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Paulina's trial began. Matt comforted Lila after she told him about witnessing her mother's murder as a child. Cass became suspicious of the judge in Paulina's trial. Rachel told Cameron that Stark and David were actually the same man. Stark rigged Lumina to explode with Alli inside.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on AW
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Monday, May 17, 1999

Felicia comes to Sergei's rescue when the INS agents are harassing him. At his office, Cass was becoming frustrated with Paulina's case. Anne suggests that he take a break and collect his thoughts. They are about to go out for coffee when Felicia calls. She told Cass that she has an emergency and she needs his help. They leave to meet her at the hospital. The INS agents don't want to wait for Cass, they want to take Sergei into custody immediately. Felicia yells at them that he's too sick to be moved. She threatens to expose their bad treatment of Sergei in a book.

Lila isn't very happy about the fact that Cass will be working on Paulina's case all night. Matt suggests to her that they have some professional baby pictures taken of Jasmine, and she likes the idea. Rachel has altered her sculpture of Jordan, and it now looks like David. Rachel wants Matt and Lila to look at her sculpture of Jordan, but first they need to attend to a crying Jasmine.

David was upset when he sees Amanda and Cameron kissing. Amanda explains to Cameron how Jordan had tricked her into believing that Cameron worked for him, but that she now realizes it's not true. David interrupts and tries to make Cameron look bad. He told Cameron to leave, but Cameron refuses.

David told Amanda to leave with him then, but she reminds him that she doesn't take orders from anyone. He told her the phrase, "Tout est possible" and reminds her that it has special meaning for her. She becomes confused again, and says she feels like she's being pulled in two. David and Cameron argue about what was best for Amanda, but this only upsets her more. They want her to choose between them, but she told them to stop and leaves by herself.

Felicia calls Rachel and asks for her help to pull some strings for Sergei.

Rachel agrees to call the governor. Lila and Matt return downstairs and Rachel reminds them that she wants them to look at her sculpture as soon as she makes some phone calls. She leaves the room, and Cameron, Amanda, and David come in. David suggests to Amanda that they go out on the terrace, but then he looks outside and sees the sculpture there. He gets very nervous, and suggests they stay inside instead. Amanda notices how upset he was and remarks that he looks like he's seen a ghost. David says he felt very strange, and says Stark may be using his powers on him because he's protecting Amanda. Lila and Matt decide to go for a walk to get away from the topic of Stark for a while. David gets Amanda and Cameron to leave the room, then went out and ruins the sculpture, knocking it to the ground.

The INS agents leave to go back to headquarters, but warn that they'll be back. Cass arrives, and was a little upset to learn that Sergei was the emergency. He lectures Felicia, saying that Sergei was pulling a scam on her and that she was foolish to believe him. Sergei jumps to Felicia's defense, and works himself into a coughing fit. Felicia calls for a doctor, and Cass just tries to make light of the whole thing, but it doesn't work. Sergei's doctor told everyone that Sergei needs rest. If they prevent that, they'll have to leave. Cass apologizes to Sergei for not believing he was really sick and for being so insensitive. Felicia asks Cass how to keep Sergei in the country, but he's not sure she can. Anne says even if he was to get married, immigration probably wouldn't buy it as legitimate at this point.

Cass thinks Felicia should stay out of the whole thing, but she refuses to turn her back on Sergei. Cass and Anne decide to take a walk on the docks.

Sergei has a sweet talk with Felicia, then asks her if it was true that he might die. She tries to sugarcoat it, but he asks for the truth. She says it was very serious, but that there was always hope.

Lila and Matt are walking on the docks and discussing Stark. Lila says she can't wait until Stark was out of their lives so they can move on. Matt's worried that when Lila moves on with her life, she won't want to have anything to do with him. She assures him that isn't true, but says that since they're divorced, they shouldn't be stuck together like they are.

Matt says Lila may be unsure of what she really wants, but she says she knows that she wants to marry Cass. They argue for a bit, until Matt admits that he has a hard time accepting that she's going to leave. He makes her understand that he'll feel left out, and they hug each other. Cass and Anne walk by at that moment. Cass was angered seeing Matt and Lila hugging, and orders them to get their hands off each other. Cass and Lila argue, while Matt notices Anne and was startled by her resemblance to Frankie. Lila and Cass quickly make up and start smooching, while Matt and Anne look on.

Amanda and Cameron go out on the terrace where they sculpture lies on the ground. David claims he accidentally knocked it over. They hear Rachel returning, and David says he doesn't want to meet her right after ruining her work, and he runs off. Rachel sees her sculpture, and asks what happened. They explain that David did it and felt so bad that he left.

