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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday,March 10, 1999

Brad walks into Carly's mansion with a dress bag over his arm. Molly follows him in. He tells Carly that they are going to get married today. Carly tells him that they will get married when she says get married and they have a date set for next week. He tells her that next week won't work for him, they need to get married today. He tells her that he has notified the minister and all the people that need to attend. She is resistant with him and he takes her aside and reminds her that he can tell Hal who is the real father of Parker. She still tries to make up excuses and he tells her that it is a runaway train, either get on or get left behind. Brad leaves. Molly says to Carly that he has her over a barrel. Carly wants to figure out a way to stall because she felt an old familiar pull between she and Jack. She tries to figure out a way to get to Jack. She knows it has to have something to do with Julia. She gets an idea, she will go see Julia's therapist, Reid Hamilton. Molly warns her to stay away from him, but she doesn't listen and they head out to the hospital.

Julia is telling Jack that she has called off the wedding. Jack asks her if Reid has used mind control on her. She scoffs at him. Reid is listening to them from a speaker inside his office. Jack begs her to think about the two of them and what they have had. He tries to remind her how it was before David kidnapped her. How much in love they were and how good it was. She tells him that they have changed, they are different now. She tells him that the reason she got addicted to drugs in the first place was because he could not trust her.

As Reid is listening, Carly walks in behind him and realizes that he is listening to Jack and Julia and she says, "My, my doctor, what big ears you have. The better to listen to your patient with?" She has startled him and he tries to make up a lie about Jack being forceful with Julia and he was listening to protect her. Carly tells him that she doesn't believe him because Jack would never hurt anyone. She coaxes him into showing her how to turn on the speaker. He shows her and then he leaves. She sits at his desk and turns on the speaker. She hears Jack telling Julia how much he loves her and he doesn't want to break up with her. He reminds her about when they went to Chicago and to the Islands and how good it was between them. She says that she is tired of hurting and she doesn't want them to hurt anymore. Carly has heard enough, she turns off the speaker and leaves the office. Julia takes off her ring and hands it to Jack, but he won't take it. He looks at her and asks her if she is falling in love with Dr. Hamilton. She becomes agitated and says that he always brings him up. Reid is only her therapist and he helps people. Jack can't take it anymore and he leaves. He stops outside and grabs is stomach.

Julia is holding her engagement ring and looking at it. Reid comes in and sees that she is upset. He tells her that he shouldn't have left her alone and goes over and hugs her. Julia asks him what is she going to do without Jack. Reid tells her that she is a strong woman and she doesn't need Jack. Besides, he will always be there for her and never leave her alone.

Carly gets back to the mansion and Brad has the room decorated for a wedding. She tells him to give her the dress. He hands her the dress bag and she says that it is so light, did he forget the ball and chain. He tells her that he thought he should leave something for after the wedding. She turns to go put on the dress.

Jack gets home and closes the door behind him. He walks over to the desk and picks up a scarf that belongs to Julia. He puts it to his face and smells it. He picks up a book and throws it across the room. He goes over to a picture of him and Julia and sits in the chair and looks at it. The door bell rings. He gets up and opens the door. Carly is standing there in her wedding dress.

Denise walks up to Lily's door and rings the bell. Lily comes to the door with Hope in her arms. Denise apologizes for interrupting and tells Lily that her car has broken down and she needs to use the phone. She tells Lily that Ben had pointed out this house and said that she and Holden lived here. Lily invites her in. Hope is acting fussy and Denise is looking at her. Lily explains that she has been a little fussy all day. Denise asks Lily what is wrong with her and Lily says that she is hungry. Denise asks how long had she been like this and Lily says since this morning. Denise yells at Lily and tells her to feed her something. Lily looks at Denise a little weird and tells her that she is have a bone marrow transplant today and she has to have anesthetic and the doctors did not want her to eat much. Denise apologizes and goes to the phone. She pretends to make a call and then tells Lily that the tow truck will along in a little while. Lily offers her something and Denise says that she doesn't want to impose, she will just sit and wait. The whole time she is watching the baby. Holden comes in and Lily tells him that Denise's car has broken down. Holden offers to look at it for her and she says that it won't be necessary, they are busy getting ready to go to the hospital. Holden leaves the room to check on Luc and Lily explains that Luc has been acting up lately because of everything going on with Hope. Lily remembers that Hope's favorite stuffed animal is upstairs in the nursery. Denise offers to go get it and Lily gives her directions to get there. Denise goes upstairs and finds the nursery. She looks around at all the decorations. She goes over to a desk and picks up a book and reads the title, "Infants with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome." She lays the book down and goes over to the baby's bed. She picks up the stuffed animal and hugs it tight and starts to cry.

