One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on OLTL

Viki and Dorian were rescued, and their captor, Hugo, died. Max and Blair plotted against Kelly. Dorian asked R.J. to help her to cover up her crimes. Charges against Ben were dropped. Bo felt guilty after accidentally shooting Sam.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, May 3, 1999

Téa and Sykes

At the penthouse, Téa surprised Sykes when she walked into a steamy shower with him and passions erupted. They later left the shower in a lip lock and made love on the bathroom floor.

At Dorian's

Joey and Kelly argued outside Dorian's front door because Joey suspects Dorian knows something about Viki's disappearance and Kelly told him he was being unfair. When no one opened the door to let them in, Joey asked Kelly for her keys. When she failed to change his mind about confronting Dorian, she dug them out of her purse and gave them to Joey. They entered the house but no one was around. Kelly acknowledged Dorian's past dirty deeds, but she also recounted the good things. They agree that the only people who could stand up to her were Mel and Viki.

Joey was terrified that he would never see his mother again, and when Kelly tried to reassure him, they kissed. Neither seem to notice the dirty footprints that lead to the cellar.

Meanwhile, Viki and Dorian were arguing in the coal cellar while Viki tried to find a way for them to get out. Dorian refused to help and sat on the floor taunting Viki's futile attempts to escape. Neither of them noticed the broken gas pipe. Viki tore a strip off Dorian blaming her for getting involved with Hugo and putting them in their predicament, and then acknowledged that she and Dorian are both victims. When Viki thought she smelled gas, Dorian told her it's just the smell of the cellar. To add to Viki's irritatable state, Dorian once again played a recording of "I Will Survive."

Later, they talked about Blondie and Dorian continued to taunt Viki about her involvement with Ben saying that Blondie seemed more like an alter than just a nickname. Viki berated Dorian for criticising her taste in men when she was stupid enough to get involved with Hugo. Dorian laughed and called Ben 'common', then went on to ridicule that fact that Viki met him in a bar, but was quickly put in her place with a cool reminder that she met Mel in a bar too, and the fact that it just happened to be in DC didn't make it any classier!

Dorian and Viki lie down on the floor to sleep as the gas continued to flow from the broken pipe.

The Showdown

Bo and Nora rushed to the Palace to rescue Ben and Sam who were now face to face with Hugo. On the way, Bo told Nora that he believes she is in love with Sam and that she was in love with him all along. Nora was shocked when Bo told her he thinks the only role he played in her life was to make her forget her one true love. He compared their marriage to Sam and Lindsay's saying Sam did the same thing to Lindsay. He tried to force her to admit it, but she remained silent.

At the Palace, Will met with Lindsay and reported that Jessica and the baby are ok. Lindsay promised she will be a part of the baby's life but vowed to deck the first person who calls her grandma. Will asked where Sam was, but Lindsay responded that she hadn't been able to reach him and assumes he had something better to do - like something that would involve Nora.

Lindsay was still trying to reach Sam when she looked up to see Bo and Nora rushing to the elevators. When she approached them she was told there is an emergency and she assumed that they were headed for a room upstairs.

On The Palace roof, Sam and Ben realized that Grace is really Maisie. Maisie was a short name they had given her for Amazing as in 'Amazing Grace'. Grace looked on in disbelief as she listened to them describe her abduction and that they believed all along that she had been murdered. Hugo tried to make her ignore them, but Grace confronted him and demanded he tell her the truth.

Hugo's constant attempts to convince Grace that Sam and Ben are lying only added to her confused state. When Hugo persisted in his denial, Grace recalled that when she was growing up she was told to stay away from the Davidson's because they would kill her. Grace was horrified when the full impact of this new revelation about her origins hit her and as she turned on Hugo, Kevin took the opportunity to come up from behind with a gun which he pointed into Hugo's back demanding to know where Viki was.

Kevin demanded that Hugo drop his gun, but Hugo played tough and told him that he will never see his mother again if he continues to threathen him, then added that she is probably dying right now. Kevin dropped the gun and Hugo forced Ben, Sam and Kevin up against a wall. When Hugo demanded the book the handed over to him, Grace interrupted him and he turned around to find her pointing a gun at him.

