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Monday, April 5, 1999

Scotty and Lee

     Scotty just received word that DV was in town. He was about to leave the house when Lee arrived. Scotty told his father that he did not have time to talk. Lee responded, "Well then you better make time!"
     Lee is furious that Scotty has been shirking his responsibility for community service. Scotty has canceled two appointments that he has had and has made no attempt to make them up. Scotty tried to explain that this situation with DV and the Serena Line has to come first. DV has to pay for what he has done.

     Serena comes home very close to tears. Scotty asked her what was wrong. She explained that one of her classmates, Barbara, came to school telling everyone that Scotty was a cheater. And that the Serena Line was made by little children.
     Scotty reassured her that the little girl was told information that was not true. He told her to keep her calm and it will all go away soon. He was going to make sure of it. Serena said that she was going to call her friend and start a rumor about Barbara. Scotty told her that that would not be the smart thing to do. "You do not deal with a bully by becoming a bully" was Scotty's words of wisdom.

     Serena left the room. Scotty told Lee that he would deal with the community service as soon as he had taken care of DV. Lee asked if Scotty was going to take his own advice or was he going to become a bully as well.

     Scotty ignored his father's words and left to meet DV at the Port Charles Hotel.

Eve and DV at the Port Charles Grill

     Eve lies to Kevin about her telephone call with DV. Kevin wants to take her to the Outback to have lunch with Mac. She has to cancel because of her meeting with DV at the Grill. She told Kevin that she has to go to work early.

     Eve meets DV at the Grill. Over wine, Eve asks DV if he is harassing Scotty and Lucy because of her. He confides that he did not even know she was in Port Charles before he came here to do business with Lucy. He explains quite simply that Lucy had a product that could undermine his product so he just eliminated his competition.
     Eve does not believe DV. Nothing that he does is simple. Dv wonders why Eve is so concerned about her friends. He suggested that maybe Eve was afraid that he would tell her friends about her past. Eve assured him that Lucy already did a good job of letting the entire city of Port Charles aware of her past as an escort. DV was even more curious as to why Eve would be concerned as to what he did to Lucy. He lifted Eve's hand and asked her if they knew everything that had occurred between them in the past.
     This was the picture that Scotty saw as soon as he entered the Grill to confront DV.

Lee and Gail at General Hospital

     Lee told Gail that he is concerned about Scotty. He feels that Scotty is losing his moral conscious. He knew that he had lost it when Laura had left him for Luke, but he had regained it with Dominique. Now that he is back with Lucy he is afraid that he might be losing it again. Lee blames himself for not being there for Scotty after his mother died.

     Gail comforts Lee by explaining that by Scotty watching him go through the battle with alcohol, helped him to see the strength that Lee has.

Kevin and Julie

     Julie telephoned Kevin explaining that she needed to see him right away. Kevin agreed to come. When he arrived at the hospital, Kevin consulted her doctor. The doctor agreed that Julie was doing real well except for the fact that she believed that she was pregnant. Kevin asked if she was still having hallucinations. The doctor responded no. The doctor said that she would be very interested in his diagnosis of Julie.

     Kevin entered the visitor's room to see Julie eating her lunch. She apologized and said that she has to eat for two now. Julie wants Kevin to get her out of the Sanitarium. Kevin explained that if she were released she would have to stand trial for murder. Julie said that she was not crazy. She realizes that Greg Cooper was not her brother and she had been brainwashed by him and persuaded to complete the sequence of events from Kevin's book. She does not want her child to be born in the hospital. She knows that they will take her daughter away.

     Kevin asked her how she knew the baby was a girl. He asked if the baby spoke to her. Julie responded, "Of course, the baby does not talk to me. My instincts tell me that it is a girl." She informs him that she would rather face trial and be executed then to stay in a sanatorium for the rest of her life when she is not insane. Kevin agreed that he would talk to her doctor.

     Kevin spoke to Julie's doctor. He thinks that she is thinking very logically and very sane. However he is concerned about the farce of this pregnancy. If she were truly sane would she still be acting pregnant. He is wondering if Julie was always sane and just acted crazy, or if she really is crazy trying to act sane.

     After Kevin left, Julie rubbed her stomach and spoke to her child, "I know Kevin will help us. But we have to be careful, because Kevin is very smart. But don't you worry, your Mommy is smarter."

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Port Charles Grill
Scott stalks over to Eve and DV's table to confront them. Smiling broadly, DV asks him how it's going. When Scott responds angrily, DV accuses him and Eve of playing Good Cop / Bad Cop.

Karen watches, upset, as Joe giggles with a pretty red head and remembers the description of the woman who called their apartment from the strip club. After the woman leaves she questions Joe about her. Realizing what she's thinking he told her that her doubts and fears are getting old. He refuses her request to go somewhere and talk about it and stalks off.

Stakeout Central
Courtney sits down in from of the listening device and hears Chris's PI tell him that the bank account was closed. She begins to gloat about being two steps ahead of him, but is cut short when Chris told his PI that with the teller's identification of her as Marcia Cooper he can probably still prove Courtney stole Julie's money.

