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Cass almost kissed Anne. Felicia tried to help Sergei get treatment. Vicky refused to testify against Marley. Jake was furious that Vicky took Marley home with her. Joe caught Tito breaking into Carlino's. Amanda found it increasingly difficult to fight Amalie's presence. Sergei feared deportation.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on AW
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Monday, May 10, 1999

Paulina went home, accompanied by Toni, to say goodbye to Dante. Joe thanks Remy for her help and asks Toni to drive her home, but Toni told him she can't leave. Joe gets angry because he wants some privacy with Paulina, but Toni was doing this by the book. The phone rings, but the machine picks up. It's a reporter wanting to ask about allegations that Paulina killed Grant to cover up the sale of her baby. The reporter even knows his name, and Paulina was upset that Tito will be in the news. Remy was shocked to hear that Paulina sold her baby. Paulina admits to Remy that it's true, and asks her to bring Tito to her.

David wakes up Amanda with a room full of flowers. He told her he would do anything to make her happy. She told him it was sweet of him to do. Right by her bed, he placed a vase of stephanotis, and the aroma makes her sleepy. He suggests that they take a walk and get some fresh air. Rachel was sleeping on her couch and dreaming about Jordan's video of Amanda. She wakes suddenly with the feeling that something was wrong. She looks outside, and sees someone run by. Rachel grabs the fireplace poker when the person opens the french doors, and when he enters, she smacks him with it. The intruder turns out to be Cameron. While Rachel tends to him, David sneaks out with Amanda. Cameron comes to saying he has to find Amanda. He put a motion detector by her room, and it went off. Rachel says Amanda wouldn't go out at that time of night, but when she checks, Amanda was gone. Cameron went off to look for her. Outside, David and Amanda are drawn closer to each other, but just as they kiss, Amanda hears Cameron calling her. She breaks away to listen. David unlocks the door to the secret garden and pulls Amanda inside.

Back at the house, Rachel wants to report Amanda as missing, but Cameron reminds her that she hasn't been gone long enough for the police to do anything. Rachel told him about all the flowers in Amanda's room, and they figure David was behind it. They are at a loss as to what they should do.

Amanda barely seems like Amanda anymore. They decide that since she's gone, they should search her room for clues. Rachel and Cameron search through the flowers looking for a card. Cameron finds the stephanotis, and claims they stink. He moves them away from her bed. Rachel finds another sketch Amanda drew, and notices something familiar about it. Amanda leaves the secret garden. She's a bit put off by the way David dragged her inside, but he apologizes, saying her beauty was keeping him from thinking straight. She's ready to go back to the house and to sleep. He says he'd like to tell her a bedtime story, and she agrees. He reminds her that any story was true if you believe. He told her a story about a princess who had a wonderful garden. He says the princess knew that, as long as she loved her flowers, they would never die. The king wanted his daughter to marry a handsome, wealthy prince, but the princess said she would only marry a man who understood her garden. Many suitors tried and failed. One day, a brilliant scientist visited. He was "misshapen and ugly", so ugly that the servants ran from him in fear. He watched the princess care for her flowers, and when she saw him, she was not afraid.

She asked him if he knew why her flowers never died, and he said, "your flowers never die because you love them. No science can explain it; no brilliance can understand it. But the fact remains... love never dies." At that moment the beautiful princess and the ugly man fell deeply in love.

They decided to marry. The king was against it, and they had to marry in secret. On their wedding night, the king and his guards arrested the man, and the king told him he'd never see the princess again. The princess ran to the window and shouted, "you can't take him away from me, because love never dies." She jumped from the window, but her body was never found. The man knew her spirit was out there, and he vowed he would find his love again. Amanda was swept up by the story, and she kisses David passionately.

He told her he wants her. She says she wants him too, but then this upsets her. She comes out of her trance and drops Cameron's handkerchief. She decides to go back to the house.

Remy finds Tito. He's already read the story in the newspaper. She told him Paulina has a few hours before she has to go to jail, and that she wants to see him. He doesn't want to go, but she manages to convince him.

