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Erica stashed David in a basement and intended to ruin his career as a surgeon. Tad and Dixie got married. Gillian danced with Jake as Ryan looked on. Janet learned that Vanessa had not left Enchantment. Isabella informed Hayley and Mateo that Max had destroyed the condo.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, May 17, 1999

Opal entertained Belinda, Alice, and Adrian at Cortlandt Manor. The purpose was for Alice to get to meet Tad and Dixie. Adrian, however, looked as though he'd rather have been anywhere but at the gathering. On several occasions he snubbed Opal's hospitality although he stopped short of actually making any blatantly negative comments. Tad and Dixie arrived albeit thirty minutes or so late. By the time they did arrive, the uneasiness in the air was growing exponentially every minute. Dixie immediately invited Alice to her wedding. Alice glanced in Adrian's direction and numbly mentioned that she'd probably be heading back home before the wedding. Tad could tell that something was amiss; his fears were confirmed when Adrian brushed off Alice's remarks about looking forward to his wedding day. Tad pulled Adrian aside and asked to speak to him in private. Opal was fearful that the two men would get into an altercation and tried to separate them with talk of eating dinner. Tad looked at his mother and told her that he and Adrian needed to talk. The four women were left in the parlor to nervously contemplate with the two brothers were up to. Tad scolded Adrian for acting like a spoiled brat. He knew that it was difficult for him to have Alice and Opal together, but he urged him to at least attempt to "put on a happy face." Adrian conceded that his behavior was slightly out of line and asked Tad had he could do to make things better. "I never thought I'd ask," Tad said with a slight smile. He asked Adrian if he'd like to be an usher at his wedding. Adrian commented that Tad was very lucky to have a woman like Dixie. Perhaps, he teased, too lucky. The two men shook hands to seal their deal after which Tad warned Adrian that he'd better not do anything to foul up his big day. Upon returning to the room, Belinda and Tad pulled their respective gentlemen suitors aside and asked for the details of their tete-a-tete. Tad informed Dixie that all went well. All Adrian needed, he said, was some advice from his "older, wiser, better looking" brother. Adrian, meanwhile, asked Belinda if she needed an escort to the wedding. Tad announced that Adrian had accepted his offer to be an usher at the wedding. Opal was overjoyed and raced to give her sons an embrace. With Adrian planning to be in attendance, Dixie once again asked Alice if she'd like to attend. Alice was still worried that she'd be imposing. Adrian, who'd been cold to the idea previously, sat next to her and told her that it would mean a lot to him if she'd go to the wedding.

Gillian looked up at Ryan with optimistic eyes. "I'm here to see if Raquel was telling the truth," said Ryan when asked if he'd dropped by to see if she'd signed the divorce papers. "She told me you only filed for a divorce to make me happy." Gillian rose from the chair as she slammed Raquel for repeating what she'd been told in confidence. Ryan perked up when he learned that Raquel might have been telling the truth. From there things went downhill. Gillian correctly determined that Ryan had stopped by the hospital because he still cared about her. Why else would he care whether or not she signed the divorce papers. That assumption caused Gillian to take a very big step forward. Tears welling in her eyes, Gillian begged Ryan to tell her to "make confetti [out of] these stupid papers." Her request was flatly denied. Ryan told Gillian that he'd like nothing more than to be able to bring a smile to her face by telling her to shred the papers. "It would be wrong," he explained using a phrase he's used in nearly every conversation that he's had with Gillian in recent weeks. He went on to say that he was unsure that he could ever make Gillian happy because he didn't have good role models in his parents. Sooner her later, he prophesized, they would hurt each other again. Gillian was devastated. Ryan had given her no hope for reconciliation. Gillian removed her wedding ring from her finger and angrily threw it on the ground.

Adam placed a phone call to Erica's house, but there was no answer. He grumbled repeatedly about Erica's need to have voice mail. In Liza's room, Liza and Jake fawned over baby Colby. Adam was still in a foul mood from not being able to reach Erica and he took that out on Jake, grousing that he should leave the baby alone so that she can get some sleep. Jake vowed that not even Adam would spoil his good mood. After Jake left, Liza gently chided Adam for giving Jake a hard time. She assured him that Jake was not going to interfere in their happiness. In fact, Liza thought that they had just about everything that they'd ever wanted. Adam agreed---but that was what bothered him. Everything was just a little too perfect. He told Liza that he's fearful that he might lose her, but he never mentioned why he was thinking about another split. Liza assured Adam that nothing would ever separate them. "This baby," she beamed, "makes us an honest to God family." Still smiling she added, "You're stuck with me, buster!" Adam brought up the topic of marriage, but the idea was quickly shelved. Liza said that she did not want to cast a shadow on Tad and Dixie's wedding. Once they were married---again---Liza promised that their wedding would not be far behind.

