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David helped Liza deliver her baby. David warned Adam that he still intended to tell Liza that Adam was Colby's father. Mateo was ecstatic when Raquel signed their divorce papers. Mateo and Hayley's new club, Sounds of Salsa, opened. Opal found Adrian's other mother waiting for her at Cortlandt Manor.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, May 3, 1999

Still intent on moving, Ryan returned to Gillian's room and resumed packing up all of his personal belongings. Gillian returned home earlier than Ryan anticipated and walked in on him. Rather than impeding his progress, Gillian helped Ryan track down his missing denim shirt. Ryan wondered how his short had ended up in Gillian's drawers. Almost apologetically, Gillian stated that she'd been sleeping in the shirt. Ryan offered to let Gillian keep the shirt, but Gillian insisted that Ryan take the shirt. Gillian was upset by a comment Ryan made concerning her early return. She lashed out at Ryan for wanting to leave without saying goodbye. Ryan, however, felt that it would be better if he didn't say goodbye because he didn't want to see the pain in Gillian's eyes when he left. Ryan told Gillian that Hayley had given him permission to use the back room at the club as his living quarters until he could make other arrangements. Gillian broke into tears as the time arrived for her husband to leave. The couple embraced, both obviously pained by their pending separation. "I hate to see you so sad," Ryan said softly. "Just go," Gillian replied, "before I make a total fool of myself."

Hayley tidied up Raquel's condominium so that everything would be in order when she was released from the hospital. Two deliverymen dropped of a hospital bed that she and Mateo were renting for Raquel. Mateo made a brief appearance before he was scheduled to head to the hospital and check on Raquel. He was pleased with the way Hayley had put things in order and with the "Welcome Home" banner she'd made on the computer. Mateo snuck up behind Hayley while she was trying to hang the banner and placed her down on the bed. The couple kissed and Mateo had designs on trying to "make a baby." Giggling, Hayley told Mateo that if they gave into their passion they'd never get anything done!

Jake and Joe were both surprised by Tad and Dixie's decision to get married so quickly. Tad informed his brother and father that he wanted to run off to a Justice of the Peace, but that Dixie nixed the idea. "We were wondering if we could have the wedding here," said Dixie explaining that they'd been unable to find a venue for the wedding. "In the kitchen?" Jake joked. Dixie jabbed Jake in the stomach with her elbow, but that didn't mask the smile on her face. Joe happily agreed to host the wedding, although he seemed slightly relieved by Dixie's offer to take care of all the plans and preparations. Joe headed off for his shift at the hospital and said that he'd tell Ruth the good news when he saw her. Shortly after Joe left, a knock sounded on the back door. Marian entered the house and distributed wedding invitations to Jake and Tad and Dixie. There was no pomp and circumstance from the Martin clan. Then Marian realized that they might still be opposed to Liza and Adam's wedding plans. She threatened to uninvite everyone if they even thought about making trouble at the wedding. Tad asked for a few moments alone with Marian so that they could iron out their differences. Jake and Dixie willingly left the room. Tad served Marian some pound cake as they sat down at the table. Tad told Marian that she was right about his opposition to the wedding, but he quickly explained that he would not stand in the way of Liza's happiness. In short, if Liza wanted to make what he saw as a mistake, then so be it. Jake poked his head into the kitchen a few minutes later and was surprised to see a very civil conversation taking place.

The final preparations were being made for the grand opening of Sounds of Salsa. Ryan entered the club and thumped his tote bag down on the counter. From the loud thud, Hayley knew that Ryan must be having more troubles with Gillian. Hayley urged Ryan not to give up on the love he and Gillian shared. Hayley reminded him that Mateo never gave up on her---even when she tried desperately to push him away. Perhaps the biggest surprise in the conversation came when Hayley revealed that she's thought about leave Mateo---recently. She confessed that the troubles she and Mateo had been through because of Raquel had nearly pushed her over the edge, but she was spurred on by her love for Mateo.

