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Josie told Gary she couldn't give up on their relationship. Cindy claimed to have seen Gary murder Grant. Cass and Anne saw Lila and Matt dancing together. Cindy threatened to keep Kirkland from getting his inheritance. Cameron interrupted Stark's evening with Amanda.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on AW
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Monday, April 12, 1999

After seeing Amanda kissing David, Cameron tries to leave, but was stopped by Rachel. She wants to speak to him about Amanda. Amanda stops kissing David; she says something feels weird. He doesn't want to stop, but they hear Rachel in the foyer, and Amanda wants to introduce David to her. He says it's not a good time and that he should leave, but asks her to meet him at the Lucky Lady in half an hour. She tries to say no, but he says it's important, and she agrees to be there. He quickly leaves. Rachel told Cameron that she's worried that Jordan was manipulating Amanda like he did with Matt. She says Jordan stopped their wedding at least once by bringing Alli to town, but Cameron says ultimately, Jordan had nothing to do with his breakup with Amanda. He says David should be Rachel's concern right now. He's moving in on Amanda because Cameron hurt her. Rachel demands to know what Cameron did, and eventually he tells her he was the father of Josie's baby. After explaining everything to Rachel, Cameron says he still loves Amanda and wants to help her if she needs it. They debate over who was a greater threat to Amanda... Jordan or David. Amanda rushes by to go meet David, and doesn't even seem to see Cameron. Rachel says she has to decide what they should do and to be patient, but Cameron decides to follow Amanda.

Gary breaks away from Josie's kiss. He says too much has happened, more than she knows. Josie keeps saying how much she misses him, and he returns and they kiss again. Again, Gary breaks away. He told her that sex won't solve their problems. She says she knows that, but she just can't believe everything was over for them. She asks if he can ever forgive her. She asks if he still loves her and was afraid of losing her like they lost their baby, but Gary reminds her that it wasn't his baby, and nothing will ever change that. Joe walks in as Cindy was pointing the finger at Gary as Grant's murderer. He comes in and told Cindy that she's lying, and that he can prove it. Cindy demands a lawyer before she says anything else. Joe leaves and Toni follows him. She asks why he's getting involved while he's suspended. He says he's just trying to get Cindy to talk, and Toni agrees to go along with his plan. When they continue to question Cindy, she sticks to her story that Gary did it. She says if they don't believe her, then ask him. She remembers Joe was suspended, and told Toni she refuses to be questioned by a suspended, dirty cop. Joe acts angry and Toni walks him out. She thanks him for his help, but recommends that he stay away from the station. Toni returns to Cindy and asks her to tell her what happened. She says after learning that Grant planned to leave town without her, she found Gary, who was quite drunk. They talked about Grant, and eventually, she went back to give Grant a piece of her mind. She found him still alive and asking for help. When she tried to help him up, he attacked her. Gary burst in and said, "get your hands off her, Dad!" He starts to choke Grant, who tries to tell him he's not Gary's dad, but Gary talks about all those years and all the things he did to Mom. Gary chokes Grant until he falls to the floor. Toni says her story was odd, because Grant gets up, then falls back down to the exact same place where the police found him earlier. Cindy told her to ask Gary... he'll tell them what happened. Toni orders to have Gary brought in for questioning.

Paulina hears a news report on the radio updating Grant's murder case. They play the tape of him saying "help me" and Paulina gets so rattled, she drops a bunch of dishes. She went into the kitchen, where Tito was waiting to surprise her. She insists he has to go straight back to school, but he says he can't because he doesn't have any rent money, so he thought he'd work at the Lucky Lady for a while. Paulina insists she'll get him the money, then he must leave town immediately. Joe went to Josie's looking for Gary, but he's already left. Joe tells Josie to find him... he's in trouble. Josie finds Gary at the Paradise Lounge. He's drinking, and when officers try to take him away for questioning, he struggles with them. Toni tries to calm everyone down, and Gary asks what's going on. Josie told him there's a witness who says she saw Gary kill Grant.

