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Janet taped incriminating evidence that linked Vanessa to Jerry Reeves. Stuart insisted that Colby looked just like Adam had as an infant. Opal was hurt to hear Adrian refer to Alice as his mother. Ryan signed divorce papers. Adam asked Erica to team up with him to defeat David for good.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, May 10, 1999

Inebriated, Gillian accidentally rolled out of bed just moments after Ryan left the room. He must have heard the loud thud because he raced back into the room to see if Gillian was okay. Gillian claimed that "an earthquake" had knocked her from the bed. Ryan smiled as he was genuinely amused by Gillian's drunken stupor. Ryan helped Gillian to her feet, but she lost her balance and fell towards Ryan. She and Ryan both plopped on the bed, with Gillian lying atop her husband. A few awkward moments ensued until Ryan rolled Gillian onto her back and returned to an upright position. Gillian mumbled something in German, but not understanding the language, Gillian's ramblings meant nothing to Ryan. Ryan knew that Gillian was not going to be able to sleep in her dress, but he also knew that it wasn't his place to help her undress. Ryan thought that it might be better for Myrtle to assist the princess, so he headed off to find her. While he was gone, Gillian drifted off. In her sleep, she tried to remove her dress---but it got stuck over her face. Ryan returned to the room and found Gillian struggled to free herself from the dress' grasp. Ryan fought his urge to laugh and helped pull the dress back down into its normal position. Gillian looked deeply into Ryan's eyes and told him that she was "sorry for everything." Before she had a chance to explain what she meant, Gillian went into a hiccuping frenzy. Ryan left the room after Gillian declined his offer to get her a glass of water. Had Ryan only known German... he would have known that Gillian's blubbering actually had a meaning. She told him that she really doesn't want to divorce him.

Tad teased his brother as he pointed out who Colby most resembled. Colby, he said, had Liza's nose but she had Jake's "pouty lips." From the corner, David remarked that it didn't really matter who Colby resembled because she was loved by so many people. Joe surprised David by pulling him aside and thanking him for delivering his granddaughter. Tad and Dixie decided to leave, but Jak was unable to take his eyes of his "daughter." Liza and Jake exchanged tender glances, both astonished by the idea that they had a daughter together.

Opal asked Adrian for details on what had happened at SOS after she left. Adrian mentioned that a reporter showed up and harassed Erica. Opal was upset that her friend was having such a difficult time. When Adrian asked the women if they'd done any talking while he was gone, both Alice and Opal simultaneously replied, "Your mother is a fine woman." It was a very uneasy moment. Opal left the room so that Alice and Adrian could have some time alone. Alice knew that the time had come to discuss why she and Frank had kept quiet about Adrian's true parentage. Adrian understood that the Dawsons were doing what they thought was best. Adrian, however, was still unable to truly forgive Opal for walking out on him. Yes, he knew that Ray Gardner was a horrible man, but somehow that wasn't enough to justify what he felt she'd done to him. Frank had returned home and told Alice that Adrian was upset by the news that Opal was his biological mother, but he felt that Adrian was adjusting well. Alice, however, know Adrian and she knew that it was not going to be easy for him to accept the big news. She told him that it was okay to be angry at Opal for abandoning him, but she quickly noted that his anger wouldn't accomplish anything. "They're just people," said Adrian when asked how he felt about Opal and Tad. It showed for the first time that Adrian had no real emotional attachment to his mother or half-brother. Adrian offered Alice a ride to The Valley Inn, but she said that she'd rented a car and would drive herself. After Adrian left, Opal feared that she'd "lost" Adrian. Alice assured Opal that in time Adrian would come around.

Back at home, Tad and Dixie talked about the various presents that they could buy for Colby. Tad opted for a plastic replica of the Batmobile, grumbling that Colby would quickly outgrow any clothing they purchased. Dixie mused that Tad just wanted a chance to ride around in the Batmobile. The plans for their New York honeymoon were confirmed, but Dixie was less than enthused. She claimed that she was upset about having to leave the boys behind, but her troubles seemed deeper than that. Nothing was said, but one couldn't help but wonder if Dixie was saddened by the realization that she was unable to have another child.

