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Monday, May 3, 1999

Meg, Sara, and Casey:
Meg and Sara are on the beach arguing. Meg told Sara that she will do whatever it takes to keep Ben. Sara asks if Meg is willing to trust strangers over her own family, and Meg says that Ben and Benjy are her family. Casey shows up and asks if he is interrupting anything. Meg says no that they have said all that they needed to say and she leaves. Casey asks Sara if she wants to take a walk. Sara asks if he just wants to know what happened. Casey says no, that they made it obvious that they did not want to talk about it. They start to walk and Sara says that she cannot pretend that her and Meg did not just have a huge fight. Sara then told Casey that Tess caught Meg snooping through he stuff, and that Meg was blaming Sara. Casey says that they need to talk. Casey told Sara that she promised not to butt into Meg and Ben's life but she can't seem to stop. Sara wants to know how come it is okay for Casey to interfere but its not okay for her. Casey says that he doesn't interfere, that he is just supportive and that there is a difference. Sara says that all she did was tell Meg that they needed to find out more about Tess. Casey told her that she planted a seed of doubt. Sara tells Casey that she knows that something is going on and that she has to protect her sister. Casey asks if she is willing to risk what they have. He says that they cannot have a relationship if Sara is consumed with Ben and Meg. Sara says that she doesn't want to mess up their relationship. Casey says Then don't. They kiss and walk down the beach. Later, in bed, Casey is asleep and Sara says that she is not going to loss Casey to Meg.

Maria and Mrs. Moreau:
As Maria heads to the door, she remembers Carmen telling her about Mrs. Moreau and her blackmagic. As she went to knock on the door, it opens, and Mrs. Moreau says that she wondered how long it would take for her to come to her. Mrs. Moreau asks who she is and who sent her. She told her that she is Maria Torres and that her mother sent her. Mrs. Moreau told Maria that she does not look like her usual customer that believes in voodoo. Maria tells Mrs. Moreau that she is her last hope and that she promises to keep an open mind. Maria explains how she lost her memory. Mrs. Moreau told Maria of the risks involved and that she could recover something that would be best left buried. Maria says that she has though about that. Mrs. Moreau gives her a card and told Maria to think about it long and hard and then to call her if she still wants too.

Vanessa and Michael:
Vanessa and Michael are kissing and Michael suggests that the move into the bedroom. Vanessa says no. Michael asks if she is worried that he doesn't love her, and says that he never stopped loving her. Vanessa asks if Michael trusts her, enough to start over. Michael says I love you isn't that enough. Vanessa says that she needs his trust. Michael told Vanessa that she is not the only one that has made mistakes and that what happened is in the past. Vanessa says that she wants to be sure that Michael will never doubt her. She has to know if Michael trusts her. Michael told Vanessa that he loves her more than anything but complete trust is not something that he has. He says that he is sorry, that he knows that that is not the answer that Vanessa wanted. Vanessa says no, that she wanted the truth and that is what he gave her. Vanessa says that he never told her why he came by in the first place. Michael says that he came to let her know that Ricardo had asked him to be a part of the wedding and he wanted to make sure that she would be okay with it. Vanessa asks if he thought that she would be thinking the whole time that it should be the two of them getting married. Michael says that she would not be the only one thinking that. Michael told Vanessa that they will get through this, that it will just take time. Vanessa says that she has time. Michael kisses Vanessa and leaves.

