never want to see you again." When pressed for an explanation for her anger, Erica told Dimitri that she was furious with him for keeping the truth about her injuries from her. Dimitri was part of a "liars coalition," according to Erica. Erica labeled her supposed friends "liars and assassins." Dimitri tried to explain that the doctors had advised him not to tell Erica about the seriousness of her injuries, but it did little good. Myrtle had been silently observing from the doorway for several minutes. Myrtle urged Dimitri to save his breath because she knew that Erica wouldn't listen to him. Clipboard in hand, David entered the room and informed Erica that her request for a discharge had been approved. Dimitri argued that Erica was not ready to leave, but David stated that there was no reason to keep her in the hospital. Dimitri and David quietly bickered back and forth. Erica remarked that she did not approve of the way they were treating her "like a child." Myrtle offered to get the car so that she could drive Erica home, but Erica coldly replied that she'd arranged for a limousine service to take her home. David sighed heavily and filed out of the room.

In the hallway, David took a double-take when he saw Tad pushing Dixie around the corridor in a wheelchair. David took Dixie to an examining room and gave her what he called a "preliminary examination." The check-up showed that Dixie's heart had suffered no damage in her fainting spell and David chalked up the spell to hyperventilation. During the exam, however, David did find something encouraging; Dixie's heart had been responding to her new medication much better than he'd anticipated. In short, Dixie was on a speedy course back to health.

Dimitri and Myrtle hung around Erica's room even after she left the hospital. The duo tried to come up with a way to reach Erica. Myrtle hated the idea that Erica was alone in a new house with no one around to take care of her. She then decided to place a call to the one person that Erica would listen to. After placing the call, Myrtle and Dimitri received a confusing but of advice from David. David asked that they check in on Erica in the morning just to make sure that she's okay. This was a far cry from the attitude David had had earlier in the day when he signed Erica's release papers. David admitted that he didn't want to let Erica go, but he explained that there was no medical reason to keep her in the hospital.

Ryan's lip split open and a steady trickle of blood streamed down his chin. He fell to the ground after taking another of Braden's attacks. Braden hovered tauntingly over his brother and urged him to fight back. "C'mon dad," Ryan sneered. "Hit me again." Braden's face suddenly became pale. He struggled to find the words to ask Ryan to repeat himself. Ryan looked up at his brother in disgust. He accused Braden of being no different than their father---venting his anger on people who didn't deserve to be hurt. Braden claimed that he was better than their father because their father would have continued beating them even when they were on the ground begging for mercy. Ryan managed to get back on his feet, but he'd soon find himself on his back yet again. Ryan begged his brother to get help in dealing with his anger. He commented that when Braden's anger builds, he "comes out swinging." And swing he did. Braden unleashed another barrage of punches, jabs, and beatings on his brother. As Ryan quivered on the ground, a sudden wave of reality washed over Braden. His face turned ghostly white and his jaw suddenly dropped. Braden looked down at his batter brother and realized that he was more like his father than he cared to admit. Ryan told Braden about the counselor Brooke had referred him to when she believed that he'd raped Kit. Ryan warned his brother that if he did not meet with the counselor, he'd contact the police and tell that Braden had assaulted him and threatened Dixie. Braden doubted that Ryan would call the police, saying that he still "owed" him. But just to be on the side, Braden clobbered Ryan a few more times... until he lost consciousness.

Joe showed up at the Tad's house, but no one was home. He found the hidden spare key and let himself into the house. Moments later, an out of breath Jake showed up at the house nearing bursting from the seams. Jake was a bit miffed that the entire family wasn't together to hear his good news, but at least his dad was there. "Get ready to welcome Colby," Jake beamed. "My daughter." Joe was overcome with emotion and embraced his son. Tad and Dixie returned home from the hospital just in time for the celebration. SO as not to worry anyone, Dixie claimed that she'd had a late-night check-up at David's office. When he learned that Dixie's recovery was progressing nicely, Joe cheered that this was a day of good news for the Martin family. Jake proudly announced that his name was going on Colby's birth certificate. Tad hugged his brother and praised him for a job well done. Dixie didn't want to quash the celebration, but she had to know how Jake had gotten Adam to back down. Jake said that the Adam's concession was "the path of least resistance." He figured that Adam didn't want to deal with a long, drawn out court battle. Dixie scrunched up her face and noted that Adam usually loves a good court battle. The group agreed to keep their minds clear of negative thoughts and focus on a celebration. Joe and Jake headed to the kitchen to round of a bottle of Orsini champagne. While they were gone, Jamie and Junior returned home and were filled in on the good news. Tad remarked that a "new twig" would be added to the Martin family tree. Junior's eyes lit up and he asked his mother if she was having a baby. Dixie laughed nervously and clarified that Jake was the one having the baby, not her. Junior looked down at the floor for a little while before looking up and commenting that it was "impossible" for his Uncle Jake to be having a baby!

