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Grace continued to plot with Hugo against Ben. Blair was ordered to get an MRI after having ongoing dizzy spells. Dorian tried to finagle information from Viki on Viki's social life. Nora ordered Lindsay to keep quiet. Blair and Starr left town. .
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, April 5, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson

Hugo and Grace Meet in the Park

Hugo asks Grace to tell him what she has learned about Ben and his whereabouts, but she has little to tell. He then decides to make a new game plan because it is obvious Kevin doesn't know as much as they thought he would. When Hugo learns that Hamlet has been staying in contact with his confidant through the personals, he considers using that as a way to draw Ben out into the open. Grace, referring to him as her grandfather, questions Hugo's plan and says Kevin will see it, but Hugo thinks they can work with that. Grace says she wants Ben to pay for what he did to her father and Hugo assures her he will.

At Rodi's

Joey asks Kevin about Grace but Kevin is evasive about his feelings, although it is obvious he is attracted to her. When Kelly walks in, Kevin leaves the table. Kelly is soon joined by Max, and together they tell Joey that they have moved in together. Joey doesn't take the news well.

At another table R.J. tries to get Téa to go out with him. She tries to let him down easily, but R.J., obviously jealous about Sykes, accuses her of looking down at him because of his past and makes some personal attacks on Sykes. Dorian appears at the table and Téa leaves as R.J. is once again hounded by Dorian to help her spy on Viki. Téa overhears some of the discussion. Dorian is surprised R.J. knows nothing of the shooting at Crossroads and tells him the bartender is missing and that she saw blood on Viki's stairs at Llanfair. R.J. refuses to help Dorian in her schemes against Viki and he tells her he wants to stay clean. Just then Max interrupts to speak to R.J. and Dorian leaves to confront Kelly about her relationship with Max and her disregard for Blair's feelings. Back at R.J.'s table, Max tells R.J. to relax about their financial problems and as he looks back at Kelly, he says he has a plan. Max returns to Kelly and they discuss Blair's illness, which Dorian is blaming on Kelly and Max's affair. Max doesn't believe she is really sick, but Kelly does. He surprises her by asking her to go into business with him and R.J. at Club Indigo.

Dorian and R.J. pick up their conversation about Dorian's scheme and R.J. adamantly refuses to get involved. Téa then approaches him to try to smooth things over, but it doesn't work as he continues to accuse her of rejecting him because of his past.

Nora, Sam and Bo

Nora is surprised by Bo's visit. When he says he wants to talk to Sam about Crossroads, Nora leaves the room to take Matthew into his nursery. Bo tells Sam he wants answers or he'll have him charged with obstruction of justice. Sam continues to dance around Bo's questions, but Bo isn't buying anything Sam says. Nora returns from the Nursery and tells Bo that Sam has told her everything. Sam then goes to Matthew and leaves an uncomfortable Bo and Nora alone to talk. Bo apologizes for interrupting the baby's homecoming and quickly leaves. Sam takes Matthew from Nora so she can get some rest and she kisses him before going upstairs. Later she goes into the nursery to find Sam asleep with the baby in a rocking chair. He wakes when she touches him and the two share a close moment.

Ben and Viki

Ben and Viki get frisky while making a meal in the kitchen at Llanfair. When Viki turns away for a moment, Ben disappears and the kitchen door is left open. When Ben returns, he is carrying daffodils and Viki is relieved. He pours wine and lights candles setting the stage for a romantic dinner. Viki tells Ben she wants him to stay until he knows who's after him and when he's out of danger. In answer to his worries about her safety, she assures him she isn't the least bit worried about herself. Later, passions heat up as they embrace when he agrees to stay. They are interrupted by a call from the Banner in which Viki instructs the caller to keep the Crossroads story low key until they have more information. They continue to kiss passionately in the kitchen until Ben leaves the kitchen to go upstairs.

Bo and Sykes at a Stakeout

When Bo shows up at Sykes' stakeout, he tells Sykes he found Sam at Nora's and describes them as a happy family. Bo wonders how everything went as far as it did and implies he doesn't think he will get over Nora anytime soon.