"What has David Hayward been telling you?" Adam chirped. Erica flashed Adam a cross look and promptly told him to stop playing dumb. While her memory had been impaired by the accident, seeing Adam and the baby together suddenly sent Erica's memory "flooding back with blinding clarity." As Erica touted the DNA test results that she'd seen, Adam had not choice but to admit the truth. "You don't know the whole story," he replied. Erica was outraged by Adam's attempt to justify what he'd done. "I did it out of love," he continued. There was a reason for Erica's furor. Had Adam not swapped his sperm at the clinic, David never would have raced back to Pine Valley during the blizzard... and her face would never have been injured. Adam asked Erica what she planned to do with her new found information. As he did, David strolled over to the pair and asked why their heads were together. Adam looked nervously at Erica and informed the doctor that he and Erica were "old friends" and that they were "talking about life." David offered to take Erica out for a cup of coffee and she accepted. "We certainly have a lot to talk about," she mumbled. Adam begged Erica to stick around so that they could finish their conversation. Fortunately, David was paged away and Adam was given a momentary reprieve to prevent Erica from blabbing what she knew to David. Adam and Erica met up on the sun porch and Adam again pleaded with Erica not to reveal what she knew. Erica said that she wanted to stick it to David for having lied about the reason he was in such a hurry to return to town. Adam commented that he wanted to stick it to David too, but he asked that Erica wait until after he married Liza. Erica rolled her eyes and groaned. She thought it was terrible of Adam to want to lure Liza into a marriage without telling her about his fertility clinic swap. "I don't care about you," Erica snapped coldly. What she meant is that she did not care if Adam suffered from the fallout of her revelation. She wanted David to pay for having lied to her. If Adam went down with him, then so be it. Erica suggested that Adam should "return to favor" by trying to kill David. Adam confessed that the thought had crossed his mind, but he explained that David had incriminating papers all over town. Erica finally agreed to think about the ramifications of confronting David. Before leaving, though, Erica told Adam that he deserves every ounce of agony that David has been dishing out.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Raquel sat peacefully in bed scanning the morning paper. The featured article on the front page covered the grand opening of Sounds of Salsa. Raquel was saddened by the article's reference to the "golden" couple. Max cheerfully told his mother that he was glad to have her back at home. Somehow, Mateo had managed to round up a nurse who would not only care for Raquel, but look after Max as well. Gillian dropped by for a visit, a pair of dark sunglasses covering her bloodshot eyes. Gillian filled Raquel in on everything she'd missed---including the truth about all the margaritas she'd had. Gillian claimed that she was suffering from the "world's worst hangunder." Raquel laughed to herself. She asked her friend if she'd done anything foolish while she as intoxicated. Gillian bowed her head and explained that the only foolish thing she'd done came well before she'd had her first drink. Raquel was baffled by Gillian's decision to seek a divorce from Ryan. Gillian, on the other hand, claimed that Raquel was her inspiration. She found it comforting that Raquel was able to the man she loved free. Raquel urged Gillian to reconsider. She said that their situations were entirely different; Mateo didn't love Raquel, but Ryan still loves Gillian. Gillian argued that if Ryan really loved her, he would have opposed the divorce. Using Gillian's logic Raquel noted that if she really loved Ryan she shouldn't have filed for a divorce. Gillian decided that they'd pitied themselves long enough. She pulled out several magazines and chuckled at the ridiculous headlines. Raquel turned her attention back to the newspaper and checked out the personal ads. Gillian was surprised to learn that one could find a mate via the paper! There were only two listings in the "Men In Search of Women" section and neither was looking for a woman like Gillian. Raquel began reading the lost and found column aloud. Gillian became extremely interested when she learned that someone had recovered a yellowish pouch from the lake. Gillian snatched the newspaper and quickly scurried on her way. Max, meanwhile, missed his father terribly. He complained about the amount of time that Mateo spends with Hayley. He begged his mother to get permission to call his father at the club. After some deliberation, Raquel agreed.

