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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on PC
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Monday, April 12, 1999

Matt, Ellen, and Sebastian
Matt arrives at Ellen's apartment while she is packing for her trip to New Orleans. He is very upset that she still intends to go. He gives her an ultimatum, "If you go to New Orleans with Sebastian then we are through!" Ellen apologizes and told Matt that she has to go. Matt said, "Then I guess you have made your choice."

Ellen arrives at Sebastian's hotel room with her bags. Sebastian is happy that Ellen is going with him. Within minutes of Ellen's arrival, Sebastian collapses. Ellen calls for an ambulance. When they arrive at General Hospital, Ellen calls for the doctor on call to find out that that would be Matt.

Lucy, Kevin, and Eve
Lucy arrives at the Lighthouse pretending to gather information for Scotty and her trip to New York. She nonchalantly asked Kevin what had occurred with Eve's lunch date with DV. Of course Kevin did not know that Eve had had lunch with DV. Kevin played it off real cool by saying that Eve was her own person and he wasn't her keeper.

Lucy tried to add doubt to Kevin's mind by insinuating that Eve probably had a lot of secrets that she has told no one about, including Kevin. Kevin took up for Eve by telling Lucy that he knows what she is up to and it is not going to work. He asks her to leave. Lucy denies coming to the lighthouse with the intent of trying to cause problems in Kevin and Eve's relationship.

After Lucy left, Kevin calls Eve only to find that she was not at the hospital. He leaves a message for her to call him as soon as she arrives. When Eve does return Kevin's call, Kevin asks her if she had lunch with DV. Eve admits that she did have lunch with DV in an attempt to help Scotty and Lucy. She explained that she needed to find out if DV was causing this trouble because of her. Kevin was worried that DV might have been trying to force Eve into something that she did not want. Eve told Kevin that DV said that the only reason that he did what he did was to eliminate the competition from the Serena line.

Kevin told Eve that it was Lucy who told him about the lunch. He also told her that he defender her right to privacy. Eve was very appreciative. They ended their phone conversation on very good term. As Eve turns around, she comes face to face with Lucy.

Lucy begins to harass Eve for details about the lunch with DV. Eve again told Lucy that she has no new information that will help her. Of course Lucy was not satisfied and told Eve that she and Scotty are going to New York to dig up information on DV and they will find whatever Eve is trying to hide. Eve told her to do whatever it is she wants and walks away.

Chris, Courtney, and Frank
Courtney and Chris are in the living room of Chris's apartment. Courtney is only wearing the top of Chris's pajamas and Chris is wearing the bottoms. Chris asks Courtney how Frank knew about the Connellos money. Courtney told him that Frank was always sticking his nose where it does not belong. Chris seems to buy her answer.

Meanwhile, Frank is still listening to Chris and Courtney's conversation. He has placed a picture of Courtney on the wall and is throwing darts at her face calling her a back stabber, double-crosser, and an evil bitch.

Later, Courtney asks Chris if he will ever trust her again. He responds no. She looks hurt. Chris is quick to explain that trust's no one. He learned that lesson along time ago. Chris picks Courtney up and carries her into the bedroom.

While lying in bed, Courtney asked who was the person who taught him not to trust. Chris confided that he had learned the lesson from his father. He told her about this scam that he and his father had when he was but fourteen. His father had several loan sharks after him for gambling debts. He would steal fur coats and sell them whole sale. Chris would be the middleman for his father. The problem was that the more money that they made, the father would gamble more. One day, Chris forgot to take the price tag off of one of the furs. The wholesaler realized that they were stole and refused to do business. The loan shark came looking for the money and Chris. He then was beat as a warning to the father. Chris went looking for his dad but could not find him. He eventually found him and his family in this seedy little motel. The father explained that he left Chris because he screwed up. The lesson to learn in life is not to trust anyone and you will not get hurt.

Later that day, Courtney arrived at the stake out room and confronted a very upset Frank. Frank accused her of trying to set him up. She tried to explain that she was on his side. She knew that she would have to feed Chris with information that held a hint of truth in order to get him to trust her again. Courtney bragged how she is convinced that Chris believes her. Their conversation was halted when they heard Chris's doorbell ring.

Chris let his private investigator in. They both went right to the bug and spoke loud and Clear. Chris told his investigator that Frank was using Courtney and she was innocent.

Courtney and Frank just smiled not realizing that Chris was setting the bait.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Stakeout Central
Frank yells at Courtney for telling Chris that he forced her to set Ramsey up. She tries to tell him that she had to, but Frank won't listen. He informs her that he's going to make sure that she takes the blame, not him.

Karen catches Mary at the elevator and asks her if she knows where a file Karen needs is. Mary defensively responds that Dr. Boardman requested it, otherwise it would be filed in the right place. Karen quickly attempts to reassure her that she wasn't trying to insinuate that Mary had made a mistake, but is rewarded with a snide remark from Mrs. Scanlon that SHE would NEVER misplace something so important!!

