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Monday, April 26, 1999

Julie was trying to hide a pair of scissors. One of the staff members saw her and intercepted the scissors. He thought that maybe she was hiding something else under her pillow. As he grabbed for the pillow, Julie fanatically started to scream for help. Her doctor arrived and made the orderly give back the pillow. However, as a consequence for trying to hide a weapon, Julie received time in solitary for the offense.

While in solitude, Julie envisioned what her life would be like when she got out of the hospital. She knew that Chris would get her out of there. In her hallucinations, she saw her young daughter cuddling with her on the floor.

Chris tried to contact Julie but was told that she was unavailable. Eve entered the nurses' station. Chris commented on her tired appearance. Within a few moments, Eve became dizzy again. Chris convinced her to allow him to admit her to the hospital for tests.

Ellen was mad that Matt had returned a set of surgical knives that she had given him as a gift. Matt explained that he could not accept them because they reminded him of her. Ellen said that she had given them to him as a friend. She wanted to know if they were still friends. Matt said that he could not answer that because he didn't know if he could ever trust her again.

Lucy befriended a homeless woman. Lucy had no recollection of her identity. The only clue that she had was a piece of paper that read David Bordesio and Eve. The homeless woman thought that maybe Eve was her name. Lucy didn't think so, but she was willing to be called Eve temporarily. The homeless woman gave Lucy a pair of jeans and a dirty blouse to wear. The two then left the underground subway and headed toward a shelter.

At the shelter, a doctor checked out the wound on Lucy's head. He questioned her extensively on the origin of her wound. She replied that she did not remember how she had gotten it or what her real name was. The doctor asked her if "Lucy" rang any bells. He then excused himself.

Meanwhile, the homeless lady entered with some good news for Lucy. She had looked up David Bordesio's name in the phone book and had found his place of business. Lucy decided to leave and investigate.

At Bordesio's, Lucy asked the receptionist to speak with David. The receptionist looked down her nose up at Lucy's appearance and said that people could only see Mr. Bordesio if they had an appointment. Lucy very insistently told the receptionist to tell Mr. Bordesio that Eve was there to see him.

Scotty and Kevin received a tip that Lucy had last been seen in the underground subway. The two hurried to the subway but were unable to locate Lucy. Scotty received a call from a doctor at a local shelter, claiming that he thought that he had found Lucy. Scotty and Kevin arrived at the shelter but discovered that Lucy had already left. The doctor told Kevin and Scotty that she was calling herself Eve.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

At the Recovery Room, Courtney griped about Saint Karen to Frank, who suggested setting Karen up to catch Joe with a prostitute. In DV's office, Lucy/"Eve," with Annie at her side, told DV about her amnesia and pleaded for his help. He told her he'd be happy to assist her, sent them off to wash up, and placed a call requesting information on Lucy's case.

At the Recovery Room, Frank and Courtney carefully plotted their "masterpiece" of a plan against Joe. At the nurses' station, Chris told Lee about Julie's isolation and asked him to check on her. DV informed "Evie" that she was involved with him, had gone to New York to live with him, and had no family.

Frank bragged to Courtney that he knew a hooker who owed him one and would do whatever he asked. At Fern Cliff, Julie denied to Lee that Chris had given her the scissors, claiming she had gotten them from another patient.

"Evie" admired DV's luxurious home, making herself at home and turning on the television. She turned away to admire a flower as Scott's muted plea for her return aired, giving DV the opportunity to turn it off. He offered to send out for her favorite food, which caused her to wish aloud that she could remember.

In the isolation room at Fern Cliff, Julie comforted her baby by telling her that Chris would still get them out of there. Lee confronted Chris in the waiting room and informed him that he wouldn't be allowed to see Julie anymore.

At General Hospital Courtney surprised Mary with the news that she was throwing her a bridal shower, making sure Karen was on the guest list so she could set her up to catch Joe. In the Recovery Room, Frank met with the prostitute, Janelle, explaining exactly how he wanted to collect on the favor she owed him. She told him she didn't know if she could do it.

DV lied some more about Evie's life and last name, flattering her with praise. She thanked him for his kindness and generosity.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

At the hospital, Eve broke up a bitter fight between Chris and Matt and surprised Chris with the news that Matt and Ellen had broken up. Ellen attempted to reconcile with an angry Matt, but she was unable to break through to him. Later, a vulnerable Ellen sought comfort in Sebastian's arms, which led to a night of passion. Ellen was upset when Matt later called to say he wanted to see her after all. An unsuspecting Joe and Karen shared a happy evening with Neil while Courtney and Frank plotted their next move to break the couple up.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

In New York, Kevin, Scotty, and Victor began to lose faith in their search for Lucy when the tips they were receiving turned into dead ends. While waiting for tips, Kevin called Eve and told her of their situation. However, Eve didn't tell Kevin that she was in the hospital for tests. Scotty also called Lee and told him about their plight while he also talked to Serena, who wanted him and Lucy and return home.

Meanwhile, Lucy still believed she was "Eve" and asked DV if it was a good idea for her to the call the police and report her mugging. DV informed "Eve" that the police were already on their way. However, the police officer who arrived turned out to be one of DV's paid men who gave "Eve" a bag containing clothes and a passport with Lucy's photo but the name "Eve White."

Back in Port Charles, Chris informed Eve that the tests showed that she had endometriosis, which was the presence of cysts on the pelvic tissue, and Chris pushed surgery. After trying to get out of the surgery, Eve finally agreed and decided that she had to call Kevin, who decided to return to Port Charles to be with Eve. Before leaving New York, though, Kevin made Scotty promise to call if he found out any information regarding Lucy.

Scotty then went to the homeless shelter and posted a flyer with Lucy's picture and information regarding the reward. Annie saw the flyer and went to Scotty's hotel room, where she told Scotty and Victor that she had taken a woman matching the photo but with the name of "Eve" to DV Bordisso's offices. At DV's apartment, "Eve" began to panic that she would never know her true past and that she wanted very much to know about her history with DV. DV promised to help her and then kissed her, which surprised "Eve."

Friday, April 30, 1999

An angry Scott barged into DV's apartment, but an insulted DV claimed that he had no information about Lucy's whereabouts. After Scott left, DV told Lucy that he had a surprise for her and quickly rushed her out of the apartment. Later, Scott and Victor broke into DV's apartment. Scott was shocked to discover that DV had a framed photograph of his mother.

Eve received a special visit from an angel named Ernie, who had been assigned to be her guardian angel. Kevin and Eve learned that Eve's test results showed she would still be able to have children. Kevin thought it odd that Eve was so against having children, but Eve agreed to keep an open mind when Ernie whispered in her ear.

When Ellen admitted to Sebastian that she still had feelings for Matt, Sebastian encouraged her to talk to Matt. Matt and Ellen later professed their love for each other and agreed to work through their problems.

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