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Monday, April 12, 1999

Annie wants to know what Carmen's prediction means by flying into the future on the wings of a bird. She told Annie she will see soon but Annie says she doesn't have time. Carmen sees Annie's desperation and asks her if there is anything she can do. Annie told he to continue reading the cards Carmen then tells her she's in danger and to be careful. Carmen went out of the room. Annie went around to the table to look at the cards. All of a sudden the Emperor card turns into Gregory and The Knight of Wands turns into Cole. They tell her to flip another card. She flips the next card and it's the truth card. They tell her the truth will come out. They tell her to flip the next one and it's the executioner. She knows what that means. She starts wondering who she can turn to and flips the next card which is the Queen of Pentacles that turns into Bette. She leaves Carmen's

Cole went to his hotel room and finds all his things from the Richard's house. He vows it won't be that easy to get him out of Caitlin and Trey's life. He finds a bear that he gave Trey and calls Rose and asks if he can drop it off because he knows Trey can't sleep without it. After he gets off the phone, he says a restraining order isn't going to keep him away from Trey. Cole went to Bette and Olivia's place with the bear. and break ins. He finds the search warrant and hopes that Ricardo has found the weapon because the restraining order won't do Olivia any good if she's in jail. He places the bear in Trey's play pen and leaves. Annie pops out of the bushes and wonders what Cole was up to. Annie sees the search warrant also. She's ready to walk out of the house because she can't stand the smell of the bird and then remembers Carmen's prediction and says she couldn't have possibly meant the turkey. She went over to the turkey and asks "What do we have here?"

Maria told Meg if she doesn't want her at Ben's house that she'll take Benjy and move out. Meg told her she's threatened to do that ten times already and hasn't. Maria said she will leave but Meg will have to explain to Ben why she left. Meg calls he manipulative and Caitlin walks up with Trey. Meg apologizes to Caitlin and Maria states it was just a small disagreement. Caitlin says it's still hard for her to think of Trey as her brother and not as her son. He's the only mother he's ever known. She said the only way to stop feeling that way is to run away and break all ties to him but she can't do that. Trey needs her. Caitlin told them that she's there to see Gregory. Meg and Maria thank Caitlin for making them stop and think about what's important, Benjy. Meg and Maria tell each other they'll make their living arrangement work and that they were friends and that they went through a lot together and had a lot in common. Things will never be the same but she stills considers Maria a friend. Maria promises to d what it takes to make things work. they hug as Ben walks out. Maria leaves and Meg told Ben they made a truce to make things easier. She told him they realized what was at stake, Benjy and she wants him to fee loved and secure. He told her he couldn't love her more than what he does right now. They kiss and Maria comes back unseen. Maria stumbles out of sight and says she loves him more than she ever did. Ben and Meg go home. they are on the couch. Meg worries about Benjy excepting her. She knows Maria will help him understand. Ben picks her up and carries her upstairs. Maria went to Carmen's sad. Carmen knows that Maria is still in love with Ben and still wants him.

Brad and Amy are at Bette and Olivia's place. He rips the leg off the turkey exposing the gun but he doesn't see it. He told Amy to dig in and she says she might as well since it'll be her last meal. Emily and Sean walk in and asks what happened to the place. Emily runs into his arms and told him he doesn't know what she's been through. Amy shows Sean the note and he heads off to the station with Emily. Amy persuades Brad to take her to the station so she can defend herself. All the kids get to the police station at the same time.

At the station, Ricardo told Bette and Olivia to talk "turkey" and tell him where the gun is. Olivia told him to let them go immediately. Ricardo told Bette about the necklace but Bette says it must have fell off when she saved Francesca from being choked by AJ. Ricardo threatens to take all the evidence to the DA when Olivia's lawyer walks in. Olivia's lawyer says Ricardo doesn't have enough evidence, it's all circumstantial. He wants the two released or he'll press charges for harassment. Ricardo releases them but told them not to leave town.

