One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on OLTL

Ben and Sam learned that Grace was their sister. Jessica went into labor. Blair's MRI revealed allergies. However, Max learned that he had an inoperable aneurysm. John Sykes and Téa had a passionate evening. Hugo locked Dorian up with Viki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, April 26, 1999

Viki lay unconscious on the sofa in Dorian's house as Dorian and Hugo looked on. Dorian assured Hugo that they were alone, but just then, Blair, Max, and Starr walked in the front door.

After Starr went to bed, Blair vented her anger over finding Téa at the penthouse. She was also afraid of the upcoming MRI, but Max assured her he would be with her throughout the test. Blair told Max he should go home to Kelly after he asked her if he should stay in one of the guest rooms at Dorian's. Blair asked Max not to tell Kelly that he had been with her.

Max promised and added that he would not sleep with Kelly because he was in love with Blair. When the recent fire at Indigo was mentioned, Max told Blair that it was only real estate -- she was what was important. He left after a goodnight kiss, and Blair headed upstairs to bed.

Back in the living room, Hugo and Dorian debated over whether Viki had been given too much chloroform. Dorian was worried and said, "We wouldn't want her to suffocate," to which Hugo replied, "At least not until she tells us what we want to know." As Viki awoke, she saw Dorian and asked her if she was completely out of her mind.

Starr entered Blair's room and said she had just lost a tooth. She wanted to sleep with Blair because she'd had a bad dream about looking for Blair and not being able to find her. Starr asked Blair if she felt sick, and Blair denied she was. Blair got out of bed to go downstairs to get a book that Starr wanted read to her. Blair promised Starr that mommy would never be sick again and would never leave her.

Viki sat up with a king-sized headache and found her hands tied behind her back. She became angry with Dorian about using Jessica to lure her into her trap and, disbelieving her predicament, exclaimed, "I know you blame me for Mel's death, but this is ridiculous. You cannot do this." Dorian said it looked to her as if she was doing it. Viki then turned to Hugo and said, "Whatever she's paying you, you won't get to spend it. You'll spend the rest of your life in prison on kidnapping charges."

When Dorian recalled a time that Viki had kidnapped her and held her prisoner and then went on to mimic one of Viki's alters, Viki quickly turned back to Hugo and said, "Whatever she's paying you, I'll double it." Hugo was humored as Dorian explained that they were donating their services to each other, and a horrified Viki then realized that Hugo was the man who was after Ben. Viki screamed for help, and Hugo pulled a revolver and told her, "Silence -- or I'll silence you for good."

Viki told Dorian that Hugo was a criminal and not who Dorian thought he was. She tried to convince Dorian that he was a killer and that he was just using her to get at Ben. Hugo loudly demanded she tell him of Ben's whereabouts, but Viki feigned illness to stall him. Dorian, thinking Viki would get sick all over her living room, went to get her something, but as she walked out of the living room, Blair saw her and said, "Dorian, I thought I heard somebody scream." Dorian did some quick thinking and said that Blair had only heard a horror movie on the television.

Dorian refused to let Blair go to the living room and said the book Blair was looking for was in Starr's room. When Blair grew suspicious about Dorian's refusal to let her in the living room, Dorian said she was entertaining a friend in there, but he was very shy. Blair wanted to meet Dorian's hot date but gave in to Dorian. Dorian returned to the living room and told Hugo that Viki would have to go to the coal cellar. Hugo left the room to check out the coal cellar, and Viki once again tried to convince Dorian that he would kill both of them.

Dorian said no one was going to die, then added, "Although, from what I hear, your beloved Ben may deserve a lethal injection." "Ben hasn't done anything wrong," replied Viki. Dorian smugly looked at her and declared, "He makes you happy. And that, in my book, is a cardinal sin." Viki became increasingly panicked as she explained to Dorian that Hugo was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of a little girl not even two years old and that he had recently killed the little girl's father.

When Dorian still refused to give any credence to Viki's words, Viki spouted, "You've let this insane vendetta go to your head so badly that you are totally blind to what is really going on here. That man is a killer. We've got to get away from here, otherwise you and I are going to wind up extremely dead." Dorian, hardheaded as ever, wouldn't accept any of it. She recalled her belief that Viki had killed Mel, to which Viki responded that it was Hugo who was responsible for Mel's plane having crashed.

Starr walked into Blair's room and said she heard somebody downstairs... maybe it was the tooth fairy. Blair, however, was sleeping, so Starr said she was going downstairs herself to check it out. As Starr left the room, Hugo walked into the living room and made Viki go down to the coal cellar. Just when they disappeared down the stairs to the coal cellar, Starr reached the living room and cautiously entered it, thinking the tooth fairy was lost.

