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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday,March 17, 1999

Reid walk in and sees Julia unconscious on the couch. He picks up Melinda who is on the floor by the couch and puts her into her playpen. He tries to revive Julia but can't. He calls Rita and tells her to get over there right away. He goes back to working on Julia and Rita comes in and he tells her to take the baby so she doesn't get upset. Rita wants to know what is going on and Reid tells her to just take the baby and go. Rita has a devious smile on her face and she leaves. When Reid gets Julia awake, she asks him what is going on and Reid says that he would like to know what is going on, too. He tells her that Melinda was on the floor beside the couch and Julia says that she had put her to bed. He wants to know why the lights are out and she tells him that she was putting Melinda to bed and everything went dark. So she found some candles and made herself a cup of tea. Reid asks her what else did she take and she doesn't understand what he means. He holds the pill bottle up in front of her face and says that this was laying on the floor by her tea cup. She gets upset that he thinks that she has started taking the pills again. Rita is listening around the corner. Julia says that someone must have slipped her the pills. Reid wants to know who could have done that because nobody knows that she is there. Julia says to him, "you do." She says that she should have listened to Jack when he said that Reid was playing games with her. He tells her that he is not playing games with her. She is the first thing that he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning and he can't be in the same room with her without wanting to touch her. She looks at him and they almost kiss.

Holden is talking to a nurse about where Hope could be. The nurse says that she may have been taken to have some more test done on her. Lily walks in and wants to know where Hope is. Holden tells her that they are not sure, but she may be having some test done. Lily starts to get upset and Bob walks in. She tells Bob that if there have been some complications with Hope to please tell them. Bob tries to reassure her that there have been no complications and they will locate Hope soon. He leaves to go find Ben. Lily is upset and telling Holden that she should not have left her by herself for even a minute and Holden tries to settle her down by telling her that it is not her fault. Then, Lily remembers talking to Denise about the baby that Denise gave up for adoption. She looks at Holden and says that she knows who has Hope, Denise has her.

Ben is trying to find Denise. He call her at home and she is not there. He asks some of the nurses and they say that they have not seen her. He is searching the hospital and walks into a room and finds Denise there with the baby. She is holding Hope and rocking her and telling her about giving her up and how she would search the streets trying to find her. She tells her that she is her mother. She sees Ben walk in. He asks her what she is doing and she says that she is just spending some time with her daughter. Ben tells her that she can't just walk off with a baby. She says that she is going to put her back and besides, Lily and Holden had gone. Ben tells her to put the baby back right now. She asks him if she can have a few more minutes. He leaves and goes to Hope's room where Holden and Lily are waiting. Lily is telling Holden that she has called Jack to come and help with finding Melinda. Ben walks in and says that won't be necessary, he knows where Hope is.

Camille has run out and got in her car. She has a flashback of Carly telling her that she and Brad had already slept together and she was holding up the night that they have planned. She starts up the car and Brad steps in front of the car and tells her to shut the engine off and step out of the car. She looks at him for a second and then gets out of the car. He says that she came all that way and wasn't going to have a piece of wedding cake? She tells him that he has plenty of family to celebrate with. They have a nice little reminiscence of when the met. He tells her that he will always be there for her and she says that he now has a wife who has a child. He tells her that it doesn't matter, he will be there. She tells him that Mrs. Snyder is waiting for him and he says that he better go. He leaves her standing by the car.

