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Nora learned that Bo was not sterile. Ben and Viki had their first real date. Clint returned to Llanview for Asa and Renee's wedding. Blair jumped out of a cake at Max's bachelor party. Bo and Lindsay slept together. .
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Monday, May 10, 1999

At the Gym

After a friendly game of basketball at the gym, Bo and Lindsay discuss the recent past and Bo tells her he wants to try to leave it behind him. Just then he turns around and is confronted by a teenager, who stands nose to nose with him and says, "Don't shoot Commish. I'm innocent". Bo becomes angry with the boy and tells him that somebody getting shot is no joke. The boy apologizes and makes a hasty exit.

Bo tells Lindsay about his encounter with Bernie who told him to accept the shooting incident and move on with his life. Lindsay refuses to let Bo doubt himself about his motive when he accidentally shot Sam. She tells him she too needs to get over her past mistakes.

After Bo leaves, Will comes in for a team game. After a short greeting, Lindsay leaves.

In a not so friendly game of basketball, Will blocks Cristian's shot and Cristian responds by throwing the ball at Will's back. They begin to fight, but abruptly stop when they realize a frightened little girl witnessed the scene. They shake hands to make the peace, but the tension remains heavy in the air.

At the Hospital

Outside Sam's room, Nora meets Dr. Conklin who had been on leave since the last time they met, when Bo was having his sperm count checked. Nora tells her about Matthew and becomes confused by the doctor's seeming forgetfulness that Bo can no longer father a child. They agree to meet so Dr. Conklin can see Matthew later and Nora goes into Sam's room. Sam is feeling much better and Nora playfully tells him to close his eyes and then proceeds to lather his face for a shave. Sam tells Nora, "If this is whipped cream, I know I've died and gone to heaven".

After the shave, Sam and Nora talk about their love for each other and they share a kiss. Bo is seen looking in the window and then he knocks on the door. He asks Nora if he could have a few minutes alone with Sam and Nora says no. Sam, however, tells her it's ok, so she leaves the room for her visit with Dr. Conklin. Sam thanks Bo for the blood and tells him he takes responsibility for having been on the roof and he knows Bo didn't realize it was him when he shot him. They agree that if Bo had the intention of killing Sam, Sam would be dead. Bo admits her made a mistake and apologizes and Sam reminds him that he too could have made the mistake of shooting Bo since he knew that at least one of Hugo's thugs was on the other side of the door. Sam is taken aback to hear Bo acknowledge that Sam and Nora have something special and Bo respects that and can live with it.

In the doctor's office, Nora introduces Matthew to Dr. Conklin who says, "That's the Commissioner's chin, if I've ever seen one". Nora explains that the baby is not Bo's and reminds her that Bo is infertile. Dr. Conklin argues that she remembers the test results and that Bo is more than capable of fathering a child. Nora is shocked and looks at Matthew.

Dr. Conklin pulls the test results out of Bo's file and shows them to her. A shaken Nora then recounts the past and all the pain that she, Bo and Sam had gone through because of their belief that Bo could not father a child. Dr. Conklin swears she will find out what happened.

Bo and Sam are still making their peace and shake hands, just as Nora walks into the room. They turn and see the shell-shocked expression on her face and Sam asks her what's wrong.

At Llanfair

Ben and Viki are feeling hopeful about the future now that life on the run from Hugo Munro has finally come to an end. After they speculate about where they go from here, they formally reintroduce themselves to each other and make plans for their first date in public.

After Ben leaves, Viki and Jessica talk about Ben and Jessica teases her about her upcoming date with him. Viki asks Jessica if she likes him and is pleased to hear that Jessica does, but perplexed that after all that has happened, Jessica has no questions about him. When Viki asks her about it, Jessica tells her she is just glad to see Viki so happy and that it's about time Viki was going out and having fun.

Viki is afraid that now the dust has settled, the magic in her relationship with Ben might disappear. She questions if she knows herself anymore and Jessica reveals she has been feeling much the same way since the night she got drunk and became pregnant with Will's baby. Jessica tells Viki that Ben has made Viki come alive, which is something else that no one has been able to do. The door bell rings and Viki who is dressed in jeans, studies her reflection, wondering if she has dressed too casually for her date. When she opens the door, she sees Ben dressed in a suit and in her embarrassment, closes the door in Ben's laughing face.

Later, Jessica is awoken by Cristian who gives her a silver baby cup that he got from his father when he was a baby. He promises he will be there for her and the baby, and then leaves.

