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After Lila confronted him, Matt finally signed their divorce papers. Anne, the Frankie look-alike, helped Cass with his case. Felicia was shocked when she saw Anne. Evidence emerged that proved Vicky's innocence in Grant's murder. Toni took Joe in for questioning.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on AW
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Monday, April 5, 1999

Matt returns from his convention to be confronted by Lila, who found the divorce papers where Matt stashed them. She asks him to sign them, but he starts talking about his lawyer needing to look at them. She demands to know why he was stalling their divorce. Matt tries to change the subject, but Lila was persistent. Matt finally admits that he doesn't want their marriage to end. Lila can't believe what she's hearing, but Matt asks her to take some time to think about giving their marriage another chance. Lila was touched that Matt thinks they can have a life together, but she's afraid that years from now he'll resent it if they stay together. She gently explains how she loves Cass now, and that both she and Matt will always be there for Jasmine. Defeated, Matt signs the divorce papers.

Cass arrives at Vicky's with the news that the D.A. was charging her with second degree murder. He says they may be willing to let Vicky plea bargain to manslaughter, and she'd serve 2-6 years. Jake doesn't want that. He asks Cass if he can get Vicky off if she pleads not guilty. He says he might, but they have to tell him everything that happened between them and Grant. While explaining her plot against Grant, Vicky finally remembers the tape she was recording during her final confrontation with Grant. She gets her purse out of the closet, and sees that the tape has gone to the end. Jake looks very uncomfortable and says he doesn't want to hear it, but Cass says they have to. They listen, but only up to the part where Vicky hit Grant. Vicky mentions that she doesn't remember taking her purse with her when she left, and Jake says he went back and got it. Cass says no one can know Jake removed something from the crime scene, and that they can't use the tape, because it makes it look like Vicky killed Grant to stop him, but not in self-defense.

Joe was on the phone with Abe, a friend from his old precinct. He's asking how much time might have passed between Grant's blow to the head and asphyxiation. He says he doesn't want to ask anyone around his precinct about it, as Paulina enters his office. When Joe hangs up the phone, he told her he's just checking all the possibilities. Paulina mentions how Chris had been at Carlino's, trying to get information on reasons people would have to kill Grant. She tries to convince Joe to stay out of the investigation, but he says he'd lose control over what happens if he did. She storms out.

Cass was at his office when Anne stops by. She has a brief from a lawyer she knew that she thinks will help his case, and he says it's right on the money. He tries to get her to tell him more about her background, but she won't say anything. Anne leaves, then Felicia visits with a peace offering for her April Fools pie in the face. They talk, and she notices Frankie's picture was out. Cass says the new cleaning lady must have left it there. She notices how edgy Cass is, so he told her about Anne being the woman he said looked like Frankie, and that she's the new cleaning lady. Felicia thinks he's crazy at first, but Anne walks back in, and Felicia nearly passes out from the shock. She recovers and says she has questions for Anne. Anne, however, says she has no answers. Lila phones and told Cass to hurry over. He tries to get out of it, but she's insistent, so he goes, leaving Anne and Felicia alone.

Felicia told Anne that she's Cass's best friend, and Anne asks her to tell her about him. Felicia told her about Frankie and how she changed Cass's life. Anne asks what happened to her, and Felicia told her she was brutally murdered. She says Cass only recently got his life going again, and suggests that, for Cass's good, Anne should find work elsewhere. Anne agrees and walks out.

Vicky was about to listen to the tape again, but Paulina knocks on the door. Vicky went out to talk to her, while Jake remains inside. Paulina told her not to worry, she'll get out of this mess. Vicky notices that Paulina seems more upset than she is. After Paulina leaves, Vicky went back inside and Jake was listening to the tape. It's the part where Marley was being arrested. They talk about Paulina during a quiet part on the tape, then they hear Grant saying, "help me". Vicky realizes she didn't kill Grant. They take the tape to Toni. While they're listening to it, Joe listens in at the door. Toni told them that it doesn't prove Grant didn't die from the blow to the head. She says that she's still waiting for the autopsy report. Jake and Vicky leave. Toni calls to see what was holding up the autopsy report, but Joe hangs up her phone and told her he has it. She gives Joe heck for keeping it from her, but he tries to say he just wanted to get more information for her. She says that with the tape and the autopsy report, the case was wide open. Anyone could have killed Grant. Lila shows Cass her surprise... the signed divorce papers. Cass was thrilled and says he'll file them right after Vicky's arraignment. Matt enters and told Cass to take good care of Lila.

