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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on PC
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Monday, May 17, 1999

Lucy at the airport
Lucy is at the airport trying to escape DV's hired henchman. He is in hot pursuit when Lucy spots someone who could possibly help her. An Indian women dressed completely in veils exits the ladies room. Lucy persuades the lady to switch clothes. Now in disguise, Lucy attempts to seek the help of a clerk at the ticket counter. In a commonly typical Lucy fashion, Lucy tries to explain her situation to the clerk who is waiting impatiently to help the next customer. Before she can finish her story, DV's henchman approaches Lucy and apologizes to the clerk for his wife's behavior. He explains that she sometimes gets delusional when she does not get her medicine. Lucy kept screaming that he was her kidnapper, but to no avail he ushered her towards a dimly lit corner. While trying to fight him off, he injects Lucy with a drug that knocks her out.

Scotty, Kevin, Victor, and DV at the airport
The three musketeers confront DV demanding to know where Lucy was. DV confidently assured them that Lucy was not with him. Scotty is convinced that Lucy is on DV's plane. The two have a verbal exchange in which Scott decides to risk his probation and punch the daylights out of DV. However, he is restrained by Kevin and Victor. DV continues to goad Scotty knowing that he held all of the cards. DV finally agrees to allow the three to search his plane.
After a thorough search, the three could find no hint of Lucy on the plane. DV asked them to leave since it was obvious that he did not have Lucy. Scotty refused to leave until he had some answers to some of his questions like, why did DV have Lucy's passport with Eve White's name on it? And why did he have thick files on Lucy and himself? And last, why were their pictures of his mother at the cabin and his apartment? DV refused to answer any of these questions. Instead he radioed his pilot to request for security to remove three intruders. As the three were about to leave, Kevin turns around and says to DV, "Since you know everything about Lucy, than obviously you know all about me. Scotty is a hothead, but I am very calm and methodical. If you hurt Lucy, I will find out. Then you will have to beware because you will not know what hit you until after I have destroyed you." With that sinister remark, Kevin exited the plane. After Kevin left, DV responded to the empty cabin, " You just wait until you see what I have in store for you!"
In the airport, Scotty receives a phone call from DV's henchman pretending to be an officer at the 77 precinct. He claims that he has Lucy down at the station. The three musketeers decide to leave and go to the station.

DV, henchman, and Lucy
The henchman phones DV to let him know that the plan worked and the three have left the airport. DV instructs the henchman to bring Lucy aboard if the three musketeers are definitely gone. If not he instructs him to take a plane to Philadelphia and he will meet the two there.
Fortunately for DV, the henchman was able to bring a sleeping Lucy onto the plane. DV sent the him to check over the apartment to make sure no traces were left. After the henchman left, DV stares down into Lucy's sleeping face. He reminisces the time he shared with Lucy in the hot air balloon. He remembers when Lucy screamed for the whole world to hear how much she loved David Vincent Bordecio. He told Lucy that she will love the island that he is going to take her to . And if she doesn't it will be a very long swim home.
DV's phone rang. It was airport security informing him that they found his passport. DV checks his coat pocket and realizes that it was indeed missing. Security also informs him that he must claim it himself. DV leaves the plane to get his passport. He informs his pilot that he will be back in about 10 minutes. As he leaves the plane, Scotty comes out of the shadows and finds Lucy.
In the airport, DV runs into Victor and Kevin waving his passport. They smugly inform him that Scotty has left with his plane. DV laughs and says that his pilot would not fly the plane for no one other than him. Kevin smugly responds that Scotty probably kicked his pilot out since Scotty, himself, knows how to fly a plane. DV's smile slowly slithered off his face. Kevin inched the knife a little deeper by commenting how easy DV succumbed to their trap. Kevin and Victor walked away.

Scotty and Lucy
Lucy awoke to find herself in the cockpit with Scotty. She was so excited she nearly caused the plane to dive into the ocean when she threw herself into his arms. Scotty calls DV to inform him that this is not over in a long shot. DV agrees. He told Scotty that there is much that he doesn't know. Scotty hangs up. He told Lucy that the one thing that he does like about this plane was that it had auto-pilot. He switches the switch and falls into Lucy's awaiting arms as the two roll to the floor of the cockpit.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

At GH, Victor surprises a thrulled Mary . Eve is dressed and ready to be released when Chris arrives. Based on a note on her chart, he asks her when she had a baby but is interrupted by Kevin's arrival. Scott and Lucy enjoy their reunion in bed. Later he fills her in on his new discoveries about DV, followed by a visit from Serena and Gail. At GH Eve quietly told Chris she'll talk to him about the chart they were discussing later and Kevin wheels her out. Courtney "consoles" Karen about Joe's arrest in front of Mary, giving Karen no choice but to explain that Joe had been picked up for soliciting a prostitute and that they had broken up. Ellen arrives to visit Lucy, giving her the news of Sebastian's death and ordering her to get an MRI. Scott leaves and Ellen confesses her guilt over sleeping with Sebastian, causing a guilty Lucy to advise her not to tell Matt. Mary confronts Joe who told her the truth about his arrest. She fumes over Karen not believing his innocence while Courtney evesdrops happily. Kevin and Eve discuss Lucy's kidnapping and relax on the couch. Karen gives Scotty the news that she and Joe have broken up, pleading with him not to confront him. Later Joe arrives and orders her not to spread lies about him - especially to his Mother! Karen attempts to explain, but he storms out. Eve calls Chris to request that he throw away the note in her chart. He does but is overheard by Courtney who pulls the note out of the trash can and reads it. Scott returns home upset about Karen's news and after filling Lucy in, breaks the news to her about Lucky. She is devastated, so Scott offers to drive her to see Luke, Laura and then Bobbie when she remembers that it is the anniversary of BJ's death. Upset, Lucy told Scott that she never wants to be separated from him or Serena again, she wants to be a family, and she wishes she could have his baby!!

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Thursday, May 20, 1999

Friday, May 21, 1999

Frank gave Mary a locket with his and Joe's photo inside for a Wedding gift. She shared with Frank her desire to wear her mother's blue pin for her wedding day. When Frank offered to find it for her, she said that it was impossible, for she had sold it many years ago, when the boys were young. Before anyone else could notice, Eve and Kevin realized that Victor was nowhere to be found. Eve tried to occupy Mary's time so she wouldn't notice, while Kevin went to search for the missing Groom.

Meanwhile, Scott searched for the perfect place to put Lucy's engagement ring, hoping she'd find it. After much deliberation, he nestled the ring in a rose bud sitting on the table. A frantic Scott acousted Sigmund when Serena fed the rose to Sigmund as a treat, for fear that the duck had consumed the ring. A stunned Lucy came across the ring while searching for Serena's shoe, as Scott admitted that it was intended for her.

On the morning of Mary and Victor's wedding, Frank and Courtney both envisioned what it would be like to be married to one another. She, as a slave over a bowl of Stew, tending to a demanding Frank; he, as a lowly cook with not enough money to pay for Courtney's habits. A call from Julie prompted Chris to imagine himself behind bars, married to a Morticia Adams-esque Julie visiting him in jail.

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