At SOS, Mateo was overjoyed by the headline of the morning paper: Hayley and Mateo Santos rescue PV's sinking nightlife. Hayley was less enthusiastic for she feared that getting to excited would only tempt the fates. Hayley, however, was not without good news of her own. She told Mateo that she has a "feeling" that she's pregnant. Of course this was wonderful news, but again Hayley stepped in to remind Mateo that nothing had been confirmed just yet. Ryan arrived a little while later and praised the couple for the wonderful write-up they'd received in the paper. His words were joyous, but his demeanor signaled that all was not well. Mateo excused himself to make a few phone calls. While his attention was diverted elsewhere, Hayley sat Ryan down and asked him why he was in such a foul mood. Ryan told Hayley that Gillian had filed for divorce. Hayley was stunned. She thought that Ryan had misunderstood Gillian somehow. There was no room for misinterpretation. Hayley recalled that she'd advised Gillian to give Ryan a little breathing room, but she hadn't expected her to file for divorce. Hayley returned to cleaning up, but was suddenly overcome by an urge to dance with a broom. Ryan asked her how she found the energy to dance. She smiled and replied that she as "running on happiness." Ryan deduced that something good must have happened. Before he could spout the words on his own, Hayley confirmed that she might be pregnant. Max phoned the club and asked his father if he could drop by to visit him. Mateo knew he was busy, but Hayley encouraged him to go. Gillian showed up later and asked to speak to Ryan. Hayley knew that "three's a crowd" and gave the couple some space. Gillian apologized for bothering her husband, but she said that she had very good news.

Since they didn't expect Colby for at least another week, Marian and Stuart had been out of town on a shopping trip when Liza went into labor. Marian burst into Liza's hospital room and went on a several minute long babbling spree about why she and Stuart were not present for Colby's birth, what they'd bought on their shopping spree, and went immediately into an apology for missing the big moment. Liza cracked a smile and ordered her mother to take a breath before she passed out. Until Liza motioned across the room, Marian had completely forgotten that Colby was in the room. Marian burst into silent tears when she first set eyes on her granddaughter. She asked Liza if it would be okay if she held Colby. Liza nodded and smiled proudly. The three Colby women sat on the bed while Stuart snapped a picture. Adam, who had made a quick trip home to wash up, returned to the hospital just seconds after Jake entered the room. Jake had dropped by to take Colby to pediatrics for her first check-up. Stuart was given a chance to hold Colby. When he did, he noted that Colby bore a striking resemblance to Adam. Stuart said that Colby seemed to have Adam's chin and jaw structure. David quietly entered through the door and listened from the back of the room. When he spoke up, Adam became very nervous. The doctor said that there was a very good reason Colby looked like Adam. Adam held his breath and waited to see what David had to say. David claimed that this was a case of "transference." In essence, Colby resembled Adam because Stuart wanted her to look like Adam. David claimed that transference also occurs when people think that pets and their owners look alike. Adam's eyes squinted as he flashed an evil glare in David's direction. Adam escorted to doctor into the hallway. There, he blasted David for continuing with his mind games. He ordered the doctor to "cease and desist [his] thinly veiled hints" about Colby's paternity. David puckered his lips and muttered that he had no intention of dropping his bomb just yet. He compared what Adam was feeling to the Edgar Allen Poe story, "The Tell-Tale Heart." To summarize the summary, a man kills another man and buries him beneath the floorboards in his house. The man is definitely dead, but the man's guilty conscience causes him to "hear" the dead man's heart. When the police arrive to question him about the disappearance of the man, the killer is haunted by the heart that he believes is beating louder and louder. So loud, that he mistakenly assumes that the police could hear it too. In a fit of madness, the man confessed to killing the other man. Adam claimed that he saw no similarity between his situation and that in the story. David, however, was certain that it was only a matter of time before Adam cooked his own goose.

Mateo checked in on Raquel and was glad to hear that she was feeling better. He was, however, troubled when he found a defiled copy of the morning paper lying on the floor next to her bed. A big red crayon "X" had been drawn over Hayley's picture. Raquel knew nothing about the X---and that left only one other person to question: Max.

Adam raced to Erica's house and pounded on her door. He took time between knocks to ring the doorbell. He shouted out that he needed to speak to Erica, warning her that she could not hide from him. A look of shock overtook Adam's face when Vanessa answered the door.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Special thanks to jennymc for filling in for me while I was out of town today.

Ryan and Gillian were at SOS (brave souls, no sunshades to protect them against the glare) recapping the previous night's events and Gillian's venture into Margaritaville and subsequent undressing and tucking-in by Ryan.

Brooke and Tad waved goodbye to Jamie heading off to school. Tad showed Brooke a giant card for baby Colby signed by the entire Martin clan. Brooke asked about Colby and Liza, and told Tad what a lucky little baby Colby is to have the Martins for grandparents. She started to leave, but Tad asked her to wait a minute, he needed her help with a kidnapping. He explained he is planning a trip for the whole family after the honeymoon - Jamie, Junior and Dixie. Brooke agreed to help. She asked Tad about the baby and Liza. Then he suggested they get moving on the kidnapping.