Convinced that Ben and Sam are telling the truth, Grace told Hugo he was a liar, but she could barely control her grief and began to lash out at everyone for the deceptions and manipulations and murder. Ben told her not to give in to the hate or she will be just like Hugo and he begged her to give him the gun. Hugo then made a grab for Grace and held his gun to her head threatening that she will be just another dead Davidson.

On the way to the roof with Nora in tow, Bo came upon Hugo's thug and arrested him on the spot, handcuffing him to the railing.

Hugo demanded the book be given to him or he will kill grace. Grace pleaded with him to let her go, and Kevin begged him not to hurt her. Against Ben's protests, Kevin offered the book to Hugo in exchange for Grace. Just as Hugo reached for the book, Grace pushed him out of the way and he fell through a glass ceiling, plunging to his death in the lobby. Bo burst in and, seeing a gun aimed at him, he fired his own weapon before he realized it was Sam and not Hugo.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Kelly and Joey are talking at the hospital, when she tells him that their kiss at Dorian's was a mistake and it didn't mean anything. Joey gets mad and tells her to go home to her boyfriend (Max). Then he storms away. Jessica and Kelly are talking, when Kelly tells her about the kiss. Jess says that Kelly and Joey belong together. Joey comes back, and Jessica leaves. He also tells Kelly that they belong together, but Kelly is thinking of Max and leaves. Jessica returns and tells Joey that if he loves her, he needs to go after her. Kelly comes back later, but doesn't interupt Jess and Joey.

Max is at a room at the Country Club, charging whiskey to Asa, when Blair shows up. She tries to convince him not to feel sorry for himself, but he gets angry with her and tries to push her away. The moment really heats up when she tells him to use her, instead of booze to forget his medical condition. They begin to passionately kiss, and end up making wild love and tearing the hotel room apart. Max is in a much better mood, when he tells Blair he's going to break up with Kelly. Blair tells him "not so fast."

At the Palace Hotel, Lindsay sees Bo and Nora head upstairs and thinks they are back together. In reality, they are headed to the roof to find Sam, Kevin, Ben, Grace, and Hugo. As Bo approaches the door to the roof, Grace has just pushed Hugo through the skylight, and he has fallen into the lobby. Sam has his gun pointed at the door. Bo shoots Sam as soon as he opens the door and sees him with the gun. Nora rushes to Sam's side and thinks that he is dead. Lindsay and Will come onto the roof right after Sam is shot. Bo tells them that he shot him. Ben tries to revive him as Bo calls the paramedics. Ben tells Will and Lindsay that he is Sam's brother. Nora won't let Bo help to save Sam. Once they are taking Sam to the ambulance, Lindsay and Nora are both staring at Bo in disbelief. When they go downstairs, Bo is asked to give up his weapon and go speak with Internal Affairs. Asa congratulates Bo for shooting Sam, and Bo tells him that he had better pray Sam lives. Renee gets upset with Asa because he wants to get married on the same day as Sam's funeral.

Kevin and Grace go downstairs to check on Hugo. Kevin fills Asa and Renee in on Viki's kidnapping. The paramedics say that Hugo has major head trauma, as they rush him off to the hospital. Kevin accuses Grace of knowing Hugo's intentions, as she begs him to believe that she knows nothing about Viki. Once at the hospital, Ben defends Grace, who has been taken to the police station. Hugo and Sam are both in critical condition. Kevin doesn't know how they are going to find Viki if Hugo doesn't tell them. Nora tells Sam that she loves him. Ben threatens Hugo while he is in the room. Sam goes "code blue" and the doctor says that they are losing him. Nora accuses Bo of killing Sam on purpose.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Despite Ben's efforts to save him, Hugo died in the emergency room. Kevin and Ben got a clue to Viki's whereabouts after Starr recognized the deceased Hugo as the tooth fairy she saw at Dorian's. A frantic Nora looked on as Larry attempted to stabilize Sam for surgery. Kevin and Ben rescued Viki and Dorian in the nick of time, and a nervous Dorian learned that she had to give her statement to Sykes the next day. A joyful Viki was reunited with Jessica and Joey, but her mood darkened when the police arrived to take Ben in for questioning. Hank tried to reassure an uncertain Bo that Sam's shooting was an accident. Bo quickly volunteered to donate blood for Sam when he found out they were the same type. Sam remained in critical condition after emerging from surgery and a heartsick Nora begged him not to die. After Téa agreed to let her move in, Roseanne received a mysterious phone call from R.J.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Dawn

Well, Ben, Ben, Ben. The charges against him were dropped in both states. Ben is a free man. He gave Kevin the black book and told him he could write the story. Grace said she's sorry she didn't trust everyone sooner and Kevin told her he didn't know if he could trust her--they may never go back to the way things were.