Liza took a stroll a little while later and found Ryan sitting in the solarium. The usually strong, silent guy she knew was on the verge of tears. Liza knew that Gillian must have done something to hurt Ryan. Ryan, however, said that he was the one who'd loused things up this time. He told Liza that he and Gillian were through and kicked himself for constantly inflicting pain of her. Liza used her relationship with Adam as an example to show Ryan that anything was possible. She urged him to try to make things work with Gillian, saying that love would turn him into a new man.

Jake found Gillian wandering the halls. He pulled her aside and told her that he'd like her to meet Colby. Gillian was a little fearful about meeting the little girl, but reluctantly agreed. Once she was in the room, she got a chance to hold the baby. Gillian's frown faded away as she gently played with Colby's tiny hands. She thanked Jake for lifting her spirits. Jake nodded and said that he felt it was his duty to make Gillian smile again. Seemingly out of nowhere, he invited her to be his guest at Tad and Dixie's wedding. Gillian had to think about it for a few minutes, but she ultimately accepted the offer.... just as Ryan happened to be walking past the doorway.

Whapping David on the head with a mirror came as a surprise---even to Erica. She trembled slightly before crouching down beside David to check for a pulse. Thankfully, David was not dead. Erica's reaction, though, was not what you'd expect. She forcefully shook the doctor's limp body and began shouting insults at him. "Wake up!" she hollered. "How could you go unconscious? I'm not through with you yet!" Erica hoped that roughing David up would give her another chance to inflict some more punishment. Again her plans took an unexpected detour. Jack's voice called out to her from downstairs. Erica looked up like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Downstairs, Jack searched the ground floor and found no sign of Erica. He was just about to place a call to the police when she wandered downstairs. Erica claimed that she'd been taking a bath. Jack, however, found that odd because it was unlike Erica to leave the door unlocked and the security system unarmed if she was in the bathtub. Erica babbled on about having a "revelation" about the car accident. Several times she mentioned that she was sure what she was going to do with her sudden enlightenment. Jack was puzzled by Erica's behavior, but he became even more suspicious when Vanessa stormed into the house. Vanessa was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She claimed that she desperately needed some of her pills---which she believed she'd left in Erica's dressing room. Erica panicked and offered to get the pills for Vanessa, but Vanessa insisted that she'd get them herself. The dressing room, of course, was the room where Erica had clobbered Vanessa's son. Vanessa entered the room and found her pills just where she remembered leaving them. The only thing cluttering the floor was a stray bath towel. Vanessa bent over, picked up the towel, and tossed it into the laundry chute. Back downstairs, Erica told Jack that she wasn't up to anything as he'd been asserting. Erica finally did manage to get rid of her former lover, but not without going to great lengths. She forced a smile and agreed to Jack's request to be friends. Vanessa returned to the room after Jack was gone and told Erica the details of why she was so flustered. Vanessa told Erica that Janet had accused her of tipping Jerry Reeves about Erica's appearance at Sounds of Salsa. Erica paid Vanessa little mind. She listened intently as Vanessa spouted her fears that an "unstable" Janet might be playing with the numbers at Enchantment. She offered to get one of her buddies from New York to look over the books. When a phone call from Adam rang through, Erica again needed to get rid of a visitor. She forced yet another smile and told Vanessa to run along to Enchantment so that she could gather up all of the expense logs. From there, she said, Vanessa would be able to call her friend and keep an eye on Janet all at the same time. It was obvious from Erica's choice of words that she did not believe that Janet was capable of bilking the cosmetic company out of so much as a penny. Erica listened for several seconds as Adam asked her what happened after he'd left. Erica wasn't in the mood to hear Adam complained and snapped that he wasn't "the only one having a bad day." In true Erica style, Erica decided that Adam could wait to hear what she'd decided to do. She placed the phone down on the desk and muttered aloud about needing a glass of champagne. She then looked up towards the ceiling and rolled her eyes. "Oh alright, mother," she mumbled. "I won't drink. I'll have tea." It takes at least several minutes to make a cup of tea, but Adam was still yapping on the other end of the line when Erica returned. She seemed surprised that he was still on the line. Adam asked Erica if David was on his way to the hospital to spill the beans to Liza. Again Erica grew weary from Adam's demands and questions. She hung up the phone and returned to her "more pressing problems." She wandered into the laundry room and looked down at the floor. There, David was sprawled out and still unconscious.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

"Erica," grumbled Adam over the payphone. "Pick up the phone dammit!" Erica did answer his call, but she remained insistent that she could not talk. "I'm very busy," she said curtly. Before hanging up the phone, she and Adam did have an exchange of dialog. "I bought you a little extra time," she said proudly. Adam was relieved that David wasn't going to be breathing down his neck for at least another day, but there was something about the way Erica was talking that worried Adam. "What have you done?" he asked sternly. Erica shrugged slightly and told Adam that she had to go because she had a guest---and couldn't be seen as a "terrible hostess."