Vanessa answered the door to Adam at Erica's house. He demanded to see Erica. Vanessa saw he was upset and pretended to be solicitous of his heart condition. Erica was out, Vanessa said, to Adam's alarm. Erica finally came home and told Vanessa to take a package to Enchantment for her. She was at Mona's grave asking for advice, she told Adam. "Why? You never took any notice of her when she was alive, or is it that she can't answer back now? Adam asked sarcastically, then apologized. He tried to persuade Erica to help him stop David Hayward from spilling the beans on Colby.

Erica told Adam he had no one to blame but himself. Liza has a right to know, she said. "I know what I did was wrong," Adam said, "But let me try to explain it." He admits he is human and made a human error and now faces looking forward to losing all that he values, but said he will tell her when the time is right. I was desperate that night at the fertility clinic he told Erica. "I had no choice, I love her! Things are different now--ask Marian," he chirped. He told Erica the full story (except for Allie's involvement) and begs her to help him by letting him tell Liza when and how he decides the time is right. Erica asks him if invading Liza's body was him knowing what's best for Liza? Adam said yes, because Liza loves him now and wishes the baby were his.

Gillian showed Ryan the ad about the pouch - and had to jog his memory about its history. She told him "We have to answer this immediately!" But, "We're not going to answer this!" Ryan insisted. It's Hayward's money, he said, and "I don't want David Hayward's money. I want to work for it."

Gillian tried to convince him but he said, "That money was poison, like everything else Hayward touches." "Even me," Gillian said sadly. "Not you," he told her, "but the money is." He explained that the money was a reminder of all that had gone wrong in his life over the past few months. From his brother Braden to Gillian's affair with David---all were unpleasant memories that he wanted to forget. Gillian sadly asked him, "I suppose you hate me?" He said, "no, never!" They exchange more meaningful, longing glances and Gillian said it was good that they realized they should go their separate ways. Their lips keep saying "Let's split" but their eyes say "NOOOOO!!!! I love you"! Vanessa showed up at the hospital, and complimented David on delivering Colby in such difficult circumstances. Then he confronted her with the lurid newspaper headline about Erica, and wonders who could have encouraged her to go out. Erica was sitting on a park bench, disoriented and depressed, he told Vanessa. The she mentions Adam being at Erica's house and hearing David's name mentioned. She knows something is up but Erica sent her out of the house on an errand. She maintained she is always looking out for David's best interests. "I told you when I was 18, and I'm telling you now," he told her angrily, "Stay out of my life and my business." But after she left he looked concerned about what Adam and Erica could be up to.

Back at Erica's, Adam still tried to convince Erica that what he did was for the best. Brooke arrived to check on Erica and apologize for persuading her to go to SOS. Erica teased Adam by inviting Brooke to stay and join in the discussion, but Brooke declined and left Gillian sat at a desk at Myrtle's and Myrtle tried to cheer her up with the magical words, "Keep your mascara!" Gillian looked puzzled - wonder why? Meanwhile Ryan the bus boy was still clearing up the mess at SOS and flashing back to the fishing hut and Gillian explaining how and why she got the money, as Gillian went back to writing a reply to the ad about the pouch.

Then we saw Jake at the hospital, brooding over the biggest, ugliest doll I've ever seen, wondering if it was too big or scary for little Colby. Dr. David assured him it was perfect, muttering under his breath, "Enjoy it while you can!" When Tad showed up later, they commiserated about the impending Martin versus Chandler War of the Toys for Colby's affection. Jake rambled on about the joys of parenthood and how he would be doing battle with Adam.

Adam kept reminding Erica of David's part in her accident. He reiterated, "What I did, I did out of love, Hayward out of malevolence! "I want to kill him!" Erica declared! But Adam told Erica about David's provisions in case of death. "What's wrong with that?" asked Erica, "Him dead and you destroyed! It's perfect!" They ponder on what to do, as David approached Erica's front door with a bunch of flowers.