David gets to the Lucky Lady. Alli sees him and was disappointed her mother isn't with him. He assures her Amanda will be joining him, but she thinks he needs to try harder. She says Amanda has been getting headaches, and all she ever thinks about was Cameron, except when she's with David. He gets an idea about how to help Amanda, and he rushes off, telling Alli to wait there for him, he'll be right back. When he returns, he has a gift for Amanda. She arrives, and he gives her his gift. It's an herbal necklace that he says was supposed to cure headaches. Cameron arrives in time to see him put the necklace on Amanda. He leaves and makes a call on his cell phone. Inside, there's a call for David. He takes it, and waits while he was put on hold, not knowing that it's Cameron calling. Cameron puts down the phone and went back inside. He asks Amanda what's going on with her. She says nothing, but he told her she's been acting weird with David. She says David was just a good friend, and he asks how many of her friends does she kiss the way she kissed David. Amanda accuses Cameron of spying on her. He says he's just worried, and so was Rachel. David sees them talking and realizes Cameron tricked him. He's so angry he has to leave, and Alli follows him. He turns back into Jordan. Alli comes up behind him and asks him what's wrong. Jordan keeps his back to Alli and told her he's just upset from seeing Cameron and Amanda together. He says he wants to be alone and asks her to leave. She refuses, and he gets angry at her. He uses his key to transform back into David, apologizes for yelling at her and says he was just upset. Alli thinks he should have told Cameron to take a hike, instead of running away. He finds Cameron's cell phone, and confronts him with it. He grabs Cameron roughly by the arm, and told him to get out or he'll throw him out. Cameron refuses to leave, but when Amanda also asks him to go, he walks away. David apologizes to Amanda for his behavior. He explains that he cares about her and doesn't want Cameron to hurt her again. Amanda notices a faint fragrance coming from her necklace, and has a flash of memory of her and Jordan in the secret garden. She and David are leaving when Josie comes in looking for Cameron. She announces that the police have brought Gary in for questioning in Grant's murder. Cameron and Josie head for the station, followed by Amanda. She apologizes to David, but explains that Gary saved her life and she's going to help him now if she can.

Paulina went to Rachel to ask for her money. Rachel refuses until Tito has another DNA test. Joe comes in and told Paulina that the police have another suspect in Grant's case, and Paulina's reaction is one of worry. She's surprised to hear that Gary was the new suspect. She says she was afraid they thought Joe did it, but can't believe it was Gary, either. Paulina leaves, and Rachel asks Joe what's wrong with her. He's evasive and quickly leaves, too. Rachel wonders what's going on with her family. Then she finds some stephanotis on the floor, and remembers Jordan bringing them before, and Amanda's reaction to them.

A confused Gary was brought to the station. He demands to know who their witness is. Cindy walks into the room, and Gary realizes it was her. She says she's sorry, but she had to tell the truth. Gary demands to know what happened. She says he was drinking and trying to protect her when he kill Grant. Toni takes Gary aside and told him that they have evidence that Cindy was at the scene, but the only thing that puts him there was Cindy's word. She says she can't believe he'd do it, and told him to say so if he didn't kill Grant. Paulina told Tito that Rachel wouldn't change her mind. She still wants him to return to school, but he refuses. He needs to make some money before he can go. Joe sees Tito and asks Paulina if he's hitting her up for money again. She says that's the least of their worries. He asks what she meant by that, and she says nothing. He reminds her of her reaction when he said the police had a new suspect. She says she's just uptight because someone she knows gets charged every week with this crime. She just can't believe Gary was a suspect, especially with Cindy being the one pointing the finger. Joe told her if there was anything else worrying her, she can tell him. Then he suggests they not talk about this anymore tonight. Gary told Toni that he doesn't remember what happened. All he knows is that he was with Cindy that night. Gary was starting to think he may have actually done it... he had means, motive, and opportunity. Toni suggests he get himself a lawyer. In the background, Cindy says quietly to herself, "I'm sorry Gary".

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

At the station, Gary was brought in. Cameron and Amanda are already there and they want to know why they suspect Gary. Cindy walks out of Joe's office and Josie was furious at her. She starts to choke her and told her that if she does not tell the truth she'll kill her. Toni pulls her off of Cindy. Cindy starts to explain what happened the night Grant was murdered, that Grant was pushing Cindy around and Gary stopped him. She says that he kept talking about his father. Gary says that he can't remember that night so then what Cindy says must be true, he killed Grant. Cameron and Josie plead with Gary not to say anything, to wait for a lawyer but he won't listen. Amanda pulls Gary aside and told him that he was being stupid. He is throwing his life away. She told him that even though Cameron and Josie slept with each other it doesn't mean that they don't love him still, they do. Gary told Amanda to just leave and he starts to turn around but Amanda grabs him, she starts to get weak and faints. Cameron grabs her and sits her down. Gary told Toni to make use of this distraction and she starts to read him his rights as Cindy watches and listens from the office.