So, Grace and Ben talk...he describes her first birthday and a song they used to sing. They went to visit Sam, but Grace felt awkward and turned away at the last second.

Nora's admission of love to Sam brought him back from the brink, as a crestfallen Bo looked on. "Please don't die" (or something similar to that) Nora sobbed as a somber Will and Lindsay looked on. surprise! Three words "I love you" brougth him back, I mean back from 'What color would you like your coffin, sir?' to 'Where's the party?' Dr. Larry was stunned and told the trio that a miracle had happened. Nora and Lindsay shared a moment and Lindsay admitted he wouldn't have come back without Nora's admission (she sure is good at screaming things to save people's lives...I'm pregnant, Bo!)

Bo, meanwhile had to deal with intense guilt over shooting Sam. Hank told him that it could easily be proven self-defense, but Bo wasn't so sure. So he returns to the rooftop and some random scrappy- looking chimney-sweep-sort appears out of nowhere and asks something to the effect of "Innocent or guilty?" (and this is not a quote--I was leaving for work as the guy said this.)

Kelly and Joey shared a kiss and realized they've got some feelings. Just as they're discovering each other, Blair and Max discovered a way to take care of themselves and their kids--swindle Kelly out of all her money! Ingenious! Max countered that he didn't want to spend whatever is left of his life with Kelly, but the green won out. Blair told him it should be a sexless marriage.

Asa sat Renee down and demanded a wedding date. She seemed a little hesitant, but it should a week.

Friday, May 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins

Outside Max's House

Blair and Max are plotting against Kelly, for Max to marry Kelly. No sex, no love, no nothing, just marry her, says Blair. Its a money plot, and we all know Blair, she'll do just about anything to get more money. Blair kisses him, and Max breaks apart and says he is afraid of marrying Kelly. Blair tries to make sure that he fully understands, she climbs on top of him and lays him down and they kiss.

Max's House

Joey tries to convince Kelly that the love is between the two of them, not her and Max. Joey is trying to make Kelly tell Max its over between them and she can't do it. Joey kisses her passionately to get her to change her mind. Kelly pulls away from Joey, she says it can't be anything. He wants her to leave Max's house and she can't do it, she says, when she loves someone they die. Joey says that's bull. She wants him to stop. Joey is a good convincer or he tries to be, as he tells her that Max is no good for her. In walks Blair and Max. Max made her come with him, Blair explains. Kelly is asking Max where he was last night. Blair says he was with her at the hospital. Blair says she was sick and had to have tests. Joey is talking, (why, I don't know), he is trying to convince Kelly. Max says he knew Kelly did not believe him. Max loves Kelly, says Blair. Blair is going on and on about Kelly, lies, lies, lies, trying to convince Kelly that Max cares about her to implement their plan. Max is promising to be whatever Kelly wants him to be. Joey is pulling Kelly's hand to leave, but Kelly is hanging back.

Max tells her he is in love with her and he was a scam artist in the past, (oh he's good), he is convincing her so much that Blair has to walk around the room grinning with her head down. He is filling her head with all types of garbage. Blair and Joey argue and Kelly breaks it up. Joey is protesting to much and he tells her Max can't love her. Kelly tells Joey that's exactly what I need, someone not to love her, because when a man loves her they die. Joey is telling her it is a lie, everything Max is telling her. Joey is upset because he knows he's losing Kelly again to Max. Kelly is beginning to believe him and Joey knows it. Max is not paying attention to Joey, he is a con artist and a very good one, a man of many words, he has Ms. Kelly convinced. He tells Kelly he loves her and he wants to keep her, he asks Kelly to marry him. He says he will take care of her, as Joey and Blair look on. Max is on his knees begging Kelly to marry him, Kelly says she is thinking about Joey, and she tells Max yes, I will marry you. Blair is grinning in the background. Joey is crushed.