With nowhere else to go, Ryan showed up at the boarding house. He was immediately taken in by Gillian, who set out to nurse her husband back to health. Gillian prepared Ryan a bowl of soup and spoon-fed it to him. She then took Ryan to one of the bedroom's and allowed him to fall asleep in her arms.

The chauffeur dropped Erica off at her new home, but refused to let Erica pay him for his services. He explained that Erica had helped save his life---well, sort of. The young man's sister had been forced to raise him after their parents died. She picked up a copy of Raising Kane and was inspired to make a better life for herself and her brother. Before leaving---and passing on the top Erica was going to give him---the chauffeur told Erica that she was "more beautiful in real life." This in spite of Erica's effort to mask her bandages with a black scarf. Alone, Erica moped around the house, her head haunted by the chauffeur's seemingly innocent praise. Erica stopped in front of an ornate full-size mirror and removed her scarf. As she looked at her bandaged face, Erica's fury grew. She picked up a crystal candy dish and threw it against the mirror. Shards of glass flew everywhere. Erica continued on a rampage, destroying every mirror in the house. When she was done, debris little the floor of the house. Erica might have sat in a daze for the rest of the night, but she was drawn back to reality by the incessant ringing of the phone. Erica picked up a shard of broken mirror and took a quick look at her face. Inadvertently, she gashed her hand. She quickly wrapped it in a towel and raced to answer the phone. Myrtle had placed a call to Bianca and asked the young girl to call her mother. Bianca seemed concerned about her mother, but Erica took every opportunity to assure her daughter that she was fine. When asked why she was alone, Erica said that she needed some time alone so that her friends would not wear her out. She did her best to muster a jubilant voice, but the sadness on her face showed when Erica claimed that she'd probably have all of her friends over in a few days for a welcome home party. Erica didn't want to talk about herself and learned that Bianca had made the honor roll at school. As the phone call wound down, Erica said that she was going to curl up in bed and work on some of her backlog of Enchantment work. Bianca warned her mother not to work too hard, prompting Erica to joke that she, not Bianca, was the mother. Erica hung up the phone and walked around the house to look at the damage she'd caused. She put her hand to her chest and took a deep breath. "Slow down," she told herself several times. Then, it happened. Erica suddenly was cast back in time to the night of the blizzard. She remembered that she'd asked David to slow down while driving back to Pine Valley. "David lied to me," she said softly. "He was the one in such a hurry to get home---not me."

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

When he woke from his sleep, Ryan placed an urgent call to Derek to warn him that Braden was on the verge of flying off the handle. There wasn't much that Derek could do, but he assured Ryan that he'd be on the lookout. After hanging up the phone, Ryan thanked Gillian for taking him in. Ryan said that he didn't know where else to go or what to do after his encounter with Braden. "You're always welcome," Gillian smiled warmly. "I love you." Ryan bowed his head upon hearing Gillian's expression of her feelings for him. Gillian told Ryan that her was not obligated to return the sentiment. Instead, she asked that he take care of himself. Ryan told his wife that he felt "like a failure" for not being able to control Braden. Gillian reminded Ryan that he had been willing to go to jail for his brother, a sure sign of his devotion. Ryan decided that he had to warn Tad and Dixie that Braden was on the loose. Gillian desperately wanted to go with Ryan, but she knew that it would be better if she stayed. As the door to her bedroom closed behind Ryan, Gillian's eyes filled with tears.

Following up on his own orders, David dropped by Erica's new house to see how she was doing. There was no response when he knocked on the door. David wanted to be sure that everything was okay, she he peeked through the windows to see if Erica was home. When David saw the shattered mirrors, he knew that something was wrong. He returned to the front door and, luckily, the door was unlocked. He let himself into the house and immediately called out to Erica. There was no response. David began fearing the worst, but his uneasiness was put to rest when Erica scampered down the staircase. She blasted David for "trespassing" in her home. David explained that he was making a house call to see how she was doing. Erica coldly looked at David and told him that she remembered what happened to her. David's voice cracked slightly as she asked her if she was referring to the accident. Erica nodded. Erica recalled that David was "driving like a bat out of hell." David agreed, reiterating that Erica had ordered him to get home for her television shoot. That's where the similarities in their stories ended. Erica told David that she'd called home to cancel the shoot. In fact, she'd made the call on David's cellular phone. Even though Erica was able to remember that David was the one who needed to get back to Pine Valley, she couldn't recall why he was in such a hurry. David stepped in to fill in the blanks, explaining that he had a patient that he had to visit. Erica didn't challenge his explanation, but the look on her face signaled that she was still searching for answers. David ordered Erica to stop feeling sorry for herself. "You're alive," he said encouragingly. "And you have a wonderful life ahead of you." Erica couldn't envision her future. "As a side show freak?" she snapped. Erica was convinced that her life as she knew it was over. She could not very well be a spokeswoman for Enchantment or a model with a disfigured face. David expressed optimism that Erica's injuries could one day be fixed. "You should've let me die," Erica yelled. In death, Erica stated that she would not have to see the looks of pity that people give her when she's talking to them. David said that it was his duty as a cardiologist to save her. He tried to sweeten things a bit by adding that he'd never had a patient that he wanted to save more than her. Erica rolled her eyes and chalked up David's remarks to his feelings of guilt. As for the damage to Erica's face, David called it a tool that Erica could use to inspire others; She'd overcome obstacles in the past and this was just another of the obstacles. For a moment, Erica appeared to have accepted her fate. She told David that she was angry and hurt because he'd never told her that he was sorry for what he'd done to her. David chimed in that he had apologized for the accident, but Erica swiftly noted that David had only apologized for smashing into the abandoned truck---not for being the cause of the accident. She ordered the doctor out of her house and told him never to come back. David agreed and left. Erica, meanwhile, walked over to a picture of Mona and pleaded with her mother for support and guidance. She gently placed the photograph down, grabbed her coat and purse, and headed out of the house.