Starr found a bracelet belonging to Viki and, satisfied there was no one there, left the room. When she was outside the basement door, she heard a noise from downstairs and headed toward the door. Meanwhile, Hugo locked Viki in the coal cellar while Dorian turned a deaf ear to Viki's pleading to let her out of there. Viki once again screamed for help.

Kevin told Ben that Jessica had never been at the hospital and that she was not in labor. He called Jessica, who answered the phone and verified that she was okay. Jessica didn't know where Viki was, and Kevin, Jessica, and Ben started to get worried. Kevin decided the call had been a setup, and Ben tried to go look for Viki, but Kevin stopped him and said as long as Hugo didn't have Ben, Viki was safe.

Grace was standing on the roof at Rodi's when she got a call from Kevin, who wanted to know where Viki was. Grace told him she didn't know, and when Kevin explained that she had been missing, Grace responded, "It's got to be Ben." With Ben standing right behind him, Kevin assured her it was not Ben. Grace figured that out and said she wanted to see Ben, but Kevin demanded to know where Grace was. Grace retorted, "If you're going to believe Ben Davidson over me then I don't want to see you," and she hung up. Kevin, convinced that Grace knew something, set out to find her and make her show him where Viki was.

The first place Kevin looked was on the roof at the Palace Hotel. Again, Grace told him she didn't know where Viki was. Kevin became very angry, believing she was lying, and said, "If I were in your shoes right now, I would consider your telling me exactly what you and your grandfather did to my mother."

Jessica arrived at the mill house and asked Ben what he was doing there and if he knew Kevin and Viki's whereabouts. He continued making her believe he was just a carpenter and acted like he knew nothing. Jessica told Ben she was wondering if she should call Clint. She told Ben the story of Clint and Viki's relationship and told him about Lindsay and their marriage in Las Vegas.

Ben assured Jessica that Viki was okay. She changed her mind about calling Clint. She said he would be there for when she had the baby, and Ben wondered out loud if he would still be around to meet him. After Jessica left, Ben panicked and left to look for Viki.

Grace insisted that Hugo would not hurt Viki but persisted in her statement that she didn't know anything about Viki's disappearance. Kevin was enraged and shouted at Grace to get it into her thick skull that Hugo was a murderer and that he had Kevin's mother. Grace then confessed that Hugo had a gun, and she believed he might use it. As Kevin pressed on, Grace looked increasingly doubtful about what she had been led to believe.

Kelly let Joey in at Max's, telling him she had invited him over for a movie and popcorn. Joey asked her if it was really because Max wasn't there. She told him she enjoyed being with him but vented her anger about his treatment of her because of Max. Joey replied, "You really are empty inside, aren't you?" Kelly didn't care one way or the other if she was and told him it was easier that way. Joey said she could go about life feeling or not feeling, as she liked, but he would not join the club, then he threw out, "And I'm not still hung up on you." He tried to leave, and Kelly stopped him.

Joey told Kelly that using Max as an anesthetic wasn't going to keep her from feeling. Kelly responded, "Max doesn't dull my senses -- he excites them." When she went on to say she had no feelings for Max, and it was just lust, Joey asked her if she remembered what it was like to really love someone and told her it was what she needed -- intensity -- a connection. Max walked in just as Kelly stopped Joey from a kiss. She greeted Max with a hug. Max was surprised to see Joey.

Kelly tried to get rid of Joey, but Max wanted him to stay. Joey left anyway. Max tried to avoid answering any of Kelly's questions about Florida, and Kelly said, "So, you were with Blair, weren't you?" Max denied it and pushed her away, saying he had to find R.J. Kelly became hurt at Max's resistance to her.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Lindsay and Bo were out at the movies when Bo said that he and Nora had been fond of renting classics. Lindsay said that the movie they were watching looked more like the kind of one-nighter that they'd had. Bo took her hand and placed it on his knee. They were just getting cozy when Bo's phone rang and he had to leave. He ended up at the carriage house, where Kevin, Jessica, Joey, and Ben were all worried about Viki. Kevin and Ben filled Jessica and Joey in on what was really going on -- that Viki has been kidnapped, and Ben was Hamlet, Kevin's source.

Joey recognized Ben from the hallway of the Banner the night that Senator Graham had been shot. Ben had been the one who had called Bo, in order to turn himself in. Kevin told Bo that Grace was afraid her grandfather was capable of violence. Bo and Ben went to the police station, where Bo put Ben under arrest. Ben warned him that he was making a terrible mistake. After they left, Jessica had labor pains, so Kevin and Joey took her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Hugo Monroe and Dorian still held Viki captive in Dorian's cellar. The two women argued over Hugo and Ben's credibility, and Dorian finally left Viki alone, with "I Will Survive" on repeat play. While Viki tried to figure out a way to get free, Dorian told Cassie on the phone that everyhing was fine. Hugo went to give Ben the message that they had Viki. He ran into Starr Manning upstairs and tried to convince her that he was the tooth fairy. He tried to get her to promise not to tell her mom about him, but she wouldn't.