At Carlino's, Felicia and Cass are talking. Felicia was worried about the impact that Anne made on Cass. He says it doesn't matter because she quit, thanks to some persuading by Felicia. He'll never see her anymore. Felicia says not to hold his breath because Anne just walked in. Cass went to talk to her and she told him that she was leaving town. he asks her if she knows found what she was looking for. She told him that when she first came she had no idea what she wanted but she knows now, she wants a guy to love her just like Cass loved Frankie. Then Anne leaves to go to the bathroom. He goes to sit back down and told Felicia she was leaving town. Lila and Charlie walk in. Cass manages to keep them turned away from Anne while Felicia went to make sure they can't see her. Cass finally gets them to leave; he told them to save a seat for Sergei's concert. Felicia explains to Anne that the little girl that walked in was Cass's daughter, Frankie was her mother. Anne understands and leaves.

At the Lucky Lady, Alli apologizes for the way her mom ran out on David. he tells her it was ok, he feels like they have never been closer. They are talking and a girl comes up to Alli. It was country singer Jessica Andrews. She explains she was in her second grade class but then her family moved to Nashville. David asks if that town was really a big country singing business town and she says it was and that she just put an album out. She leaves and Alli doesn't believe that she was actually a country singer. Felicia walks in and Etta Mae greets her. She asks where Sergei was and Felicia says he'll be there shortly. Etta Mae points out two guys at a table that she says she thinks are big time agents. Felicia went over to talk to them and while she is talking to them, Sergei comes in. He takes one look at the two men and leaves. After a while, Felicia and Etta Mae don't know what to do, Sergei is an hour late. Alli overhears them and told them that she has a plan. She asks Jessica to sing and she does. Everyone was amazed. When she was done, Felicia announces that due to some circumstances, Sergei will not be able to perform. Alli asks David over to her house, since there will be no concert, and besides her mom might be home.

At the Cory mansion, Cameron brought Amanda home and starts asking her when she last ate and a whole bunch of questions. Amanda says that she's fine and he doesn't need to look out for her, but he reminds her that he always will because he still loves her. They are about to kiss when Alli and David walk in. Cameron quickly explains that Amanda fainted at the station so he brought her home because he didn't want her to drive. Cameron pulls a necklace out of his pocket and told Amanda that she dropped it at the station. he comments that he has never seen it before and David says because he gave it to her. David puts it on her and Cameron leaves. Alli goes upstairs and David told Amanda that he was not leaving until her feet is up and she was resting by the fire. She went to the couch and falls asleep almost instantly. David leaves but returned as Stark. Amanda wakes up but Amalie's spirit was in her. They kiss and Amanda jumps up, it was only a dream. She went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Anne was pulled over by the cops. The car she bought was reported stolen so they take her down to the station.

At Felicia's, she comes home and Sergei was wrapped in a blanket with a thermometer sticking out of his mouth. He told her he was sick but she doesn't believe him. She rips off the blanket only to find his clothes underneath. She was furious at him and told him to leave. He says he will go but first he was going to explain why he didn't go. He says he got cold feet. All those people made him scared. This could be the big break he was waiting for what if he blew it. Then he asks Felicia one more thing. He proposes to her!

At the station, Gary was in his cell and was having a dream that he visited his son's grave the night Grant was murdered. He dreams about putting flowers there.

At Josie's, she pulls a flower out of Gary's coat.

Back at the Cory mansion, Lila and Cass get there and Lila went upstairs to change because they are going to go dancing. While she was changing Cass get's a phone call, it was the police station. They tell him that they have someone for grand theft auto and he needs to get down there and be there lawyer.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Felicia got an unexpected marriage proposal. She was even more shocked to hear that it wasn't a joke. As flattered as Felicia was, she tried her best to convince Sergei that he was not in love with her. She thinks he's confused by what their relationship was all about. Despite everything, Sergei continued to pledge his love.

A short while after Sergei left, two men from immigration went to see Felicia. She first thought they were agents wanting to see Sergei about his music career. Then suddenly, it all made sense. He was only proposing marriage so he could stay in the country. After the two gentlemen warned Felicia that it was a crime to withhold Sergei's whereabouts, they left. Felicia was heartbroken. When Sergei returned, the two fought. Sergei admitted to Felicia that he didn't want to be deported. Felicia threw him and all of his belongings out of her apartment. Standing on opposite sides of the door, they both cried.

At the Cory's, Cass was on the phone turning down pro-bono work from someone at the police station who needed his legal services. That person was Anne. When Cass hung up the phone, Lila convinced Cass that he should help the person in jail. She reminded him of when she needed help once and didn't have anyone to turn to.