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Shattered glass on the floor from his tirade, Ryan quickly moved to clean up the mess he'd created. Footsteps sounded from behind and Ryan quickly informed the visitor that the club was closed. Trevor called out to Ryan and told him that he'd dropped by on business not pleasure. Trevor stepped up to the bar and rummaged through his briefcase. As he did, he told Ryan that he had some papers for him sign. Ryan mistakenly assumed that the papers had something to do with the rape charges. Trevor was silent for a few moments before explaining that the papers had nothing to do with the time he'd spent in jail; the papers were divorce papers. There was an unparalleled look of disappointment on Ryan's face. He took the papers in his hands, seemingly checking to see if they were real. Trevor tried to tell Ryan that he didn't have to sign the papers, but Ryan insisted that Gillian wanted him to sign off on their marriage. Trevor again spoke up, saying that Gillian had only filed for divorce because she thought that he wanted a divorce. His words were lost on Ryan who grabbed a pen and scribbles his name on the dotted line.

Today was supposed to be Adam and Liza's wedding day. But under the circumstances, it was safe to assume that no one would complain about the wedding getting bumped back a few days. Hayley dropped by to visit Liza and baby Colby. Hayley spoke in a voice barely above a whisper because she didn't want to wake the napping infant. Liza, however, encouraged Hayley to speak full volume so that Colby would get accustomed to the level of bustle she'd experience at WRCW. Hayley asked if she could hold the baby, prefacing her request with an apology for appearing "grabby." Upon holding the tiny new life, Hayley informed Liza that she's "almost" pregnant. Liza got a good chuckle out of Hayley's comment and agreed not to tell Adam the potentially good news.

Erica peeked out the window and saw David holding a bouquet of flowers. She raced back to Adam's side. "I don't believed it! The doctor's making a house call!" Erica exclaimed. Adam urged Erica to let David into the house and to sweet-talk him so that he would not suspect that they were on to him. Erica wanted to cut to the chase and tell David that she knew why he was speeding back to Pine Valley. Besides, she didn't want Adam to get away with what he'd done at the fertility clinic. Adam appealed to Erica to keep her emotions in check. He reminded her that David was the one who was responsible for her disfiguration. Carefully, he chose just the right words to draw Erica's ire. All the way David continued ringing the doorbell and calling out to Erica. Since he got know answer, David tried calling Erica's house. Still no response. Just as he was ready to call for medical assistance, Erica answered the door and told David that she and Adam had been out in the backyard. It appeared that Adam had hoped that he could somehow avoid getting roped into the conversation. He walked towards David and flashed a halfhearted grin. David asked Adam why he wasn't at the hospital with Liza and Colby. Erica stepped in to explain that Adam wanted to make sure that she was okay. Erica tried to get rid of Adam, but the multi-millionaire wouldn't budge. Erica looked at Adam and widened her eyes. It was apparent that she wanted him gone, but either didn't get or was unwilling to get the hint. She insisted that David had dropped by to tend to her injury. Erica walked Adam to the door and abruptly slammed the door in his face!

Max managed to best his father in a couple of games of checkers. As the prize for his victory, Mateo promised Max that he'd stick around a little longer. While Max was out of the room, Mateo told Raquel that he thinks it's time for them to tell the boy about their divorce. Raquel was vehemently opposed to telling Max. She worried that the news of their divorce---couple with her injury and their move to a new apartment---would be too much for the young boy to handle. Mateo felt otherwise. He pointed to the newspaper article that Max had defiled as evidence that he needed to be set straight as soon as possible. Even Edmund, who was not present, got into the act. He'd told Mateo that he needed to be honest with Max, the same type of honesty that he'd had when he told Sam and Maddie that Maria had died. As Mateo walked towards Max's room, Raquel struggled to get out of bed---a direct violation of the doctor's orders. By doing so, she was thrust into serious discomfort. Mateo blasted Raquel for trying to get out of bed. He went on to lash out even more, accusing her of trying to stand in the way of his happiness. During his venting, Mateo dropped news that he and Hayley might be expecting a child. Raquel was devastated by the news. But more than just the idea of Mateo and Hayley having a child together, there was the vicious way that she's learned the news. Mateo felt like a heel for dropping the news so suddenly. He immediately apologized, but the apology did little to dry Raquel's tears. Max returned to the room and saw his mother crying. Mateo took the opportunity to sit his son down for a father-son talk. Mateo delicately explained the intricacies of his relationships with Hayley and Raquel. Unfortunately, it was not easy for Mateo to explain things in kid friendly terms. There was one thing that he'd said, though, that hit home with Max: That he and Raquel were getting a divorce. Max slammed his fist on the table and angrily yelled that he hates Hayley. He raced out of the apartment with Mateo following closely behind. Helplessly bound to the bed, Raquel could do nothing but watch.