Panic struck Liza when she noticed a purplish growth on Colby during one of the baby's feedings. She was quick to point out the anomaly to Jake when he dropped by for a visit. Jake chuckled slightly and plucked the growth from the baby. The growth was harmless. Actually, it wasn't even a growth; it was a piece of lint from Liza's robe. Jake mused that he would save the lint for Colby's baby book and file it under "Mom's first conniption." As the pair chuckled, Adam returned to the room. "Did Colby tell a good joke?" he asked with a smile. Adam extended his hand in friendship to Jake. After the handshake, Jake broke the good news that Liza and Colby were free to go home. Adam promised to round up all of the presents and flowers so that he could take them home. Liza cocked her head to one side and told Adam that she was going to return to the loft since all of her belongings were there. Adam smiled and announced that he'd taken the liberty of having all of Liza's things moved from the loft to Chandler Mansion. Liza was furious with Adam for not consulting her first. Jake stepped in to quash the argument, saying that it was best for Colby to stay at either one place or the other. That, he explained, would minimize her exposure to germs. Liza apologized for her outburst and she and Adam were once again at peace. The happiness looked like it would be short-lived. Jake cleared his throat and asked the couple if they'd given any thought to visitation rights. Adam and Liza exchanged glances and muttered that they hadn't really thought about visitation. Jake pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. As he unfolded the slightly crumpled paper and explained that the paper was a copy of his work schedule for the next two weeks. Liza and Adam both reviewed the schedule and found no problems with the visits Jake had planned. Liza told the two men that she was "grateful" to both of them for caring so deeply about Colby.

Adrian dropped by The Martin house for a tuxedo fitting. He mentioned that he didn't need a fitting because he'd gotten a top-of-the-line designer tux while he was working for the government. Tad explained that an ordinary tuxedo---not matter how spiffy---wasn't going to cut it at the wedding. All the men, he stated, would be wearing white dinner jackets. Adrian was appalled. White before Memorial Day? He was aghast by the fashion faux pas. Things went downhill from there when Tad rescinded an offer of coffee to his brother. Tad figured that Adrian, a "my body's a temple kind of guy," would never partake in a cup of java. Tad continued his attempt to make small talk by asking Adrian if there was a wedding in his future. Adrian griped that he did not want to be treated like a guest on The Cutting Edge. The former spy spoke very coldly of his relationship with Belinda, saying that he wasn't sure if their relationship was going to work in the long run. Fortunately, Joe returned to the room and managed to end the bickering. Tad exited the room to place a phone call to the shop owner who was to have dropped off the tuxedos. While he was gone, Joe attempted to pick Adrian's brain a bit. He mentioned that Tad and Adrian were a great deal alike. The wise man that he is, Joe didn't say that in so many words. He tried to work Adrian into his story through references to the adjustments that Tad had to make when he learned that Opal was his biological mother. At first, Adrian seemed indifferent to the meaning in Joe's tale. He insisted that he was not having any adjustment problems nor did he dislike Opal or Tad. Joe called what Tad went through "quite a dilemma," noting that Opal wanted to smother her son with the love that she'd been unable to give him for so many years. Mr. Simms, the men's shop owner, finally arrived. Unaware that he had, Tad entered the room complaining about the "jerk" who still hadn't shown up with the tuxedos. Needless to say he felt like a bit of a jerk himself. Mr. Simms was an older gentleman with a medium build. He barked orders prompting Adrian to determine that he was a former military man. Mr. Simms handed the men their suits and Tad, Adrian, and Joe went to try them on. Jake finally arrived at the house and received a lecture from Mr. Simms for being late. Mr. Simms had made special arrangements to drop off the clothing. He was on his way to a fishing expedition and his shop was, shall we say, clothesed for business. One by one Joe, Adrian, and Tad walked downstairs, their faces grim. The dinner jackets that Tad had ordered had been replaced by a pair of retro sixties, sky blue, ruffled jackets and shirts. This was not the look that Tad was going for. Jake burst into laughter. Tad realized that the gentleman had misread his handwriting and brought the wrong suits. Joe appealed to Mr. Simms to return to the shop and get the correct order. Simms refused, reminding them that he was meeting some fishing buddies. Adrian stepped forward and spoke to the man in military jargon. He pulled Simms aside and fed him a cockamamie story about needing white dinner jackets for a secret government project. In the plot, Joe was a sergeant and Tad was a "lowly private" who nearly blew the mission in several occasions. Simms raced off to fetch the right clothing. The Martin men were amazed that he bought the story. Adrian cracked a wry smile and mentioned that Simms knew that it had to be a government operation---because no one would wear white before Memorial Day!