Trevor dropped by the hospital to pick up the signed divorce papers from Raquel's room. When he arrived, Raquel was fast asleep. He quietly took the papers and reviewed them to make sure that everything was in order. The papers were fine, but they were lacking something important---Raquel's signature. Raquel was roused from her sleep and Trevor immediately asked her why she hadn't signed the papers. Raquel tearfully explained that her injured state was preventing her from signing off on her marriage to Mateo. Raquel had agreed to divorce Mateo when she was healthy. Now, though, her future was uncertain. Would she ever be able to walk again? And how would she return to working as a waitress if she was unable to carry anything? Trevor read over the terms of the agreement. Mateo had made numerous concessions, including shared custody of Max and very generous alimony and child support payments. Raquel feared that she'd be cast aside now that she was injured. Trevor became agitated and his treatment of Raquel grew more course. Gillian had been listening from the hallway and entered the room to make sure that the attorney wasn't badgering her friend. Trevor left the divorce papers on the bedside table and stormed out of the room. Gillian sat beside Raquel and told her that she understood what she was going through. Raquel continued to sob as she thought about signing the "awful [divorce] papers," but she feared that Mateo would hate her if she backed out on her promise to grant him a divorce. Gillian scanned the documents and asked Raquel to explain the term "irreconcilable differences." Raquel tearfully explained that the term meant that she and Mateo would never be a happily married couple. Raquel took a pen and signed her name on the dotted line. At Raquel's request, Gillian signed her name down as a witness to the signing. "Mateo wanted to be free of me," Raquel said softly. "Now he is." Mateo entered the room with a broad smile on his face. He informed Raquel that her release papers had been signed and she was free to leave the hospital. Gillian left the room as Raquel handed Mateo the signed divorce papers.

Liza and Adam braved the elements and found shelter in Stuart's cabin conveniently located nearby. Liza was out of breath and collapsed on the bed. She kicked herself for agreeing to travel out of town so close to her due date. The inclement weather was preventing Adam's cell phone from picking up a signal. He didn't want to leave Liza alone, but he knew he'd have to hike to the top of a nearby hill if he wanted to have a chance at reaching the paramedics. While Adam was gone, the lights in the cabin flickered on and off at whim. Liza lumbered out of bed to check on an oil lamp. The door flung open and Liza breathed a sigh of relief because Adam had finally returned. When the lights came back on, Liza learned that Adam hadn't returned. Standing in the doorway, the previously unwelcome David was now a sight for sore eyes. David helped Liza back into bed and asked her if she'd been timing her contractions. As the two talked, Adam returned to the cabin. Upon seeing David, Adam hit the roof. He angrily ordered David to leave. Liza stood up for David, reminding Adam that David was a doctor. Adam bowed to logic and agreed to let David assist with the delivery. He pulled the doctor aside and warned him that he'd kill him with his bare hands if he did anything to upset Liza. Adam sterilized a pair of scissors while David moved into position to deliver the baby. By now Liza was fully dilated and even if they wanted to transport her to the hospital it was too late. Adam helped Liza with her breathing exercises while David instructed Liza to push. Suddenly, David's face grew grim. Instead if seeing the top portion of baby Colby's head, he saw the baby's foot.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

"It's what you wanted ever since I first came to town," Raquel said as she somehow managed to force a smile. "It's my gift of love to you." Mateo looked at the divorce papers for several minutes without any discernible reaction. Mateo, however, was definitely pleased that the struggle had come to an end. "Thank you," he said softly. Signing off on their marriage didn't mean that Raquel's feelings for Mateo had suddenly vanished. "I still love you," Raquel said. "But I know there's no future for us." Raquel urged Mateo to go to the grand opening of the new club, but Mateo insisted that he wanted to escort Raquel back to the condo.

Jake walked Gillian to a less busy area of the corridor. There the princess told him that she'd reached a decision about how to handle her relationship with Ryan. The words didn't come easily. Several times Gillian stopped mid-sentence, searching for the strength to make her announcement. "I've started divorce proceedings," she said. Jake was stunned by Gillian's "extreme" approach. He wondered if she was trying to set Ryan free with the hopes that he'd return to her. "Ryan will never come back to me," Gillian replied. "I'm a disaster... the plague." Jake doubted that Ryan felt that way about her and urged Gillian to reconsider filing for divorce. Gillian caught sight of Trevor walking towards Raquel's room and moved to intercept him. Trevor put his hands up and asked Gillian not to impede his progress. Gillian blurted out that she and Ryan needed to hire an attorney. Trevor was puzzled, but agreed to speak to Gillian after he finished with Raquel. Inside the room, Mateo smiled broadly as he handed the signed divorce papers to the attorney. A few minutes later, a pair of paramedics arrived to take Raquel to an ambulance so that she could be transported to her home. A grimaced formed on Raquel's face as she was being moved, but her physical pain did not cause the frown this time. It was a result of one of the two paramedics calling her "Mrs. Santos."
In the hallway, Gillian told Trevor that she wanted to file for divorce. Trevor was just as stunned by the news as Jake. Trevor asked Gillian why she suddenly wanted out of her marriage. After all, it wasn't that long ago that Gillian had gone to jail for her husband. Gillian claimed that she wanted to give Ryan "peace of mind" and threatened to find another attorney if Trevor wouldn't help her. Trevor sighed deeply and told Gillian that he'd draw up some papers when he returned to his office. A very distracted Gillian buzzed about the hospital in a fog. Jake pulled her aside and asked her if she planned to attend the grand opening of Mateo and Hayley's new club. Gillian barely answered the question as her mind continued to wander. She nodded her head and explained that the sole reason for attending was to tell Ryan that she was giving him his freedom.

