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Monday, May 10, 1999

Maria and Mrs. Moreau:
They are on the phone. Mrs. Moreau told Maria that her memory is blocked because of something that Maria did. That Maria has done something terrible that Maria doesn't want to remember. Maria asks if that is true, how does she find out what it is. Mrs. Moreau has already hung up. Maria hangs up the phone. Tess comes in the room. Maria told Tess that she needs to ask her something and that she needs for her to tell her the truth. Maria says that she needs to remember the 5 years that she spent in Seattle. She needs to remember for Benjy. Tess told Maria that she has told her everything. That there time in Seattle was happy, except for one thing, the fact that Maria missing Ben. Maria asks if there is something that Tess is not telling her because Tess is afraid that it will upset Maria. Tess told her that she would never do anything that she would have been ashamed of and that Maria needs to focus on her future with Benjy and Ben. Maria says that Tess knows that there is no future for Maria with Ben. Tess says that they will see about that, but right now they need to get ready for Gabi's bridal shower.

Ben, Meg, and Benjy:
Ben says that he thought that they would let Benjy come around in his own time. Meg told Ben that Benjy is never going to accept her. Meg told Ben about the lost kitten that Benjy had found and that she had told him that if no one claimed it that he could keep it. Meg says that the owner did come for the kitten. Ben told Meg that she did the right thing. Meg says she knows that but that any tine that something went wrong, in Benjy's eyes it is Megs fault. Its not just a matter of adjusting. To Benjy, Meg is the only thing that is keeping Maria and Ben from being together and there is no way that they can change that in Benjy's eyes. Meg leaves.

Ben and Benjy are upstairs during the shower. Ben told Benjy they are going to have a boys night together. They have root beer, popcorn and a movie, The Aristocats. Benjy says that he would rather have a real cat like that one that Meg would not let him keep. Ben told Benjy that that kitten already had a home and that tomorrow they would go to the shelter and get him his own kitten. Benjy asks what a shelter is. Ben explains that a shelter is where strays that do not have a home or a family live. Benjy says that he used to be a stray. Ben told him that now he has two parents that love him. Benjy says that he is glad to be here with his mommy and daddy. Ben told Benjy that there are lots of people who love him. Benjy asks if Ben and his mommy will never leave him. Ben says of course not, they would always be there to take care of and love him. They hug.

Ricardo and Gabi:
Ricardo told Gabi that he doesn't want her to be hurt by this anymore. Gabi asks by what. Ricardo told her by his mother and her same old Gabi being unfaithful routine. He told her that Carmen says that she has proof that Gabi was unfaithful. He says that he doesn't believe her but that he has never seen his mama so hell bent to prove that she was right before. He asks if something happened between the two of them Gabi says no, that Carmen has been real nice and that she even gave her Ricardo's grandmothers lasso to wear for the wedding. Ricardo says that Carmen would never have given that too he if she had doubts. Gabi says that Carmen turned on her so suddenly and that she doesn't understand. Ricardo told Gabi that it doesn't matter, that nothing could change the way that he feels about Gabi. Gabi says that she would talk to Carmen. Ricardo told Gabi that it is too late, that he has already told Carmen that she is out of Ricardo's life. He says that Carmen forced him to choose and that he chose Gabi. He told Gabi that she is all he needs and that if Carmen could not be happy for them he did not want her there. It was going to be there special day and he wants it to be everything that Gabi ever imagined because she deserved it. Gabi told Ricardo that he is more than she deserves.

Gabi's Bridal Shower:
Gabi thanks Maria for giving the shower. Maria told her that she is probably going to be that only sister in law that she will ever have. Maria remembers Antonio telling her about him and Gabi. She went to the kitchen. She serves everyone champagne. Meg makes a toast to the bride and groom. Maria told everyone that it is time to open the gifts. Meg says that Carmen isn't there yet. Gabi says that she is not coming. Maria asks why and Gabi says that she will tell her later. They start the gifts with the "wishing well" basket. Vanessa explains that it is an old fashioned custom for the guests to give a gift to help a newlywed couple get off to a good start. She gave it a 90's update by giving it a sensual theme. Inside there all kinds of erotic gifts. Maria stays back and looks upset. Maria leaves abruptly. Gabi follows her. Upstairs Gabi thanks Maria again. Maria says that someone had to welcome her into the family. Maria told Gabi that she knows how much Ricardo adores Gabi. Gabi told Maria that she loves Ricardo. Maria says, "Do You?" Gabi wants to know why she asked her that. Maria says that they need to get back to their guests. Gabi wants to know what she meant, what is going on? Maria says fine, you want to know. You say that you love my brother, all I want to know is which one? Gabi looks horrified and says Oh My God. Maria told Gabi that she knows about her and Antonio making love that she figured it out and that Antonio confirmed it. Gabi told Maria that she knows what she must think of her, and that she knows what happened was wrong. Maris told Gabi that she is not there to judge her. Gabi assures Maria that what happened will never happen again.