Recovery Room
Victor pores over a book of wedding invitations while chatting at a table with Kevin. Eve calls to let him know that she won't be able to make their date with Victor and Mary. She explains Sebastian's condition and upcoming surgery and Kevin is Shocked to hear that Matt is performing the operation. Making sure that Ellen knows, he hangs up with Eve, briefs Victor on the situation, and heads for the hospital.

In the OR Matt went over Sebastian's case and the surgery followed by Boardman's explanation that Matt will operate due to his having more experience than Eve. Ellen watches helplessly from the sidelines.

Nurses' Station
Karen fills Joe in on her unpleasant encounter with Mary. He commiserates with her citing a key he lost 22 years ago that he hasn't lived down yet. He jokes that at least they found the ring. Karen still wants to smooth things over with Mary and Joe agrees to go to the Recovery Room with her to try to talk to his Mother.

Recovery Room
Mary joins Victor, thrilled about his enthusiasm for the wedding. Frank interrupts to take their order and is not thrilled to learn that Courtney will be joining them.

The OR
The surgery is almost completed when Matt discovers another leak in Sebastian's heart. As Matt works to repair it Ellen quickly leaves the room. She is relieved to see Kevin in the hall and confides that she can't watch anymore. He understands how she feels and listens while she admits that she had decided to go to New Orleans with Sebastian just before this happened. She says that he opened a window of possibilities for her that she is scared to see close again and Kevin agrees wholeheartedly, admitting that almost losing Eve showed him his feelings for her, also.

The OR
Matt completes the surgery and he and Eve wait for Sebastian's heart to start beating on its own. Suddenly his heart stops beating! Matt uses the internal paddles and shocks the heart. It resumes a normal rhythm and he and Eve breathe a sigh of relief.

Recovery Room
Unable to admit what they do or don't like, Victor and Mary are joined by Courtney who advises them to start with the basics. Providing them with questionnaires to narrow down their ideas, she walks over to the bar to try to talk to Frank. Ignoring her at first, he relents long enough to warn her to worry about his spilling the beans to Joe about what she's been up to.

The OR
Kevin comforts Ellen while they wait for some news. Eve comes out to tell them the good news - Sebastian's going to live longer than they thought! Ellen's excitement turns to guilt when Eve continues that he wouldn't have made it if it weren't for Matt.

Recovery Room
Joe can't dissuade Karen from talking to Mary, so they head over to her and Victor's table and greet them. Sidestepping his Mother's obvious attempt to snub Karen, Joe sits next to Victor so that Karen can sit next to Mary. After Joe lures Victor off to the bar, Karen attempts to make amends to her distant and unreceptive soon-to-be-mother-in-law but is interrupted by Courtney's arrival. Mary takes the opportunity to sing her wedding coordinator's praises and sits her down next to her, moving a disappointed and exasperated Karen neatly out of the picture. Rubbing it in, she takes Courtney and Joe's hands and asks if Neil can be her ringbearer. While Joe and Courtney go on about how wonderful it would be, Frank walks over to Karen and wonders softly when Courtney had been nominated for sainthood, to Karen's amusement.

Outside the OR
Ellen emotionally thanks Matt for saving Sebastian's life. He responds shortly that he's always happy to patch up the competition and Ellen says that she's going to ICU to check on him. Ellen walks over and asks Matt how he's doing, to which he answers that he's fine and when he's in the OR it's only about medicine. After he leaves, she and Kevin express their relief and Kevin reminds her how he felt when she almost died. This causes her to remember some strange dreams she's been having about a bright light, clouds, and wanting only to get back to him. They sadly agree that death is harder on the ones left behind.

Ellen sits at Sebastian's bedside confessing to the unconscious man that she wouldn't have hesitated about going with him if she'd known this was going to happen and begs him to get better. Outside the window, Matt sees Ellen holding Sebastian's hand, crying over him, and sighs in disappointment.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by CW

While nervously preparing for her interview where she planned to expose DV as the owner of the sweatshop, Lucy opened her dressing room only to find DV waiting for her. DV told Lucy that he would destroy her if she exposed him. To threaten him, Lucy lied and told DV that she knew about his and Eve's secret and that she wasn't afraid to tell. On the air, Lucy exposed DV but without evidence. Meanwhile, Scotty met with his tardy contact in an alley where he was given the evidence against DV. That however changed when thugs emerged from the shadows and beat Scotty up stealing the evidence. After the interview, an intern lost Lucy's clothing and she was forced to wear her Serena Line dress. After awakening from his beating, Scotty realized the evidence was gone and assumed DV was behind it. In Sebastian's recovery room, Ellen told Sebastian that the surgery was successful was that it didn't buy him anymore time. The two however shared a passionate kiss which Matt saw. Matt then knocked at the door and entered, interrupting the kiss saying that he was doing rounds, but didn't let on that he saw anything. When Matt left, a guilty Sebastian asked Ellen if she was sure about going with him to New Orleans. Ellen said that she wanted to go. Later, Ellen came back to the room with a bag of her things preparing to stay with Sebastian.

Friday, April 16, 1999

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