Toni calls Vicky with the good news that the D.A. was not proceeding with the case against her. Vicky was ecstatic, but Jake still looks worried. Vicky wonders, if she didn't kill Grant, who did? Toni talks to Chris about Joe's behavior. She figures either he doesn't trust her to handle the investigation, or he's covering up something. Ever since the murder, he's been acting guilty.

Joe told Paulina the charges against Vicky were dropped. He told her although Vicky did hit Grant, that isn't what killed him. Paulina asks if Toni knows who did kill him. Not yet, says Joe, but at least Vicky's not in trouble anymore. Paulina says she wishes no one had to be in trouble.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Toni and Chris are at the Lucky Lady and are about to listen to Grant's speech. Toni wants to find out what Grant had on Joe so maybe she would know why he's acting weird, however they get no clues from his speech. Etta Mae comes out with some pie for Chris and starts pouring on the compliments. When he asks what's up Toni told him that her sister was coming out to Bay City and she was a very good journalist so they were wondering if there were any internships at the Herald. Chris says he'll look into it.

At Carlino's, Josie stops in to talk to Joe. She asks about the case but he tells her that it's Toni's case not his. She was about to ask him a favor but Cameron walks in so Josie told Joe she'll meet him at the station later to talk to him. Joe leaves and Cameron asks how Josie was doing and how Gary is doing. Josie blows up at Cameron and yells that they can't be leaning on each other anymore. It's over, their baby was dead and they have to make up with the ones they love. Cameron says that all he does was bad things to Amanda but Josie says if you know that you belong together then you can't give up.

At the Cory Mansion, Amanda was working on papers but wind comes and blows them everywhere. She went to shut the door but notices the flowers on the chair. She sits down and was in a daze when David walks in. He was admiring Amanda when Alli comes up from behind and asks if he has seen her mom. He turns around and says no and Amanda walks in. Alli leaves, and Amanda and David start talking about business. He told her he might pull his money from Brava and she tries to talk him out of it. Amanda comments that she has a headache and was about to go get aspirin but David says he can fix it. He starts massaging her neck, I think, and it takes care of the headache. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Cameron. Amanda asks if it was important and he told her it is. David leaves, only to be stopped by Alli in the front room. She told him that Cameron was bad for her mom but her mom can't see it. Alli and David make a plan to get rid of Cameron for good.

Back at the Lucky Lady, Chris and Toni leave just as Felicia and Sergei come in. Felecia told Etta Mae that she needs to rent out the whole place all for Sergei. Etta Mae asks why and Felicia told her that she was planning on booking the whole place with agents and high-society people. Etta Mae thinks that Felicia has lost it, but says she'll see, seeing as how Sergei is really running her patience thin.

At the police station, Toni asks Joe about the night they found Grant. She tells him she doesn't understand how they missed the evidence. Joe blows up and says he was more worried about Grant being dead at the time than the evidence they had. He says he needs fresh air and leaves.

At a bar, Gary and Cindy are sitting down and Gary orders a soda water w/lime instead of beer. They are drinking and Josie comes in. She tries to talk to Gary but he doesn't want to listen. He snaps at her and told her to just go home. She leaves and Gary went to sit back down but Cindy says she has to go. Gary offers to pick her up tomorrow for the funeral. Cindy was shocked that he would actually go to that for her and told him to meet her there because she has a couple of errands to run first. She was about ready to leave but turns around and told Gary that if she ever sees him talking to Josie that way again she'll slap him because he was much better than that.

At Felicia's house, she was making a guest list for her little party she will have at the Lucky Lady and Sergei was making a fire. He takes his shirt off and offers Felecia tea. He sits her down and starts talking to her, but she tells him she isn't falling for it. What he was telling her was lines from one of her books. She says that if he thinks it was going to end like her book he was definitely wrong. He told her that she has it all wrong, that book was the first of hers that he could read in English straight through. She apologizes for misunderstanding and went to take a nap. The phone rings and it's for Sergei. He picks it up and starts talking but he gets very upset. He told the person to tell someone that he got fired from the limo service.

Back at the station, Josie walks in and Toni was very glad to see her. Josie asks if Joe was in but Toni says he just walked out. She then told Josie how she was worried about Joe. She asks Josie to try and find out what was up with him.

At the Lucky Lady, Amanda walks in and finds Alli (Alli called her and told her she needed to be picked up). Alli asks her mom what it was with guys anyway. She wonders how they can be so sweet but if you are not pretty enough or smart enough they just move onto the next girl. Amanda told Alli that she will find the right guy she just has to wait. When Alli asks her what if she misses him, Amanda says fate will bring them together. Just then David spills coffee on someone. Amanda calls David over to sit down and Alli remembers that she has to drop of homework at a friends house. She leaves and David asks if now was a good time to finish business. They are talking and having a good time and Alli was watching from afar. Cameron comes up and asks Alli if all her problems are solved now. Alli was mad and tells him to let her mom breathe and told him to leave, and he does.

