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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday,March 3, 1999

Carly and Jack are at the farm saying goodbye, Carly says that she will always be there for him. She leaves and has a fall on the back porch. He runs out to check on her and she tells him that he better not laugh. Well, of course he laughs at her. Carly says that she expects more from Jack and his brother wouldn't laugh at her. She is checking herself over and asks him to check her backside and he says, "Right here, in Emma's kitchen? While he is fixing something on her hem, she says, "Hello Julia." Jack pops up and she says, "Got ya." He tells her that isn't funny. She tells him that Julia has him strung to tight. He denies it. She tells him about her fight with Emma. She tries to explain to him that she was just trying to get along with Emma and all Emma could do was throw her past in her face. She talks about her stepmother, Lee and how they never got along. She tells him that she doesn't like it when people use the past to get back at her. He snickers and she wants to know what is so funny and he says that Parker will be saying his first da-da's to Brad and she says that she didn't think about that. He says that maybe she should and she says that he should also. Carly says that she thinks Jack sees only what he wants to see. He tells her that she has written the book on that and about his brother Brad. He tells her that he feels that she is rushing into marriage with his brother, they don't know each other well enough. She makes a deal with Jack that she will to wait to get married if he will also. He says, "OK" and they shake on it.

Holden calls the number that he found in David's things. Denise answers at the Oasis. Holden asks if it is the strip club and she informs him that they have cleaned up their act and are no longer into any funny stuff. He asks her if she knows who David Stenbeck is and she can't remember him, then she remembers that he was that crazy guy. Lily interrupts him to tell him that they have a donor for Hope.

Lily and Emma are talking about the donor for Hope. Holden joins them. Bob comes in and tells them that the donor lives in Oakdale. Holden and Emma look at each other. Bob tells them that the donor is Kim. Kim comes in. Bob says that they have Kim scheduled to go in that afternoon. Lily thinks that is fast and she asks Kim if she is OK with this. Kim says that she hopes they don't care that she isn't family and Lily tells her that they ARE family and gives her a hug. Holden tells Lily that he will meet her at the hospital later and she wants to know where he is going. He says that he has an errand to run and he will meet her there. She tells him to hurry, she will miss him. She goes into a room where Kim is and Kim wants to know why she is holding back. Lily tells her that she is thankful for everything that she has done, but she doesn't want her to be the donor. She says that she is going to cancel the transplant. Kim realizes that Lily is worried about her heart condition. Kim tells her that her heart is just fine. She starts to tease Lily and tells her that with all the running around the studio, Lily has lost her mind. Kim says that she is strong, just call her Xena. Lily laughs at her and can't believe that Kim is cheering her up. Kim says that Lily doesn't think that she will look good in that skimpy outfit? Lily says "Damn good" and Kim says, "Damn skimpy." Kim reassures her that she will be fine and she will see her at the hospital. After Lily is gone, Kim realizes that Bob has been listening. He says that he can't wait to see her in that Xena costume and he is proud of her. She says that she doesn't want anybody worrying about her, she will be fine.

Denise hangs up the phone from talking to Holden. She sees Andy and walks over to him. He shows her the pictures that he took of her. As she is looking the pictures over, he is looking at her. He questions her injury that brought her back from New York. She says that she did what she had to do and she is back to dancing. Andy tells her that he met a six fingered man once and it was easier to talk to that man about his sixth finger that it is to talk to her about herself. She says that after she got hurt she got scared. He asks her if she regrets what happened that night between them. He says that there is something that he needs to tell her about that night. He was worried about his mother and she helped him. Maybe he can help her out now. She can tell him what is wrong. Denise says that there is something that she needs to tell him and he tells her to go ahead. Molly comes in and interrupts them. Andy introduces them and Denise leaves. Molly questions Andy about knowing Denise. Molly asks him if she is the lap dancer that used to work here? Denise hears her. Andy and Molly sit at a table and are smooching and she gets a call and has to go back to work.

Denise meets Eddie in the hall and he has a rolodex in his hands. He tells her that it belonged to Gary and he thought that there may be some information to help her find her baby.

Holden comes in and asks Eddie if anyone ever came in with a baby. Eddie looks down the bar at Denise. Eddie says that the club wasn't a place to bring a baby. Holden says that it was about eight months ago. Eddie says that he can ask the help, but they stay out of everyone's business.

