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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on GL
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Monday, May 10, 1999

At the Firehouse:
Phillip and Harley get to the Firehouse and Buzz pounces on Phil for use of the jet to get to London to claim the million-dollar prize for Jenna's sweepstakes ticket. Phillip says there is no way to go from Springfield to London in 3 hours, however there is a British Consulate in Chicago. He and Selena rush to the plane and head for the Windy City.
Phillip and Harley are all lovey-dovey and Harley kids Phil about Buzz taking over Spaulding after he is a millionaire.

On the Plane:
Buzz tries to call Frank from the Spaulding Jet to warn him not to say anything to Drew about Max. Frank doesn't answer the phone because he is on the phone with the record department and is learning that Max and Drew have no blood ties.

At Drew's:
Drew helps Max build himself a little make ship bedroom out of blankets to give them both some privacy. Max admits that he was going to try to scam Drew at first but is really glad that he has her in his life now. She tells him she will have a contractor come in the next day to build him a bedroom. Jesse, Max and Drew are all in the apartment when Frank shows up. Jesse tries to tell Frank not to tell Drew but Frank insists on going back in the apartment to confront Drew.

At the Consulates:
Buzz and Selena make it to the office and run in. They are angered when the secretary to the Consulate tells them that it is closing time and they are 2 minutes too late. Buzz and Selena hatch a plan.

At the Lighthouse:
Carmen walks in and tells Danny he needs to be back in the hospital. As Carmen and Michelle argue about what is right for Danny, he begins to get his memory back and confronts his mother about ordering Michelle's death. Though Carmen denies it, Danny reveals that he heard her ordering Dietz to "take care of" Michelle. Furious, Carmen gets her revenge by leaking Danny's secret that he slept with Drew. After Carmen leaves, Michelle advises Danny that she can't forgive him for lying to her. She says that he broke her heart.

At Millennium:
Pilar talks with Bill about the change in her mother for the worse over her lifetime. Just as Carmen walks in they kiss. Carmen just looks disgusted and left.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Reva tells Josh about Madame Zuma's predictions and her preoccupation about going to San Cristolbel. Josh laughingly dismisses Reva, telling her that she has a case of pre-marital jitters. Later, Abby drops by for a visit, telling Reva that her friends will be throwing her another bridal shower. While there, Reva and Josh try to convince Abby to consider finding out more about the new operation which promises to restore hearing. Abby remains adamant that she is comfortable just the way she is.

Buzz and Selena, desperate to claim their prize money, try to turn the clock back several minutes while alone at the British Consulate. When the consul catches them, he angrily threatens to call the police. Selena tearfully pleads with the consul, telling him about the devastating fire at the diner and the death of Buzz's wife. The consul relinquishes and allows an ecstatic Buzz to collect his winnings.

Jesse begs Frank not to tell Drew that she is not related to Max. He reveals to a surprised Frank that it was, in fact, Buzz who forged the birth certificate and other documents concerning Drew's parentage. When Frank still insists that Drew should know the truth, a desperate Jesse punches him in the face.

At the lighthouse, Michelle is still stunned by the revelation that Danny slept with Drew. She feels that her relationship with Danny is over. Danny tries to explain to Michelle how confused and hurt he felt that night and he begs her to give their relationship another chance.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

After bringing her brother home from the lighthouse, Pilar is furious to learn about his night with Drew.

While Jesse takes Max to the hardware store to start work on the teen's new bedroom, an angry Michelle confronts Drew about her one-night stand with Danny and then starts drinking to soothe her pain. Danny later finds her partying with some fraternity boys.

When Rick mentions the implant surgery and its possibilities, Abby lays into him for pressuring her and insists that she is happy as she is. Later, Abby privately decides to consider having the operation.

When Bill mentions to Vanessa and Matt that he's decided to stay in town for the summer, Vanessa guesses that he might be dating again. Pilar arrives at Millennium and vents her anger at Bill in front of shocked a Vanessa.

Before their day on the town, Susan chats with Marah about her feelings for Max. Reva butts in and reminds her that Harley is right in warning her to stay away from the guy who burned down the diner. Susan mentions she did a report on San Cristobel and points out the date August 22 inscribed on the ring is a national holiday in honor of the royal family. Later, Susan disobeys Harley and invites Max to her birthday party.

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Harley lectures Drew about trusting Matt and suggests that she keep Max away from Susan. Drew decides it's time to repay Selena by finding her daughter.

While the Lewis men play cards to celebrate Josh's upcoming nuptials, the women hold a very proper wedding shower at the Towers over tea. Billy and the others guess that Reva and her friends are enjoying a male stripper and decide to have some fun. Josh accompanies his friends and relatives to the Towers where they crash the party and perform a special striptease in front of the amused ladies.

Finding Michelle downing shots of whiskey at Millennium with three frat boys, Danny spoils her party plans and insists on talking with her. Alone with her, Danny convinces Michelle that he loves her. However, they're interrupted as they attempt to reconcile. Upset that her family wants nothing to do with her, Carmen decides to set up a phony attempt on her life in order to win back their love and affection. However, when it comes time for the shots to be fired into the house, Pilar and Bill arrive moments before and face the deadly bullets.

Selena explains to Jesse that Buzz is flying to England to collect his lottery winnings. Jesse advises her that Frank knows the truth about Max not being related to Drew. Frank interrupts and questions Selena about why Buzz altered a legal document.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Josh looks at Reva's ring and notices it can open. Using a penknife, he finds a photo of a baby inside the ring. While Reva shows signs of panic, Josh questions whether it really was Sarah's ring.

Beth schemes to stay behind after the bridal shower and convinces Jim to stay with her. They enjoy a passionate moment together until they are interrupted by a visit from Cassie.

Grateful when Ben arrives at the house, Carmen complains that her life is a mess, thanks to Michelle, and hints that she should have killed her when she had the chance. Upset by her deadly words, Ben starts to walk out but she orders him to stay. Lecturing her to keep her complaints to herself, he warns her that if she is seen as vulnerable, she could face trouble from her enemies. Carmen comes up with a deadly plan to win back her son.

Bill resents it when Pilar accuses him of being just like her brother who slept with Drew. After straightening things out, Pilar's embarrassed when Bill reveals that he was with his mother the other day when she was rude to him. Pilar and Bill are in danger when they stop by the Santos house to pick up clothes for Pilar and face bullets being fired by Carmen's own hired hand.

Taking Danny up to her bedroom, a tipsy Michelle allows him to kiss her until she pushes him of the bed and asks him to compare her to Drew. When she won't calm down, he forces her into the shower to sober her up and quiet her down. After they dry off, Danny confesses that he wants to be with her and wants nothing to do with the family business.

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