Bo, looking through binoculars, sees Hugo and Grace embrace as she leaves the park.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Ben watched from the shadows when Dorian arrived at Llanfair and attempted to "make amends" with Viki. After Dorian left, Ben told Viki about Dorian's visits to the Crossroads. Grace continued to spy on Kevin and informed Hugo about Kevin and Ben's next meeting. Kevin was knocked unconscious by Hugo when he arrived for his rendezvous with Ben. Dorian paid a visit to Sophia to get some information on Viki and Ben. Dorian was surprised when Viki suddenly arrived. Ben discovered that Viki took off for the Crossroads against his wishes. At a press conference regarding The Sun, Kelly fumbled questions about her personal relationship with Max. Without thinking, Kelly said that she didn't care about Max and hurt his feelings. Joey came to Kelly's rescue and cut the press conference short. Blair covered when Max witnessed her having another dizzy spell. Blair later became concerned when she found out that she needed an MRI.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Written by:Marina Lawson

The Garage

Grace runs to Kevin who has been knocked unconscious on the garage floor. She misses her grandfather, who rushes into the elevator unnoticed.

The "Stakeout" Apartment

Bo is eating and commenting to John how the mess (empty food wrappers and drink cans) has gotten out of hand. Sykes (who is looking through binoculars out a window) says he didn't think the stakeout would last that long. He tells Bo he appreciates his coming by. Bo says he's waiting for all the pieces of the Rappaport case to come together and he rehashes the events (the break in at Sam's office, the shooting at Crossroads, Graham being shot). Sykes and Bo look through binoculars out the window. Bo suddenly realizes that Sam has changed his name, that's why there's nothing on him. He calls the station to have them put a search on a name change for Sam.

Nora's Office

Nora comes into her office with the baby. Sam is trailing behind her, bringing in all the baby's necessities. She's disappointed when a phone call is from the pest control company and not a client. Nora goes to the computer and finds her system down. Sam volunteers to take a look at the computer so Nora can get some work done. As he sits down Nora is talking to baby Matthew in baby talk as Sam watches her with a loving look on his face.

The Crossroads

Dorian sarcastically tells Viki she's surprised to see her there. Viki in her sarcastic turn asks Sophia (who is behind the bar) if she does take out for chicken soup. Dorian has a smug look on her face as she tells Viki she's caught her in her secret retreat. She goes on to goad Viki by telling her that Crossroads has karaoke contests and the first prize is fuzzy dice. She asks Viki if she's all right, she's looking pale. Dorian then asks Viki what her latest passion is. Viki finds it incredible that Dorian has taken such an interest in her social life and how proud she must be of herself. Dorian looks at Viki with a Cheshire cat grin.

The Garage

Grace's grandfather calls her as she hovers over Kevin. Kevin starts to come to and Grace tells Hugo she must hang up. Hugo tells her to meet him in the park later. Kevin wants to know what Grace is doing there. Grace tells Kevin she followed him. He wants to stay and wait for his contact, but Grace wants to take him to the hospital. Kevin insists on waiting for his contact and Grace leaves.

Nora's Office

Sam continues to work on Nora's computer and Nora goes to massage Sam's neck and back (kinks he got while sleeping on her couch). Nora asks Sam what he meant by Ben being in good hands and Sam tells her he's with a friend. When she presses him for more information, Sam eludes her. Sam finally fixes her computer and Nora asks Sam what he and Bo were talking about while she was upstairs with the baby. Sam is again evasive, but Nora tells him sooner or later Bo will figure out the name change.


Will is talking to Ben in the kitchen. Ben tries to get away by saying he needs to get materials for the carpentry job but then curiosity gets the better of him and he starts asking Will questions about his family. Will tells Ben about his sister Jen and his new half-brother. He also tells Ben that Sam was an only child and that both his parents died while Sam was in college. Ben tells Will that he had an older brother that he lost touch with. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Will answers it and it's Lindsay. She's brought Will a picnic lunch. Will turns to introduce Lindsay to Ben but he has disappeared from the kitchen.

The Crossroads

Sophia offers Blondie some food and drink and Dorian calls attention to Sophia's insolence for calling Viki "Blondie." Dorian says that if Viki has a handle she must be a regular at the bar or did it mean that Viki was serious with the bartender? Viki says she heard about the shooting and asks if Ben was there when it happened. Sophia says she hasn't seen him since the shooting. Viki feigns concern and outrage that no one has seen Ben, he could have been hurt! Viki asks Sophia if she knows where he might be. Sophia doesn't know, she thought Viki knew where he might be. Dorian looks on with amusement. She doesn't buy any of Viki machinations. When Dorian starts to question Viki, Viki turns on Dorian and tells her that her imagination is bizarre. Dorian is onto Viki and she pushes on, reminding Viki of the blood on the steps in her house as Viki looks at her with contempt.