Back at the station, Joe went back into his office and Josie was in there waiting for him. She asks him if Grant was talking about her when he was saying the police station was corrupt. Joe says that it wasn't because no one knows about that and no one ever will. He says that Cindy had her in a tight position and there wasn't anything she could do about it. You do what you have to protect your family. Josie was very happy to hear this so she gives Joe a hug, and Toni watches this through the window with a concerned look on her face.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Etta Mae was greeted by Josie when she went to pick up some of Kirkland's clothes. Kirkland wanted to wear something from Grant to the funeral. Josie asked Etta Mae not to say anything about Josie allowing her to take clothing out of the scene of the crime. After they left, someone dressed in black broke in.

At the Lucky Lady, Amanda showed up to comfort Gary while he was drinking. The conversation quickly turned to Grant's funeral. Amanda was feeling guilty because she couldn't recall a happy memory of her marriage to Grant, and she couldn't shed a tear him either. Gary told Amanda he understood how she felt. He compared it to his feelings towards his father. Gary opened up to Amanda about his childhood and his experience with Grant.

At Vicky's house, Donna argued with Paulina and Joe blaming them for taking Kirkland away from Vicky on the day of Kirkland's father's funeral. Joe and Paulina had no idea what Donna was talking about. Donna started questioning Joe about why Vicky got called down to the police station. Joe informed Donna that he had no idea and ran off. After Joe left, Paulina tried to convince Donna that Joe was putting his career on the line for the Hudson family. Donna warned Paulina to keep her voice down so Kirkland and Steven don't hear. Donna then called Grant's killer a hero.

At the police department, Toni, Jake and Vicky waited for Donna to arrive. Vicky told Toni that Donna was watching Kirkland and wouldn't be coming to the station. Once Marley and Tyrone arrived, Toni explained to everyone that Grant didn't die immediately after Vicky hit Grant over the head. Any one of them could have finished the job afterwards. Toni wanted to hear everyone's story involving Grant's death. Vicky begged if she could do this another day so she could help her son get ready for the funeral. Joe stormed in and told Vicky to go home. He then looked at Toni with disappointment. After everyone left, Joe and Toni argued. The District Attorney defended Toni. After Jake, Vicky, Tyrone, and Marley left, Joe overheard Josie tell Toni that she was finished searching Grant's house. Joe didn't even know she was over there. The District Attorney quickly reminded Joe that he was no longer on the case.

Chris argued with Toni on how she was handling the investigation. Toni explained to Chris that she was doing her job and trying to help Joe out in the process. Joe will lose his honor if he loses his job. Toni took offense to what Chris said.

Toni hinted to Josie that she beginning to suspect Joe had something to do with Grant's murder. Josie defended Joe. Josie then assured Toni that she is doing a great job on this case in spite of what others may think. Josie and Toni tried to figure out what could have caused the mark on Grant's hand. The District Attorney ordered Toni to bring Joe in. Josie stayed behind to review the case. Josie then recalled arguing with Cindy about taking her shoes for evidence. The mark on Grant's hand looked like it could be from the heel of a lady's shoe. Josie immediately assumed that it was Cindy's.

Back at the Hudson's, Marley, Jake, Donna, Steven, and Tyrone looked on as Vicky told Kirkland that Marley tried to go to jail for Vicky so that Vicky could be with Kirkland and Steven. Vicky told Kirkland that Marley was very brave for doing that. Vicky tried to make peace between her sister and her children. Vicky asked Kirkland if Marley could go with them to the funeral. Kirkland agreed after accepting Marley's apology.

Outside of Vicky's house, Paulina told Joe about her argument with Donna and that she had no regrets about what she said. Joe confided in Paulina about his distrust and disappointment towards Toni. Joe was worried about the District Attorney's determination for getting an indictment. Just as Joe was about to tell Paulina something urgent, the Hudson's started exiting the house. Vicky asked Paulina to stay close because she really needs a friend today. They left for the funeral.

At the funeral, Amanda told Kirkland that her favorite memory of Grant was when he would speak of Kirkland. Grant's face would light up. She told Kirkland how much she misses her father, Mac.

Jake and Vicky spotted Cindy sitting in the front row of the church wearing a big hat. Vicky walked up to her and tore it off Cindy's head. Vicky demanded that Cindy sit in the back of the church. Jake approached Cindy and pulled her out of the pew. Cindy began to raise her voice and called Vicky a murderer. Vicky and Jake informed Cindy that Vicky was no longer a suspect. Cindy became nervous when Jake and Vicky told her that Grant was killed after he was hit by Vicky. Gary then escorted Cindy to the back of the church. Vicky and Jake were convinced that Cindy was more surprised that they had proof that Grant was killed afterwards rather than surprised that he was killed afterwards.