Paulina gets more and more upset, trying to get everything in order. Toni went into the next room to give her and Joe as much privacy as she can. Paulina was so down on herself, and Joe reminds her that he had no faith in the world until he met her. He says people are lucky just to know her, let alone have her care about them. She says it's the other way around... she's lucky to have him care about her. He promises her that they'll be a family again: her, him, Dante... and Tim. Paulina was happy that Joe was willing to accept Tim as a member of their family. Toni returns and told Paulina it's time to go. She begs for more time. There's a knock at the door. It's Tito. Paulina apologizes to him for what she's done, but he told her that the past was the past, and she's made up for it more than she knows. She told him to get out of town by whatever means are necessary... she doesn't want him around when the trial was going on. She leaves the room to get Dante, and Joe told Tito that regardless of what Paulina just said, he better stick by her side through this ordeal. That's what a family does, he told him. After a tearful goodbye to Dante, Toni takes Paulina away. Rachel and Cameron realize that the sketch was like the painting they sold to Jordan... the one that he gave back. Cameron wants to see the painting, but Rachel says David sent it away to be restored. Cameron points out that David was in the middle of things again, but Rachel says it's either Jordan or David, but they can't both be the bad guy. They go downstairs, and find Amanda sleeping on the terrace. Amanda can't remember how she got there. She went back to her room. She notices the stephanotis are missing. Rachel finds them. Amanda starts to remember something, then the memory was gone.

She told Rachel that she has a feeling like she wants somebody to know where she is. Cameron has gone out searching the grounds. He finds his handkerchief outside of the secret garden. Rachel leaves Amanda to sleep. She went downstairs and calls David. She told him she thinks it's time they met.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Cass was at his office and was dreaming of Frankie. he was woken up by Anne and tries to kiss her, thinking she was Frankie. Anne asks what he was doing and he realizes what he tried to do. He explains things and she understands. She asks him if he has decided what he wants to do, have her go or have her stay. He says he was not sure because the way Charlie looked at her, he has never seen that look in her eyes since Frankie died. He tells her that he needs just a little more time.

At the Cory Mansion, Lila was in the study and Amanda walks in. She sees Rachel's covered-up sculpture of Jordan Stark and she asks Lila what it is. Lila told her it was something Rachel was working on and Amanda pulls the cover off. She gasps when she realizes that that was the man that has been in her dream. She starts to freak out and Lila gets Rachel. Matt and Cameron follow Rachel to go see what was wrong. Amanda explains that that face was in her dreams and they all wonder how Jordan Stark can be in her dreams if she has never even met him or seen him before. Claudia walks in and told Amanda that David called and he will be late so he will have to meet her at Lumina. Amanda leaves to go to Lumina but Rachel won't let her leave without someone going with her, so Matt ends up going also. Cameron was still in the den and Lila asks him if he got any information on Anne. He says he did and gives it to her. Lila reads over it and finds some very interesting things.

Back at Cass' office, Anne was telling Cass how he should run a case and he says that there was no way she was only a paralegal. She confesses and says that she used to be a defense attorney but she defended a murderer and got him off on a technicality, even though she knew that he was guilty. He ended up killing more people before he was caught again. Just then Charlie walks in and asks her dad for some money. He asks her what she was going to buy and she replies clothes and stuff. He was not thrilled by her answer of stuff and won't give her the money until she told him all that she was going to buy. Anne steps in and asks Charlie if the stuff happens to be undergarment stuff and she replies yes. Anne explains to Cass that Charlie is growing up and needs some more 'girl' stuff. Cass finally catches on and gives Charlie money and Charlie asks Anne to come with her so she does. They leave and Lila comes in. She was furious that she just saw Anne and Charlie leave together. She shows Cass that she was definitely not a cleaning lady and Cass says he know, she used to be a defense attorney. When Lila asks how he knew that, Cass replies that Anne told him.

At Lumina, Amanda went in to see Jordan Stark. They are talking and she asks why he was in her dreams. He says he believes that everyone around her is filling her thoughts w/negative things about him and her brain was absorbing it and that was why she was having dreams. Ms. Allen comes in and says that David will be unable to join because of car trouble. Matt doesn't believe it and him and Amanda start to leave. Matt went to see the lab again and Amanda lingers outside Stark's door to hear him have a phone conversation. He was telling the person on the other line that they need to keep turning Amanda away from David Halliday. He hits the speaker phone button and Cameron answers that he will keep putting pressure on Amanda about David. (it was actually a tape-recorded thing of Cameron's voice) Amanda was very upset by this and her and Matt leave.