The First Date

Ben and Viki - now all dressed to the nines, go to dinner at The Palace. When they are led to Viki's favorite table, Ben becomes uncomfortable by all the stares they are getting. Two gossip hunters who are looking for the dirt on Viki soon approach them and they refer to Viki's claim that she and Ben are on a date as a joke. They wish her luck on her ‘new story'. After they leave, Viki laughs at them, but Ben clearly doesn't know how to react. Viki is overjoyed at the experience of shocking people and Ben wonders if he will ever be ‘Dr. Ben Davidson' again.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Nora leaves the hospital with Matthew, without telling Bo and Sam about her conversation with Dr. Conklin. Lindsay overhears Dr. Conklin questioning a nurse about how those results could've been changed after they left the hospital. Nora goes home and checks her calender. She realizes that Matthew could be Bo's baby and starts to compare baby pictures of Bo to sleeping Matthew. Still at the hospital, Lindsay tells Sam how much Matthew looks like Will did as a baby. Sam tells her that she is the first person to tell him that. Sam also says that Mathew was his "life preserver.".. bringing him back from the verge of death. Nora comes back with Matthew. She tells Sam that she wants complete honesty between them. She leaves Matthew in the room and goes to see Dr. Conklin. The doctor apologizes for the mistake and tells Nora she's there if she needs anything.

Ben and Blondie leave the Palace after Asa attacks Ben for being "a Rappaport." They end up at the Crossoasds, where they begin to learn about each other's past. Viki crowns the new Karaoke champion, and she and Ben dance to no music in the middle of the bar. Ben shows her the picture he has of her the night that she won the contest. She is flattered that he kept it all this time.

At Max Holden's house, Kelly puts on her sexist nightie and tries to seduce Max. Before they can get anywhere, Blair and Joey both call. They both say that they are coming over. Kelly leaves to go to the Sun, in the hopes of keeping Joey away from Max. Dorian overhears Blair on the phone to Max and promises not to let Kelly marry him. Dorian then goes to the Sun to talk to Kelly. Kelly calls Joey from there and tells him that she has no feelings for either one of them. When Dorian shows up, Kelly admits that she is satisfied being rich and lonely. After Dorian leaves, Kelly starts picking petals off a flower, wondering if Max really loves her. She decides to put their engagement announcement in tomorrow's Sun. Meanwhile, at Max's, Blair shows up, also trying to seduce Max. That is when Joey walks in and sees them kissing.

Bo goes to meet Lindsay at the Palace, where he meets up with Asa. Asa asks him to be his best man at he and Renee's wedding. They are not sure if Clint will be able to make it or not.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Max's House

Max answers his door and it's Joey. Joey asks Max about his other "girlfriend" and the kiss between him and Blair. Max claims that Blair threw herself at him, but Joey doesn't buy it. Max tells Joey that if he had stuck around, he would have seen him throw Blair out. Joey still doesn't buy it and asks what Max wants out of his relationship with Kelly. Max tells Joey he loves Kelly and threatens Joey not to tell Kelly what he saw. Just then Kelly approaches and wants to know what she's not supposed to know.

The Banner

Kevin can't believe he sees Blair in the newsroom and tells her that she has used up her sick time and vacation time until the year 2001. Blair tells Kevin that pretty soon he won't have Blair Cramer to kick around anymore. Kevin hopes it's because she's quitting since her contract won't allow him to fire her (where was Kevin when I was looking for job like this?). Blair gloats and tells him that the Mel's stories are worth every penny he's paying her whether she shows up or not. Zack shows Kevin the headlines reading "Crime Family Toppled" along with a picture of Hugo. Grace walks in and congratulates Kevin and then hands him her resignation.

The Art Gallery

Dorian looks down at the Banner headline and sees the byline with Mel and Kevin's name. She sighs and goes into the gallery. She sees Lindsay looking through files and she asks Lindsay what she's doing. Lindsay is looking for Bo's test results that she altered. She tells Dorian that Nora knows that Bo's test results have been altered and that he can father children; Matthew may be his and she could lose everything.

The Nursery at Sam's House

Nora is folding blankets and the phone rings, it's Sam. Sam tells her that he's ready to be released. Nora tells him that she'll pick him up and hangs up the phone. She goes over to Matthew's crib and tells him that "Daddy's coming home." She coos at the baby and then looks at a picture of Sam holding the baby. She goes back to crib and talks to the baby, telling him that Sam is his father (as if to convince herself).