Rachel can't believe that he didn't stay and apologize. She asks if they saw it before it was ruined, but they tell her no. Maybe David saw it, says Cameron. Rachel was sure that he did, and decides she's meeting David first thing in the morning. She's sure David was hiding something that he knows.

Later, when they're alone, Cameron and Amanda talk about their wedding day, and how they almost had everything. He says he learned to love because of her, and his feelings for her will never change, so she knows she can trust him.

An angry Jordan returns to Lumina and explains to Ms. Allen how Cameron ruined his chance to bring back Amalie tonight. He had to leave Amanda and Cameron together to avoid Rachel. He says she doesn't know it yet, but she's figured out his secret.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Vicky went to where Jake was staying and awakens him w/a kiss. He asks if it is a dream and she says that it's not. they proceed to kiss and he says that he was glad that she realized she was wrong. She told him that she didn't come over to apologize, she came over to work things out and that she isn't wrong. Jake asks if Marley was still at their house and Vicky says she is, she can't just kick her out.

At Cass' office, Cass was going over Paulina's case with her and he brought it to her attention that Tito isn't even taking any classes at college. He asks her if she knew that and she said that he missed the registration date and was waiting for next semester. Cass says that the college said that they should at least have him on the list for next semester and he isn't even o it. She asks him why he was doing this and he says this could be used to show the jury that she was using the money to flee town. Cass asks Paulina to tell her everything so he won't be surprised in court and she was about to say something when Joe walks in. Cass thanks Joe for coming in right when Paulina was about to talk and Joe says he can leave but Paulina doesn't want him to. Paulina says she has said everything to Cass before and he won't have any surprises.

At Jake and Vicky's, Marley comes downstairs and finds the house empty. There was a knock at the door and it was Tyrone. He told her she has been subpoenaed by the court to show up at Paulina's trial as a possible witness. He wants to go over her case ad make sure that she has her story down. They start to talk about their relationship. Marley says she doesn't know if she really feels the way she does about Tyrone or if they are just pretend feelings. He assures her they are real because he cares a lot for her.

At Remy's, Remy and Nick are talking about finding her mom. Remy told Nick about a dream she was having where her mom was walking away and Remy calls out to her, when her mom turns around it was Paulina. Tito was eavesdropping on all of this and was not thrilled by this dream. Nick told Remy about how he was online and found out that jewelers sometimes leave marks on jewelry so they can be tracked. They look at her necklace and sure enough find a name inscribed on it.

Jake and Vicky are still arguing about who was 'right' and Jake says that he is not coming home until Marley leaves. Vicky accuses him of only thinking about himself but he says he was thinking about the boys and of her. Marley did, after all, kidnap her and almost kill her. They quit arguing and decide to go to the trial...Jake asks if she needs a ride and Vicky informs him that she brought her car over.

Back at Remy's, Dante was over and they are about to go to the park. Tito comes out and of course him and Nick start fighting. Remy asks them to stop because Dante doesn't like it, he tenses up. Nick gets a call from Donna and she says she has a friend over who would like to look at Remy's necklace. They leave and Tito gets ready to leave for 'college' when a guy comes and tell him he has been subpoenaed to appear in court.

At court, trial begins. Opening statements are made and the prosecuting attorney was badmouthing Paulina. She keeps goin on and on and Joe gets very upset and stands up and yells 'enough!' The judge told him if he does that again he will kick out of the courtroom. Cass starts his opening statement and during it the judge gets a paper given to him and orders a recess.

During this recess, the prosecuting attorney comes over and shows Cass and updated list of the witness: Tito was on it this time. Tito walks in and Paulina went to see him but the bailiff won't let him. Cass and Joe start talking about Tito being on trial and Cass thinks it was a good thing, Paulina overhears their conversation but everything becomes and echo and she faints.

Tito went into Judge Walkers office and the judge orders him out. Tito says he wants his subpoena to disappear or else he will start talking.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Lila continued making wedding plans. Matt offered to give Lila a lift. Matt, insisting he knew how to read the map, got lost. He refused to ask for directions at the gas station. Matt's car stalled. Lila accused Matt of sabotaging his car on purpose. They decided to rent a cabin while they were waiting for a part for the car since they had no idea how long it would take. The inn keeper told them about a ghost of a little girl that haunts the cabins. This was enough to scare Lila. Matt convinced Lila to take a shower while Matt went to get them some food. As Matt headed for the door, he made a comparison to the cabin to the Bates Motel in Psycho. Lila became even more scared.

Lila was in the shower as a silhouette of a person appeared through the shower curtain. Lila screamed. Matt then pulled back the shower curtain, held Lila, and calmed her down. Lila asked Matt to go call and check on the car. Matt took off his wet shirt. Lila got very emotional about horror movies and people making money off of them. She began to open up to Matt confiding in him how she saw her mother being cut up during a terrible rain storm. Matt realized that that was why she hates thunderstorms so much. Matt held Lila as she cried.