Adam kept his promise to check in on Liza and Colby. After Liza and Adam finished their sentimental conversation and before Liza could head for the second level of Chandler mansion to scout out Colby's future nursery, the doorbell sounded. Liza called out to Winifred to say that she would answer the door since she was only a few yards away. When the door swung open, Jake was standing on the doorstep holding a bouquet of flowers. The flowers were sort of a peace offering. Jake was invited inside and immediately campaigned for Liza's forgiveness. He told Liza that he knew how much of a sacrifice she was making by placing his name on Colby's birth certificate. Liza nodded and said that she had planned for Adam to be the father of her child---quickly noting that Adam would still be a father to her daughter. Jake said that he didn't want to argue about their individual roles in the baby's life. Instead, he wanted to make a pledge that they would all be civil to each other when around Colby. Liza agreed that a "hassle free zone" was a necessity, explaining that this was the sole reason she and Adam had bowed to Jake's demands. Liza let Jake off the hook by saying that they were still friends, but the friendship had been strained. Jake asked Liza to make every effort to accept and understand why he'd taken the actions he'd taken and then headed on his way.

Dixie was unable to sleep, so she rolled out of bed and headed to the livingroom to read a book. Tad stumbled into the room and scolded Dixie for leaving their bed. Dixie told Tad that her sleep was filled with nightmares---but not of Braden, as he suspected. Dixie said that she'd had dreams about her brother, Will, and how she'd been unable to help him turn his life around. Ryan arrived at the house a short time later. Dixie and Tad were both concerned when they saw the cuts and bruises on Ryan's face, but Ryan assured them both that he was fine. Ryan asked Dixie if she was okay and apologized for what his brother had done to her. Dixie reassured Ryan that he was in no way responsible for Braden's actions. Tad agreed. Tad urged Ryan to file assault charges so that Braden could receive the help he needs. Ryan argued that his brother would get nothing out of being locked up in a jail cell. Dixie explained that Braden might be able to make a deal and receive counseling instead of jail time. "It's the only way to help," said Dixie softly. Dixie also had another piece of advice for Ryan. She urged him to move on with his life and stop dwelling on all of the "what ifs."

At the breakfast table, Eugenia> told Hayley and Mateo that they would be missed when the moved out of the castle. Her attempts to convince them to stay failed. Kit entered the room and announced that she was going to get a cup of coffee and leave. Hayley rose from her seat and walked towards Hayley. Hayley told Kit that she wanted to apologize for all the grief she'd given her. Kit, in turn, told Hayley that there was no reason for her to apologize. The two women agreed to make a fresh start and they sat down at the table to finish their breakfast. Edmund observed the exchange and smiled proudly. As he sat down at the table, Hayley offered an apology for the way she'd been acting. Edmund shushed Hayley mid-sentence and stated that he too has acted questionably during the ordeal. Now that everyone was once again speaking, Edmund asked Hayley and Mateo to stay at Wildwind. Mateo stepped in and thanked Edmund for allowing them to live under his roof (rent free), but said that he and Hayley needed to go out on their own. Raquel and Max entered the room and announced that they were ready to leave. Kit and Raquel stepped aside and Kit thanked Raquel for being her friend during a difficult time. Kit had also done the same for Raquel, which earned her a spaghetti dinner invitation at Raquel's new apartment. As Mateo, Hayley, Raquel, and Max left the room, Eugenia muttered that the house would be very empty once everyone left. Dimitri escorted Jack and Brooke into the room just as Kit was mentioning that she was going to be moving in with Jack. Under her breath, Eugenia sarcastically muttered that the idea of a woman living with her brother was "delightful." She may not mean to, but Eugenia's mealtime conversations have a tendency to stir things up. She asked Jack why Braden hadn't been arrested for assaulting Kit. Jack put down his knife and fork and bowed his head. He softly noted that he was the reason Braden was not behind bars. He said that if he had not "railroaded" Ryan, Braden would not a free man. Kit sighed deeply and asked if she could have some time alone with her brother. After everyone left, Kit scolded Jack for being so hard on himself. She said that by constantly thinking about the past, they would never be able to move forward. Dimitri was on his way back to the room when he overheard the discussion. He hovered outside the dining room and listened to what Kit was saying to her brother. Kit thanked Jack for having "rode to [her] rescue" because no one had ever done that before. Dimitri entered the room and told Jack that there was a call for him. Dimitri stuck around to tell Kit that he approved of what she's said, but Kit wanted nothing to do with Dimitri. Dimitri tried to make up for the hurtful things he'd said in the parking of The Pit, but Kit wouldn't let him. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the stash of cash that Dimitri had thrown at her. In the parlor area, Edmund was on the phone with Derek when Jack entered the room. Edmund briefed Jack on the discussion he'd had and asked him for his help in nabbing Braden. Jack took the phone from Edmund and proceeded to hang it up. Edmund reminded Jack that it was his job to go out and get the bad guys. "Not anymore," he said. "I resigned."