Lila and Cass are fighting about Anne when Charlie and Anne get back. Anne leaves and so does Cass so Lila can talk to Charlie alone. Charlie says that she knows that Lila doesn't like Anne but as soon as her and Cass get married, Lila will be her mother and she won't need Anne because she won't need a mother. Lila likes what Charlie was saying and told her that she only wants to make her happy and asks her if she wants Anne to stay. Charlie says yes and her and Lila leave to get Cass. Outside the office, Lila confronts Anne (Charlie isn't around) and told her that she was on to her and if she thinks for a minute that she was going to get Cass she was wrong. Cass and Charlie show up and everyone but Anne leave for lunch. Anne says that Cass deserves so much better than Lila, and the person he deserves was her.

At the Cory mansion, Amanda and Matt are home and Cameron asks how everything went. Amanda replies that she was sure he already knew and went upstairs to lie down. Matt and Rachel and Cameron are talking in the living room about David Halliday, Amanda overhears them and was very upset and she leaves/sneaks out. She went to David's place and told him everything. She gets really tired and lies down on his bed and asks him not to leave. Cameron, Matt and Rachel are trying to get into the secret garden but they can't get the lock undone. Rachel comes out w/a master key that unlocks anything on the ground. They try it on the lock but it gets stuck. They go back to the house and call a locksmith.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Felicia found Sergei looking in trash cans for food. She told him that she knows about his health problem and that she wants to help him get treatment. Felicia tried to get Sergei to check in to the hospital. Sergei was scared that he would be deported. Felicia promised him she would help him as long as he concentrates on his health.

Tyrone went to McKinnon house and asked Vicky to go to Marley's competency hearing. Jake advised against it. Vicky wanted to help Marley get out of the hospital. They wondered where Marley would stay. Tyrone said that he would figure out Marley's residence since it was unhealthy for her to stay with Vicky and Jake. Vicky and Tyrone went to the hearing. Jake refused to go so he stayed home.

At the hearing, both attorneys discussed bail. The Court decided to deny Marley's release to Tyrone's care. Marley would only be released to the custody of a family member. When Vicky was asked if she would take her sister. Vicky hesitated and said she has to discuss it with Jake. Cindy barged in and started screaming that Marley should not be released.

Vicky dragged Cindy out in the hallway, and the two women started arguing. Cindy only made a scene to get Vicky's attention. Cindy told Vicky she would testify against Marley so that Marley would spend the rest of her life behind bars unless Vicky vouches for Cindy saying that Grant was still happily married to Cindy at the time of his death so she could have his money. Since Cindy was Marley's accomplice, Cindy figured she would be able to make Marley sound worse than what she really is. That is, of course, unless Vicky helps Cindy out.

Tyrone broke up their conversation and sent Cindy on her way. Vicky told Tyrone everything Cindy was up to. She assured Tyrone that Cindy would not affect her decision to help Marley. Vicky told Tyrone that she will go to the DA and tell her that she refuses to testify against her sister. Tyrone told Vicky that the DA won't have much of a case left. Vicky then informed Tyrone that Cindy will take the stand. Tyrone said since Vicky was the victim, if she doesn't testify, then the whole case falls apart, and then the DA will look to cut a deal. Their plan would keep Marley out of jail without giving Cindy what she wants. All Vicky has to do next was keep Cindy occupied so she doesn't catch on to their plan and ruin it for Marley. Tyrone asked Vicky to take Marley home with her today if their plan was going to work. Vicky agreed.

Vicky took Marley home. Marley felt grateful and like everything was almost normal. Vicky told Marley that the hard part was going to be telling Jake that Marley was going to be staying with them. Vicky went to make lunch. Marley was so excited that she could sit and do normal things. She decided to watch television. She said, "I can even watch a soap." As she put the TV on, the Another World theme song played from the television. Jake walked in and demanded to know what Marley was doing there.

Paulina cried while she sat in jail. Joe tried to comfort her. Paulina felt guilty because her children will think the worst of her. Joe gave Paulina a kiss through the cell and then Joe left leaving Paulina crying.

At Toni's request, Rachel went down to the police station to talk to her. Toni informed Rachel that Paulina was being suspected of forgery. Toni showed the paper with Rachel's signature which allowed for Paulina to take money out of her trust fund. Toni informed Rachel that the paper was signed around the same time that Rachel was missing. Rachel looked at the piece of paper and told Toni that she didn't have her glasses, and she couldn't make out the paper at all.

Joe walked in and snapped at Rachel asking why she was accusing Paulina of forgery. Joe started yelling at Rachel. Toni listened as Joe yelled at Rachel. Toni already heard Joe yell to Rachel about Paulina not getting Rachel's permission to withdraw from her trust fund. Rachel asked Toni if she could leave them to talk. Rachel explained to Joe that she was not accusing Paulina of anything, but since Toni already overheard Joe practically admit that Paulina signed Rachel's name, they can't lie. They will face it head on.