Sam was sleeping while Nora worked on Renee's missing child case. He joined her right before Renee showed up at the door. He suggested that they go into business together. Renee was glad that she hadn't yet told Asa about the situation. Nora promised her that they would check out any other candidates so that none of them would think they were space aliens, as Roy had.

Renee worried that their son either was dead or wanted nothing to do with them. She left them with the reminder that Matthew had made them into a family, just as Renee was hoping their son would do for her and Asa. Sam and Nora began to research the people who worked at the hospital when baby Buchanan had been born. They began to get romantic, but Matthew started to cry. They set a date for the next day to get a babysitter so that they could have time alone.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

From his jail cell, Ben pleaded with Bo to let him go so he could search for Viki. Bo refused on the grounds that it was too dangerous. R.J. showed up at Dorian's and asked her for a loan. Even though she denied it, R.J. suspected that Dorian was hiding something about Viki's disappearance.

Sam was unimpressed with Bo's plan to trap Viki's kidnappers and didn't want Ben used as bait. Ben received a message from Hugo, and with Sam's help, Ben escaped from jail. Lindsay told Nora that Nora's relationship with Sam didn't bother her anymore, and Lindsay admitted that she had been spending a great deal of time with Bo.

At the hospital, friends and family attempted to keep Jessica calm for the baby's sake while Will and Cristian agreed to try to get along. Blair and Max were relieved when the results of Blair's MRI revealed her symptoms were simply caused by an allergy. Blair and Max's happiness turned to shock when the doctor told them that Max had an inoperable aneurysm that would kill him when it ruptured.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Sam was released from jail when Bo realized there was nothing for which to hold him. Nora and Bo nearly got into a physical fight over his desire to keep Sam. Nora wanted to follow Sam, but he told her not to. Sam rushed to the roof. Kevin returned to the mill house and found Ben waiting. Ben showed Kevin how much he loved "ace-reporter-turned-editor" Kevin's mother by vowing to give his life for hers.

Grace persuaded her grandfather to let her help avenge her father's death. He tried to convince her that Kevin wasn't as admirable as she thought.

Viki tried to convince Dorian that Hugo was responsible for the crash. Dorian showed traces of belief, but then Viki loosened her rope and tried to choke her captor. Just as the rope went near Dorian's throat, Hugo walked in brandishing a gun. He locked both ladies up as he went to the roof.

Upon learning of Max's condition, Blair vowed to help Max fight it as he promised to spend more time with his children.

Friday, April 30, 1999

Téa and John walked in the door at the penthouse, talking about Nora and R.J. John tried to shut her up about other people. He wanted to talk about them and their togetherness. She shut up and told him they wouldn't be interrupted that night,and proved it by giving up the cell phone and pulling the plug on the phone. They began to kiss, but at that precise moment, Roseanne interrupted them and said, "What are we going to do tonight?" They looked at her in surprise.

"Aren't you working tonight?" Téa asked Roseanne. She said no and that she wanted to stay at the penthouse. Téa said, "Not now." Roseanne wanted to cook for the three of them, and John said no. Roseanne offered many suggestions for dinner; she was gloating at them. Téa said she and John wanted to be alone then Roseanne laughed and said she was just joking. She felt good that night, and she had a date -- she had a new guy. She left them. Téa said Roseanne bore watching, and she should live there with her.

Téa and John tried to get passionate again after he locked the door. They kissed while standing up as Téa walked away and continued to talk about Roseanne. John grabbed her and tried to kiss again. She broke away yet again. Téa was afraid of John as they talked and laughed together, but she continued to talk and pull away from him. She had started talking about furniture, and he accused her of not wanting to be alone with him.

Téa said, "Do you want me to prove it to you?" She walked up to John, kissed him, held him, and actually showed him what she wanted to do, as she looked around the room, longing for Todd. Téa said she wanted it, but John thought no. He thought it was his fault; it was being in Todd's penthouse. John said to give the place to Blair. Téa was holding on to Todd's memories. He suggested going to an inn. She insisted that was running away.

John began to start a fire and said they'd just talk. She said, "It's not what you want, though." He said he wanted to be with her. John tried to light the fire, but he was having trouble. Téa told him to be careful. John had his body inside the fireplace as Téa pressed a lever, and the soot fell down into his face. John and Téa laughed. John was in the shower as Téa slipped in and greeted him with a kiss. They looked at each other.