At the Valley Inn, David walked through the lobby and overheard an argument his mother was having with the front desk clerk. Vanessa raised her voice a few decibels and blasted the clerk for giving her suite to someone else. David walked over to see what all the fuss was about. Vanessa informed him that the hotel had removed all of her belongings from her suite and given the room to someone else. David remarked that the hotel was within its rights to evict her. David asked the clerk to give his mother another room---a small room---somewhere else in the hotel. The man nodded his head and said that all he would need is a valid credit card. Vanessa smiled slightly and urged her son to give the gentleman a credit card. David took his mother by the arm and walked her across the lobby. He then told her that he was done giving her handouts. If she wanted to stay at the hotel, she'd have to pay for it herself. Vanessa knew that David was aware that she did not have a job---he commented that she was allergic to labor. He suggested that Vanessa go to Myrtle's boarding house and see if she could strike up a deal to work for her room and board. Suddenly, David changed his mind. He told Vanessa that he would give her another chance. Vanessa held out her hand to take David's credit card, but what David had in mind was a little different. He told his mother that a one-way airline ticket to Florida was waiting for her at the airport. The non-refundable ticket would allow her to "sponge" off of one of her well-to-do friends.

Hayley, Raquel, Mateo, and Max carried boxes and bags to their new condos. Raquel stopped in her tracks when she spotted the faux fur rug on the floor. Glasses of sparkling cider and rose petals still littered the floor. She knew that Hayley and Mateo had made love on the rug and the idea horrified her. While Matt and Hayley were getting more boxes from the car, Raquel prepared to bid her son farewell. She was overcome with emotion when she had to tell him that she would not be able to tuck him in every night or eat breakfast with him every morning. She started to sob. Mac begged his mother not to cry, but Raquel couldn't help herself. She raced off to her condo leaving Mateo and Hayley to try to raise Max's spirits. No matter what they said, Max was unable to think of anything but his mother. "I don't like it here," he complained. "I'm going to live with my mommy."

Erica headed to the cemetery and knelt beside her mother's grave. She told her mother that she "feels like there's no fight" left in her. "I wish you could take my hand and lead me through this," Erica said softly. Several times she asked her mother why she had to leave her all alone. Erica slowly laid down on the gravesite and gently ran her hands over the grass. As her head rested on the ground, she started to sob.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Max wandered out the front door and headed across the courtyard to his mother's apartment. Mateo quickly chased after his son and instructed him to turn around. Mateo reminded his son that he had promised to live with them. "How long to I have to stay?" Max whined. As Mateo was trying to explain that Max would like living with him and Hayley, Raquel arrived and told her son that she had something for his bedroom. "My bedroom is at your house," Max said softly. Raquel smiled and told her son that he had two bedrooms---one at her house and one at his daddy's house. Max remarked that he liked Raquel's house better than Mateo's. Raquel chuckled and commented that the two condos were virtually identical. Max complained that mothers and fathers were supposed to live together and made special note that Hayley was not his mother. "I don't like Hayley," he yelled. "She's not my mommy." Mateo asked his son to be more respectful, but Max was too upset to listen. Raquel smiled nervously and told Max to run over to her apartment and see how things looked in his other bedroom. Hayley offered to walk Max across the courtyard, but Mateo flatly refused to have Hayley anywhere near him. Hayley was noticeably hurt by Max's rejection and announced that she's take a walk while Mateo and Raquel figured out what to do about Max.