When Cass left, Matt entered the room. They tended to their daughter. Matt suggested that they go have dinner together. Lila felt guilty because Cass was working. Matt pointed out how they should be able to share a simple meal together if they want their separation to remain friendly. Lila agreed. Matt suggested they go to the Harbor Club.

When Cass got to the police station, he was more than a little surprised to see that it was Anne who was in jail for grand theft auto. Anne explained her story that she didn't know she was buying a stolen car. When they were through at the police station, Cass suggested that they go to dinner. He suggested the Harbor Club. Cass tried to call Lila to see if she would like to join them but all he got to talk to was an answering machine. Cass thought she must have gone to bed. So they went to the Harbor Club without her.

At the Harbor Club, Matt and Lila shared a nice dinner. Matt told Lila about how his mother, Rachel, and his biological father, Mitch, were never friends while he was growing up. He doesn't want the same thing for Jasmine. While the two were talking, Donna came over to see her ex-husband, and friend, Matt. Putting aside her hatred for Lila, Donna, who was genuinely happy to see Matt happy even if it was with Lila, offered to send over a bottle of champagne for the happy couple. Matt said and did nothing to let Donna know that their marriage was pretty much over. Lila wondered why Matt acted like everything was fine with their marriage.

Enjoying the music that filled the Harbor Club, Matt suggested that he and Lila dance. Reluctant at first, Lila finally agreed to dance. The two were having a great time when Cass and Anne entered the room. Anne thought it was so nice to see a loving couple dance the way a certain couple on the dance floor was. Cass looked at that couple and was not too pleased when he realized that the couple dancing was his fiancée and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Cass' first instinct was to run over and interrupt Matt and Lila (probably by slugging Matt). Luckily, Anne stopped Cass from making such a scene. Cass and Anne left and headed to another restaurant, Carlino's. Meanwhile, as Matt was twirling and spinning Lila, Lila demanded that Matt stop at once. She knew he was just trying to get close to her. An evening out was not going to repair their marriage.

At Carlino's, Cass offered to help Anne any way he could. He offered her money. At first, Anne was insulted. She finally realized that she had no choice but to accept Cass' help. Anne was grateful.

Back at the Cory Mansion, Matt accidentally walked in on Lila while she was undressing. He quickly apologized. Matt apologized for the way he acted at the Harbor Club. They called a truce. They planned on going to Jasmine's next doctor's appointment together.

Cindy pledged her love to Grant at the cemetery. She vowed to get his money. From the cemetery, Cindy went to the Harbor Club. She met Freeman there who informed her that he destroyed the divorce papers upon her request. He also surprised her by giving her a copy of Grant's will. The two celebrated with champagne when they were spotted by Donna. When Donna and Cindy made eye contact, the two shared condescending remarks. Donna told Cindy that she was going to be through in Bay City once Grant's will was read tonight. Before Cindy could defend herself, she realized that she had to get to the reading of the will fast, and ran out of there leaving Freeman with the bill for their champagne.

Vicky told Jake she didn't care about the contents of the will. Jake said she should care for Kirkland's sake. Chris came by and informed the happy couple that Gary was arrested for Grant's murder. Jake and Vicky didn't believe that he was the killer. Chris told them that there was an eye witness, Cindy. That just made Jake and Vicky disbelieve the tale even more. Jake and Vicky were still in disbelief when Chris told them that even Gary thinks he was the one that killed Grant.

Judge Walker arrived at Vicky and Jake's for the reading of the will. He told them the will was pretty straight forward. Kirkland was going to become a very wealthy, young man. Kirkland will never have to work a day in his life. While they were finishing up with the Judge, there was a knock at the door. Jake and Vicky were disgusted to see Cindy when Jake opened the door. Cindy came storming in telling them that Grant's will was invalid in this state. The will was null and void if the current wife isn't mentioned in the will. The Judge assured Vicky and Jake that they have nothing to worry about because Grant and Cindy got a divorce. Cindy informed them that the divorce never went through. Cindy, sarcastically, said that if Kirkland was a good boy, he'll get something.

Vicky and Jake knew that Cindy was up to something. They remembered that Gary did an awful lot to help her. They told Cindy that they were on to her. They suspected that if Gary did kill Grant, he only did it because Cindy got him drunk and put him up to the killing. That would make Cindy an accessory. Cindy said that she just wants what was rightfully hers. She vowed to see them in court. Vicky ran after Cindy. Outside, the two argued. Eventually, Vicky snapped and smacked Cindy across the face and threatened her that she better leave Kirkland alone.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Josie and Cameron are packing some of Gary's things for him while he's in jail, and discuss ways to clear him. Josie was frustrated, because they haven't been able to find a witness who could place Gary elsewhere when Grant was killed. She picks up Gary's jacket, and a flower falls out of it. They wish Gary would be more helpful in clearing his name, but they think he's given up on himself.