Nick and Remy wondered why Tito wasn't at all concerned at the fact his mother was arrested for murder. Joe walked in and yelled at Tito to go see his mother. Joe told him that he knows he doesn't really care about Paulina. Finally, Remy intervened and gave Tito an ultimatum. Either he went to see Paulina or he won't have a place to sleep tonight. Tito stormed out with Joe close behind. After they left, Nick started going through Tito's things. He told Remy that he wants to help her find her mother. Remy was having second thoughts. Nick persuaded Remy to pursue the search for her mother. Nick asked Remy what she knows about her mother. Remy showed Nick the locket. Rachel went to see Paulina. Rachel asked Paulina if she did, in fact, kill Grant. Paulina said that she did. She told Rachel that she did not want Timothy to find out that she sold him. Paulina also wanted revenge because Grant tried to kill her family by burning down her house. Rachel told Paulina that she too killed someone once. Rachel told Paulina about the time Rachel stabbed Janice Frame in the pool because Janice was trying to kill Mac to get his money after Janice and Mac had gotten married. Paulina was shocked.

Rachel promised to help her. Rachel told Paulina that she knew about the forgery. Paulina cried and apologized. Rachel was surprised to hear that Tito hasn't been by to see Paulina yet. Rachel asked Paulina why it was so important for Tito to have the money so quickly. Paulina assured Rachel that it was her decision that kept Tito away from the police station.

After Rachel left, Tito showed up to offer support for Paulina. Paulina told Tito to prove to Rachel that he was Paulina's son. She wants him to show Rachel the locket and the DNA test. Tito thought it would be impossible to get the locket from Remy. Then Tito heard Paulina mention that she left her locket at Carlino's. Tito figured he could pass Paulina's locket off as his. After Tito left, Remy showed up. Remy tried to take some of the blame for Paulina being in jail. Remy told Paulina how thankful she was for her. Remy said that she hopes if she finds her mom, that she was just like Paulina. Paulina told her to hang on to that hope.

Tito broke into Carlino's. As he searched for the locket, Joe came from behind and sternly asked him what he was doing.

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Cameron confides to Josie that he may have lost Amanda for good. He told her about Amanda's visit with Jordan, and that Jordan told her not to trust anyone, not even her family, and she believed him. He says he thought David was the threat, but now he thinks David just cares about Amanda as much as he does. He thinks perhaps he should step aside and let Amanda be with someone who deserves her. Josie told Cameron that he can't back off, but he thinks he only pushed her away and into Jordan's hands, and now she's in danger. He says when she came back from her meeting with Jordan, she was angrier with him than she's even been. Now, with David in the picture, he doesn't think he has a chance with her anymore. Josie told him that love was too precious for him to just give up. Amanda wakes up in David's apartment and thanks him for taking her in. She says he's the only one she can turn to, and he says he'll be there for her, for whatever she needs. They discuss Cameron's "betrayal" of her and her family. Amanda can hardly believe that he joined up with Jordan, but David says he can understand why he'd do anything to get Amanda back, but was disturbed that he'd put Amanda in harm's way in the process. He asks Amanda to let him be her protector. He wants to show her how happy he can make her. He prepares a bubble bath for her, complete with plenty of stephanotis. He says he went to Paris to get the bubble bath, just for her. He told her she's the woman he's been looking for for years... the answer to all his prayers. David washes Amanda's back, and soon, they're kissing passionately. He asks her if she's sure, and she says she's not afraid anymore. Amanda asks David to make love to her, but he says not yet.

First, he wants to make everything perfect. He returns to the bedroom, and says Amanda's time has run out. It's Amalie's time now. Then, Cameron knocks at the door.

Joe catches Tito searching Carlino's for Paulina's locket. Tito pretends he was just there to get a painting Dante made to cheer up Paulina, but Joe isn't buying his act, and lets him know it. Joe told him that the only reason he hasn't run him out of town yet was because he means so much to Paulina, and that he'll see to it that Tito doesn't let her down.