Carly hears someone come in and she thinks that Brad has come back. She turns and sees Jack standing at the door. She runs to him and says that she knew he would be there for her. He tells her that he didn't come to interrupt her wedding. She asks if he is sure about that? He says that she went through with it and she says that whatever has been done can be undone. They can get the minister back and he can make it null and void. He tells her that he didn't come there for that and asks her if she knows where his mother is. She says that she can tell Brad that it took him a little while to choose but...he interrupts her and says that he is there only because of Julia. Carly says that it isn't about Julia and it isn't about his mother, he came because he couldn't stay away. She tries to put her arms around him and he pushes her away. He tells her that he gave he false hope and he is sorry for that. She pulls him close and says that she knows that he still loves her and she wants him to tell her so. He tells her that he will always care for her, but he doesn't love her. He loves Julia. He tells her that he is so sorry but this has to be over. She starts to cry and runs out of the room. Dolores comes in and she can't believe what her sons have been up to. Brad is married to Carly and the other one fell out of a dream. Jack asks her if she talked to Julia and she says that she didn't. Jack's phone rings and he is wanted at the hospital, Lily has called and needs him there. He says goodbye to his mother. Dolores follows Carly's manservant into the kitchen. Brad walks in and pours himself a drink. Then he remembers that he has a celebration waiting upstairs for him. He picks up the bottle of champagne and heads up the stairs.

Carly has run upstairs to her room and she is crying. She takes off her wedding gown and stuffs it into a shopping bag. Brad comes in with the bottle of champagne. He says, "Hello Bride." She tells him to go away. He says that they have something to celebrate and he opens the bottle of champagne. She is glaring at him.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Brad and Carly are in her bedroom and he is telling her that they have something to celebrate. She tells him that they don't. He sees her wedding dress rolled up in a ball and in the trash container. He asks her if she wouldn't like to save her dress and she says, "for what?" He says, "for the grandchildren?" He gives her a glass of champagne and he makes a toast. She goes over and sits on the bed with her champagne. He says that they are husband and wife for better or worse. She tells him that she has had enough of worse, she is ready for better. He sits on the bed with her and starts to pour her some more champagne. She tells him that she doesn't need any of that and he starts to kiss her and she is enjoying his advances. All of the sudden, she pushes him away and he tells her that he knows that she was enjoying it and she says that she wasn't and he is not getting any of her. She tells him to get out of her room. Brad goes into the bathroom and takes a shower and brushes his teeth and politely tells her that this is the master bedroom and he is the master. She does not like this and she says that if he is not going to leave then she will. As she is walking out the door she can hear him laughing at her.

Ben tells Lily and Holden that he knows where Hope is and he will go get her. Lily wants to come with him and he says that won't be necessary, he will be right back. He goes to the room where Denise is rocking and singing to Hope. He tells her that it is time to take Hope back. He tells her that Lily and Holden are back and they are worried about Hope. Denise asks him if he told them about her and he says that it didn't say anything about her. Denise says to Ben that she is not ready to give Hope back. Ben tells her that she has to understand, Lily doesn't know that Denise is Hope's mother. Denise says that maybe she should. Ben says that she had the chance to tell Lily and she didn't. Ben tells her that Lily has cared for Hope and been there through her illness. Denise says that she didn't have the chance to do that. She finally tells Ben that she will give Hope back and she is hugging her when there is a knock at the door. Holden is outside asking if Ben is in there. Ben tells them to wait one minute. He takes the baby from Denise and walks out into the hall. Denise is listening from the door. Ben tells Lily and Holden that he was running some additional test and since they were gone, he didn't alert the nurse to what he was doing. Lily asks how the test were and Ben says that she is doing fine. Lily and Holden take Hope back to her room. Ben walks back into the room where Denise is and she is huddled behind the door, crying. Ben tells Denise that she did the wrong thing in taking Hope. He asks her what she wants to do about Hope. He knows that Holden will be asking him questions and he wants to be straight with him. He asks her if she wants to keep her baby and she says that she doesn't know. Ben says that she keeps saying that she doesn't want her baby back, but he thinks that she feels differently. He tells her that she did not give up her baby legally, so there are some recourse that they can take. She tells him that she didn't say that she wanted her baby back. Ben tells her that she should do some soul searching and get things sorted out in her mind. He tells her that he is going to go see Gary. She tells him that he is not going to help. Ben says that if it means less time in prison, he will. Denise looks at him and says that he is a good guy and she loves him.

