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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on GL
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Monday, April 12, 1999

At Ross' Apartment
Blake Rips off her blouse and is shocked when India comes out of the bedroom. India leaves the room to go to the bedroom. Blake and Ross talk and Ross basically tells Blake that she should leave. He tries to call her bluff by telling her to get naked and they would do it...but then what....India called Ben while in the bedroom and told him to come get his girlfriend who was standing in Rosses den half clothed. Ben arrived and took Blake home where she yelled at him and told him that she went to Ross' to get back at him. India and Ross make love.

At Millennium
Jesse finds out the true parentage of Drew. Selena begs him not to say anything and Drew leaves to go to the grave side of the woman that she thinks is her mother. She pours out her heart and says she cant be mad at her. All the anger is gone. Jesse arrives and comforts Drew.

At the hospital
Annie helps deliver a baby and thinks of running off with it. But she doesn't and she tells the girl that she is willing to talk to any teenagers who need counsel about pregnancy.

At the docks:
Danny is arrested for stealing goods as well as assault on an officer.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

First Beth, then Harley try to convince Phillip to make amends with Jim so that he and Susan will stay in town. Feeling pressured, Phillip approaches Jim and, with barely concealed loathing, apologizes. Phillip goes on to say that he promises to stay out of Jim's life if he remains in Springfield. With reservations, Jim agrees.

After a night of lovemaking, India gives Ross a little morning after scare when she proposes, jokingly of course, that they be married. On a more serious note, she tells Ross that she realizes how complicated his life is at the moment and wants nothing more than to spend time with him. Carmen arrives on Ben's doorstep asking for his help in releasing Danny from custody. Blake is still at Ben's apartment when Carmen walks in and a delightful little verbal catfight ensues.

Meanwhile at the police station, Pilar arrives to offer support to Danny. She is confused about his arrest, particularly after David Grant reveals to her that her family is heavily involved in mob related illegal activities. Danny tries to convince Pilar that these stories are untrue but Pilar is not so easily swayed. She secretly vows to find out the truth. Later when Carmen and Ben arrive, they produce shady but acceptable documents stating that Danny was not in possession of stolen merchandise and he is released.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Annie stops by Holly's room for a chat and reveals her moment with the new mother and her baby. When Annie tries to justify her desire to steal a baby to insure it's good health, Holly jumps to warn her that she's fooling herself into thinking that taking a baby is okay. She strongly advises Annie reform and agrees to be friends with her.

Guessing that Harley has been behind Phillip's attempt to drive Jim from town, Beth blasts Harley for what she's done and accuses her of not loving her daughter Susan enough. Outraged by the accusation, Harley advises Beth that she wants Susan to stay but now knows that the teen has been playing her and Beth against each other.

Jim gives Beth the good news that he's decided to stay in Springfield in spite of Phillip and adds that it's not just for his daughter's sake.

After Phillip assures a pregnant Harley that he still finds her attractive, the two fall into bed and make love.

Susan catches a kid named Max stealing coins from the diner's video game. She fails to spot him later cleaning out the cash register but Jesse nabs him outside.

Offering his sympathies on the death of Jenna, Fletcher explains to Buzz his need to explain to everyone Holly hurt why he left town.

Selena also bends Buzz's ear with her justification of the lie about Drew's mother. Drew and Jesse agree to be just friends. Selena's worried when Drew asks her to find her mother's family for her.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Susan helps Max after Jesse grabs the kid outside the diner and accuses him of cleaning out the cash register. After Jesse leaves, Susan argues with her new friend about why he stole the money. He claims that he took the money because he's hungry and has no place to live. After she hands him the cash, he jokes about how good an actor he is and teases Susan for believing his hard luck story before running off.

Though pleased that Fletcher is getting her released for the day from the psychiatric ward for a picnic with Meg, Holly is devastated when she finds a photo of another woman in Fletcher's wallet.

When he hears Drew tell Selena she wants to find out all she can about her dead mother, Buzz offers to investigate the woman instead of his daughter or David. Jesse warns them that he will tell Drew the truth about their scheme if she should get hurt by any of their lies.

Concerned that Ben's involvement with the Santos family could put her children in danger, Blake decides to end her relationship with him. After he leaves, Blake calls for a locksmith to come change all of the locks in her house.

When she demands some answers about their family's business activities and shows newspaper stories to back up her fears, Danny refuses so Pilar turns to a nearby Bill to take her away.

Friday, April 16, 1999

Jesse tries to calm her down when an excited Drew takes him back to her place and talks about finding her relatives and being part of a family. After Jesse and Drew share a series of passionate kisses, Jesse changes his mind about moving out of her place.

Deciding not to tell him who she really is, Pilar spends time with Bill at the diner. When she asks if she can crash at his place for a few days, he readily agrees and then asks if she's having trouble with Danny. Denying it, Pilar is devastated when Bill leaks that Carmen ordered Michelle to be killed after her son died.

Forcing him to talk about the woman whose picture he is carrying in his wallet, Holly is rocked when Fletcher confesses his relationship with Meg's attractive teacher. Fletcher denies that he led her on when he came back to testify and assures her that she will be a part of Meg's life.

Sharing a bottle of champagne with him, Carmen thanks Ben for his success with Danny today and admits that she's looking forward to working together with him. When he stops by Blake's house and finds the locks have been changed, Ben breaks down the door.

Max returns to the diner for a bite to eat and conveniently sits near the cash register. He later stops by Dorothy's grave where he claims that she was his mother.

Selena won't talk when Buzz presses her to admit how she feels about the kiss they shared.

Fletcher panics when Holly takes Meg.

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