The women, meanwhile, gathered at Brooke's house for Dixie's bridal shower. Janet and Myrtle arrived as Phoebe, Belinda, and Hayley were already in attendance. The last to arrive were Opal and Alice. Opal silenced the otherwise giddy crowd by announcing that Alice was Adrian's mother. Alice set everyone at easy when she clarified that she was his "other mother." Janet pulled Dixie aside and thanked her for inviting her to the party. Dixie smiled warmly and told Janet that she believes that she's changed and noted that everyone deserves a second chance. The party went off without a hitch. There was plenty of food and games and, of course, wonderful gifts. Phoebe took the high road and presented Dixie with a Chinese bowl from the 1880s. Janet's gift, however, was something more "practical." Janet stood behind Dixie and announced that her gift came "from the year of the leopard." Dixie opened the box and found a pair of leopard-print panties and teddy. Dixie jokingly placed the panties on her head and danced around the room. Belinda asked Dixie if Tad was having a bachelor party. Dixie shrugged and said that she was sure the men were doing something for him. Hayley rolled her eyes when Dixie claimed that Tad would be offended if a stripper were hired to appear at the party. Janet suddenly perked up and asked the other women if they were feeling courageous. All eyes turned to Janet. Suddenly, Dixie began to blush and covered her eyes.

In the basement of Erica's new home, Erica might argue that she had problem with vermin. An unconscious David was tied firmly to some old concrete-and-metal apparatus. Erica strolled casually into the room with a cup of tea. She sat on a nearby crate, legs crossed, as David slowly regained consciousness. "We're under my house," said Erica when asked by David where he was. "Little did I know that one day I was going to put that laundry chute to use," she added with a bit of a laugh. Not only was David securely bound, but his right hand had been placed in a vice. With every squirm that he made, a little more pain was inflicted upon his fingers. David angrily demanded that Erica release him. He reminded her that his career and his life depending upon his hands. Erica slowly walked towards him. Finally, Erica told David that she knew how the accident had occurred. There was no ill patient; David had been rushing back so that he could crash Marian and Stuart's wedding. David claimed that Erica did not understand his motivation. Erica agreed with David that Adam's actions were reprehensible. Unlike what David had done to her, though, Adam had one thing in the plus column---he did what he did out of love for Liza. David told Erica that he would never breath a word of what she'd done to him if she let him go. Erica refused. Someone, David noted, would eventually come to look for him. Erica saw no reason why anyone would miss the doctor. David screamed for help, but there was no one around to hear his cries. "You're not a violent woman," David said as beads of sweat formed on his brow. Erica disagreed, though. "I knocked you unconscious and through you down the [laundry] chute and it doesn't bother me," she replied coldly. Erica told David that his pleas for help were most amusing. "One day you'll look back on this," Erica said quoting David's comments about her facial injuries, "and you'll laugh."

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Taking Janet's advice, the women donned black leotards and engaged in some serious physical activity. At this time, no one said exactly what it was that they were doing. The beads of sweat of aching muscles told the tale; this was one tough workout. In the corner, a forlorn Dixie looked out the window. Belinda pulled up next to her and asked her if she was getting a case of cold feet. Dixie shook her head. She explained that she was thinking about her life. One year ago, she was convinced that her life would be perfect without Tad. Now, however, she couldn't picture her life without him. Dixie wondered how to differentiate between true feelings and what was right at this particular moment. The other women took turns gently ribbing Dixie about her jitters. Opal, however, delivered the coup de grace saying that any woman planning to marry one of her sons is one very lucky woman.

At the Martin home, Tad clutched his stomach as he searched the cabinets for an antacid. As the women had done to Dixie, Jake and Joe took turns teasing Tad about his case of "pedus frigiditis." That's cold feet in the real world. Joe reached into his pocket and forked over a wad of cash to his son. Tad watched the exchange curiously and demanded to know what it was all about. The doctors explained that they'd made a bet to see who could most closely guess when Tad would first exhibit pre-wedding jitters. Joe thought Tad wouldn't show signs of jitters until closer to the start of the wedding. He lost the bet. Tad plopped down on the sofa and announced that he did not want to attend his bachelor party. Joe and Jake were upset that he was trying to take away their fun. Tad only agreed to head to the party when Jake swore that there would be no strippers. Jake was surprised that "Mr. Funster" wasn't up for a good time and that at one time Tad would keep the strippers' tassels as a trophy. Joe chuckled and said that he was glad that Tad had changed.