Meanwhile, in jail, Gary has a memory of himself bringing flowers to Gary Jr's grave. His thoughts are interrupted by a visit from Cindy. She apologizes again for fingering him for Grant's murder, and promises to do everything she can to get him out of jail, but all Gary wants was to know if what she told the police was the truth. Cindy insists that what she said was true, but Gary feels that, from what little he can remember, the whole thing just doesn't make sense. He gets upset, and Cindy told him it's best that he doesn't remember. She has to leave to answer more police questions, but swears to him again that she will get him out.

Joe visits Jake and Vicky, who tell him how Cindy was contesting Grant's will. Joe thinks it's suspicious that Cindy went from being a murder suspect to a rich woman, all on the basis of her word that Gary murdered Grant. Vicky swears she will never let Cindy hurt her son, regardless of what she's managed to get away with in the past. They try to come up with a way to prove that Grant and Cindy's divorce did go through. Joe went to Willowdale to see Marley. He wants to take her off-grounds to continue his investigation with her help. Her doctor was reluctant to agree to it. Marley told him she's OK to go, and he's about to allow it when Tyrone shows up, and tells Joe his client isn't going anywhere with him. Joe takes Tyrone aside and explains that he wants to prove that Cindy was lying about her divorce from Grant, and that Marley may be able to help him do it. He says it's to protect Kirkland. When Marley hears this, she wants to help even more. Tyrone was still against the idea, but Marley pleads with him to convince Dr. Armstrong to let her leave, and he gives in.

Chris wants to talk to Gary, but Toni won't allow it, as the D.A. has put a "no press" order on the case. Toni leaves to talk to Cindy, and Cameron arrives. Chris mentions that he'd like to know how Gary would feel if he knew how much Cindy stands to inherit if he's convicted... news that comes as a surprise to Cameron. Chris explains to Cameron that Cindy stands to get Grant's entire estate if she was successful in contesting the will, leaving Kirkland nothing. He also says that it's illegal to profit from a crime, and if Cindy was convicted of Grant's murder, she'd get nothing. He points out how convenient it would be for her to have Gary take the fall. Josie visits Gary Jr's grave. While there, she finds the same kind of flowers as she found in Gary's jacket. Josie went to Gary's cell with the flowers, and told him she has the evidence to clear him. She shows him the flowers and asks if he was at Gary Jr's grave the night Grant was killed. Gary seems unsure, and says even if he was, there were no witnesses. He asks Josie to leave. Dejected, she drops the flowers and starts to go. She passes Cameron, and told him she has to talk to Toni. Cameron told Gary he has something to tell him, but Gary stops him, saying there's nothing Cameron can say that he would want to hear. Cameron doesn't stop, and told Gary that Cindy was just using him so that she can inherit Grant's estate. A confused Gary doesn't know what to believe anymore. After Cameron leaves, Gary picks up the flowers.

Marley gets to Vicky's house with Joe and Tyrone. When Vicky explains the situation with Cindy to her, she says that Grant and Cindy were definitely divorced. Cindy told her that... it's why she went along with Marley's kidnapping plan. Marley was willing to testify to this, but it's only hearsay, since she didn't actually see any documents. Then Marley remembers that Grant had something on Cindy that she'd kill to get her hands on. She doesn't know what it was, just that Cindy used to talk about a key he had. Vicky figures it must have been the divorce decree and Grant kept a copy locked up. Jake checks the will and it mentions a strongbox which was to be left to Kirkland. Jake, Vicky and Joe leave to search Grant's apartment for the box and the key. They search the place until they find the strongbox, but there's no sign of the key. Tyrone asks Marley if she's ready to go back to Willowdale, but she says she can't. Marley has a few hours left on her day pass, and she just wants to spend them like a normal person. She wants to make lunch for Tyrone to thank him for all the help he's given her. After lunch, Marley thanks Tyrone for the extra time of freedom. She says he makes her feel free and happy, like anything was possible. He says anything was possible, if you want it enough. She asks him why they didn't meet earlier, then kisses him.