Hayley returned to SOS in a great mood. Seeing Colby made her think even more about having a baby of her own. If she was on the summit of happiness, Ryan lingered way below in the valley of despair. Hayley was disappointed to learn that Trevor had brought Ryan divorce papers. Hayley offered to speak to Gillian on Ryan's behalf, but Ryan refused. Ryan wanted only to focus on the positive things in his life and proposed a milk toast to Hayley's possible pregnancy. A short time later, Hayley had to rush off to use the restroom. While she was gone, Ryan daydreamed about the dance he and Gillian shared to inaugurate the club's dance floor. He came back to reality when Hayley emerged from the bathroom with a look of horror on her face. Hayley burst into tears and told Ryan that she was not pregnant after all. Hayley buried her face into Ryan's chest and continued sobbing. Ryan gently stroked her hair and did the best he could to console her. He reminded Hayley that she and Mateo had years to have a child together. Hayley turned her sadness into rage and lashed out at Ryan. She told him that he doesn't know how it feels to want a baby because he doesn't even know how to keep his marriage together. Almost as soon as the words tumbled off of her tongue, Hayley knew she'd overstepped. She apologized to Ryan and dried her eyes as a deliveryman dropped off a shipment of alcohol. In order to pay the deliveryman, both Hayley and Mateo had to sign the check. Ryan took the check and headed out to find Mateo. The deliveryman agreed to return later. Hayley, meanwhile, was left alone with her sorrow... and a fresh supply of liquor.

Back at the hospital, Adam found Liza's room empty. While he was gone, Liza had been taken to give Colby her first bath. Both survived, but Liza ended up wetter than the bath water. A nurse brought Colby back to the room and gave Adam permission to sit with the baby. Adam took Colby in his arms and prepared to tell her something that he was unable to tell anyone else: She was his "flesh and blood." Adam told the baby that he'd been unable to raise his other children and vowed that no one would ever take her away from him. Adam was so involved with the little girl that he didn't realize that Liza was standing in the doorway. Luckily for Adam, Liza only overheard the last part of his conversation with the baby. She heard nothing about the little secret that he was keeping.

David told Erica that he worried about her health especially after she'd failed to show up for an appointment to have her wound redressed. Erica told David that she suddenly felt better than ever. "I'm ready to take on anything in my way," she said with a slightly sinister tone. "And I do mean anything." David questioned the source of Erica's sudden boost of energy. Erica chalked it up to the weather. David mentioned that he found it odd that Erica and Adam were acting so peculiarly. Erica laughed and quickly assured the doctor that she and Adam were "not having an affair." Erica wanted to move on to other topics---specifically the "fatal [car] accident" that had nearly taken her life. The use of the word fatal was somewhat questionable, but nevertheless Erica continued. She formed a slight grin and told David that she feels a need to talk about "everything" that happened.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Special thanks go to jennymc for her assistance with today's summary.

Raquel reached for the phone to call Edmund for help, but fell out of her bed in the process. Ryan arrived just in time to help her. Meanwhile in the park, Mateo found Max sitting dejectedly on a park bench. Max asked if his dad was mad at him for running away. Mateo replied by telling Max he'd call Raquel so that she doesn't worry. Then they'd have some hot dogs. Raquel heard from Mateo and thanked him for finding Max. Ryan told Raquel that he had a check that required Mateo's signature. She told Ryan to leave it on the table and be on his way. Ryan, however, pulled up a chair and decided to keep Raquel company. Raquel was unappreciative of his attempt to be chatty and again asked him to leave. Ryan questioned why Raquel was being so cold towards him. Raquel said that she'd a "good friend" of Gillian's to which Ryan countered that he was too. She continued on, telling Ryan that Gillian doesn't want the divorce and accused Ryan of being blind. The nurse returned, and Ryan quietly left, pondering Raquel's words.

Back in the park, Mateo and son were munching on their hot dogs while Mateo reminisced about his father. Max said he was ready to talk about his running away. "I was sad and mad," he told Mateo, who said that's how he felt too. Sad because Max is and mad because he can't make him feel better. "But you're my dad, you can do anything!" Mateo told him he can't make Max's dreams come true about he and Raquel getting back together. Sometimes dreams don't come true, he said. He struggled to find words to explain why he no longer loves Raquel. "Your shoes - you wear them every day and they fit great, then there'll come a day when they don't fit any more ... So you move on to the next pair, until you find a perfect fit. And that someone will stay with you and grow with you forever." Max said, "It's hard growing up." Mateo told him the next time he feels like running away, "Call me and we'll get a hot dog." They hugged.