Denise comes back down stairs with the stuffed animal and gives it to Lily. Lily tells her thank you and she starts to talk about how scared she is for her little girl. Lily hears a crash in the other room and Holden yells from the kitchen and says that she is needed. Lily asks Denise to watch Hope for a minute. After Lily is gone, Denise walks over to the playpen where Hope is and bends down to look at the baby. She tells her that she has pretty eyes. Denise can't help herself, she picks up Hope and holds her close. She is hugging her and telling her how precious she is and the door bell rings. Denise answers the door and Ben is there. He tells her that when he couldn't find her at the hospital that he thought that she might be there. Holden and Lily come in and Hope is starting to fuss. Lily takes Hope from Denise and they tell Ben that they were just getting ready to leave for the hospital. Ben says that he just stopped by to see if they needed anything. They tell him that they are all set and Ben says that he will see them at the hospital. He leads Denise out the door. On the front porch, he tells her that he will drop her at her car and then meet her later at her place. She says that she is going to the hospital and walks off.

At the hospital Holden and Lily walk up to Kim and Andy. Kim takes Hope in her arms and says that they are going to share a bond that no one else can share with them. She is hugging the baby and Denise and Ben walk off the elevator. Denise starts to freak when she sees Andy standing by her baby. Ben reminds her that Andy has no clue who Hope is. A nurse comes out and tells Kim that it is time for her to go back to the room. Lily tells her that she will thank God for the rest of her life for her. Andy tells Kim that he will be there when she comes out and she goes back with the nurse. Lily looks around and sees Ben and Denise. Denise tells Ben that her baby has a happy home and she can stop worrying about her. Ben says that there is still a problem, the Snyder baby is still missing. She says that she can't do anything about that. Ben tells her that she is a link for them and she has to tell Holden that she is Hope's mother. Denise looks around at Lily playing with the baby.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Denise tells Ben that she doesn't want to tell Holden that she is Hope's mother because they won't keep her. She tells him that if they find out that Hope is a bi-racial baby, they won't want her. Also, if they find out that she drank while she was pregnant, they will think bad of her. Ben tries to cheer her up. She says that it makes her happy knowing that Hope is with the best parents possible. Ben says that she may be the answer to Holden prayers. He tells her to remember how she felt when she didn't know who Gary had sold her baby to and it could have been someone who would have abused her. He says that is what Holden is feeling right now. He tells her that Gary may be brought up on additional charges for selling the baby. Ben gets a page and has to go answer a call. Denise looks around and sees Andy tending to Hope. Lily and Holden have asked him to watch her while the doctors go over the procedure with them. Denise walks over to Andy and Hope. She makes a comment about how quiet she is now, because she was fussy earlier. She asks Andy if he has been around kids much and he tells her that he helped deliver his brother Chris. She asks him about him and Molly and if they had talked about having children. He gets a big smile on his face and says that it is too soon to be talking about that. Lily and Holden come back and Denise tells Lily that they were admiring her baby. Holden explains that they were getting the procedure explained to them and Denise asks if it is going to hurt Hope. She says this in an anxious voice and they look at her with question. She tries to explain and then she says that Hope has the best parents. Bob comes in and interrupts her to tell them about Kim. He says that the extraction is almost complete. Andy wants to know how Kim's heart is and Bob says that she is strong and doing fine. Bob tells Lily and Holden that it is time to prep Hope. Lily gives her a hug and is saying some comforting words to her and the baby start to cry. As Bob is walking off with her she is crying loudly and Lily starts to cry. She and Holden walk off together. Ben comes over to Denise and says that when Bob walked away with Hope, he saw a little piece of herself walk away too. He tells her that he saw her sitting with Andy and was wondering if she had given anymore thought to telling him that he is the father? She asks him if this is twenty questions and he says no, but I have one more question. Are you going to tell Holden? She says that she has to and he says that she blows him away, daily. Denise says that she is going to blow Holden away next. They go together and find Lily and Holden. Ben excuses them and says that they have been looking for them. Lily asks if there is something wrong with Hope and he says that it is nothing like that. Lily is crying and she says that it is so unfair that Hope has to go through this. She is so little and she has suffered so much. Denise can't take it, she looks at Ben and says, "I can't do this, not now." And she runs off.