At Wildwind, Kit begged Jack to reconsider his resignation. Edmund also added that he thought Jack was making a big mistake by giving up his position. Jack, on the other hands, felt that resigning was the first thing he'd done right in a long time. Kit worried that her mistaken identification somehow lead to Jack's decision to step down as District Attorney. "It's been coming for a long time," Jack replied, indicating that the rape trial was not the deciding factor. Jack went on to say that he feels he's lost faith in himself and his job and that resigning his post would allow him to refocus on his life and career. Edmund suggested that Jack take a leave of absence, but Jack shook his head and stated that a temporary leave wouldn't solve anything. Jack and Kit left the room to further discuss things. Meanwhile, Dimitri told Edmund that it took a great deal for Jack to "own up to the mess" he'd caused. Edmund briefly mentioned that he wanted to offer an apology to Ryan, but he was almost certain that Ryan wanted nothing to do with him. In a strange case of coincidence, Ryan arrived at the front door and rang the doorbell. Obviously, Edmund was surprised to see his former houseguest. Edmund stepped aside and allowed Ryan into Wildwind. Upon seeing his bruised face, Dimitri wanted to know what had happened. Ryan claimed that it was "nothing" and continued on to the reason for his visit. He asked if he could speak to Jack. Edmund and Dimitri both agreed that Ryan's timing was a bit off. Not knowing if Ryan wanted to yell at Jack, the explained that Jack was a bit out of kilter and had recently given up his post as District Attorney. Ryan said that he'd wait until Jack was done speaking to Kit before talking to him. While they waited, Edmund apologized for being "very wrong" about Ryan and for not believing his word. "I'm sorry for everything I put you through," he added humbly. "I appreciate you saying that," Ryan smiled. With all the unpleasant business out of the way, Edmund and Dimitri concurred that it might not be a bad idea for Gillian and Ryan to move back to Wildwind. Ryan shrugged indifferently and stated that he can't think about his future plans because of Braden.

On the sun porch at the hospital, Myrtle struggled to come up with an answer to her crossword puzzle. Luckily, Adrian and Belinda happened by and offered her a few suggestions. Myrtle mentioned that she'd been meaning to invite the couple over for dinner. Belinda asked Myrtle if she'd seen Opal. On cue, Opal strolled into the room and smiled warmly at her son and his love interest. Belinda grinned broadly and proudly proclaimed that Opal's divorce from Palmer was now final. Opal looked like she'd been hit by a brick. She forced a smile and commented that she was now "a free woman." Opal had no idea that the proceedings had been held. She asked if Palmer knew anything about the hearing, but Belinda replied that she wasn't sure. From the questions she asked and the way she reacted to the answers, Opal looked as though she had been hoping that Palmer would have had a last minute change of heart and reverted to her "Love Bug." Opal bowed her head and told everyone that she'd always thought that she and palmer would be together until the "bitter end." Now, she knew exactly what the bitter end was all about. "I loved him. I really loved that man---even when he ran off with those paintings," she reflected sadly. "I guess there's nothing left to do but this." Opal bowed her head and looked at down at her wedding ring. She attempted to remove the ring, but it wouldn't budge. Opal burst into tears as she continued to tug on the ring. Adrian walked over to his mother and gave her a comforting embrace. After several minutes of bawling, Opal wiped her eyes and tried to regain her composure. She thanked Belinda for assisting her in the divorce proceedings. Opal knew that divorce would never have gone so swiftly had it not been for Adrian's help. To thank him for his help, Opal announced that she planned to give her half of Cortlandt Electronics to him. Adrian's eyes widened in astonishment. Opal figured that since Palmer had been responsible for Adrian losing his job, he might as well be the one who helped him find a new occupation. Adrian turned down Opal's offer. His cell phone began ringing and he excused himself to take the call. Opal was stunned that Adrian had acted so coldly to her offer. Belinda walked off to check on Adrian. Adrian told Belinda that he hadn't meant to sound so rude to Opal, but she couldn't just "give [him] the world on a silver platter." Belinda agreed that Opal had gone over the top, but she reminded Adrian that Opal does things differently than most people. Back on the sun porch, Myrtle tried to explain to Opal why Adrian had turned down her gift. She said that Adrian's refusal showed that he was an "honest, good man." Myrtle warned Opal that going into "gift overdrive" might have unwanted effects---like losing Adrian.

Hayley sat alone in the park at the edge of a sandbox. She gently ran her hands through the sand as Gillian approached from behind. Gillian wondered why Hayley was sitting by herself on moving day. Hayley explained that she had had another bad encounter with Max. Hayley asked Gillian what happened in the courtroom after Ryan's trial. Gillian informed Hayley that she'd approached Ryan and asked him to go back to Myrtle's with her. Hayley smiled broadly until Gillian told her that Ryan turned her down. She then spoke softly and passionately about the night before. Her eyes lit up as she told Hayley that Ryan arrived at Myrtle's and allowed her to "comfort and take care of him." In the morning, however, Gillian couldn't help but notice that Ryan looked at her with the "same look of distrust" as he had in the past. Hayley took Gillian's hand and tried to offer some strength. Gillian dipped her head for a moment. She looked up slowly and brushed the hair from her face. Today, Gillian said melancholically, was her wedding anniversary. She said that she wished she'd have known on her wedding day how lucky she was to have Ryan.