After Holden leaves, Eddie asks Denise if she knew David Stenbeck and she says, "What is up with this guy? That is the second time today that someone asked me about him." He tells her that Holden was in earlier today looking for someone who had had a baby.

Carly comes into the studio all happy and Molly wants to know who lit her candle. She tells Molly about spending time with Jack and she thinks that he is coming around. Carly says that Jack is considering not marrying Julia. Molly says that the cousins are turning over a new leaf. Carly says that he has agreed to wait a little while to get married, if she will wait also. Molly asks about how Brad will take the news and she says that she shouldn't even be talking to Molly. Because Molly switched the paternity test, Brad is blackmailing her. Molly says that she said once that she would give up the money for Parker, would she give up the money for Jack? Carly tells Molly that she would choose Jack over the money. Molly questions if she would give up Fairwinds and her gold necklace. Carly gives Molly the necklace. Carly says that it is more important to have the one you love, say your name than all the money.

Reid is bleeding and Julia is trying to find out if he has been shot. He says, "No hospital" and she says that she is calling an ambulance anyway. The paramedics arrive and take Reid to the hospital. At the hospital, Julia is trying to tell Ben what happened to Reid. Reid wakes up and takes the oxygen mask off his face and Ben tells him that he is in the hospital and he says no. Ben says that he is going to examine him and Reid grabs his arm ands says, "I said no." Ben tells him that he may need stitches. Julia gets paged and he tells her to go get that it may be important. She leaves and Ben starts to question Reid again. Rita comes in and tells Ben that they need him over at the clinic and she will take care of Dr. Hamilton. After Ben is gone, she tells Reid that he owes her an apology. Rita patches him up and he tells her to go home and take care of Melinda. Rita kisses Reid and he pushes her away and tells her to go out the other way, Julia is coming. Julia comes in and Reid apologizes for his behavior. Julia tells him that Ben is a very good doctor and she wants to know why he wouldn't let him look at his wound and she wants to know how he got that bullet wound. Reid wants to know if she is accusing him of keeping things from her. He explains that when you are shot, it hurts to remember. He tells her a lie about being shot and she tells him that she doesn't want to pressure him. He says to her that he wants to tell her. He says that when he came to in the hospital, the man that shot him was standing over him. She realizes that they brought back that memory.

Holden meets Jack at the hospital. Holden tells him that they found a donor for Hope and Jack is happy for him. Holden tells Jack what he had discovered about the phone number. Jack realizes that David's body had not been searched. While they are discussing David's body, Reid is listening.

Julia is in the lounge at the hospital and she is thinking about Jack hitting Reid. Rita comes in with Melinda. Julia stops her and wants to know what she is doing with Reid Hamilton's baby.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Denise and Eddie are discussing Holden and why he would be asking about a baby and David Stenbeck. Denise asks Eddie if he told Holden about her baby and he tells her no way. Eddie says that he thinks Holden is worried about something. He thinks maybe Holden got a lead and Denise wonders if it lead him to her? Eddie explains the family ties between Holden, Lily and Lucinda Walsh. Eddie tells Denise that Holden is a nice guy and he won't hurt her. Denise goes to the phone and leaves a message for Ben to come and see her ASAP. She tells the person on the phone not to get Ben out of surgery, it isn't an emergency. She hangs up and says, "Yet." When Ben gets to the Oasis, Denise tells him about Holden showing up and asking questions about a baby and David Stenbeck. Ben wonders why Holden is asking questions about David again. Denise asks Ben if he told Holden about her baby and he says that it did not. She wonders why Holden would be asking about a baby just as she is looking for hers?

Jack and Holden are discussing how they are going to dig up David to see if they can find any evidence that may have been buried with him. Reid is listening to them from around the corner.

Kim is trying to set Chris' mind at ease about the procedure that she is going to go through for Hope. Lily comes over and tells Chris that she is very thankful for his mother. She explains to Chris that they thought that Hope would have to have blood transfusions for the rest of her life and then they got a miracle, Kim. Molly comes in with a cameraman and wants to do an interview with Lily and Kim. Lily says that she doesn't want to do that, but she gives in and says that she wants to fix herself up first. Holden and Jack come in and someone starts to make an announcement over the PA system that the hospital is under a code yellow. Everything turns to chaos, people start running all through the hospital. Molly tries to interview Bob about what a code yellow is and Bob tells her that it could be many different things and he won't speculate as to what it may be. The head of security comes over to Bob and Molly and tells Molly that she will have to evacuate the hospital. After she is gone, the head of security tell Bob and Jack that the hospital has received a bomb threat. David is watching Jack, but before Jack can see him, he ducks into an examining room.