Etta Mae was disappointed that Tyrone brought Marley to the funeral. Judge Walker talked about the great golf games they had. Everyone in the church sat there with disgust. Judge Walker asked if anyone else had anything to say. Vicky looked around the room and begged for someone to go up and say something. Finally, Vicky went up and spoke how sorry she felt that he was so miserable. She talked about Grant's constant approval that he needed from his father, Spencer. Vicky was proud of Grant for not turning his relationship with Kirkland into the one he had with Spencer. Vicky chose to remember Grant for giving her Kirkland. She then looked at Kirkland and said she could hear Grant and he was saying, "I love Kirkland."

Paulina told Vicky how impressed she was on how Vicky handled this. Marley said good bye to Vicky and Kirkland. Vicky begged for Marley to come back to the house. Marley began to cry and told Vicky she was grateful for being able to see her family for a little while. Kirkland thanked Marley for being there for him.

After the funeral, Cindy went to Grant's. She opened a box and pulled out divorce papers. She was upset because Vicky got out of this one. Just then she heard a noise in the house. The mystery person who broke in was hiding behind the curtains.

Toni walked in and told Joe that she has orders to bring Joe in.

Thursday, April 88, 1999

Cass was doing some work when the cleaning lady comes in. His back was to the front office door entrance and upon hearing the cart, he assumes it was Anne and asks her if she was working the night shift again. The cleaning lady told him it beats going home to her worthless husband. A startled Cass turns around and asks the new cleaning lady who hell she is. The woman sarcastically told him the Duchess of Windsor and then says what does she look like. Cass asks her what happened to the woman who usually cleans his office and the woman told him she quit. Cass says what do you mean she quit? He then asks what happened to her? The cleaning lady only says that she'll get the place clean and asks Cass why does he care? Cass told her she's right, he doesn't care, he doesn't care at all and leaves.

Lila was in the study playing with Jasmine and was unaware that Matt was peering at them from just outside the room. He comes in and Lila told Jasmine that her daddy was spying on them. Matt comes over and starts playing with Jasmine himself and asks Lila if she knows what he was just thinking. Lila says what, how stupid she looked just then making funny faces at Jasmine. Matt says no, he was thinking about how right it feels, the three of them together and he's not sure he's ready to give it up. Lila told him regardless of whether or not he's ready to give this up, he signed the divorce papers. Matt told her he knows, it just makes him realize all the little things he's going to miss out on, all the moments that make them a family. Lila told him he's always going to be a part of Jasmine's family, she promises him that. Matt told her it's not going to be the same. He's not going to wake up to find her up dressing Jasmine up in those cute little clothes she buys her, telling her how she's going to teach Jasmine to drive the boys crazy like her mother. Lila says, Oh my God, you've been spying on me, haven't you. Matt told her when they got married, they were strangers. Lila says and now we're friends. Matt told her for him, it's more than that, but he knows it's too late to be saying any of this. Lila told him she doesn't know exactly what he's saying. Matt told her when she and Jasmine are here, this house was his favorite place to be in the whole world and when she goes, that'll be gone and it'll be empty. Lila told Matt that it feels so comfortable to him because he signed the divorce papers. There's no pressure between them, no tension right now, that's why. Matt told Lila that he knows he has to put this marriage behind him. Lila told him there never was a marriage. He proposed to her, he married her while he was in love with another woman. Matt says, a woman he gave up for her. Lila told him that was only because their baby had just been kidnapped by Jordan Stark and he convinced Matt that she would be in danger otherwise. Matt told her he realizes all that, but somewhere along the line Jordan's feelings became his feelings for her. Lila told him she loves Cass and he knows that. She loves him and she wants to be with him. Matt told her he knows and he'd never want her to stay here against her will. He then told her he's going to miss both his girls. Though Lila reassures Matt that he'll always be a big part of Jasmine's life, he continues to bemoan the loss of the cozy continuity they were enjoying in the Cory mansion. Jasmine starts fussing and Lila sees something in her mouth and thinks she was choking. Matt looks inside Jasmine's mouth and reassures Lila that she was not choking, she was getting her first tooth. Lila realizes that was why Jasmine has been so cranky lately and was thrilled that her little girl was growing up. Lila told Matt that one day Jasmine was going to take her tooth, put it under her pillow and they are going to stay up all night long pretending to be the tooth fairy until she falls asleep, and then -- Matt cuts her short and told her that it won't be them because Jasmine will be either with him or with her. Lila promises him that they are always going to celebrate Jasmine's special occasions together. Matt pours them some champagne and says, here's to Jasmine's first special occasion and may it be the first of many. She and Matt then celebrate the arrival of Jasmine's first tooth.

