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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on GL
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Monday, May 17, 1999

At the Lewis':
Reva wakes up from a disturbing dream about her and the mystery baby. She is convinced that the baby is familiar and not just a coincidence. Josh gets angry and frustrated and blasts into Reva about how they should postpone the wedding since she has this tendency to need conflict and drama in her life. Reva insists that she will let it go because all she wants is their marriage.

At the Hospital Mental Ward:
Blake is visiting with Holly and they are talking about how Holly told Fletcher and Meg to leave, Blake is really proud of her mother and how she did the right thing even though it hurt her. This sways the conversation to Blake and how she is starting anew without Ben. Without any man. She says that she is finally proud of herself and is beginning to like herself again. Ross comes in and had overheard part of the conversation. Holly has to leave for Hydrotherapy, and Ross and Blake are left alone. Ross admits to eavesdropping a little and he and Blake have a nice chat. He wishes Blake the best and then the conversation turns to how they can help Holly. Blake mentions that the Judge is up for reelection and that she was thinking of launching a huge PR campaign about how the loss of a child effects women. Ross thinks that's a great idea and both become very excited about the possibilities and agree to meet the next day to go over the plans.

At the Hospital:
Rick and Abby are talking about how the surgery will effect their lives. She is upset because she thinks it may change everything about her if the surgery works and may disappoint her terribly if it doesn't. Rick tries to comfort her and he goes to the doctor and asks for him to move up the appointment ASAP to ease their minds. The doctor agrees to see them both right away. He talks about the options and in the end Abby decided to go for it, but the next appointment isn't for six months. On they're way out of the office a deaf woman blast Rick and tells him that she is an advocate for the deaf and that he should love Abby for who she is. He tried to explain but the woman was irate.

At the Santos Estate:
Carmen comes in after the smoke clears to find Bill and Pilar lying on the floor. She begins crying and saying how her baby was hurt and it was all her fault. Bill gets up and helps Pilar to her feet. She is bleeding but it isn't from a gunshot but the glass around the room. Danny comes over to Bill and asks him to explain what happened. Ben steps in and explains that there was a hit made on his mother's life. Michelle, skeptical about the situation, asked Carmen what she meant by it being all her fault. Ben again covered for Carmen. Finally Michelle asked Danny to step outside. In the hall, she told Danny that she didn't expect him to leave his family while this was going on. He tells her to go back home in case something else happens and he will try to get back over there. He then goes back into the room and asks Bill to take her home. Bill agrees, Carmen tells Bill she owes him, and asks why Danny does not take Michelle home, Danny says he is staying with her (Carmen) and this pleases Carmen to no end. They all leave and Ben tells Carmen that the mission was complete, that her children are back and do care for her. Carmen kisses Ben and tells him that he is one of theirs now.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

As Blake prepares for her meeting with Ross, Ben decides to pay a visit and tell Blake how much he misses her. Blake rebuffs Ben and, just as she is about to toss him out the door, Ross arrives, suspiciously assessing the situation. Ben leaves and Blake is embarrassed. Ross tells Blake that he believes her when she says that she is finished with Ben. Meanwhile, Ben decides to drown his sorrows in a glass of scotch at Millennium. There, he runs into India, who is surprised to hear about Ross and Blake's meeting.

Rick and Abby argue about her operation. Although Rick tells her she can do what she wants, it is clear that he wants her to get the implant. When Abby says that she is going to meet with Priscilla Lambert, the deaf advocate, Rick gets angry, thinking the advocate will "brainwash" Abby into not having the operation. Abby speaks with Priscilla and hears some valid arguments. She decides to wait and give the situation more thought.

Meanwhile, Rick talks to Phillip and admits that he does want Abby to be able to hear because he feels her deafness makes her vulnerable. He tearfully tells Phillip how he believes if Abby had hearing she may not have ever been attacked by Roy.

Max gives a speechless Susan his leather jacket as an early birthday present. Harley gives in and lets Susan invite Max to her birthday party. Drew is relentless in trying to find out about Selena's daughter. When she decides to break into Selena's apartment and snoop around, she is surprised to find Selena at home, mooning over a box of baby photos.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Carmen confides to Dietz that she set up the phony assassination to win Danny back into the family but then becomes upset when Danny insists on finding out who was behind the attack on her life.

Michelle argues with Bill about continuing his relationship with Pilar but he asks if she intends to stay away from Danny. Bill invites Pilar to attend Reva and Josh's wedding with him but she turns him down, afraid to leave the Santos' house.

Jim lays into Harley when he learns that Max will be at Susan's birthday party. Harley defends her decision but when Jim verbally attacks her, Phillip escorts his wife out and tells Jim he can tell his daughter that Max can't come and pay for the party as well. Jim complains to Josh about the Shayne family reunion and the fear that he might lose his daughter.

Outside the Lewis house, Susan bumps into Dylan who realizes that he is face-to-face with his daughter Daisy. Reva makes the introduction which unsettles Susan, just as Harley and Phillip arrive. She asks why he never visited her before this and comments on how nervous she is. Dylan describes his life in Minnesota with Peter and Bridget.

Beth and Cassie exchange sarcastic remarks about Beth's night with Jim. When Drew won't let up and argues with her about finding her daughter, Selena stuns her with the declaration that she wants nothing to do with her daughter.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

Buzz returns to town and listens to Selena's complaints about having to deflect Drew's investigation of her daughter. He surprises her with a special dress he bought for her to wear to the wedding. Before they leave, Selena asks Buzz to help her hide her box of mementoes under a step.

Cassie surprises Reva with a letter from Roxie who apologizes for not being with her on her wedding day. Her next surprise is the arrival of Hawk who welcomes Cassie to the family and greets her with stories about Sarah.

Watching Jim pick up Beth for the wedding, Annie complains to Alan about all the people who live at the mansion who treat her like dirt. She especially complains about him, admitting she's upset because he hasn't asked her to marry him. When Alan hints that he's solving that problem and then offers Annie her own apartment rather than a ring, Annie walks out on him.

With Rusty and Dylan joining Bill and Billy at the site of the wedding, Josh announces that he is ready to marry Reva. Bill explains to Michelle that Pilar couldn't make it to the wedding because she's too afraid to leave the house.

Just as Reva is about to make her entrance, Annie confronts her.

While the wedding takes place, Drew slips away and breaks into Selena's place and searches for any information about the baby she gave up years ago.

Friday, May 21, 1999

Pilar encourages her brother to go see Michelle but he claims it is too dangerous to be near her until he can find out who is trying to hurt the family.

Carmen has a private talk with her daughter about Bill and her feelings for him. Pilar explains that Bill liked her and protected her before he knew who she was. Assuring her that she can count on her, Carmen urges her to attend the wedding and go to Bill.

Annie stops Reva before she can walk down the aisle and sadly tells her that she has given up on trying to stop her from being with Josh. She runs crying from the country club.

As the ceremony gets underway, Reva and Josh are finally married as their thoughts turn to memories of Sarah and H.B.

Bill is thrilled when Pilar arrives at the wedding.

Drew snoops through Selena's things and finds her book containing the names of all of her former "johns." Michelle catches her there and after a small argument, the two discuss Michelle's fear that she is losing Danny to his family. After Drew offers her some helpful advice and pushes her not to give up on her feelings, Michelle and Drew agree to end their differences and renew their friendship.

Later, Danny surprises Michelle with a book she left behind and the moment becomes passionate as he kisses her.

Drew is hurt when she finds the box of Selena's mementoes and realizes the truth.

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