Even before the club officially opened, there were guests lined up at the doors waiting for a sneak peek. Dimitri dropped by with the hopes of being able to help out. Hayley smiled warmly and thanked him for his offer. Dimitri immediately went to work, but his labor was not physical. Ryan approached Dimitri and thanked him for giving Gillian a weekly living allowance. From there, Ryan assured Dimitri that he would pay every penny back to him just as soon as he was able. Dimitri took Ryan's interest as a sign that he and Gillian were no longer at odds. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Ryan stated that as Gillian's husband he was obligated to repay her debts. Ryan told Dimitri that being in love with Gillian hurts too much to be healthy. He claimed that his mind is haunted by images of his parents' abusive relationship and fears that he might hurt Gillian more than he already has. Dimitri was confident that that would not happen to Ryan and tried to convince Ryan to continue his fight. Ryan tried to concoct numerous reasons why he was not right for Gillian, but Dimitri countered each of his faults. For example, Ryan claimed that he was too corrupt for Gillian because he'd accepted a bribe to serve on the jury at Brooke's trial. Dimitri broke into laughter as he reminded Ryan that he'd been the one to offer the bribe. In the end, both men agreed that they hadn't always been the most honest men---but Dimitri liked to believe that he was worse than Ryan was. Dimitri told Ryan that he knows what true love looks like and Ryan and Gillian have it. "If you give up, you're stupid," he concluded.

Across the room, Dixie made a brief appearance to see if Hayley needed anything. Hayley told Dixie her double dose of good news: That Raquel had agreed to a divorce and she'd been given a clean bill of health. From there, the two women discussed Adam and Liza's wedding which was scheduled to take place in the morning. They both said that they'd be in attendance. The grand opening was just a short time away and Hayley and Dixie both scurried off to get ready for the event.

Hayley gathered around the SOS staff and gave them a pre-opening pep talk. The level of energy was slightly diminished because Mateo still hadn't shown up. Hayley knew that it would look badly if the club opened late on its opening night and reluctantly gave the green light to open the doors.

Tucked as comfortably as possible in her new bed, Raquel was relieved to be home. While she was at home, Raquel would receive round the clock care from two nurses, each pulling a twelve-hour shift. The nurse currently on duty, Nurse Van der Meer, assured Mateo that Raquel would receive the best care possible. Stella, Max's babysitter, was free to leave now that Matt and Raquel were home. Mateo stuck around for a little while longer just to make sure that everything was in order. When the time came for him to leave for the club, the nurse instructed him that he had to take Max with him. Mateo looked at the woman curiously and explained that Max was going to stay at home. The nurse was vehemently opposed to having the five year-old in the house without a parent or babysitter. She claimed that she would be unable to care for Raquel if she also had to take care of a child. While she never said it outright, the nurse's bitter tone implied that Max was an out of control, bratty little boy. Mateo assured her that his son was an angel and that he wouldn't compromise her job in any way. The nurse walked to the side of Raquel's bed and as she fluffed the patient's pillows, Raquel groaned in pain. Mateo ordered her to be more careful, but that only infuriated the woman all the more. She grabbed her belongings and announced that she was quitting. As the nurse stormed out of the house, Mateo was forced to find someone else to care for Raquel. He tried calling everyone he knew, but no one was home.

While not a skilled professional, Liza knew that an out-of-the-way cabin was not the ideal place to deliver a breach baby. David instructed Liza to continue breathing normally. He left Liza temporarily so that he could talk to Adam. David remained calm, but his composure showed signs of cracking. He whispered that he did not know how to deliver a baby in an atypical situation. Adam was likewise panicked. "You're a doctor!" He said nervously. Unfortunately, being a doctor in this case was not going to be enough. David suddenly remembered something and asked Adam to stay with Liza. He ordered Adam not to let Liza try to push the baby out. Against Adam's request, David left the cabin. Adam sat by his wife-to-be and tried to focus her mind on more pleasant things. For a few minutes, his use if imagery worked. As another contraction set in, it became increasingly difficult for Liza to fight to urge to push. David returned toting his laptop computer. In his possession he had a CD-ROM that he believed had a medical guide to assist in problematic childbirth. David asked Adam to man the computer while he tried to follow the directions. As the two men reviewed the instructions, Adam worried that things were not going to go well. The ideal solution, according to the computer, was a caesarian section. Of course, that couldn't be done in the cabin. David continued reading and learned of a method that could potentially turn the baby around while it was still in the uterus. He carefully followed the instructions, but he was unable to correction the situation because the baby was already "too far down the birth canal." This left but one solution; He'd have to attempt a normal delivery. Liza screamed in agony as another contraction set in. Still, David told her that she could not push. As Adam carefully read the on-screen instructions, David helped to gently guide the baby into the open air. After the shoulders were free, David ordered Liza to push. Beads of sweat now pouring down Liza's brow, she bore down and followed the doctor's orders to push. Adam raced to Liza's side and took her hand. "Your baby girl is here," David announced. The cabin fell eerily silent. "Why can't I hear her?" Liza asked in terror. The room remained cloaked in silence.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