Cass visits Paulina. He's been going over her case, and he told her that her story doesn't add up. He told her to be straight with him, and to tell him what really happened that night. Paulina swears she's already told him everything, but Cass isn't satisfied, and questions her again about the events that happened when Grant was killed. Her answers are full of holes, and Cass points this out and told her not to lie to him. She gets upset and says she's not lying. Joe arrives and asks what's going on, and Cass told him that Paulina keeps changing her story, and that the prosecutor will tear her up on the stand. Cass warns Paulina that if she doesn't tell him the truth, she's going to lose her case. She still says she's told him everything, but he knows it's a lie and told her to get another lawyer. Joe told Cass that if she's holding back information, it's to protect him.

Joe told Cass about how he replaced the papers that Paulina took from Grant, as well as the whole story of Freeman's blackmail attempt and his theft of police evidence. Cass reconsiders his decision and agrees to remain as her lawyer, but only as long as they tell him the truth. The first thing he wants to do was ask the judge for a postponement. As Cass was packing up his briefcase, Joe told Paulina he has a surprise for her. He's made arrangements to bring Paulina to his office, where Tito and Dante are waiting for a visit. Paulina was overjoyed to visit with her sons. Cass returns with bad news. Rather than allow the postponement, the judge set the trial to start tomorrow. Cass leaves to prepare, and Joe follows him. Once they're outside the office, Joe asks what this will mean for Paulina, and Cass says, "nothing good."

Jake was furious that Vicky brought Marley home to live with them, but Donna was thrilled. Vicky tries to explain that the judge forced her to decide immediately, but Jake thinks that she shouldn't have made a decision like that without consulting him. Tyrone arrives, and Jake blasts him for not taking Marley himself like he said he would. Tyrone explains that the judge wanted Marley to be with family, but Jake was still upset. Vicky takes him outside and says that if they try, they can make this arrangement work, but he says not this time. They argue back and forth, but can't come to terms. Jake told her that he simply can not and will not live with Marley. Vicky was determined to keep Marley from going to jail. She knows she won't get better there. She says she was the key to Marley having a normal life again. Jake was fed up with Vicky for making this kind of big decision without him. It's his home too, and he should have had a say in the matter. Vicky says what he really wants was to control her. He gives her an ultimatum... if Marley stays, he goes. She can't believe he'd walk out on her when she needs him, but he's determined to go through with it. They go back inside.

Marley feels guilty and thinks she should leave, but Vicky says there would be no problem if Jake would just co-operate. He says he's only trying to protect Vicky. Tyrone defends Marley and berates everyone else. He says she was ready to be a strong woman again, and already they have her back to being a little girl who doesn't think she has a right to exist. Jake was sure that Marley was just trying to manipulate everyone into feeling sorry for her. He says that with Marley around, he can't be responsible for what he does to her. Tyrone doesn't take this threat lightly, and says if he does anything to hurt Marley, he'll have to answer to him first, and the courts second. Jake says that was why he has to leave. Marley was upset and went outside, followed by Tyrone. Donna told Jake he's just trying to assert his male supremacy, but it won't work, he'll only destroy himself and everyone else. Vicky asks her to give her and Jake some time alone to speak, then told him there's no way that he's leaving. She asks him to stay and give it some time. Before he can answer, Marley returned in and Jake starts to go. Vicky asks where he's going, and he says he doesn't know. She asks him to tell her that he's coming back, but he says the ball was in her court and then he walks out. Marley told Vicky she's sorry, but Vicky says it's not Marley's fault... it's her own fault.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Sergei awakens in the hospital and panics to think that the INS will now be able to locate him and deport him. After reassuring her young friend that he's perfectly safe, Felicia ferociously does battle with a clueless hospital bureaucrat to ensure that the uninsured Sergei receives immediate treatment. Still laboring under the delusion that "David" was her only safe harbor, Amanda prepares to give herself to him completely and without reservation. Meanwhile, "David" sets the scene for a seduction but was infuriated when Cameron suddenly barges in. As Amanda eavesdrops, Cameron told "David" he's bowing out and asks his rival to take care of the woman they both love. Felicia tells Sergei of the lesson Wallingford taught her about finding joy in the most unlikely corners of life. Rachel urges Cameron not to give up on her daughter but he explains why he has to step aside. Rattled by her conflicted feelings, Amanda fights down Amalie's growing influence and informs an astonished "David" they can't be anything more than friends. After the doctor reports that his condition was very serious, Sergei realizes that a childhood spent in the shadow of Chernobyl may be coming back to haunt him. Amanda surprises Cameron with a kiss. Felicia finds two Immigration agents trying to yank a protesting Sergei out of his hospital bed.



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