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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday,March 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Molly begs Andy not to call the police to report Russ, her blackmailer. She is less than truthful with him, however, and tells Andy that Russ merely got her unauthorized material for a TV show she was producing. Molly says she will get the money from Carly and that will be the end of Russ. Andy decides to handle the situation himself.

Eddie and Georgia barge into the Chicago office of Mr. Wallace, the owner of the Oasis Club. Eddie wants to know why he is receiving "bonuses" and tells Wallace that he will do nothing illegal.

Rita and Dr. Reid Hamilton are now lovers, but it is apparent that Rita has long been in love with Reid but that he is only using her to keep her quiet. Rita keeps asking questions, particularly about why Reid has kept a file on the Snyder baby, Hope. Reid lies to Rita again and tells her that his "wife" and mother of baby Melinda was killed in the same accident that hurt him so badly. The Snyders, he goes on, were responsible for that accident.

Jack and Julia meet at the hospital. Jack thinks Julia has discontinued her therapy treatments with Reid and is upset when a nurse finds Julia and tells her that today's session with Dr. Hamilton will have to be rescheduled. Jack is very suspicious of Reid and tells Julia that he is investigating him. Julia calls Reid to reschedule.

Andy explains Molly's problem to Brad, and they come up with a plan. When Russ arrives to collect his blackmail money, Brad and Andy pose as Mafia men and frighten Russ into backing down. He is thoroughly intimidated and tells Brad that no way will he tell anyone that Molly had him doctor Carly's paternity results.

Julia has a session with Dr. Hamilton and lets slip that Jack is investigating him. Reid leaves the room momentarily but arranges for Julia to see a tablet on which he has written some notes about Jack's continued interest in Carly Tenney. Julia reads it.

Lily and Holden are worried about Hope who seems to be sleeping too much and not eating well. They take her to the hospital where they run into Rita, who tells them that, if all goes well, she will be working there soon!

Eddie and Georgia leave Mr. Wallace's office. Wallace pulls out a strip of photos of Eddie's mother, Deanna, and tells her that she has one tough kid.

Jack has made some inquiries in Canada where Dr. Hamilton is from and learns that Hamilton has broken off all ties with his former friends there.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Denise and Ben are at the hospital, and Denise begins talking about dropping charges against her former employer, Gary, so that he will tell her who has her baby girl. Ben tells her she must not do that. He reassures her that whoever has her newborn, they are taking good care of her.

Rita, also at the hospital, tells Lily and Holden that she is applying for a job there. She says her former employers, parents to little Melinda, were "weird."

Julia gets upset after reading the comment about Jack's feeling for Carly that Dr. Hamilton "planted" in his office. Reid twists this conversation to his advantage, further feeding Julia's doubts.

Jack makes plans to go to Toronto to follow up on information about Dr. Reid Hamilton. No one is supposed to know where he is.

On a Caribbean isle while waiting for her quickie divorce, Carly runs into Dolores, mother of Jack and Brad. They trade barbs and Carly tells Dolores about Julia's addiction to pills. She also drops the bombshell that Brad has proposed marriage to her.

Brad learns from Russ, Molly's would-be blackmailer, that Hal, not John Dixon, is the true father of Carly's $50 million baby. Molly thanks Brad for getting rid of Russ, but she is horrified to learn that Brad knows the secret and her part in it! If word gets out, Carly will lose her fortune. Molly tells Brad that Carly herself is unaware what Molly did, and she begs him not to tell anyone.

Lily and Holden discuss Hope's new symptoms with Ben. Ben tells them that it is fortunate that a blood specialist is visiting the hospital today and will make time to see them and to interpret Hope's lab results. Denise questions Lily on her feelings about being a mother, unaware that Rita is eavesdropping.

Dolores, upset about Carly's news about the proposal, calls Julia who is still in with Dr. Hamilton. Dolores calls Carly a "she-devil in Spandex," and warns Julia that Carly is about to become single again. Julia, feeling insecure, calls Jack at the station, only to be told he is "out of town" for 24 hours.

Ben tries to calm down Holden after Holden gets upset at what Dr. Field, the specialist, has told them. Hope's problem is called "Diamond Black Fan Anemia," and it can be life-threatening. More tests are required, says Ben, and then he goes over the protocol for the disease which involves transfusions from Hope's parents. Rita overhears this discussion also.

Molly packs a bag and tells Andy that she will be away overnight "on an island." She hints that it is work related.

Rita surprises Dr. Hamilton in his office and reports the Snyders visit to the specialist. Reid hurries Rita out of there and sends her home.

Lily goes to the hospital chapel to pray for Hope, and Holden joins her there. Reid spies on them.

Julia rushes to the airport and reaches Jack before he boards his plane. She asks him outright if he is meeting Carly in the Caribbean, and Jack leaves, very angry at her distrust.