The homecare nurse's walkout stifled Mateo's plans to attend the grand opening of Sounds of Salsa. He took to the phone to try to get the agency to send over a replacement, but his demands went unmet. Hayley phoned Matt to ask him why he hadn't made it to the club. Mateo explained his predicament, but mixed the bad news with a little good news. He informed Hayley that Raquel had signed the divorce papers. Raquel understood the importance of the club's grand opening. She urged Mateo to take Max to the club, saying that she'd be fine by herself and that Max would "have a ball" at the club.

Erica decided to skip the grand opening of Sounds of Salsa. The opening, however, was still very much on her mind. As a gesture of friendship and good wishes, Erica sent a bouquet of orchids and birds of paradise to the club. Vanessa entered the parlor area adjusting her earrings. Erica was surprised to see Vanessa dressed up and asked her if she had plans for the evening. Vanessa smiled proudly and announced that she was going to attend the opening of SOS. "Why don't you come with me?" Vanessa asked her host. Erica rose from her chair and walked across the room. She took several sips of water before agreeing that it might be beneficial to get out amongst the crowds. For the moment, Erica seemed to forget about her fears regarding her appearance. Those fears returned when Vanessa muttered that she and Erica's other friends could "run interference" if anyone made comments about her face. Suddenly the idea of attending the fete seemed less therapeutic. Claiming that she was suffering from a bad case of jet lag, Erica told Vanessa that she was going to remain at home. With a big smile, Vanessa promised to fill Erica in on everything that she missed when she returned home.

Considering the tropical theme of SOS, it didn't seem odd for the guests to be dressed in Latin-flavored clothing. Opal, however, took that idea and ran with it, dressing up in a mock-up outfit of Carmen Miranda. Dimitri praised Opal's originality as he told her that he'd been unable to dig up any dirt on Vanessa Bennett. Opal suggested that they consult a witch doctor to get rid of Vanessa because, in Opal's words, "Vanessa Bennett is a curse." Trevor and Janet approached the bar and danced in place as they waited for their drinks to be served. At a nearby table, Jake, Tad, and Dixie chatted about the club and current events. "Why do I suddenly crave a fruit salad," Tad laughed upon seeing Opal's outfit. Dixie jabbed him with her elbow and proceeded to tell Opal that she didn't know of many women who could pull off the get-up the way she had. Adrian and Belinda entered the club arm-in-arm. From across the room they both noticed Opal's sizeable headpiece and burst into laughter. Adrian shook his head as he and Belinda walked towards the group's table. While the club was packed, Hayley couldn't help but notice that no one was dancing. Ryan likened the grand opening to a wedding, suggesting that everyone might be waiting for "the bride and groom" to have the first dance. That wasn't really an option as this point because Mateo was still with Raquel. Hayley asked Ryan if he could dance salsa or merengue. Ryan nodded and Hayley's face lit up. She raced across the floor to the microphone. The club silenced as Hayley announced that the dance floor was ready for its inaugural dance. Hayley told the crowd that "Mr. Hubba-hubba" would be the male lead. Ryan appeared by Hayley's side and took her hand. He had obviously assumed that he'd be dancing with Hayley, but that was not going to be the case because Hayley was saving the first dance for Mateo. Instead, his dance partner would be "Mrs. Ooh-la-la." Ordinarily, she just goes by the name Princess Gillian. There was noticeable reluctance on both Ryan and Gillian's part, but they did agree to dance---for the club's sake. They moved effortlessly about the dance floor, passionate dripping from their bodies. At the conclusion of their dance, again they both claimed that they'd only agreed to dance because it was for the good of the club. Hayley proudly announced that they had a very special guest on hand to make the grand opening even more festive---Tito Nieves. The singer took to the stage and sang his hit song, "I Like It Like That." No one was immune from the hot beats of the track; Brooke and Jack danced in a far corner of the club and Tad clowned whimsically at his table. At the conclusion of the performance, Ryan approached Gillian and asked if she would mind another dance. Gillian had been awed by Ryan's dancing skills. In fact, she had no idea that he even knew how to dance. Before the couple could hit the dance floor again, a waiter approached and told Ryan that a patron wanted to know more about renting the club for a wedding. Hayley showed off the flowers that Erica had sent. While the flowers were very beautiful, Hayley was disappointed that Erica was not able to attend. Janet and Jack took turns explaining that Erica wasn't much in the mood for public appearances since the accident. Brooke, who had been a part of the crowd, quietly stepped away and headed for the door.