Gregory is at Liberty Corporation with Ben when he gets a phone call about Bette and Olivia being taken to the police station for questioning on the shooting of Francesca. Gregory told Ben about Cole and Olivia's affair. They then talk about their new found sons. Ben told Gregory it was a shock. Caitlin comes in with Trey. Gregory told Caitlin about her mother being questioned by the police. She feels no remorse about the possibility of her mother going to jail. He told her there's only one thing he needs to get full custody of Trey.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by ME!

Michael and Casey pull a boy out of the ocean and the boy is fine. Casey says next time don't ignore the undertow warning signs. Casey remembers back to the time he saved Sara from an undertow and he says that's when I realized I loved her. Casey says both of our women are fighters, Michael says yeah only Vanessa fought to keep her secrets from me. Vanessa is standing on the pier looking at Michael and Casey and she wonders if it will ever be the same between them again. Back on the beach Casey and Michael continue their talk. Casey asks how Michael and Vanessa's date went. Michael told Casey all about it. How Tyus showed up there, and Michael says just another reminder of all the lies Vanessa has told me. Michael told Casey he can't help it though he still loves her. Casey says if you love her you should be together. Michael says he can't imagine living without her. Michael's says I got to meet someone at the Java web and walks off. A woman walks up to Casey and shows him the Sentinel.

Gabi brought the copy of Francesca's Credit card report to Antonio and Gabi assures Antonio that she was careful when she got it. The talk about how they think Francesca might have the tape hidden in a cabin in big bear. They start looking at the credit card report and Antonio says this is going to take awhile. Their hand touch and they both stare into each others eyes. They get started looking at the receipts. Gabi notices that Antonio looks bad. She says what wrong. He said I can't use the church phone to cover my sins. It's just wrong. They both tell each other how worried they are about everyone finding out their secret. Gabi says she is afraid what will happen if they don't find that tape. Antonio says me too, but I can't do this. Gabi and Antonio begin to go down the list and make calls to all the place where Franny had used her credit card. Gabi talks to one of the people and says thank you! She told Antonio that that place was Realtor and asks him if he understands what this means? Francesca must have rented a cabin we found it! Antonio says we haven't found anything we better go up there. Antonio and Gabi show up at the reality office and questions the Realtor about Francesca. They say they want to rent Francesca cabin the exact cabin she had. And the Realtor says I know why you want it so bad and she sees a ring on Gabi's finger and says your getting married aren't you? She said I will show it you your so obviously in love. Gabi says we have to pretend to me engaged and Antonio says I won't. A friend of Antonio's walks in and the Realtor heres her say bye father see you at the mission. And the Realtor says your a priest?

Gregory tell Caitlin that she can change her life and hands her divorce papers. Caitlin says how could you do this? He tries to explain himself, and says you have to end the marriage. Caitlin says I can just do this. Gregory says when Olivia gets arrested we will get Trey. You have to divorce Cole cause him being a thief won't help when the court awards custody. Caitlin says I understand, but I have to think about this. Gregory says he loves her, and Caitlin walks off to go think. Back at the beach Caitlin sits down in the sand and begins to think. She finds a piece of sea glass, and remembers how Cole once gave her some and told her how it was magical, and she remember about she and Cole and their Grotto. Gregory told Vanessa his giving her a promotion to a different section of the newsletter, she says I won't do it and he says you don't have a choice. Gregory says I own you, you have to do whatever I want. Vanessa says you can sensor me. If you take me of the Vargas story I will quit! and walks off. Gregory looks at the edition of the Sentinel with the story about him and Caitlin being murder suspects. Caitlin walks into the grotto and remembers how she and Cole made love for the first time there. Caitlin hears someone coming and runs and hides behind a wall. It's Cole. He hears Caitlin move and says who is there she walks out from behind the all they look at each other and the credits roll.....

Cole asks Vanessa why she reported that he was accused of murder in the Sentinel without reporting his side of the story? When she promised she would get his side. Vanessa says all I reported was the facts. Cole says you practically said Caitlin was the murder. She said she was fair, and she reported how Gregory and Olivia were suspects too. Cole defends Caitlin, and Vanessa says they are all suspects. Cole says stop spreading these lies about Caitlin ok. Vanessa says I'm not the enemy. She says I know what your going through I know what it is like to lose a child. I do understand and I am on your side. Cole says I'm not so sure about that but you did help me out with one thing. Next scene Vanessa is back at the Java Web and Michael is there she told him how upset she is and that she had a good time at dinner last night. Michael's says I'm meeting someone here. Michael says don't worry it's not social. Vanessa says she is supposed to meet someone too they start talking and realize that he is who Vanessa is supposed to interview on the new assignment that Gregory gave her.

