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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on SB
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Monday, May 17, 1999

Olivia, AJ, Gregory, Cole, and Annie:
Olivia is walking in the alley when she hears someone calling her name. Olivia calls out, who is it. The voice responds and it is Francesca. She taunts Olivia. Then there is an aftershock. AJ comes up behind Olivia and startles her. Olivia ask if he heard someone. He asks who was there. Olivia says that he had to have seen or heard her, she was just there. Again AJ asks who Olivia is talking about. AJ told Olivia that she is not making any sense and asks Olivia if there is something that she is not telling him. They decide to go to Olivia's. Gregory shows up in the alley before they can leave. Olivia asks if he is following her. All of a sudden Annie and Cole both show up as well. Olivia wants to know what is going on. She asks what they are all doing there. Gregory says that he just came from a meeting with an attorney that is going to help with Caitlin's case. Annie says that she is going to the Deep. Cole says that he had gone for a walk and was heading back to his car. Olivia asks AJ to take her home. Olivia told Gregory that she knows what he is up to and that he is not going to get away with it. At home, AJ told Olivia that he wants to help her but he needs to know what is going on. Olivia asks why he wanted to meet her down there. AJ says that he had something to show her but that he had to put that on hold and that was all he could say about it. Olivia told AJ that she wants to be alone. AJ leaves. Bette asks Olivia what is going on. The phone rings. Olivia answers, and it is Francesca. Olivia hangs up and Bette asks who it was. Olivia says that it was some phone company. Bette told Olivia that she wants the truth. Olivia told her that she doesn't know and she doesn't know how much more she can take. Bette says if only Francesca hadn't died. Olivia wonders what would happen if she could prove Caitlin didn't kill Francesca. Then the phone rings, Bette answers. Olivia asks who it was. It was Bette's assistant. She has to go to the paper but, not before Olivia tells her who shot Francesca. Olivia doesn't know. Bette leaves. The phone rings again. Olivia asks why are you doing this to me. Francesca says that it is payback time. Olivia hangs up and says to herself that Francesca is dead. Scene flashes to Gregory who says that everything is going just right. Cole and Annie are in the alley. Cole asks if anyone followed her. Annie says no. Cole says that they are to close to getting Caitlin out of jail now to mess up. Annie asks if Coles friend is still going to do what they need him to do. Cole says that he is, that it won't work without him.

Gabi and Ricardo's Wedding Rehearsal:
Ricardo asks Maria if she is sure that he is going to like this. Maria says that he will love it. Maria starts to play the tape. Scene flashes to Carmen, she is talking saying that the truth is going to come out. Just then everything starts to shake. Carmen thinks that it is a sign. Carmen says, I told you Gabi, that the wicked would be punished. Scene went back to Rehearsal. Ricardo says that it is probably an aftershock. Maria heads towards the TV, it starts to short circuit. Ben pulls her away. Casey gets the tape out of the VCR. Sara looks at Meg and says, Don't you see that he is always there for her. Meg told Sara to stop it. Her and Sara decide to put there disagreement aside for Gabi's sake. Ben gives Maria the tape. Maria looks at it and says Oh No. Ricardo says he guesses that they won't get to see the video tonight, they'll just have to show it at the reception. The guys all leave to go to Ricardo's bachelor party. Back at Carmen's, Carmen picks up a shattered picture of Ricardo and says that it is a sign, that Ricardo must have seen the tape and that know he is shattered. She decides that she must go to him. Carmen arrives at the place of the rehearsal and everyone is gone. She thinks that everyone must have seen the tape by know. She decide to go find Gabi.

All of the girls are walking on the beach. Maria decides that she needs to go check on Benjy. Gabi thinks that Maria is leaving because she feels uncomfortable around her. Gabi says that she wishes that Antonio had not told Maria about them and that things will never be the same. Maria told Gabi that it doesn't matter what she thinks. She asks if Gabi loves Ricardo and if she can leave the past behind her. Maria leaves. Gabi remembers her and Antonio in the cave in. Gabi says that she does want to forget, if only she could. Carmen shows up. She told Gabi that Ricardo knows the truth and that she has paid Gabi back for all of the horrible things that she has done. Carmen says that she finally destroyed Ricardo's feelings for Gabi. Gabi says that that won't happen, that her and Ricardo will be married in less than 24 hours, and that all she has destroyed is her relationship with Ricardo. Gabi leaves. Carmen wonders if no one saw the tape.