Brad is talking with the reverend that is going to marry him and Carly. The reverend asks if he has witness' and Brad says, "Uh, yeah, sure we do." The reverend says that they can't get married if they don't have witness', that is the law. Dolores comes walking in and Brad says that she has good timing, she can be a witness at his wedding. She says that there is no way she will do that and turns to the reverend and says, "The wedding is off, brush up on your exorcisms." The reverend leaves and says that he will be back and Brad had better have some witness'. Dolores starts in on Brad asking him why he is marrying the blond witch. She says that someone must have been very selfish with him to make him feel like he has to settle for the likes of Carly. He says that she shouldn't talk about Camille like that. She says that she wasn't talking about Camille, she was talking about herself. Brad looks at her with a question on his face. She explains that after he took the blame for killing his father, she went to counseling group and realized how selfish she had been. She begs him not to marry Carly and go back to Camille. He tells her that what he and Camille had is over. He turns and looks behind him and Camille is standing there. He says that he knows that she is not there for the wedding. She tells him that she didn't realize that the happy day was today. She says that the last time Carly had Parker in for a checkup she had expressed interest in donating money to fund a new wing in Parker's name. She hands him the package and asks him to give it to his new bride. She turns to leave and Brad asks her to wait. She turns to him and asks if he has something to say to her. She says, "Whatever it is, you can tell me." He says, "It''s nothing." She gets mad and tells him to have a nice wedding and she walks out. Dolores tells him to go after her and he says for her to leave it alone. Dolores says that he can't marry Carly when he is still in love with Camille and if he doesn't go after her, she will. He tells her that he has to marry Carly or Camille could die.

Reid is trying to comfort Julia and she is questioning what she has just done to her and Jack. He is trying to convince her that it will be for the better. He says that Jack was trying to make her choose between him and Jack, just like her mother made her choose between her mother and father. She says that she shut the door in her father face and never saw him again and she is afraid that that is what she has just done to Jack. Reid goes to get some water for Julia and she is thinking back when Jack gave her engagement ring to her. She has a flashback of them out by the pond. Reid comes back in and gives her the water. She asks him if she can have a pill and he says, "Julia! Are you still craving the pills?" She tells him, "Only when my life is falling apart." She tells him that she is out of a home, because she told Jack that she wasn't coming back to the house. Reid tells her that she can come and stay with him. She says that she couldn't intrude and she doesn't want to put him out of his apartment. He tells her about his home in Groverton and she can stay there and rest and relax. She looks at him and says that she has to go see Jack. Reid tells her not to do that and she says that she has to and she runs out of the office. Reid mutters under his breath that he can't believe the hold that he has on her.

Jack answers his door and Carly is standing there in her wedding dress. She tells him that she and Brad are getting married today and she thought that he would like to be there. She says that it looks like she is going to beat him to the alter. Jack tells her that Julia has called off their wedding. He tells her to go ahead and gloat. He knows that she has been saying that their wedding would never happen. She tells him that she has been waiting for he and Julia to break up and all she can say is she is sorry. Carly says that she tried many times to break them up but she couldn't get a crow bar between them no matter how hard she tried. She says that she is so sorry that he has to go through all this pain. She starts describing how it feels to lose someone that you love. He tells her that she sounds like she has the feeling down and she says that is what she felt like when she lost him. Carly tells him that she knows how much he loved Julia, she could see the light in his eyes when he looked at her. She talks about the ball and how beautiful Julia looked and how jealous she felt when he requested a song be played especially for Julia. She says that she knew right then that she had lost him. He starts to cry and she touches his face. She tells him that Julia loved him and he should not give up. Jack says that she gave up. Julia walks up to the window and sees the two of them together. She stands outside the door and listens to them. Carly starts talking about how different things would have been if they were not caught in the cabin and then he got wounded and she married Hal to get the money. Carly hears Brad in her mind saying, "If you tell Jack about the blackmail, I will have to tell Hal about the paternity of Parker." She turns to Jack and says that she is marrying Brad because she can't have him. Jack tells her that he thought that he loved Julia totally, but maybe he still had some love for her. Julia hears this and takes off her engagement ring and puts it in an envelope and leaves it on the porch and leaves. Jack tells Carly that maybe there is a part of him that never got over her.

Reid is in his office muttering under his breath that he should have never let Julia go to Jack. He says that all his hard work has gone to waste. Julia comes busting into his office. She tells him about seeing Jack and Carly together. He tells her to take him up on the offer to stay at his house and she says that she will. He hands her his keys and tells her that she shouldn't be driving. She should go wait for him in his car and he will tie up a few loose ends and then drive her to his home. She smiles at him and leaves. He gets on the phone and calls Rita. He tells her that the Snyder's are on to something and may be on their way to his house and he doesn't want them to see her there. He tells her to leave.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

When Julia begs Reid not to leave her by herself, Reid refuses and then agrees. Camille tells an angry Sara Ruth that she's upset by Brad's impending nuptials. An impatient Brad goes after Carly, who's busy telling Jack she'll never get over him and wants them to be together. Margo insists that Tom sign the separation papers and an angry Adam agrees.

