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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on GL
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Monday, April 5, 1999

At the Bauer's:
Rick and Phillip are drinking excessively and Phil is complaining about the latest argument between Harley and himself. Rick tells him that he loves him, he's his best friend but sometimes he can be a pompous ass. Rick then started mocking Phillip and showed him what he acts like. Phil told Rick that they had been friend forever and that he was supposed to be on his side. Rick told him he had an idea and the two left. At the Lewis':
Jeva love scenes. Reva had apparently gotten good news from the Doc.

At the Farm:
Harley, Blake and Cassie are having a PJ party. Harley is complaining about her argument with Phil and Cassie tells her to get over it. Life is too short and that she needs to call Phil. Harley tries and Phil is not home. Rick knocks on the door and apologized to Harley for his friend while Phillip hid in the bushes. Harley goes back in the house and slams the door. They hear a noise that sounds quite like a dying cow. Harley goes to the door and sees that the ailing animal was in fact Phillip. He was serenading Harley (it was hilarious), and playing a guitar. They kiss and make up and Phillip, Harley and Rick leave.

At Millennium:
Buzz and Selena are looking through the obituaries looking for a mother for Drew. Selena asked buzz if he would forge a birth certificate for her.
     Danny and Pilar reunite. Michelle and Jesse walk in and immediately Michelle started questioning Danny. She was visibly jealous. Pilar told Michelle that she was much more to Danny than a friend. Michelle and Jesse leave.
     Danny and Pilar try to catch up. Pilar questions Danny about Michelle and there relationship. He tells her about the marriage and says that it was because she was in trouble and they married to keep her safe but the marriage was over.
     Meanwhile, in Drew's apartment Michelle kissed Jesse and was thinking of kissing Danny while doing so. He questioned her about Danny and she said that he moved on and so has she. Drew walked in, Michelle left and Drew told Jesse he has to move out.
     When Michelle was leaving she saw Danny kiss Pilar, she ran out. It was then revealed that Pilar was in fact Danny's sister.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

With Matt's support, Vanessa goes to the police station to reveal Dinah's whereabouts to Frank. After discovering that Dinah is in Lucerne, Frank tries to contact the convent only to find out that Dinah has disappeared. Upon hearing the news, Cassie becomes fearful for the welfare of herself and her family.

Carmen and Ben meet for lunch at Millennium to further discuss a possible business relationship. Carmen implies that if Ben were to work for her she would help him ruin Alan Spaulding financially. They discuss Blake's possible reaction if Ben were to work for Carmen. After making a dinner date for the following evening, Ben slithers out of Millennium. Danny enters with his younger sister Pilar, who has returned for spring break from her school in Barcelona. When Pilar excuses herself to use the ladies room, Mama Santos blasts Danny for bringing Pilar home without her permission. She reminds Danny that the reason she has kept Pilar out of the country was to shield her from any knowledge of the family's business activities. When Pilar returns, she announces that she has made a decision not to return to school in Barcelona.

Ben finds Blake alone at Cassie's house and within moments they are rolling around on the livingroom floor. After making love, Ben tells Blake that the relationship is over because he realizes that Blake will always be embarrassed by him. He goes on to say that he is only doing what he knows Blake wants but does not have the courage to do herself. He leaves Blake standing speechless and partially clad in Cassie's livingroom.

Jesse and Drew argue about their relationship, or lack thereof, according to Drew. In tears, she tells Jesse that she wants him out of her apartment and out of her life for good because she can no longer tolerate the romantic feelings that she has for him. Meanwhile, across town at the Bauer home, Michelle decides that Jesse should move in with her. She talks to Rick and Abby and gets their approval. As she rushes over to Drew's apartment to give Jesse a spare key, Michelle walks in on Jesse and Drew in the middle of an obviously intimate moment in their conversation.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

When Pilar reveals her plans to remain in Oakdale, Carmen refuses to allow it and orders her to go as planned at the end of the week. Pilar sticks to her guns and insists on staying with her family where she belongs.

Frank reports to Vanessa, Matt and Cassie that the nuns at the convent told him that Dinah has been missing for a week now. Worried that Dinah is not where it's safe and ignoring Matt's pleas to stay put for now, Vanessa makes a reservation to fly to Lucerne. Matt eventually agrees to fly with her.

Catching Jesse and Drew in an argument, Michelle agrees with Jesse that they need some time apart to assure that their relationship is one worth starting again. Jesse explains their decision to Drew who kicks Jesse out anyway. Pilar stuns Michelle when she introduces herself as Danny's sister. Later, Michelle announces to Danny that she's going to visit her father in Europe and doesn't know when she'll be back.

Worried that Dinah might be back in Springfield, Cassie panics when she answers the phone and finds no one on the other end of the call.

When Reva stops by for a visit, Cassie admits that she's afraid Dinah is going to come back and harm her. Reva advises her to stop living her life in fear of Dinah. Instead, Reva suggests that she live for herself and her children. Encouraged, Cassie sends Reva on her way, unaware that she has forgotten to lock the front door. Later, Cassie panics when she hears a noise outside.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Cassie is relieved to find Jim at her front door, not Dinah. When they discuss his new life in Springfield, he confides that he feels like he's cheating on his wife every time he's with another woman. She encourages him to be with Beth and he admits that he's going to take that relationship slowly.

Meanwhile, Beth talks with Vicky about her exciting new relationship with Jim. Vicky admits she's jealous and complains that she seems to disagree with David on everything. Vicky's jaw drops when David enters Millennium wearing his police uniform.

Harley is sensitive when she mentions her unborn baby and Susan shows no interest. She lectures her daughter in hopes she'll believe Phillip cares for her.

Phillip interrupts Reva and Josh's plans for the evening and won't take "no" for an answer. He complains to them about Josh's decision to hire Jim at Lewis Oil. When Josh accuses him of interfering, something he promised he wouldn't do, Phillip denies it, causing Josh to announce that he's resigning and will be selling the rest of his and Reva's stock to him. Phillip falls for the threat and backs down.

. Carmen claims she's not interested when Danny pushes her to develop a personal relationship with Ben. Forcing her way past him, Blake is jealous when she finds dinner for two set up at Ben's place for "a client." Insisting that the formal setting is for a client, Ben claims that he ended their relationship because he loves her, not hates her.

Friday, April 9, 1999

Calling Carmen a prostitute first, Blake then lets her have both barrels when Ben leaks that his business "guest" is the matriarch of the Santos family. Carmen insists that her family's activities are above board which sends Blake running. When he refuses to end things with Blake, Carmen takes back her job offer to Ben. Meanwhile, Blake runs to Ross and looks for comfort from him. However, her plans for romance are foiled by India who has her own interest in Ross.

In Luzerne, Vanessa finds out from the Mother Superior that Dinah really did leave. She's given a letter from Dinah in which she writes that she will never bother Cassie and must make up for all the pain she has caused everyone.

Meanwhile, Dinah makes a commitment to be a nun for the rest of her life.

When Susan overhears Phillip complain to Harley about Jim's manipulations, she screams at him to stay away from her just as Jim and Beth arrive. Jim angrily orders Phillip to back off and then, after sending Susan upstairs, announces that he is planning to leave town with Susan.

Though Buzz is against the idea, Selena hires an actor who tells Drew her now-dead birth mother was forced by a court order to give up her daughter at birth. Jesse uncovers Selena's secret.

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