Back in Hopes room Lily and Holden are standing over her bed and talking about the days events and how lucky they are to have her. Rita is listening outside the door. Lily asks Holden to stay at the hospital with her and she will go home and spend some time with Luc. He tells her that he will not let her out of his sight. Denise comes in and offers to stay with Hope if the two want to go home together. Lily asks Holden to give her a few minutes with Denise. Lily offers to pay for a search for Denise's daughter. Denise declines the offer. She tells Lily that she is sure that her baby is being taken care of and she can't afford for her to be with her mother. Lily understands and Denise leaves. Lily kisses Holden goodbye. Rita walks away from the door before Lily walks out. After Lily leaves, the camera pans to a vent in the wall and on the other side of the vent, Denise is listening to Hope as she is cooing. Denise is crying.

Rita walks around a corner and almost walks into Jack. He starts to question her about Julia and Reid. She is being very vague and he tells her that he will take her into the station for questioning if he has to. He looks down at the baby and ask who's baby she has. She lies and says that the baby is a patient and he is stopping her from putting her in her bed. He steps aside and lets her in and she puts the baby in the bed. Jack leaves. Rita starts to pick Melinda up again and a nurse come in and tells Rita that there has been a major accident and they need her help. She leaves Melinda in the bed. The baby starts to cry and Susan hears her from out in the hall. She goes in and picks her up and sees that she does not have a hospital bracelet on her arm. Susan walks out into the hall with the baby and Bob comes by. Susan tells him about finding the baby and she does not have a hospital bracelet on and he thinks that it is Hope and he calls the hospital security. When he hangs up, he tells Susan that Hope has been found and they are wondering where this child came from when Rita walks up and says that the child belongs to her. She explains that they needed her in emergency and she went to help and left the child in the baby bed. Bob tells her that this is inexcusable and he suspends her from her job. Bob and Susan leave and Rita is upset. She tells Melinda that her father is going to be so mad at her. She calls Reid and tells him what has happened. He wants to know if Jack saw the baby and she says yes but she told him that she was a patient. He tells her to get to his house in Groverton ASAP.

Jack gets a call from someone who tells him that they had followed Julia to a house in Groverton and the house belongs to Dr. Hamilton. Jack writes down the address and hangs up. He tells himself that he should follow his hunches more often.

While Julia and Reid are waiting for Rita to get to the house with Melinda, they are discussing how they are going to handle her. They have figured out that Rita drugged Julia because she is jealous of Julia. Julia wants to call the police, but Reid tells her that they can't do that. Rita drives up and Reid tells Julia to go upstairs and let him handle her. Julia leaves. Rita comes in with the baby. She starts talking about how disgusting it was that Julia took drugs while she was watching Hope. Reid smiles at her and says that they are a lot alike. He tells her that he knows that she put the drugs in Julia's tea. Rita admits to it only because she didn't like it that he was making Julia fall in love with him. He tells her not to worry about that, he is taking care of everything. In the next scene, the living room at Reid's house is empty and off camera a woman screams.

Jack comes barging into Reid's house in Groverton and the place is dark. He is yelling for Reid and Julia but no one answers. He looks around and can't find anything. Before he leaves, he sees a something laying on the floor. It is a scarf and it has a big hole ripped in it.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Eddie's curious about Alec's letter from Oakdale University. Margo informs Alec of her separation and asks him if she made a mistake. Tom brings the baby to visit Emily in jail. Carly goes to the police station and finds Jack determined to locate Julia. Reid plans to have Rita institutionalized, telling Dr. Galloway that she's a danger to herself. Georgia fails to prevent Eddie from opening the letter, and he realizes that Alec funded his scholarship.

Jack rejects Carly's insinuation that Julia went with Reid of her own volition. An incensed Eddie rails against Georgia for lying to him about the scholarship but later apologizes. Georgia has to stop an untrusting Eddie from investigating the contents of Alec's briefcase. Alec meets with Lisa at the Argus. Emily cuddles her son and quizzes Tom about his habits.