Ben, Meg, Tess, Benjy, and Maria:
Tess and Ben are talking and Tess told Ben that he doesn't need to apologize for Meg. Ben told her that he wasn't. Ben told Tess that he thinks that it is time for Tess to move out and look for a new job. Tess wants to know why he is doing this. Ben says that he thinks it will be best for everyone. Tess says that she will not leave Benjy, that she is all he has known for the past year. Benjy comes in and hears Tess say she won't leave. He wants to know why Tess is leaving. Meg comes in and Benjy blames her saying that she wants Tess to leave like she wants his mommy to leave. Meg looks at Tess and asks if she is leaving. Tess told her that it was not her idea, and Meg says that it was not her idea. Ben tries to explain to Benjy that he doesn't want Benjy to blame Meg for Tess leaving because it was his idea. Benjy says that Ben is just sticking up for Meg because Ben likes her. Maria comes in and Benjy says that Meg was being mean to him again. Meg went to the kitchen and Ben takes Benjy upstairs to talk. Maria asks Tess what is going on and Tess told her that Ben has given her notice. Tess also told Maria that she caught Meg snooping through her room. Tess told Maria that Benjy overheard Tess and Ben talking about Tess leaving. Maria wonders if Meg had anything to do with Ben's decision. Tess thinks that she does. Tess leaves. Meg comes back in and asks where everyone is. Maria says How dare you do this!! Maria and Meg have a few words and Meg says that she doesn't care what Maria thinks. Maria says that when it comes to her son, Meg better care what she thinks. Ben comes in. Ben told Maria that it was his idea to let Tess go. Maria apologizes to Meg and Meg leaves. Maria says that she should have come to Ben and Meg before she jumped to conclusions. Ben says that he should have talked to Maria about how he was feeling about Tess. Ben says something doesn't seem right with Tess. Maria agrees. Ben went to Meg. Maria wonders why she has the same strange feeling about Tess that Ben does. Out on the deck, Ben told Meg that he is sorry about everything. Meg says that she can handle Maria, its Benjy that she is worried about. Ben says that in time Benjy will come around.

Inside Maria is thinking to herself that she needs to remember the last five years, especially her son. She went to the phone, and calls Mrs. Moreau. Maria told Mrs. Moreau that she wants her help not matter what the risks, or what she remembers.

Tess and Tim:
At Shockwave Joan thanks Tim for remembering her and Hanks anniversary. Tim says that he hopes that he will meet someone someday to have an anniversary with. Just then, Tess comes in. Tim takes her a cup of coffee and says that it is on him. Tess asks if it is a peace offering. Tim says yes, and he is hoping to smooth things over so that she will say yes when he asks her out. Tess laughs and says that she is not in the mood for dating. She told Tim about catching Meg snooping in her things and that she had caught Sara also. He says that it doesn't sound like Meg. Tess says she can understand Meg hating her, but what is up with Sara. Tim says that if she will agree to go out with him tonight, then he will give her all the details. Tess says she may regret it later, but she agrees to go out with Tim. She asks if Tim will answer one question now. Why is Sara so interested in Megs life? Tim says that it is a sister thing. Tess thinks it is more. Tim told her that Sara is insecure when it comes to Meg.

Ricardo, Gabi, and Antonio:
Ricardo told Spence to gather up all of the videotapes as evidence so they can view them. Ricardo decides that they may as well watch the one already in the VCR. Antonio and Gabi both urge Ricardo that he needs to go back to the hospital. That he needs to get more rest. Ricardo finally agrees and he tells Spence that he wants a full report on the tapes. Gabi told Ricardo that she will stay and help Spence then come to the hospital. He agrees. Antonio and Ricardo leave. While Spence looks at some tapes, Gabi tries to get the tape. Ricardo decides that he doesn't want Gabi to work on the case, since it is officially closed. She could get in trouble. He went back. Ricardo told Gabi that she is off the case and asks for the tape out of the VCR. Gabi gives it to him and he gives it to Spence. Gabi, Ricardo, and Antonio head for the hospital. They get Ricardo settled and start to talk about the wedding. Ricardo says that he has Casey, Michael, and Spence on standby. He then told Antonio that he would have been his first choice for best man but that it might be heard to perform the ceremony and do that. Ricardo starts to act funny, and Gabi went to get a nurse. Carmen is coming in and Antonio says he needs to make a phone call. Carmen went in and says that Ricardo doesn't look good and asks if anything is wrong. Ricardo says yes.