Cass comes in and asks them if he was interrupting anything. Lila told him he was just in time for a celebration. Cass asks what are they celebrating? Lila and Matt tell him that they are celebrating Jasmine's first tooth. Lila then told Cass to say congratulations to his Godchild. Cass says, congratulations pumpkin, you're on your way to a life of floss and cavities. Cass then told Lila he needs to talk to her. Lila told Cass to hang on a second, she just wants to change Jasmine's bib. As Matt and Lila fuss over Jasmine and do the family bonding thing, Cass feels like a fifth wheel watching them share a family moment with Jasmine. Cass told Lila that he'll talk to her another time. Lila told him to hold on, he doesn't have to leave. He told her this was their time together and he'll call her later and then leaves. After he leaves, Matt told Lila that Cass sees it too, she belongs here with him and Jasmine. Lila told Matt that Cass was her future and she just can't let him walk away. She then told him if what she said earlier gave him the wrong impression. Matt told her it didn't and he was fine, he just wants her to be happy. Matt then told Lila that he'll take care of Jasmine and she should go after Cass. Lila told him that he was going to make the best ex-husband and a great father. He then told her that he got a present for her in New York, it's supposed to be for Mother's Day, but he wants to give it to her now. Lila opens the gift and finds an opal necklace, Jasmine's birth stone. Matt then told Lila to go after Cass. Lila told them she'll be back later and then leaves. After she was gone, Matt told Jasmine that Lila was going to come back to them and when she does, it's going to be up to him to figure out how to keep her here.

Anne was at the bar having a drink. Dave the bartender was surprised to see her there this early in the day and asks if she was taking the day off. She told him she had to quit her job. He says good for her and told her one of these days he's going to tell the owner where to go. She told him she liked her job. A drunk comes up to her and tries to hit on her. She told the guy to buzz off and Dave told the guy to hit the road. The guy leaves and they get back to the conversation at hand. Dave ask her what she did at her job. She says Corporate Maintenance Operations. When he looks at her like he doesn't know what that is, she told him she was a cleaning lady. He told her that's challenging. Anne told him it was the guy she worked for. He just blew her away. She then told him that the guy she worked for (Cass) wife died a few years ago, and he's moving on, but he keeps a place in his heart for her. Dave asks her why did she quit. She told him he's not going to believe this, but she looks just like the wife, exactly. She told him it's kind of eerie and then she met a friend of his yesterday and the friend made her see that it's hard for him to have her around. Dave can't believe she quit because of what some broad said and told her if she liked the job and liked the guy and he never said he didn't mind having her around, why was it anybody else's business? Dave then went in the back and the drunk who was trying to hit on her before, returned and tries to hit on her again. She told the man she was meeting someone, her husband. He told her who ever she's waiting on isn't here, but he is. Anne told the man he was and then sees Cass and says, "honey, I'm over here. Cass comes over and told the guy to leave her alone and beat it. The man leaves. Anne thanks Cass and told him she was lucky he came in when he did and then apologizes for calling him her husband and says it's the first thing that popped into her head. Cass told her it's all right, she was in kind of a desperate situation. She told him she was surprised he went along with it after she called him a nut case. Cass told her he was going to talk to her about that when she came to work, but of course she never did. Cass then asks Anne why she quit, Anne claims she got a better job offer. However, Cass doesn't buy it and says yeah right, that's why you're celebrating in this high-class joint. Anne admits to Cass how a chat with Felicia convinced her to stop cleaning at the law offices. Cass told Anne that Felicia was his dearest friend, but sometimes she makes his business her business. Anne asks Cass if he thinks it was wrong for her to quit. Cass says he hates to see her lose her job, but he thinks Felicia may have a point. When he saw that drunk pushing himself on her just now -- Anne finishes his sentence and told him that it wasn't her he was rescuing, it was Frankie. Cass told her with Frankie, he was too late. Anne told him that he doesn't have to say anything else, she guesses this was goodbye and good luck. Cass says goodbye Annie. She was startled and asks him why he called her that. He told her he doesn't know and says doesn't everybody call you Annie? She says only my closest friends. Cass told her that he didn't mean to be presumptuous. Anne told him it's okay and returns to her barstool. He says goodbye and gets ready to leave and runs right into Lila in the doorway. Lila doesn't notice Anne, as she was glad to have found Cass. He asks her how did she know where to find him and she told him that she called Donna's place and the housekeeper told her he was here. Cass asks her if something was wrong. She told him that's what she wanted to ask him. She then told him he seemed like he was upset, the way he left her and Matt. He acted like he was left out. Cass told her he wasn't upset, it was her moment with Jasmine and Matt that's all. While still standing in the doorway, Lila told him there isn't a moment in her life that doesn't include him and she means that. Cass spontaneously kisses her deep and passionate while Anne watches from the bar with a little sadness. When they come up for air, Lila told him if that was his way of getting her to be quiet, she guess it worked. Cass told Lila he just needs to hold her, to touch her. He needs and wants to be alone with her. Lila says okay and they leave.