Bianca and Erica talked briefly on the phone. From the conversation, it appeared that Bianca was still very worried about her mother. Erica claimed that she was spending a quiet night at home. "You know how sleepy Pine Valley can be," Erica teased. "They practically roll up the sidewalks at dusk." The conversation ended and Erica sat down to review some files. An unanticipated knock sounded on the door. Erica left her work and answered the door. She was equally surprised by who was standing on the porch---Brooke. Erica wasn't pleased to see her sometimes nemesis. Rather than being polite, Erica asked sassily if Brooke had dropped by to use the phone because her car had broken down. Brooke let the remark slide and invited herself into Erica's house. Brooke told Erica that it was very nice to send flowers to SOS. She added that Hayley was disappointed that she was unable to put in a personal appearance. Erica stuck to her story that she was suffering from jet lag. Brooke didn't by the excuse because it didn't look like Erica had any intention of going to sleep any time soon. Brooke accused Erica of turning her house , into a self-imposed prison. Cowardice, she said, was the real reason that Erica didn't want to attend the grand opening of SOS. Erica lashed out at Brooke for being insensitive. She told Brooke that she had no idea how she was feeling. Brooke agreed, but said that she's experienced more than her fair share of lonely nights and wanting to crawl into bed and disappear. Brooke urged Erica to run upstairs and get "dressed to the nines" so that she could join her friends at the club. Erica turned her back to Brooke and started to sob. Thinking that she hadn't reached Erica, Brooke turned around and left. Erica lingered in the parlor for a short time before going upstairs and preparing to go out. As she returned downstairs, she stopped in front of a mirror and looked at her face.

David told Liza that he had to clear the baby's air passage. For Liza it must have seemed like hours had gone by before the tiny new life issued its first wail. David asked Adam if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord. Adam was taken by surprised, but gladly accepted the "challenge." David bundled Colby in a blue blanket and handed her to Liza. Adam gently kissed Liza on the cheek and then kissed the baby's forehead. In the background, David sat in a chair and smiled contentedly. Because the baby was born early and in a less than sterile environment, David suggested that Liza travel to the hospital to get checked out. Adam concurred and headed outside to see if he could get his cellular phone to work. While Adam was gone, Liza thanked David for saving her baby's life. For that, she said, she would always be grateful. When Adam returned, he stated that the ambulance was en route to the cabin via another bridge a few miles up the road. Adam thanked David for helping out. Adam pulled David aside and told him that he was glad that he hadn't spilled the beans about the baby's real father. Adam, however, had jumped to an incorrect conclusion. David explained that his first concern is his patient's health. Once he was certain that Liza and the baby were going to be okay, "all bets are off."

Vanessa arrived at the club and received several curious glances from Janet. Mateo phoned Hayley and told her that he was still having some problems getting to the club. The phone call took a curious turn when Mateo told Hayley that she looked beautiful. Hayley spun around and realized that Mateo was calling from across the club. The couple walked towards each other before meeting up on the dance floor. Isabella had dropped by the club and upon learning that Mateo was having troubles at Raquel's immediately sped to the rescue. Trevor asked Gillian if she still wanted to have him draw up divorce papers. He figured that the steamy dance she and Ryan had shared signaled a reunion. Gillian shook her head and told Trevor to move forward with the divorce process. Opal rose from her seat and headed to the dance floor. There, she broke into spontaneous salsa dancing with not one, but five men. She had attached herself to one gentleman and the other four were in a conga-like formation behind him. The men took turns spinning Opal around before hoisting her into the air and twirling her about. Ryan walked over to Gillian and asked if she wanted to have that second dance they'd talked about. Gillian nodded, but told Ryan that she needed some air first. The pair walked outside to the back alley so that they could talk. Gillian told Ryan that she had something important to tell him. Before that, she said that there was something she needed to do---something that would undoubtedly upset Ryan. Without warning, Gillian grabbed Ryan and pulled him closer so that she could give him a kiss.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

Nearly all of today's show took place in one location---Sounds of Salsa. Things sort of bounced around a great deal, so today's recap will vary from the usual format.

As Erica stood on the steps, she heard Brooke's voice urging her to turn her back on the fear that was preventing her from leaving her house. Erica wrapped a red scarf around her head, took a deep breath, and walked out the front door.