Emily decides to name the baby Daniel Stewart Hughes, after her father. A weepy Emily reluctantly hands Daniel back when the visit is up. When the guard comes in to escort her back to her cell, Emily pretends to hear the voice of a "Master Daniel."

Reid makes Rita believe that Julia is going to press charges against her. He has to have some time alone with her in order to convince her otherwise, he tells the former nanny. Carly finds the engagement ring in Jack's desk and slips it on her finger. When Julia arrives looking for Jack, Carly makes a point of showing her her hand.

Lisa agrees to Alec's proposal to be her partner at the Argus, and Alec learns after they seal the deal that Tom is her son. Emily is questioned by the warden about her voices. Margo stops by Tom's office at the newspaper and finds him cuddling Daniel. They get into an argument about her dating Alec, and Lisa promptly walks in and introduces Alec as her new partner.

Eddie helps Georgia rehearse for her role as Blanche in "Streetcar named Desire" by assuming the role of Stanley. Eddie is stunned to find old photos of his mother Deena in Alec's briefcase. Emily is taken for psychiatric evaluation to the same hospital where Rita has been admitted.

Alec assures Margo he had no idea Tom was related to Lisa. Emily begs Susan not to let on that she's faking, as she's trying to delay her sentencing and remain close to her son. Emily is startled when Rita appears and asks for Dr. Hamilton. Julia breaks down in Reid's arms and tells him about finding Carly wearing her engagement ring. Take me out of Oakdale, she begs. Carly lies to Jack when he asks her if she heard from Julia while he was gone.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

Lily enlists Bob's help in keeping Denise away from Hope while she is at the hospital. Denise hands Kim flowers and thanks her for donating her bone marrow to save the Snyder's baby. Lily panics when she stops by the nursery and finds Denise holding Hope again. She orders her to put her baby down. Ben visits with Gary in jail and when he threatens to tell Hal that he sold a baby to David Stenbeck, eventually learns that David had another baby with him when he took Hope from him. When David is called back to the psychiatric institution to deal with an upset Rita, Barbara is surprised to find Julia at the airport with Melinda. Julia pleads with her not to tell Jack where she is going. Emily is surprised to be paired with Rita who reveals that Reid is going to get her out. Emily is forced to hide when "Reid" stops by with assurances for a worried Rita. After issuing strict orders to keep Rita medicated, David returns to the airport and manages to stop Julia from going to Jack. Eddie confronts Alec about the photos of Deena he found in his briefcase, Alec claims he got them from a private investigator and then fires Eddie for snooping.

Friday, May 21, 1999

Eddie stays on to set up for the party even after Alec fires him. At the airport Julia tells Reid she's not going to the spa in San Diego. Denise hands Hope over to Lily and runs out. Lily tells Jack she's afraid Denise is trying to steal her baby. Julia takes charge and decides they're going to her family's cottage in San Francisco instead.

Bob orders Denise to stay away from the baby Snyder or else he'll have to fire her. Chris and Katie walk into the Oasis as Georgia is tending to Eddie's cut. Margo enters Alec's office as he and Tom are locking horns over the future of the Argus.

Disturbed at being in a confined space when their flight is delayed in taking off, Reid demands to be let off the plane. On the heels of a story at the airport, Molly bumps into Reid, who questions her avid interest in knowing if he's traveling with Julia or not.

Georgia maneuvers to get pop group 98 Degrees to perform at the Oasis party. Denise is called away when she tries to explain to Holden why she's so interested in Hope. Margo is angered when Alec admits he fired Eddie. Tom learns of Emily's admission to a psych ward and is dismayed to realize Margo already knew. Jack enlists Holden's aid in raiding Reid's office for clues about Holden's daughter.

Denise is served with a restraining order. Chris accepts Katie's offer to team up to break up Eddie and Georgia. Molly books the next flight to San Francisco to pursue Reid. Ben observes a frustrated Holden and tells him he may have a lead concerning Holden's lost daughter. Denise informs Lily that Hope is her baby, not Lily's.


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