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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on GL
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Monday, May 3, 1999

At the hospital (with Jim and Beth)
Jim brought Beth in for her ankle to be looked at. Apparently she fell why she was acting clumsy at their Tennis lessons. Beth confided in her mother the reason she lied about not knowing how to play tennis was because she wants Jim. Rick gave her a ice pack and sent her on her way. The two decided to go by the diner for dinner.

At Drew's:
Jesse tries to stop Selena from telling Drew the truth about her parentage. Buzz insists that Selena tell the truth and when she tells Drew she loves her like a daughter, she is overcome with emotions and cannot get the rest out. She gives Drew the half of the pin that Drew had given her earlier and tells her that she wants her to have it. A phone call interrupted the evening with news of the fire at the diner.

At the Diner:
Max and Susan were trapped in the storeroom while flames began to swell inside. Cassie came by to order some take out and smelled the smoke. She got Reva (who she was talking with on the cell phone) to call 911, while she went in through the back to see if anyone was inside. Cassie rescued Max and Susan but passed out herself from the fumes and was left lying in the diner. When Buzz and Selena showed up Buzz ran in to get Cassie after Susan told him that she saved her life and was still inside. Afterwards Jim rushed to Cassie and helped her thankful that she had saved Susan. Beth looked very jealous. Selena tried to console Buzz.

At the car wreck:
Danny wrecked. He stayed alert long enough to call the police and tell them to get over to the Santo's house in a hurry. He tried opening the car door passed out. An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards.

At the Santo's Estate:
Carmen confronts Michelle at the Santo's home as she puts into motion her plan to have her killed. Michelle blasts Carmen for ruining Danny's life but Carmen counters her by mentioning Ed's affairs and other Bauer personal troubles. Carmen's plan to have Michelle killed are foiled when David arrives at the Santo's house and tells Michelle about Danny's car accident. Both women rush to the hospital.

At the Hospital (the Santoses')
Michelle is very concerned about Danny, as is Carmen. The two both go into the examination room and Rick tells Michelle they will probably have to operate. Rick needs a signature on the forms and Michelle grabbed the forms as Carmen is spitting out how she wants specialists from New York and the very best, Michelle signs the forms and notifies Carmen that she not Carmen is Danny's next of kin. She then orders the woman out of the room saying that she wants to be alone with her husband.

At the Hospital (Psych ward)
Fletcher sits by a pretending to sleep Holly and discusses his decision about their future. He talks about how he owes it to her to stay in Springfield and will just have to let Kate go. After he leaves, Holly gets up and realizes that she cannot do this to Fletcher.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

As Danny is wheeled back into the recovery room from surgery, Michelle and Carmen have it out in the lobby. Michelle, looking tough in her pink twin set, threatens to tell the police what Carmen had in store for her before they got word of Danny's accident. Carmen doesn't flinch, telling Michelle something to the effect that she is a hysterical ninny with an overactive imagination. Michelle waits anxiously for Danny to awaken as she is sure that he knew Carmen wanted to kill her, explaining why he was speeding towards home just prior to the accident. Carmen gets a bit anxious at the thought of Danny's reaction should he, in fact, know the truth and offers Michelle a deal - if she stays out of Danny's life, she will not be held accountable for Mick's death. Michelle doesn't take the bait. Later, when he finally does come to, Danny is unable to recall what happened right before the accident.

Meanwhile, at the charred remains of the diner, Harley, Buzz and Frank reminisce about the glory days of the restaurant. Susan takes the blame for starting the fire, saving Max from getting into trouble. When Harley discovers that that Susan was with Max - she gives Susan a verbal tongue-lashing. Phillip offers to help Buzz financially with his loss but Buzz angrily refuses to use Spaulding money to repair the damage. Later, Harley overhears Susan and Max talking and is shocked when she learns that Max started the fire with a cigarette. Frank hauls Max off to the station.

Beth gets pouty when Jim fusses over Cassie, thanking her profusely for saving his daughter's life.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Beth lets slip to Phillip that she fears she's going to lose Jim to Cassie after her rival saved his daughter's life. Phillip assures her that Jim's concern for Cassie is temporary only because of the rescue and urges her not to be jealous.

Meanwhile, Cassie asks Jim for his help checking out her smoke detectors at her house.

Drew demands that Frank release Max in her care after the teen was forced to spend the night in the juvenile home.

Harley and Jim are outraged when Susan is quick to defend Max from any blame for the diner fire. Buzz lectures Harley about blaming Max without accusing Susan as well. After learning that Max is facing charges from the fire, Susan helps him escape from the police station.

Though Frank warns her about inviting "wall-to-wall" trouble into her house, Drew decides to file for legal custody of her "brother."

David apologizes to Vicky when he realizes he missed their date last night. To get his attention, she lies and claims that she was the victim of a purse snatcher. Though he is very concerned at first, he later blasts her for lying to him.

When she recognizes the crest of the country as the same as that found on the ring discovered in the attic, Reva and Josh chose San Cristobel as their honeymoon destination.

Buzz leaks to Selena that he didn't have enough insurance to cover the rebuilding of the diner so all he has left is the painting that survived.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

Michelle is relieved when Danny comes to and recognizes her. Worried that Carmen will try to fill Danny's blank mind with thoughts of her own and urged by Pilar to beware of her mother, Michelle sneaks him out of the hospital and takes him to the lighthouse.

Meanwhile, Carmen orders Ben to quickly finalize Danny and Michelle's divorce.

Frank lectures Harley when Susan helps Max successfully escape from the station house. Meanwhile, Max gives her a hard time when Susan boasts of her jail-breaking ability. Drew finds Max at his mother's grave and pleases him when she reveals that she is going to file to be his guardian.

An already shaken Beth assumes the worst when she finds Jim and Cassie on the floor of her house together. Jim laughs as he explains the situation but Beth maneuvers herself into his arms and wins a kiss in front of Cassie. The two argue about their interest in Jim but when Beth makes a slight threat, Cassie orders her to leave.

Holly cries as she tells Fletcher that she wants him to take Meg back to Europe to live their life without her.

Friday, May 7, 1999

Drew boasts to Selena that she has filed to be Max's guardian.

When her mother complains about Michelle kidnaping Danny, Pilar orders her mother to leave Danny and Michelle alone. Undaunted, Carmen finds out from Drew that she slept with Danny. Armed with the secret, Carmen rushes to the lighthouse to tell her secret.

Reva surprises Cassie, Abby, Harley and Blake by inviting them to her place for an impromptu wedding shower for herself. As a special guest, Reva introduces her friends to Madam Zuma who will tell everyone's fortunes. Zuma reads Abby's cards first and announces that she will regain her hearing soon. Reva is embarrassed and warns Zuma to "lighten up." Cassie is next and her fortune promises an exciting adventure with a warning that another woman may interfere. Zuma points out to Reva that her fortune shows she is already married and then mentions a ring from her past. She assures Reva that the ring is not her mother's.

Meg and Fletcher say a tender goodbye to Holly before leaving for their flight to Europe.

Jesse pleads with Buzz to stop Frank from hurting Drew but while Buzz agrees to talk to his son, he warns that someone is going to leak the secret.

Hearing about the 8pm deadline tonight, Selena writes down the winning number from the sweepstakes and rushes to Buzz's place where she finds he's the million dollar winner if she can get to London in three hours.

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