Felicia noticed the men from immigration outside of Sergei's hospital room and ordered him to hide under the bed. When the men from immigration came in the room, they found a tearful Felicia. She hinted to the two men that Sergei had died. The two men gave their apologies and left. After Sergei got back in bed, Felicia told him that they are going to be married. Sergei tried to talk Felicia out of it.

Etta Mae showed up at Felicia's request. Felicia then spotted Cass out in the hall and asked him to come in Sergei's room, and asked him if he would stand up for her. Cass and Etta Mae were very skeptical. Felicia explained to them how immigration will take Sergei away, and he will not get the proper treatment and could possibly die. Finally, Cass and Etta Mae agreed. Just as the wedding nuptials began, Felicia spotted the two men from immigration out in the hall and asked Cass to stall them. Cass managed to stall somewhat, but the two men barged in just as the quickly rushed ceremony finished. Felicia announced that they will not be taking her husband anywhere. The two men threatened Felicia that she could be arrested for her fraudulent act. Cass assured them that there are plenty of witnesses that will vouch for the love between Felicia and Sergei. The two men warned Felicia that she will be hearing from them. After the men from immigration left, Sergei gave Felicia a pin that was his grandmother's. He was to give it to his bride.

Nick tried to track down the sale of Remy's matching locket which occurred about 20 years ago. Paulina was brought to the hospital. The doctor examined Paulina and said that she had an anxiety attack. Joe asked if Cass and Josie could talk to the judge. It was apparent that Paulina would not be able to go back to court immediately. Cass questioned why Paulina's panic attack occurred right after she found out Tito was subpoenaed to testify in court. Paulina said it was because she was just in shock. Joe found Remy in the hallway and asked her to find Tito. Tito should be there for Paulina. Tito threatened and blackmailed the judge forcing him to get Tito out of testifying. Tito warned him that certain things in the Judge's past will come out on the witness stand if Tito has to appear in court. Tito wanted the judge to get him money too. Remy finally found Tito as he was walking out of the judge's chambers. Remy questioned why he was in there with the judge. The conversation quickly turned to Remy's concern for Paulina. Remy told Tito about Paulina being taken to the hospital. Remy and Tito headed to the hospital.

Cass, Josie, Joe, and Remy looked on as Tito confided in Paulina his concerns about testifying. Tito asked if Cass could get him out of it. Cass and Joe became even more suspicious. Tito explained that he didn't want to mess up on the witness stand. Cass informed Tito that there was no record of him at the University. Joe asked Tito what he needed Paulina's money for if he isn't going to school. Tito explained that Paulina didn't give him enough money for registration so he was sneaking in classrooms until he was noticed by the professor and then he would move on to another class. Cass warned Tito that these are questions that he will be asked on the witness stand. Joe continued to question Tito's schooling. He wanted to know what classes Tito took, who he saw, who did he meet. Tito told Joe that he wasn't paying attention since he wasn't supposed to be there. That answer wasn't good enough for Joe. Just then Nick came in and told Remy that he found something out about her mother. Tito snapped at Nick and told him to back off. He quickly apologized. Nick and Remy went to talk out in the hallway. Tito told Joe he will get the names of the people he met and the classes he attended for Joe.

Tito heard Nick tell Remy that he found out who the guy was who bought the locket and how Nick was determined to find Remy's mother. Joe warned Tito that he knows Tito was lying about college. Joe told Tito he will have to answer to him if he hurts Paulina.

Cass met with the judge, and the judge warned Cass that he didn't want to see any more theatrics from Paulina. Cass defended Paulina and asked him if he would like to see the medical report. The judge snapped at Cass. Cass walked out feeling very confused about the judge's actions.

Thursday, May 2020, 1999

Matt and Lila cuddle very closely as they share a bed in the cabin, until Lila wakes up and shoves Matt away. Later, Lila was bothered when she can't reach Cass, and Matt points out that he's been working all night with Anne. Her car has been fixed and was ready to go. Matt leaves the room so Lila can dress. There's a knock at the door, and it's Cass. Lila lets him inside and they greet each other with a kiss. She doesn't tell him that Matt shared a cabin with her. They're startled by the strange man who owns the cabin, and Matt looks into the room, but Lila motions for him to hide. The cabin owner sees this, and says he can tell her friend in the other cabin that she's checking out. Lila went along with his ruse and says that would be great, and he leaves. Lila sends Cass out for coffee, and Matt comes back. He asks her why she lied to Cass. Lila claims lying was not the same thing as omitting a piece of the truth. Since they did nothing wrong, she doesn't see how it hurts to not tell him Matt was there. Yet she has memories of some close moments between her and Matt during the trip. Matt asks her if she's sure nothing happened. She told him the only place anything happened was in his imagination. Cass returns and hustles Lila out to return to town. The cabin owner returns and asks Matt if Cass was the jealous husband. Matt replies, "no, I am." Lila wants Cass to go with her to check out the inn she had wanted to see for their honeymoon, but he has to get back for the trial. She complains, and they have another argument.