She then asks Maria if she said anything to Carmen. Maria says no. Gabi tells Maria that Ricardo told Carmen that he wanted her out of his life. Maria says that Carmen and Ricardo must both be upset. Gabi told Maria that she does love Ricardo and that her future is with him. Ricardo can never find out. Maria agrees. Maria says that the fact that Ricardo chose Gabi over their mama proves how much he love Gabi. Maria told Gabi not to make Ricardo sorry for that decision. Gabi promises that she wont. Maria told Gabi that if she does, her mamas wrath will seem like nothing compared to hers.

Gabi and Maria go back to the shower. Gabi starts opening her other gifts. The first is from Joan and it is a handmade quilt. Meg says that Joan makes one for every wedding in their family. Gabi says but I'm not. Joan says that she is. Gabi told her that that means a lot to her. She says that she always wanted a mother like Joan. Joan says that soon she will have a mother in Carmen. Gabi opens the rest of her gifts. She told everyone that they have been so generous and that she is really touched. She turns to Maria and tells her that she owes her a special thanks for everything. Maria says that she really does want Gabi and Ricardo to be happy. Meg told Gabi that she has one more gift. Gabi opens it. It is a pair of pearl earrings. Gabi and Maria look stunned. Meg asks what is wrong. Gabi says nothing and Maris says that it is a Latino superstition that pearls are bad luck on a wedding day. Meg says that she will take them back. Gabi says no that it is just a superstition and that she loves the earrings. She will wear them on her wedding day. Everyone leaves. Maria turns to Meg and thanks her for letting her have the shower at the house. Meg says that Gabi is one of her best friends and didn't mind. Maria says I know, but I was the hostess and this is your house. I just want you to know that I realize that this is your and Ben's house and that he loves you. Maria leaves. Ben comes downstairs and says that Maria is right, he does love Meg and that is never going to change. He says that they will be a family. Ben and Meg head upstairs. Maria comes out of the kitchen and says that she will never get over Ben. She says that if she still loves him know that she must have loved him in Seattle. She wonders why she waited so long to come back to Sunset Beach. She wonders if she could have done something terrible. She decides that she has to find out and she knows how...

Carmen, Antonio, and Ricardo:
Carmen is at her house. She says that she has got to make Ricardo see the truth. She pulls the tape out of her purse. She thinks back to hearing Gabi on the phone with her lover. Carmen wonders who Gabi's lover is, who did Gabi betray Ricardo with. Carmen decides that she is going to find out. She puts the tape in the VCR. Just then Antonio comes in and wants to know what Carmen has done. Carmen says that she hasn't done anything yet but she is going to stop Ricardo from making a big mistake. Antonio says that he is not making a mistake, that he is marrying the women that he loves and that loves him. Carmen says that if Gabi loves Ricardo so much how could she be with another man. Antonio told Carmen that he can't believe that she is back on this, that she is going to lose Ricardo. He says that a few hours ago everything was fine. Antonio remembers telling Maria the truth. He asks Carmen if someone said something to her. Carmen says that she say it in the cards. Antonio asks if that is what she is going to let come between her and Ricardo. Carmen says that Ricardo is going to thank her for saving him from a loveless marriage with a two-timing tramp. Antonio told Carmen that she needs to let go of her hatred for Gabi and says that he will pray for her. Antonio leaves.

Antonio went to the hospital. Ricardo says that he has to get ready for the wedding. Antonio asks if that includes making up with Carmen. Ricardo's tells Antonio that that is not going to happen. Antonio wonders what could have set Carmen off. Ricardo says that Carmen says that she has proof. Antonio wonders what kind of proof. Ricardo says real solid tarot card proof, what else. Antonio remembers him and Gabi burning the tape. Ricardo tells Antonio not to worry about it. Antonio says that he is worried about what this is going to mean to their family. If only he could have gotten through to Carmen. Ricardo told Antonio not to blame himself for Carmen accusing Gabi of being unfaithful. Antonio says that it is a shame that their mama won't be at the wedding. Ricardo says that Antonio and Maria will be there and that is what matters. Ricardo told Antonio that he has never let him down and he knows that Antonio never will, and he loves him for that. Back at Carmen's -- Carmen says that she couldn't tell Antonio about the tape because Antonio would insist on giving Gabi the benefit of the doubt and he might want to destroy the tape so that no one would find out the truth. Carmen decides that it is time for her to know who Gabi's lover is. She ties to play the tape. She says that it is time to see who Gabi has been making a fool of Ricardo with. The tape won't play. Carmen calls a friend and asks to borrow their VCR. They agree to bring it over.