Grace, Nora, and Sam were in the house as Grace said, "I think Ben is walking into an ambush." "What ambush?" Sam said to Grace. She said her grandfather wanted to kill Ben. "Ben killed my father," she said, "we want revenge." "I am going to the Palace with you", Nora said to Sam. Sam said he had to go but insisted that Nora stay because at least one of Matthew's parents should be safe.

Sam told Grace to go out the back door and wait for him. "Promise me you won't follow me. We have a date later tonight," Sam said to Nora. They kissed and hugged. Nora had fallen for the big-time lawyer Sam, and she was worried about him. Nora called her babysitter after Sam left. She had a plan that involved chasing after Sam. As she opened the door, one of Bo's cops was standing there, waiting to take her to Bo.

On the roof of the Palace, Ben and Kevin were talking about the book and Hugo. Kevin did not know what he would do to Hugo if Hugo had done anything to Viki. He wouldn't give up Viki without a fight, Ben said, adding, "We have to force Hugo to make an exchange." Ben gave the black book to Kevin and had him hide on the roof. "Give the book to Hugo when the exchange takes place," he said.

"Be safe," Kevin said to Ben, as Ben gave Kevin a gun. Ben had a plan and asked Kevin if he could shoot the gun. Ben said to stay hidden and to not let Hugo see him. "Tell Viki I love her," Ben said to Kevin.

Hugo walked in, looking pretty dismayed to find Ben there already. "You're early. Do you have the book?" Hugo asked and wanted to know where it was. Ben said he wanted Viki and demanded to know where she was. Hugo said he wanted the book, and said Ben was nothing but trouble. Hugo had other plans for Ben. He was revengeful; he wanted Grace to have peace.

Hugo pulled a gun out on Ben. Hugo said he would kill Ben and Viki, as Grace, Sam, and another man burst through the door. Hugo told his accomplice to get back on the stairwell and make sure no one entered. Grace said Hugo couldn't kill Sam because he had nothing to do with the business. Sam grabbed for the gun, and Hugo hit him in the face. Hugo asked for the book as Grace said it was not right and asked what book he was talking about.

Ben, Hugo, Grace, and Sam discussed Hugo's son, and Ben insisted he had done everything he could, although he did admit he had stopped for a moment when he had seen the man's face on the operating table because he had been the one who had murdered his sister. "Your father was a cold-blooded killer," Ben told Grace. "Your father never killed that girl," Hugo said, but Grace was unsure.

"Did he do it?" Grace asked Hugo directly. "That man could never have hurt you," Hugo said. Sam noticed his slip, and they realized that Grace was Sam and Ben's sister; she was Masie. Sam's sister was right there on the roof; Hugo and his son had kidnapped her and kept her, Sam realized.

Viki was pounding on the door, and crazy Dorian was meditating; she was finally against Hugo because Hugo had locked her in the basement with Viki. She felt betrayed, Viki hollered at Dorian that she was stupid. Dorian still believed in Hugo. Viki explained about Hugo. She tried to convince Dorian, but Dorian remained a nonbeliever. Dorian was deranged with craziness.

Dorian was having a panic attack. She was banging on the door, talking about the psychic. Viki wanted to know about the psychic. Dorian was vague about her. Viki was sarcastic and humorous and demanded to know what Dorian knew. Dorian had told the psychic everything about everyone,, and the psychic had told her things about Viki and Mel. Viki asked if Dorian could get in touch with her. Dorian said there was no way out.

Viki tried to pull the coal shoot down and said she wanted to climb up the shoot, but Dorian said that it was closed. Dorian said she had nothing and no one to love. Viki reassured her that she had a whole family. Dorian insisted they didn't need her. Dorian was tired of the noise as she rattled the shoot and broke a pipe open. Viki was hollering for Ben, and Dorian was jealous -- as the pipe leaked gas.

At the police station, Bo and Hank were talking about Nora and Sam. Bo told the cop on the phone to take everyone in right away. Bo hoped it was not too late. Nora entered and told Bo they were in trouble. She told them that Ben was walking into a trap. Hugo was a very dangerous man. "You have to do something," she pleaded with Bo.

"Sam doesn't know you are here," Bo realized. He asked Nora where the setup was. She insisted she would go with him, but they were wasting time. She left with Bo. Nora wouldn't tell Bo where they were until they got there. She kept telling him where to turn until he saw that it was the Palace Hotel.

Nora was frantically worried and told Bo to drive faster. She was in a hurry. He was annoyed, and he looked at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. He realized at that point that Nora was really in love with Sam. "You love him, don't you?" he said. He saw it in her face, her worry, concern, and love for the great and almighty Sam Rappaport.

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