Toni brought Joe in for questioning and Joe was not pleased at all to be treated like a common criminal. Josie sees him and asks what was going on. Joe told her to aks their I.A. buddies. Toni says, let's take this in your office Joe. He sarcastically says, yeah Toni we wouldn't want to do anything too public, like dragging a guy out of a funeral right. One of the Internal Affairs guys told Joe they are just doing their job. Joe asks him if he had a good time sneaking around behind honest cops backs, writing them up while they put their butts on the line. Toni told Joe not to make this harder than it has to be. The District Attorney June comes in and told them she can take it from here. Upon seeing her, Joe says he should have known she was behind this. June told him that Toni was just following procedure, but she has a few questions to ask him. Joe told her that's too bad because he has other things to do. June says, he's not leaving this office. Joe told her, no he isn't leaving, she is. June says, you really hated Mayor Harrison, didn't you? Joe told her that the guy burned down his house and almost killed his wife and son, so how does she think he feels about him. June told Joe she has witnesses who can testify that he had vicious arguments with Grant on several occasions before the mayor turned up dead. Joe asks her what kind of witnesses does she have, Grant's flunkies? June told him no, actually Officer Burrell was one of them and asks Joe if he thinks Toni was working for Grant. Joe told her that Toni's the best and a good cop. June asks Joe to tell her something. If Toni was so good, why was it that he withheld the medical examiner's report from her? Joe told her he was trying to help Toni out, by verifying the report. June told him that he knows it was standard procedure to share that kind of information with an officer who's in charge of a case. Joe told her that the M.E. had a 45-minute window for the time of death, so he contacted a high-tech lab in New York to find out if he could be a little more accurate before he went to Toni. June asks him if there were other instances where he acted in the same manner, kind of making up the rules? Joe asks her what the hell was going on and says he doesn't believe this and asks if they are going to start reading him his rights and if he should contact a lawyer? June asks him if he thinks he needs one. Joe told her hell no, because this conversation just ended. June told him that's not his call. Joe told her it's not hers either. June told him he was wrong about that. Joe asks if she was going to charge him with a crime. She told him she was trying to conduct a interview and would appreciate some cooperation. Joe told her he has given her all the time he has, now if she doesn't mind he has other business to attend to. June told him this was his priority. He asks her where the hell does she come off telling him his priorities ? He may not be in charge of this murder investigation, but he was still the captain of this precinct. June told him no he was not and informs him that she has an order from the commissioner suspending him, effective immediately, pending further investigation of alleged improprieties. Joe told her that was crazy and asks who was going to run this place? June told him that Officer Burrell will take charge of that for the time being and told him not to blame Toni, this was the commissioner's decision.

Outraged to learn that he's been suspended indefinitely pending an investigation, Joe informs the D.A. that he's quitting the force. Toni pleads with Joe not to do that and to let her do her job and clear his name, but Joe told her that she can have it. Despite Toni's protests, a livid Joe tenders his resignation. Joe then accuses Toni of betraying him, and turning her back on him. Toni asks Joe if he thinks she was getting off on this and then told him she was his friend. Joe told her that he considered her a friend, but she went behind his back. She told him she had to do that. Joe says why, because you were suspicious? Toni told him no, because she was worried, because he's been stressed out because he's breaking rules and not acting like himself, that's why. Joe told her she didn't come to him. Toni told him that she tried to come to him and then assures him that she was not out to get him, more than anyone, she wants to clear his name. Joe told her it's actually a good thing, because she's the best and will get to the truth. She told him she will and Joe told her to keep him posted on the investigation. She told him she can't do that. Joe storms off and runs into Josie outside his old office and she asks him what happened. He feels her in and she told him that he should have told about the missing tape. He told her to meet him later at Carlino's, he doesn't want to talk about that here. She agrees and Joe leaves.