With a little stretch of the imagination, Chandler Mansion could sort of double for Tara. But at the Gate House, Marian and Stuart were busy partaking in their own version of Gone With the Wind. Stuart sat in a chair and sketched a picture of his new wife. Across the room, Marian was dressed in a lime green hoopskirt. The heat of the moment overcame the newlyweds and quite frankly they didn't give a damn. Unfortunately, their smooching was interrupted by the surprise return of Scott (now being played by Forbes March). The pair knew that Scott was coming back to Pine Valley, but they didn't expect him 'til morning. Marian and Stuart headed to the bedroom so that Marian could get out of her costume. While they were gone, Gillian knocked on the door. She was surprised to see her old friend. Scott wondered how Gillian knew that he was back in town. Gillian lowered her head slightly and explained that she was actually there to see Marian and Stuart. Marian reentered the room and got right to the matter at hand---identifying the contents of the pouch she's caught. Gillian described the pouch and correctly stated that it contained one hundred thousand dollars. Stuart was ready to hand over the pouch until Scott asked Gillian how she'd gotten her hands on so much money. Last he knew, Gillian and Ryan were broke. Marian agreed and said that she would not hand over the money unless Gillian could prove that she hadn't obtained it illegally. Gillian didn't want to tell the full tale about what had happened, so she offered a condensed---and edited---version. The only thing she left out of her explanation was her affair with David; she said that a friend had given them the money to help them flee the country. Everyone was content with the explanation and Gillian was given the pouch. Gillian thought that she could give Marian "an award" for finding the money. "Oh, you mean a reward," Marian beamed. "I'd love one." Stuart nudged Marian with his elbow and she quickly realized that it was not right to accept Gillian's money. Gillian and Scott spent a few minutes alone to catch up on life. Scott was puzzled by Gillian's decision to divorce Ryan. He was sure that Gillian loved Ryan---yet she was the one who had initiated the divorce proceedings. "That is not the Gillian I left behind," he noted. The Gillian he'd left behind, said Gillian, had also never been in love.

Hayley dropped by Sounds of Salsa for a few moments to make sure that the club was in order for the bachelor party. While she was there, she thought that the time had come to tell Mateo that she was not pregnant. She sat her soon-to-be husband down and prepared to break the news. Before she could say anything, Dimitri and "the meathead brigade" burst into the club. The brigade included the likes of Jack, Trevor, Adrian, Edmund, and, of course, Dimitri. Dimitri asked Mateo and Hayley when they were going to move back to Wildwind. Edmund added that he also missed having the Laveries around the castle. There was something about the sound of breaking glass that made the castle feel alive. Mateo announced that he'd hired "designed for men only." Edmund voiced his opposition, saying that it was "tacky" to have strippers at the party. Tad, Edmund, and Joe arrived a little later. Tad was still somewhat dejected and lacked his usual witty remarks. Instead, he thanked the men for wanting to share in his happiness. Tad was ticked off at Jake when Mateo called for the strippers to make their presence known. All the men took up seats facing the dance floor. The music started and six women strutted into the club wearing blue Rockette-styled outfits. Their faces shielded by black top hats, Tad continued to voice his opposition to the spectacle. He changed his tune, however, when the women lowered their hats. While some of what the women were showing was unfamiliar, Tad recognized the women's face---Belinda, Brooke, Hayley, Janet, Opal, and Dixie. The woman swished, swayed, and can-canned around the dance floor, putting on quite a show. After all was done, Tad told all the women that they were welcome to stay---everyone except for his mother! Tad, of course, was just teasing. Dimitri, still goofing around, booed loudly and announced that he wanted the real entertainment to start. Jake sat down at the bar and told Ryan that he wanted to talk about Gillian for a few minutes. Ryan claimed that he and Gillian were history and that he did not want to talk about her. That made it difficult for Jake to tell him that he'd asked Gillian to be his date at Tad and Dixie's wedding. Ryan snapped that Jake didn't need to ask his permission and said that he should feel free to do whatever he wants. Brooke tried to toss a new idea Edmund's way, but Edmund said that he could not think about business with the way Brooke was dressed! Belinda taught Adrian the basics of a tropical dance step, but she couldn't help being surprised that Adrian had learned the steps during his days undercover. Mateo sensed from Hayley's little than happy mood that something was wrong. He correctly deduced that she was not pregnant. Mateo admitted that he was disappointed, but said that he was sure that one day they would have a gaggle of kids running through the house. Hayley had assumed that Mateo wouldn't be upset because he already had a child. Tad and Dixie, meanwhile, excused themselves from the festivities. In the alleyway behind the club, they thanked their "wish" star for reuniting them. As the star-crossed lovers looked deeply into one another's eyes, they leaned forward and shared a passionate kiss.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