Josie went to talk to Toni. Cindy was there. Toni asks Cindy to wait while she and Josie talk. Cindy went to see Gary again. He asks her to fill in the missing parts of his memory, but she tries to talk him out of it, saying it's better that he not know. He keeps questioning her until he catches her in a lie, and calls her on it. He threatens to make her pay if she's trying to pin something on him to save herself. Cindy sticks to her story and runs out. Gary remembers visiting the grave again, and this time, he remembers having a conversation with the caretaker of the cemetery. Mr. Griffin, the caretaker, comes to Toni's office to answer questions. He remembers seeing Gary at the cemetery at the time Grant was killed. After he leaves, Cindy was about to re-enter the office when she sees Josie and Cameron celebrating the fact that Gary has been cleared. She turns and runs out. Gary yells for a guard. Toni comes to his cell, and he says he remembers where he was and that he didn't kill Grant. She says she knows, due to the good police work of Josie, and he's free to go.

Cindy returns to Grant's apartment and opens the strongbox and starts removing cash. She's surprised to be suddenly stopped by Vicky, Jake, and Joe.

Friday, April 16, 1999

Out on the terrace, while leaning over the sleeping Amanda, David urges the talisman to do its work. However, Amanda wakes up and calls out Cameron's name. David told her that Cameron isn't here, only they are and then asks what was she doing out here? Amanda asks him what was he doing here? Jordan told her that he didn't hear from her today and wanted to know if her headache was still bothering her. Amanda told him that it hasn't bothered her ever since he gave her the talisman. David told her that she seemed upset when she woke up and asks if she had a bad dream. Amanda told him it was more like a strange dream, though it should have been scary, it wasn't. When he asks her what was the dream about, she told him that it seemed as though it was happening to someone else and this someone wanted it to happen. Then she says she wanted it to happen and asks him if it was making any sense. He told her that dreams often have meanings they're not ready to understand and asks if she would like to take a walk to clear her head, because there's a place he'd like her to see. However, Cameron comes over and calls out for Amanda. She told him she was out on the terrace. David told Amanda that she doesn't have to deal with Cameron if she doesn't want to and he has no problem asking Cameron to leave. Cameron makes his way out to the terrace and isn't at all surprised to find David standing there. Cameron ignores David and asks Amanda what was she doing out here, it's too cold. She told him that she was just telling David that she doesn't remember why she's here, but she was chilly. David snarls at Cameron for interrupting his private tete-a-tete with Amanda, while Cameron ushers her inside so he can warm her up with the fire and some good news.

Inside the house, Cameron notices the dress she was wearing and how old fashioned it looks and asks her what was she wearing? Amanda thinks he means the jacket, but he told her he was talking about the dress and it was so not her. David says that he thinks Amanda looks wonderful. Cameron asks David if he minds giving Amanda and him some time along, because he has some good news for Amanda and it's kind of personal. David told Cameron that he does mind and he and Amanda were in the middle of something. Cameron ignores David again and asks Amanda how was she feeling. Amanda asks him why would he ask and Cameron told her that her face looks kind of pale and she feels like ice. Amanda told him she does feel a little strange. Cameron asks her what were here and Clark Kent doing out there anyway. David told him that they were having a private conversation. Cameron says great, now she's about to have a private conversation with me. David told him that he doesn't remember Amanda saying that Cameron was welcome here. Cameron asks David who in the hell does he think he is, and adds that he doesn't need David's permission to be here. David told him no he doesn't, but he was getting the sense that Amanda wants him to go. As the two men argue, Amanda starts getting a headache and it looks like the talisman was bothering her. When she screams at both of them to just stop it, the talisman falls off of her neck. David/Jordan of course, notices this, but no one else does. Cameron attends to Amanda and asks her what was going on and what's wrong with her, while David picks the talisman up off the floor. Amanda apologizes for snapping and Cameron told David Amanda doesn't need another scene and he thinks David should leave. David told him he didn't hear Amanda say that and Amanda then told him she thinks it would be better if he left. Trying to hide his disappointment and not very well, David/Jordan leaves, but eavesdrops outside of the study on Amanda and Cameron's private conversation.

Toni told Gary that all the charges against him have been dropped, thanks to Josie's brilliant detective work. As Toni leaves them alone so that they can have some privacy outside of he cell, Josie told Gary she doesn't expect this to change anything, especially after all the terrible things she has done and the lies. Gary thanks Josie for getting the charges dropped. Josie told him that she knew he didn't kill Grant and it was just a matter of time until she proved it. Gary told her he didn't make it easy for her to believe in him when he didn't believe in himself. Josie told him that she never stopped believing in him. A grateful Gary embraces Josie, who persuades him to come home at last, as the two leave the station and head home.