In the alley behind Sounds of Salsa, Gillian broke the kiss she's sprung on Ryan and immediately hit him with another surprise---the divorce. "You did what?" Ryan asked in shock upon learning that his wife had asked Trevor to start divorce proceedings. It was painfully obvious that neither Gillian nor Ryan really wanted the divorce. As they talked about their future, every statement made was followed by a question to gauge the other's reaction. "This is what you wanted, right?" asked Gillian. Ryan nodded his head slightly and unenthusiastically agreed. He apologized for sending Gillian "mixed signals" about their relationship. One moment Ryan was pushing Gillian away and the next he was dancing with her in front of a crowd. Gillian felt she was the one who should apologize. After all, only seconds after kissing him she'd told him that she wanted a divorce. Ryan sighed and mumbled that "separation is the first step of divorce." Since they were currently estranged, divorce seemed like a natural progression. "So I did the right thing, right?" Gillian asked, again signaling that she was looking for Ryan to tell her that he wanted to remain married. Ryan, however, didn't give her the chance to escape. "Absolutely," he replied. Ryan turned and returned to the inside of the club. He plopped down on a stool by the bar. Hayley danced her way towards him and asked him what was bothering him. Ryan shook the cobwebs loose and forced a smile. He told Hayley that he was fine and ordered her to return to the dance floor so that she could have fun. Tonight, he said, it was her turn to have a little fun.

Across the club, Vanessa danced with an unknown but younger man. Janet and Dimitri chatted it up in a corner while Jake discussed Ryan and Gillian's pending divorce with Trevor. Trevor reminded Jake that he could not discuss the details of the case. Jake asked Trevor if there was some way that they could delay the divorce process so that Gillian and Ryan could have some time to patch things up. Trevor agreed that it was a shame to see the Laveries split, but said that he had to follow his client's request. Brooke sat down with Dimitri, Janet, Jack, and Edmund and admitted that she'd gone to see Erica. Janet quickly rattled off that she and Opal had already tried to coax Erica out of her shell---but failed miserably. Brooke agreed that it seemed unlikely that anything she'd said would have any impact on Erica. Janet gritted her teeth as she blasted Vanessa for having wheedled her way into Erica's life.

Seated at a table with her sons and their dates, Opal plucked a maraschino cherry from her headpiece and plunked it into her mixed drink. After a few sips, she groused that the music being played was too slow. Almost on cue, the tempo picked up and Opal sprung to her feet. She asked Adrian and Tad to join her in a conga line, but they both turned her down. Belinda and Dixie, however, were feeling festive and joined Opal in a line-dance around the club. Seemingly out of nowhere, Adrian asked Tad if it was true that Opal had abandoned him in a park. Tad's brow wrinkled as he explained that, technically, Ray Gardner was the one who'd deserted him. Adrian questioned "what kind of woman" would abandon not one but two children. Tad assured Adrian that Opal had done the right thing by freeing them of Ray Gardner's deadly grasp. He concluded with a remark about how glad he was that Ray Gardner was no longer alive.

Opal led a twenty-or-so person conga line around the club. Erica slowly entered the club and looked nervously around. Opal froze in her tracks upon seeing Erica---and one by one the people behind her in line smashed into the person in front of them. The club grew eerily quiet as even the music ceased. Opal raced towards Erica with open arms, but the injured beauty quickly cast her aside. Opal invited Erica to join her at her table, but Erica walked past her and headed towards Hayley and Mateo. Erica congratulated them on a successful opening and a beautiful club. She mentioned that it was possible that Enchantment could use the club for its upcoming ad campaign. Mateo nervously motioned for the music to resume.

Opal stormed to her table and hung her head in frustration. Adrian told Opal that she should forget about Erica because she probably wasn't a true friend. His advice took an ill-advised turn when he implied that Erica had been using Opal to get closer to Palmer's money. Tad tried to get his mother back on the dance floor, but Opal no longer felt like dancing; she wanted to return home. Tad and Adrian both escorted their mother to the door. Upon seeing Erica, Vanessa picked up her cellular phone and placed an urgent call. She told the person on the other end of the line to drop what he was doing and to get to the club immediately. Trevor and Jack discussed the amount of courage it must have taken for Erica to show up at the club. During the conversation, Jack admitted to missing Erica. Rather than pursuing the admission, Trevor chose to leave well enough alone. Brooke sat down next to Erica and praised her for having risen to the occasion. Erica thanked Brooke for reminding her that she was Erica Kane, something she'd seemed to have forgotten since the accident.

Outside the club, Jake found Gillian alone in the alley with tears streaming down her cheeks. He knew that she must have told Ryan about her decision to file for a divorce. He encouraged her to reconsider, reminding her that she'd signed nothing to bind her to her decision. Gillian sniffled and exhaled deeply. She wiped the tears from her eyes and told Jake that she needs to grant Ryan his freedom. She looked Jake in the eyes and asked him to escort her back inside for a dance.