There was no couple more deserving of a wedding in Grandma Kate's garden that Tad and Dixie. Joe said these words proudly as Tad, Jake, and Jamie readied for the wedding. Before they donned their formalwear, Jamie wanted to present his dad and future stepmother with a gift: a tree to commemorate their wedding day. Joe requested that his son and grandson wait until after the wedding to get their hands dirty, but Tad was determined to help Jamie plant the tree. A little while later, Jake scrambled down the steps dripping wet and wearing only a towel. He asked his father what had happened to the water. Joe calmly explained that occasionally the water heater gives out and the water isn't as hot as it normally is. It wasn't that there wasn't any hot water---there wasn't any water. Muddied and wet, Jamie returned inside and alerted everyone to a potential problem. While trying to plant the tree, Tad hit the water main with a pickaxe. Water was gushing everywhere and Kate's garden had become a swamp. There was no way that the wedding could be held as scheduled. One by one, guests started straggling in, each asked if the Martins were aware that a lake was forming outside the house.

Junior saw no reason for Opal to apply "gunk" to his mother's hair. In his eyes, Dixie was already the most beautiful bride ever. Junior headed downstairs for some blueberry pancakes. Shortly after he left, Dixie was surrounded by her girlfriends. Alice joined Brooke, Hayley, and Belinda in the pre-wedding festivities. Opal, who'd been recently entertaining ideas about re-opening the Glamorama, was going to apply Dixie's make-up and style her hair. Dixie overheard Opal mentioning that they were "all family." The comment saddened Dixie considerably. While the women hooted and scurried around the room getting ready, Dixie slipped out.

While Liza slumbered on the sofa, Adam placed a phone call to Pine Valley Hospital. He'd been hoping to speak with David, but he was informed that David wasn't there. Adam had already tried The Valley Inn, so he was become more and more curious about where the doctor might be. In her sleep, Liza heard Adam's voice. She gently stirred and asked Adam who he was talking to. Her husband-to-be made up a rather bland excuse about having called the weatherperson at WRCW to see if the elements would cooperate for Tad and Dixie's big day. Liza's face paled slightly. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked down at her sleeping infant. There was no way that Liza was going to be able to attend the wedding----she just couldn't tear herself away from Colby. Adam argued that Liza should attend the wedding because it would mean so much to the bride and groom. On the other hand, he said, no one would miss him if he didn't show up. Liza felt that Adam had to go to the wedding because Junior was a part of the wedding party. Scott popped in to see the baby. He mentioned that his time away in college had given him a new direction in life: He wanted to pursue a career in television. Confidently, he asserted that he was a perfect candidate for a spot at WRCW. So as not to seem too pushy, he quickly noted that he'd accept any position that Liza had for him. The topic of who would attend the wedding was still left in the air. Finally, Adam solved the problem---everyone would go. Adam stated that they could all pile into his limousine. Baby Colby, he said, could remain inside the car under the watchful eye of a nanny. He then chuckled that the car would be parked close enough so that Liza could check in on the baby every fifteen seconds.

Dixie headed to The Valley Inn to se if she could convince her Uncle Palmer to attend the wedding. Palmer was very cold and refused to accept her invitation. "I'd rather eat glass," he snapped. He was still bitter with Dixie for "betraying [him] to Opal." Dixie pleaded with Palmer to let bygones be bygones---even if it was just for one day. Palmer hinted that he might consider attending the wedding if Dixie was marrying anyone other than Tad. Nothing Dixie said or did could convince her uncle to change his mind. Hurt, Dixie still held on to feelings for her grumpy uncle. She pecked him on the cheek and walked away. As she did, she bumped into Tad. Dixie panicked and quickly hid behind a French door. She reminded Tad that it was bad luck for them to see one another before the wedding ceremony. Tad muttered that bad luck had already stuck. He told the tale of the water main break and how they were now scrambling to find a new location for the wedding. Tad closed his eyes while Dixie scampered back to Cortlandt Manor to get ready for the wedding. Adrian appeared moments later and agreed to assist Tad in finding space to hold the wedding. All of the large rooms at The Valley Inn had been booked by a dog-lovers organization. Tad pulled the club's president aside and sweet-talked her into releasing one of the rooms to him. It didn't come without cost, though; he promised to feature her on an upcoming episode of The Cutting Edge.