Port Charles Grill
Scott ignores the accusation and lays into DV for setting him up. He of course denies everything and Scott told him he's going to prove that DV did it. DV laughs, says he's not worried, and leaves. Eve stays behind to talk to Scott who confronts her about siding with DV, again accusing her of hiding something in her past. She refuses to answer is questions and leaves after telling Scott that the only mistake she's made is trying to help a friend.

Recovery Room
Frank eagerly comforts Karen while she confides in him what happened at the hospital. Adding to her doubts, he "slips" and mentions that the woman was a read head, then clumsily covers and teases that he'll call her if he ever sees Joe with another one.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Scott fills a seething Lucy in on his confrontation with DV and the fact that Eve was with him.

Chris's Apartment
Eve shows up and rants to Chris about Scott's accusations of her being in cahoots with DV. Reading between the lines, Chris stuns her by informing her that she's obviously angry because she still has feelings for Scott.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Scott and Lucy agree that there is something fishy going on with Eve but disagree on what it is. She eagerly explains how her conversation with Kevin about Eve proved she's right about her because even though he didn't agree with her, she saw doubt in Kevin's eyes.

Chris's Apartment
Eve denies having feelings for Scott, but Chris doesn't buy it. She turns down his offer to move back in and asks how things are going with Courtney. Courtney, still eavesdropping, is upset to hear Chris respond "Courtney who??" and say that Courtney doesn't make him laugh the way she does. Eve teases that it isn't like they'll never see each other, he IS her best friend! She is surprised by his pleased reaction and he explains that she's never called him that before. He told her seriously that he feels the same way. Courtney wonders aloud if he has a thing for Eve.

Recovery Room
Frank laments Joe's introverted uncommunicative ways to Karen and offers to listen to her problems any time. Oblivious to his maneuvering, she happily responds that she just might take him up in it.

Karen brought Joe lunch and he introduces her to the read headed mother and her two children. She pleasantly shakes Karen's hand and laughs that she feels like she already knows her because Joe can't stop talking about her. After she leaves, Karen tries to apologize but Joe won't listen. He told her that it isn't enough, she has to really trust him, not just say she does, and storms off again.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Scott and Lucy agree that they won't find out anything from Eve and decide to look into her past themselves. He told her to pack her bags - they're going to New York!

Stakeout Central
Frank arrives and Courtney told him about the goings on at Chris's and his feelings for Eve, then told him to listen in with her.

Chris's Apartment
Chris attempts to dissuade Eve from leaving without success. Frank and Courtney discuss looking into how they can use DV's connection to Eve to hurt Chris. Chris straightens up hurriedly and drops a martini glass. Kneeling to pick up the pieces he finds the "bug" on the side of the table.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Scott and Lee
Lee warns his son that he is required to issue a report on Scott's community service requirement and how he has failed it. Scott urges Lee to set up an extension with the courts so he can go to New York and stop DV's bad playing. Lee told him he has responsibilities and they are his own child. Lee regrets saying this but he told Scott he is going to have to post-pone his trip to New York City since he can not get the extension for him.

Frank and Courtney
Frank and Courtney find out more about Chris. Meanwhile, Chris locates his private detective and asks him for help finding out clues about the listening device he found in his apartment. Chris wonders if Courtney planted the device and comes up with a plan of his own that will trap Courtney. Chris plants his bait for Courtney.

Sebastian at the Hospital
Sebastian is rushed back to General Hospital because he has collapsed once more. He was found with seriously low blood pressure. Matt phones Ellen and warns her Sebastian's condition is going right down the tubes. Sebastian asks Ellen if she would like to join him in New Orleans for one last romantic adventure before he dies.

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Thursday, April 8, 1999

by Ginger Jacklyn

Frank pays a homeless man to make the drop on Chris' private detective; however, Chris is on the other side of the park witnessing the exchange. Once again, Sebastian asks Ellen if she can join him in New Orleans to spend his last days with him. Kevin told Eve that he will begin treating Julie once more. Ellen wonders if she can deny her very deep feelings for Sebastian by going to New Orleans. Eve says to Sebastian that putting Ellen in such a tough place is selfish. Unable to avoid a bump in with Frank, Chris asks Frank why he is "killing time" in the park. Courtney comes to the park saving Frank and suggests using Neil for the bait. Ellen told Kevin about Sebastian and he told her to keep quiet. However, Eve tells Matt about the possibility of his girlfriend going off with another man. Kevin gently scolds Eve for invading Ellen's privacy. Courtney is very afraid that Chris might have caught on to the scheme that she and Frank created.

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Friday, April 9, 1999

by Soap Central

Matt confronted Sebastain about his intentions towards Ellen. Sebastain was deeply affected by Matt's words and decided it would be best if Ellen didn't travel to New Orleans with him. Sebastian later pulled Ellen into a passionate kiss and she vowed that she was indeed going to New Orleans with him. Courtney expressed her reservations to Frank about continuing to go after Chris, but backed down when Frank threatened to expose her treachery to Joe. Later, Frank was horrified when Courtney decides to "come clean" with Chris and spun another outrageous lie and claimed Frank had forced her to pose as Marcia Cooper to get Julie's money.

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