Ben tells Jessica he is a free man and wants to see Viki. Viki is not there, Jessica says. She asks him what are his intentions towards her mother. She tells Ben her mom is happier now than she's ever been. They talk about Viki and Clint, she says they grew apart from each other, that's what broke them up. He says you and Blondie are a lot a like. She can't believe that her mom was in a bar and she sang in the bar. She says her mom can't even sing Christmas carols, but Ben knows otherwise. The doorbell rings and Jessica gets up to answer it. In walks Will. Will says his life is a mess, he says he needs a friend, and Ben says, how about an uncle. Will says his life is a mess and he talks to Ben about their family. Ben explains everything to him. Will wants Jessica to go to bed and he walks her to her room. In walks Viki and she and Ben run to each other and hug. She is glad to see him and him her. They talk about the Police Station. Are you free, she asks. He says yes and its all due to you. So, where do we go from here, she asks as she grins at him.

Dorian's House

R.J. knocks on the door to Dorian's house as she tells him that he is her friend, her only friend in town. She tells him the police thinks she conspired to kidnap Viki. R.J. is not convinced she is innocent. She agrees with him, but wants him to assist her in covering up her crimes. He is her only hope. She needs an ally. They leave for the police station. Dorian is not going for a truce with Viki, the stupid, crazy, lying, and manipulating woman. Yee gads.

Llanview Police Department

Viki is at the station to give a statement to John Sykes about what happened with her and Dorian. In walks Lindsay, looking for Bo. She speaks to Viki and Hank tells her that Internal Affairs is looking into Bo's incident. Dorian and R.J. are at the Police station and Dorian bursts into the room and tells John Sykes that Viki is lying. Dorian says she wants to tell her story. John asks R.J. why he is there. Dorian says R.J. knows her and saw her the day of the kidnapping. Dorian sits down and begins her story, she begins her lies and says Hugo pulled a gun to her head and she had to do everything he told her to do. John does not believe her and Viki is not looking concerned because she has told her side of the story. Dorian is still lying as Sykes asks Viki did it happen like that. Viki agrees with Dorian. Viki wants to talk to Dorian alone. Sykes and R.J. leave the room and Viki is gloating, she has Dorian over a barrel. Hank asks R.J. what he is doing there, R.J. is laughing at Hank. Viki is asking for a truce, and Dorian says, why? Viki is sick and tired of the crazy Dorian, she wants it to end. Viki has a deal for Dorian, drop the vendetta and she will never mention what happened in the cellar. She holds out her hand to Dorian, and says deal.

Rooftop of the Palace

Bo is on the roof trying to sort things out and a man is speaking with him. Bo says that he almost killed a man. The man says you almost killed a rival. How do you know, says Bo and the man says, did you have a choice? Bo shakes his head. The man is speaking Shakespeare to him, I believe he is an imaginary man, perhaps Bo's conscience. His name is Bernie. He wants Bo to act out the whole scenario. Bo tells him the whole story and they proceed to try to unravel the whole mystery. Bo says he hated the man he shot, Bernie says it was self defense. Bo says Sam made a mess with his life.

The man is telling Bo a story about two actors that were rivals. They were always competing against one another for roles, for women. One of the actors did a stunt without a stunt double. Not to be outdone, the other actor tried a stunt as well and broke his back. The first actor ended up with nothing but guilt for what had happened, even though it was an accident. Bo listens and tries to figure out what is happening in the story, he sees no connection. Bernie says, you never lose everything. You're him, aren't you, the first actor, Bo asks. Bernie says no, I just sleep on the roof, its just a story. Bernie tells Bo to start living again and speaks Shakespeare, Bo is glad he showed up and the man disappears out of sight, Bo looks for him but can't find him, maybe it was his imagination trying to put everything into perspective for him. In walks sneaky Lindsay. Lindsay is looking around they don't speak at first, they just look at each other. As she grabs his hand, he does not pull away.

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