Tyrone was there waiting with Marley while Vicky, Jake, and Joe search Grant's apartment for clues against Cindy. Tyrone lets Marley know how much he cares about her and kisses her. A flustered Marley pulls away and then apologizes to Tyrone for coming on so strong with him. Tyrone told her not to apologize, because he isn't sorry that they have kissed. Though Marley reminds her attorney that a romantic relationship with her comes with a lot of heavy baggage attached, Tyrone gently insists he's willing to take a chance on love. There's a knock on the door. Marley opens it to find Paulina standing there who was shocked to see Marley and asks her what was she doing at Vicky's place. Marley explains the situation to Paulina and told her that Joe arranged it for her to be there. Paulina told them she was actually looking for Jake. Tyrone's cellphone rings. It was Jake who was telling Tyrone that he was at Grant's Place. Donna now joins the party in the living room and asks them what was going on. After hanging up with Jake, Tyrone informs the crew that they caught Cindy over at Grant's place trying to break into a strongbox and she was using the key that Marley told them about, and now they're arresting her. Paulina asks him if they are arresting her for breaking and entering. Tyrone says no, for murder and told them that it looks like Cindy was the one who killed Grant. Tyrone, Marley and Paulina then head over to Grant's Penthouse. Etta Mae comes over to keep Donna company. While they wait, Donna told Etta Mae that Cindy has done so many terrible things that it's time she paid for it. Etta Mae told her some things you do, you can never pay for. Donna says yes, like the way she treated poor Marley. Etta Mae gives her one of those "Pu-leeze" looks and Donna told her not to give her that look because she was there and knows that Marley isn't blameless. She's just saying if she hadn't hooked up with Cindy, she would not be in the trouble she was in today. They then talk about Vicky and Marley and how Donna thinks things will be better now. Etta Mae also talks about Tyrone and the way he has handled himself. While the women talk and Etta Mae fixes Donna a cup of tea. As she brought it over to her, she accidently spills some of it on to Donna who jumps up out of here wheelchair and asks Etta Mae what was she doing. Etta Mae was startled to discover that Donna has the ability to leave her wheelchair. Donna plays it off and told Etta Mae that she was okay the two women then argue over whether or not Donna needs a doctor. Etta Mae finally backs down and leaves the situation alone.

Josie gets Gary home and tries to make him feel comfortable being there. While she was busy picking things up around the house, Gary was not sure if he can stay there. The phone rings in the bedroom and Josie went to answer it. When she returned out, she asks Gary what he feels like eating and finds that he was gone and her front door was wide open. She says to herself, Goodnight Gary.

Unaware that she was being watched, Cindy heads for the strongbox and opens it up. Just as she was about to grab some money out of it, Vicky grabs her hand with the key in it. Joe pulls out a handkerchief and told Vicky to squeeze real hard. Vicky does so, causing Cindy to drop the key and Joe catches it inside of his handkerchief. Joe then thanks Cindy for a nice, clean set of prints. Cindy asks him what was he doing and demands that he give her back the key. Joe says, you mean Grant's key. The one that was in his pocket before he died. The one that strangely enough never showed up on his body afterwards. Cindy told Joe that he doesn't know that and he was desperate. Joe told her she's the one getting everything wrong tonight and she was the one who's desperate because she knows this little key proves motive and opportunity. He then asks her if she minds while he uses her phone to call the gang down at headquarters and told them we got ourselves a murderer. As Joe calls and leaves a message for Toni and then told the others to come pick up Cindy at Grant's place, Cindy told Joe that he has nothing on her and that the key proves nothing as well. Joe triumphantly informs Cindy that the police have an eyewitness who can prove that her story about Grant's final moment on earth was completely bogus, so they need for her to explain how it was that she claims she saw Gary murder Grant. Cindy told Joe he was bluffing while Vicky and Jake smile on in sheer delight. Jake told Cindy that she was dead meet. Shortly afterwards, Tyrone, Marley and Paulina show up and Cindy can't believe that Marley sold her out. As Joe pulls her over to the side to talk, Paulina heaves a sigh of relief when Joe announces he has the goods on Cindy. Toni shows up with the boys in blue to take Cindy away. As Toni places her under arrest, Cindy shrieks accusations against the Hudson twins. No one really wants to hear what Cindy has to say as Toni told her fellow officers to lead Cindy away. Vicky told them all that was it all over. Paulina asks Joe if he thinks so and Joe told her they never have to worry about Cindy again and everything's going to be fine from now on. Marley adds, for everyone, but Cindy. Jake told them all that he can't help but think about Cindy all alone in jail with no friends, no hope, on the brink of despair and the same thought just keeps popping into his head -- it's Miller Time! They all then head back over to Vicky and Jake's.