Ricardo and Gabi:
Vanessa calls Ricardo and gives Gabi the phone. Ricardo told Gabi that he has his walking papers. Gabi offers to come take him home. He told her no, that Antonio is there. Ricardo told Gabi that he loves her. Gabi told Ricardo that she can't wait to be his wife....

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Frustrated in her efforts to view the video of Gabi's transgressions, Carmen borrows another VCR from a friend but a blown fuse delays the proceedings once again. Antonio explains to a flustered Gabi why he felt compelled to confide their secret to his sister. Meg takes another stab at scoring points with Benjy but the effort falls flat when the boy rebuffs her yet again. Later, Meg offers to accompany Ben and his son to the animal shelter to pick out a new kitten. Tim suggests to Joan that Tess may be working from a private agenda of her own. Meanwhile, Maria attempts to trick Tess into revealing what she knows about the secret to which Mrs. Moreau has been alluding. Ricardo told Antonio he doesn't want their mother at the wedding if she refuses to accept Gabi into the family. Claiming she needs to watch an episode of her favorite soap, Carmen convinces Maria to let her watch her show on Ben's VCR. Tess comes to Tim's motel room and apologizes for being short with him on their date, then kisses him to show there are no hard feelings. Carmen begs Ricardo to look at the proof she's obtained but he angrily pulls away. Meg manages to elicit a smile from Benjy at last as they adopt a kitten from the shelter. Antonio fears that he won't be able to hide his love for Gabi during the wedding ceremony.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Antonio walks in on Gabi with her dress on and then leaves but Gabi says you don't have to go. Antonio says you are the beautiful bride I ever seen. Gabi says thank you. Then Gabi trips on her dress and Antonio catches her and they are very close. Then Joan came back in the dressing room. She didn't see them close together. Joan asks Antonio if he can help her and he said sure. Joan told him to put his arms on Gabi's hips so she can fix the dress. After she was done, Antonio left the room. Back at Maria's house Ricardo is fed up with Carmen and has words with her and then Maria shows up and asks what's going on and Ricardo says ask Mama. Then Ricardo leaves to go downstairs and Maria asks what's going and on and Carmen told her that she is saving Ricardo form Gabi. Maria then gets fed up with her and asks why she is ruining the family. Carmen says she's not, Gabi is. Then Maria told Carmen to leave and she does. Downstairs Tess asks if Ricardo was okay and he says yeah. Then Maria and Carmen come downstairs and Maria told Mama was leaving. Then Tess says she is going to the kitchen if anyone needs her and she left. Then Carmen again tries to convince Ricardo but he won't listen. Back at the mission Antonio prays he can get through with the wedding. Then Maria comes and says Ricardo and Mama had a fight. Then she says are you going to stop the wedding and Antonio says no, I have to go through with it. Then they leave to go to the wedding rehearsal. Back with Gabi in the bridal room. Ricardo knocks on the door and told Gabi he knows everything. Gabi is shocked and asked what he knows and Ricardo says Maria told me what you said to her at the shower. Then Ricardo puts a Hawaii thing over her head and Gabi asks what is this. Ricardo says Maria told me you dreamed going to Hawaii and we are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Gabi was so surprised she gave Ricardo and kiss and said I love you. Back with Carmen...she calls the power company to turn her power on but they say until tomorrow and she says it will be too late. Then Carmen turns to the tarot cards for answers. Then she finds out the relationship will end at the wedding day. Back at the church they all do the rehearsal. While Antonio reading the vows he says I can't do this and everyone was surprised.

At the pound, Benjy told Ben he wants him and mom back together. Then Meg comes in and hears everything before they can say no more she told him she filled the papers and she is going. Meg and Ben started to talk about Benjy. Then Meg left to go see Casey. When she arrived she told Casey wants going on and Sara heard and he thought it was Ben. Then she asked she can't leave him and Meg says stop drawing to the wrong conclusion. Then Casey and Meg left for the mission. Then Sara went to go to see Ben.

Casey and Sara had a great morning together. Then they head back to Surf Central. Then Meg comes and told Casey what's going on. When Sara gets to Ben's house she has it out on Ben.