Still unaware that Tad had found a new venue, Dimitri and Edmund informed Joe that normally they'd offer use of the chapel at Wildwind. Unfortunately, the chapel was getting a new roof and was unavailable. Adrian phoned in and gave everyone the good news. Now came the difficult task of contacting all of the guests and telling them to go to The Valley Inn instead. Gillian dropped by to see if there was anything that she could do to help. Gillian's path crossed Ryan's and the two exchanged longing glances.

Ericatoted a silver tray of bread and water into her makeshift dungeon. She placed it on the ground and gently nudged it towards David with her foot. Once again David demanded that he be freed, but Erica wasn't about to grant his request. David pleaded that he be released, but his pleas were not for himself. He explained that one of his patients, Mr. Baxter, was scheduled to undergo quadruple bypass surgery. If he didn't make it to the hospital in time, Mr. Baxter would surely die. He looked coldly at Erica and asked her if she wanted an innocent man's death on her conscious. Erica snorted slightly, unmoved by David's story. She told him that she'd called the hospital earlier in the morning to check on his schedule. As a patient of David's, Erica was easily able to find out that David had no patients, no meetings, and no surgeries scheduled. David was furious that his smooth talking failed to win his release. Once again Erica told David that she was going to do to him what he'd done to her. In not so many words, that meant that she was going to take away his livelihood. "You sell lipstick," David snarled. "I save lives!" Erica was incensed that David was ridiculing her line of work. She claimed that she's touched just as many lives as the doctor has. Erica relished that she now had total control over David. David, however, was not amused. "No woman will ever control me!" He yelled. David's remark puzzled Erica. She wondered who or what had caused his harsh feeling towards women. Erica had seen the same icy attitude when David had left his mother to die in the parking lot of The Valley Inn. David suddenly shut down. "I thought we were communicating," Erica sighed. David grumbled that the basement hardly capture the proper "ambience for a heart-to-heart" conversation. Erica quickly replied that David would be spending a lot more time in the basement so he should get used to his environment. David told Erica that she'd never understand because she was a good mother. Erica surmised that David was going to blame his bitterness on Vanessa. Erica, however, saw Vanessa as a loving mother who only wanted to be close to her son. David chuckled and warned Erica that Vanessa was only putting on an act. If Vanessa had it her way, he said, she'd kill Erica. Erica was stunned by the accusation. She saw no reason for David to speak so poorly about his mother. In David's mind, though, he had every reason to hate his mother. That reason, he explained, was that his mother killed his father.

The guests all assembled at the beautifully decorated garden room at The Valley Inn. Since Dixie had run a few unexpected errands, she was running a but late. The only commotion to strike was a stray dog that wandered in from one of the other rooms. In the back of the room, Brooke gave Tad a nod. The Wedding March played and Tad and Dixie's wedding was set to begin.

Friday, May 21, 1999

Down in Erica's basement, a weary David told Erica that his father took his own life and his mother was responsible. "You don't need to know anything more than that," he told Erica. She told him it's only his word against Vanessa's, and he's a proven liar. David bitterly told Erica that his mother never loved his father and wanted him dead. Erica told him he's not going to get any sympathy from her.

David said he was losing circulation in his fingers His right hand was still trapped in the vise. Erica replied that she wanted him to understand how she felt, to be there hoping the pain will stop, with no power to stop it, then he'll understand what he did to her. David told her she has everything to live for and while she is alive she has hope - which Vanessa took away from his father. Erica again demanded to know how Vanessa killed his father. Upstairs, Vanessa returned from Enchantment and called out for Erica.

Meanwhile, the wedding party and guests were assembling for Tad and Dixie's big day. It was a colorful scene at the Valley Inn, with the guests in their best, and colorful bouquets of flowers decorating the room. Hayley and Brooke entered as the Wedding March played, then Dixie, in a peach colored gown and flowers in her hair, entered escorted by Junior. He and Jamie exchange a "high-five" as Dixie stood beside Tad. As the wedding started, Adam and Liza sat smiling at the happy couple, while Gillian, seated beside Dimitri, glanced over at Ryan, who was watching her. As the minister was speaking, Opal angrily told Ruth, "That blasted Palmer didn't show!" Ruth comforts her. The minister then prompted Tad to say the vows, which the couple had written themselves. Dixie, giggling, thanked everyone for coming, and got off track until Tad reminded her, "The vows!" Continuing, Dixie giggled again, and said that she was reminded of a poem - the gist of which was that everyone was connected - stepfamilies, exes, etc.., and that was why they wanted everyone to be a part of the wedding vows. Tad told everyone that he promised to be sensible if they have a problem, and will ask for advice. "Will you stand by us?" Dixie asked. "We will!" everyone spoke out. There was a pause, then Dixie told Tad she had always lived him and always will, and that any decisions they will make will be in the best interests of their kids. As Tad continued with his vow to Dixie, Palmer arrived and stood quietly at the back, unnoticed by Opal or anyone else. "We're as right for each other as two people can be," Tad said. "All this does is make it official." He won't be perfect, he told Dixie, who laughs again. After they finished their promises to each other and exchanged rings, Joe and Ruth exchange a loving kiss, and Palmer quietly slipped away. Dixie and Tad kissed, the congregation cheered, and Liza gave Adam a loving glance.