At Ben's, Maria arrives home to check on Benjy. Ben says that he is in bed. Ben asks if the tape she is holding is the one for Ricardo. Maria says that it is. Ben asks about it. Maria says that it is like "Ricardo Torres, This is Your Life." Maria says that she is worried that it got messed up during the earthquake. Ben says they can check but, they will have to do it upstairs. The VCR downstairs is messed up. Maria asks Ben to go upstairs to check it. He does. There is a knock on the door. Maria answers and it is Carmen. Carmen wants to know what happened at the rehearsal. Maria says that she thought that Carmen was going to apologize to Ricardo and that Gabi's mistakes are in the past. Carmen's asks how she can say that after what happened tonight. Carmen then asks where Ben is. Maria explains about the tape. Carmen runs upstairs as Ben is putting the tape in the VR and says no. Ben asks What is going on?

Gabi arrives at Surf Central, and all of the girls are sitting around talking. There is a knock on the door. Gabi went to answer it. It is a police officer. He asks for Gabi and then told her she is under arrest. Gabi asks what is going on. The officer told Gabi that she is now a Prisoner of Love. The stripper comes in and is dancing. All of the girls are having a good time. Gabi starts remembering her and Antonio making love. She runs out of the house. Outside she asks God for help. She asks if she is doing the right thing.

At Ricardo's bachelor party, all of the guys are sitting around playing cards. There is a knock on the door and Casey went to answer it. It is a police woman. Ricardo says you guys promised not to do this. All of the guys are standing around making jokes. The officer says that there was a report of a loud party. Antonio says that it is time for him to leave. Michael takes the officers hat and all of the guys are making kind of suggestive comments. The officers told them to turn down the music or they will be sorry. They say what are you going to do arrest us. The officers says yes. She is from the Manhattan Beach Police Department and they are under arrest.

Antonio is walking and remembers Ricardo saying that Gabi, Antonio, and Maria are all he cares about and all he has left. Gabi shows up. Antonio turns to leave. Gabi says no don't go. She told him that she was praying to God for guidance and then there was Antonio.....

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

She leaves the bridal shower and bails Michael and his friends out of jail. Her and Michael kiss at the jail and realize how much they care for each other.

Meg is furious at Sara and she wants her out of her life-for good. Sara refuses to apologize. Meg thinks that Sara is threatened by her that she thinks that Sara is afraid that she will steal Casey away from her. Meg leaves when Casey walks in and leaves Sara to tell Casey what is going on. Sara told him that she is fed up with Casey and Meg's friendship. Sara wants to know if Casey's feelings for Meg go deeper than friendship.

Carmen stops Ben from watching the tape. Carmen takes the tape for herself and she watches it at her house. She can't believe that it is her son, Antonio, is Gabi's secret lover!

They are all in jail after being arrested last night at Ricardo's bachelor party. Vanessa comes and bails them all out of jail. She also gets the officer to drop all of the charges against them.