Erica decided that since she'd put in an appearance it was safe to head back home. Vanessa quickly scurried over to her and told her that she'd buy her a glass of mineral water. While she was being detained, Jerry Reeves and a camera crew entered through the front door. Jerry looked into the cameras and announced that he was "live at Sounds of Salsa, the scene of Erica Kane's first public appearance" since her face was disfigured. Vanessa smiled sinisterly, something that Janet couldn't help but notice. Erica quivered, unable to walk away. Jerry immediately hurled a barrage of questions at Erica. The question that sent Erica over the edge was a request to see what was hidden beneath her black mask. Brooke appeared at Erica's side and told her that she'd escort her home. The film crew tried to follow Erica, but Jack, Dimitri, and Edmund stood in their way and refused to let them get by. Mateo angrily confronted the reporter and told him that he was not welcome at the club. In the ladies' room, Erica lashed out at Brooke for having talked her into leaving home. Erica stormed away before Brooke could respond. Brooke returned to the club and told Jack that Erica had run off. Both agreed that they should check on her.

Dimitri asked Ryan how things went with Gillian. He figured that the dance he and Gillian had shared might have opened the door for reconciliation. He was shocked to hear that Gillian had filed for divorce. All hope was not lost, though. Dimitri forced Ryan to admit that he still loves Gillian and that he wants to remain married to her. He then urged him to go to Gillian and tell her that he still loves her.

Janet angrily confronted Vanessa and pushed her into the stockroom. Vanessa claimed that she needed to go check on Erica to make sure that she was okay. Janet knew better. She blasted the so-called friend for tipping off the media. As Janet's anger continued to grow, Vanessa suggested that she "check into a mental facility." Janet stepped closer to Vanessa until their faces were but a few inches apart. "Don't mess with me," she snarled. This level of anger hadn't been evident in Janet for a very long time.

Adrian convinced Tad to stick around for a little while so that they could help calm down Opal. Opal wandered into the parlor to get some brandy. Upon entering the room, she found an unknown woman sitting on the sofa. The woman knew Opal, but Opal had no idea who she was. The woman's identity was revealed when Adrian entered the room and referred to her as "mother." Adrian introduced Alice Dawson to Opal and Tad. Opal felt awkward standing before the woman with a fruit basket on her head. She stepped out of the room under the pretense of making some coffee, but instead she ran upstairs to change into something more appropriate. Alice asked Adrian why he hadn't answered any of the letters she'd sent him. Adrian replied that he didn't really have anything to say. "The Adrian I know," responded Alice, "always has something to say." She worried that something was troubling Adrian, something that he felt he was unable to tell her. Opal and Tad returned to the room, but Tad reminded Adrian that Belinda and Dixie were still waiting for them at the club. The two men left the mansion and Opal and Alice were suddenly dropped into each other's laps. Opal poured two glasses of sherry and the pair toasted to Adrian. An awkward silence ensued as they sipped their drinks.

Erica sat down on a park bench in a heap. No longer did she exhibit the aura that is Erica Kane. A pair of headlights shone on her face, prompting Erica to fear that she was going to be harassed. A car door opened and a figured approached the bench. Erica tugged in her scarf to make sure that it was covering her face. The man called her name and reached out to stop her from running away. Erica struggled to free herself from David's grasp, but she was unable to wriggle free. Overcome, she collapsed into the doctor's arms.

Friday, May 7, 1999

"What happened?" Erica asked breathily as her eyelids fluttered. David informed her that she'd fainted in his arms. He wondered why Erica was walking around at night by herself. He seemed pleased when he learned that Erica had gone to SOS's grand opening. Erica admitted that it had felt good to get out of the house until, that is, she was blind-sided by Jerry Reeves. Erica told David what had happened at the club and he was certain that someone had set Erica up. Erica asked David what he was doing when he'd found her. He explained that he was on his way to the hospital to check on Liza and her baby. He convinced Erica to tag along so that he could give her a quick check up.

It wasn't easy for Ryan to watch Gillian sharing a dance with another man. Dixi walked over to him and urged him to cut in on Jake and Gillian. Ryan shook his head and glumly noted that "our dancing days are over." As Tad wandered over to join them, Ryan informed that happy couple that he and Gillian were about to get a divorce. Needless to say, Tad and Dixie were upset; They want every couple to be as happy as they are. Tad urged Ryan to stop the divorce, joking that it was a nuisance to have to get back together and plan a second wedding.

Belinda and Trevor congratulated Mateo and Hayley on a very successful grand opening. Things were slowly winding down at the club and only a few patrons remained. Belinda also congratulated Mateo on getting Raquel to sign off on their marriage. Adrian and Tad returned to the club and quickly took up positions beside their lovers. Adrian told Belinda that his mother, Alice, was in town. Belinda noticed that Adrian seemed to be avoiding his mother. He had invited himself back to Belinda's apartment and while Belinda wanted nothing more than to spend the night in Adrian's arms, she felt it was more important for him to spend time with his mother---both of them. Adrian looked like he dreaded the encounter, but he agreed to do as Belinda wished.

