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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on PC
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Monday, April 19, 1999

Scott continues his search for Lucy. He notifies the police however they are unable to help since she has not been missing for 24 hours. Scott is convinced that DV has something to do with Lucy's disappearance. He tries to get into DV's office only to be told by DV's secretary that he is out of the country. Scotty sarcastically asked her if he was in Indonesia making clothing using child labor.
Later that day, Scotty finds a homeless man with Lucy's pocketbook. The same homeless man that caused Lucy to be knocked unconscious. After a little coercion, the man finally admits that he saw Lucy earlier but he could not remember exactly where.

Julie and Chris at the Psychiatric hospital
Chris arrives at Julie's hospital after she had summoned his presence. Chris impatiently asked her what she wanted. She informs him that she has a plan that will benefit the three of them. Chris asked who the third person was and she told him her baby of course. Chris asked her to get on with the plan. Julie wants Chris to smuggle her baby out of the hospital when she is born in exchange for half of the money received from the DL-56. Chris hastily agrees since he believes that Julie is a nut faking pregnancy. Unfortunately for Chris, Julie lets Chris on a little secret. She removes the pillow and shows Chris her very big and pregnant stomach. Chris is flabbergasted. He thought that Julie was really insane. Julie explains that she had to pretend to be crazy in order to protect her baby.
Julie asks Chris again if he is going to help her. This time Chris was not so quick to answer. Julie had to remind him of the millions of dollars that he would be receiving from the royalties. The mention of money convinced Chris to help Julie. Chris asked exactly what he had to do. She told him that her baby was due in about 6 weeks and it was going to be his responsibility to find a quiet place for her to have her baby, smuggle the baby out of the hospital, and then find a safe place to keep the baby until they could work on phase two of the plan. Chris asked her what phase two was. Julie responded that phase two was getting her out of this hospital so that she could be with her daughter.

Courtney, Frank, Karen, and Joe
Courtney and Frank have hatched another plan to throw suspicion is Karen's mind. Frank has paid a visit to the "Classic Cat" and picked up all sort of memorabilia. The two decide to plant a pair of matches with the club's logo on it in a place where Karen is sure to find it. Courtney reminds Frank that Neal is spending a night at Joe's tonight. She has to stop by the hospital to drop off Neal's bag. That would be a perfect opportunity to plant the matches in Joe's locker.
At the hospital, Courtney runs into Joe. She exchanges some pleasantries, then gives Joe Neal's bag. Joe puts the bag in his locker. After Joe leaves, Frank sneaks into the on call room and places the matches on top of Neal's bag in the locker.
Courtney conveniently finds Karen and gives her some vitamins for Neal. She told Karen that she had forgot to put them in Neal's bag that she gave to Joe. She asks Karen if she would put the medicine in Neal's bag for her. Karen agrees.
Karen runs into Frank in the hallway. Karen asks Frank how he is doing? Frank talks about missing his job. Karen asks him if he ever considered going into medicine. Frank told her that Ramsey has ruined any opportunity that he might have had in that field. Karen then suggests that maybe Frank should get involved with the youth center that her father is involved in. After all Frank did such a great job with Lark. Frank thanked her for her compliments. He then asks Karen to go and get some coffee with her soon to be brother in law. Karen agrees but first she needs to put Neal's vitamins in his bag. When Karen opens up Joe's locker she finds the matches. Frank asked her what she had, and Karen told him that she found matches with the name of the same club that some red headed woman was making calls to her house in search of her boyfriend.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

The Recovery Room
Joe and Karen arrive to check on Frank after hearing about the fire next door. He's fine, but Karen is upset when he confirms that Lucky was killed. Joe went to look in on Mike who is also taking the news badly. Left alone with Karen, Frank is disappointed to learn that she hasn't and no longer intends to confront Joe about the matches. What with the fire and Lucky's death, it no longer seems important.

Fern Cliff
Chris went over the details of their deal with Julie once more and is shocked when she informs him that Lee Baldwin now controls her finances. When he protests that Lee hates him, Julie advises him to "work him" since he's so good at maneuvering people.

The Light House
Eve and Mary go over a wedding must-have checklist while Victor tries to pick a band. Eve attempts to comfort Kevin who is worrying about Lucy. He calls Scott's hotel and asks to borrow Eve's key to write down a phone number. She walks over to hand him her pen but faints on her way over to him.

The Recovery Room
Frank does his best to convince Karen to confront Joe but she stands her ground. She told him that she has to believe in Joe and why isn't he defending his brother? As Joe walks in, Frank loudly apologizes for feeding into her "paranoia". He asks (of course) what they're talking about and Karen unhappily hands him the matches.

The Light House
Eve is awake and sitting up on the couch with Victor, Mary and Kevin. She stands up again to prove that she's okay, but gets dizzy again and sits back down. Finally they convince her to go to the ER and she leaves with Kevin.

The Recovery Room
Frank watches with interest while Karen explains but is again disappointed when she and Joe decide to call Detective Garcia for help in finding the person behind the harassment.

Fern Cliff
Lee arrives and Julie told him what she wants. Lee advises her against it then asks her to fill him in on what's really going on. She tries again to convince him she wants only to do what's right, but he refuses to allow her to go into business with Chris.

The Recovery Room
Courtney is upset when she arrives to tell Frank that the bug isn't working - Chris must've found it! That's old news according to Frank who disgustedly informs her that the matches backfired. Karen won't fall for any more planted evidence, she'll have to catch Joe red handed before she doubts him again. Courtney coldly responds that Karen will have to catch him then.

Kevin told Eve about the fire and Lucky's death. Hearing how close Lucy is to Luke, she encourages Kevin to call her to make sure she knows, but he refuses to leave her side. Her doctor arrives with the good news that he couldn't find anything wrong with her. She decides to visit Sebastian, so Kevin went to call Lucy. At the Nurses' Station she chats with Chris who picks up a chart and makes fun of the patient not knowing what is wrong with them. After hearing her own symptoms, Eve realizes he has her chart and asks for his diagnosis. She is stunned when Chris responds that the patient is obviously pregnant!!

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Thursday, April 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by CW

Eve stressfully waited for the results of her pregnancy test but even though they were negative, she became worried when she discovered that she had a high white blood cell count and began having stomach cramps. Frank and Courtney split up with Frank following Chris and Courtney going to Chris's apartment to see why their 'bug' wasn't working. While in the apartment, Courtney discovered a memo from Lance Pharmaceuticals stating that Chris had to pay back the residuals on DL-56 since Bennett Devlin was the owner of the patent. Meanwhile, Chris was stopped by Lee who told him that even though Julie insisted, he would not give his consent in having Chris take half of the DL-56 patent money. This sent an enraged Chris to Ferncliff where he threatened not to help Julie smuggle out her baby unless she changed Lee's mind; Julie suggested that she and Chris get married. Meanwhile, Matt left Ellen's things at her apartment and returned his key to Ellen's mother Alice Burgess who learned about Sebastian Dupree. He then gathered his stuff and left. Back at the hospital, Eve asked Matt to help her find out what was wrong with her. Ellen moved Sebastian into her apartment where Alice asked her daughter to look into her heart and discovered whether or not she was caring for Sebastian in order to relive the days with Ellen's dead husband Sam who also died young.

Friday, April 23, 1999

Friday, April 16, 1999

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