At the hospital, Gillian was unwinding in the solarium with a book on neurological diseases when Dr. Steve Clark introduced himself and tried to put the moves on her. She brushed him off and told him to take a cold shower. In true royal fashion, Gillian warned the first-year resident that if her husband were there, he'd be challenged to a duel for her honor! Trevor had observed the exchange and laughed aloud as the doctor scampered away. Trevor hadn't just dropped by for the show. He'd come to drop off the divorce papers. Gillian was shocked that the papers had been drawn up so quickly. Trevor chirped that it's "the American way---a no frills wedding and a no-fault divorce." Gillian suggested that they delay moving forward until Ryan signed the papers. Trevor was silent for a few moments before informing Gillian that Ryan had already signed on the dotted line. Trevor issued some very cold, yet prophetic words to the princess. He told her that she'd gotten exactly what she'd asked for. He handed her a pen. Pen in hand, Gillian asked how Ryan looked when he signed the papers. "Not turning cartwheels," Trevor told her. "I'll tell you what I told him, if you're having seconds thoughts, sit on it, take your time." Later, as she sat alone with the papers in her hand, she looked up to see Ryan standing there.

Vanessa was holding court in Erica's office. While she yacked on the phone, Janet sat nearby studying a ledger of recent Enchantment expenses. "Somebody's got to watch you," Janet replied when Vanessa asked her how long she planned to be there. On her way out of the office to tend to some important Enchantment business, Vanessa bumped-literally--into Myrtle. Janet sat Myrtle down and told her how she suspects that Vanessa is sabotaging Erica's life. That, she said, was the reason that she'd contacted Myrtle. Janet said that's why she called Myrtle. She tells Myrt about Vanessa's tips to Jerry Reeves. But Erica won't listen to any warnings, Janet said. They decide they have to get proof. "If we can't put our heads together and find a way to blow Madame B out of the water.. then we might as well give up our union cards." The two women knew that it would not be easy to unearth Vanessa's underhandedness. Finally, they concocted a plan that would hopefully yield them the results that they wanted. Janet phoned Jerry Reeve's office and pretended to be Vanessa's secretary. The first tip that something was up happened almost immediately. Jerry's secretary told Janet that Jerry had been expecting a call from Vanessa. Before she could connect with the reporter, Vanessa returned to the room and asked what was going on. Myrtle, who had feared that her con skills might be rusty after so many years, quickly hustled Vanessa out of the room. Janet managed to get Jerry to a say that he appreciated Vanessa's tips on Erica. Little did he know that Janet was taping every word of the conversation. Armed with the tape, Janet and Myrtle confronted Vanessa and played the tape for her. Vanessa's composure showed signs of cracking. Janet warned Vanessa that she would play the tape for Erica if she didn't pack up and leave Pine Valley within forty-eight hours. Vanessa replied that Erica would be suspicious if she suddenly leaves. Janet and Myrtle left saying nothing more. After they were gone, Vanessa found the financial folder that Janet had left in the office.

Meanwhile, Erica told David that she still has questions about the accident. "There's no point to hide anything, is there?" She demanded that David tell her "everything" about the accident. David and Erica continued to argue about whether she can handle the truth about the accident. David reminded her of her reaction when Vanessa first told her of her facial damage. He claimed that Erica's little trip from reality was a sign that her system was not ready to handle the full emotional impact of what had happened. David admitted that he'd been afraid that he wouldn't be able to save Erica's life at the accident. David hadn't just dropped by to give Erica a bouquet of flowers; he was there to redress her wound. Erica looked very unsure about letting the doctor touch her face, but she reluctantly agreed to head up to her dressing room so that David could do his work. The unwrapping and dressing was done showing Erica's face shown only in profile - her good side. As David put on a pair of protective gloves, Erica had yet another flashback of the events leading up to the accident. She placed her hands over her face in horror and again she looked wary of letting David anywhere near her. After the cleansing and redressing process was complete, Erica asked David why she should trust him rather than Vanessa or Adam. Adam and Vanessa, said David, are "pathological liars." The use of the word "liars" sent Erica's blood pressure skyrocketing. "I hate liars," she growled. David had no idea that she was actually referring to him. David told Erica that time will heal all wounds, and this will all be like a bad dream. As he turned away from her, Erica picked up a gold-backed mirror and hit him on the head with it.

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