Rachel continues to be suspicious of David after he ruined her sculpture, but Amanda defends him. Amanda leaves when Rachel points out that she may not be objective. Cameron arrives and reports to Rachel that he did a police check on David. He learned from the Nebraska police that "David Halliday" disappeared months ago. They decide to pay David a surprise visit.

David works to remove anything from his hotel room that would link David and Jordan. He explains to Ms. Allen how Rachel sculpted David's face, and that he ruined it, and then panicked and ran. He needs to hide the painting of the garden gate. He doesn't want anyone to see it and recognize it.

Amanda talks to Alli about David and asks whether she thinks he has something to hide, but Alli doesn't think so. Amanda told Alli she wants to slow down romantically with David, and Alli doesn't like that news. Alli thinks her mother has cold feet, but Amanda says she still has feelings for Cameron. Alli told her that David was a far better man for her than Cameron could ever be. During their discussion, Amanda learns that it was David's advice that convinced Alli to tell her about Josie's baby and thus, stop her wedding. Amanda pushes Alli for more details about David. Alli doesn't see a problem with him, she thinks David just likes Amanda. Alli lets it slip that David knew about Rachel's planned cruise. Amanda was upset by this, and Alli still doesn't understand what the big deal is. Amanda reminds her that no one outside the family was supposed to know about the trip. Someone tipped off Stark, and if it wasn't David, then who? She forbids Alli to see David anymore. Alli was furious.

Rachel and Cameron break into David's hotel room and begin searching. They can't find any personal items. Cameron takes the phones' receivers to check for fingerprints. Rachel sends him away to have the prints checked, and decides to stay and wait for David. Later, David returns to his hotel room and comes face to face with Rachel. She instantly recognizes David's face as the one she sculpted. She asks him who he really is, but he keeps up with his David Halliday story. She says his bone structure gives him away, and declares that he's Jordan Stark. David denies it, but she won't give up. She says his eyes, bone structure, and voice are exactly the same. He says he thinks she should go and tries to call his driver and realizes the phone receivers are missing. Rachel tries to leave, but he blocks the door. She told him to stay away from her and her family. He asks, "or what?" She replies, "or I will be hanged for your murder."

Cameron returns to the Cory house to see if Rachel was back. Amanda says she didn't know Rachel was gone. He fills Amanda in on what he's learned about David, and says he thinks she should stay away from him. He's surprised when she agrees.

Cass brought Lila home but has to leave for court immediately. Lila doesn't like it, but realizes she's been acting like a baby. They're kissing each other goodbye when Matt interrupts. He told Cass that getting stuck with Lila in the middle of nowhere wasn't intentional, and that nothing happened. Cass leaves for court, and Lila went to see Jasmine, leaving Matt alone looking smug. Later, Lila finds Matt. She's excited because Jasmine sat up by herself for the first time. Matt's disappointed that he missed it, and he knows he'll be missing more when Lila and Jasmine move out. She says it's for the best. He thinks she should tell Cass the whole truth about their trip, since nothing happened, but she says she feels guilty.

Rachel returns home. Cameron told her that the fingerprints do indeed belong to David Halliday. She told Cameron that David was the same man as Jordan Stark. They know Stark was after Amanda's affection, and say they have to keep him away from her. Meanwhile, Alli went to David's hotel room. She told him of Amanda's doubts about him, and that Amanda doesn't want to see him anymore. He told Alli that he feels linked to Amanda's spirit. Alli thinks that's great. David says he wishes Amanda thought so, too. Alli says he should just tell her, but David says he'd have to get her alone. Alli thinks she may be able to help him out with that.

Friday, May 21


When Rachel told Amanda that David and Jordan are the same person, Amanda calls Alli and told her to come right home. Annoyed, Alli agrees, but first she follows David's car to Lumina and screams when she finds Jordan instead of David. Jordan uses Alli to get Amanda to the garden and then sets a bomb to blow up Lumina, with Alli inside. David lures Amanda into the garden as Rachel and Cam find Ms. Allen at Lumina rushing out with a copy of Beyond Imagination under her arm. Although Paulina's friends only want to help her, the prosecution turns their statements around and Paulina ends up worse off than before. Later, the judge bans Joe from Paulina's trial when he groans with annoyance. Cass and Joe realize the Judge must have a secret agenda in this trial.

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