Nora's Office

Nora thanks Sam for fixing her computer and Sam says he has to get to work. Sam tells Nora to call him anytime she needs him. Nora tells Sam that she saw Bo drive by the house. Before Sam can answer, Renee comes into the office and Sam excuses himself. Renee and Nora talk about the adoption agency in Carson City. Nora tells her that since it was a private adoption, they were less than cooperative. She tells her she will continue the search with more information. Renee tells Nora that she's invited her to her and Asa's engagement party, but she hasn't invited Sam. Nora doesn't expect that they would, Asa despises Sam. Nora also assumes Bo will be there. Renee asks if it will bother Nora, but Nora says she has to move on. As they continue to talk about Renee's baby, Nora realizes that Bo has another brother.

The Stakeout Apartment

Bo is waiting to hear if his hunch about Sam's name change is right. Sykes talks about his own name change and adoption (does anybody besides me notice the segue between Renee looking for her baby and Sykes talking about his adoption?). There is a knock at the door and Sykes looks through the peephole. It's Téa and she's brought ice cream. She sees Bo and asks if it's okay with him that she's there. Bo says it's fine and goes to the window to look through the binoculars. He sees Grace in the park meeting Hugo. Down below, Grace tells Hugo about Kevin's attack and he feigns concern.

The Crossroads

Viki dismisses Dorian as she talks about the blood on the stairs and Dorian continues to goad Viki. Viki says she's concerned about Ben and wonders if Dorian and Sophia might know where he is. Dorian still isn't falling for Viki ruse and they start to bicker about Ben's whereabouts and who had what to do with it. Sophia (the numbskull) wants to know what's going on, and Dorian says nothing, Viki wants them to believe she doesn't know where Ben is. Viki says it's all part of the vendetta Dorian swore out against her. Viki tells Dorian to stay away from her and her family and flounces out of the bar. Dorian watches the performance in amusement. Outside, Viki heaves a sigh of relief and leaves. Sophia has bought the charade, but Dorian tells Sophia she knows Ben is in Viki house.

The Stakeout Apartment

Bo has left to go to the park. Sykes and Téa talk about how the Graham house is for sale. They talk about family, and Téa picks up the binoculars and looks out the window. She's taken aback by what she sees. Sykes knows it's the couple across the street having sex. Sykes tells her she doesn't have to watch and looks through the binoculars. Curiosity gets the better of Téa and she takes the binoculars away from Sykes so she can get another look (I think this is a misdemeanor, doesn't anybody on this police department obey the law?)

The Kitchen at Llanfair

Lindsay is looking around the kitchen while Will is looking for the carpenter. Lindsay is puzzled as to why Viki would want to finish her attic; she already has a house full of rooms. Will reminds Lindsay she has lots of clothes but she still shops. Lindsay thinks that Viki is jealous because Jessica is having a baby (what?) and feels compelled to decorate. She goes on to say it must be nice to have that kind of money to do with as you please (didn't Lindsay just get a huge settlement from Asa and Clint?). Lindsay thinks that's why she had a hard time with Clint, she couldn't understand his wealth. Will says it was because Clint was a jerk (oh please, what short memories, maybe it was because Lindsay was a jerk because she was still in love with Sam and in love with Clint's money). Will asks about the picnic lunch and Lindsay says she wants to spend time with him. They share a tender moment.

The Park

Hugo is warning Grace about Ben Davidson. Grace wants to tell Kevin about everything, but Hugo forbids it. Hugo wants to wait until they have the "goods" on Ben. Bo arrives and watches Grace and Hugo walk off arm in arm. Bo looks puzzled and turns to see Nora arriving in the park with the baby.

Nora tells Bo she came out to give the baby some air and Bo tells Nora he was looking for someone. Nora apologizes for "last night" and how awkward it was. Bo says it was his fault and tells her he drove by later. Nora says she saw him. Bo asks her if she's sure she knows Sam well enough. Nora says she does. She changes the subject by bringing up Asa and Renee's engagement party. He asks her if she's going and she says yes. Bo tells Nora he still worries about her, but Nora tells him not to. Bo says he can't help it, he knows trouble follows Sam. Nora says she'll make sure it doesn't touch them.