They are still at the police station. Bette told Emily she is sorry about ruining the dinner and Brad says don't worry about that this turkey is delicious and he take a bite. Bette has this worried look on her face. Olivia looks sick and Sean says are you ok? And she explains she is just not used to be accused of murder. Amy apologizes to Olivia about the alibi. Bette says to Olivia lets go Ricardo say not so fast. Ricardo says he want them to be honest. They say we have been. Oscar comes over to Ricardo and says someone wants to talk to you about the Vargas murder. It sounds important he says all right let me take that. I suggest all of you stay where you are. Bette says Bradley how much of the turkey did you eat? Ricardo says he has to take care of something and walks off. Bette and Olivia say what if he thinks we put the gun in the turkey? and they panic and run off. Everyone follows them out of the police station. The next scene Ricardo is at the back door at Bette and Olivia's house. Looking through the doors. He walks in and immediately check the turkey for the gun and it's gone.

Annie takes the gun out of the turkey and remember Carmen's strange prediction and how this has to be the murder weapon and says it's her lucky day. She immediately dials the police station and asks for Ricardo. Oscar says talk up I can't hear you. Annie says I don't want to talk to you get me detective Torres. Ricardo says hello and Annie doesn't answer she has another one of her day dreams. She imagines being in like a '50's police station being questioned by Ricardo. She think about how she is the only one with the finger prints on the gun. Cause she picked it up. She starts thinking about how everyone will says she did it. Ricardo continues to say hello she hangs up the phone. She says what is the matter with me? I have to remember to take my Ginko (remember that, that's a classic line. LoL) Ricardo has to find out that Olivia has the gun Anonymously. Annie wipes off the finger prints and says then we stick it back in the turkey and call Ricardo. She says what if someone did plant the gun and thinks back to when she saw Cole picking the lock to Bette and Olivia's house. And says what if someone did plant the gun, and smiles. Annie thinks how perfect it would be if Cole got arrested and wipes off everything she has touched in the house. Next Scene Annie is back at the Richard's house. She has the gone with her.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Today's recap was provided by MLAHic

The Realtor starts throwing out questions about Antonio being a priest, why did they have to lie, and why do they need to see the cabin? Gabi told June that they had to be discrete because Antonio left the church to be with her. June then says she understands completely and gives them the keys to the cabin. Antonio then turns to Gabi and asks her why she said that, she could've said something else. She told him she'll do whatever it takes to protect Ricardo and that includes getting the tape. Gabi walks out and Antonio follows. They look around the cabin as it's snowing out. Gabi finds a surveillance camera. They'll never find the tape, Antonio promises they will. They make a great team. He went out to get the car. Gabi remembers back to when Francesca first showed her the tape. Francesca makes her skin crawl even when she's dead she proclaims and went to leave. Antonio is at the front door. they're not going anywhere he told her.

Cole and Caitlin are still in the grotto. Cole told Caitlin he still loves her and that if they have to say good bye, it will mean forever. Cole asks her how they will know if things could've worked out if they didn't give each other the chance. They both drudge up there past mistakes and neither seems to be able to forgive the other. They asks each other if they really think they could make it. It's not people that tore them apart but themselves by their lies. Caitlin told Cole that she wanted to protect him. Cole says he's sorry and Caitlin says me too, and walks out of the grotto leaving Cole behind. Cole remembers making love to Caitlin and walks out of the grotto. Caitlin is at home looking at the divorce papers and remembers all their moments together, the good and the bad. Gregory comes out and she asks him to make the pain go away. She's so confused. Gregory told her to sign the papers and talks to her about him and Olivia. He thought they would be together forever too, losing her was the hardest thing for him but he had to do it. He told her she has to divorce Cole and start over with a new family. Her family with him, trey and her. He hands her the pen. She looks down at the papers.