Back in the basement, David said he has never told anyone how his father died. Erica persisted. Isn't this enough, imprisoning me and humiliating me, David asked Erica. She accused him of twisting things - a troubled childhood doesn't excuse the pain she feels, she told him as she paced the floor. She again accused him of being to blame for the accident that caused the damage to her face. As she harangued him, he grabbed at her with his left hand and she fell to the floor, but she recovered with a quick kick to David's mid-region and managed to get back on her feet. Erica told him all she wants is for him to take responsibility for what he's done.

At the wedding reception, Scott and Ryan caught up. Liza congratulated Tad. Dixie asked Adam if his wedding is coming up soon. He hopes so, and asked that they forget their past differences. Dixie agreed, but told him if he ever did anything to hurt Liza or Colby .... !! Liza said she had to leave to get back to Colby, Adam wanted to stay a while - for Junior's sake, he claimed. Adam casually asked Joe where David was, and Joe told him David is away for a few days. As Jake introduced Jamie to make the toast, Adam left. Janet told Myrtle that Vanessa's 48 hours is up, and Trevor suggested calling Erica's secretary to find out if Vanessa has left. While Janet was on the phone, the bride and groom had their first dance.

Erica came back upstairs and Vanessa pretended to be concerned when she couldn't find her. Erica asked about Vanessa's husband's suicide, saying she was curious. Vanessa said she also has had questions herself. She changed the conversation when she noticed some dirt on Erica's white pants. Erica laughingly explained it away by saying she was looking for a picnic basket in the garage, then promptly got back to the issue of the suicide. Vanessa seemed uncomfortable with Erica's probing and said she wished she could have prevented his death. David has never been able to accept it, she told Erica.

Erica asked if the audit of Enchantment books had started. Vanessa replied that her CPA, June Reiner, was doing it now, and added that once it's done they can go to the proper authorities about Janet's mismanagement of the finances, but Erica told her to hold her horses, at least until the audit s complete.

She sent Vanessa to go and check and give her a progress report. As Erica primped in front of a huge mirror, Adam banged on the door demanding to be let in. Erica denied knowing where David was. Adam told Erica he has to find the letters David left before they end up with Liza. Erica feigned indifference to Adam's problems. He pointed out she has pulled more scams than anyone, and he mistrusted her now. She swished out of the room, telling him he should tell Liza the truth. "The truth is not an option," he ranted at her as he stormed out of the house. At the wedding, Jake and Gillian danced, while Ryan tried to explain to Scott why their marriage ended. As the Tad and Dixie cut the cake, Mateo got a phone call. Hayley asked him what the problem was, he told her it was Max. They leave for home.

Janet arrived at Enchantment and saw her open books on a desk. June Reiner entered and told her she is auditing the books, authorized by Vanessa. Janet asked if she hadn't resigned, but is told that Miss Bennett seems to be running the place now.

Gillian and Ryan exchanged a few stilted words. A helicopter arrived to whisk away the honeymooners. Ruth reminded Tad to behave himself and trust Dixie. Tad and Dixie had a great send-off amid the cheers and laughter of their friends and family.

Mateo and Hayley arrived back at the condo to find an anxious Isabella pacing outside waiting for them. "He is usually so well-behaved," she said of Max. (with a straight face!) But this time, he was knocking over games, trying to jump on Raquel's bed and all sorts of mischief. She told them that she took Max to their place and calmed down for a while. She went to check on Raquel, and when she came back, a lamp was smashed and a picture of Mateo and Hayley, and food was all over the kitchen floor. Max has locked himself in his room now, she told them. Mateo and Hayley entered their condo - and looks of shock came over their faces.

Back in the basement, Erica told David she had talked to Vanessa, but learned nothing. She pushed David to tell her why his father killed himself. He asked her why it matters. "It matters a great deal," she said. At the top of the basement stairs, a curious Vanessa peeked down as she listened.



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