In the dining room at Wildwind, Kit demanded to know if Jack was resigning because of public pressure. Jack shook his head and firmly stated that the decision to step down was all his own. He explained that he'd abused the power of the District Attorney's office. When he went after Ryan, he was out for revenge---not justice. And that ended up costing everyone dearly---Kit's rapist went free, Ryan spent time in jail and had his relationship with Gillian destroyed, Hayley was sent to jail and prevented from seeing Mateo when he was in the hospital, and countless others had their lives altered in some way. Kit gave her brother a hug as Ryan entered the room. Suddenly, she and Jack broke their embrace and pulled away. Jack wanted to know how Ryan had gotten his bumps and bruises. Finally, he admitted that Braden had beaten him up. Fearful that Braden might seek out Kit, Edmund demanded that Kit stay at Wildwind until Braden was found. Kit and Jack also agreed that it wasn't such a bad idea to hold of their cohabitation plans. Ryan asked Jack for help in getting his brother the help he needs. Surprisingly, Jack remained calm and composed. He told that he might be the only one who can help his brother. Jack continued on, suggesting that Ryan file assault charges against Braden. By doing that, it might be the best way to get Braden the counseling he so obviously requires. Ryan wasn't sure that putting his brother behind bars was the way to go. Jack pledged that he would try to have Braden's jail time reduced if he were to agree to counseling. Ryan was stunned by Jack's reaction. He had expected that Jack would want to see Braden punished to the fullest extent of the law. Ryan worried that Braden had already fled town. Jack suggested that they enlist Adrian's help in tracking down Braden. As everyone filed out of the room, Kit called out to Ryan and asked him if she could speak to him. Ryan turned and agreed to speak to Kit, offering her an apology for having made things worse by lying about the attack. Kit was surprised that Ryan was offering her an apology. Kit thanked Ryan for what he'd said to her when she visited him in jail---the assault was not her fault. She said that his words lifted a great weight from her shoulders. Ryan asked Kit if she thought it would be possible to end the fighting once Braden was caught and held accountable for the harm he'd caused. Kit nodded and held out her hand to Ryan. The two former enemies shook hands and signaled the resumption of their lives.

"Things are getting worse," Mateo observed. He was right. Max seemed more opposed to living with him than ever before. Mateo thought that Max would be able to adjust to living with him because Raquel was just across the courtyard from him. Raquel remarked that it was "killing [her] to see [Max] torn apart." Mateo saw only one way to end the suffering. "I'm gonna give up custody of Max. He'll live with you," Mateo announced softly. Raquel was floored. Even in the most remote corner of her mind, she never expected Mateo to give up custody. "I thought you loved him?" she asked sadly. "How can you give up on him?" Mateo argued that he wasn't giving up on anyone. If having Max live with him made Max so unhappy, he felt that there was no other way to resolve the problem. "I'm not giving up on him," explained Mateo. "I'm giving him back." Raquel had a pipedream of an idea to solve all of their problems. She said that when she and Mateo first met, it was their dream to become a family. They both knew that Max dreamt of having his mother and father live together under one roof. "Can't we try to live as a family?" Raquel asked. The reaction from Mateo was immediate and pronounced. He told Raquel that it was not possible for them to live as a family. He had moved on from their childhood fantasies and found a life with Hayley. He then urged Raquel to "find a new dream." When she did, Mateo was certain that she and Max would once again know happiness. Raquel was overcome by Mateo's generosity. She realized that Mateo was trying to do what he thought was best for their son. "I'd do anything for you because I love you," Raquel said to Mateo. She then said that she would give Mateo the best gift she could---his freedom.

