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Monday, May 3, 1999

Kevin and Eve
Eve is discharged from the hospital. She has been given explicit instructions to relax until the next operation. Eve is unsure of just how to do that. Kevin decides to give Eve some lessons on just how to do that. He has retrieved all of the things needed to accomplish his mission; bedroom slippers, robe, pajamas, movies, books, blankets, food, and last of all double chocolate chunk ice cream.

Lucy and DV
Lucy and DV are in the chauffeur driven car heading up to DV's cabin in Lake Rains. Lucy asks DV what will happen if she doesn't regain her memory. He looks at her romantically and says, "We will make new memories."
Lucy is very tired. DV offers her his shoulder to rest on. After a brief hesitation, she accepts. When she wakes up from her nap she told DV that his shoulder makes a very good pillow. He told her about the first time that she ever said those words to him.
One day after a long photo shoot, she convinced him to go on a carriage ride through Central Park. During the ride, she fell asleep. When she awoke, she said the very exact words to him. Then they kissed for the very first time.
After DV told Lucy that story, they both looked into each other's eyes. They were about to kiss but the car stopped. They had arrived at the cabin.
Lucy loved the cabin, even though nothing is familiar. She sees another picture of the same woman that she noticed in the apartment. She questioned DV about the identity of the woman. He replied that she was someone he knew along time ago. Lucy asked if she should be jealous. DV responded, "She died along time ago. However the story has a happy ending because now I have you and I am never going to let you go again."

Scotty and Victor
At DV's apartment, Scotty still wonders why a picture of his mother was in DV's possession. Victor finds a locked drawer. He picks the lock and finds files on Lucy and Scotty. The files go back to Lucy and Scott's nefarious times. Victor started to question Scotty on some of their escapades. Scotty admitted that those things did occur but in a different lifetime. They realize that DV must have spent years researching their lives. So whatever DV is after has nothing to do with the Serena line. Victor takes pictures of all of the documents and reports in the folder. The two take their leave.
When they arrive back at their hotel, Victor is dismayed to learn that Scotty has taken the picture of his mother from apartment. Scotty phones Lee to inquire on any information that could relate his mother to DV. Lee is unable to help since he only heard of DV when Scotty did business with him through the Serena Line.
Lee calls back later and told Scotty that his father was stationed in Africa for a while. Maybe Scotty's mother had some connection with DV through her husband.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Scanlon Residence
Frank compliments Courtney's bridal shower decor, brags about their plan, then leaves to meet Janelle-the-hooker.

Karen and Joe consider canceling their afternoon plans for some time alone together, but decide against giving Mary more ammunition against Karen.

Scanlon Residence
The guests arrive including Mary, Eve, Ellen, Audrey Hardy, Gail Baldwin, and Amy Vining. Karen arrives and Courtney makes a scene about her being late, claiming that she promised to come early and help her set up. (In front of Mary, of course.) Audrey and Mary congratulate Lark for winning a scholarship to Pierce College as Courtney brought out the cake. Mary thanks "the wonderful mother of her grandson" for the lovely party.

PC Hotel
Joe went into the dining room to wait for Frank who is at the bar with Janelle.

Scanlon Residence
Mary opens the last of her gifts followed by the arrival of a stripper. Courtney sends Karen over to give him his shirt when he's done and she is mortified when he announces that they used to work together at the strip club. He loudly asks if she's still stripping but when she responds that she's a doctor, he doesn't believe her and continues harassing her about what a great dancer she was. Courtney finally pushes him out the door and Gail eases the awkward moment by suggesting that everyone start cleaning up. After paying off the stripper for his "services", Courtney is amused to see Karen attempting to apologize to Mary who doesn't give an inch. Audrey overhears and tries to convince her friend to give Karen a chance.

Port Charles Grill
A waiter escorts Janelle to the table next to Joe's, then informs Joe that his brother called to say he'd be late. At the bar, Frank calls the police and asks them to send a couple of undercover officers to arrest Janelle for soliciting. Janelle fakes a phone call during which she discovers that her car has been towed, then sadly told Joe that her wallet was stolen when he offers to help her.

Scanlon Residence
Karen accuses Courtney of hiring the stripper to embarrass her but she takes advantage of Mary's arrival behind Karen to pout that she'd never ruin Mary's party to embarrass her! Mary pounces on Karen for arguing with Courtney. She informs her that Courtney did the whole shower by herself so Karen has no right to complain and if Karen hadn't been a stripper to begin with, she wouldn't have been embarrassed! Audrey again overhears and interrupts to say goodbye, reminding Mary that family is hard work but the most important thing in the world.

Port Charles Grill
Joe "convinces" Janelle to take his cash to get her car out and is arrested for soliciting.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

by Ginger Jacklyn

Courtney talks to Frank, brightly bragging to him how she totally embarrassed Karen at Mary's party by bring back her "former strip club friend." DV continues to make up stories as he went along to tell Lucy, making Lucy think that the "couple" shared happy times together. Lucy then asks questions about DV's photographs. In New York City, Victor and Scott both have their thinking caps on as they think how Scott's mother, Meg, could be connected to DV. Chris asks Eve if she can pay a visit to Julie and the mental hospital since he has been banned. Eve continues to turn down his demand, but she finally agrees to pay the former intern a visit at Ferncliff. One of Victor's old cronies from his spying times gets Scott another piece of the puzzle relating to DV's time in Algeria. Lucy finds a bunch of love letters from Meg hidden in one of DV's old books. After reading the notes, she agrees with himself that DV is the most wonderful man on the whole entire planet. Joe told Karen that he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute but denies it and told Karen, who is getting suspicious, that he is once again being set up by somebody that he doesn't know. Lucy told that her amnesia gives her a wonderful, golden chance for the two to fall in love with him [DV] all over again and seems very happy.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by CW

After learning of Joe's arrest for soliciting, Karen ran to Frank for advice, unaware that it was actually Frank who set Joe up. Frank managed to ruin the faith Karen had in Joe by reminding her that the Scanlon family tree was full of people with addictions. Karen then asked Joe to pack up and move out of her apartment. Kevin, while seeing Julie, asked her why she would fake a pregnancy and Julie said that she did it to battle her loneliness. Kevin asked Julie to admit that she had been lying about the pillow, which Julie agreed to but told Kevin that she wasn't ready to stop wearing it. Julie also complained to Kevin that she was tired of Lee refusing to let her make her own decisions. She suggested that Chris was the only person trying to treat her as a normal person and that he was her best friend. Eve, meanwhile, is shocked to learn that Chris still had a vendetta with Matt and was still planning to get even with him. After keeping her night of lovemaking with Sebastian private, Ellen tried to work with Matt on getting their relationship back on track, something Matt feels can't go back to the way it was before Sebastian came to town. Later, Chris discovered the truth about Ellen and Sebastian and plotted with what he could do with the secret

Friday, May 7, 1999

Scott and Victor continued to gather information on DV. Scott became increasingly uneasy about DV's connection to his mother when he learned that Meg had been involved with a mystery man in Algeria. Meanwhile, Lucy began to remember trivial things that she liked. After DV "reminded" Lucy of the sensual things that she liked, they made love. Frank offered comfort to Karen after Joe moved out of her apartment, while a sly Courtney encouraged Joe to make up with Karen. Later, Joe found the same matchbook that Karen had found in his locker and Courtney betrayed Frank again by saying it was his.

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