Gabi told Antonio that she can't marry Ricardo until she says good-bye to him first. Gabi and Antonio say their final good-byes. Gabi cries after saying good-bye to Antonio and they hug. Gabi doesn't think that she can let Antonio go because it is harder than she ever thought it would be to do so. Antonio says that he could have never make Gabi happy even if he left the church for her. He says that she has to marry Ricardo because they make each other happy. Ricardo walks in and sees Gabi and Antonio hugging. Ricardo asks Gabi why she is crying and she says it is because she can't wait to marry him. Antonio leaves. Gabi promises to Ricardo that she will always make him happy. Ricardo walks Gabi home while Antonio is at the mission praying that he can overcome his feelings for Gabi and that Gabi and Ricardo will happy together.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Annie arrives at Ben's house to drop off a gift for Ricardo and Gabi's wedding. While waiting Benjy shoots an arrow and it lands on Annie's forehead. Then Annie says you must be Benjy and he says yes I am. Then he asked for his arrow back but Annie says she going to keep it and Benjy says okay, I have more anyway. Then he leaves to go to the kitchen and Maria and Tess come out. They say hi to Annie and Annie told Maria to give this gift to them and Maria says your not coming and Annie says no because I have to finish some work. Maria then says I'll leave it for now. Then Tess says its great to see you again and Annie says the same. Then Tess says to Maria you have to meet your brother soon. I'll get Benjy ready so don't worry. Maria says thanks and Tess leaves to get Benjy. Maria then lets Annie in and Annie tells her she's no Mary Poppins. Maria says yeah I know something is strange. Annie says she's always nice. Then Annie leaves. Maria leaves to go to Ricardo's loft. Back with Annie she calls someone to tell the plan is ready and then talks to Joan about Benjy. While she was talking Joan turns on the machine so she can't hear Annie. Then she gives Annie he drink and told her she has to get ready for the wedding and that drink its to sour for me. Then she leaves and Annie says this will be your last wedding for a long time cause Meg and Ben are never going to get married. At surf central Gabi has a nightmare that Ricardo got upset on their wedding day. Then she woke up and went downstairs. When she got there Casey, Michael, and Vanessa, yelled surprise. Then Gabi was surprise and said they didn't have to do that. Casey says yeah they did because its the last time you'll have breakfast here. Then Gabi says thank you. They pick up their glasses and made a toast. Then the door bell rings and its Ricardo. Gabi says its bad luck to see each other on their wedding day. Ricardo says I thought you didn't believe in that, but anyway the reason why I'm here is because Maria want to give us something. Gabi says okay. Then the door bell rings and its a delivery man with flowers for Gabi. Then Gabi reads the card but it doesn't say who its from. Then she opens the box and finds four sunflowers that are bad luck on wedding days. Gabi drops it and everyone says what's wrong and Ricardo picks it up and says its bad luck on wedding days. Gabi says my grandmother told me more then one sunflower it means death. Vanessa says its probably someone who didn't know and Gabi says maybe. Then the two leave. Then Vanessa told Casey they have to get ready for the wedding. Back in Ben's house Meg told him that she's leaving for a couple of days to figure things out. Ben says he understands. Then they talk more. Then Meg leaves to get her dress for the wedding. When Meg arrives at surf central Vanessa and Michael are leaving. Then she told Casey want is happening to Ben and her. Then Meg says what time is it, I'm going to be late for the wedding. I was supposed to meet Gabi at the church and Casey we have time. Then Meg takes her dress to change. Then Casey went to change. At the Shockwave, Sara is upset what she said to Casey. She told Hank everything. Then Hank told her to talk to Casey and Sara said she will. Then Sara leaves. Oh yeah, Sara got a new haircut. While Meg was done, she went downstairs to meet Casey and Casey says to Meg she looks amazing. When they were about to leave Sara comes in. Back at Ben's house, Hank comes in and told Ben to stop hurting his daughters and Ben has no clue what he is talking about. While they were talking, Tess and Benjy were outside listening. Then Ben told Hank Meg left for a while. Then Hank asked some questions but Ben says its none of your business. Then Hank leaves. While he was leaving, Tess and Benjy came in. Hank told Benjy to come down and get some mint ice cream and Benjy says thank you. Then Ben took Benjy up to change for the wedding. Tess says its finally happening that Meg and Ben are falling apart and Ben will turn to Maria. Back with Ricardo's loft, Antonio comes by and gives Ricardo and Gabi bibles for good luck. Then Carmen comes by and told him there something she has to say to him but its hard.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

Annie confidently assumes she's finally about to get the goods on Olivia and expose her as a murderer. As Maria, Antonio and Gabi look on, a tearful Carmen tries to reveal the terrible secret to Ricardo but realizes at the last minute that she cannot cause a rift between her sons. Bette begins to wonder why Olivia practically jumps out of her skin every time the phone rings. Sara icily advises Meg to turn to her own fiancée for comfort once in a while instead of always running to Casey with her troubles. Gregory promises his delighted daughter he's working to overturn her confession and should have her home with Trey before nightfall. Denying that she's made any crank calls to Olivia, Annie bitterly suggests to Bette that she owes her niece some family loyalty. Amy brags to Brad how she's conned Sean into being her partner for the extreme sports competition. Upon finding a certain handkerchief on the floor of her living room, Olivia shrieks to A.J. that Francesca is still alive. Meg is stunned to hear Sara accuse Casey of being in love with her sister.

Friday, May 21, 1999

As Caitlin returns home, Gregory promises his daughter she'll soon be completely off the hook for Francesca's murder. Meanwhile, A.J. tries to convince an hysterical Olivia that she's mistaken about Francesca still being alive. Though Meg lashes out at her, Sara bitterly refuses to retract her remarks about Casey being in love with her sister. Carmen slips into the bride's room and hands Gabi an envelope. Ricardo confides to his siblings his concern that their mother will try to stop the wedding. Facing off with Annie yet again, Gregory icily informs his fuming wife that he cares more about Spike the dog than he does about her. Later, Gregory accuses Annie of breaching his security safeguards at the office. Gabi is relieved to think that her future mother-in-law has had a change of heart and has come to make peace. Shocked when Carmen suddenly spits out her hatred, Gabi shakily insists that nothing will prevent her from marrying Ricardo. A.J. urges Olivia to trust him, then suddenly blurts out that he loves her. Tess gleefully reports to Maria that Meg is moving out of Ben's place for a while. Carmen shows a horrified Gabi the photo of her making love with Antonio.

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