Out in the hallway, Gabi says that a nurse is coming. She then told Antonio that she was able to switch their tape with a blank one. That the tape of them making love is in her purse.

In Ricardo's room, Ricardo asks Carmen to get him some aspirin out of Gabi's purse, Carmen went to her purse and opens it......

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Cole muses over the list of likely suspects in Francesca's murder and wonders which of them hated her the most. Carmen finds the video in Gabi's purse and shows it to Ricardo, who guesses that his girlfriend removed it from the pile of evidence in order to do some extracurricular but highly unauthorized sleuthing. Gregory arranges for A.J. and Olivia to bump into one another in his living room, then stands back to watch the fun as the former lovers square off. Outraged to find that his sister is still behind bars for a crime she didn't commit, Sean marches over to the Shock Wave and told district attorney Steele that Cole is the truly guilty party. Olivia and A.J. are stunned when Gregory gloats about the clever way he maneuvered them into breaking off their relationship. Following their close call, Antonio urges Gabi to destroy the tape at once. Enraged by Gregory's taunts, Olivia vows to prevent him from ever getting his mitts on Trey. Later, A.J. leaves Gregory with an ominous reminder that he might suffer the very same fate which put Francesca in her grave. After the D.A. turns a deaf ear, Sean confronts Cole, who finally persuades his brother-in-law he hasn't killed anyone. Gabi decides to watch the video one last time.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Gregory finds Annie snooping in his study just as she puts her hands on the Francesca Vargas file. Gabi scurries to snap off the TV a scant second before Carmen barges into the loft. A.J. begs Olivia to give him a second chance now that they know how her ex-husband manipulated the end of their affair with lies and half-truths. Certain Annie knows more than she's telling, Cole instructs Sean to stick close to his stepmother and learn all he can about her treachery. Gregory shows Annie that the file on Francesca contains nothing but blank pages. Cole sneaks into the police station and told Caitlin he intends to prove to her that he wasn't responsible for Francesca's murder. Antonio cautions Ricardo that their mother's newfound detente with Gabi is only temporary and will undoubtedly vanish before wedding bells ring out. Gregory warns Annie that his study and the Media Center are off limits to her. Cole remains Caitlin that his love for her is strong and enduring. Annie realizes she can acquire all of Gregory's earthly possessions if she can prove he's guilty of murder. Carmen hears Gabi on the phone saying that Ricardo will never forgive her if he sees the videotape of her making love with another man.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

Gabi was talking to Antonio on the phone about the tape, Carmen was standing outside the door and overheard. As Gabi started to go out the door, Carmen stepped up and told Gabi to come to her house she wanted to give her something. When they got to Carmen's house, Carmen gave Gabi a rosary lasso for their wedding. Then she toasted with wine and purposely spilled the wine on Gabi, when Gabi went to wash it off Carmen went to switch the tape in Gabi's purse, just as she was about to take the other one out Antonio walked in and asked her what she was doing. She picked up a rag and told him to bring it to Gabi he brought it to her and Carmen switched the tapes. Gabi and Antonio went back to the loft and burned (what they thought was) the tape. While Carmen ran to Ricardo. Ricardo was about to leave the hospital when Carmen told him that she needed to warn him about making the biggest mistake of his life.

Annie mailed herself to Gregory's office and kicked herself out of the box, she started looking through Gregory's papers when Cole came up behind her. He asked her what she was doing and he said that she was the one guilty of killing Francesca. She said she wasn't. and he thought that she was gonna do the same thing she did to him by planting a gun on Gregory. She told him that she wanted to prove that it was Gregory that killed her, and they could work together to prove it. She opened up a hidden safe, and asked Cole to open it. He broke right in to it with no trouble, she said it was amazing and he said it really isn't that hard but she was really talking about the money in the safe she started to take it out and Cole told her not to because if he realized it was missing he would know someone was on to him. They found a CD and Cole went to put it in the computer.