Julia has stopped Rita at Java and is questioning her about having Reid Hamilton's baby. Julia bends down and is talking to Melinda and Rita tells her to leave the baby alone, she doesn't know her. Julia tells her that they got to know each other last night. Rita says that Reid is a private, professional person and he would not tell her about his private life. Julia informs her that they are friends now. Julia will not let Rita leave until she finds out that Reid knows that she has his baby. Rita assures her that she is a nurse and she shows Julia handwritten instructions for the baby from Reid. Julia asks why she didn't say that before and Rita explains that Reid is a very private person and she was not going to give out information to just anyone. Julia says that she knows about Reid's personal life and about the stalker. Rita gets a look of confusion on her face, but she recovers. She tells Julia that he is having a hard time getting over the death of his wife. Now Julia has a confused look on her face. Rita tells her that they were very much in love and she was very beautiful. Julia and Rita hear the sirens and Julia stops a woman and asks her what is going on and the lady tells her that they are evacuating everyone from the hospital, they have had a bomb threat. Rita gets upset about Reid because she knows that he is still in the building. She asks Julia to watch the baby while she goes over to the hospital to find out about Reid.

Julia is talking to the baby and Lily walks up and wants to know who this is. She tells Lily that it is a woman that she knows, she is just watching her baby for a few minutes. Lily starts to talk to the baby and she tells her that her baby is at the front of the café with her father. She starts to sing to the baby and Melinda starts to giggle. She is gurgling and spouts out "MAMA." Lily asks Julia if she heard that, it was so clear, she said mama. Lily says to Melinda, "Why are you calling me mama, you silly." Lily picks up the baby and Holden comes over with Hope. Julia tells them that the baby is 8 months old and they can't believe that she is the same age as Hope. Later, Lily tells Holden that she had the strangest feeling when she was holding the baby. She loves Hope, but now she feels even more protective of her. Holden tells her in a few months Hope will be as strong and as healthy as that baby. Kim tells Lily that she will take her and Hope home since the procedure was canceled for the day. Holden has something that he has to go do.

Rita and Jack can't find Reid and he is not on the list of patients that were transported to another hospital. Jack says, "We have a missing shrink on our hands. The scene goes to the grave site and someone is starting to dig.

Back at the hospital, they are discussing the missing Reid and Molly wants to know what the big deal is all about. Ben tells her that Reid is an asthmatic. She gets a funny look on her face and says, "Just like Da....thanks Ben." She leaves. Holden walks up to Ben and Ben asks him why he was asking about a baby at the Oasis. He tells Ben that he finally knows why he couldn't link any of Hope's illness' back through Lily's prenatal care. He says that he is 100% sure that they are raising someone else's child.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Eddie thanks Georgia when she lies and says that she, not Alec, signed him up for the scholarship. Denise senses Andy is at a low point. Holden relays to Ben his theory about David being responsible for the baby switch. Reid digs up the real Dr. Hamilton in David's grave.

After sharing her bad therapy experience with Jack, Molly plots to get a key to Reid's apartment so she can help Jack with his investigation. Andy confesses that he's afraid he won't make it to his next AA meeting and Denise decides to help him. Eddie stops the bartender at the Oasis from serving an underage Chris. When the two go toe-to-toe, Andy steps in and tells his brother drinking won't stop him from worrying about Kim's surgery. Denise comforts Andy, whom she realizes is also worried.

Ben insists to Holden that the baby from the Oasis can't possibly be his--it's African-American. Reid transfers Dr. Hamilton's body to his trunk. Georgia takes off after Chris. Denise gets upset talking with Andy about Hope.

Jack catches up to a dirty Reid when he arrives back at the apartment complex. Alec relates to Eddie his own experience in high school not getting the woman he loved. Under questioning, Reid denies phoning in the bomb threat at the hospital. Molly recalls that David suffered from asthma, too, prompting Jack to ask Reid to open his trunk.

Chris tries to break into an apartment and confesses to a worried Georgia that he fears having to live up to the responsibility of the good Hughes name, and that no one really knows him. Jack lets Reid off the hook in order to meet up with Holden. Reid pounces on Molly, trapping her in his arms. Getting him out of town won't make Andy seem desirable, he tells her as he gives her a kiss. When Georgia urges him to talk about what's bothering him, Chris's response is to get into Reid's (unlocked) car.