In the stick room, Vanessa panted for air as Janet angrily confronted her. "What's your agenda?" Janet snapped, demanding to know why Vanessa was toying with Erica. Vanessa insisted that she was Erica's friend and told Janet that she and her "coven" would have to accept the fact that she was a part of Erica's life now. Janet claimed that she's "seen evidence" that proves that Vanessa is really working against Erica. "Have you... Janet Green?" Vanessa sneered. Janet's eyes suddenly widened. "I'm not proud of who I was," countered Janet. "But I've paid my debt." Vanessa wasn't done with her attempt to turn the tables on Janet. She coldly commented that Janet had done "remarkably well for a crowbar killer." Trevor approached from behind and ordered Vanessa to shut her mouth. Vanessa promptly excused herself from the room, leaving Janet to tell Trevor about her run-in with the woman. While Janet was determined to expose Vanessa's schemes, Trevor took a more observational approach. He felt that it was up to Erica to learn the truth and he was sure that she'd let Vanessa have it.

Jake was paged to the hospital so that he could meet his new "daughter." When he left, Gillian had had a few too many margaritas. Jake asked Ryan to make sure that Gillian got home safely.

In the alleyway behind the club, Vanessa paced back and forth nervously. She was met by Jerry Reeves a little while later. Vanessa told the reporter that they need to be more careful in the future because one of Erica's "snoopy friends" had almost found them out. Jerry urged Vanessa to remain calm and vowed that he would take care of videotaping Erica just as long as she worked on "the book."

Opal was very nervous about meeting Alice Dawson. Opal said that she imagined meeting Adrian's other mother "a gazillion times." Opal worried that Alice might think she was a little off because of her fruit headpiece. Alice smiled slightly and told Opal that Frank had mentioned her "flair." Opal sighed deeply and said that Alice must think that she's the "awfullest" mother for having told Adrian that she was not his biological mother. Alice admitted that she'd often wondered why Opal walked out on Adrian. As for telling Adrian the truth, Alice noted that she and Frank had had "a lifetime" to tell Adrian the truth. Therefore, she and Frank were just as much at fault in her mind. Opal told Alice that she tried to return to see Frank after she'd been forced to leave. But by the time she was able, Opal was already pregnant with Jenny and knew that she was not going to be able to leave Ray. Opal had, however, called to check on Frank and Adrian. When she did, Frank had already met and married Alice. In the background, Opal heard little Adrian referring to Alice as his mother---and she didn't want to say or do anything to upset either of them. Opal never told Adrian that she'd phoned to check up on his because she thought it sounded more like a cop out. The two found that they had more in common than they'd thought. Both women was relieved that Adrian was no longer working as a government agent, but neither would admit it to Adrian! Alice was very kind in speaking to Opal. After Opal thanked her profusely for doing such a good job of raising Adrian, Alice said that she was sure that Opal had a little something to do with how Adrian turned out too. Opal was glad that Adrian had found his way back into her life, but she was upset because they'd started to grow apart. The two women shared a comforting hug, unaware that Adrian had returned to the room.

Dr. Clader gave Liza and Colby a clean bill of health, but a few more tests were needed just to be certain. Jake, Tad, and Dixie burst into the room and asked if everything was okay. Initially, Jake scolded Liza for not having called him the moment she went into labor. Adam explained that they'd been unable to contact him because they were stuck in a cabin by The Sleepy Hollow Inn. Joe entered the room carrying Colby and introduced the baby to her father. In the corner, Adam frowned as Jake held the baby. David popped his head in the doorway and took delight in seeing Adam suffer. Jake handed the baby to Tad and walked over to the man who'd delivered his "daughter." He shook David's hand and thanked him for being there for him. Adam followed David into the hallway. There, David told Adam that he enjoyed seeing Adam squirm. He enjoyed it so much that he said he might not be able to tell Liza that Adam is really the baby's father---or at least not until the Martins had grown hopelessly attached to Colby. From around a corner, Erica eavesdropped on the exchange. As she did, pieces of her broken memories started to fall back into place. She remembered that she'd figured out that David had run a DNA comparison on Colby and Adam. She waited until David walked away before approaching Adam. Adam was surprised to see Erica and look like he was taken aback by her appearance. Erica told Adam that she thinks that he, not Jake, is Colby's father. Adam misunderstood what Erica had said. He thought she meant that she would think of Adam as Colby's father even though he wasn't the biological father. Erica, however, quickly clarified what she meant. "That child is your biological [daughter] and David Hayward knows it, doesn't he?" she asked.



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