Bette was talking to someone (on the phone) from the Sentinel about articles, she saw Joan and Hank dancing and went over to them to congratulate them for how long they have been married, and she started talking to them about how they kept it going. Joan and Hank saw Tim there and said hi, but then Tess came over... Tim and Tess sat down, and started talking, Tess was telling him about how she might lose her job. They got up to dance, when they sat back down he told her that he doesn't think that she will lose her job because Maria won't let it. Tess said she had to go, but Tim insisted on walking her home, when they got to Ben's they said how they had a good time and Tim leaned in to kiss her but she moved away. She said she did like him but didn't know if he was just trying to find out information on Meg, he said that's what he was doing in the beginning, but now things are changing, she said to call her when things changed.

Maria was on the phone with Mrs. Moreau and was saying that she wanted her to help her regain her memory, she said she didn't want anyone else to know about it, just as she said that Ben and Meg walked in Maria hung up on her. Meg asked what she didn't want anyone to find out about and Maria said it was Dr. Estrada and she didn't want Benjy to know that she didn't remember him because he was so fragile. Maria said she had to go now for an appointment but Ben said that he had to go to the media center and he thought that Maria was gonna be there to take care of Benjy since Tess had the night off. Meg said she would take care of him, Maria and Ben didn't like the idea very much but had to let her. Maria left but by mistake left the card for Mrs. Moreau on the desk where Ben found it. Meg couldn't get Benjy to do anything, then a kitten walked in and Benjy saw it, he wanted to keep it, Meg said she would make a deal with him, if no one came to claim it (since it had no tags or anything on it) he could keep it. They got the kitten washed up and a girl came to the door and asked if they had seen her cat then she saw it and wanted it back. Meg gave it to her but couldn't explain to Benjy just as Tess walked in he said "I hate you Meg! I'll hate you forever"

Maria/Mrs. Moreau:
Maria came to the door of Mrs. Moreau and right away she asked for the money. She had her come in, they sat down. Mrs. Moreau had a deck of cards she picked out a 5 of spades and ripped it up she gave it to Maria and told her to put it in the bowl, then she took a cross and told her to put that in too, then she took a black candle and dripped the wax into the bowl, while saying something. She went over to get a chalice of some smoking drink stuff, she told Maria to drink it. She was afraid to at first but then did, she told her to remember the night she was drowning and Maria started to.

Ben went to the media center and almost walked in on Cole and Annie, but then saw Vanessa in the hallway, he by mistake dropped the card and Vanessa bent down to pick it up, she saw that it was Mrs. Moreau's card and she asked him what she was doing with it and to stay away from her, Ben said it wasn't him it was a friend and Vanessa told him to stop her before it's to late, before she gets hurt. Ben went to Mrs. Moreau's and when he got to the door, he heard Maria screaming. He started pounding on the door.

Friday, May 7, 1999

Hearing Maria screaming from Mrs. Moreau's apartment, Ben kicks down the door and rushes to her side. A tearful Benjy whines to Tess about Meg being mean to him yet again. Cole and Annie view the CD-ROM and are astonished to see Olivia holding a gun on Francesca. Carmen tries to convince her son that she has concrete proof of his fiancée's deception. Guessing that his mother has resumed her vendetta, a furious Ricardo informs Carmen he has no choice but to cut her out of his life. Cole sees red after Annie accidentally deletes the file from Gregory's CD-ROM. Gabi frets that Antonio will be unable to perform her wedding ceremony because of his tormented conscience. Irked to learn that Tess and Tim are dating, Meg accuses her former flame of using the nanny to drive another wedge between her and Ben. Berating the witch woman for harassing his ex-wife, Ben helps Maria out of Mrs. Moreau's place and tries to persuade her that her memories have been distorted. Gabi and Antonio hear Ricardo shouting at a tearful Carmen that she is dead to him from this day forth. After Cole manages to retrieve the file, he and Annie watch the rest of Olivia's encounter with Francesca and realize they may have stumbled over a motive for murder. Mrs. Moreau makes a chilling suggestion to Maria.

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