Bette and Olivia walk in on Ricardo. Sean told Ricardo to leave his mom alone. He though Ricardo and him have gotten closer since the ship and that his mom has been through a lot in the past few weeks. Oscar comes by and tells Ricardo that they traced the phone call back to Bette's house. Olivia asks Bette where the gun could possibly be. Bette says maybe the turkey digested it. Sean asks Olivia if she's okay, she thanks him for standing up for her. Emily told Bette her and Sean worked things out. As they are taking dishes out to the kitchen Olivia grabs Amy. Amy says she can explain. Olivia blames Amy for not filling in Brad on their alibi. Amy loves Sean so much she would do anything. Olivia says she forgives her but to go upstairs and pack her bags. Bette comes out and says the gun was there when they left. Someone must've came in and found it but they don't know who.

Gregory/Annie/Ricardo/A. J.:
Gregory walks in as Annie says she's glad to have this. She told Gregory she didn't hear him come in. He wants to know what she meant by what she said. She says she's glad to be married to him and that she misses him. She kisses him and he told her he misses her like the plague. He walks out and she dreams of being in Salem and she's having Cole burned at the stake. She comes out of her fantasy and says she wants to see Cole fry. Annie went to AJ's hotel pretending to be a European model. She tries to persuade a maid to open AJ's room by telling her she should be a model but that doesn't work. So she "accidentally" drops a towel off the cart, while distracted she grabs the keys. She went into Cole's room and hides the gun in his jacket. She congratulates herself on a job well done until she hears the front door. It's Ricardo and AJ so she hides out on the balcony. AJ wants to know if Ricardo would like a drink. Ricardo says AJ knows what he wants.

Michael and Vanessa are at the Java Web. He asks her if she set the whole meeting up because she usually doesn't do fluff pieces. She says she does now and wants to get started on the article. Her first question asks him where he got such a big ego. She then told Michael that Gregory gave her the job. She says she got switched because of her article about his family. He told her he's sorry. they both don't know what is going on in each others life. Vanessa says she hates it. Michael says he wanted to do the article to get volunteers and donations. Vanessa says she would like to do a follow up interview privately so that there are no interruptions

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by WakiJacky

Gabi and Tony are stuck in the cabin together the car battery is dead and the heat doesn't work. Antonio wanted to go into town to find help but Gabi wouldn't let him the town to 10 miles away and Gabi didn't want to be alone. Antonio tried to find fire wood but there wasn't any so they had to use what was in the cabin which wasn't much. There was only one blanket and it was small. Gabi told him that they both needed the blanket and she told him to come under it they had to move in really close so that they both had some. They started to stare at each other and there lips are real close!

Meg was in her office and Casey came in she thought that he was there to comfort her but he wasn't. He was there to tell her that the Richards corporation was dumping chemicals into the bay. Meg said she just checked on it just last week but then realized it was 3 weeks ago. Meg called Ben and Gregory. When they got there Meg told Gregory and he said they would start to fix it first thing in the morning. And Meg and Casey said they needed to start right now Gregory agreed but left. Casey left too. Meg asked Ben if he could look at some of the papers to see what chemicals they were dumping and he said he couldn't because he had to get back to Benjy. So Meg had to do it alone.

Tim went up to Hank and asked him about the order if it was right about the 10 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream and he said that had a gallon and didn't need any more, but then Joan says she got it all for Benjy because Meg said it was his favorite kind. Hank told Tim about how the paternity test told that Ben was Benjy's father. Tim asked if he could leave early and they said he could. Tim went over to Ben's house and Tess answered the door He said oh you must be Tess and she said yes he introduced himself.

AJ told Ricardo that if he wanted to check his hotel room again then he could he said to start looking on the balcony (Annie is still standing on the balcony) Ricardo said he didn't need to and shut the door. He told him about how the gun that AJ "lost" was the gun that shot Francesca and that he is still a major suspect and he thinks that AJ might have hidden in gun in Olivia's room. Ricardo left and AJ went to take a shower.