Friday, April 9, 1999

With just a few hours until his flight to Paris, Tim finished packing his bags. Privately, Janet entered the room and told Tim that she was going to miss him. She then leaned close to her stepson and told him that while Trevor didn't show it, he was aching over the prospect of losing his son for several weeks. So after asking Tim to keep their conversation under his hat, she asked that Tim take some time out every now and again to drop them a line. It wasn't unnatural for either Trevor or Janet to be upset about Tim leaving. This was, after all, the first time he'd left home for more than an overnight stay at a friend's house. Janet left the room to double check that Tim had gotten everything that he'd needed. While she was gone, Trevor wandered downstairs with a farewell message for his son. In an eerily similar move, Trevor pulled Tim aside and told him that Janet was very sad that Tim would be going to France. Trevor asked Tim to give them a call or drop a postcard every so often just to make Janet feel better. Janet entered the room and Tim broke into laughter. Trevor and Janet looked at one another and tried to figure out why, at such a somber moment, Tim was in a fit of hysterics. "You guys are the worst liars," Tim smiled. "Most parents can't wait to get rid of their kids." Janet waxed nostalgic about how far she and Tim had come in the space of a few years. She said that she thought of Tim as a friend in addition to a stepson. The last Dillon plodded into the room carrying a length of rope. She told Tim that she had a trick to show him and asked him to hold out his arm. When he did, Amanda wrapped a loop of rope around his arm and tightened it around his room. The trick might have been correctly dubbed a trap; This was Amanda's best attempt to keep Tim from leaving. Amanda had gone on record earlier as being pleased that Tim was leaving because she could have his room. But truth be told, she was heartbroken that he'd be leaving home. The Dillon family---complete with Smokey---sat down on the sofa and shared a big family hug before Tim had to gather his things and leave for the airport.

This marks the last scheduled appearance for Tommy J Michaels (Tim). While his character may return from time to time, the future of Tommy's spot on AMC has become the subject of much debate.

Mateo wasn't quite sure what to make of Raquel's reference to freedom. Raquel tearfully told Mateo that she'd spent the past six years envision a future with Mateo that no seemed impossible. "I was wrong to think we could be a family," she said softly. There was only one way that Raquel believed she and Mateo could move forward and spare their son the pain of seeing them fight: Granting him a divorce. Mateo's eyes widened. Raquel imagined that life wouldn't be a total disaster by signing off on their marriage. She could still see Max just about every day and maybe, just maybe, she and Mateo could remain friends. Max returned to the room and saw that his parents were in good spirits. He asked if they were "friends again." Mateo was still basking in the glory of the announcement when Gillian and Hayley returned to the condo. Raquel told Max that she needed to speak to Mateo and Hayley alone. Gillian stepped up to offer her babysitting services by offering to take Max to the park. After Gillian and Max left, Raquel left the room so that Mateo could tell Hayley "the good news." Hayley was overjoyed by the news that Raquel was granting Matt a divorce. But she couldn't help but wonder why Raquel had suddenly made a one-eighty. Still, the good news needed to be celebrated and the pair shared a passionate kiss. Raquel reentered the room and bowed her head shyly. She apologized for interrupting, but Mateo quickly assured her that she was not interrupting anything. Mateo told Hayley that he was going to go get Max at the park and then take him by the new club. This left Hayley and Raquel alone---a potentially awkward situation. Raquel sobbed uncontrollably. Hayley rolled her eyes and handed Raquel a tissue to wipe her eyes. Raquel said that she's seen "that look" in Hayley's eyes before. "You don't believe that I'm going to give Mateo a divorce, do you?." Hayley replies that she wants to believe it more than anything in this world---it's just that Raquel has a tendency to make promises that she doesn't keep. "So tell me," Hayley asks. "Why should I believe you now?"

At the hospital for a routine examination, Liza sat on the sun porch mulling over the events of the past few days. As she read about child care and nursing, Jake strolled into the room and told Liza that he'd seen her name on Dr. Clader's patient list. Jake, dressed in a muscle shirt and preparing to shoot some hoops, tried to make small talk about breastfeeding. His attempts to lighten the mood failed miserably so Jake decided that it was best if he left. Shortly after he left, Liza had yet another unwanted visitor: David. David had overheard Liza's brief chat with Jake and knew that Jake was giving her a hard time. With just the mention of a few words, David claimed that he could get Jake out of Liza's life forever. Liza shook her head and told the doctor that she wasn't interested in anything he had to say. Joe happened upon the pair and wondered if David was giving Liza a hard time. Liza told Joe that she and David had just finished their conversation and that there was no need for alarm. David got the hint and hurried off to finish his rounds. Joe sat down at the table across from Liza and asked her how she was feeling. His interest was truly genuine, as Liza was about to find out. Joe mused that it was "unorthodox" for his son to be the father of Liza's child, knowing all the while that Liza was interested in another man. He explained that no matter who Liza planned on marrying, he and Ruth still felt that it was their responsibility to be grandparents to Colby. Liza had been reading her book, but when Joe used the word "grandparents," she suddenly looked up. It seemed that Liza had never really thought about the fact that Joe and Ruth would be Colby's grandparents. Joe hoped that he hadn't stepped on Liza's toes by expressing his desire to be a part of Colby's life. "I would be honored to have you [and Ruth] as [Colby's] grandparents," Liza smiled. After a rocky start, things were starting to turn out better than Liza expected. "Babies have a gift for bringing families together," Joe replied as he leaned over and kissed Liza on the forehead.