Remy tries to calm Paulina down, but Paulina can't believe that Toni would drag Joe down to the station for question, in the middle of a funeral. Remy asks Paulina if there was anything she can do. Paulina told her no and then compliments her for always be concerned about others and never giving one thought to herself. Remy told Paulina she must be like her. They hug each other and Paulina went into the kitchen to check on an order. Alone, Remy phones Tito and asks him to come home and support his mother. Paulina returned out and she and Tito chat for a while. He told her he was thinking about coming home, but she urges him not to and explains that things are tense around here and she would rather him stay at school and get an education. He plays on her guilt again and told her that he has been thinking about giving up school, because he doesn't have any money for the things he needs. She promises him that she will get him the money, even if she has to take it out of her own account. She then told him to take care of himself and she will talk to him later and hangs up. Shortly afterwards, Joe shows up and told Paulina that he was suspended. Paulina thinks this was about her and the baby, but Joe says it had nothing to do with that. Paulina asks Joe to tell her what was going on. Joe told Paulina that he hasn't gone by the book lately, and she doesn't want to know what he's done. Joe just told her that he made some judgement calls that might have been wrong, but they will get through this. Joe sees Josie outside and he excuses himself to meet with her.

Outside of Carlino's, Joe promises Josie he will keep mum about her involvement with the tape. Josie was grateful and thanks him. Joe told her that Grant really was the gift that keeps on giving, even from the grave. Josie told him there's something else, but she wasn't sure if she was going to tell him because he has enough on his plate already. Joe told her to just tell him. Josie told him she has been going over the M.E. report and may have figured out who whacked Grant. She then told him according to the report the mark on Grant's hand was made by a sharp, semicircular object made of black and red fibrous material. Joe told Josie that he read the report cover to cover and she's not telling him anything he doesn't know. Josie suggests to Joe that the puncture wound in Grant's hand was inflicted by one of Cindy's stiletto heels. Joe told her there's only one way to find out. Josie adds that they don't even need a search warrant. That was taken care of the night Grant was murdered. Joe told her he was on suspension. Josie told him that she figured he'd want to check it out for himself, so if he wants to come with her, just say the word. Joe says, "The Word" and Josie laughs and told him that she knew he was going to say that. Joe told Josie that he was a civilian now and doesn't have to play by the rules. They then leave to head over to Grant's Penthouse.

Cindy confronts an intruder in Grant's apartment. Mr. Freeman one of Grant's goons, reveals himself and corners Cindy in Grant's apartment. She wants a copy of the divorce settlement, but he won't relinquish it. Cindy offers Freeman $50,000 in exchange for burning any record and any proof of her divorce from Grant. Freeman accepts her terms and leaves. Shortly afterwards, Cindy was looking at a picture of Grant and Kirkland and thinking of how different things could have been, when Joe and Josie come bursting in the door. Josie asks Cindy what the hell was she doing here and Cindy told her that she can asks her the same question, and told her that she just can't barge into somebody's home. Josie told her that she can if she has a key. Joe adds and a search warrant. Josie then informs Cindy that they are here on official police business. Cindy told them that they don't understand, she was a grieving widow and would like to be left alone. Josie told her as they say in french, who cares, and then heads into the bedroom. Cindy asks her where does she think she was going, but Josie ignores her and proceeds in the bedroom. Joe told Cindy that Josie was going to do her job and if Cindy tries to stop her, he will run her in right now and will love every minute of it. Cindy asks him what was he going to run her in for. He told her obstructing justice, for interfering in a police investigation. Cindy told him that she thinks she has a right to know what went on in her own apartment. Joe says too bad it's not your apartment and then asks her what was she doing here anyway. Cindy told him that she moved in, after all, she was Grant's wife. Joe says, "WAS" being the key word and told her that Grant booted her out a long time ago and divorced her, everybody knows that. Cindy told him that Grant tried to divorce her, but she wasn't willing to settle for the peanuts he was offering her. She then told Joe that Grant decided it was cheaper if they just stayed married and after a while they got close again. Joe told her don't expect him to buy this bull. Cindy told him to try to find one shred of evidence that they were divorced. Joe told her that's funny because Grant was leaving town the night he was killed with Kirkland and that ship was going to sail without her. Cindy tries to play it off by telling Joe that Grant was going for a late-night boat ride with Kirkland and Vicky's the one who decided it was kidnapping. Joe told her that the truth was going to come out one way or another. Nervous, Cindy asks him what exactly are they looking for? Joe told her they are trying to see if somebody was tampering with evidence, to see if somebody maybe messed around with an investigation. Cindy says, by somebody do you mean me? Joe says if the shoe fits. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Josie has hit pay dirt and has found the pair of pumps they are looking for and puts them in a bad and hides it under her coat. Josie then returns to the living room and Joe asks her if she was done. Josie told him yes and Cindy told them, there's the door. They leave. Alone Cindy told Grants' picture that he had nice taste, except for Vicky. She then told the picture that he got his and now she will get hers (meaning Grant's fortune). Outside the penthouse, Josie pulls out the pumps for Joe to look at. Joe asks Josie if she thinks those are blood stains on the heels? Josie agrees and told Joe that she thinks they may have found a new suspect. Joe smiles to himself and says, Cynthia Brooke Harrison............