The Hospital

Sam is talking to Ben and telling him that he can't believe the whole facade is over. Ben tells him that he's going to apply for a license to practice medicine in Pennsylvania (big surprise). They have an inane conversation about love and the women of Llanview having an allure over the Davidsons. Sam can't believe he has family and a new son and how lucky he is.

The Banner

Kevin and Grace discuss her resignation and Grace tells him how her whole life has been a lie. Grace hopes that Kevin can forgive her. Kevin tells her she's the only casualty in the bunch. Grace tells Kevin he's special, but Kevin is hesitant to accept Grace's conciliatory overtures.

Max's House

Max tells a whopper of a lie about how he wanted to buy a picture of her that Joey had taken and he didn't want Joey to tell Kelly. Kelly wants to have a moment with Joey. Max tells Kelly that Joey is hung up on her and will say just about anything. As Max leaves the room, he starts to threaten Joey, but Kelly stops him. Kelly tells Joey that she's marrying Max and it's none of his business. Joey again tells her that she doesn't have to marry a man she doesn't love. They go back and forth about Max and how he'll hurt her and yada, yada, yada (and Kelly is still being stupid). Max, meanwhile, is eavesdropping in the background. Joey leaves and Max asks Kelly what he said but Kelly knows that Max has heard everything. She wants Max to be honest with her now.

The Gallery

Lindsay is bemoaning the fact that she was petty and altered the test results. Dorian says she thought it was amusing. Lindsay now justifies her actions by saying Nora deserves the pain and suffering because of the pain and suffering she caused her. Lindsay then says she never thought it would go this far. Dorian points out that she and Bo were over. Lindsay says they were, but they were beginning again. She says Bo makes her feel like all she has to be is her (which is a pretty poor excuse). She goes on to babble about how if Bo finds out the baby is his; she is left with no one. (Writer's note: Lindsay, cut your bangs, they're bugging me, and, since when did you have to be with someone to be a person?)

The Hospital

Nora goes into the hospital and puts on a brave face before going into Sam's room. Sam asks where the baby is and Nora says she's left him in day care downstairs. Ben formally introduces himself to Nora and I can't take anymore of this scene because I can't stand watching Nora fawn over Sam the Lip Licker.

The Newsroom

Kevin and Grace talk about how they were each two different people, which is boring as heck. They talk about when they kissed and it's obvious they have feelings for each other. Kevin asks why she's resigning and Grace says things are too complicated and she's confused. Grace leaves.

Joey comes into the newsroom and Blair can't resist turning the knife as she points out Max and Kelly's wedding announcement. Joey asks Blair why she's so happy and what's in it for Blair? Blair denies knowing what he's talking about and Joey tells her he's going to find out and turns away from Blair. Blair looks concerned.

Max's House

Kelly tells Max that she knows her bank account is a big part of what attracts him. Max doesn't deny it, but says that it isn't the primary reason he's marrying her. Kelly is delusional as she tells him that if she didn't think he was sincere, he wouldn't marry her, and besides, he won't die on her. Kelly says that Joey thinks she's making a giant mistake, and he's not the only one, Dorian thinks so, too. Max tells Kelly that she can back out if she wants, but Kelly says no, she wants the whole wedding thing.

The Gallery

Lindsay gets rid of the evidence and says she's still miserable. Dorian tells her to let things run their course. When Lindsay asks if it's like letting Max and Kelly run their course, Dorian says it's not the same thing. Lindsay then points out that Viki's life is getting more and more perfect. Dorian says that is not out of her hands either. Lindsay goes on to point out that Nora will tell Bo the truth and Dorian tells her that Nora won't want to upset her blissful domesticity with Sam. Lindsay wants to know who the baby's father is. Dorian has the perfect solution.

Max's House

Andrew comes to see Kelly and is surprised to see that Max and Kelly are so serious. He asks if Kelly is pregnant? Andrew says he advises couples to wait a few months, but it's obvious to him that Kelly and Max don't want to wait, they want to finalize plans. Andrew looks at his appointment book and says that the church is booked up for weeks. Andrew says that Renee and Asa are getting married next week and Max asks Kelly how she feels about a double wedding? Andrew looks shocked.

The Gallery

Dorian enters the room with Madame Delphina. Madame Delphina feels love in the room and points to Kelly's picture. Lindsay asks who the woman is? Dorian introduces her to Lindsay. Lindsay says she doesn't need a psychic. Madame Delphina tells Lindsay she needs sleep and tells Dorian that she's still skipping along the dangerous little path despite her warnings. Dorian ignores her and asks if she can determine who the father of a child is? Madame smiles.