Someone had the unenviable task of cleaning up the broken mirrors at Erica's new house. A messenger dropped off a package at the house, but Erica was too ashamed of her bandaged face to answer the door. She instructed the deliveryman to leave the package at the door and didn't retrieve it until after he'd left. The package came at a very bad time. It contained a promotional kit of photographs of Erica from before the accident. A little later, someone else dropped by the house. Vanessa called out to Erica and told her that she had a gift for her. Erica claimed that she was too busy with her work to entertain guests and asked Vanessa to leave the package by the door. Vanessa insisted that someone might steal the beautifully wrapped box and Erica reluctantly let Vanessa into her home. Erica took the present and hurriedly opened the box. The gift was unlike one Erica had seen before; It was a Vishnu good luck charm. With the gift opened, Erica told Vanessa that she'd have to be on her way. Vanessa worried that Erica wasn't looking for solitude, but rather exile. Vanessa tried to appeal to Erica's tender side, by hinting that, like her, she had also had her heart broken by David. Before Vanessa could go into detail, Myrtle arrived at the front door. Erica tried to get rid of her, but Vanessa instructed Erica to let Myrtle inside. Myrtle wasn't happy to see Vanessa---and the same might have been true the other way around. Nevertheless, Vanessa asked that Erica take time out to speak to Myrtle. Erica refused, telling Myrtle that she would have to come back when she was done visiting with her "friend." Vanessa played nice and walked Myrtle to the door. Myrtle turned towards Erica and whispered that she should "be careful" around Vanessa.

In the park, Max stomped on a sandcastle that Gillian had constructed. Gillian scolded Max, but her words have little if any effect on the boy. A basketball rolled over to the edge of the sandbox. A few seconds later, Jake walked over to retrieve the ball. This was more than a coincidence. Jake had observed the problems Gillian was having and stepped in to lend a hand. Jake and Max tossed the basketball back and forth, with Jake praising Max on his top-notch skills. Mateo showed up and thanked Gillian and Jake for watching his son. Mateo took his son by the hand and lead him off to the car. Gillian asked Jake where he'd learned how to relate to youngster so well. Jake guessed that his upbringing and spending time with Junior and Jamie had given him a leg up. Gillian remarked that Jake would make a good father some day. Jake thanked Gillian and said that he hopes Colby agrees. Gillian was stunned to learn that Jake was going to be a father---and even more shocked when she found out that Liza was going to be the mother. "You and Liza had an affair?" Gillian asked in awe. "There wasn't really any romance," Jake replied nonchalantly. "We're just having a child." Gillian's mouth hung open. When she regained the ability to speak, she commented that things are much different in Hungary!

The new club, which is still unnamed, was still in the early stages of construction. Max grumbled continually about his unhappiness. Mateo lifted Max into the air and sat him down on a wooden crate. Mateo promised that the tension between him and Raquel would be a thing of the past. To prove it, Mateo told Max that he could spend the night with his mother. Max yipped joyfully and gave his father a big hug.

Myrtle had an appointment with David to monitor her heart. David gave Myrtle a clean bill of health, but Myrtle still had to drop by for regular checkups. David asked Myrtle if she'd spoken to Erica since her release. Myrtle nodded, but said that Vanessa might be a better person to give him a briefing on Erica's condition. Vanessa, Myrtle said, "was acting quite the lady of the house."

Back at Erica's new home, Vanessa told Erica about the fight she and David had had in the lobby of The Valley Inn. Erica was appalled by the way David treated her, and urged Vanessa to rent out the entire upper-level of the hotel just to spite David. Vanessa was no longer the outspoken woman Erica had become used accustomed to. Vanessa meekly noted that she was having "financial problems" and was unable to afford a single room let along the penthouse. Vanessa said that the only place she had to turn was the women's shelter. Erica tossed her hands in the air and told Vanessa that she could not possibly go to the shelter because it was "roach infested" and run by Brooke English! The only other option Vanessa could see was spending a few days with Erica. At first, Erica claimed that she wasn't up to having a houseguest, but she ultimately agreed to let Vanessa stick around for a few days until she could make other arrangements. Vanessa claimed that she had a lot in common with Erica. Like Erica, Vanessa said that she had been scarred. Vanessa's scars were not the same type as Erica's. She told an emotional tale of her younger years when her good looks helped her get by. Now, she said sadly, crow's feet and wrinkles had set in and she was no longer the beauty she'd once been. Erica didn't see the similarity, but she did feel a bit sympathetic to Vanessa's plight. When the doorbell sounded, Erica surmised that Myrtle had returned. She stomped towards the door preparing to lecture Myrtle about her persistence. Instead, David was waiting outside---and he was not happy.

Back in the park, Gillian sat alone on the edge of the sandbox. She ran her fingers through the sand until she felt someone's gaze upon her back. She turned and looked up. A few feet away, Ryan smiled warmly.



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