Both of them came early for the rehearsal. They started to talk about getting back together slowly.

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Olivia was walking out of her house when she bumped into Annie, Annie walked into the house and Olivia followed her, and asked her why she was there. Just then Bette walked in with the mail, Bette saw Annie and she dropped the mail, Annie bent down to pick it up while explaining to Bette that she was there to start over with her, and so that Bette wouldn't hate her anymore. When she stood up she saw in the mail a real estate brochure for Monterey. Olivia grabbed the mail, and Annie asked her if she was planning to leave. Bette pushed Annie out of the house. Bette and Olivia were talking, and Bette asked her if she was serious about moving and Olivia said she was (with Trey), Bette asked her what about her other children, and she said something like you may have to hurt one child to help another.

Amy has to work today because everyone is going to Gabi and Ricardo's rehearsal dinner. Sean saw Cole at the door way so he went over there. Sean asked him if he got Caitlin out of jail yet and he said he didn't. Sean said well you know who the killer is so you just have to find a way to get them in jail and Caitlin out. Cole left and Sean went back inside and they were talking about doing a fun and games thing that Brad was telling them about. Sean said he wasn't sure if he wanted to go because of Caitlin, but them Amy pointed out that it was for charity, and Brad said he wanted to be counted out if he didn't get to keep the money, but Sean said he would do it since it was for charity. Amy told Brad to help her wash the dishes, she told him that he had to go and to be partners with Emily so she could be partners with Sean.

Gabi and Ricardo's Wedding Rehearsal:
Antonio said he couldn't finish, he ran to his office, and Gabi started to run after him but then stopped. Ricardo knew something was wring but they thought he just got sick. Ricardo went in after him. Ricardo said that something had been bothering Antonio since the cave in and it was more than what he's saying. Antonio said that he let Gabi and Ricardo down. Ricardo was confused and told Antonio that he was being to hard on himself, and Antonio told him that he wouldn't think that if he knew what he had really done. Antonio was about to tell him, when Maria walked in, and said "Antonio...You didn't" and Ricardo said "didn't what?" Antonio told Maria that Ricardo still thought that Antonio was still upset that he almost let Gabi die. (Gabi told Maria that Antonio still loved her, she could see it in his eyes when he saw her in the wedding gown. Maria said she was going to do something that's why she barged in) Antonio went back and finished the rehearsal Carmen showed up at the church and talked to Maria, Maria asked her if she was going to go to the restaurant and make up with Ricardo. Maria told her that she had a tape that she was going to show and she wanted mama to see it Carmen asked what tape and Maria said a tape of the family growing up. They then went to the restaurant and Maria gave the tape to a waiter and told him that she had talked to someone about it before. Carmen followed the guy to the TV, and she switched the tapes, she said That she needed Ricardo to see it to protect him, and Antonio heard her say it and asked her "protect him from what?".

Sara told Ben how Meg might leave her and Ben wanted to know how she knew and Sara said she overheard Meg telling Casey that she couldn't take it anymore and she was going to give up. Tess and Benjy came in and Benjy told Ben that he set up his train for them to play with and Ben said he couldn't play with him, that he had to go see Meg Benjy got upset and said that Ben had promised, but Ben said he had never promised and that he would make it up to him. Ben was talking to Meg at the dinner and asked her why she was going to leave him, and Meg asked where he got an idea like that and he told her Sara.

Annie told Cole about how Olivia was planning to move away and leave Caitlin to rot in jail. Cole said that it still wasn't enough proof and they should stick with the old plan.

Friday, May 14, 1999

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Olivia turns white as a ghost after receiving a mocking phone call from the late Francesca Vargas. Maria hints to a grinning Ricardo that he's in for a big surprise once he sees the special entertainment she's arranged for his rehearsal dinner. Following an eye-opening chat with Ben, Meg becomes grimly determined to set her sister straight on a few basic facts. Gabi assures Ricardo she can hardly wait until they're husband and wife. Caitlin has a nightmare about losing Trey for good. Meg furiously confronts Sara, then informs her they are no longer sisters. Olivia receives another call from beyond the grave and wonders if Gregory could be torturing her. Michael and an excited Vanessa discuss their upcoming weekend getaway. Cole returns to his wife's jail cell and urges Caitlin to believe he's very close to getting the goods on the real killer. A.J. asks Olivia to meet him at The Deep so they can discuss their future. Antonio delivers a loving tribute to his brother as he offers up a toast to Ricardo and his bride-to-be.

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