The Hospital

Ben and Nora are talking outside Sam's room. Ben senses that Nora is worried about something and reassures her that Sam is fine. They talk about Viki and I can't go there because I can't stand that relationship. Grace enters the room and Sam tells her to come in. Grace tells them she's come to say good-bye. They ask her to stay but Grace leaves. Ben goes after her. Sam then tells Nora that he believes in miracles because he found Nora again and now that he has Nora and Matthew, he's not letting them go. Nora looks distressed.

The Park

Grace and Ben talk about her misconceptions about him and he tries to explain what happened. Grace still can't grasp the concept. Grace still needs time and Ben starts to leave, but then tells her that maybe their family can be put back together with her around. As he walks away, Grace sits down. Kelly comes and sits behind her, and it's obvious something is wrong.

The Newsroom

Blair answers the phone and it's Max, of course. They speak in code since Joey is sitting just across from Blair. When Max says that he wants to call off the marriage because Kelly is being so nice, Blair is disgusted. Max is feeling guilty but Blair tells him that Kelly has more than enough money, and it's for his children.

She hangs up and joins a celebration for Kevin's story. Blair again can't resist twisting the knife in Joey and tells him that Kelly and Max will be having a double ceremony with Renee and Asa.

The Hospital

Nora helps Sam into a wheelchair. They talk about Grace and her alienation from the family. Sam reminds her about their date they never kept and Nora kisses his head (yuck!).

The Gallery

Madame Delphina says that she can determine anything if the vibrations are right. She asks for a photograph because she can gather vibrations from the aura. Lindsay goes to get a paper with Sam's picture. Dorian goes to get a picture of Bo. Madame Delphina looks at the pictures. Lindsay asks who the father of the baby is, Sam or Bo?

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Dawn

The psychic couldn't determine Matthew's father, much to Lindsay's dismay. She did, however, predict that a redhead would share the secret with one of the men. Well, through intense sleuthing, we can predict that will be Sam or Bo. Delphina then warned Dorian that her vendetta was on the path to destruction unless it was halted. Meanwhile, Sam and Will searched Matt's face for a resemblance to their family without luck.

Bo was cleared in the Rappaport shooting case, a fact he shared with Nora. She told him it was ok, but struggled whether or not to tell him he was a fertile man. Adding to her guilt, she overheard him telling someone his only son was killed on the job.

She was pretty jumpy with Sam, so he asked what was bothering her.

Since Viki's love life is on the right track (or maybe because she's their mother), Viki found herself listening to Kevin's problems with Grace and Joey's problems with Kelly. Problem is, it interrupted her plans for an oh la la evening with Ben.

She later opened the door, hoping for her Dr. Love, but Clint was there.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins


The Buchanans are gathered around the living room in expectation of Ben's arrival for dinner. Viki is nervous as a kitten asking everyone if they like Ben or to be nice to him, she is so worried and eager to please Ben. Cristian has joined the family as well. Someone knocks on the door and Viki says, I have a surprise for you. She assumes it is Ben, but to her surprise it is Clint, welcome back Clint. Viki is surprised and dismayed because she had hoped it would be Ben. Her face excited and flushed, Clint knew immediately he was not the person she expected. Viki is happy again. He comes in and greets the kids. He says Viki looks happy. As Joey comes out of the room and says, hey you lovebirds, and stops as he sees Clint. Clint and Jessica hug each other, he came back for the birth. The doorbell rings again and Clint says he will get rid of them.

Ben is at the door with a bottle of champagne. Ben wants to leave, but Viki tells him to come in and she introduces him to Clint. Ben wants to toast Kevin on his article, everyone goes in to the living room except Clint and Viki. Viki is sorry that she didn't get a chance to tell him about Ben first. Clint tells her not to be sorry, he is happy for her. He asks for a hug, she says, welcome back. Now I see why you are so happy, Clint says to her. Viki is uncomfortable with Clint being there as she serves drinks and looks around and hands Ben a drink. Clint is giving presents to everyone, as Ben and Cristian look like the odd men out, they discuss it. Clint is impressed with Kevin and proud of him as well. Viki gets up again and Clint notices that she wants to be with Ben. Clint decides to take everyone over to Asa to leave the lovebirds alone. Clint talks to Cristian and apologizes to him, he understands now about what Cristian did, and he wants him to join the Buchanan clan over at Asa's. Clint shakes Ben's hand and leaves, as Viki hugs her beloved. Viki and Ben discuss Clint. Ben wants to know if something is still there, she says no, we are just friends.