Ricardo went to meet Maria at the Java Web and when he got there they started talking he said he bought some stuff that she could look through to see if Benjy would like any of it. they were there fir a while and since Antonio and Gabi hadn't come yet they were just going to leave to go back to Maria's. When a robber came in and told everyone to give him his wallets everyone threw there wallets even Ricardo. Ricardo told him to give him his gun but he wouldn't the robber looked in Ricardo and found out he was a cop and told him to give him his gun but he wouldn't he said to give it to him or he would shoot him and everyone else in the room.

Annie snuck out when AJ went to take a shower but got stopped by the hotel maid Annie started a different accent and the maid accused her of stealing the master key. Annie tried to leave but the maid kept her there and banged on A.J.'s door to ask him if he knew Annie but Annie told her that he went to take a shower because she was showing him some of her molding moves. Annie went down to the ground and put down the master key and then picked them up and the maid realized that she didn't break in so she let Annie go. Annie went home took a voice changer to call the police station and tell them where to find the gun. She went to the Java Web to call. When she walked in she spotted Ricardo and Maria she started to walk over to them reached Ricardo and saw the robber with the gun. He told her if she moved he would shoot, she started to move away, Ricardo screamed "Annie, NO!" and jumped in front of her.

Friday, April 16, 1999

Ricardo is shot while at the Java Web with Maria and Annie. Maria and Annie try to stop the bleeding but doesn't work. Someone calls 911. Mean while Ben and Meg have a little argument but make up. Meg makes a little crack about now everything will be smooth sailing now with Maria and Benjy. Meg then went and shuts the door and her and Ben start kissing. It went back to Annie and Maria at the hospital. Maria is a mess. Doctors take Ricardo to work on. While Maria is off doing something, Annie calls Ben and interrupts Ben and Meg's private time. Ben says he will be right there. Doctors start operating on Ricardo. They don't want to but they are forced to. When Ben and Meg show up Annie told them what happened at the Java Web. She has a flashback of planting the gun and she went to call the police to tell them the gun that killed Franny is at Coles apartment. Maria told Ben and Maria how Ricardo was always strong when he got hurt. He never cried. Ben and Meg assure Ricardo will be okay. Meg then went and gets Maria some water. Ben and Maria just talk and Ben comforts her. When Meg returned she sees Ben and Maria hugging. Annie walks up and says "He loves her and always will." Doctors are still operating on Ricardo. And when they think everything is ok, Ricardo went flatline.

Tim shows up at Ben and Megs. Tess lets him in but is unsure she should have as she says later. Tess questions of being a friend of Maria because she never mentioned him in Seattle. Tim says she didn't know him then. Tim then says he wants to know how Meg is handling all of this with Benjy. Tess says she really doesn't know Meg all that well. Tim went on to tell Tess all the problems Beg and Meg had of staying together. He says that she has dealt with it but isn't sure of how much more she can take. Tess asks Tim how he know Ben, Meg, and Maria but Joan rings the doorbell to see if Ben is there. She then told them about the shooting at the Web.

Gabi talks about how Ricardo was everything she wanted in a man. He understood her like no one else has and how he has treated he with respect. Antonio assures Gabi that she will not lose Ricardo. He says they will find the tape and not let Ricardo see it. Antonio then asks Gabi if she loves Ricardo because she is obligated to or does she really love him. Gabi asks Antonio if he is asking her what love is and he says yes. She told him love is a "passionate, overwhelming, desire for connection...its wanting someone so much it hurts. And when they aren't in your live its empty" Antonio then asks her did she just hear what she said. She says that it sounded like she was talking about her feeling for Antonio. He asks if she was? She says she loves Ricardo and is going to marry him. But Antonio says how can she when they both feel like this. Gabi asks him if he has the same feelings she does for him.

Cole catches Caitlin in his apartment. She said something's needed closure. They argue a lot and he says that he is glad Franny is dead unaware that Caitlin found the gun that Annie planted. Caitlin then told Cole its over and she's going to divorce him the fastest she can. They both continue to argue. As Caitlin leaves the SBPD shows up at the door with a search warrant for Coles apartment.

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