Friday, April 9, 1999

David and Amanda discuss articles on romance for Brava. Amanda wants to talk about being a couple in the 90s, but David asks her if the readers might prefer something about being in love in another time, featuring a woman of haunting and magical beauty. Amanda asks where they'll find her, and David replies that he's looking at her now. Amanda says she'd make a terrible model, but David says she just needs the right photographer, and suggests himself for the job. She tries to get out of it, but he insists on doing test shots. He leaves to get his camera. Alli comes downstairs and Amanda told her of David's idea. Alli was all for it. Later, Amanda models in a dress supplied by David, and he puts on some classical music. Amanda quickly becomes more comfortable. David told her to imagine the man she loves, and she thinks of Cameron. David realizes he's not getting the desired effect, and says they need to change location. Joe learns that Cindy's heel matches the imprint in Grant's hand. Josie has the shoe sent for analysis to check for Grant's blood. Toni catches the two of them working together and asks what they're doing. Toni told Joe he shouldn't be hanging around the station while he's suspended. Josie says Joe was just helping her follow-up a lead about the shoe. Toni says to come to her with leads in the future. The analysis reveals Grant's blood on Cindy's shoe. Cindy realizes her shoe was missing and remembers stepping on Grant's hand. She panics, saying, "they're on to me... what am I going to do?"

Cameron finds Gary at the Paradise Lounge. He says Gary's drinking is killing Josie, and him as well. Gary says the last time they felt bad about him, they slept together, and will they do that this time? Cameron starts to leave, but first Gary asks him how he felt when he killed their father. Cameron wonders where this question was coming from, and figures out that Gary was worried he may have killed Grant. Gary denies it and says he was with Cindy, then orders Cameron to leave him alone. Later, Cindy finds Gary and told him Grant actually died from asphyxiation. She asks Gary again to be her alibi, and he agrees. Cindy told Gary that he's her one true friend. She promises him that she will never let him down, never lie to him or cheat him, and she will never turn her back on him. He tells her that means a lot to him. Gary leaves the table for a moment, and Toni and Josie arrive. They tell her they have some questions about Grant's murder. She tries to run, but was quickly stopped at the door by other officers. She screams that she has an alibi as they take her away. At the station, they confront Cindy with the shoe evidence, but she refuses to say anything until she talks to a lawyer. Toni grills Cindy, and warns her she's made it her personal mission to nail her for this murder.

Cameron runs into Alli at Carlino's. He asks about Amanda, and Alli plants the idea in his head that she's out on a date. He asks if she's with David. Alli says it's none of his business, but that David was a nice person who helps Amanda forget what Cameron did. David takes Amanda to the door of the secret garden, and says it will be the perfect place to photograph her. He recites some poetry, and she says it's beautiful. He says she always thought so, but she says she never heard it before. He gives her flowers again (I think they're called stephanotis). She smells them and faints, and David carries her into the garden and becomes Jordan. This time, when she wakes up, she doesn't scream. He kisses her, and she smiles, then faints again. David carries her back out. She's confused when she wakes up. He told her she fainted, and suggests they return to the house. Back at the house, David take some pictures of Amanda. She comments on the dress, saying it's like it was made just for her. David recites more of the poem and she joins in. David says she remembers, but Amanda figures she must have studied the poem at one time. He says he believes what the poem says, that love went on and on if two people are meant for each other. She agrees with him, they gaze into each other's eyes, and kiss. Cameron walks in and sees them kissing.

Gary went home to get some clothes, and has memories of happier days with Josie. She comes home, and things are awkward between them. He tries to go, but she insists he stay a while. They share lunch and eventually have some light-hearted conversation. They laugh, but soon return to reality, and tension comes between them again. She asks if there was any hope for the two of them. Gary says he doesn't know. He's uncomfortable and tries to leave. Josie went to the bedroom and he follows. She cries, saying she ruined everything that they had together. She says she can't watch him walk out the door again. He says there's too much between them for things to return to how they used to be. She thinks they can make it work if they want to enough. She kisses him, and he kisses her back.

Toni gets nowhere with Cindy, until she gets a tip from Joe on how to get suspects to talk. She plays the tape of Grant saying "help me" over and over. Cindy starts to fall apart, and when Toni pushes some more, Cindy says she saw who killed Grant. She told Toni that it was Gary.


Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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