Palace Hotel

Kelly, Max and R.J. R.J. discusses Max and Kelly. Kelly decides to leave the room, and go on about her own. R.J. tries to talk her out of it, but she kisses Max and nervously plans to leave and says she will not back out of the wedding. Max says, I knew you wouldn't. He is grinning, but it is phony. Kelly leaves and Blair comes in to hug Max. Max says it is rotten, what they are doing to Kelly. Blair is the money hungry fool she's always been, Max is sympathetic towards her until R.J. comes into the room. Max makes a scene with Blair and puts her out of the room. R.J. says yeah, right, not believing it.

Downstairs at the Palace

Renee has a secret for Asa, but she can't tell him because Bo walks up. Bo says secrets is not a way to keep a marriage intact. Renee wants a double wedding with Max and Kelly, Asa is thinking about it and he agrees. Renee is glad and tell him she has the best husband to be. then leaves. Asa tells Bo that Nora is going to be Renee's maid of honor, not Viki. They think that's a bit strange, but Asa said that Nora and Renee have been very close for the past few weeks. Bo says its over with him and Nora, he wants a divorce. He wants to finally move on with his life.

Later, Asa is arguing with Renee about seating arrangements for the wedding. Clint sneaks up on him, Asa is surprised and stunned, but happy. They kid around as Clint hugs Renee. Asa starts in on Ben and asks Clint what are you going to do about it, Asa is shameless.

Inside the dining room, Kelly and Grace hold hands and ponder about the past as Joey walks in with Kelly's watch. She thanks him as Grace looks on. Joey tries to stop her from marrying Max, but she does not back down. Grace sees right through it, it's a facade. Joey is the one, and Kelly knows it, but is too stupid to admit it, Grace tells her.

Max's Hotel Room

R.J. and Max discuss Blair. R.J. knows Blair is on his mind and he finally agrees. Max *is* thinking about his future with Kelly, money bags, but R.J. doesn't understand because Max is not talking. The phone rings and Blair asks if he is alone. Max puts R.J. out of the room, he leaves and they continue their phone conversation. Blair says she is going to leave Max nothing to give to flea (kelly) and then she hangs up the phone. In walks all of the Buchanans to give him a good time on his last night as a single man. All of the Buchanans and Max and Cristian are playing poker as Joey names nine of Asa's wives, he left Blair out. In walks the waiter, rolling in a large cake. He plays music as Blair jumps out of the cake looking sexy, as everyone is surprised, including Max.

Downstairs, Kelly and Grace discuss Max not being the perfect man for her. She says she needs Max. Grace decides to leave Kelly alone.

Sam's House

Nora and Sam are there together, she is afraid to tell him about the tests. She is about to tell him, as she looks at the baby. Sam is pushing her to tell him, she says it can wait, but he won't take no for an answer. The doorbell rings, Sam says don't answer it. Nora goes to answer the door and in walks Lindsay with flowers, Nora doesn't want to let her in. Lindsay came by to tell Nora not to tell the secret that she doesn't want to come out. Sam wants to know why Lindsay is here. Lindsay is cooing and cowing over the baby nervously, Nora demands to know why she's there, she hasn't figured it out yet. Then Lindsay says there is a birthmark on Matthew's foot in the same place where Sam has one. Nora is pretty convinced at this point and she won't talk to Sam about the secret. Nora is questioning Lindsay, asking her why she is so worried. Lindsay leaves and runs out of the door. Nora says what was that, Sam does not care, he says.

He wants to continue the conversation, she tells him just get well. Nora holds back the secret, something she does very well, and tells him another story. Sam thought it had something to do with Bo. Nora says I won't go back to Bo. She's doing it again, lying to Sam like she lied to Bo. Sam says I love you too, as she does. Nora takes off her jacket, lights candles, opens Sam's robe, kisses him on the shoulders and neck. She reaches for the baby oil and rubs him down, he smiles and loves every minute of it. She touches his back and he is in ecstasy, sheer delight, he will make a quick recovery now. Nora is playing with the baby as Sam sleeps.


Bo is at the gallery with Lindsay and he wants to straighten out everything between them. He is free from Nora and Sam. He flatters Lindsay and she eats it up. He wants to show his appreciation to her (the woman who caused the destruction of his marriage). Oh boy, it is hot and heavy at the Gallery with Bo and Lindsay, they are kissing up a storm and Lindsay notices it is different. Bo kisses her with lust in his eyes and his mind, they are going to sleep together again. Lindsay has changed into her peignoir and is waiting for Bo.

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