A shrieking Cindy told Toni that she has got it all wrong and has the wrong person. Toni asks her who was she going to accuse now and asks her if she has some relatives somewhere she wants to sell up the river? Cindy told Toni she wants her lawyer. Toni told her that she called her lawyer already and he said to take two aspirin and he'll call you in the morning. Toni then told Cindy to sleep well, because she knows she will. Cindy told Toni that she didn't kill Grant. Toni told her neither did Gary, but things worked out for him. All the people who cared about him got together and figured out how to prove he was innocent. So the way she sees it, all Cindy has to do was wait for her loved ones to come to her rescue. She then told Cindy to ring housekeeping if she needs fresh towels and with that, Toni leaves. Alone, Cindy drops to her knees and starts praying to God.

Upstairs, Vicky and Marley explain to a pleased Donna about what happened over at Grant's Penthouse. Donna was pleased that Cindy has been arrested and gives a sigh of relief that things can finally return to normal. As the twins tell her that they love her, Donna told them that she love them too and they then head downstairs to join their friends. Alone, Donna gets up out of her bed and walks over to the dresser and pours herself a drink. She then raises her glass and says, to you Grant, the man who was always wrong. Dead wrong, actually. I told you that you wouldn't hurt my babies because I wouldn't stand for it.

Meanwhile downstairs, the McKinnons' along with Tyrone and Marley and Joe and Paulina all celebrate Cindy's incarceration by popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. Jake offers Tyrone a glass, but he refuses it and told them that he has to get going because he has to be in court in the morning. Marley says she guesses that means she has to go too, since Tyrone was her ride. She says her goodbyes and Vicky told her that she was glad she could help and then thanks Tyrone. He asks her for what and she told him for being such a good friend to her sister. Tyrone told her that part was easy and then says goodnight. There was still tension in the air between him and Jake as Jake barely says goodbye or even looks at them. Tyrone leaves. Outside, Marley catches up to him and asks him if he was okay. He says sure, why? She told him that he has been very quiet and then makes jokes about what kind of a night it has been for them. Tyrone told her that he has made a decision to get her out of the mental ward for good. They then leave. Back inside, Joe and Paulina and Jake and Vicky continue to celebrate. Paulina told Joe that she called the sitter and told her they might be a while, a long while. Joe told her that they deserve to celebrate, they been through enough, to which Paulina agrees. Joe's cellphone rings. He told Paulina it was probably Toni giving him an update. Paulina told him not to be long and then heads over to chat with Jake and Vicky. Joe answers the phone and someone says, "Carlino I know what you did and I know why you did it."

As David/Jordan listens in, Cameron fills Amanda in on Gary's situation. He also told her that when he left the jail, Gary and Josie were embracing and maybe they can patch things up. Amanda hopes so and Cameron told her that if Josie and Gary can work things out, maybe they can too. Amanda told Cameron that it was easy for her to say those things to Gary about forgiving Josie for what happened on the beach in Boca Lynda, but then she started thinking about them and it made her feel so weak, because she couldn't take her own advice. She then told Cameron that she can't get over it, even if she wants to. She stars getting a blank stare on her face and Cameron asks her if she si starting to fade on him. She told him no, she was just trying to remember something. She then told Cameron after she came back from the police station after talking with Gary, that's when she started to feel weak and out of it. Cameron told her it was before that and asks her if she if she has any idea about what's causing it. Amanda told him no she wishes she did. David/Jordan still listening from outside the door says to himself that he was too close to walk away now. He then went out the front door, twirls the talisman in his hand and then rings the front door like he was just coming back. Amanda and Cameron answer the door and Amanda asks him if he forgot something. He told her he meant to leave a report with her. As he hands the report to her, he drops it on purpose. Amanda leans down with him to pick it up and as she was gathering up the papers, he slips the talisman back into her sweater pocket and then acts like he was leaving as Cameron shuts the door. Amanda grows weak again and Cameron ushers her over to one of the chairs in the study. He then asks her if there was something he can bring her. She told him to go get her some aspirin from out of the kitchen. While he was gone, Amanda falls back into a sleep. David appears at the back door and instructs the talisman to awaken her and then he instructs it to summon her. Amanda rises and walks out of the backdoor in a sleepwalking like trance. Jordan then the talisman to lure Amanda back to the secret garden. Cameron returned from the kitchen with the aspirin and water and wonders where Amanda is. He sees the backdoor open and heads out of it calling for Amanda............


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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