Dolores tells Camille that Brad still loves her and implores her to stop the wedding. Carly begs an indecisive Jack for a second chance, and when Brad interrupts, Carly refuses to go with him. Adam revels in telling Tom about his plans to change his last name to Munson.

Reid secretly smiles when Julia embraces him after he "lets" it slip that he's lonely. Jack urges his brother to wait and marry someone he loves. Carly finally goes with Brad after he intimates that he'll "talk" to Jack. Dolores finally admits to Camille that her son is getting married to protect Ms. Bennett.

Jack has to break the news to Emma that the wedding is off. He spies Julia's engagement ring and realizes Julia was there. Carly offers Brad all $50 million if he'll call off the wedding and let her be with Jack.

When an irate Rita yells at Reid for lying to her about the Snyders, Reid has to kiss her in order to silence her. Sara Ruth blocks Camille's exit when she tries to heed Dolores' advice and go to the wedding. Brad refuses Carly's offer and dares her to tell Jack--and Hal--the truth. Tom and Margo bond when he helps her cook, then he signs the separation papers.

Jack explains to Emma that he's not the Boy Scout he's been portrayed as--he's always enjoyed taking risks and playing the bad guys in his undercover work. It's what attracted him to Carly, he realizes.

Reid explains to Rita that he plans to make Julia hooked on him, just as he got her hooked on the pills, as the next stage in his revenge. Tom insists to Margo that no matter what legal proceedings they go through, they'll never be finished as a couple. Rita observes Julia bonding with Melinda and Reid and swears to herself that Julia won't replace her.

A disgusted Sara Ruth gets out of Camille's way when she realizes that her daughter is still in love with Brad. Emma counsels Jack on what love is, and Jack rushes out to find the woman he loves. A bitter Carly finally cries "uncle" and tells Brad to "bring on the marital bliss."

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Carly and Brad's Wedding
The wedding came off even with Deloris objection. Camille was on her way to stop the wedding when Peter stopped her. She told them she was not scared of him and that Brad was a good person. She left and headed to the nuptials. Camille came in just in time to almost catch the bouquet.

Reid's house:
Julia is with Melinda. She plays with her and brings her in to see Reid. Reid mentions that Julia should take a job to stay with Melinda. Julia offers to stay and watch her that night but she will have to go to work the next day.

At the hospital:
Reid catches Jack in his office. Jack questions Reid about his files. Jack threatens to take Reid down. Jack leaves, Rita comes in. Rita tells Reid that she only told Jack that Julia was with him to deter the police. Reid tells Rita that he needs her to keep him updated about the Snyder baby.
Reid goes to the ICU nursery where he finds Denise. He begins talking to her about Hope.

Denise tells Lily about her having a baby and her giving it up, but did not tell her that Hope was her child. Lily talked about her own adoption and how that it was wonderful for her but that she can understand Denise thinking about her baby and that if she wants her back she should try.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Molly stops Camille from entering. Reid introduces himself to Denise. Jack asks Bob for help in stopping Dr. Hamilton. Someone cuts off the power to Reid's house. Emma arrives at the wedding in response to Dolores' call. Molly locks Camille in a room and plots what to do. Rita observes as Julia tries to fight her panic at being left alone in the dark.

Reid, in the guise of offering therapy, quizzes Denise about the father of her baby. Bob is furious when he learns Jack broke into Reid's office and looked through his records. Rits doctors Julia's tea.

Carly, alerted to Camille's presence by Molly, confronts Ms. Bennett. When she realizes that Camille doesn't know about the paternity switch, she insinuates that she and Brad are much more than business partners. Brad pays off Peter. Reid manipulates Denise, urging her to go and hold her baby as a way of healing.

Lily tells Holden that she wants to help Denise get information on the baby she gave up. Carly vows not to let Brad find love and happiness, since he wouldn't let her have it with Jack. Brad runs after Camille when he realizes she saw Carly kissing him. Rita sets the scene so that it looks like Julia neglected Melinda.

Denise picks up Hope, wondering how to say goodbye when she never got the chance to say hello. Carly is stunned when Jack shows up. Reid arrives home and can't believe what he sees. Holden worries when he can't find Hope in the hospital.


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