Brad arrives on the Caribbean island and finds Carly at the bar. Molly checks in not long after, and she literally bumps into Andy who has followed her there. Carly wants to know why Brad is there; she senses trouble. He tells her he knows something that has the power to change her life.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Eddie promises Georgia that he's going to dig up some dirt of his won--on Alex Wallace. Sara Ruth leads a demonstration outside the Oasis. Tom refuses to let Margo try to post bail for him. Dolores meets Brad and Carly on the island, where she's getting her own quickie divorce from Frank. Dolores begs her son not to marry Carly. Brad breaks the bad news to Carly--John isn't Parker's father. Alex breaks up an argument between Sara Ruth and Denise, whom Sara Ruth accuses of luring boys to the backroom for sex.

Georgia and Eddie's flight home is delayed by a thunderstorm. When the charges against Tom are dropped, he rushes to help Emily instead of comforting his sons. After unpacking, Molly tries to locate Carly. Carly is alarmed when she learns that Andy is involved, but Brad assures her that he's going to protect her and Parker.

Emily nixes Tom's efforts to get her out of jail--it's the one place she's safe from David. When Ben arrives at the Oasis, he gives his approval to the club, which is good enough for many of the protesters, and Sara Ruth grudgingly agrees to go inside and see for herself. Margo gets a call alerting her to the disturbance.

Carly agonizes over telling Hal he's a daddy--it could mean not only losing her fortune, but her son. Peter Wentworth feeds Dolores drinks as he questions her about her son. Nancy gives Denise her approval of her dancing and asks her to teach Nancy's aerobics class. Margo and Camille arrive at the Oasis, with the news camera hot on their heels.

Eddie and Georgia are openly disappointed when the weather clears and their flight resumes. Emily refuses to go to her bail hearing--she doesn't want out. Peter and Brad go toe-to-toe when they meet. It's no accident, Peter says--he tracked Brad down.

Sara Ruth walks out after Camille disapproves of her tactics. Alex introduces himself to Margo, whom he had recognized earlier as "Detective Love," but she turns him down when he asks her out to dinner.

Peter demands restitution from Brad for sleeping with Claire--he wants repayment of the half of his earnings that Claire got in the divorce settlement. Margo watches as Tom tells Emily that the judge granted her bail, on the condition that Tom take responsibility for her. She'll be staying with him at the Lakeview. An upset Margo calls Alex and accepts his dinner invitation, then wonders what she's done.

Eddie is out of sorts when he returns to the club and finds Alex there. Camille tells Ben she's glad he's found someone who can make him laugh. She also thinks that Alex looks familiar. Carly confronts Molly in the hotel lobby. Peter gets Brad's attention when he threatens to harm Camille.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Though Molly feels the need to come clean to Andy about Carly's baby, Carly urges her to keep secret the true paternity. Peter demands that Brad pay him $5 million, the money he lost in the divorce fight with his wife and suggests that he get the cash from his blonde friend. Peter also reveals that he's had Claire followed and knows about their tryst in San Francisco. Brad explains the situation to Carly who refuses to give him a dime. He then rushes back to Oakdale to warn Camille about Peter's threat to kill her. Camille, meanwhile, receives flowers anonymously and Sara Ruth guesses they are from Ben. Later, Peter introduces himself. Molly starts to tell Andy the truth about her scheme but she stops when he admits he loves her. Tom brings Emily back to his room and assures her that he will help her. Emily blames herself for all of his marital problems and confesses that she tried to steal him from Margo. After finding out that Margo has a date, Adam is hurt when he finds his father is with Emily. Going out with Alec, Margo learns that he's a big supporter of the clinic. She decides to investigate him to find out all she can about him.

Friday, April 16, 1999

Brad shoves Peter away when he gets too close to Camille. New nurse Rita watches as Lily and Holden agree to have their blood tested for Hope's transfusion. Jack breaks up Julia's therapy session, maddening Julia in the process. He's dug up some dirt on Dr. Hamilton, Jack reveals.

When Rita tells him about the transfusion, Reid blurts that Hope was fine as a newborn. Julia is skeptical when Jack says that he's suspicious of the responses of Reid's friends in Canada--they must have been covering up for him, he deduces. Brad escorts Peter to the parking garage, where he repeats his demand for $5 million--that's his price to stay away from Camille. Camille demands an explanation from Brad.

Carly's disturbed when her fantasy of kissing Jack turns into Brad. Brad warns Camille to call him if Peter shows up around her again. Bob gives Lily a pep talk. Julia thinks that Jack is somehow jealous of her relationship with Reid, and makes him promise to confront Reid--if Dr. Hamilton can explain his distance from his friends, Jack has to call off the investigation.

Carly confides in Parker the truth about his parentage. Reid startles Jack when he agrees with Jack's assessment--he's covering something up. Reid then tells a story about severing all of his ties in Toronto because he was stalked by a patient who also happened to be a cop.

When Brad says that Peter threatened to harm one of his loved ones if he didn't get payment, Carly assumes it's Jack who's in danger, which upsets Brad. Ben orders the lab to run the tests again and re-test Holden's blood sample when they come up with an "impossible" result. An astonished Rita spies the results and pockets them.

Brad demands that Carly marry him and give him access to the $5 million, or he'll go public about Parker's true daddy. Jack admits to his fiancé that he doesn't buy Reid's story. Believe him or me, Jack demands.

Ben is stunned when the tests come back the same--Holden can't be Hope's father.


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