From around the corner, Will and Lindsay appear. They see Nora with the baby and Will goes to see the baby. When Will asks if he can say hi to Matthew, Nora tells him of course, he's his brother. Lindsay looks both jealous and guilty.

The Crossroads

Sophia asks Dorian if she's sure that Viki has Ben stashed at Llanfair. Dorian reminds her about the two coffee cups in the kitchen and her elaborate charade to throw her off the track. Dorian is sure that Viki is harboring a fugitive and she's going to prove it with Sophia's help.

The Kitchen at Llanfair

Viki comes into the kitchen and Ben stops her and told her he thought they agreed she would not go to Crossroads. Viki says she never agreed not to go. Besides she wanted to threaten and bribe Sophia into not saying anything (because it's worked so well in the past, ask Dorian, Sam and Bo; Sophia can't hold water). Viki says she couldn't talk to Sophia because Dorian was there. Ben tells Viki he told her not to go. Viki says she doesn't like being told what to do and asks if they're having a fight (ugh, there's that I'm mooning over you face again).

The Garage

Kevin is still waiting for his contact and Grace comes to check on him (why she left someone with a head injury is beyond me). Kevin tells her he has a mild concussion. Grace offers to monitor him.

The Kitchen at Llanfair

Ben says it's not a fight. Viki tells Ben she's put off Dorian and bought some time (if he had seen the performance at the bar, he would have been packing his bags and heading out of town). They talk about how headstrong she is and then Ben turns my stomach by telling her she's beautiful and sexy. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Viki is attractive, but I wish the writers would quit ramming repeated lines down our throat, remember "my wife", or "my little girl", now Ben keeps telling Viki she's beautiful. She looks at him with that love struck look and he keeps calling her Blondie in every other sentence and I can't watch this scene anymore.

The Park

Will is fawning over Matthew and Nora sees Lindsay watching and not looking too happy. Nora tells Will that his Mom is waiting and Will goes to leave with Lindsay. Lindsay nastily tells Nora she would take absolutely everything if she could.

The Stakeout Apartment

Téa is fondling Sykes's hair and distracting him from his work. Téa kisses Sykes and things get passionate. They hear a knock on the door and it's Bo. Téa is flustered and puts her jacket back on. Bo is oblivious to the whole scene and looks through the binoculars. He seems Sam and Nora with the baby in the park. As Bo watches them, he says, "I'm going to get you; one way or the other, I'm going to get you."

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Written by: Dawn

An overall rating of B for today. Stuff's beginning to develop with Sam, Blair and Viki. Jessica's still pregnant-a notable length for a soap opera pregnancy.

So, Blair, her dizzyness, was having a few spells. The doctor warned her that she needs to have a MRI asap. She tried to pretend she was feeling better, but became more concerned as her symptoms worsened. She went to see Max, but decided to leave as Kelly, returning from her flying lessons, waltzed in. As Blair ran off, she dropped her consult. Max found it and called the doctor, pretending to be her husband. He got the skinny on her medical problems.

Blair then decided to leave with Starr, but Starr yelled Goodbye to Dorian. Dorian said she needs her help in breaking into Llandfair to find Viki's mystery guy.

Bo learned some of Sam's skeletons. His real last name is Davidson, he had mob ties, he changed his name and a man named Sam Davidson is dead. Well, Lindsay overheard about the name change and wigged out. She couldn't believe he would lie to her and her children for 14 years. She rushed over to Nora's house and found Will babysitting baby Matthew.

Nora, meanwhile was at Renee and Asa's engagement party being held at Club Indigo. Asa got mad because his drink was cheapened and R.J. admitted his dream club was going down.

Friday, April 9, 1999

Sophia and Dorian

Having had no luck with either Viki or Sam, Sophia shows up at Dorian's house. Dorian is pleased because she has a job for Sophia to do, it's time she started earning her money.

Will and Lindsay

Lindsay arrived at Nora's house looking for Sam and was outraged to find that Sam had left Will alone to care for Matthew. Lindsay is very upset and comments that Sam can't be out on Rappaport family business because there is no Rappaport family anymore. Will, thinking she's talking about her divorce from Sam, tries to comfort her. He's also worried that Lindsay is upset that because of his baby with Jessica, he'll sort of become part of the Buchanan family and because of Matthew, he's part of a new family with Nora and Sam. Lindsay tells him that he's sweet to be worrying about her and he assures her that she will always be his mom, that'll he'll always be the son of Lindsay and Sam Rappaport. Like Matthew will always be the son of Nora and Sam, Lindsay adds, obviously pondering if Matthew is really Sam's son or Bo's. When Will tells her that Nora is at Asa and Renee's engagement party, Lindsay forgets her previous outrage that Will was left alone with Matthew and leaves to go find Nora.