Ben confronts Denise when he overhears her and Andy talking about when they first met last year. When they reach the gravesite, Jack realizes it has been disturbed recently. Molly breaks down and begs Reid to let her love Andy, to let her be with a nice guy. Holden digs, but to no avail--the grave is empty.

Chris hotwires Reid's car so that when Reid returns to the parking lot, he finds it empty. Georgia realizes she's in a stolen car just as the car develops a flat tire. Denise confesses to Ben that Andy is the father of her baby.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

At Oakdale Courts
Reid comes in furious that his car has been stolen with the body in it. He runs in to Molly and his temper flares. He yanks the cell phone from her hand when she tries to call the cops to report the car and refuses to answer her questions. Reid starts to become frustrated and a little rough when Brad arrives and tells Reid he has to apologize to Molly. Reid leaves and Molly tells Brad that he is no hero but an extortionist after her cousins money.
Camille shows up and tells Brad that she thinks he is a great guy and why would he marry Carly. They start to talk when Peter shows up in the background and Brad tells Camille to leave, that it is over for them. She leaves and Peter comes in and tells Brad that he better keep his eye on the prize which is Carly, in order to be able to pay off Peter.

Side of Road and Police station:
Georgia and Chris have a flat and are trying to change it when they look for a spare in the trunk. They see the muddy plastic bag but no spare. Hal drives up and offers his assistance when he discovers that the car is stolen from seeing the wires hang down where Chris hot wired it. He takes them into the station where Reid is called in. Reid tells Hal not to worry about the charges and leaves with his car.

Burial site and Police Station: Holden and Jack discover the body is missing and they also find a cuff link with the initials "JS" on them. They decided that it belonged to James, but then note that James would never be that careless. Jack goes to the PD and tests the link for fingerprints, none where found. He then begins to speculate and after seeing how dirty Georgia and Chris were decided that Reid dug up the body.
Hearing that Reid's car was at the PD, Jack tries to search it but Hal won't allow it. After telling Holden the low down on his thoughts, Holden decides to break into him self.

At the Oasis:
Ben figures out that Hope is Denise's baby and questions her about her drinking during the pregnancy.

At Fashions:
Carly is trying on dresses while Lisa is being sarcastic and rude to her. She tells her that a certain dress is too sweet for her and that she should find something else. Carly hears Lisa talking about Julia's wedding gown and of course that is the one that she wants. Lisa tells her that she cannot have Julia's gown. Carly tells Lisa that she does not believe Julia will be needing one.

Friday, May 7, 1999

With Denise in denial about Ben's baby theory, Ben promises to get her proof. Holden quizzes Julia about Reid's whereabouts, but Julia refuses to help him. Molly gives Brad a dressing-down for being so self-serving. Peter accepts Camille's invitation and meets her at the Oasis. Ben takes Denise for a blood test, since Hope has a rare blood type. Holden questions Julia's loyalty to Jack.

As Jack rifles through Reid's apartment, Julia calls and leaves a message warning Dr. Hamilton of Jack's investigation. Molly joins Jack in his search and he finds the other engraved cufflink. Peter paints a dark picture of Brad to Camille, daring her to ask Brad to refute it.

When Julia finds Reid getting rid of his clothes, she realizes he did dig up David's body. Ben and Denise bond while awaiting the test results. Camille peppers Brad with questions about his relationship with Claire Wentworth. Reid admits to the graverobbing, but insists to Julia he did it so she couldn't be prosecuted. Jack then confronts Reid with the cufflink.

Brad breaks Camille's heart when he doesn't deny Peter's allegations. Holden listens with a heavy heart as Lily shares her love for Hope. Reid admits to Jack that he burned the body, and Julia fibs to Jack that she helped him dig up the body. Reid eavesdrops through the intercom as Julia blames Jack for her growing mistrust of him. A teary-eyed and bitter Camille walks out on Brad. Denise, determined to have another chance with her baby, sneaks out of the lab.

Brad grabs Molly to be his witness--he's going to marry Carly today. Jack is stunned when Julia calls off the wedding, while Reid is elated. Ben discovers the blood test results prove Denise is Hope's mother. As Lily prepares to take Hope in for her bone marrow transplant, Denise shows up on her doorstep.


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