Sam arrives at Viki's house to warn Ben that Sophia is snooping around and could be very dangerous. Ben already knows this since Sophia had come to Llanfair looking for Viki. He tells Sam not to worry about it, he has taken care of everything. Sam wants to help, but Ben refuses to tell him any details, not wanting to involve him any further. The two men hug and then Sam reluctantly leaves. Ben writes a note to Viki and leaves it on a table in the foyer before leaving.

Just as Ben walks out the front door, Dorian picks the lock on the french doors in the library and lets herself and Sophia in. They are looking for proof that Ben was there.

Club Indigo

Renee and Asa's engagement party is in full swing. Bo and Nora run into each other and Bo warns Nora to be careful, he is worried about Sam's connections putting her in danger. Nora thinks he's over-reacting and being obsessive and tells him so. Later, she asks Hank if he can talk to Bo and get him to back off a little bit.

Sykes and Téa walk in and sit down as a jealous R.J. watches. Sykes asks Téa if they're going to keep pretending they're not together when R.J.'s around. Of course not, Téa replies, and puts her hand in John's. R.J. simmers for a while and later goes over to their table and confronts John, Téa would be having a much better time if she was with him, R.J. declares. Neither man seems about to back down, but Hank finally comes over and breaks it up and convinces R.J. to come talk to him. Hank suggests R.J. go home and let Max take care of everything. He can't do that, R.J. explains, his partner Max left.

Viki arrives at the party, looking quite nice, so nice in fact that Joey takes a picture of her. Joey asks if the carpenter can come do some work at the carriage house, but Viki explains that he had to leave town to take another job. Later, Kevin introduces Grace to Viki. Viki looks very pleased as she watches her son and Grace dance. Her happiness is interrupted when Jessica informs her that some girl named Sophia came to the house looking for her. Viki rushes out in a hurry.


Dorian and Sophia hear Viki arriving home and hide, Dorian in the library and Sophia in the closet. Viki never makes it into the library, though, she notices the note from Ben right away and reads it. It is a note saying goodbye and that he's glad their paths crossed. After thinking a moment, Viki realizes where Ben has gone and rushes back out the door. Sophia comes out of the closet, holding Ben's bloody shirt. Dorian now has the evidence she's been looking for. The two women sneak back out through the library, but not before Sophia steals a small box of Viki's that she had admired when they were snooping around.

Club Indigo

Unable to contact Grace by phone, Hugo shows up at Club Indigo to see her. He has just enough time to tell her that Ben has decided to "come in from the cold" before Kevin and Bo join them and she is forced to introduce her grandfather. Hugo claims he just flew in from Europe, which arouses Bo's suspicions because he saw Hugo and Grace together in the park the day before when he was on his stakeout. Bo tries to question Hugo, but he reveals little and disappears when Bo's back is turned. Bo then talks to Kevin, who can't tell him much about Grace and Hank, who says he has never seen Hugo before. Bo's detective work is interrupted by Asa's formal announcement of his wedding to Renee and a toast.

As Nora is leaving the party, she runs into Lindsay. Lindsay confronts her with the news that Sam's real name is Davidson, and is angry, but not surprised to learn that Nora already knew the truth. Lindsay wants to make the information public at the party, but Nora pushes her into the ladies bathroom (which has an out of order sign on the door, Jessica had earlier warned R.J. that the door was sticking). Lindsay tries to get past Nora, but Nora shoves her back. Revealing the truth could be dangerous to a lot of people, Nora tries to explain and tells Lindsay to think of someone else besides herself for once. They are going to stay in there until they hash this out, Nora insists.

Dorian's House

Back at Dorian's house, she invites Sophia to stay overnight because of the storm. Dorian is happy that she now has her proof and no one will even know they were there. Once Dorian's left the room, Sophia pulls the little box out of her jacket and looks at it guiltily.

The Crossroads

At the Crossroads, Ben is standing in the rain waiting for Hugo with a gun in one hand and the black book in the other. A car pulls up and Ben yells for them to come and get him, he's not going anywhere. But the person that steps out of the car isn't Hugo, it's Viki...

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